Sand 6m
You used to sing me to sleep
No more.
You used to listen to me sleep
And I listened to you
No more
I watched you blush
No more
I saw you laugh
No more
I love you still and
Forever more
Spinning yet standing still
Everything's a tremble
All the world's a jitter
I long to hold it still

Suddenly a shudder
A chill besets my soul
Silence falls, stark and shrill
As earth and atoms still

Universal chaos
Set a shiver in me
Pleading relentlessly
Demanding infinity from mortality

As my small heart attempts to warm eternity
Sand 13m
I fear I have loved too much
That my loved one wants an escape
I fear I have felt too much
That my loved one wants me to stop
I fear I have loved
And loved
And loved
And loved
Until my loved one wants no more
Sand 1h
What was my misstep?
Where did I go wrong?
I played this game perfectly
Obeyed all the rules
Yet I am suffering so much
Why me?
Sand 1h
You shall bleed!

No Milord, please

You shall harm yourself!

No Milord, please

You shall love the one who does not reciprocate!

No!!! I beg you Milord, no! Don't do this to me!

You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
Till death comes for you!

Y-yes Milord
Asami 2h
On the branches of dead leaves
They're all standing in grief

Facing the almost full moon , seeking its light
To ease the gloom of this murky night

Will morning end this pain ?
My dependency wasn’t entitled to trial
Denial can only beguile
so long as it holds up the final we fold up
And take from our hands evidence that we wrote up

But trust me
You must see
The irony
Disgusts me
It just means
You drugged me
With your formation of dependent depression
It’s always in session with you in my life
And its coping comes quickly
Evidence of your beckoning
Attachment not lessening
Your silence deafening
Leaving me
Dead and he
Didn’t even
Look behind his poison to see the reason
He hadn’t died in his sleep
I slept by him and weeped
I could have died by the drink
But he denied it, thinking
I wasn’t in danger if I was alone,
That the danger’s in strangers.
But the danger’s explained here
As being with him and he
Couldn’t even see

Our death sentences his read
Despite her
Mine smeared,
Because of
Nisa 3h
the fact that i’m unable to get close to your heart
its frustrating, irritating.




it’s like i’ve sunk into the darkness
and even if my eyes are closed,
even if theyre open,
no matter how much i strained them,
only black is spread around me.
and inside that place,
im standing paralysed,
at a loss of my own destination.
Sunny 4h
During the day, I don a mask
One I wear to hide my past
There are so many people around, yet I don’t talk
What else am I to do but gawk?
When I look around, everyone is in a herd
I want to join in, but can’t find the words
Every day, I’m lost in thought
Trying to find this answer I’ve sought

They say I’m nothing, they say I don’t talk
They say I’m a downer, that all I do is walk
with my head pointed at the ground
All of these people laughing whenever I’m around
It just pisses me off
All I want to to do is scoff
I’m sick of everything I do being overblown
I just want to be left alone.

But…when I am alone
When I’m left on my own.
I weep.
My tears, finally dripping through the seeps.
And I feel something, through all this grief.
A sweet burst of…relief.
This is the other mask I wear
The one that no one sees, because they don’t care.
I want to find someone that does.
i hate that i can't get a grip on my emotions and that i constantly seek for help and attention from others to make me feel like I am fulfilling the emptiness
even though i clearly know it is all an illusion.
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