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Savio Fonseca Sep 22
Our Lives are not always Pretty,
rarely it's coated in Colours of Gold.
A few bask in Rays of Sunshine.
While others, shiver in the bitter Cold.
At times, Life pictures joyful Faces
and at times, it has a empty Past.
Someone One Day, will fill your Spaces.
But see to it, your memories Last.
Tears like Leaves, will fall to the Ground
and your Memories, will turn Cold.
It's Love, that makes Life worth Living.
See to it that, it's never Sold.
When you step into the light
Feel the warmth on your skin
Let it fill your body and soul
Only then will you be truly happy
All you need is a little sunshine
To set yourself free
The warmth I get from you when your lips touch unapologetically,
As they softly poke each of your cheeks,
Ensuring your dimples leave a crescent that leaves the moon jealous.

It's a warmth sweater than a freshly baked apple pie,
stronger than the light that reflects off the lake's surface,
Softer than the apple-filled lake breeze that lifts your hair.

A smile,
so warm,
the sunshine started to feel cold.
my father sat in a pool
of mid-morning sunshine
on the raised patio
overlooking the garden
an open book in his lap
the dog asleep at his side
the lightest of clouds
decorating the horizon
and a whisper of leaves
his only distraction

as i rushed to the kitchen
for a hastily made
better-than-nothing version
of a flat white
that i wouldn't even enjoy
only ten minutes to spare
before yet another meeting
i paused for a moment
to take in this scene
resplendent as he was
peacefully present
behind the radiance
of diaphanous lace
breeze-rippled curtains
suffused with sunlight

a pertinent reminder of something
that i didn't have time to consider
Sunshine, Sunshine
Ladybugs awake
Move your hands and give a little shake
some days I grieve alone
as sunshine sounds obscene
no help or match for rain
not caring where it goes
to leave a chequered scene

the clouds hide their intent
build-up to manic heights
and storms attack our land
to savage crumbling shores
and saturate the nights

I stare in broken starts
I've seen too much that stings
with stoic eyes some pray
and mop the mud-soaked rooms
we wish our homes had wings
Summer Daze

Summer days
Playful playful playful
Days ablaze
Joyful joyful joyful
Days of rays
Summer days

Summer days
Peaceful peaceful peaceful
Days of play
Gleeful gleeful gleeful
Good ole days
Summer days

Summer days
Brightly brightly brightly
Break of day
Sunny sunny sunny
Bright all day
Summer days

Summer days
Burning burning burning
Heatwave days
Blinding blinding blinding
Solar haze
Sunny Daze

Bill MacEachern 3/21/23
David Hilburn Mar 19
The thrill of the chase...
A chaste example, to acquire a hill
Meant in dole and measure, the evening pace
Of a risen question, which has nerves to chill

Heat is a wavering sense of redoubt
Sent by accept and due a looking herald
Find a shadow of differ, with a comparison's pout
Share and weal to endow, a question of waiting held?

Maybe, a light has a wealth we can have?
Said to bared and curious, superiority
Will a stranger deed in the presence of need, pass?
Asking for the so, a mutual live to do, is am affinity?

Character is a reigning hope, to understate a gift?
Soul to deified how, in a calling to wryed eyes
When we are the eyes of rightness, risen of airs to lift
A season of justness, with a moment assuring silence...

Is the goal of sincerity...
Is the given of simplicity...
Is the god of serendipity...
Is the gesture of sakes city...

And the hill, of reason taken to reality
Of visions fortitude, a ply of when sense is too soon
Will we become like ourselves, at the sight of future integrity?
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