bhumi 3h

you look up at the sky, wishing you were a star

the stars shine down at you, wishing they were you

neither of you knew, that both your wishes had come true

the stars bleed through your cuts
Zani 6h

Blood is thicker than water
When it pulls through your heart
Take me down to the water with you
We’ll soon tell them apart

In one single moment you will
Watch me as I’m washed away

Those currents that flow
Deep within your soul
Each and every way
They happen to make us
Believe in ourselves
No matter what they say

That blood is thicker than water
As it was at the start
When the spirits that brought
Her to you
Then they pulled you apart

In one single moment you will
Watch me as I'm washed away

By currents that flow
Deep within your soul
Each and every day
They happen to make us
Believe in ourselves
No matter what they say

Until the time comes
To shine
We find what we’re meant to see
It  will drown all your fears
It will drive you to tears

In one single moment you will
Bring on that heavenly thrill
It will make you realise
It will open your eyes

Blood is thicker than water
Thicker than water
Harder than stone
You're never alone

In one single moment you will

Lyrics to an original piece in D minor from earlier this year <3

Route the dark in light
Ducking down
Masonic freedom fighter
Tend to rend the holy crown

Chalice overflowing
When did this cup pass to me
Empty vessel wrestled from a twine
Entwined fate
Engorged ball of hate
Flattening the gluttons
I've seen it all
Its never right to Intermediate
Limb of light
Invigorated, left unchecked
Balances precariously
Between the seance of death
And the scorn of the righteous
Overbearing and meaningless
And still it beckons

To walk a thin line
Is to take everything in stride
The same stride
We strove for

Through every long night
Waist deep in the sin
Crying out internally
Giving everything to win
Starving on the battlegrounds
Carving up and laying down
Doubting every action
Stained by affliction
Destined to persist

Slaying anything


Only light escapes

Stare into the TV like a zombie

Mixed magic of beauty and pain,
for her fate was in too much of blame.
Beautiful life severely stained,
considering her life was in much of shame.

Sharp as knife, noise as cry.
She murdered someone with lunatic lies.
Gaping at the streaming blood as it dries,
for she’s wholly distained in all of her life.

It wasn’t her fault to be this way,
for she was abused and in deception.
She never rummage of any ways,
until pictures of knives came into her vision.

Dark as night, red as blood.
Wishing the happiness she never had.
As she threw gaze at the corpse once again,
a perfect strange feeling suddenly came.

What was that feeling? What did she feel?
Sort of regret, sort of gladness.
She cannot say, she cannot tell,
for she finally felt the essence of happiness.

No more lies, no more cries.
Her life sustains and sadness will die.
No more heartaches, no more sadness
for she killed someone causes darkness.

Every villain has a story

We rise and fall,
We duck and crawl:-
We can't bare it anymore
A thousand soldiers each lose a soul,
Bodies on the floor,
As neighboring countries kill us all

Blood will pour
and the government shall lock it's doors.
As a thousand soldiers each lose a soul,
Bodies on the floor,
All because of a few in high control
we seriously can't bare it anymore.

Just so you lose before, make a heavenly call.
We rise and fall,
We duck and crawl:-
like seriously I am in a relationship with something colder than snow,
just so you know, death does not follow us
but we follow it slow.

the feel of blade through my skin

through my flesh

the pain it gives

the blood gushing

and to do it again.

Chan S 2d

To Transcend
You must learn to be your own mentor, teacher, and best friend
To be independent, even of those blood connected kin.
Overstand that no one knows you as you only know yourself
From your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, even Physical Health
It's your Balance and Abundance to your Personal Wealth
In Unison they'll flow, once you learn to open yourself.
Open your Heart to All The Possibilities    
From those that are great to all those negativities
Use each wisely and From Each You'll be sure to grow
Knowing that they were sent specially for You...
Your Heart will surely know...
Know that each Time, Opportunity, or Circumstance
For Your Soul, Your Body, Your Grace they Will Enhance
Enhance your Beauty from Deep Within
Then you'll know that you've Officially Transcended.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

Your cruelty made
my soul bleed
my screams are now
but my paper is
now filled with
bleeding lines.

Thank you Rosema for the prompt.

What's left to speak when dreaming dulls reality,
when reality dulls the dream?
Close enough to empty of any thought or word,
dip the dirty, blunt needle in your rust,
Bind my mouth shut.

In your blood, I bet the years you've seen drag on,
evaporate your red count.
Those dry reminders, penetrate my flesh with them,
weave them as your thread.

I lost my own way long ago,
now need your denouement.

Don't be gentle.
Jobira 6d

The sky above the earth
Through the crescent lights,
Weeps blood
To wash the soils
Into the seas,
Into the oceans
To carry the mud
As far as the
Waves can rise
As far deep as the
Blood in the soil can
Amalgamate with the streams,
For the sea creatures
Wouldn't be infected with
The unknown dirty
As far as the
Cold water washes up
The bodies to the abyss
As far as the breathless
Reached their homes.

The open sky above the earth
Through the crescent lights,
Stopped raining
For the last time.
For nothing is
Left to clean

The open sky went blank.

No sins can be washed away!!
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