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there was no poem neath my pillow

no poem on my tongue, none from eye envisionaries, no dew gift from emissaries, parting residue of an unknowable finger touch

nothing stirring, the muses mushing their shushing noises,
only breathy quietude, an airy surround sound tissue,
the cadence of intermingled hearts, the mother and the child

two awakenings, one instantaneous, other restless unhurried slow,
the overlap is love stars crossing, impatience weaponized to make
momma aware her companions refreshed status, a needy for love’s suckling, embrace of fresh baked smiles from hot hearth furnaces

thus a-born a new poem, a welcomed well coming, in words, the alliance of alliterated words from the interlacing of the mother’s chest heaving and the sniffling joy of a five year old boy reimagining the dreams that crossed from mother to son, and back again, requiring composition and joint authorship of them

the only and only true authentic authorship,
mother and child, their own duality of singularity
Zywa Jan 27
Always build a tower
solid and in the middle
make a daily round

along the outposts, you learn
from that, also from the wind
and the farmers, sit down

with the children playing
and listen to what they repeat
from their parents and the neighbours

Occasionally beat the drums
but never dig holes
for the dead of tomorrow

plant flowers every season
around the squares and the cities
as a welcome to the enemy

in your suspicion, and pay attention
because the better you look
the more you see
Collection "I am"
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
yes, up on a high place
yes, inside a *** of honey with sugar,
darling, i would
it’d be slow
and still too
in light pink
brown earth,

blue, blue,
blue, blue

and light

singing and thick hands
hair thick

Welcome In --
bright ones say to me
they say to ME

‘Welcome In!’
‘Welcome In!’
SB Jan 24
Find the thing that spits your soul open

And welcome it.
Rizzwann Jan 21
Welcome home,
My soul gently seeps into my body
Filling this hollow existence
Like helium to a ballon,
I’m                    letting
       sorry  for            
For if I could know
I would of kept you away from the heat
As you would snow.

Now you’re back I’ll let you flow
For now you’re the reason I never gave up hope.
God is great, welcome home
You magnificent, amazing, beautiful soul.
I’ve haven’t felt peace or alive like this in awhile. Allah is Magnificent.
Wolf Dec 2018
A lost stranger
Waved at me today
My aching heart
Hurt a little less
The corners of my lips
Raised a little more
Face every trial
Knowing that you made my day
Brighten a little more
To Lost, be strong through anything that you face.
Wolf Dec 2018
Please let me stay
Right here
Where the faces
Are not shadows
But instead
Filled with light

Leave me be
To observe a memory
Or indulge in a thought
So my joy
Will forever
Thrive within

The pain has vanished
The fear finally fled
So why must it be
Sent back to me?
Jade Jan 9
Lost Souls,
To a society where
Broken hearts are balanced on tightropes
Stretching across a darkness as thick as an
Overgrown forest that only flickering candles
Can push away.

New Fighters,
To a war of words
Where people use their voices trying to make sense
Of the music in their heads and in their hearts.
Where everyone is terrified of falling because
They don't know who they'll be
When they get back up.

To a world of childhood and age,
With people who learn to want before they learn
What they want
And what they need.
Where your childhood is dependant on how much
You know before you realize
That some truths were lies
And that there is no rewind button
For sight.

Dear Angel,
To a world where you only came
To those who waited for a lifetime and more
Just holding on to a hope older
Than their mind.
To a world where
Some were lost before you could
Find them and
We blame you for not coming
Even though we know it's not your fault.

Sad Demons,
To our world where we were taught
To fight with fangs and claws
Against ourselves and against
Where we're all terrified of what lurks
Inside our chests until
We come to realize that
The forest shadows that
We cast as monsters are just

Far Aliens,
To our everlasting war
Where you'll be left shocked by the way
We'll tear ourselves and others apart
Just to feel whole.
Just to keep what's ours.
Where you'll be left wondering at the fact that
We're terrified of being alone
And that we know we need someone
Despite our desire to hide in our lonely darkness
Whenever a wandering light comes along
Because of the fear of what we'll
Find within that darkened forest.

To a scary world where you know
Everything when you're young because
You knew that everything
Was gonna be alright,
And that's all that anyone needs to know
In order to survive this fight.

To our world of broken glass.
A poem about understanding the world.
And here I am,
greeting this new year.
Counting down
these last few seconds
of 2018.
Welcome, New Year!
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