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Just heard today of a bomb being found In the post office In Ireland bound for London
Is this now that we are going to be hit bombing campaign again here England
by these **** of the earth that crawled out there holes so IRA they are
disgusting they who **** kids with there cowardly bombs
they who can sleep In there bed at night unaffected by the screams of the children they
Innocent they've have murdered with there bombs Irish Republic Army they are no Army they **** bags
who bomb pubs bombs underneath cars burst Into home and shoot people In front of there
I am still haunted by visions of two off duty
Soldiers dragged from their car by a bloodthirsty  crowd and then murdered by the so-called
tv Images still after all these years stuck forever In my mind and here they creeping out the woodwork again to commit their evil acts If what I write offends anyone such as the so called IRA then so be It needs to be said
there Is no place for **** like this
who sleep at night In their beds with screams of children they ****** In their ears there will be a justice In life and those who ****** will answer for despicable
IRA **** of the Earth
lowest of low they who
sleep at night with the
screams of the children
they **** with their cowardly
bombs they no Army murderers that all they
I love wordplay
But I don't loosely play with words
Just like cars that
take people from point A to B
helping them achieve their goals
but also have claimed many lives
Just like guns used for hunting
and recreation
but also have ended many lives
Words are that powerful
If used irresponsibly,
they can cause a lot of havoc
All they want
Is whiskey and a mirror
To see their faces clearer
Steer clear
They'll say
For they want peace and adoration
Yet they're stuck in emulation

All they want
Is a mirror and a gun
For dark reflective fun
Curse the ashtray
They'll say
It ruins their laundry whites
To gaze on their delights

All they want
Is a gun and God
To walk where sinners trod
Drunken Bible bullets
They'll pray
For when the darkness takes its motion
They'll fall to their drunken notions
Tell me: what does whiskey, a mirror, a gun, and God all have in common?
rgz Mar 4
They say good things come to those who wait
And only fools rush in
But I missed the boat the other day
While sitting on the fence

They say hands so cold
Tell of hearts that are warm
But that can't be right
What I feel is a storm

They say two wrongs don't make a right
And what goes round comes around
They say shoot for the stars
But keep your feet on the ground

They say there's a window
That can see to the soul
But if that is the case
Mine's surely a door

Out of sight, out of mind
Out the picture, out of time
Out of luck, out of touch
Out of order

But don't cut any corners
Haste makes waste
The first cut is the deepest
Cut straight to the chase

They say knowledge is power
Ignorance is bliss
And practice makes perfect
(what about a kiss?)

They say life is what you make it
And there's plenty fish in the sea
But I'm no pescatarian
Just bark on the wrong tree

They say the rotten apple spoils the bunch
But it doesn't fall far
So take a leaf from someone else's tree
And always follow your heart
We say some pretty dumb stuff
i didnt say no
i didn’t move
it wasn’t violent
like the time before
but just the same
he filled me up
in 2 minutes
leaving me feeling
empty inside

-January 10th, 2016
nightdew Feb 25
thousands of words race through my mind,
yet i still draw blanks.

the paper is still clean,
like the clean slate i dreaded for.

what can i say,
to embed those words from you.

i suppose that's why i can't come up with anything.
Johnny walker Feb 22
Oh never say never again
for you'll never know what will come you
Oh never say never again for something may happen to change your
So never say never again you may find another love or a new love may find
Oh never say never again
you may wake one day to
find every thing
so different
Oh never say never again
In this ever changing and dangerous world we now live Oh never ever say never again
Never dismiss everything without stepping back a bit
looking at your situation things may have changed
sushii Feb 22
I wish there was something I could write,
Something I could say.
I wish I could sleep at night,
I wish you could stay.
It's sunny day but rainy in the eye
Rising smile even it's hard to try
Walking around this town and meet a big guy
He suggest me to tell a little lie
A tear doesn't mean you cry
But one thing can't deny
There's no good in goodbye
That's why i'm too afraid to say hi
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