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MC Escano Apr 26
Lord knocks at the family of four
sensing the needy void
a grace hopes to cure
and fill light to its darkness
that almost devours the other three
for its life-taking shadow

A veil of moonlight uncovers
Lord's worn in tanned and dreads
Together his lady angel
carrying bags of white powder
looking around for space
separated, weighed and fed the void

Led the lord to a room
spacious and humid,
no other stuff but
a static television sound
no moving air
powders remain
let the cure runs thru the house
of juvenile and the lost

Goodbye days are waving
to the lost's relative three
A vast and lonesome emptiness
Hits the face and broke a bridge
Of trust and a second chance

A Lord's fraud grace
put the four
floating in pitch black water
sets the powdered metal
and spark from their eyes
shines through
the soul and life
were almost taken
if the wall didn't catch
the bullet
from the drug lord's blessing.
A haunted memory together with my two siblings as I couldn't imagine we're still breathing.
Or something
If I knew
Or what
It was
I would not
Feel this
Wish I knew
Miss you. Thats all.
The farther I fall the darker it gets,
Everywhere around me I feel these threats.

I’m falling faster but I can’t slow down,
All these eyes are looking at me as I look around.
My head is shrinking, and it begins to pound,
An escape is nowhere to be found.

Can someone help me?
Can I even be seen?
Please just somebody, Please just help me get free.

Stuck in a loop, forever feeling alone,
Putting myself out there but I remain unknown.
I just want someone to see my true self,
I’m tired of putting her away on the shelf.

I fall faster into the deep abyss,
The old times I simply reminisce.
As the loop continues, the void grows,
I feel like I’m dead and I’ve begun to decompose.

Is anyone out there?
Now I’m losing my air.
JM Larsen Jan 27
~Oh! Delicious Death of Self~

your un-Selfing of Life
fermented sweet,

eyes opening,
filling with
| V O I D |

the substance of the
Nameless White Light's

Unblinking in its
witnessing of
The All of its
for Jodi
MeanAileen Jan 20
clutter everywhere
retail therapy gone bad...
nothing fills the void
I shop too much
Gabriel Sep 2022
"Your misery reeks trauma"
Worries the woman whom I loved dear,
I have heard countless swears,
shamelessly endured the beating of a woman,
bargained with my own emotions,
only to let this void in me rest
and set free the being that hungers purity.

The man inside the void is a boy,
a reckless one that loved too much
his kindness leave heart prints on whoever it attracts
and when that time comes
that his heart was next in line to be molded once again through pain,

there goes back the void of a broken man,
who's only desire is to be loved
and to be taken away
from the disaster he fights
every heartache at a time.
Zywa Jun 2022
In empty places in the city
I stop for a while to see
if something is there anyway

Because attention must
be lead away from what you want
to keep unseen, like

God being unknowable, dressed
in the universe and hidden
under the invisibility cloak

of a religion, that gaudy
robe of customs
and holy words

Just like voids
they show nothing, just the nothing
if that existed

And yet I pay attention
whether something is noticeable
of the secret of everything
Collection "Secrets & Believers"
Zywa Jun 2022
The radio waves

spin around me a wide web --

of nothing but space.
Collection "Secrets & Believers"
Zywa Jun 2022
The peonies have

been stolen from the garden --

It's an empty day.
"The stolen peonies" (1962, William Carlos Williams)

Collection "After the festivities"
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