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snipes Sep 2021
~ Some people are scared to show their heart
I was to shy too speak my mind  ~
So I’ll give you some time
The puzzle of my mind
The pieces of peace
The picture you seek
As framed in unfinished architecture
Off bad lighting
A glass house
A stone thrown
A glass lens
With fogged up f/2 aperture
Off good positioning
The devolvement
Of my soul building
A dark room
With a beautiful film
Being golden
Ah but **** all that
That Snapchat
While I snapshot
Your main thought
You’ve lost
Me distraught
This drought
Is at fault
I can see
Why your water runs with salt
You’re *** got caught
Now your *** is my last thought
I’m outside
I’m not giving a ****
I’m what you sought
Sore eyes
Lore ties
Nots hide
But I am
Bell Aug 2021
would you run your fingers through my hair once more?
wash over me like an august rain
relieving me of the oh so cruel drought
i have cast upon myself
There has been quite a bit of rain, not uncommon for August
Kota Apr 2021
i wish i knew my worth
but it comes and goes as it pleases
like a tide pulling in and out
but i am nothing like the sea
i am a drought
waiting for rain and lemon poppy colored pollen seeds
Nylee Mar 2021
Is it me, is it you, is it us, or is it my head
I can't recall well how it had begun
but has it been always like this
Always losing at both ends
Replaced so easily, you don't look at me
Least bothered, left at my own device
My own bone to pick, you have no time to give
Restless, relentless, you would drown me in deep waters
I keep waiting for you to save me
The pool of tears is crystal clear
Displaced, delude, I have been reduced
My value to me rose to all time low
Where in the world you would find me
I am in the jungle of my own vice
Don't seek the worst in me
I would fall on my knees yet again
But my destiny has always been it.
Dying, well not surprising,
Drought, and the last drop.
Dharatal Jan 2021
drought bearing inside
is slowly killing you ,
stop it before it
makes your heart hollow ,
or it rules over your whole brain,
lack of rain of happiness
is destroying your crop of life.
don't lose your breath,
wait till it rains,
the fruit is going to be
sweet and juicy.
Don't let your inside sadness eat you , night doesn't means sun will not rise again.
Kristin Dec 2020
We were startled by the rain
we weren't used to it
the pit pat, pit pat, pit pat

We were startled by the rain
such a long drought
pit, pit, pit, pat, pat

We were startled by the distant thunder
we had been shaken by quakes
but no thunder, not in months, perhaps a year

We were startled by the lightning
its white flash sparking fear and awe
zipping through the sky

Pit, pit, pat, pat, pat
Pit, pit, pat, pat, pat
Flashes and shakes

We are startled by the rain
we aren't used to it
the pit pat, pit, pat, pit pat
Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
To see hundreds of years
Uprooted and thrown
To the ground
A wicked wind
So violent
It took out the young
Newly rooted
The ancient
The massive
Weak from drought
Majestic and still
Laying on their sides
Looking imposing
Root history exposed
For all to see
For me
An honor
To witness
Laying there
Respecting more now
Than when you were born
You did make a name
Appreciating now
You weren't only a tree
96 MPH winds took out an incredible amount of trees this past week. I've never looked at these trees like I did this week.  Not to mention the power of the wind.  Massive trees uprooted and knocked down. It was death. And it was heartbreaking.
Wither Bloodfall Jul 2020
In the haze of it's flames
a man laid under Canopies
of  burning light of a siren
cutting through the smoke
as if it was paper.
Their voice, flooded with drought
loss of input
they weren't able to speak
nor breathe
it was suffocating
the texture of the brittle
firm cement, under their cheek
Thus all they had left
was a broken requiem
of a better day.
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