Words can be described
Though when they're felt it's magic
If I felt sunshine would it be magic? Or did I just describe another word without knowing

I don't worship the sun,
                     but I know God in its embrace.
                 The warm, sprinkles
                   of golden rays
            blanket my soul,
          my being,
my frozen spirit,
all beseeming.
Spreading succulent sunshine,
transcendental light
                   upon my blushed face.
For a moment,
           one holy, divine,
in time,
              all sadness


I've been majorly slowed down by all the visiting I've done this summer. It's put me kinda in a slump. I've been writing poetry, but I haven't felt the urge to post. So much darkness and sadness prevails my muse. Though I have so much to be grateful for, and truly I am, I'm still full of sadness. Here's to the warm rays of the sun, inviting positivity to flow through us all!
Thanks for reading! K:)

The sunshine
As it presses your cheeks
With the smile of new hope,
As it dances on your flawless skin
Like the colours of art,
Is quite enough
To melt a bit of
My cold frozen heart

That beam of light,
that shines so bright.
It warms my skin,
I try to soak it in.
I know winter will come,
and this feeling will be gone.
This feeling of complete peace,
as I feel my joy increase.
What a beautiful streak of light.

Out of the window, here comes the sky
Bright blue with warm honey golden sunshine
Penetrates through raindrops
Sparkles in the air
Beautifully sculpted
Though no one cares.

Please give credit if you repost it, thank you.
Sun Jul 15

7.30 a.m.
Sunshine is peeping through the blue curtains
Kissing gently  on my forehead
My eyelids smiled

8.30 a.m.
I wish you were the Sunshine....!

Every moment counts!
Alec Jul 12

Red hot glory
Is what I see in the morning
Inner halo of angelic light
Or perhaps a phoenix in flight
Feathers ablaze
Leaving a trail of grass covered in a fiery glaze.
Dimly lit fingers beckoning out
Reaching toward those filled with self-doubt.
A shooting star
A landed wish to end the universal war?
Surrounded by its family
An asteroid belt that impacted softly in the soil upon landing?
A family of blazing light
And morning's glory
That's meant for soaring
The very inspiration for what the Sun's got
Looks so out of place in this parking lot.

Naomi Hurley Jul 9

Fresh blades of grass brush
Along my bare feet as I
Glide through the front yard.

A cute haiku from me to you.
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