Life is a river.
Music is its flow.

Sometimes swimming,
Sometimes drowning,
I enjoy its melodies.

This life river takes turns,
Scenes change on both its banks,
Sometimes they are colorful and bright,
Sometimes they are gloomy and grey.

But I will trust it and flow with it,
enjoying all its scenes,
for I know in my heart, that,
all of it is just a play,
just a play,

And this harmony,
this melody,
is what is true...

© Manan sheel.
Oh how I long for that starry night,
When my wings grow,
And I finally take a flight,
Letting my heart flow.

A rose’s right is to bloom,
Letting her petals show,
Forgetting my doom,
Up, far away I go.

Among the stars,
To them I must swear,
That I will caress my scars,
Till the end, that’s only fair.

My thorns shall disappear,
In love I pledge my trust,
For it, I cheer,
To believe in it, I must.
Loss is a moment remembered,
           but the memory of those live on
       within the moments we remember.

We never forget those
    who where a light within the moments
                                                      of our lives,
even though gone they still shine bright
Jaxey 5d
You may be as bright
As an April sky
But darling
Even the Sun
Casts shadows
You are my sunshine
Spread love like petals in the breeze
And embrace life with a smile, please

As your life is a gift
So, let your face lift

Soak in the sun
Dark clouds, there are none

And remember
As long a we will all stick together

We can get anything done
As we are all one

So it's time to paint the sky bright
Then, we'll spread our bright light

Because a bright sky is indeed
Just what this world needs.
A happier poem
Solomon 7d
Stars in the darkness,
Of night skies or your brown eyes,
Latter is brighter.
Willow Jan 7
you are gold.

your light within shines so bright it’s blinding
like the moon in the sky,
you captivate all

a mystery
to be uncovered by yourself
and yourself alone.

you are composed of the stars and the dust and the planets and
the universe

you are everything
you deserve everything

never settle for less than what
makes your universe whole
in the most pure way

be you.
be bold.

W. Be
Farheen Khan Jan 6
In the night full of stars
I found you shinning bright.
I wonder and wonder,
Is it real or a dream
Hard to believe yet I found love in your eyes it's so surreal.
I wonder whether to kiss you or just stare in your eyes forever.
Whether to end this moment or make it shine.
Choice is easy yet difficult,
But I'm ready
I'm ready to choose your happiness over mine.
I'm ready to let you go
To let you find your peace and to let you find your  home which you would never find in me...!!
Just for you..
The moon shines brightly
My soul is bounded to it
And I fell in love
My first haiku
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