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I am an African child
Born with a skin the colour of black
Bright, brilliant, Strong and bold; I'm gifted, blessed and Talented enough to be the best

I am an African child
Sailing far from my home,
traveling to America the land unknown.
Scared and lonely I can only wait,
for the white man I am filled with faith

I am an African child
Sold to the white man
Captured in metal shackles
Work all day and night
I am so afraid
The big white man captured me
Will I survive this?

Often the target of pity
My future is not confine to charity
Give me the gift of a lifetime;
Give me a dream, a door of opportunity;
I will thrive.

I am an African child
Strong, Fearless, Resilient
Son of Eidangbe the Great-Grand father, and Grand father Ugbozorba  the father of Ogudu, and Eluede the father of aziagbemin son of the soil.
Rich in texture and content
Full of potential for a better tomorrow.

© Godwin Valentine 2019
This poetry is a piece about the live And childhood of the the African Child, growing up in the early 80's and 90's wasn't a very good experience for the African child as he was surrounded by so many vices such as slave trade and and human tracking but regardless the African child remains strong, fearless, resilient and full of hope, not letting his immediate environment affect his potentials, the African child is blessed, he is successful and he is the real definition of childhood, and I'm proud to be black and I'm proud to be an African... The names on the last verse are my ancestral African father's names originated from ancient city of Benin...
sidra Sep 26
what can a flickering candle say to
a blazing sun?
Your gleam steadily brightens my world
c Sep 25
I am riding in the backseat of Desire
Lust rides shotgun, mocking me
It would be nice to see you
Growing distant in the rear view mirror
But the headlights coming towards us
Are just a bit too bright
I’m tired of asphalt burns
Poetic T Sep 24
When the tall falter,

        Then those

Who were beneath

   Can show that

Even below.

      They were always

Beneath view.

Standing tall beneath shadows,
       They shone bright.
you are the brightest and most beautiful thing in my life.
Alexis Sep 24
would the sun
still shine the same,
if it’s own tomorrow
was never promised?
SmallKid Sep 23
A million stars at the sky
Just one shine brighter
and it is you!
Mia Sep 18
I gave her empty promises.
I just told her to see the bright side of things.
And she did.
She saw the bright side,
She saw through it.
She didn't scream while burning,
She embraced herself and whispered,
"I'll finally be free."
We threw her ashes into the air,
From the highest building.
She was free.
lua Sep 16
I'm an Icarus in the sky
Leave me to fall
I know what I've done
I flew too close
But it had called my name
Chanted it
Sung it, like a song
And I knew I had to
I knew its rays would burn the flesh of my body
But I'll bathe in them
For the only thing I want to feel when I die
Is the warmth of the sun
Against my skin.
inspired by the greek myth of icarus, son of daedalus.
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