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if only you could ever know what you've done to me

ink stained my skin from where i wrote hate letters to myself

scars line my skin from where i tried to cut out everything i hated about myself

fat clings on my bones for dear life because i tried to starve it off

pain still flows along with my blood, traveling from my mind to my heart

if only it could leave with all the blood i tried to lose
Why, oh why, do I feel so high,
When I only see you on sober nights?
Why, oh why, are your eyes so kind,
Save me, I’ve only been on suicide flights.
Oh, you are the summer’s glee,
I’m only what’s left of the winter’s flea.
I will kill him who looks at you,
But I guess that also includes me.
Melancholy paints my skin red, my soul black.
I am a painting.
Through blood we are bonded infinitely
A sideways eight for the world to see
Just how much you mean to me
fists clenched with white knuckled force,
my nails pierce this skin and
blood trickles down fingers from these
perforated palms, and i can’t help
but to think how this pain
is nothing but a distraction.

— biting your tongue to stop the tears only goes so far
Haleigh 3d
Who’s going to save me
When I’m saving everyone else?
Who’s going to save me
When I cry myself to sleep at night?
Who’s going to save me
When I have a blade to my wrist?
Who’s going to save me
When the voices are screaming in my head?
The answer is nobody
While I’m out saving others,
Nobody is helping me.
I’m drowning
In the dark thoughts
Full of despair and darkness.
And with no one to help me,
I might as well succumb
To Death's sweet song.
Emerson 4d
It is gushing
In my veins
It is used
For writing things
Like poems and
Thank you cards
And happy birthdays
For saying sorry
For simply talking
To a friend
To ask for
Help for something
It can describe
Your nightmares
And your fears
And your worries
And your sadness
It is gushing
Through our veins
And if one
More demon comes
To ridicule and
Torture me again
I’m Outta Here
Inspired by Bendy and the Ink Machine (BORIS!!! ‘And im outta here’)
But this dark is deep:
Now I warn you with my blood,
Listen to this flesh
Crisp red blood on a marble floor
splashing like crimson raindrops.
My blood escapes the fresh cut as my blade dances across my skin.
My head gets lighter the more I cut
but that doesn't stop me.
I look for another place to test my blade but it seems I've run out.
I roll my blood stained sleeves down and conceal my legs and waist.
My dry blood covers the marble floor, and I could never be happier.
Tati 5d
It tastes like cinnamon
Like the little honey bees flirting with the flowers in the morning and giving them their morning kiss
The innocence of the child as she holds her teddy bear close, because she believes he’ll protect her from all harm
The arms of the man I love, which feel like velvet and chamomile
The song I hum, professing my eternal devotion to him
But what is this feeling?
The one that makes us prance around under the moonlight and cover our bodies in lace and vanilla for?
Amare è vivere
To love is to live
To move the sky and the oceans and everything in between just to see that person smile
To trust that person so much you take off your silk dress and reveal all your body and secrets to them
It’s something so intense you become blinded
A fool
But I don’t care
I’d rather be a fool then be without you for even a fraction of a millisecond
Your absence causes such a decrease in my oxygen I’d die without it
I don’t care if people say it’s foolish
To be distraught over a man
I’d give my entire being to have his love forever, and would do the unthinkable to obtain it
I would die without him
When people ask me what love is, my mind instantly thinks of this
And they tell me
It seems more like an addiction then true love
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