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That Girl Aug 25
“What’s your name again?”
He asks me.
“Have we met before?”
He asks me.
Yes we’ve met.
I remember the first time I saw you up close.
I was too scared to look into your eyes so I just looked at your hands.
I could’ve looked at them all day.
They were beautiful.
Not in a soft and polished kinda way,
but a strong and rough way.
It’s like they told stories of your manhood and all I wanted to do was put them up to my face and listen to what they had to say.
But you ask me…
“What’s your name?”
I guess you were all business.
Filming for your job and I was just a prop.
A nameless
You had to edit over an hour of footage with me in the background.
Twirling the ribbon in my Bible scared that if I looked up I would just stare at you.
You had to type my name.
First and last.
But you ask me…
“What’s your name?”
I thought of us before even laying eyes on you.
I remember the first time I saw your face.
We’ve only been going to church together for three months now.
I’ve only been staring at you every Sunday for three months now.
But you ask me…
“What’s your name?”
Your profile popped up on my Facebook and I thought it was fate.
I wasn’t looking for your profile.
I didn’t even know your name yet.
I lost sleep because of you.
It wouldn’t surprise me if I said your name in my sleep.
I checked your socials like an old man checks the morning paper.
But you ask me…
“What’s your name?”
Don’t worry about my name,
if you don’t know it now you will never learn it.
If you wanted to remember my name you would have.
So don’t waste my time with asking me now.
My name is worthless
But I don’t say any of this out loud.
I tell you my name while I feel my heart tighten.
My name is…
But once I tell you my name you repeat it like it’s a question.
It’s like a song I want to play on repeat until I get sick of it.
I want to hear you say my name over and over and over again.
But you won’t.
You have another girl’s name to say.
While you forget mine,
I remember yours like a bad song I wish I never heard.
A song that’s so bad it’s good.
What’s my name…
Maybe my name isn’t worth remembering.
they say
they say
that he'll be blown away
blown away
in a ballot paper display

they say
they say
that he'll have an unfortunate day
an unfortunate day
of terrible gray

they say
they say
that he'll be made to pay
made to pay
for his unpredictable play

they say
they say
that he'll receive an unforgiving spray
an unforgiving spray
from the fifty states array  

they say
they say
that he'll not survive the onslaught's affray
the onslaught's affray
which is coming his way
The poem is based on Donald Trump.
Miss Luna Jul 27
Everything is:
simultaneously black
and together blue

I don't know how to say this
But I love you
Butterfly Jul 26
After that night I've never felt comfortable again.
Could've stayed because you had no reason to leave.

You were to selfish to give me a part of your happiness
Dyed my hair black, cut bangs and now I look like Edna from the Incredibles. No regrete
Zack Ripley Jul 20
I'm not interested in what you'll say.
I'm interested in what you'll do
Arcassin B Jul 16
By Arcassin B

Stupid to believe that everything will be alright,
stupid to believe that our people will stand and fight,
stupid to believe that the state will get better,
stupid I believe the most high carrie's us through weathers,
but whatever forget what my belief system is,
you don't have to tell me that I'm crazy or tell me
that I didn't pass high school just to show that whatever that
I tell you is a conspiracy,
even if i was a scholar you wouldn't believe in me,
I remember days where I didn't believe anything,
not the end of the world,
still don't believe in good love and wedding rings,
I believe in manifesting things,
so while you sit there collect depressing thoughts,
I let my mind sing,
my third eye ain't awake , I don't see nothing,
I'm probably blind like the rest, over nothing.

Riya Jul 12
you just
dont know
what to
your mind
will just be blank.
your words
will just fade.
your heart
will just tighten.

but even then
you will be

《ignore tags》
He's got something left to prove
Like any of us do
If he could just follow his heart
And let it all out
Right infront of us
Only if we would let him

She's got something left to say
Which none of us dare to persuade
Burried deep inside of her
Piercing like a thorn

All we are
Afraid of the dark
Yet we are
Taught to be scared of the light
Nothing's fair enough
Unless it bends back to you
Nothing's good enough
Until we bow down to you
Who we are
What we got
Does it really defines us?
In what we believe
Is that all that's left in us?

I've got nothing left to do
Nothing left to show you
All you keep kneeling
To something no one can see!
There is only one religion.HUMANITY...
I listen to you say,
Your version of me
As your debtor.

And then I say,
Me in my original version
Is far better.
Don't tell the world I took away something from you...
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