He who is feared by many, stood before me
as the faint moon light glimpsed on his scarred face.
His shadow swallowed me whole,
a monstrous creature with an aura of excellence.
He stood there for a minute that felt like decades
and stared down at my useless body.

I felt my bones cracking and my limbs shaking,
his eyes - a void filled with complete chaos,
pierced right through me.

I saw red flowers and dead trees grow out of my head,
dead horses and ****** deer running around in my room,
shadows and screams, tsunamis and hurricanes,
drowned voices and muffled prays.
I saw red skies and blue forests, black seas and green deserts.
I saw myself falling off planets, being thrown off constellations, unwanted in the vast universe, uninvited at the celebrations of the stars.
i saw it all happen in a mere second, a far too long second,
as it all crashed and disappeared on the cold floor.

His shadow, taller than ever, filled every corner of my room.
He raised his head and inhaled all the air that was left in one breath

                                        "YOU CALLED?"

His deep voice made the walls shake and the earth tremble,
and i was left there like an empty shell,
***** and exposed,
as his words filled the room
                and filled my head.
Matthew 4d
I woke up one morning
and was welcomed by the dark
that enveloped me.

                                  Introducing me to their void
of abstract reality.
Where I was no longer myself.
I was hovering in this abyss.
Timeless moments went by and,
I was It.
A simulacrum.
My thoughts belonged to others.
Nothing was me.
Hands searching a mind for thoughts to own
a motif
and it was crying
but it was me
but not
It observed how the tears
fell up to the colorless nothing
splashing on a ceiling that was not there

sudden and slow movements of it
moving pictures

I was a camera viewing everything as one
Staring into my body
my soul
the scattered thoughts
the abyss

But it
threw it away with disdain
Inspired by a perfect poem
a swollen finger rising to the occasion
rising to the size of a grape, purple
bloated like a stuffed pocket or pregnant chicken
green oozing out like the slime i got from the museum and the smell of rubber and plastic following me in my sleep

a ghost by the window slipping into my thumb and biting pain
the numb pressure of muscle tissue ripping
the phantom claws out and shouts that women are debris
swamps with lost metal buried at the bottom if you dig long enough the days become one and their hair consumes you whole

i argue with the shadow, threaten that this bruise will burst and blood with meet alcohol, an antibiotic fever dream
it stares at me defiant, like a giant pulverizing a village
my fingers wrestle and before the abscess can pop
the fingerprints unravel until i am nothing but thread
a coil at the bottom of the floor
a dress to be sewn in a bedroom
the shadow stand up and fits her bones into the fibers, a bride in white
the thumb hurts no more
a gross anatomy dissection
japheth 6d
i’m sorry.

i’m sorry that i have to always leave this hole in my heart empty.

i’m sorry that i have to, everyday, make sure this hole has nothing in it

—afraid to fill something else in:

something else that might not fit the same way you did before.

i’m sorry for the sound it makes:

how it creates screams that resonates up until the very tip of my fingers,

how the void echoes deep constant hums that imitates the way my heart beats,

how it just beckons me to fill it in, knowing it’ll just turn that something to nothing.

i’m sorry for ever feeling this way again.

i’m sorry for telling myself i’ve filled it already when it’s obvious

i didn’t.

it’s still the same hole — in fact, it’s bigger than ever.


day by day it gets larger, i don’t know.

but it just feels like it’s eating away what’s left of my heart.

i’m sorry.

i know i’m not supposed to feel this

but i already am.
i’ve never felt this way of sadness again. first time this year huh. i know it’s not a good piece but i just want to let it all out
aL 6d
Mata **** puno ng galit,
Hindi alam kung nakatingin ba sa iba o nakapikit?
Na sakin ay humahalinang  mapapangakit
Lagkit ng tingin sa aking damdamin ang kapit

Sa mundo **** mapangpalit
Ang tadhana mismo ang manguukit
Kaya nawa'y magbigay ka pa ng saglit
Kahit na ito sa iyo ay pilit

Pinakahihintay ang pagdating
Nagtagal na nga sa dilim
Mistulang sa kanila ay iyong inilihim
Ang iyong pagsibol sa takipsilim

Sa mainit na hininga humihingi ng simpleng pakiusap
Na ang kamusmusan ay manatili sa iyong hinaharap
Ngunit sa dinidinig palamang, sila na ay hirap
Sa mundo mo ay umaalis na ang ulap
Redo, na bura yung orihinal
Chris Jan 12
When one loses the direction,
Or goes a safe way of ignorance,
When the forest thickens
with the trees as reminders.

and as the ravens look down.
There is pity in their wings
the gods of yore have forgotten
the words of eternity.

The rain clouds laugh with thunder,
As the drops of life turn to vapor,
Eyes fill with glimmer, of tears
And the voice calls for me to remember

As we fall!
as we rise!
As we choose the way we die!
As we crave
As we gain
as we drink to dull the pain!

As we cut our way through life
As we bask ourselves in glory
quod vivimus, quod amamus
Memento morri memento morri
*Latin phrase means :  As we live, as we love, remember death(or be reminded of death)
LeoH Jan 11
It’s still there
The void inside
Dark and cavernous
Ready to draw me down

I thought I had dealt with this
But I just papered it over
Trying to be normal
Trying to survive

It doesn’t take much
To bust it open
To send me running
Looking to hide

There seems no end
To the grief I hold
It carries me with it
Lost and out of control

It’s not your fault
It was there before
Wounds from my past
Which have emptied me out

It’s time to face it
Go deep and howl
Let the sorrows out
Let the torrents flow

Surrendering thus
The endless waters calm
And in this moment
The light of love shines through

Cold and wintery the light
Penetrates my heart
I smile as I realize
I will always love you
I find endings hard...
Susie Jan 10
I'm not an artist
I just say I am
And then I don't draw anything

I'm not a writer
I just say I am
And then I dont write anything

I'm not a hiker
I just say I am
And then I don't go anywhere

I'm not depressed
I just say I am
And then I don't do anything
It's fine though. Right?
ravyn Jan 9
Under the endless empty sky
Void of any things and all
Lived a little danger boy
Held a knife before his fall

Little danger boy met little danger friends
Encouragement only goes so far
Until they reach their ends
Blades and Falls and Harms that mar
The Outside of the Soul
And a garden grows in the bandaid covered knees and scattered holes

Little danger friends would scream and laugh their happy cries
Scabs and Neosporin go so far in their little eyes
With their blood and tears and laughs they pay the price for fun
But it only lasts so far until little danger boy is done

Little danger boy knew the dreaded time had come
But when the eleventh hour came he instead sung
why do I have to do this? wasn't I a good little boy?
And *** answered no and sent him with His ploy

So little danger boy set aslashing and asmashing
Wetting His holy blade with blood and bone
All his little danger friends gone and no more sun to be shone

The sky went dark
The stars blinked out
And little danger boy began to shout
please *** why? am I now alone?
And *** answered yes and thereabout
Cried little danger boy
the void has even left me
even Nothing has gone out
wrote this at 4 am
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