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Louise Jan 14
you're my stone house.
No matter how much I
huff and puff
you'll continue to stand there
always welcoming me in.
s y kalindara Aug 2021
When will our eyes meet?
I ask the horizon, as
waves welcome my feet.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I don't actually know if this qualifies as a haiku (there are way too many characteristics for classifying haikus) but I wanted to try writing something simple using the 5-7-5 syllables pattern, and this was my first attempt!
Mark Wanless Jul 2021
multi path a breath
all travelers are welcome
Steve Page Jul 2021
The Purple People come in many sizes, from small to extra-large – some are quiet and smiley, while others are louder and chatty.  What they have in common, apart from the obvious distinctive pigment, is a welcoming demeanour that makes you feel that you have perhaps met them before or that you would like to meet them again.
I first met a Purple Person as I climbed the steps, looking for reassurance that I wasn’t late and that I wouldn’t stand out too much in my nervous newness.  I’m not sure what it was about their purpleness, but I felt one step closer to acceptance as I walked into the warm.
I saw the matching purple banners and smiled at the attention to detail and the attention given to me which, while practiced, was far from forced and held a genuine purpleness.
I met other Purple People at intervals, each with the purple family likeness of a smile, even though their heritage varied in shade.  The further I walked, the more I relaxed and found that some of the Purple People weren’t wearing the signature purple tee shirts, but it was clear they came from the same palette because their welcome carried the same purple weight and the same authentic purpleness.
This shouldn’t have been surprising, as I soon discovered that they each bore the same purple family likeness of the Purple King who welcomes everyone.
[At church the welcome team wear purple tee-shirts.]
DElizabeth May 2021
There are cracks in the mask
because there are cracks in the foundation.

what was it all like before we divvied our nation?

Mother's and children
helpless in separation.

Give me the good news
when all I see is complication.

Who decided what's ours isn't theirs?

Crossing, drowning, they're running out of flares.
Mose Nov 2020
The sound of the ending cue.
It’s colored in a grey hue.

No battle left to bellow.
Footsteps that use to echo.

Words that have already been spoke.
All that tears that have already soaked.

A surrender to the closing.
No longer are we apposing.

A welcome to the end.
There is nothing left to mend.
Mose Oct 2020
I feel inspired.
Inspired to write about the man in line who I do not know, but I do know.
Friends, strangers, & self.
So well acquainted as a seamless stich.
I smile.
Hand touches arm.
The endearing laugh of an unfamiliar sound, but I hear you so well.
Faces around turned and gauged in.
Gravitation pull, loneliness lost in the open.
Closed by the proximity of our spaces colliding.  
Today, a stranger saved me at the sound of hello.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
When the eyes lock
You will find
Your way

One foot in my heart
And another in my soul

Beyond reason
  You are a living dream
I never thought
I would feel like this
So much more
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Forever waiting
Orakhal Sep 2020
We know how much you mean to us
Do you ?
or does it hurt to the touch
or anger you up when you think to receive it ?

Let it not be a human love to be made real and welcome
seek again, but for the love that's found hidden
in the proof behind the pain where we be warming up
to who you really are beyond it all
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