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Today upon these very fields
Meadows of green and flowers yield
As breeze stops dead and from the leaves
Comes a young girl in khaki green.
Her dress is light, and her song is sweet
As she picks her way on dainty feet.

But she is not the first to trek
Through fresh-scented woods with curling breath
In khaki green amidst the sea
Of indigo and white and brightest green.

For as she scrabbles amongst dirt and stone
She finds in her hand to be a bone.
Unknowing of the man that shed it like
A moulting woodlark born for flight.

Unknowing too is she of the dew
That clings to blades of grass as slew
Were brothers of flesh and blood and heart.
What once was clouded red is glass.

She rises as the night descends,
Skips home with grubby hands and dress
But she is the only one in khaki green
Whom after those woods was ever seen.

The forest left to whistle and sway
Waits for the girl tomorrow-day
When she will escape its clutches once more
Dancing on the graves of twenty-four.
A very belated Remembrance Day poem.
juliet 1d
i am thirsty for
all your blood, milk, and honey
sweet and thirst quenching
like a mosquito
let me seep into your veins
and take everything
you have to offer
thunder rolls above
a sweet death kiss waits for you
trust me, not clickbait
~ i want to feel your love (all of it)
Fọlá 1d
The door is open.
    Monsters might be lurking.
    Do you see your life as just a token?
    Would you even live long enough for your story to be spoken?

    Stop shivering, start praying.
    Stop screaming, start acting.
    Stop looking, start running.
    For the Demons, are coming.

    Your dreams, they are haunting.
    Your blood, they are craving.
    For Your sound, they are listening.
    For them to pounce, while you are sleeping.

    The Boogeyman is in town.
    Pound, Pound, Pound;
    The heart sounds.
    Silent, goes the town.
    Empty, goes the crowd.
    As the Darkness, grips the clouds.
    Even the King shall not be saved by his crown.

    Oh, you think this is just a story.
    You think this storyteller must be joking.
    The signs, you keep ignoring.
    The tales, you keep dismissing.
    Well, then fear not. Take your time, enjoy and keep playing.

    For very soon, your tears would be streaming
    Your throat would be croaking.
    Your blood, gushing.
    Your skin, flailing.
    Some body parts might even go missing.
    Because, the darkness is coming.
    The Darkness, is Coming.
‘The Darkness is Coming’ is a poem trying to tell the tale of an impending doom. A warning to the people. A warning that wasn’t heeded. Please, enjoy.
I bleed, but I seek to suffocate the bleeding, never call for help. My blood is poison.
Some random text a received from a stranger.
They never replied back.
Blood stained the ground,
thunder made a crashing sound.
His body torn with skin ripped
all the wounds sore from being whipped.

Love was found in that blood
which seeped in our souls from the mud.
The rain stopped as His body taken away.
No other moment measured like on that day.

That love in that blood carried to the tomb
and broke the rock with a giant boom.
Light struck everywhere to the sky,
but this was not His last goodbye...
Latifah 3d
you're a pain
so beautifully wrapped
no one could see
what's underneath
I dug my way into you
created holes like a mole
but I still can't see
beneath your flesh and blood
I still can't reach
your mind and soul.
The trail
Of your blood
Brings droplets
Out of your fingertips,
Staining them red.

A devil
That dressed in white
Will lead to trouble,
While evil is disguised
By beauty.

The blade
Of a sword
Can spear through the flesh,
And slaughter
The prey.

But what makes a person
To thrive their vengeance
Amongst the world
By swallowing their anger
And hate?
The moon
Cast a silvery light
Onto you,
Following at every sight
Of you.

But why do you paint
The moon with the lace
Of your hands
That splattered in petals
Of crimson and scarlet?

If the blood
That stains your hands
In crimson cloak,
While you see the red footsteps behind
As the blood that covers your feet.

You let the blood
Drip down from the tips
Of your fingers,
But you leave behind a trail
Of loss and deception.
Nobody believes me
My own mind deceives me
Why would you concive me
If your just going to leave me
But I've been alone before
And found it quite easy
Just waiting about for the world to release me
Finally lay to rest in the underworld that's beneath me
Where Mr Reaper will greet me
Whilst demons eat me
Finally breifily we could be at peace .. see ???
Stark 4d
Red for the blood dripping from a vein
White for the sheets that cover the dead
Blue for the visible beyond that is the sky

For every drop of red silk that
Glitters in the sun
One is a step closer to freedom
From the blood that ties us
To its fiery core

For every pure cotton cloth that
Shadows over the deceased
One has risen halfway,
Breaking their ties
With the underground deep below

For every new light
Borne from the dreamy blue sky
One has earned their freedom
From their mundane, mortal body

No longer held down by hunger
No longer held by thirst
No longer needing shelter
No longer needing clothing

Freedom from Earth
Comes in shades of
Red, white, and blue
wrote this after some ideas I was pondering over regarding freedom.
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