I found a place,
I found a home.
Within these walls
I can freely roam.

I heard the whispers
and endless calls;
I found a home
inside these walls.

Where letters roam
these open doors;
I let my voice
flow evermore.

A shelter from the outside storm.
A shelter where I found a home.
A place to share my love for poems.
A place where I can freely roam.
There's nothing as beautiful as finding a place where you belong, a place where you can hide from the storm of life and find beauty in streams of letters.
Just a turn around the corner.
There you are.
I didn’t expect to see you here.
Did you come back for me?
Or maybe just for a visit?
Did you miss me?
Or wanted to see how I was doing?
I think you can tell by now.
Yes I have changed.
But I can’t say it’s for the good.
Now your here.
Will I get worse?

Welcome back old friend.

                          With love,
To my old self.
Welcome back.
cher May 1
standing on my doorstep,
         it is only
He             who i open the door for.

He    steps in,     standing
     n o n c h a l a n t.
i offer,
offer to Him scalding tea
     with poisoned biscuits.

His fingers  taper
tapering to            claws,
claws that run along my collar

undoing my collar,
undoing my buttons down,
and o! He unclasps the fishing hooks
where He wounded me                      so long ago,
the once open gashes now
      scars! scars! keloids and scars!

fear, fearing, i feared,
i knew He would be disgusted,
my impure skin, with bUmPs
and so many im pur ities,
      no longer am i blank,
blank slate,
                extra virgin olive oil to sear with.

and still, He ravages my flesh,
the flesh with purpose
purpose to summon Her,

He rips my insides, allowing
wilting, withering away,
    losing first blood was so long ago.
  the last i bled a month ago,
                  yet i need not fear fertility.

He is welcome,
He is here!
He uses me,
eats me,
inside me,
becomes one with me,
and then
He leaves.

His next visit i await.
speed wrote this in twenty minutes for a creative writing prompt in the form of a poem title in english class because i'm still just a lowly highschool student who wants an a* on their english gcse
Humans were all once warm
Then, a point yonder would make them ice
Some turned rocks
Other became diamonds in the place of sugar lies.

Open your arm, I beg
Ensure them, like a mother to her cub, (from there, full of harm)
Deafening how they say they don't want it
Yet louder the silence they need it, so
                                                                 keep your warmth.
Madhumita Apr 29
When I when I haven’t really touched
For a long time
Where was I?
Lost, roaming
Content being in the shadows.

Today I need to be present again.

I called myself.

    She’s Shy; Too used to the shadows.
    Too Weary and Atrophied from Disuse.
    Rusty from Mistrust.

Ever cynical
    “No it’s just a false alarm,
      It isn’t time yet. “

I Beckon to her
      Still unsure.

I give her some Energy.
I wait.

       “I’m here. What do you need? “
Bonnie Reina Apr 28
A woman
A mother
A human of immeasurable depth
A being of nurturing love and compassion
Could i?
If i could be so lucky, should i?
Do i have what it takes to take you on
Do i know what it takes, to go beyond ?
The arches of your doorway
The shallows of your darkest corners
To keep you sturdy,
To keep you growing in strength.
Do i have what it takes, to go the length ?
"Welcome", you said,
"to my open door policy"
"If you have any questions,
I'll open up, probably."
"But if you choose to know me,
be weary of this,
My journey has had pain, but also, unspeakable bliss
I'm too familiar of the suffering
behind the sting of a kiss
Try and break down these open doors
And my presence,
you'll be forced to miss."
After taking it in,
and giving it some thought
My mind still wonders,
my decisions still caught
So much more to you, to learn
So many more emotions to churn
Let's take it slow, let our fires burn.
I'm coming inside now sweet girl,
your trust, I'll earn.
japheth Apr 21
you tell me i’m your last —
that you won’t ever find love again,

that i would be the one
to close the doors to your heart.

the one to lock it.

the final door keeper.

“it has been an honor.”

i say with content
as i close it slowly.

you thought
you’d never find
love again —

that i threw away
the key somewhere
far away,

but little did you know,

i left the key
in the lock.

knowing that
will stumble
upon your door.

and right when you least expect it,

you’ll hear

the lock unlatch,

the door creak,

footsteps coming
towards you,

a familiar set of sounds
you thought you’d never hear again.

but this time,
from somebody else.

and you’ll smile,
and say “welcome.”
i wrote this piece while i was talking to someone i’m dating at the moment. this person told me, that if ever this thing we have doesn’t work out, i’ll be the last person to close it and lock it for good.

i cut this person off and said, “no, i will never allow you to not love again because what we had didn’t work out — i can’t ever do that to someone.”

so in the spur of the moment, i wrote this as an honor to this person, who, regardless of the uncertainty we have, still pursues me.

dear you, i’m cheering for you, even though it doesn’t feel like it, but i hope you find the key my last one threw away in a far away place i have no idea where and you be the one to unlock me.

in the mean time, let’s go with the flow.
Brian Sparks Apr 21
if you squeeze
time hard enough
the juice of the past
won’t come running;
but fact may become pulp
fiction as you read your fantasy
into reality–and then, as Flag of
Democracy put it–you’re fucked.
Mike Chigo Mar 7
In the wake of Dawn
She cries and moans
In her womb was a little one
Alas she’s delivered of a son
“Welcome My Boy to the World”

He finds comfort in her warmth and
Finally decides she should be Mom
He looks around with dreamy eyes
Straight into her tear filled eyes
He cant understand what was wrong
But ‘tis her way of showing Joy
“Get Ready for Life Boy…Get ready”

In comes a man who embraces Mom
Carries him up and says praise to God
The way he smiled says he was Dad
He felt so strong to be in these arms
And slept hearing these words twice
“Welcome To Life, Welcome To Life”
This was my very 1st complete poem. I wrote this when I was 17
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