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Serendipity Jun 9
I feel flesh on fire
light my skin
and name me pleasure.

All hands
and waist
and thighs
and bare.

Lips not only inhaling
what the other exhales.

I still trace my hands on my collarbone
the way you did that night.

I named my pleasure after you.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
A no-man's land,
ablaze in scarlet

A no-man's land,
the blood and the bones of men

The more who died,
the more they thrived

A no-man's land,
flowered along the banks
from which the dead drank,
to forget their former existence,
when they were singing
in the lulls

A no-man's land,
offering a touch
of Heaven in Hell

xavier thomas Oct 2021
Devil you’re ice out cold.
Sending mix signals, you like to put on a show.
Master of emotions, poison victims image when they’re low.
Examine your attentions on different people under quality control.
Mmm, you like to test my worth, asking for God’s permission just to see if I’ll sin again.
You grew from a mighty titan angel to this fallen illusion magician.
Aroused from the thrill of being king of the underworld like your soul is free.
I question your position there cause hell is really beneath me.
Not joking, who you think you provoking?
I mean you think you slick for trying to keep my wounds open.
I mean I’m forever God’s vessel, never your black token.
Those wicked rituals your followers steady be coding.
Things my soul refuse to soak in.
Don’t need any validation, I’m not trying to live perfect.
And if you think I want that, I promise you I don’t need it.
Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray my soul to rest and peace,
to the heavens.
False promise
Kassan Jahmal Oct 2021
And a rib was pulled from a side,
Soon was molded to be his Lover:
Tiny whispers calling beautiful bride,
Now with my hand so soft and bare,
I tend to land, 'these grounds of heart.'

Lay down my eyes, hoping now to see,
The widest eyes, lookers of everything:
'O, stop looking for perfect fish of the Sea'
Rubbing salt in a wound, that won't heal.

All we are; are two skies far apart,
Longing to be one being and in flesh,
A piece self trading into your heart:
Love was first made, we came second.

Children all of our Adam and Eve,
The seeds of a garden forgotten:
But even as I don't see my paradise,
Darling you'll always be my Eden.
I want to sink
My teeth in deep
A pomegranate gush
You could be
Sweeter than honey
I could be
Satiated by this flesh

gnasche (n.) the intense desire to bite deeply into the forearm of someone you love
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
the dog eats my flesh
i wake up angry to max
we are close friends now
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
Strange creatures stirring
Hiding them inside our skin
Bone and flesh prison
We all have demons inside us
Kennedy Jul 2021
my body is a cage.
it is nothing more than a blockade.
a hurdle.
a sack of meat too big for that space,
the one between your chair
and that wall.
The One Between Two ******* Parked Next To Each Other.
why do i have to be my body,
why is it,
that your first impression of me,
is based on what is simply flesh.
i am a sentient being, sure,
but what the ****.
why is it my body that you must see.
why do we as a species look like this?
i would've rather been a slug.
W H Y do I lOOk LiKE THIS.
i. have. *****.
i love *****.
once i lose it i'll be pretty.
bones, flesh and ripened blood
the moon stands strong tonight
as I wipe the tears off my cheeks
that were streaming down a river so bleak.

Cold heart made of stone,
the chandelier breaks as the broken
glass shatters on a marble floor,
ruining it's beauty ever so lasting..
something's changed
for better or for worse.

Tell me now, as the black gate opens
that we're here for something real.
Roses are red, violets are blue,
but some turn to black
when the shade changes its

Give me the strength
to carry i seek for something new
something fresh, out of the ordinary
and what's true.

Truths hurts and lies create a blur,
both different, but yet the same
substances that will create
pain and all that remains
is the corpses of our
Hearts made of stone, life is cold, what do we do now, just wait for our turn
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