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Danny Oct 7
Could be called a beautifully made mess

A torn new dress shot through with silver threads

Decorated coffin rotten inside

Well, the lid is as free as a lame leg

Unsheathe your sword and cut my humble skin

Pain I may feel which make us feel alive

But will you be able to stand the sight?

A gentle pool that will have been set wild

Looking at me with eyes that give me chills

Like I'm a god on the throne, that's so sick

I am flesh and blood just like the next man

Walking on a slippery floor, cursed to fall

When the ice starts to crack under my feet

All I shall give to stay above water
I know I have flaws but that simply makes me human, I think
Caitlin Sep 27
While your eyes are closed, I trace your nose, while you’re fast asleep I sometimes gently weep because the beauty I see beneath the flesh I want to bask in with every breath I have until I take my last.

And when I do, I beg of you, trace my nose and bask in the beauty once contained by my flesh and remember it is you who knows it best. Never will it change. When you need me call my name and I'll be there, my dying promise, to you this I swear because my love for you is completely bare. Without boarders, without flesh.

Whenever wherever know that I’m already right there, my final resting place is not a casket below ground but in your heart I so admired. I’m already there.
For my twin flame
A Simillacrum Sep 15
Caught your long lost locks,
blonde through the silver fog,
flitting away or
could it have been toward?

Once, I would have thought
it's just a dream and not
real, warm flesh to flesh,
volcanic breath to breath.

Best not waste a good thing
in the face of your favorite catch.
A master of their craft
can't manipulate the longing pain.
CautiousRain Sep 14
The flesh, the flesh,
it's always the flesh.

I sometimes wish I would have
given up
just to see how much
you'd try to take.
posting my drafts
Anastasia Sep 1
in my lungs
my flesh
Ash Aug 31
My light:
Dappled in the rearview mirror,
cracked at the surface.
I am bruised but not broken.
But i still have my  foundation.
Bruises they heal.
Scars they scab over.
Hearts torn apart,
But in heaven they’re woven.
crinkled skin wraps around the sunlight,
Fingernails kissing the moon.
The light is there i just have to dig farther,
The light is there,
It's you.
Anastasia Aug 27
and ******
the glass

to the ground
red jewels

it doesn't hurt
when it rips
into my flesh

it doesn't hurt
but you do
Tammy Cusick Aug 23
Withered through these relinquished lips,
softly lays an embellished, embroidered, carcass.
Torn across flesh-like soil
caressing gently into this impermeable being,
you're only human.

So allowing in the presence of indigenous, oblique thoughts
slanting into the belly
never feeling so bare
the hunger deprives.
The nails of your eyes piercing into the forefront of mush you call a brain,
feeling the earth distinctively tremble with each step you chase closer to the ledge

Clutching onto the white knuckle breast
your hands pounding at your fingertips
its electric running through your veins
feeling it at the core
so helplessly, lost.

Your throat knots into one-thousand splinters
splicing relentlessly between your core
the wedge of your mortal body becomes noticeable to your soul

Slithering one step closer,
pull the rope
you leap
you rot

one more inch closer,
you can feel it
separating your surroundings from comfort ability
picking up between each breath
shaking at your own wake.

there you have it
at the brim of the edge
you've push yourself this close
whats one last jump out of this skin?
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