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she wore his favorite dress
dark and low cut
short and tight
he sat in the chair
while she walked in circles
he tried to not follow her
but he could resist
she squatted before him
and he tried not to look down
she licked her lips
and stared him in the eyes
he had a withering feeling
like he was
from the inside
she smirked
and sat on his lap
his vision got blurry
his hands started shaking
and the light
his eyes
CJ 1d
Tempted to pull the trigger
To the figure
In the mirror
Claire 2d
It’s so wide and so clear
But it could also be misty or filled with tears
Tears from the clouds that held on for too long
Thunders and lightnings from the heavens who were tired of being strong
I wondered what it’s like to be in the sky
So way up there, just so high
The breathtaking view and the relaxing air
Oh how I wish, I was to be able to live there
Isaac Ward Oct 11
I'm living in a house without electricity-
This city could have been so pretty,
Grass and trees and leaves and bees-
Now it's become gritty,

Concrete dreams and pipes and steam-
Steel beams: at night they gleam,
And a scream, what could it mean-
Another life torn apart at the seams,

A body, broadly speaking-
Left to rot and reeking,
The people peaking out their curtains, meek and-
The police chief got no sleep this weekend,

I'm living in a house without water-
My daughter's missing- 6 o'clock news fodder,
Dead and cold maggots and mold-
She was just a toddler,

Blood, dirt and mud-
Not soap nor suds, I'll need a flood,
To wash way this god-
Forsaken rug before my ****** mug,

A family- no longer,
Leave the song here,
We're gone or goners-
Born in April, now May is dawning.
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Pods detonate nuclear explosions of nicotine clouds
Laced with addiction and withdrawal symptoms,
A pair of lungs work in conjunction with Death
And so, even tobacco cigs achieve the same effect

So what? My lungs are my lungs
Let the vapor consume my being and let me be
There's no reason for me to reconsider this
Because I'm living a life filled with wonderful bliss

Why not give it a try?

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."

I'm not promoting smoking in any way. The final line is a quote from the novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I came up with this piece on-the-fly after thinking about the vaping epidemic.
Erali Pisce Sep 25
He was cold,
and my blood was warm.
I was his first **** after a long winter.
He had my body pinned,
down in the snow bed,
and this was the end for me.
I would be his feast,
and no one else would ever have me.
Maya Sep 23
In the core of the most mysterious forest, is where I found you.

I can’t say it was an easy task, looking for you, so rare, so beautiful with such a pure soul. A perfect victim to my ruthless crime. Oh but I sure blame your tenderness for waking up my natural hunting instinct and I blame your mildness for my capture and my cruelty.

I stood there, in front of you, looking at you from my devious hideout, waiting for the right moment to make my move, just listening to you breathing. I was just enjoying myself, watching the life I was just about to seize, then suddenly, you felt my presence and you just ran.

And when I thought my prey was gone, here you were closer than before, with your big green eyes just staring deeply into mine. At that moment I realised that you trusted me more than to look at the gun I was holding and way past the furtive look on my face. All you felt was my presence, your escape from loneliness or possibly your way to love. But the hunter I was at that time couldn’t care less about your soul or your dreams, all I saw was your appealing flesh standing at a distance that made my crime effortless. I aimed my colt straight to your heart, and released my desire.

As you were weeping, soaked in your own blood, yet still filled with hopes, I realised that you knew my plan all along, but the dreamer you are preferred to die than to live in a world where Love was a fantasy he couldn’t taste.

So here I am telling a story that might seem to you as a random hunting exercise, but to me, it is the story of how I burnt my heart by killing Love.
Äŧül Sep 23

Train yourself in the barracks,
Hurry up and become the monster,
Every monstrosity needs a reply.

So they told us in the school,
Only the mission was to bring peace,
Lying to us they were every time,
Daring us to learn armament,
It's so coughing wretched,
Especially weeding out the innocence,
Rising to become what they want us,
Succumbing to the pains we are not.

First, you lock and load,
Edge closer out in the open,
Even the scores with radical Islam,
Low you lie like the predator waiting for its prey.

Targeting the innocent people at times,
Razing their homes to the ground,
Alas, it's a necessary sin we commit,
People we **** are not just terrorists,
Perplexed by the horrors of war,
Even though we get nightmares about it,
Damsels in distress we are not.
Make love, not war.
My HP Poem #1771
©Atul Kaushal
MeanAileen Sep 22
load your gun
with a nice shiny bullet-
finger on the trigger,
be ready to pull it.
make sure the barrel
is aimed at my head,
then force me to eat
that hot molten lead.
paint my brains
all over the wall,
see my knees buckle-
watch as I fall.
my lifeless body
then covered in red...
told you that I'd be
better off dead!
I don't really know where this came from...? But I don't condone ******. Usually.
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