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you loved her
she wasn't there &
that existed forever...
Neutrality / n.

absence of decided views, expressions, or strong feelings

"I am in all sorts of neutrality."
the easy way
Marie Oct 11
last night I dreamt
on fettered branches
the green edge of your knife
splitting us in two

and your wicked tongue
poked out to taste the salt

how many times
will I scribble these lines
praying for ink to fill the absence?
Spriha Kant Sep 30
Some people erase my warm feelings for themselves by their blindness and deafness for my feelings and tell others in my absence that Spriha has changed.
Some people are like this.
Have you ever had such experience with such people ?
Why you scare in darkness
Darkness itself is nothing

~Aliza Jennifer~
N Jul 26
Come and rest your
head upon my pillow,
and trace your fingers
along the tear stains

Now, close your eyes,
I will be waiting
for you in a dream
N Jul 17
Let us not talk
about family

My father
is the word absence

And my mother
is the word fear
Jule Jul 11
She didn’t care
About the style of his hair
She didn’t care
About the pile of clothes
He let her wear
She didn’t care if the days were a fright
As long as they had each other to hold come night
She didn’t care if his wounds
Bled her blood
He knew she’d be there to heal them soon
She didn’t care about the talks of affair
For her eyes became blinded by despair
And the absence of the love
That was once there
Nigdaw Jul 6
not there for the birth of love
nor the conception really either
already moved on to pastures new
greener grass new playgrounds
I will miss you as you were
a delicate beauty blooming
in the warmth of summer sun
skin un-sinned flesh un-tarnished
a curiosity of unexplored emotions
badly answered selfishly shattered

I have lived a life of absence
never there when needed
only answering the call of lust
never the one to bring flowers
just invasive thoughts and gestures
never the one to talk on pillows
after passion in the darkness
the timeless time of lovers
the loveless time of *******
like me already gone

the attraction of a moth to a flame
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