Polka Jan 10

Take a flower,
Keep it with you all day.
It will wilt away.
Take a flower,
Hold it close to your chest.
One day, you know,
I will have to rest.

But my garden remains
You're welcome any day
But you can't stay, no,
No, you cannot stay.

Take a weed,
You can hold it for a moment.
Throw it away,
That's the agreement.
Take a weed,
Don't think on it too long.
Please, you know,
Not to dwell on the past.

And my garden remains.
You can come in any day.
I appreciate the help, I do,
I do,
But you cannot stay,
You can't stay, no,
Please don't stay.

Take a memory,
Keep it with you all day,
Take a memory,
Then throw it away.
You can always,
Dig back for it.
But don't keep it,
Don't keep it,
For more than a day.

My garden remains.
You're welcome any day,
But you cannot stay.
You cannot stay.

You cannot stay,
In the garden, In the garden,
You cannot stay,
Because that's where I live.
You cannot stay,
In the garden, In the garden,
You cannot stay.

But I wish you would stay.

this is more of a song than a poem rip
sunprincess Jan 5

When I can't take it anymore,
I'll be happy when death comes for me,
knocking at my door
For I don't wish to be older than old
crippled in a chair,
Waiting for someone to come,
And brush my hair

Anivel Aidan Dec 2017

I was at a place where sadness became comfort. Sadness became the cozy home I never had. A place where I belong - a home that welcomed and accepted me. It was where I came back to at the end of the day. It was the only thing that waited for me and the only thing that wanted me. These days whenever I'm near the edge - I can hear them calling me. Malevolent croonings telling me to come back home.

"I wanna let go but there's comfort in the panic."
R Nov 2017

Have you been praised recently?
Has anyone told you today
that you did well
or that you're doing your best
or that you've done so much for them
or that you deserve your rest?

Do you believe them?
When they thank you, do you ignore it?
When they reaffirm their opinion,
that you did something good
do you lash out against yourself?

I don't.
Not because I don't believe them
nor do I think they feign sincerity;
It's mostly just from my experience
that just as easily that they praise you
for such a remarkable ability

that they will turn around and say otherwise
at the drop of a hat.

I am not here to tell you to believe
those who mean well when they say
"Thank you."
I am here to tell you that
the one you should be thanking
is yourself.

So from the bottom of your heart, please take a moment
close your eyes, and ignore everyone around you.
Feel it within your soul, and say
"Thank you."

For living.
For breathing.
For being here.

Thank you.

Lure Pot Oct 2017

Your pain
Is my
And you're mine.
Feel my
In this line

Your smile
Makes me
And you're mine.
Feel me
In your heart

Your love
Makes me
A lover
Now you're mine.
Keep me
On your mind

If you
Love me
It will be fine
I want
You to me

Today you decide

I Barker Sep 2017

When you read these words that I write
You are literally entering my mind
The thoughts that I go through
The things that I experience
The feelings that I felt
Welcome to my life

df Sep 2017

you used to call me every morning,
but you've stopped.
now, every morning, i roll over
with your arms wrapped around me
welcoming me home.


Esther Jul 2017

To all my demons:
Hello and welcome – back.
My chest is open for your return,
Pining for the familiar pressure
Of your phantom limbs pressed against my ribs
And slowing the blood flow to my heart.
I wonder, has your presence really lessened me?
Has your presence really ruined me?
Because the lower the blood pressure,
The harder it is to gather up
The courage, the steadiness, the willingness
To act on your orders.

To all my demons:
Hello and how are you – today?
I can’t say I don’t think about your well-being
The moment I wake from the loneliness,
Thinking maybe I’ll never get an answer
If you ever stay away.
They say you’re never really fulfilled,
Until you wish upon your enemies
The same happiness you want for yourself;
And here I am in this pit you’ve dug for me,
Floating on my tears,
Hoping in silence for your own freedom - from me.
My own pruning hands will hold the door shut
As I say this,
Hoping you continue to suffocate us both,
Gracing me with your reliable company – daily.

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