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Color 18h
i dreamed of you last night.
you smiled at me as you said

you wanted to be my knight.
you told me as i bled

there was no other light.
and i knew that ahead

there would be hate and spite,
but you and i were bred

for loyalty and might.
and i had been misled

by watching through the night
i must have been less alive than dead

to think that you might leave for fright.
as my legs were coated, blood-red,

i knew that you would hold me tight
as you gently kissed my head.

and as i sit up late to write
you will make sure nothing's unsaid.
a tribute to my best friend. you have no idea how much you mean to me.
IvS 18h
Silver blood
Running untashed and untammed trough the odds
Maybe you reconsider like you did before
My heart still bleed, I still need...
Sometimes I tasted the tears,  worries and fears
Searching for a reason to live ...
Just take a breath, I'm still a human underneath
Just can't fit...what I did?
Tell me this, please.  
A prophecy to fulfill or a destination to achieve
i can't solve this breach.
Part of a writing challenge
The liquidity of rage, swoons like a red ocean.

It is a tidal fury that rises, rises, rises.

Within its climatic ascension, exist an anxious torture.

Thoughts rush in, pacing on what conclusions will come.

These waves have come before, the carnage is extreme.

And while the destruction strikes the shore, the bastions will stand.

Ruin though, shall come, and each storm stands testament to that reality.

The walls will fall, and all will breathe a final sigh of relief, at the end.
Ayesha 1d
Rosy, rosy, red rivers
dripping down the blushing cheeks.
Dreamy, dreamy, dead shivers
slowing down with every kiss.

Tiny, tiny trapped screams
making out the blueing lips.
Rosy, rosy, red streams
flowing down the Syrian streets.

Shaky, shaky shallow mothers
calling out to the withering kids.
Fiery, fiery falling brothers
watching out for sisters' wounds.

Slowly, slowly son shivers;
swiftly he calms down, dead.
Shyly, shyly sun shimmers;
swiftly she hides back in clouds.

Rosy, rosy ravaged girls
drifting off to peace-less sleeps.
Weary, weary wilting pearls
hiding back in their prison shells.

Tired, tired, tied with ropes
calling out to left out hopes.
Dying, dying, dead hopes.
Dying dying, dead hopes.

Strange, silent stories screaming softly.
Never knew what the night would bring
When I'd sink to the bottom of everything
As it slowly cracked my mind to pieces
Then all these urges crept in the creases
Causing yet another careless blood stain
Because I could only think about the pain
Nothing feels quite the same and it's horrifying
Guntang 2d
i miss you every day
i write another line
this thing you say to me
goes creeping in my veins
i hate you every day
i write another line
my veins they talk to me
go weeping in my skin
i see you everywhere
i force another line
i hang my heart in shame
this line i write in blood
Family is so much more than the branches bending from a family tree
Blood may relate you but there’s more to a family like love and loyalty
They say blood is thicker than water this may be true
Though I’ve bared witness to blood clotting where water flowed straight through
As blood flows through your vanes it’s color is blue yet when you see it the color is red
I think Ile stick with the water that stays the same instead
I’ve learned in my life that family is what you make it Nd is usually opposite of what it’s supposed to be
I spear the night
With jagged splinters
Of my broken heart
And watch the stars
Bleed from the sky

Wounds of midnight
Splayed open
For the blood moon
To drown  

Indifferent to the carnage
Afreen 4d
The shards of fallacies
of the past souls
await, the robust

The shards impale them,
as their boiling
young blood,
stands witness,

To the reminiscence
of the fallacies.
Behold the dreadful Horns of Red
The Beasts who trample o’er the dead
Who roar and gore and raise their heads
In challenge to the One who bled –

The One who willfully was pierced
Whose will is strong, whose love is fierce
Who crushes Altars men revere
That they may see through their veneer

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