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Isaac 3d
smother my mother in my love
kisses to her armor, she can’t feel it
she even resists, but I keep repeating the steps
approach, appreciate, allow
kiss her cheek and bow
I don’t know how much longer I have with her
but I cherish each moment, each pocket of sunshine I savor
my queen, the empress
The shining example of a goddess
I thank god for her, for my family
I am finally understanding
Born to a winter season my thoughts have permanently obstained from chilly insatiable climates that wear on the mind
My thoughts can be only taken to places of warm phenomenons such as a summer day in California Thoughts taken to places of yesterdays and those of future days like a memory keepsake mirage Scenes from a dream accompanied by music takes me to days of a dreamy beautiful beach saunter in summer Or a nice cruise down a winding mountain thoroughfare with the breeze blowing through my hair
Rays of gold fulfills the soul and tempts me to dream bold help me hold my countenance and mold my heart to adopt love sevenfold
The old deceptive sky trick
looks warm to the eye trick
warm under glass
while my well shaded *** shivers

deliver the goods, spring

so yeah, them birds are singing
and blooms conspire too
making you think you’re good and clear
and it’s time for shirt sleeves

but these goosepimples beg to differ
Jakob A Frost Apr 26
The bright green vale & blue skies fade
As she blinds my eyes with silvery light
Like fireflies drifting by the glade
Her presence kindles the weary night
When gazing full she steals my breath
With those light eyes & short blonde hair
If I'm a frosty breeze, an omen of death
She's like spring; serene, a breath of fresh air
Em Apr 13
I choose an area where I can watch from afar
Sit on a bench covered in the clouds light tears from the morning
My red plaid shorts damp beneath me
A book sprawled on my lap, eyes tracing the outline of the sentence I can't stop re reading
"it's the truth even if it didn't happen"
I experience the sun blazing down on my thighs
I trace the red marks on my strawberry skin with my nails
Finding a strange sense of comfort in the burning sensation
A sense of knowing that no matter what
One can always expect the sun to burn
I don't like the thought of not knowing what to expect
the isolation in the unknown
I can trust that the sun will never stop sizzling my skin
And although it hurts, it's the safest I've felt in a while
Trying to get back into poetry again
Isaac Mar 27
unravel, untied, our love my love has died
it was yours then mine, but now it rests in pockets of time
pockets of sunshine, rack my memories to re-find
recollect your light, re-experience your mind
maybe if I hold on to it tight enough, the frequency ill be riding on
will re-attract you back, to re tether our hands together again
maybe that's too idealistic, maybe that's against the laws of physics
maybe I am just as stupid as this dream is
maybe I am broken for a reason
I don't know, I just thought it was special
the most saturated jewel tones
I don't know, I just thought it was something
the most beautiful to the most unknown
the sunlight gazes down upon your skin
highlighting the speckles in your eyes
you embrace them with a caring grin
while staring with the ocean tides

you shine like the sun on a stormy night
nonsensical yet charming
and when your eyes gaze so bright
the warning bells scream, alarming

your heat is a soothing fear
drawing me close
blinded by your debut premier
i could only throw a single rose

my light may not shine like yours
and my heat be as striking
but love, this warmth has been through wars
waiting for you, hiding

you are the beauty of my doubt
and the rose to my thorn
to you, i am devout
and by love, i am sworn
Stephen Star Feb 28
Diving into an endless void with never ending clocks that float in every direction

Ticking to time zones that no longer exist.
Cascading upside down I rise into a world
on a distorted path of the less traveled.

I land on a solid platform of rocks and rubble.
filled with no sense of security I walk towards a figure with a face of light projecting old memories onto a wall of painted pain.

It’s filled with uncomplimentary colors devoid of all light.

I float to the wall that was created on the tears of bad luck and I paint my yellow light down the wall in a single stroke.
It ages instantly becoming duller but
The yellow remains moving along with the other colors.

I move my hand against the wall as I am pulled upwards and I can no longer touch it and it eventually vanishes away.

I float higher looking up towards a light.
it engulfs me, now it is all that surrounds me.
Leaving my shadow with nowhere to land, so I caress them in my arms.

I hear clicking and I close my eyes.
"Have all the opportunities passed?
Have all the paths ended?"

I feel the warmth of everlasting sunshine on my skin
and the sounds of calming winds and rustling leaves.
I open my eyes to see a bountiful blue sky
of puffy white clouds and rainbow rays of sunshine.
with emerald green grass forming to the shape of my hands

and with no sense of purpose, I smile.
feeling so stuck in time. and in ways I don't mind being stuck. I smile knowing there will always be a beautiful sky above me and a soft wind blowing even if I'm not there to see it. Stuck. Am i writer? a poet? a singer? actor? content creator? am I all of these things or none of them? How do I begin? How can i be seen by the world but feel safe at the same time? How do I do anything when I feel like I know nothing.
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