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i cant stand another tear upon my face
derived from the absence of you

the drops from my eyes
burn holes into my heart
until i am nothing but a numb soul
They think Absence is a cruel mistress
A gorgon with brass talons who rends our bonds
And eats our hearts
Dousing flames
and snuffing out all the candles we lit together

But she is a gentle gardener
Sowing seeds of strength with calloused, work-toughened hands
Watering desire with the dew of distance
Counting day after day until the fruit of reunion is
Ripe and sweet and tender.
We climbed in the back
And I laid in your lap
While your hands ran gently through my hair

Oh I'll never re-feel
How your fingers had healed
And your absence has peeled it all back again

And again I fall
Outside a stranger's walls
Cause it's comfort and warmth at a distance

I wont break them down
Or keep them around
I prefer a more temporary assistance

Sometimes we get cold
With no sight of a flame
We get a little bold
To forget the next day

And again we default
To pouring asphalt
Leaving old streets below to decay
cindy Dec 2021
Tension électrique
de regards fuyants
Touchers mécaniques
de doigts hésitants
Ce poème a une odeur froide
du vide entre deux corps
à jamais indécis
Darlingerode Oct 2021
what is peace
when i'm still disturbed
even in your absence?
absence makes the heart go angrier
Leocardo Reis Aug 2021
If I could only capture
the moon,
with blue peaks
and the green
of summer
on a
sunny day,

I could convey
the peace,
the despair,
of every absence.

To which direction
does the
wind blow?
How many have I met
for the last time?
N Aug 2021
I wonder if he
still sees me in his dreams

Or if he is
dreaming of another

Does the heat of
August burn his skin

Like his
cold absence burns mine

Why do I still ache
for him?

Oh darling one,
I fear I may have been
but a passing dream to
I miss him.
CarolineSD Jul 2021
I cannot ever truly love but
Fail. I call out now to silent graves.
Prayers cut rivers down my face and
I ask them to rise, rise, rise,
Spread fragile wings and fly!
Lift, like vibrant monarchs against the sky,
But the stars are a deaf glory
Across a moonless night
That cannot speak,
And these tears they only fall,
Dropping heavy and useless to the floor.

I am bleeding from the very tributaries of my soul,

Cry these words out into the stillness of the room,

And I thought you might hear.

I hold your picture to the beating of my heart
But there is only silence
And the endless, imperceptible wall.

You are just too far, too far, too far.

I am an utter failure;
Calling out to ghosts who were
Never there at all.
Glenn Currier Jul 2021
Away on a short but long trip into pain
my absence brought
a keen yearning for our union
so now we touch
I breathe in your aroma
my heart throbs with joy
and gratitude
for this rich vibrant presence.
little lion Jun 2021
I had hoped you'd grow fonder,
but instead you've gone farther away.

I wish you'd come back to me.
I miss what we could have been.
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