c 2h

I once
was small.

I fit into the thinnest cavities &

I sip on vitals till
My vials are full
baby you
make Me whole

I am in love
with life
so much
I cling
all nails & teeth

I'll sprawl my feet out
on your tables
I'll scribble my name
on your letters

I am BIG


I'll leave the light on
All night:
no sleep
while I'm busy
loving you

I'll even
Refurbish your skin with glass, but
You'll bruise easy

No need for windows
My dear:
I'll see for you!

No need for clocks
My love:
I'll count down for you!

& soon
your body
will love Me

Chilly is the quake of snow in my bones
the fresh, white blanket of memories
rooted in ice.

Chilly is the heroin.
the ache
the addiction
to your arms
to warmth.

Chilly is my heart when you are out of reach.
When my pining arms span out
to find only
the coldness
of chilly sheets.

Chilly is the wait–
to be warm.

to be real
atptla 2d
Fallen leaves are sleeping on a lake, sealed with a long forgotten tale.
The heady wind that doesn't let the trees to sleep is ruling the desolate vale.
Yet, lily-white blossoms, much shinier than arrogant moonlight,
Held their breaths, blinking the shyness, watching blue philomels' flight.

A poor voice is shivering, under the calm water and firm ground,
As to be known by the faltering stars and not to lose his only bound.
Once offered his heart on that hazer altar, white hands hurting with each caress,
Afraid to confess, but swallowing and digging it into a fair melody, nonethless.

In dancing delicacy of a raindrop, his disowned words are hidden,
Has to stay awake, but night is endless and the morning is forbidden.
Wrapping around his neck with cold fingers, bereavement fed by devious dismay,
Bereft of remedy, he's watching his assunder soul's draining away.
anita 4d
and there we were
for one second rushing through millions, time felt like it had just...stopped
and it was just us
it was your lips on my neck
and your fingers pressed on my skin
it was our clothes strewn on the floor and my legs brushing up against you
it was the feeling of being desperately needed that filled the air around us
and engulfed our bodies

...you had me, then. you had all of me.
a page from my book, haunted (available on amazon)
I pray that someday peace will be the goal of our nation.
I pray that freedom will be true.
I pray that kindness and compassion will be instinctual.
I pray that hearts may be changed by the truth.
I pray for a country that stands by its foundations.
I pray that it does not bend to the will of a people who would see it break.
I pray for a country whose leaders will lead and not be led.
I pray for a day when people will smile at each other on the street.
I pray for casual conversation on the subway.
I pray for the future I thought I would have.
I pray for the future of generations to come.
Faith Mar 15
Uncertainty is flowering from every inch of me.

The vines of confusion wrap around my arms and legs,
Constricting me to befuddlement.
Conflict brews from within me, and keeps on stirring slyly.
Being unable to cease it, my emotions are throwing a fit.

Stepping stones keep sinking each time I place a foot upon one.
I never minded mud before,
But now that I'm sinking into it,
I miss walking and feeling the cushion of grass hug my feet.

The end of winter marks the end of a frozen spell.
Spring will enlighten the moods of nature,
And hopefully, mine as well.
Her eyes are the same as mine. Black and white, but her eyes have beauty in it
Her long hair. Dyed and shines, falls beautifully behind her back, hanging on her head carelessly
Her smile brings joy in life of mine. I want to be the reason of her happiness. Desprately
Her heart makes me blind. I seek nothing else but an imaginative object that I can't see.

Oh Lord let me kiss her lips and let the addiction kills me
Oh Lord let me see hee eyes closely. The eyes that will brighten my life so I could see
Oh Lord hear my jealousy, the seed of my sins that grows in my heart slowly
Oh Lord bring her to me. The thief who stole my heart silently

Dear Lord my Saviour
Bless her and protect her
Dear Lord my Saviour
Hear my prayers for her
For the wingless angel....or the thief of my heart and the trespassers of my mind
Isla Mar 12
Won’t you lie here with me? Can’t we just let the world slip away?
Or would it hurt you too much to let anyone near your heart? Even if that someone is me?
Won’t you say anything at all? Even if it’s not what I want to hear? I’d rather have harsh truths than kind lies.
And I know you will not lie. You will not be kind.
Your face is stoic, it makes me want to cry.
Do you not feel anything? Does anything break through the surface of your skepticism? Though I try and try to see past your unrelenting negativity you continue to surprise me with your coldness. How do you stay so cold?
The silence you project is screaming, pounding in my ears and everything in me burns for the affection you refuse to give.
Why do you pretend I’m not even here? I want a way out, but being alone terrifies me more than you do. Terrifies me more than the silence and the cold. Maybe after a while, the coldness won’t hurt.

I can wait.
Cupcakeowlz Mar 9
You twirl me on your finger,
a breath of swirling hair on his palm,
and I take a deep breath; I yell.

A whisper on the late winter day,
bringing bittersweet promises of the spring.

I can feel it in my veins and your touch, your call, your voice.

How one can confuse and dwell and yield false hope,
to one who has decided to crush all of it?

Oh! such a poor falling child,
when I smell the blossoms of hope
and yet a tang of desperation that seeps through my blood.

A drop of orange on my tongue,
slipping a radiation of sweetness down my tongue,
and yet it undergoes as raw to me.

You light me on fire,
and I light you too.

And I wait to see how you react.
© This was for an emotion contest using the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste). The emotions stated were confuse, hope, desperation. The ones not stated but implied were passion, breathlessness. Contradicting emotions: bittersweet. The whole poem was based on ambivalence or having contradicting feelings. @Cupcakeowlz: AllPoetry/HelloPoetry, Google+, Wattpad, Youtube @Cupcake321543: scratch.mit.edu Please, also, visit my AllPoetry account, as I use it more often than this account, and view my poetry. Thank you!
TeeCrush Mar 6
It’s my fault, it truly is,
as this was something I could forbid.
I wish I had not cut my tether,
because it’s even harder now to keep myself together.
My bestest mates pull me from the pits
but I always hop back in again,
not yet fully healed of the bruises & hits.
My heart yearns for a love it will never find,
and God, I felt it so close, but she wanted a love of a different kind.
A love she wouldn’t mind,
A love that was not mine.
And they tell me, I could find a new girl in a snap,
and fill that empty gap.
And although that may be true,

She will never be you.
There is no one else like her and they will never be her.
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