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I think I see you everywhere
But I can't find you
It hurts when I'm not near you
When you are gone
When Im gone
I feel something
This void I need filled
Where are you?
No matter when or where
The one place
I know you are
My safest location...
Pulling at my heartstrings
That missing you feeling
Zywa Apr 3
In me and in you

there is a black void, and God --

fits in exactly.
"Black Square" (2022, Tijs Nuyts) about the painting "Black Square" (Kazimir Malevich) at the exhibition "0.10" in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg, 1915)

Collection "Unseen"
Rylie Lucas Mar 5
And as I sit
With colors all around
There’s a hole in my heart
It’s source yet unfound
When I can fill this
Temporal void
Is up to the imagination
Of a very special boy
I leave everything to you
My life and my soul
Please finally complete me
To have and to hold
In this life and the next
I wish for nothing more
Then to finally feel happy
To no longer feel bored
Heyo sorry it's been so long since I last posted, my ******* account died and I couldn't sign in. Love you all <3
Jakob Feb 25
this empty cup
with empty wishes
empty dreams all
my unfulfilled visions
thought you were
my future misses
but all I did was shoot
and miss ****,
why didn't I listen
thought my heart
was persistent but
now I hurt and
can't resist it, the
pain don't care
like I do but
won't fix it
she only wants
my attention
when it benefits
her own checklist
guess I'll never be
able to send her
my charms, just
broken hopes
hanging cold
like a rope
Ingram Jan 17
All it took was one look from me
and you would have bent over backwards so easily.
I took advantage of the love you had
because I needed to fill a void so bad.
It’s true you knew how I felt for I wasn’t fooling anyone
but I still feel guilty for everything I have done.
I can see that you try and try and try
but this time you will have to tell me goodbye.
I will stop you from coming back and begging for more
because I need you to move on and realize you don’t deserve this unreciprocated love anymore.
LilyAle Dec 2021
Let me tell you a bedtime story. It goes
Once upon a time there was a girl born for void filling purposes, She cried till they told her to stop and she never cried again.
She learned everything perfectly and extremely well.
Then her best friend died.
Then her brother killed himself.
She decided to get high. and lost her drive but she didn't care and said all the swears. She ***** and lies but she always listened and never cried.
Her womanly emotions would not get the best of her. Instead she stuffed them into a shoe box that she hid behind all the skeletons and needles she keeps in the closets.
The Girl was born to fill a void.
Used as a vault for all the faults of those around her.
She was meant to fill a void.
But then
her best friend shot herself in the head while she watched.
then she found her brother dead.
And she lost her drive.
The girl is older now.
She still has no drive, but she has this void that needs to be filled. and tears in her eyes.
The mind it yells ‘imposter’
Each time I find the time to write
Never telling who I am, only telling who I am not.

Squawking, sulking in my ear
Drives the pen, the words to veer,
Drives the mind to that of Lears,
Into the sullenness of my volition.
Imposter, Imposter - not a syndrome but a title;

The title of my biography, the world’s class joke
The worlds least known, the worlds last hope.

I have a Saviour but I am my own,
Rather, I insist to be my own.

Hypnotized by the shadow, or not a shadow but a void,
A black void, not empty but falling,
Falling deep and a miss, falling, falling to my abyss -

Imposter Void Imposter, write your sweet nothingness,
I pity myself but I go on, Imposter Void Imposter -
Sympathetic, the abyss lends it’s kiss.
Imposter syndrome hitting hard
Zywa Nov 2021
Sleeper ****, sheep ****
on the flats, not much happens

Gray on gray the slow breath
of night and day, shreds

of heartbeatless noise and waves
of screaming seagulls, silver-

glare on the sea
the slime trail of a snail

Nowhere blood, just some feathers
shells of past life

and silent sighs from the universe
Without a **** I would disappear

to nowhere, oh how I ache
for you
"Variations II" (1961, John Cage)

"Fields have ears" nr. 1 (2010, Michael Pisaro)

Collection "org anp ark" #74
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