Toxic relationships feed our lustful need for love.
Why do we accept the most fake love around just for physical stimulation?
Love is more emotional than physical, but still we choose bodies over souls.

Just as drugs, love is addictive.
More and more use leads to more and more breakage.
Once we're completely spent at the use of fake love do we only start to see the reality.

Yet, we still bypass the urge to consider the soul and continue being a ***** to an urge for temporary happiness.

Without an emotional connection, how do you completely connect with your "loved" one?
Just a physical connection doesn't mean there's a complete connection.

We can't get enough of fake love,
Even though it kills us.
Sharkie 7d
Talking to you is like talking to a grave
Part of me thinks it means something
Part of me knows what was there is gone
And that as much as I beg and plead
What I loved
Will not return

But your grave I cannot mourn
For I am the one who killed you
I watched your light leave you
And took it for my own

But you forgave me
I buried you alive
I let you rot
And you forgave me

What am I to say to a grave?
Do I apologize?
Though you’re already gone
I know this is better for you
But I want to keep you as my own

I didn’t have much before
You were my prize
My light
I loved you
And I killed you.
an0nym0us Dec 6
My skull is breaking...
Must Control, don't loose
My sanity, I can't loose
My skull is breaking...

I'm ill...
My eyes are darkening
My reasoning is fading
I'm ill...

My hands are itchy...
I can feel it, bloodlust
I want to ****, absolute ****
My hands are itchy...

If I ****, forgive me...
It wasn't my doing
It was her, I'm vanishing
If I ****, forgive me...
Another day of my life with Hyperacusis
Classy Dec 5
All he gives me,
was the silent treatments.

It sure kills me,
but what else could i do?

to turn it all around,
to make it not.
Aaryn Dec 5
I think
I make friends
and love
only because
I like to watch the blood flow from my wrists
to the ground
even though I had nothing to cut with
my body still bled
and I think
that bleeding
will **** me
FreeMind Dec 1
You cant escape reality
When it hugs you like a casket
Ready to burry you deep into the ground
December 1, 2018
Blake Nov 19
If we forgo pursuing truth
Then we allow ourselves to die
I’ve died long ago
When I grew complacent with a lie
With the word of a woman
Who carries death in her sight
Unfit to reject her skill
Brings with it slight delight
Both soldier and weapon
Difference had died with her
The daughter of hopes rejoice
Now walks as a hopeful killer
Burdened are the knowing
For fitting words had rung
And she knew of what escaped
Beneath her velvet tongue
I trusted her to watch my back
And shoot it if I may deviate
For she was my only truth
And her word became my fate
OpenWorldView Nov 17
I can’t see their anger.
I can’t taste their rottenness.
I can’t smell their stench.
I can’t hear their screams.
I can’t feel their stones.

I’ve grown cold of this world.
Shutting out all the lunacy
by looking into myself.

And I’m content, calm, ready.
They can’t scare me anymore.
I’ve sent my fears to the gallows.
Find the truth inside yourself.
the gods told me to **** him
in my dreams, a warning,
I was born to be his fate
as he was made to be the break
upon which I would unravel
yet now his chest, so warm,
breathes softly beneath my head
his lips raw against my neck,
I knew that he had hunted me,
that I was doomed to die by his desire
his tongue lashes out to feel
the blood beneath my flesh
run cold as his hands consume me
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