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Kevin Aug 14
Fell from the soaring heights
Into the endless abyss
Swam through the canals of despair
Out to the boundless void

Brushed against the essence of eternity
Shut inside the chamber of time
Battered with clubs of agony
Shattered into pieces of abandoned self
Kevin 3h
The veil of ostensible happiness raised
And the bitter truth revealed

With the heartless sound of the gavel
A long overdue judgement pronounced

Yet again bereft of purpose
Imprisoned on an abandoned raft
Shackled to the impregnable hopelessness
Paralysed by an overdose of lethargy
Petrified by the horror of calmness

Drifting on the dark waters of boundless void
Awaiting indefinitely for the predestined doom to come
sushii 3d
have you ever


not been able to


express what you’re feeling


at all


through poetry, your most beloved medium?
Sage 4d
He didn’t notice the black hole
The darkened void, pullin her in
deep in the web of stars and planets and life.
He saw it only after the void was left in her place,
How the galaxies were darkened by storm clouds
and her innocence was pulled into the abyss
He saw the galaxy in her expand beyond space,
he saw as the last atoms in her blew out
When there's no one else who cares
The world's astray
Maybe we could change one day
Evil forces
No remorses
Never will I fuel these extortionists
They rip you off make you blind
I'm pretty sure you might find
Another way a better day
Let's lead the way
to a  better place
Universal barriers shut down
There will no longer be people feeling down
Is it one life or is it multiple
our mind reaches out for a release of strain
Most of us just suffer in pain
It's the society we live it's so full of anger
Oneday people might know more about changa
A message to people who know there be more than what meets the eye.
Close your eyes
Harken the words throughout

An illusion as a miracle
A miracle as a gift

Save the crowded void
Parting groans within the silence
Avi Oct 8
The face peered out of the void
that seemed to tear itself
into existence in the air between them
Rather bland it was
that is until you really
looked beyond the normal
configurations only to find
that nothing was where it was
meant to be on any normal face
It just stared off into the distance
its mouth twisted in an eternal
scream of that primal beginnings
They couldn't understand
what it was that they were looking
at or what it was that this
odd, misshapen face was looking for
But it seemed to be looking
at that space that existed
behind them in that corner
of the eye that nothing
seems to ever really live
in and yet was constantly
inhabited by shadows and
lies of a cosmic sort.
Edging their glances
into that corner zone
of vision between them
they saw what made this face
twist and mewl into
the form it had taken as it
birthed itself into their lives
and as they turned slowly
their faces looked upon
this [indescribable] sight
and twisted and churned
bellowing forth a scream
that shocked the couple who
watched as these faces
came into being right
between them.
I felt like a little cosmic horror would be a little fun. Something a bit Lovecraftian.
If I ever get a chance to
have the kind of love that sits
on the opposite sides of a bench
like two book ends and smiles
into life into death into the black
I will hold it to myself so closely
careful not to smother it, and
I will make it a part of my core
and it will never grow old
Hannah Sep 30
i woke up sad,
wondering when will i be glad?
i saw a blade,
i cut, hoping scars will fade,

i wish i could be happy,
but i feel so ****,
having depression is not fine,
people seeing you scars feels like
you've committed a crime,

people asking if im okay,
of course i will smile and say im okay,
people trying to help me,
******* sake, stop pretending, oh gee

i am smoking and cutting,
hoping one day i would be dying,
everytime i close my eyes,
hoping sadness flies,

i feel so alone,
all i do is frown,
everyone left,
save me from my self;
i made this poem years ago.
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