How more lavish can our lives be;
Smoking dope in the cool sea breeze;
Not a care in the world; no deadlines to meet;
Who can stop me!; I’m the king of my own fleet.

I am the symbol of the fire within;
Without me know one will ever know;
What’s burning inside ;
Up in smoke you go!
Life is still within me, don’t be happy, I’m not dead yet;
Is it all that you want from me, to just use me and forget;

They showed me how to blow rings;
They showed me how to get high;
But they never told me that this habit will hit me like a rip tide.

I was just a young soul, with dreams in my mind;
Look what you’ve done to me, now I don’t even have time.
This journey has been short and easy,
Just like the first Kush you take;
Smoking was all that I did.
Now let me take a break!.
That first Kush you take, it's a beginning to your short end. As addictive as smoking can be, we all just start it under depression or with the influence of some friends, but soon it becomes a life style and in the end it kills us.
SC Kelley 10h
I guess you could say that I get jealous easily.

I'm the type of guy that will break out in a sweat when my girlfriend talks about something she hated about her ex.

My hands shake at the thought that she probably said those three exclusive words to another guy, and maybe even meant it.

I'm sorry to the ex that I punch in the nose because you say, "Hi", to her in the halls.
But in truth, I'm not.

I feel rage bubbling in my stomach like magma when I hear his goddamn name, that I can only guess you've tried on in the past.

My knuckles bloody themselves when a Facebook memory with his face shows up.
Smirking at me like he knows how much it makes me want to grab his throat and squeeze till my fingers break.

But once I'm inevitably left all alone, then I'm the ex-boyfriend I want to slaughter with all the black contempt that sticks in my throat like blood.

So I guess you could say I easily get jealous.

~S.C. Kelley
To those who occasionally hate
Larri 12h
i don't wanna kill for you,
cause then i'd have to kill you.
and that's all you wanna do,
your hair is blonde and your eyes are blue.
you're more innocent than one and two,
but you're not crowded.
you're just doubting.
this is cruel.
cause i don't wanna kill for you,
then i'd have to kill you.
and that's all you wanna do.
keep telling me it's not my issue,
i don't have to take the chance,
but how can i stand for you,
if i can't take a stand.
but what if i have to kill for you?
then i'd have to kill you.
cause that's all you wanna do.
make it through this interview,
doesn't matter what they think of you,
choices are out of the blue.
i don't wanna kill for you
song i'm writing, unfinished but i hope you enjoy.
So I'll burn the empty coke cans
And hope that they explode
I'll walk a day in your shoes
Hitting self-destruct over and o-

-ver, until it kills me
Kellin 5d
i didn’t even think he would try.
i’d spent my whole life idolizing this man,
and the idea that he would ever cause me pain was something that had never crossed my  mind.

until now.
now that i could see the murderous look
in his eyes
and know,
without a single doubt,
that it was meant for me.

he wanted to hurt me
for what i was and who i loved,
that knowledge caused me more agony
than his hands ever could.

without a word
i knew that he was rejecting me.

hating me
for something that i couldn’t change,
something that
i didn’t want to change.
FreeMind Aug 3
Your lips are filled with poison
But all I want to do
Is kiss them
August 3, 2018
Peter Balkus Aug 3
I've learned
that love kills lust.
i am a dry sheet, a dead gait gone

to the tune of a jukebox popping open

gather for lunch with dollars in a fist

licking limes, waiting for someone else to die

and the tagline on the bottom of the ad runs

on and on and one of you will die sooner than

the other (my hint) chalk line sketchy

mint moment motionless intercessor made

can never outrun
Scarlett Aug 1
my mind took me
and held me hostage
trapped me far away
to never be seen
threatening to kill me
it hid me
where no one could find me
but no one even tried
I'm being held hostage
by my own mind
Danial John Jul 31
Kill or be killed
                  Killer be killed

         For they pray
                           For their prey
                                    For they're prey
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