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Man to man, takes a bullet through hand.
Woman to woman, steals the knife of a lover
and stabs it into the chest of open fires...
I can smell and taste the fresh atmosphere of dead ashes across the sudden hot pavement in the midst of dismay.
Lovers die and some people cry, isn't that what we are here for?
Angry faces and sounds of a click, click, click that make you think,
who are we and what are we here for?
Time's of change, ****** fingers stretch across the horizon in the open meadows of the blazing hot fire of evil fortresses.
Look into my EYES and tell me that you SEE ME
Of all anguish and pride into all that we breathe the sun of fire of an evil temptress.
The King wears a Crown
and the Devil sits amongst the thrown where he can stomp his ******* feet into the muddy waters of hell and sin...
Coined Up
Maybe we will all be dead in 6 months
Due to being jabbed up with the vac
Which was to stop the CCP Virus
But it backfired due to the mushrooms
Which are a toxin and **** in many ways
Only the rabid anti vaccers will live
In a kaos driven world of lunatix
Do you want to exist then and there?
Toss a coin get a jab wait and see
Shadow Lies
The dead must laugh at how silly we are
For most of us will soon join them
Due to being jabbed up with the vacc
To cure the world of the CCP Virus
And de-populate the planet for them
Them who run the world behind the scenes
We only see shadows and hear lies
And countdown till we all die
The clock in the vac is ticking
Will you go and die before me
Time to go now see you soon
Sanya singh Jun 22
you want me to exist
yet be unknown
as the world doesn't need me
you say

the things I did for you
the people I killed for you
at the end of the day
you don't need me
you say

yet I love you
more than those
buried ex-lovers of yours
because I crave
that carved beauty of yours

yet you fear me
you say.
mark soltero Jun 16
waiting for you
distractions ensued
they took over the space you filled in me
but they rather squat here
than reside in such a desolate place
you created this space inside of me
that cannot be filled no matter what I do
I needed to find something new
something unknown
to fill the space between me and this world
when you didn't take my hand it didn't work
because regal thoughts of us killed my brain
they began as delightful dreams
just to fall asleep with you in my bed for once
you were my light and you were the sun
then everything went black
Mark Wanless May 29
oh vajrapani
you **** my errors and faults
i want you here now
Jonas May 18
Gods great plan.
He's testing us.
Stones laid in our way.
What doesn't **** you
makes you live
a little longer.

This is not a test.
It's a personal vendetta.
Said stones aren't laying around
they're aiming for my head.
And I can't keep avoiding them,
dodging 'em forever.
Morgan Vail May 9
Oh, lovely,
He’s feeling bird-like.
Oh, starry eyes,
Wistful hills.
Oh lovely,
She’s feeling lovely.
No one is home tonight.
Smiling face.
Go home, lovely.
Won’t you please?
Mark Wanless May 7
gun man comes into
i try to **** him hard or
hide behind a child
J Apr 28
My life had got colder, seeping itself into numbness.
Coping wasn't possible or needed
because if I just slept or drank or took some sort of drug
I was okay
I thought we were both going to get stronger.
And a huge part of me bets I wasn't missed
when we pretended the other didn't exist.
I don't exist.
I wanted to feel something and at the same time
I was grateful that I couldn't.
Β Β I couldn't stand to be here
wishing you'd make another account to talk to me
seeing if you'd just try a little harder
to keep me
or to get me back
but you told me that if we argued and I left the room
You'd just let me go.
I should have kept that in mind then
you said you loved me
And I wonder what love means
I always assumed it meant the will of risking all for one another
without the need to
I lost it and threw myself
to the ground
for the tears to pour
or at least trickle
and I couldn't even make the expression.
I left because of my own attitude mixing with yours
and I was too clingy.
Codependency is a ***** I think.
Not fair like Karma.
I left because I couldn't take the feeling of not being loved
I was so used to you loving me completely
I left because I didn't think you cared
and after Justin, I thought I knew better.
Even if I didn't show it
it killed me
and it's still killing me inside and out.
Just know I'd still take you back
I just can't stop writing
without mentioning you.
but since it's poetry, I can do whatever I want
so I'm weaving you into every word
every space
every sound and meaning
Sydney Sydney Sydney
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