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Mose 5d
I feel inspired.
Inspired to write about the man in line who I do not know, but I do know.
Friends, strangers, & self.
So well acquainted as a seamless stich.
I smile.
Hand touches arm.
The endearing laugh of an unfamiliar sound, but I hear you so well.
Faces around turned and gauged in.
Gravitation pull, loneliness lost in the open.
Closed by the proximity of our spaces colliding.  
Today, a stranger saved me at the sound of hello.
When the eyes lock
You will find
Your way

One foot in my heart
And another in my soul

Beyond reason
  You are a living dream
I never thought
I would feel like this
So much more
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Forever waiting
ibkreator Sep 18
We know how much you mean to us
Do you ?
or does it hurt to the touch
or anger you up when you think to receive it ?

Let it not be a human love to be made real and welcome
seek again, but for the love that's found hidden
in the proof behind the pain where we be warming up
to who you really are beyond it all
Alicia Moore Sep 9
This house is made of ice.
A gelid, brass interior awaits me with wicked vice.

Stepping through the frozen doors,
I fall into my own homely grave.
A familiar capsule with silky floors.

Paintings hang upon each wall,
Lifeless and disturbed.
Although, the images do utter one final whisper before tightening the noose—
“Beware of the abominable master of abuse.”

I wish to float,
As with each step the rivers of blood in my feet howl.
Icicles pierce through my soles;
Daggers with a bright smile...

I am only ever welcomed into this house of ice
With a vast iniquitous price.

A gloomy heart can emit evil device,
A darken mind can shut  godly advice,
We can not rise above the boundaries of our hearts,
Our mindset becomes the reasons for our acts.

When our mind is bonded with viciousness,
We will lack peace and happiness,
We will walk our ways without brightness,
And our hearts will dealign from our consciousness.

In darkness our lives lacks resolution,
And it will wave our thoughts to suspension,
We may even traverse  to an anonymous destination,
Which can sink us into the pool of depression.

Our key to knowledge is in our brightness,
But how can we find it in darkness?
Our thoughts have darken our counsel,
We must come to light until we excel.

Darkness has created vacuum for suffering,
And it has left us behind without resolving,
Then we realized we reside in peril and destruction,
And the steps we have taken have caused so much confusion.
Knowledge is power
Lyn-Purcell Aug 24

Golden is her laugh
To welcome friends near and far
Kindness is her strength

New day, new haiku!
Feeling slightly better but I'm making sure I dont overdue it.
Hard to believe that this poem marks my 960th poem too! Just wow!
Now for the last of the young Charites, children of Hephaestus and Aglaia [aka Kharis, one of the three Charites].

This is Philophrosyne, Goddess of Welcome, Friendliness and Kindness.
Again, not much on her but I see her as someone who also possesses childlike qualities, just wanting to see the best in everyone and everything. Making friends all over the world, and she treasures them deeply. This is based on some people I know in my day to day life.
Despite how cruel the world is, I still believe in the power of kindness...but I've learned to be cautious with it, as when people see kindness they may take advantage. Ive learnt this the hard way and I think I've gotten better at establishing boundaries with said kindness too.

Be kind but also dont be afraid to set boundaries. Welcome people from all over the world as you have friends you have yet to meet!
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Bhill Aug 21

welcome change, it's been such a long time
embrace change, it will not harm (us)
it's only (us) pursuing new things we aren't used to
change that works and change that protects us
welcome change with fresh and clear direction

Brian Hill - 2020 # 230
Zuri E Jun 19
Into reading, a lot
probably introverted
weird is good in my book
I am serious like that...
Cook like crazy
Pen in hand is how I function
The University of Wolverhampton builds artists
some fix broken bones, mend hearts, build technology from scratch
I speak truths in worded lines at night when the world is an endless sea of tranquillity
life is exhausting
everyday is leg day when you are running away from things that keep you awake at night.
some call them problems. we all have them, you are not alone.
take a break, smile it is ok if your body is not what God's are made of. food nourishes. give your heart What it needs, be compassionate, be human, smile more...
A smile just makes life a little easier, doesn't it?
If you can't on your own, wine does the trick too
Let's paint a new story together.. music in the air. Lips, they speak truth to existence and kiss body parts... they tell us, "we can" ... and then, "we believe" ...
It starts with a "hi, hello, how are you?" ... see you on the other side where people are REAL! ... it is true, uncommon valor was a common virtue in the good old days. Not so much, today.

Corey J Boren Jun 18
there’s always been a certain feeling
quite difficult to name—

discomfort, most likely,
or a vague,
unhurried sense of fear.

a worry
that perhaps you can tell
that the floor was swept
and the carpet vacuumed
only minutes before your arrival ,

making suppositions
about your x-ray vision
and delicate opinions.

perhaps you can see
the layers of sweat and blood
behind every painted wall,

perhaps you can hear the sound
of arguments and sweet nothings
seeping up from the floorboards.

i’m sure you mean well,
that you’ve brought some sort of lasagna
and cheesecake for dessert,

yet i cannot shake the feeling
that you are invaders
from a foreign land,
here to take
and take
and take
and take
everything your eyes land on.

this shakiness is formidable,
this unraveling so easy to do,
but i am not one to succumb
to anxiety’s follies—

so i open the door anyway
dissect the chambers of my heart,
throw open the shutters,
offering every bit of my soul,

my voice echoing
off every beam and wall and ventricle,
the word soaring into your ears:

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