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Ten because nine isn't enough
Violence because we never learned how to love
Searched for forgiveness, now we search for blood
Couldn't reach an understanding so we're reaching for the gun
Shoot it ten times because nine isn't enough
shayla ennis May 6
Darkened clouds turn souls red.
Sorrow filled eyes become like blackened sea.
Cries of pain are that of souls lost to the forgotten.

Surrounded by shadows that creep through mist.
Find yourself within woods of ancient creation.
Creatures of darkness do rome here be weary of your footing.

Blood of mortal,blood of beast mingling as one.
Ancient right, time has come.
The path of new life, old to young.

Power abound, magic is the source.
Beast be the maker.
Blood is the key.
Date may 6,2022
By Scarlet rose
david jacobs May 2
ting is
your       life
thro          ugh
a nee         dle
and           if
you    sew
by me
A locked grave, a confined space
My heart pounding, a tight brace
the strongest oppression: time’s pace
alone and lost, I was chased.

Run, run, run, as fast as you can
Or do as some say: start, lest it began
But now it was too late, the attacker was behind
Edging close, a knife in her hand -

We will soon meet, at the time she feels
But there was a last resort, for those who were weak
I could leave the chase and fall off the cliff
Or just remain and receive death’s kiss

Arriving time, time has arrived
Slash, slash - a blood splash
A red boundary formed, impossible to cross.
Deadline - that’s what it was called.
Too many assignments due too soon. Relatable much?

I'd rather you use bombs and knives,
I'd rather you use guns and swords.
I'd rather that we would have fights;
that you'd leave me with open sores.

I'd rather you find a different weapon,
a different tool to use on me.
I wish you'd make me feel a pain;
I wish you'd leave me weak and ******.

Yet the sharpest tool is what you use;
you leave me dead inside.
I wish you'd tear my heart out;
I wish I would have died.

You open your mouth and the weapons spill out,
you're armed with words that you scream and shout.
The pain is unbearable, the torture indescribable.
I know there's no point in putting up a struggle.

You **** me, one by one,
your words an open ****.
They slice me up in pieces,
making me feel like trash.

All I can be is silent;
I know that is the best.
I try to block them out,
but they're already in my chest.

Your words are killing me;
a slow, antagonizing death.
Each word you say cuts me,
each wound raw and fresh.

I wish you'd let me be,
I wish you'd leave it unsaid.
I guess you just can't see
you can't bring someone back from the dead.

Only God can do that...
Isabella Mar 29
My wolf
You bit me
Under a full moon
And I didn't turn
I stayed human
Scars in my arms
Blood dripping from my wrists
I fell to the forest floor
And cried
JΛM Mar 15
the sun is a done
bun hon'.
worry now,
it can't be undone.
hurry now,
your pens and paper for fun.

you know it's too soon
to feel the flurry bow
down to rend bones
into red and vapor for fun.

so **** my **** and call me cherry.
pour the sherry one more time,
I can feel the divine
flesh and scrape her for fun.

knives and saccharine,
guns to blow the *****
off each and every one.
don't worry hon',
it's just for fun.
TW: blood
isn't it amazing?

put your hand on your chest
now make a cut and watch yourself bleed
bleed deeply
but that heart
it's still beating
feel deeply
still alive
despite the pain
You killed my inner me
While I begged you for life
My destiny was to shine
But you committed a crime
My heart is broken down
Often I felt lost in town
Town of your secret lies
World is changed in your eyes
You dare to harm arise
My arise coming into light
I never forget on my blood
Blood your freaky mud
Your freaky show inside
My honeyed young soul
I am guessing if you now
Thinking about what you did
You will never finally quit
Your taste is incredibly sick
Mark Wanless Jan 24
pain don't matter now
breath and blood all important
sound the speech of war
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