Erin 12h
And he asked "Where do broken hearts go?"
She answered "To the repair shop."
Boy, she doesn't like you. hahaha ouch!
Amanda 21h
When it is all said and almost done
When you are through with me and have had your fun
You will not be able to look me in the eyes
Burdened down with the weight of your lies

Dark secrets you refused to show
And heavy guilt you carry in tow
Will be way too much for your soul to bear
Goodbye will kill whatever love remains there
Love is powerful
By Arcassin Burnham

True nature would be equal to a God,
But you rather ignore what you have,
times are too short to be sad,
Sacrificing so much for greed, all that
you had,
Time is ticking and we gotta listen,
Lives are on the line to display the
While people walking around penny

We are so not far from the end,
Evils everywhere , even on the dollar that
you spend,
Nothing is fair,
They told you about the beast,
And how we always feed it,
Fuck disability checks , go for achievements,
We struggling with our damn demons,
Down for a truth seeking mission,
I aint reachin',
Have enough hard time learning,
I ain't teachin',
People kill each other for the dollar,
Steal from another all for the dollar,
Keep a gun in their pants for the dollar,
Selling their souls all for a dollar.
Wejdan 2d
I tried to run from your lips
Which are so sweet to me.
Even with your words in my DNA
You became a sin I could never stop asking god to forgive.
Its your body that brought me inside this hole
And because of the law I tried to control myself.
I turned into a knife to kill you away but I ended up killing myself instead
Bleeding from my lips,
It is the same spot from where you kissed me.
To wipe my tears away
Only one shot is needed
But I love you and making our own family was the only wish id ever want
But you happen to be a heart-breaker seeds of sins were growing in your mind.
Behind your blue eyes
I saw the sea of unspoken words and untold stories.
Blois 2d
It's very easy to kill an ant. However, I'll never be able to get to the brink of an abyss and just continue. Walking down the vertical wall like it's nothing.
natalia 7d
I was taught that the scariest things were hidden in monsters with sharp teeth and colossal claws. These monsters are the ones that tend to kill you or slit your throat when you least expect. They were the type of monsters that lurk in the dark and keeps you up at night. But I was never taught that the scariest things hide in perfect white teeth and grand aura of charm, it was unknown that this monster had flesh and blood running in his veins. This monster was what my mother always told me to stay away from and yet I never listened. I was always told that monsters kill but what they never told me was that the monster would tell me he loves me and hides a different intention in his heart.

- that is if he has a heart
It’s been months since we broke up. And if still feels like my soul is being sucked out of me. Like these few months have been my entire life time. I don’t know what to do at this point. What steps to take. I don’t wanna hurt anymore. I wanna be free of you. I want you gone out of my mind and heart.

Help me.

                            With love,
Mark Wanless Apr 13
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XXXII "

I heard on the radio a killing
Frenzy by humans      malignant contagion
Of heart circling the planet on thought winds
We cannot help it it is our conditioning
To death in this times pain momentum we
Don't have to smoke shoot-up pop drink yell hit
But oh the urge moves us beyond our strength
Threshold we fall down to animus heart
Part of this age might as well admit it
To see it perhaps to stop creating
It preconscious survival curse my blood
Better than your blood more deserving of
Life illusion core sentient paradigm
Moving hands to kill the lesser others
all my sonnets are up  yooohoooo,,,will take down the duplicates soon,,,,,but just a few more of the oldies to go    then it will all be new
Arionna Apr 12
He tells me that cliche again about van gogh and his yellow paint. He says i’m an artist like that. i’ll find my yellow paint. my salvation. how i scoop out hope.
i want to tell him i already have. the ugly things i shove inside myself trying to find happiness even if it kills me. my yellow paint has been entire cakes, has been sixteen shots, has been strangers i kissed and forgot, has been eating too healthy, has been eating nothing at all, has been dark nights i swaddled myself in, has been speeding on black ice, has been everything i could think of that would make me feel anything at all for once in my life. i wonder if i die like this they’ll say it was beautiful. they’ll talk about the poet who used the sharpest things in her life to carve the joy out of herself - they’ll say, oh, she knew it was toxic but she wanted to put the happiness inside of her again. she ate only captain crunch because it reminded her of her childhood, isn’t that so cute? well obviously it’s sad she’s dead but how romantic is it that she loved birds and flowers and once debated eating poison. how will they paint my ending. she unbuckled herself on highways because she wanted to be one with the sky. she refused to look before crossing the road because she believed in fate. she was a wonderful girl and will be missed while we wear socks with her face on them. van gogh ate yellow paint. we say he was trying to put the good back into him. but i’ve slammed myself against the ground trying to get death to stick. i know what self harm is when i see it.
I don’t like writing notes
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