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Everything feels so draining
Nothing being self sustaining
I couldn't ever fully stay afloat
Seems everyone is cut throat

I go to speak just to be scared to
Afraid to even say thank you
I'll bottle any of my emotions
Don't want any commotions

My self image so destroyed
I'll walk the edge of this void
To feel my heart pick up pace
Counting on me to show grace

In me I feel this strong resistance
Could never follow your insistence
Can't do much as I slowly drown
Besides give up and shutdown
Nylee 1d
I am unnoticeable
Hardly visible
You can see right through me
I am part of the air
My presence is an absence
Void is my existence.

I don't exist in anyone's mind
I don't have place in anyone's heart
My shadow is so faded
No one sees it, no one minds it
Believe me you won't believe me
Cause you will not see me at all
Color 1d
the void is dark and
cold. the void is nothing. do
not talk to the void.
Guntang 3d
an orange fire-lion
prancing in an empty void
at war with motionless ink
until a voice which says
don't touch the killing stones
the silver shimmer of mocking dance
breaks light-beams from the pale
scattering the blossoms of the burning
into the folding of the dark
until a voice which says
are you the tin-man or the straw hat?
I’m the black cat
the black cat
Uninterrupted physical, mental, and emotional agony has resulted in an insatiable hunger for them; when one suffers in an abundance one tends to develop an insatiable taste for despair therefore,
I seek dread, pursue melancholia, crave distress, bathe in wretchedness;
I shall endlessly consume misery with unmitigated passion; for, existence is the seamstress who tailor-fitted my pain,
you keep the sunshine ..
save me the rain.
You can’t touch it-
The pain,
Only wait for it
To get to you
And fill that void
With vengeance.
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The rain is pouring
In thick, lustrous clumps from the sky
I feel dizzy as I float
Higher, higher, up into the big, heavy clouds
Then down, down, I spin
Until I collapse in a steaming heap
I ****** a hand to the ceiling
But the drunken dream fades into suburban grey
Sweat drips off my face
The blood on my arm becomes evident
It makes me queasy, sickly
On instinct, I press a sharp point
Through the skin and into the nest of veins
Power courses through my blood until it hits my heart
And then I float
Higher, higher, up into the big, heavy clouds
Until I spiral down again
Into my cold, mundane nightmare
Mia May 18
One year. It felt like a cloudy night sky.
Nothing. Darkness, suffocating, painful darkness.
And then, occasionally, there were fireworks.
Moments of joy that last for seconds, until they fade away.

I’ve been trudging through this darkness
With no progress, no developments
Beyond who I am inside.
But the world doesn’t stop turning.

I still feel inadequate and talentless.
I still feel like an empty void
That has it together well enough that no one would look inside.
But I’m about to tear apart.

I need to do something!
I can’t be a parasite.
But there’s nothing I can do.
I feel so wrong.

Help me so I don’t need help.
I've still been writing, just not as much as before. University has been a huge waste of time so far and completely killed my creativity. I also feel alone and useless, so it's been fun lately.
Sorry for vanishing for 6 months, I haven't forgotten about you all.
PoserPersona May 12
How much is depression a feeling
versus a way of being
I can’t remember anymore
it’s been so long since I was gold
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