I close my eyes and begin to dream of a future where all my stresses are null and void
where nature and I become one in essence and I can lie flat on the grass and consider life
without having to fret about all the negative things that could or could not happen

when I was younger, video games were the escape into a realm unknown by reality
the Marathon series, designed by Bungie, was the trilogy of games I really dug into
the atmosphere in those games was thick and I could find myself feeling the spirit
getting into the world and feeling the vast realms surround me so completely

I wore my heart on my sleeve
everything I was... was worn on my sleeves and everyone could observe my feelings
vibrant, colorful, varied, and deep
being myself was the first thing on my mind, because why not?
I could be honest with myself and share my deepest secrets with those I trusted

yet all of that passed away with the ticking of time
time, oh time, how you have ripped at my heart and brought upon me an onerous load
for as time went on, I delved deeper, darker
more sinister thoughts started to crop up in my mind as the days turned into months
and with those thoughts came behaviors I had not imagined of before
which ended up throwing me in for a nosedive

I am now at the bottom of my self-dug hole
I want out of this rut I have thrown myself into
I want to spread these wings and fly to a new world
Autmn T 3d
He tastes of the ocean, I have been craving it for so long, I know the salt will drain me but Im still parched, so I keep returning for another taste, praying for it to be sweeter this time, drowning in my cravings for nothing more than saltwater stinging my mouth.
the riptide of longing
swept me out to sea
i grabbed you; better that
two die instead of just me

i drank a molotov cocktail.
the bitter stench
of liquour breath
was clear to see
as soon as you asked me

there's an inferno
in me set to simmer
although the temperature decreases
the heat doesn't get dimmer
'I want you
I want you so bad
It's driving me mad' - John Lennon
Sylph 7d
Everyday just seems like a battlefield--
A one-sided war that I can only hope to conquer
Nothing about it seems remotely fair
Yet I was never given a voice for them to hear

> i need you <

I brandish my rusted sword
I ready my porcelain shield
Both so comically breakable
Much like the fragments of my shattered will

> please take me away <

My lips quiver with fearful anticipation
My eye lids shut in hopeful surrender
I tighten my grip and let out a shallow breath

> anywhere but here <

This is it--
    this is my impending death
Were there really--
    no other options left for me to take?
Or was I just too busy--
    wallowing in an ocean of my own mistakes?

> save me <

I wasn't ready--
        I never was.

< please >

But I'll try--
        just like how I always do.
Sometimes I wonder how many choices and opportunities I've missed--all because of my own cowardly behavior and self-doubt.

> you can't always be a damsel in distress <
> it's best to take chances and try to help yourself <
Erin Kelly Jun 3
Dig your flesh blade deep
Twist & Turn
I’m desperate for the pain
Of your love?
Validate me
Love me
Love me
Love me
Hate me
Feeling desperate for validation lately, makes me feel horrible, just wanting to love myself
Anne Hanratty May 31
Why do my eyes waver in salt water?
It's just a concept I don't really understand when
The ocean in my mind is dry but
My eyes? So wet.
And yet, fire roars through an organ named Passion - and the sand beneath my feet burns their soles and tries to
Penetrate my soul
But I have buckets,
Tucked under two lids,
That can spill with or without my will.
They can put out a flame, both good and bad. A blessing and a curse.
I'm told that fish can't climb trees but I have neither arms nor gills you see
I have been immobilised,
And it's down to a monochrome smear on a canvas with so much potential;
A plethora of 'dos' and 'don'ts';
The slaughter of a lamb.
I would like to stand in solidarity with each martyr of idiosyncrasy.
I wonder if anything we ever do will be enough.
Kyte May 31
I miss the depth of your ancient sun.
This infamous rage erodes my soul.
I wish I were someone else, someone yours.

Mortiferous anxiety
of missing your smile in my eyes,
Who is to say whether this is love?


I love you. Desperately and senselessly.
Fear and despair,
those spongy redoubts of a sprained mind.

I love you. And it terrifies me to die
without ever having hugged your existence.
I sleep. I will dream of your eyes, again.
A desperate poem for a luminous girl written on a dark midnight.

Relatively poor translation of the Spanish original: https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2519730/azul-de-medianoche/
Amanda May 28
We built a wall of
Lies and desperation laid
With uncertain bricks
A very thick wall
Kyte May 21
Extraño la profundidad de tu sol antiguo.
Furia infame que me carcome.
Cómo quisiera ser otro, uno más tuyo.

La ansiedad mortífera
de no tener tus sonrisas en mis pupilas,
Quién pueda decir si es o no amor?

Te quiero. Desesperadamente y sin sentido.
El miedo y la desesperanza,
los esponjosos reductos de la mente esguinzada.

Te quiero. Y me aterra morir
sin haber abrazado tu existir.
Duermo. Soñaré tus ojos, otra vez.
Poema desesperado en una medianoche oscura para una chica clara.
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