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Irina BBota Sep 14
Serenade tonight
The game of a frozen bride
Poisoning my heart
dear love, i'm quite distracted
by that stray curl of russet hair
and those hazy atmospheric eyes
softly peeking out from beneath

dear love, i'm quite distracted
by those sweetly-serenading lips
i reckon your voice needs a rest
dare i move in now for a kiss?
Rakib Feb 13
Surrendering in her alluring ways
I sing the tuneful serenades
Seemingly melting our souls fused
In her desire I got absorbed, amused

I lost myself in a bewitched gaze
Attending to her ******* on my bed
Like the flowers that bloom in spring
Setting our bodies afire in a fling

In pursuit to fill my perpetual void
Can't help but ponder what's flawed
Spontaneous in deceit to solidity
Yearning to earn sentient solidarity
Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
It arrives uninvited.
Quietly seeping in like toxic gas,
suffocating and poisoning
any thought etched with love,
leeching its happiness.

It unpacks anxieties,
dressing me in layers of loathing;
scraping insecurities
to let it rage on my being.

It gently coaxes my mind
painting every thought a shade darker
letting it heavy
myself to detachment.

It purrs and studies
getting comfortable;
morphing reality into a self made purgatory.

Slacking and barely coping with the pace of reality,
it tears fibers to root itself
allowing it to grow with every beat
leaving no energy to breathe.

are all back,
heaving my eyelids
leaving a trail of labels
down to my chin.

Until my hollow structures
implode into dark matter
leaving me one with the abyss.
Yanamari Oct 2018
The relentless
Ingenuine serenades,
Swirling around my ears
As I try
To encompass
Your entirety,
What energy we share
For your tireless
Unfelt soothsaying
To pile around

Serenade me,
Whether we share or not,
For I will let peel
The layers of your serenade
And watch
As the energy unveils.
But know that when
Your words are empty,
You should leave.
Because I'm
Beginning to have enough.
The Aura Series: II
Amy H Jul 2018
...I'll write it.
Baby with those blues,
you sing a tune
and smile at me
like miles away we’re going
but not together.
Not for now.
You sail your way
I go mine
“Into the Mystic”
like Morrison.
For your voice and your guitar
I would write another tune,
another lyric sunrise
with you and I held closely
feeling whispers
holding hands
reveling in what we made together.
Ah yes, this serenade I keep.
Your Little gypsy,
My Sailor man,
I’ll build you a port.
I’ll shine my light
and camp a while
if when the fog horn blows
and calls you home
you’ll sail my way.
You play our song,
I'll write it.
For memories, made and imagined, I give you this.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
rain bird serenades,
Squirrels play second fiddle;
ravens party-****!
Michael King Apr 2018
What song can contain these words I sing.
What love can express this cause.
I see her stand on platform raised,
watch her bow to an earthly applause.

Of smiling grace, and **** poise
she harbours a golden, shaped heart.
A faithful embrace, love worn on her face,
a humane, work of God's art.

She holds unto me, a starlight you see,
a portion of my own embrace.
She stands there all smiles, a kindness; no guile,
wrapped up in her own skin like lace.

Oh she captures my senses on the borders and fences
of her own little homestead of joy.
And allows me a piece, which I hope will not cease.
And forever be mine to enjoy.
InfranGilis Feb 2018
They say that upon someone's last wish,
Darkness caresses and prolongs,
Where once was Light, has now gone to waste,
My heart bleeds and for justice longs,

Monsters are shattered by swords,
Look towards the coming dawn,
They say a beast flanks his tail,
As he has your heart gnawed,

None may rise to the challenge,
Few remain of those heroes of old,
Now death stalks the lands,
Yet within darkness it is gone,

So wail and rest your head on my shoulders,
As I now venture into the night,
For without darkness, light cannot be reborn.
I wrote this on a whim, I've been reading lots of vampire myths and legends and came up with this poem.
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