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Jaicob Sep 5
Life is sunshine,
Bright and yellow,
Peaceful, keeping
My mood mellow

that is..

Until you came
Fueled by anger
And tear my closet
Hanger from hanger.

Clothing scatters
On the carpet.

I'd write that down,
But I can't start yet

To make a move
Toward the pencil

Or the paper-
I am trapped still

In my quaking
Mortal frame

And you keep yelling
All the same.

I know you're angry,
But you've no need
To yell and fuss
And scream at me.

You've no need
To stay this way,
But that doesn't mean I
Still want to play.

Sure, you yell loud
And put up a fight,
But life is sunshine,
Yellow and bright.
Delicacy8100 Sep 4
Darkness fades revealing colors.

Colors revealing flaws.

Flaws revealing truths.
Truths exposed by light.
creating clarity of how we treat life.
In the darkness of night, all people places, and things are hidden behind its truth.
Creating a blurred vision.
Some even
Black and White

Though in the light of day!

Imperfections of their truth,
their true beauty is revealed.
If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
I might burn your body,
then illuminate every dark space
and make it bright;
even if it doesn't reach everything,
at least we haven't gone astray
for a while.

If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
we would burn at every celebration,
in birthday or wedding cakes.

If I were a fire, and you were my candle,
we would be a farewell gift,
and leave a scar on every melt.
Indonesia, 3rd September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Isaac Aug 25
I wanna feel your love, your hands slicked with oil rubbing down my back

I wanna feel your lust, keep on kissing me because you can't help it
I wanna feel loved

I wanna feel like I can trust, you and your actions
too many distractions, pools of passion
take a dip into my water

go deeper, go farther
with me than anybody before

buy jewels to adorn me because you understand I am royalty

I wanna feel your love like the diamonds in my ears

I wanna feel your love as I work through my biggest fears

I wanna feel like no matter what happens you will always be near
me, to help heal me, as I do the same

we both have been scarred by pain by we continue to grow

my last was overgrown with vain, the envy ivy tried to stop my growth

no more anchors to hold me below the surface
I am breaking through, I deserve it
Captain Trips Aug 23
I look to the moon, shining so bright
and I feel content, I feel quite alright
Happy full moon!!! ♡
This joy is rare.
My tears—
bright warm stars
make salty trails
from eyes to chin.
RQ Jul 13
grey clouds split the sky
one side bright
another side dark
i was on the dark side
looking out the window of the bus
droplets of rain fell on the glass pane
the water flows down like waterfall
just like a tear rolling down a person's cheek
i kept staring at the sky that's still split in half
reflecting on myself being overwhelmed with emotions
am i happy?
or am i just sad?
only time will tell
as day by day passes by
Ritz Jun 17
Not all people who wander are lost.
Not all people who fear are afraid.
Not all people who love are loyal.
Not all people who smile are happy.
Not all people who breath are breathing.
Not all people who shine are bright.
Not all people who cry are sad.
Not all people who live are alive.
Not all people who die are dead.
Not all people.
Awaken me, take away my confusion and pain
Shine a light through me
Echoes of angels surrounding me in an ethereal world of never ending bliss
Golden gates that behold behind them a bright and beautiful  place which only those who truly know will see
Souls of familiar beings I have loved and adored embracing me with a smile
I return the same smile down to those I know who still remain on earth
I will wait to see you again
And I cannot wait to reunite with you, my friend
Poem of mine from 2019.
Dominique Jun 3
shaving dry to set a spark
rub in soap and ride it out
the fingers are so clumsy but
talent brags foam up the mouth

is it the youthful face, or dress  
that clings like foil around the waist?
not self-awareness, but contempt
the true enlightened prophet makes

morality like marbles,
shining silly and misguided;  
never falling out of love, but  
finding better ways to hide it
love me love me love me

*could someone help me change the 4th line of the 1st stanza to make it mean the same thing but sound better? I want the gist of it to be that I boast about abilities despite being deeply insecure about whether they're good enough... you get it*
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