They killed silence with their noise,
she made them feel insecure,
so they turned churches into dancefloors,
they turned the volume up,
left her no choice,
they killed silence with their noise.

They killed inner voice with their noise,
the voice which was telling them
what is right and what is wrong -
it was too hard to listened to this voice,
so they turn the music on, let the speakers shout,
they left him no choice,
they killed inner voice with their noise.

They killed their God with their noise,
He was speechless, He gave up,
He was too wise to accept Him,
so they shut Him down and left Him no choice,
they killed their God with their noise.

Ella Sep 10

Insomnia will kill you
It will break down your soul

Insomnia will kill you  
It will swallow you whole

"just sleep" they say
through out the day

But you fear, it will never be fixed.

Ive been trying to write an insomnia peom for a while now because ive experienced it and ive finally found the words.
cait-cait Sep 5

who was i
to you

on that blown up
leather couch
and streaky,

who was i
if not the person
i explained

and who were you
imagine me on
my knees

don't forget -
youll love me forever

that pretty girl
in gray and
who couldve loved you
back :

don't forget -
you killed her.

the date i went on a while ago has traumatized me in a way i don't think ill recover from, everything hurts now.. and i just want my grandpa to die.
Seema Sep 2

You aimed the gun at me
Finger set on the trigger
You gave a wicked smile to see
And pulled the gun away from my figure
You hugged me assuring you're sorry
Then my body draped down on the deck
In a pool of blood, as you whispered, don't worry
With the dagger stabbed on my back
You kept smiling until I passed out
Then you dumped my body in an unknown creek
You cleaned the blood stains without doubt
And left the place for good within a week
My soul still cries till this day
Waiting for him to return
To ask him why he threw me away
And let my soul revengefully burn
Why my tears poured for his love?
Why he stabbed me on my back?
Why he dumped me in a creek?
Why he turned down my luck?
But today, I have a feeling
That he's coming over soon
A mindset for healing
I'll see him at noon
To get away from his wealthy life
To find peace
To embrace my memory
To find me
To apologize to me
But it's been many years
My spirit still weeps in fears
Each day I waited and saw the way
It's now, his time to pay!


elise Aug 25

Fear has a voice
And it screams inside me
Don't let fear be the mind killer
He always said

But fear isn't in my mind
Find it in my soul

Is it really fear?
Seema Aug 23

The kids were busy
Chasing a lazy clown
Running in their sneakers
To grab the golden crown

The clown then frowned
From underneath the table
Scaring away the kids
Then ran to a nearby stable

Luring each kid one by one
The serial killer, all clowned
Most kids went missing
Their bodies were drowned

A search count was made
Ten bodies were found
The atmosphere was sad
But the clown was not around...


Tho this is a fiction write, I do not like clowns!
Seema Aug 21

Grown, blown
The field of children
Warn, torn
The soul of mothers
Men, women
Slaughtered bitterly
Girls and boys
Then raped easily
Missiles and tanks
Hover every corner
Blood and decay
No claim, no honor
Green grass polished
A playing field ready
Why feel so astonished?
Dead bodies lying steady
Sprayed red on field
A gruesome planned scam
None survived, all killed
By the unnamed gang!!


Inspired by the news article. The day when armed men attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan killing 144 people on 16 Dec 2014. This came as the global news.
Seema Aug 21

Slithering is the sound I hate to hear
On the ground, perhaps everywhere
At the lake, I barely walk near
Hearing the snouts, I wouldn't dare
I love the sea but too scared to be a meal
Of the razor teeth gliders, ready to kill
I've stopped picking coconuts recently
As the buzzing hard-shelled falls on me willingly
Right when I thought to pick some flowers
There came charging angry little towers
Noon is when I sit outside with my hot tea
The silent blood suckers happen to be
Out from their dark little camps
I am really fed up of these stinging vamps!


Uurrgggghhh mosquitoes
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