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Mark Wanless Jun 19
the elephant dreamed
he was god he fell into
a mud hole and died
Mark Wanless Jan 6
thought a half and
   did a half and
      dreamed a half again

worked until the sun
   was set slumped home
      in the dark

can there be a lesson learned
   in a hundred years
want to go to heaven but
   the devil owns my fears

in the future i am
   blessed blessed as
      man can be

walking to the childrens
   park my daughters
      hand in mine

went to work with
   my true mates
      good days sweat again

can there be a lesson learned
   in a hundred years
want to go to heaven but
   the devil owns my fears
Mark Mar 2020
Bang, bang, bang, baaannggg
I dreamed I was dying and goin’ to hiphop heaven
Wow, what a dope sight it was to have seen.

Last night I was shot and arrived at hiphop heaven.
And you know who met me at the big bling gates?
The original kings of da hood themselves, Run DMC.
They said to me, they said, “Bro, the Big Dude of the
hood up here, has told us to show you around the crib.
So come with us.
Now standing on da corner is some of your favourite homies.

“**** I was glad to see them, The Notorious B.I.G. and the maestro of rap Tupac Shakur.

I dreamed I was dead in hiphop heaven
Wow, what a dope sight it was to have seen.

They introduced me to Snoop Dog, and they showed me the Ghetto of Fame with all the gold chains and number one hits up upon da wall.
Then they said, “Bro, walk this way, there are a few more hiphop stars, that I know you’re dying to meet, they’re hangin’ for you.
“There they were chillin’ by the curbside and staring down at me - Eminem and AKA MCA.

Bang, bang, bang, baaannggg

I met all my heroes right from the get go
**** what a privilege to have finally met
Then I asked them, who else do you think will join y’all, uh, say twenty five years from now?

They handed me a book of sheet music covered with graffiti.
They named it the Hood 4 Life Book.
In it, were many names and some were already highlighted in black texta.
I began to scan the pages and saw names such as, Dolla,
Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD, Nipsey Hussle, Easy-E, Lisa Lopes, Nate Dogg, Lil Peep, Jam Master Jay, J Dilla, Proof, Soulja Slim, Big Hawk, Prodigy, Camoflauge, Natina Reed, Charizma, Bloodshed, Big Bank Hank and  Dav E Crockett.

Dav E Crockett?
Oh, well, that's when I woke up, and I'm sorry I did, because

I always dream I’d end up in hiphop heaven
Wow, what a dope sight it would be, y’all be knowin’ what I mean?
Aurianna Feb 2019
Love is a weakness,
or so they say.
Is our love my strength?
because I often feel you never meet me halfway.
Why is it always the same person
who makes me feel the most loved, is the
one who has the power to rip my happiness away with a single look?
The one that holds me when I'm in shambles
and wipes away my tears
is the same person who caused them here.
I've always dreamed of a fairy tale romance,
and with you, I have wanted that for so long.
but given the circumstance,
soon I'll be gone.
Someday someone will love me with their whole heart and it will be everything I have ever dreamed of. I have to hold on to that.
his tongue
was wool
it out
he tried

sculpt me
Sadia May 2017
You were the book I often dreamed of reading. You were on the bestseller list and then you sold out.
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