I crept up through the future,
I lurked in through the past,
Under all shattered dreams and wishes,
My light in darkness passed.

My Transgression is pure and harmless,
My poison is like gliding on ice,
Like awake when asleep, Our story is deep,
Like an angel, But not very nice.

I assassinate with Hatred,
I Murder With Love,
I work together with my devils above.

My Life has a purpose,
Ready to be fulfilled.
Don’t worry, its time,
For my Innocent Crime…

Innocent Crime guys!! nice name huh? :P

By daylight,
as man, I was ruling
towns as a black prince beguiling
women seeking a thrill
with some time to kill.

And by night,
with the moon shining
ever so bright,
I ceased..                      .
as  I     be...CAME      nothing

BUT     A       mere

as    I      prowled
(F)orests as a g(R)ey wolf looking for my next pr(E)y to rip up and consum(E)

For I was (FREE)

How do you kill
something in yourself
Without really dying?


I was late,
Frantically running in hopes I'd make it to the meeting on time.

I was distracted,
Not worried where I was going, but worried about when I'd get there.

I was careless,
I stepped on the flower in the crack of the sidewalk I so carefully appreciated in days past.

After the meeting, I was released on a lunch break.
There, I ran into him.
A man of broad appearance, yet short structure.
A man from work who had a meeting proceeding lunch.
As we talked, time seemed to slip from our grasp.
I took the journey back to work on foot, while he operated his motor vehicle and realized:

He was late,
Frantically driving, swerving in an out of lanes, exceeding speed limits in hopes he'd make it in time.

He was distracted,
Checking his phone for updates on his current situation, he ceased to notice he was headed into the crosswalk.

He was careless,
His seconds of fatuity caused a mistake that could never be withdrawn.

The smile he carried just moments ago was now contained by the gentle housing of his lips.
Creases dawned from the furrow of his brow, caused by the saturated eyes he wore beneath his languid eyelids.
As the time between his inhalation crescendoed, mine slowed to a stop.
He stole my breath.

I was late,
Frantically gasping in hopes they'd arrive promply.

I was distracted,
Not worried about who was coming, but when they'd show.

I was careless,
Here I lay as the flower, once alive in a dreadful place.

Trying something new.

Simple isn't the same as easy.

Waiting isn't the same as staying
Hearing isn't the same as heeding
Walking isn't the same as staying
Shooting isn't the same as hitting
 your target
Advancing and isn't the same as dodging
 the bullets
Fighting isn't the same as killing

Simple isn't the same as easy.
Living isn't the same as living
 with your memories.
Dog, Easy, Fox;
an uneasy company of brothers.

Thoughts on battle and brothers.  
This was prompted by a combination of things: the movie Dunkirk; an interview with a WWII veteran on the fiction of the band of brothers mythology (i.e. they were too shit scared to think if anything but getting home in one piece); and a novel 'Old Man's War's' a science fiction novel by John Scalzi which tells the story of new recruits in an interstellar war in which the recruits are 75+ with minds downloaded into a 20-something version of themselves.  War is seldom glorious and takes a heavy toll on the conscripts.  Stories of  Easy Company exploits in WWII are well documented. Dog and Fox Companies were there too.
Dog, Easy, Fox are part of the US phonetic spelling alphabet used during WWII.
Wellspring Nov 13

Not going to lie. I have thought about it.

Killing myself? Killing others?
Quite serious were and are those thoughts.

Death seems like a sweet embrace sometimes.
A pleasant change from reality.

I have considered it.
But every time, my mind is pulled back.

To those I love, and to those who love me back.
To my future, however grim.

To my life.
So please, if you ever consider death.

Death as but one alternative to the cruel reality of life.
But please don't.

You ARE loved.
By someone.

You are noticed.
Cared about.

You. Are. Seen.

Please don't. It's tragic.

It is saturday night
    And there's people whom I invite
    It's gloomy and twilight
For my friends had pillowfight

On the next day
Where they got home
They text there's something scary
On the basement that they roam

I replied and lied
"Silly, there was nothing inside"
I suppose and look outside
On the bodies that I killed, where will I hide?

Pentanomical Nov 8

There's this nagging feeling
Deep in my bones
Keep checking my phone
Hoping you'd reply

Do you love me
Or do you love him
Well at this point
my chances are looking slim

Can you stop leading me on
Don't do this to my heart
Just one word and I'm gone
So give me an answer, yes or no
I just want to know

Luiz Syphre Nov 8

Kill me gently Baby, do it with love.  Here, I'll help you with the cold blade upon my back...

Pierce my flesh, make the wound, I smile in pain.

Are you happy as my soul bleeds? I know I am.  I"ll be your servant in the afterlife and there we'll be as one. It's God's decree...for eternity.

Forward the metal with fake sorrows...pretend for me. Make me believe it's another warm embrace.  Turn the blood into the salty waters I'd sweat to buy you things.

And one more time whisper gently in my left ear "I fucken adore you."
The bone kisses the blade
It penetrates my soul
There, its in my heart

I fade 

I hope that was easy Love
I see you in the distance
it's our wedding
careful, don't stain your white gown with my life
I'm unworthy
just another skeleton in your closet...

- Luiz D. Syphre © 2017

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