Bright and gloriously exquisite
         painting our world
          and oceans lovely
     sunshine splattered paint

The sunrise greets the morning dew,
to paint the sky with a vibrant hue.
The last night has passed and a new days has come,
advertised perfectly by a morning’s sun.
Alarm clock birds hold no button to “snooze,”
nothing left from yesterday, so now nothing left to lose.
Go hesitantly wipe the sleep from your eyes,
and politely greet the oncoming sunrise.

The blissful sunset that once held the night,
sped off within our starry eyes so fast.
The brilliant, blinding, shining light,
tragically drifted off, lost in the past.
It separates the long days from the glorious dreams,
and divides them into hostile, opposing teams.
A sunrise and it’s rays can always carry hope,
that maybe one day it’s possible to move on.
Either surprise fairy tale, or tasteless joke,
maybe my sense of humour is just somewhat wrong.

So remember to always bless a sunrise,
but never, ever more than a sunset.
Both light up the passing, fading skies,
that cover our shaking regret.
At night, we all strive only to peacefully sleep,
to kill the hours before the sun makes horizon’s leap.

MeanAileen Apr 19

the sun shines brightly
yet I am freezing inside,
just can't say goodbye...

Just a haiku

Cherry blossom bloom
Pink kisses under the tree
Romantics, prepare!

Aroody Apr 15

Break in frustration,  
Cry and grieve,  
Drown in your tears,  
Unless you believe,  

" That body dies and soul exists! "

Love of a husband,
Sacrifice of a wife,  
Support of a brother,  
A sister who meant life ,

Source of their good ,
Was from the soul,
Their selfless love,  
From the heart,

Body was merely a tool,  
A tool to convey an eternal love,  

May their souls rest in peace!!
As they did and will forever live

What has transpired
Has inspired
My desire
To rise higher and higher and higher
Then it ever has before.
Through the door
Clothes on the floor
Bodies squirming
Stomachs churning
Sweet spots pouring
Our bodies have cum to an end
A mess we tend
Then jump in bed
I rest my head
On your breast
Heart in my chest
Feeling unrest
In a way I can't detest
You see, you are the best
Friend I've ever had
So now I'm glad
We know each other through-and-through
No awkward blues
After the fun that we do.
You think I'm joking, but its true
I love you.

What has inspired me throughout life is the women I've been with. Not the sex, but the feeling of having a companion to be able to both love and be loved by. It teaches you a lot about yourself when you are caring for another in such a tender way.
sunprincess Apr 9

Hp's wonderful change
painting my world beautiful
like morning sunshine

sunprincess Apr 2

Sunshine and flowers
unexpected rain showers
and pretty rainbows

Inkveined Apr 1

On my own for the first time in my life

Through the streets I have wandered freely

Walking, running, living

The sunshine soaking through my skin

Rediscovering a world outside of myself

It has much beauty.

Visiting briefly but leaving again after I post these.
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