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I came around first at your BIRTH
I gave pain and don't REGRET
I travel with you for the rest of your LIFE

As life goes on
You hate me sometimes and wish me gone
You love me sometimes and wish for me to never go

Unlike your birth you got two choices at death; PAIN OR PEACE
you got to cry at birth or you might be said to be dead. A choice not to cry at death can he easy and hard.

Pain and then peace NOT pain and then pain again.
maryem 2h
When someone you love dies
Memory keeps on turning
The pages of "all the moments " you spent together...
I was here :)

Be careful , make those moments worth remembering

Wrote it after watching " Me , Earl and the dying girl "
And why do some of us suffer more ?
The pain
The tests
The sacrifices
The blood sheds
The tears
The promises
Why do some of has nothing to do about it?
Are we here in this world to be here in this exact place?
Or are we here by mistake?
The question remains so unclear
And we keep thinking again and again
In an endless cycle like it’s a time loop
A paradox which has no end, no solutions.
Supposedly we have to live with it
And die with it in our graves.
This is for the mental condition i have.
a ruined bed, two lovers lay,
outside, the first slow breath of day,

a song is sung - a bird, up high,
born years ago, somehow survived

the rip and tear of tooth and claw,
hatched from a nest that did not fall,

a slender limb that did not break
on sleeping earth that did not quake

grown old and tall and straight and wide,
a withered seed that never died,

blown from afar on autumn breeze,
stirred from the ground with careless ease,

a little boy raking the ground
looked to the sky, and heard the sound
of birds
Everything is connected.
Fog shrouded the city with specks of illusion
A veil of mystery whom no mortal can solve
A symphony that escapes from the gaps of realism
Longing to tell a story no one can relate

The stillness of the air never seem to scare
Yet the atmosphere gleams with melancholy and despair
A feeling the mind cannot grasp or comprehend
A line you should never cross when unprepared

That line, however, was broken that day
Who might that be, standing at the gate?
Threading a path which should've been forbidden
A lone visitor, a boy with depths you cannot fathom

Holding tightly to a hope that might escape any moment
Enduring the frustration of each failed attempt
With a bracelet that gentle figure always wear
His will unceasing as long as it's - not there?!

"Boy, you look like you lost something precious"
Said an auspicious voice of familiar tone
Myriads of emotions set his heart ablaze
As he turned and met a soul-stirring gaze

"That's why I'm here to get it back
Or else I'll stay if I give it up
I can't cope with the emptiness
That comes along with its absence"

"The loss can be hard to accept
Nor can it be easy to forget
So walk forward until you find
The path you once left behind"

Warmth calmed down his restless mind as she engulfed him with a hug
"Leave and live, even without me
Let go and go without any sorrow"
Like a mirage, everything collapsed
And he was left, leaving nothing behind
It's about a boy who can't accept the death of someone special so he tried to communicate with her spirit and...
Big Virge 14h


The... Covering of Faces...
In... Various Public Spaces... !!!

So Now Minnesota’s Facing...
PROTESTS And... NO Social Spacing... !!!

Because of Cop Disgraces...
Who Now Need MORE Than Shaming... !!!

For What Is...
ANOTHER Black ******... !!!

So OF COURSE There’s Public FERVOUR... !!!
Because Even Before These Cops Are Charged...
Lawmen Who Are Linked To... “ The Bar “...

Lawyers And The Like Who Make Judgements Pass...
Are Already Saying That, " They DIDN’T Go Too Far !"...

When... CHOKING George Floyd...
... Until They STOPPED His Heart... !!!

What A Way To Begin This... “ Re-Opening “...
of Public Engagement... After This Virus Thing... ?!?

But Their... Re-Arrangements...
Are NOT Game Changing... !!!

They’re Linking Straight Back...
To Their Police Attacks...
On Those Who Are Black... !!!

At A Time Where Most Minds...
Are Mentally Fried Because of The Vibe...
That’s Had Them Inside For A Pretty Long Time...

When They Do Come Outside...
The First Thing That They Find...
In Front of Their Eyes... ?!?
Are Cops Acting Like...
They Have EVERY RIGHT... !!!
To Choke A Black Guy...
On The Street Til' He Dies... !?!

If This Is...

The... NEW Normal... ???
Why Are Things On REWIND... !!!

Blacks Need To Find Portals...
Where Combat Ain't Mortal...
And Policemen Just Chortle...
When They Leave Us Mournful... !!!

So... What Do They Expect...
When They KEEP KILLING Men...

of... DIFFERENT Descents...
Due To Race IGNORANCE...
And... Lies They DEFEND...
That Are Clearly NONSENSE... !?!

So Now... Violence Renewed...
And Armed Forces In View...

Buildings ABLAZE... !!!
Police Driving Away.......... !?!

And Stories That Claim...
That There’s PURE DISARRAY... !!!

So What Does The Don' Say... ???

“If The Looting Starts...
Then The Shooting Starts !”....

Because He’ll Send In...
MORE Than National Guards...
With Guns In Their Arms...

What Is This... " High Noon "...
At Some... Racist Saloon... ?!?

Cos' Heads Need To Be Shrewd...
When It Comes To Reviews...
Coming Out of Newsrooms...
About... This ISSUE... !!!!!

So... Protesters BEWARE... !!!
Cos' It Seems That Bloodshed...
May Well Be What Comes Next...

If They... DO NOT Calm Down...
And Allow... “ Due Process “... !!!

Well Like Someone Else Said...

If They Don’t Want To Deal...
With These Types of Protests...
Then Just Make The Police...


Men And Women...
And YES Our Children...
Are Losing Their Lives...
Because of The VIRUS...
That Is... POLICE SIRENS... !!!

Black People ARE TIRED... !!!!!

of... HAVING To Face...
PROBLEMS That Fill Graves...
Because of Our Shade...
That Are Fuelled Due To HATE... !!!

A Hatred That’s BLATANT... !!!

... THIS Statement... !!!

Whatever Now Happens...

“It’s A Problem They’ve Created... !!!“
Simply, Minneapolis and George Floyd.

All of life is dead and the Sun has set.
Wet is the battlefield with blood after the brawl.
Stenches of death and sweat from both sides,
divides and drenches the trenches.
Sounds echo eerily quiet;
quite loud and profound.
All is for naught, as the vultures of the President descend.

The celadon leader smiles as he looks upon his ****** empire.
His vicious hunger is never fulfilled and his smaragdine iniquity smothers.
He wants, no, needs more; a never-sated, rapacious desire.
A broken country built on the backs and deaths of others;
evermore he wants and he wants evermore.
An incessant life drowned in cupidity and submerged in green,
but he is never jaded. He is a ***** emerald without valor.
His unclean desire for money recklessly expands as a deep ravine.

Avarice trumps the morals,
while he spreads a pestilential malignancy through the air.
The sacred blood of innocents binds together his laurels.
But the need for greed is exponential and blinds him to his error.
The mindless masses amass themselves at his mere feet,
but his mere feats only sum to immense ignorance and hate.
As he continues to stand for nothing but hypocrisy,
and his sycophants continue to vacuously prate.
It is a lesson for us all as a warning for our souls.
Covetousness is a viridian plague with no cure.
He corrupts spirits and gains unrighteous power from the polls.
But he is no leader, he’s only a false savior siphoning from the poor.
I first wrote this nearly two years ago but I never released it until now, when things are at a boiling point. It seems like everything takes its course eventually.
I will be gone from this place before sunrise.
bone weary and moving fast,
burning memory with light.

those miles, hours, will pass
in a haze of disinterest.

but this?

I stay, long after the rest have gone,
departed in the dying light.

lingering, pausing before that sky.
I will never watch the day end
from these shores again.

and now the night has fallen,
that void horizon navy cold.
and I turn.
Thinking about leaving and not coming back.
Guntang 18h
busy fox

dying crow
I dream of a world without tears, and without fears.
A world where kids were happy, and parents were oh so sappy.
This world where arms didn't cry of red, and where nights didn't bring dread.

A place where someone didn't doubt themselves, where alcohol stayed on the shelves. It'd be place where lives weren't cut to a bitter end, the place where everyone had a friend. Where we didn't have those late and terrifying nights, and all these freights. A world without those constant thought of death, the ones that make me want to stop my breath.

But the reality of this place is it isn't really perfect world, there's to many people that constantly fold. Sometimes it appears the only answer is to remove myself from the world of that I reside, maybe you'll meet me on the other side. But until then think of me as one of the stars in the sky, for this is not a final goodbye.
Wrote this when all i wanted was a world without me.
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