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leeaaun Jul 30
in the darkness of the night so deep,
i wondered why your heart won't sleep,

my soul spoke up, a question sown,
to your heart's mystery, unknown

stars above, they twinkle bright,
but your heart hides in endless night,

my soul implored, with a gentle start,
why's your heart, dear, keeping apart?
ky Jul 29
We never really knew each other.

Sure, we texted nonstop.
You stared at me in the halls.
But missed chances and glances were all we had.
We never had a real conversation.
(Maybe things would have been different if we did.)

All my memories of you
consist of my face lit by a bright screen,
sitting in the darkness of my bedroom,
wishing for you—desperately—at 11:11.
Exosphere Jun 16
there is a darkness
and a silence
and all the while it is my fate to suffer
for you
As comes the night
And the stars shine
We sit in our balcony
And switch on the fairy lights.
We talk all night long
And maybe banter in between,
A smile playing on our lips
Never seeming to disappear
Yet remaining unseen.
It's relatively cold
But we don't feel the chill,
Because our hearts are warm
And our eyes so bright,
That would dim even the moonlight.
❝ while he runs from darkness
  she purposefully turns off her light
  he saves her flicker and makes it burn

  like a california fire guided by his wind
  she spreads through the mainland
  curving through the hidden crevices of the world
  her scorching heat;
  felt and seen and adored

  as he runs from the darkness,
  her light continues to burn a fire blue
  the shadows slowly melt away from her touch
  and he feels her warmth and basks in it

  she thought she has saved him from the monsters
  she thought she has saved him enough to stop running

  but the shadows crept back in
  slowly, until it consumed him entirely
  and off the ledge he went

  her savior,
  reduced to nothing but a pool of dusk
  and emptiness
  and sadness

  she was but a flicker but he preserved her
  a flicker which continued to burn in her heart

  so she savored the beauty of his grey tones;
  found and accepted his darkness
  in all the bright places ❞
Melody Mann Jan 7
Take me away,
To the brighter days where daylight trickles into the crevice of my despair,
To the sweet escape that lingers in the air,
Take me away,
For I am of this sphere no more,
I long for you as you play in the wind,
As you brighten universal hues of contentment,
I seek your benevolence.
Psych-o-rangE Sep 2022
3 years
I find a new place
3 years
I wear a new face
3 years
I carry my shame
3 years
I burden my brain

Am I the variable, or a constant in march
It's never too bright and it's never too dark
A rolling snowball or a forest in fire
Border planted flags do not inspire
You always thought it was my ignorance...
But your light was too bright,
That my eyes couldn't adjust..!
We all have a different way of observing the things...
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
Fireworks flash bright
Sky flowers blooming above
Dazzling night lights fade
High above is a world of color
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