Art 2d

Crack on concrete
Losing his feet,
slipping on sweet
sweaty poison.

Man's head down
blood on the ground.
Phone's background;

a daughter's face
smiling behind
shattered glass.

Red tears
make their smears
on creased cheeks

as he looks back down
to the phone on the ground
unable to make sorrow's
humble sound.

He looks around
Broken down
and stuck to the ground.
Ankles cracked and twisted as
he's lifted by three strangers;

lost souls
who forget their woes
for just a moment

as they sit him back down
on the ground,
and watch him cry
as they call for help.

Anomaly 2d

I covered my wall with old photos
So that when I lay alone at night
I’m not

Thinking it would fill
That empty void in my heart.
That black hole.
But rather,
It just added more fuel to the flames.  
That burning desire
To not

But I can’t help it.
Loneliness comes naturally to me.
As If it were in my DNA.
My veins.

I separate myself from everyone else.
The only friends I have now are of those
Faces I have plastered on my wall.
The greatest joke of them all;
As if I could fool myself into thinking
That those faces could comfort this lonely soul.

Seema 2d

This planet is made, of more liquid than land
Covered mostly in water
While blood covering a quarter
A range of land covered in sand
I close my eyes and scribble with hand
If the dry straits could actually mend
The ocean paths would follow every bend
Likewise as my thoughts are coming to an end
I am glad, am not living on a slaughtered land...





Above it's door was written two lines; similar crossed;

So severe.


Slugs and weather gather-

Wether it gathered I doubt it would matter,

Water has no power,

Every blood stain is stained and can't be washed away with cold wind shower:



And all lost traction-

These lines haphazardly done-

Almost if they knew what would snap- in,

And dwell within-

No blessings to stake them in.


Test chamber, held number "X."

The few of the last,

So many failures, so many lost.

In sight: The checklist became a mess.

But he:- His name was "X."


On every four walls, once white

The claws had eminence driven in, in every angled strike

The horrendous letter of "X."


Above it's door was written two lines: similar crossed,

So severe,

Slugs and weather gather-

Wether it gathered I doubt it would matter,

Water has no power,

The great solvient of matter-

All was, All was: "X" held the matter.


Cross contamination:

"I can't, it's too much.

Gaping evil power-

That letter? Inside still watching.

My mind aches of traction and scatter

'X,' the horrendous letter 'X.'"



Grasp and file down.

All that is good, and worth- and while, down.


And all the beasts, the lines, deep within-

Inscribed, was every letter and wicked sin,

All numbers conglomerate into,

(Know sirens, to scream,)

The letter "X" brought hatred name

And every sick child, and ignorant name-

Knew every wicked power by one letter's name."

FINV "X." v6 (6/27/17-8/13/17)
-by Evi D. Halo

Estoy viendo en rojo
Todo es estamos cubiertos de sangre
Y todo lo que creo, lo que puedo
Es: "Tengo hambre."

Como estoy rodeada de la muchedumbre
Me siento abrumada
La gente está haciendo preguntas
Pero no puedo ser la informante

Estoy muy ira
¡Están enfadándome!
Ellos no saben lo que he pasado
¡Me gustaría verlos en el combate!

Quiero gritar, "¡La guerra ha terminado!"
Y solo volver a mi raigambre
Ignorando los, camino lejos
Y todos estamos cubiertos de sangre

Seema 6d

The solitude of nature graves beneath
Bones of evil and righteous at feet
The darkest spills of blood soaked into soil
A barren land now producing usable oil
Near fields cultivated with crops
The evil spreads through sipped in drops
Consumed by many these crops when sold
Evil makes its entry, cold blood on hold
People get crazy as their blood absorbs the produce
Unknowing the dilemma that soon would be in use
Good over evil fight across the globe
Injecting every being, walking like a dope
Drugged and dosed flashed like zombie coned
Each walk away, their precious disowned
A world of dead, its soon gonna be
Unless the waves crush in land, so be it a sea...


Global warming, climatic change, green house gases, ozone deplete, GMOs
Jobira 6d

If we had to trace the natural orders,
I should be a split right in the middle, right?
A man of flesh and blood, not stone
Who is made from the DNA of my parents.

I wonder though,
How much have I taken from my parents?
How much of their cells I have inside of me?
Whose DNA dominates my being and
Still makes me the man I'm today
and the one I am becoming?
Or I'm just nothing like any of them?

Am I as gentle and shy as my mother is
Or as reckless and tough as my father is?
Is the fiber of my being built as both of them or
am I built in my own unique instincts?

Who's in my blood?
Who's in my DNA?
Am I as humble and gracious as
My parents are, if so which ones?

I am made out of flesh and blood
Yet, nobody can surely tell me
My exact DNA markups and
What's in my blood
As I am created from two images
But standing as a brand new breed

@jobiranyc (9/19/2017)

Inspired by a song called  "In the blood" from John Mayer's new album ( my favorite from the album), which my poem is with the same title

After listening to it, I started thinking what I took away from my parents?

Your thoughts about the subject...
Mims 7d

Soft yellows swirling,
into funny orange.

Orange shifts,
into maddening red,
(like your blood)
and it is spilled all over my keyboard.

Purples spill from your mouth onto your fingertips,
(I can almost hear you muttering it)

go fuck yourself.

"And her mouth was like a rainbow, spilling bits of color onto her lips whenever she felt the need to do so."
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