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Ylzm Sep 23
Blind faith betrays itself
in hypocrisy and double-mindedness;
the sighted sees
the blind hears
and imagined:
proudly believing it knows;
does not and cannot know
its own ignorance
nor tell apart lies from truth.

Boldly, in self-belief,
calling out and stepping out, to lead;
immediately, stumbles and falls.
blind followers no wiser.
groping and wondering
where the voice went.
Blued, nickel reflecting light,
Shining on the Reaper.
Frosted steel
Longing to swallow
A half-dozen biscuits

1 part Copper,
1 part brass,
2 parts lead,
1 part saltpeter,
1 part charcoal,
1 part sulfur,

The recipe for the dough.

Once masticated
in jaws of tungsten
It spits the metal bolus,
And gives new name to grim.
Johnny walker Aug 31
I gaze upon the darkened sky I see planes traveling near and far to where they go
I'll never know
somewhere carried on the wind where will they be
For this I'll never know
while stuck here feet firmly on
the ground people up there I'll never know I'll never get the chance to
only In my dreams
Far to old much to late to close to heavens gate I am but
If I had one
last chance I'd be somewhere up there high traveling on the
Abinash Aug 13
Life you are going on a path
And I am following you,
Not questioning but just following you…

I don’t know where you will lead
Or where you go
I don’t know what danger I will face
Or fears I have to overcome
I don’t know what sorrow I will go though
Or who I give sorrow too
But I am still following you not questioning

In hope of
What joy u will make me experience
Or the thrill of adventure.
So life,
I am following you not questioning…
I'll be your loudest cheerleader
Even when the stands are empty
Be it with or without merit
I love you unconditionally

My life, I would gladly lay to rest
If doing so would preserve your own
To pull you from the depths of Hell
Without regret, I would sell my soul

Yet as my armour begins to rust
Exposing my open wounds
I realize I'm no longer strong enough
To carry us both through

Have courage to climb higher each day
Than you did the day before
Remember how to use your wings
When you're finally ready to soar

Your feet will never leave the ground
If you haven't the faith to leap
But you can bounce from star to star
If you're not afraid to dream

Be not defeated by trials you'll face
Silence the rhetoric of loathing and grief
Realize that through the ugliest of pain
We become our greatest masterpiece

I pray you find your way back home
With the map I made for you
My only wish for you, sweet child
Is that you find joy in all you do
A poem for my children
Poetic T Jul 13
I'm lead lined
        but you always

see through me.

My secrets concealed
                beneath me.

But you will always
                   see within me.

I never want to hide anything
       from you, I'm lead lined.

But you always see what others cant.
raquezha Jun 18
Lead me
to the place
you always go
Let's watch
ourselves grow
I'll take you
to places I know
Let's watch the sky
until the moon shines
let's stay together
until the end of time
Don't need to cry.
Don't need to die.
Just lead yourself and live your life.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
That word is the first to surface when I think of you
If anyone asked me
'Who is the strongest person
I ever knew?'
I would tell them it was you

A neighbor told me this today - true.

To hit home, it's funny how I had to hear it from someone
I barely knew.
keneth May 17
ink swimming in circles
inclined in trusting your shore
perhaps a little dip won't hurt
devouring sand as it waves

your mind is suspended
a hanging cave beneath the clouds
let the deep touch you, at least
and i'll be willing to surrender

the rain has thousands of drops left
but the clock will run out soon
would you come down and reach
and satisfy these killer whales
the more i crave, the more i drown / addiction
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