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The sun burns brighter today.
I think another poem for the moon is completed.
Her smile is the rising sun
A beacon that you can’t outrun
    Loved by all
        Surpassed by none
A thing that serves to dazzle and stun

Her smile is a blinding sight
A glow that lights the darkest night
    It feels perfect
        It feels right
A capsule of both pain and delight

Her smile is the hope long lost
That begs you to forget all the costs
    Warmer than fire
        Colder than frost
A reminder of the joy you’ve crossed

Her smile is a shining star
A flare that’s seen both near and far
    A water that cools
        A knife that scars
Within we can see who we really are

— OrcasTogether
Bright city lights,
I’ve never seen dark nights,
except the ones in my head,
only darkness seems to spread
Haley May 17
Mentioned you as the North Star.
It wasn’t enough,
Because you shone brighter than any star I've ever laid my eyes on.

Your beauty electrifies me every time you enter the same room as I.
Your eyes shining brightly into mine,
And the way you hold yourself,
I want that to be mine.

The way you stare at me,
Right as we lean in for a kiss.
The way you hold me,
Brings me right into bliss.

Now you know I love you,
And I was praying that you’d love me too.
And to finish the full circle,
I would like to ask you;

Will you be mine?
Wrote this for a project, wishing it was my reality.
Shin May 8
What it must mean to softly be in love.
Truthful nothingness lit by candlelight.
How I must wish to hold hope's hand in mine.
We sit, we stew, we stare, and storm along.
Your sympathy, your sorrow, your smile,
all grace the fetid plain of my mind's eye.
I wish you joy, a brighter tomorrow.

Alone I'll sit, alone I'll sing this song.
Alone you'll rest, alone you'll find the dawn.
A goodbye, or perhaps a new hello.

Moments flicker, circles begin and end.
A past's future will let you start again.

Farewell, be free to greet your Severus.
But please, just let me act the Damien.
Laura May 3
Light seldom graces me with her presence. That used to tear me apart. Now, I have learned to appreciate her absence. I sit, perched on my plush cushion. Bluejays sit on my windowsill. Their wings are resting and my eyes are gleaming. How beautiful it is to watch a sentient being recover, rejuvenate. I’ll never tell you that knowing you set me free. All the things in life that are terrible now amaze me. My ears laugh at the sounds the bluejays have gifted me. They are so happy. Sipping the sweet, crimson nectar. Filling them with life and substance. I am writing again. My voice is different now. I used to be locked in your cell. Now, I turn to the light. The bluejays and I share a commonality: nectar is there for enjoyment, not necessity.
Amanda May 1
Never be afraid
Let go
Reinvent yourself how you'd like to show
A fresh new image of own design
Reborn person fantastic and fine
Always encourage creativity
Give it acres of room to romp and run free
Be mentor to the self within
Guide to the surface of your skin
Teach to be confident and comfortable
Take care to be cautious and stay out of trouble
Always reach for stars shining bright
Charge ahead bravely with all your might
Something a bit different than my usual
Eva B Apr 30
light is a gift

drink it
I'm not one to give practical advice.
"I felt my insides screaming

screaming for me to take it all out

the weight of the past was unbearable

but the future

the future had colorful feathers"
Amanda Apr 24
And give my body the beating deserved

The sadness it's had coming since the get-go
I've been fortunate enough to avoid it for the most part
It's only grazed me til now

To write again I need wounds so that I may dip my pen in the blood to spell out my tragedy in bright red ink
This reminds me of that scene from Harry Potter where he is in detention with Mrs Umbridge or whatever that evil kitty loving teacher is from the books and movies
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