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Who were you then, I wonder still
A quiet boy with a twisted world view
While always looking down,
Somehow you showed us all the sky..
Refused to take your own advice
Then killed yourself so many times

He was a man of very few words
Sat next to the loudest boy you'd ever heard
They did everything together
Swore it'd never end..
One day, he told us, the loud boy died
He swore to me the doctors tried
I wonder, just who was he then?

Where was she when we needed her
The perfect girl, in our impure world
Everybody's friend and confidante,
She even sewed your brother's broken heart
Still, as soon as we knew her
She was just as quick then to depart

Peas and pods, they're all the same
People, peasants, ***'s to blame
You're a fraud
You're a fraud
I know I know I know
Every word you spoke
Candied lies and bitter truths
But you numbed the pain, oh the pain..
How come you show up every time it rains...
For Jordan... You will always be the sweetest, bitter mystery..
When I am home, what do I do?
I wait till' I can come to you,
I set down my things and stare at a wall,
Until you text or call, I sit and stall,
I have dropped my friends, the groups, and the crews,
Cause living isn't living without you,
Life on pause when I'm not in your presence,
I am the body, you are the essence,
You fill me with life, you show me you care,
Just one hug is the ultimate repair,
It will completely remove all despair,
It will sew up all the cracks and the tears,
That have tortured my heart, my soul, my mind,
I love the way you work, you're just the kind,
Of beautiful girl I need in my life,
Giving me hope for the future, no strife,
To bite at my feebality and fear,
Fleets whenever you decide to come near,
Near enough to feel the softest of skin,
Near enough to light the fire that's within,
The fire shakes like a 12.0 earthquake,
Making the Richter Scale shatter and break,
Oh wait, that's just the beating of my heart,
I feel yours too, but then you pull apart,
You leave me as a shell, dust in the wind,
Yet again without essence, just some skin,
A sad sack of lifeless flesh that can't breathe without you,
No one compares, what the **** am I supposed to do,
I have figured it out, I think I should mention,
You left cause I can't give the proper attention,
It's just a guess, but a good one at that,
Now I'll go back to the place I once sat,
And sit there for however long it takes,
For the pain to stop, till' no more heartbreak,
I have one more thing to say,
It's the truest thing,
The truest true,
Every moment of every day,
Every second, every blink,
I won't stop loving you.
Here lies a man time has forgotten,
whose unfortunate end was rotten.
His wife comes to tears
when after all these years,
of killing, mankind's not forgotten.
Hey there.
I am looking for someone who can **** me tonight.
Just nudge me off a tall building and run off.
No one would know.
I just don’t have the courage to do it myself.
I need help.
Hey there.
I am looking for someone who can **** me tonight.
Will you help me?
What are you doing?
What the **** are you doing?
Why don’t you just wanna die?
Why are you living even?
Why are you occupying space?
Why are you wasting oxygen?
Why don’t you just die?
Why don’t you
Please die.
I beg you.
Please die.
No one wants you here.
No one cares about you.
No one would notice if you just die and get it over with.
You don’t have an inkling of effect on this world.
Jump off the balcony.
Cut your wrists.
Hang from the fan.
Do anything but do something.
Get it over with.
It won’t hurt, I promise you.
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
You tried I know.
But please
Please die.
Only the brightest lights of purest white
Will grace our flesh as we ascend
To the highest plain of humanity's journey
Wrapped in skin our forms will bend

Tears were shed by those who fear
What We embrace to end our quest
Red that flows and black that floods
How hollow the mind that deems our quest a test

A face so bright, humbling, yet wrong
Greeted us with arms like fire
Our bodies burn brighter like embers in the air
Our quest has ended, and we waited so long
Written 12/31/18
Maggi 13h
I'm dying,
Choking, trying to swallow my tears.
My head feels dizzy,
My heart is full of fears.

But I'm good at lying,
Trying to smile, tell jokes,
"Yes, I'm fine".
I don't tell my problems because those are … mine

You just showed me, that you don't care,
if I'm here or there,
or wherever you don't have to look at me.
You just can't bear the misery.

You are the only one who can see.
I'm dying.
Left alone to go insane, haunted every night
Trust no longer exists, it lies there beyond dead
Violated, beaten and bleeding, so wrong it must be right
They were supposed to bury Me, My brains run red

Substance calms Me, the images stop, for now
So addicting, I lie at ease, no longer wondering how
I can no longer see, and something appears to be missing
My brain bleeds black, My legs are gone, I am dying
Written 12/31/18
Poolza 13h
Cemetaries aren't empty of people
We'll go there someday.
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