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Elizabeth 52m
Complaining about their scores
Saying that I'm calm
You're lying
I'm just more experienced at hiding it
Nobody cares
About the kid in the twenty one pilots sweatshirt
Cause they think he's like Stacy's mom
But there ain't nothing going on.
Not after the the verbal attacks,
The nagasaki bombings of his social life.
And honestly he kind of
Wants to
Off himself right now.
But he can't say that aloud.
No that's not allowed.
It's not allowed
To hold your own opinions,
And say how you feel.
But what you know to be true
I guess is never really real.
At least according
To the people who care about you.
And the slow-motion train wreck
That he called a friendship
Is now just a sinking ship.
And it looks like he's going down.
But his hoodie's warm
So he'll be okay in the ice
just tell me that you think I look pretty tonight
and that my eyes look dazzling under lights
please don’t hesitate on all that you’re thinking
because now all the thoughts in my head are spinning
Kai 4h
Pressure around my lungs cutting off the air
Agitation and alarm shooting through my veins
Negativity surrounds my thought in a haze
Inkblots in my vision from asphyxiation
Crushed with the heavy weight of it
Part six of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Where's the key

It's no mystery
The mess inside
It's pouring out
I want to hide

Lock it up

Make it shut up
Keep the door closed
clawing it's way through
In fear my mind froze

Bolt it down

It's breaking my crown
Should i end it's life?
I can't find the key
Maybe death will stop this strife
My own thoughts will be the death of me
Marissa 17h
i feel it in my chest
with every breath feeling heavier than the last, like someone is playing jenga
with concrete stones on my body

my eyes burn
the same type of pain that comes from gripping a hot pan
or pouring acid on your face

i sit atop my bed, restlessly scratching
my arms or my heels
dissecting the layers of my skin
trying to feel something
or for a sign that I’m still alive

then the thoughts come creeping in
about how my body is disgusting
and i should never eat again
and how i’m just not smart enough
and no matter how much stress I put into my work
it will never be enough

even my meds know that I’m not enough
because even the proper dose
can’t help me
Oscar 1d
Wasting time, hours spent doing nothing.
She once thought she could hold the world in her hands,
stand on mountains and face the gods.
Now she's stuck. Lost, trapped and out of time.

She worries about time, watching clocks tick by;
her hours are spent trembling, anxious of the rising sun.
The moon holds her gaze, gleaming down from her kitchen window.
"Why did you leave me?" she calls out, eyes sorrowful.

The moon just stares, fixated on the girl in the window.
Time keeps ticking by, the moon turning into the sun.
As the rising dawn arrives, setting fire to the cold sky,
she holds her head high and whispers,

"The sun will always rise." The sun smiles back,
radiating warmth that keeps her from turning to stone.
Smashing the clock, shattering glass on stone floors.
The girl breaths a sigh, the clock's ticking stopping.
this made me feel better
Naoki B 1d
Funny how
The only luggage
I’ve ever carried
Was under my eyes
This whole time
Ezis 1d
Are you okay? She asks me.
I nod yes but look down
She knows I am not

My past still haunts me
when night circles in
darkness never fleeting

In class I sit with my psychology professor's voice
somewhere in the distance
"What does anxiety feel like?"

Anxiety is the cheese steak
I threw in the garbage the fateful night
my friends in college told me they hated me

It is newly 14 year old Erin
looking over the side of Narragansett Pier
on her birthday thinking what if her head hit those rocks

The fear that no one will love me
I will continue in this world the way I came and will go,

I don't know how long these memories
will haunt me
my soul forever altered
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