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toleomato May 24
I am troubled,
despite the fact
I feel as though I am
perched on a cloud.

Does a flower
announce its blooming?
Likewise should I announce
each happiness
and sorrow?
I am in such conflict about this.

Part of poetry is to
exaggerate through
Here, I can only
show what I had felt,
never tell.

I wonder if I have adequately expressed,
with the few words I have wrote,
that all my poems are about
the things I have purposefully omitted?

Tonight, my heart is a torrent.
I wish to use names,
but I cannot.
I wish to state my emotions,
but I must not.
Perhaps it is because I am
not truly a poet,
but all I can do is
emphasize absence.
dorian green Apr 17
i am trying to come to terms
with gravity
as i fall toward the floor
with the awareness of the your
face framed in the hall door.
that's an exaggeration—
there's a certain inaccuracy
in conversations about bodies,
personal and celestial, revolutions one around the other,
that is unavoidable due to limitations
of the form. so i like to be precise
where it can fit in between the
cumbersome dances we do.
i'm not falling toward the floor
but i might as well be. i can't tell you that.
what's wrong you ask again
but something i read about planets
is that they're much farther apart than the human mind
can even conceptualize. that most of space is empty
and cold as we dare to spin through it.
i'm thinking of the audacity of revolutions
and you just wanna know why i'm so sad.
i think about bodies. sinew and joints and the red
****** meatstuff that fills in the places in between.
a heart pumping blood and a mouth that refuses to admit it.
about the physicality, the weight of it sinking
into beds that aren't mine, bodies that aren't mine.
you're not standing in the doorway anymore, no one
stands in doorways forever. especially not
for someone who refuses ownership
of the space taken up by their own body. constellations
are outlines of disparate points someone tried to find a
story in. i'm not much better.
i think of heavenly bodies, i think of stars
but they don't tell me anything
i wasn't trying to deal with already.
1st draft i might revisit
SiouxF Apr 15
Parting is such sweet sorrow,
Reeling with joy
From precious moments shared;
Then sadness at being apart,
Pangs of unhappiness,
Spasms of loneliness,
All the more acute,
When preceded by such
deadhead Mar 15
since that grey morning
i cannot wake to your snore
instead, your absence
my night is unlighted
tho painted with a celestial body
in a blanket of colossal lights
your absence i embody

once a perfect jewel
where you beamed with brilliance
night was a paradise in heaven
blinded by your radiance

but your light expanded
until it ruptured like dynamite
night is now a shadowed hell
without you there's no stars in sight
A M Ryder Mar 9
Loss is
a collaborative art
Between the people
Who leave us
And those
who remain
We dance with
the shadows
Of their absence
Lottie Farr Feb 18
You’ve taken every ounce of my being,
Nothing remains of me that’s worth seeing,
As my body becomes sore
There’s nothing more,
Just a broken back from a heart that weighs a ton.

Oh aching heart, I beseech you!
Release me from my existential torment
I wish to leave this body dormant.
Mark Wanless Feb 8
full oblivion
and absence of consciousness
i am i am
Cox Feb 3
All the nights without you, is like a flower at night missing their sun.
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