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Ander Stone Mar 19
they have to cut it off
because it's rotting
and the viscera
spewing from it
carries a stench of

they have to sever it
and free my writhing body
of it's bleak and pestilent
that oily echoing
of coarse

they have to cleave it away
so that my mortality
could be postponed
for as long as possible.

My soul.
It must be cut.
It must be severed.
It must be cleaved free of me.

This amputation
is the only thing
that could save
my life...
Why anyone,
who has seen the eyes of divinity
would ever think that they should leave
whatever space or place or mindset where
they found it, to deny intrepidly that,
without a doubt,
they sincerely believe
that they
saw nothing
out of the ordinary;
no mysterious magic miracle
meant to mean something
to the eyes of wonder
worn by children,
full of mystic revelry;
That there
in this world
with mind unmarred
nothing surreal occurred;
no mysterious light was seen
which no one else could see:
and (hold on)
dismiss that which is in his view of the world which he verily sees,
…and just … look away…
is strange to me.

Why would someone want to leave
the presence and the peace
of creation for some dream?

What motivation could there be to dismiss reality
…for some make believe world…  
that, in which, magic things - do not - exist?

I certainly cannot believe they’d look away intentionally…
Not me!
Composed on or around 1/10/24
Some final thoughts of an addicted mind on communing with god through drug induced means… a last desperate effort by a mind seized to justify its toxic, self-destructive inclination by making it metaphysical. It was deceived.

The devil in the room
Wants to know if you can see him
Doesn’t believe that you can see
Wants you to see
Doesn’t care if you believe
Jeremy Betts Mar 2
Here I stand, in one hand I've more knowledge than ever
A better comprehension in the other
But no third hand, arm, and shoulder
All needed if you hope to discover and then be a supporter
Of that impossibly elusive answer
Now fewer than ever and always less than the day before
Watching compassion wash away with the tears from the eyes of a lover
As I try in desperation to prove a mear possibly, maybe we're better together
Before the search begins and what's wanted is what's found in another
And I'm left to wonder the vastness of forever without my chosen partner
Alone, not wanting to, once again, risk going public with my server
That fear leads me here, to a future where I put all hope in never
And yes, you don't have to tell me, I'm well aware...
...I know that makes this a hopeless endeavor

Laconic Noor Feb 1
Surmise too often, likely a sheer redundancy, unduly supposition went south I'd slump it from high.
Curious? I'd throw down the gauntlet; fathom me out throughout the time of hesitation.
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I see you had a bad day
Thinkin' things you shouldn't say
No other choice but to stay and pay to play
Can't even stray away from your own cliche
Doomed by strands of DNA
Failed every single attempt in every possible way
In desperation you kneel to pray
No answer today...
...same as yesterday

Níla Nov 2023
Stirred my heart
Got all mixed up
A race about love
Where I can't keep up
Heavy Hearted Oct 2023
Help me- I am so sorry,
for all the nights you spent in the dark.
they were nights where
I needed the pain and fear to stop-
And you would do
Everything you knew
Just trying to make me alright.
" No one Deserves my world quite like you do"
I heard that in a song once.
Now knowing you,
silently, I
Another poem I found in my old journal
Van Xuan Jun 2023
As my mind slowly burns her out of my existence

My heart stubbornly protecting her with everything he got

Just to remind my mind that

She was once I called home
A home I used to find peace
One desperate attempt
Van Xuan Jun 2023
As I reached out to you.
I spilled the words of my heart
Frustrations, anger, disappointments
And then  I felt pain.

A Desperation of a hopeless struggle

And then I feel disgusted.
Emptiness, helplessness, despair
I drank the words of my heart
As I stare at the empty wall
Anais Vionet Jun 2023
I can’t remember myself
I’m lost
in the attraction
the bleeding need
the ***** impolite hunger
make me somehow matter
soap me with important gifts
drape me with brilliant feathers
curves that bedevil
make me pretty
to him
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