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even though you're gone
the sun shines its brightest
and the birds still sing
I’m mesmerized,
By your scarlet hue
You stand so confident
Because you know you’ll bloom

Everything about you seems so perfect
Like you’re a living dream
It’s so alluring,
Your beauty is so simple, so elegant
No need for customizing

The world is so vivid when I’m with you
I’m more mesmerized for who you are
You’re so rare
You’re my shooting star

Oh shooting star
Where have you gone
I’ve been looking for you
For forty days and forty nights

My world has turned to gray
So colorless, so empty
This is what I feared of the most,
My biggest nightmare

Change is a part of life
I lost my heart
And I fear I may never get it back
The worst has come
And I now mourn the past
These happy moments,
They never last
Payton Feb 24
You always tell me of the
e l e c t r i c i t y
coiled in your bones, and
how I put it there.
But my dear, you are one to talk,
for you've got me
burning like the wire in
This poem was written in 2016.
Celine Ngo Feb 22
W: Waves crashed against 2020 pebbles
A: against the shoreline. Colliding with one another, the pebbles slowly chipped away at each other, breaking apart. And
Y: yet, seven constellations twinkled above them in the midnight sky. The constellations of the captivating cat, sophisticated sheep, benevolent bear, unfaltering unicorn, dynamic dragon, lively lion, and curious chick shone brightly through the dark expanse, as if signaling to the pebbles below,
V: "Venture out beyond the horizon, for there you will find the 2021th pebble and be able to turn the tides. Even if storms darken the sky, the sun will always shine again. The celestial bodies will always be here for you, shining bright in the cosmos but even brighter when midnight strikes."
my submission for WAYV's calendar giveaway :3
Dali Feb 20
A brightness steps into the room
Bringing blessings and joy to everyone she knew
A bright floor, star decoration on my roof
You are
A precious jewel
As the meaning of your name and what I see
A pleasure to many
Even your silence is a healing to every wound
To the dead ones
Nor to people sinking in blue
Soul burning with sweetness
A laugh even in the hurt
A hope even in the fall
Is it just me?
Nor everyone is fascinating by everything you do
Why words are harder when I try to write about you
Or a meaning or two
Of how you mean to me even if I was  blue
Just remember this a single glimpse of what I feel/received
From you
I am sorry I didn't mentioned how my heart flutter when someone mentioned your name
I love you but you already knew this is nothing new.
Kitten Yvad Feb 20
I could buuut
instead i'll be real
and go ahead and tell
you i don't like to

my truth, thats my
north star, im not about
to fight you, or try to

i breathe back and save
my energy for all
the sleepless moments
so inhumane where our
fuel expenditure is expected

to be hypernitro

in the day time
but in the night, too;
in those moments
when you tryta breathe back
the work is still gon
find you

so my truth
i might still stiffle it
but i might go ahead
and tell you real

i don't like to

and my truth
that's alone been my
north star, i won't fight
you or try to

you told me
not to get comfortable
"just 'cause you
make some folks comfortable

they're really not
you warned me and
Ya Sattar so  I knew

"i like to make people
so comfortable", i told you;
but maybe i
really don't like to
inspired from a stubborn convo with a friend about their personal truths and about how much energy i use trying to make people comfortable
moria Feb 8
i’ve worked three years
of my sweat.

of my cold, red blood
seeping out of my neck.

and the rain still pours
when i despise of its day.

but still the sun
comes out one of these days.

three long years
of working instead of play.

just to help people
who feel like the rain.
sometimes, it’s important to remember the beauty in the rain and thunder
Ella Feb 2
I pretend your name looks the same as the others
that your eyes don’t make my heart flutter

I pretend your words
aren't lines I’ll memorize tonight
that your smile isn’t a ray of sunlight

I’ll pretend to laugh at your jokes the same as the others
but with you, you make me see luminescent colors
What they say about red rose rims are true
and that’s not all I even feel with you

I sleep seeing daisies, dreaming about
ways you make me crazy
I smell orange blossoms everywhere by
Imagining that you simply care

I pretend that you are just another ***** page wedged inbetween the lost loves
the almosts
And the fakes

you’ve made pretending a dichotomy
a contradiction to the feelings I say
the truth is
my red rose rim glasses get brighter everyday
Dee Jan 27
Let the sunlight in,
Let them hear our voices,
Echoing and crashing like a wave.

Let the courage take us,
Let it fill our hearts,
Projecting us forward on our journey.

Let love guide us,
Let connections fester within our bloodstream,
And move us to a brighter day.
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