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I don't like
the shrill excitement of sirens
warning me of what's to come.
I would prefer
melancholy raindrops
tapping hints into my window from the sun.
I can go without a quick start
with the false hope of an emergency.
Please, just lift me gently
and promise me that there's no urgency
when you wake me for the day.
alarms just don't do it for me these days.
breaking morning with the birds,
she glides beneath the rising sun,
a vapor trail of sweat and spent breath
drifting in her wake.

muscles taut, brow poised,
a stream of hair - airborne ribbons,
and stones shudder beneath her feet.

thundering along the hillside,
she beholds the world as it fades from grey
and the truth of things is shown
with the death of night.

another mile and she'll turn around,
set course for home,

Meditate how you see fit. Do what you're doing, as you do it.
You invented a whole new shade of
Your skin and brown eyes in the sun
With your smile like flowers
tightly wrapped around my heart.
And your presence is a prayer
beyond words.
I give my life for you and your happiness.
Reappak 4d
Eluding the tunnel,
I adored the sunshine, above the yellow sunflowers

                           Which later blinded me!
A little too much is harmful guyzzzz!
Sometimes I wonder
If those who've never experienced the grueling lows of depression
Truly experience the moment
When the sun catches your soul in just the right way
And you finally feel warmth in your bones.
From my window
I saw Casa Loma stand still under sunshine
surrounded by forest of trees
green, pink, yellow
like a fairytale

I heard a whisper
"The princess has been saved out of the castle,
and sit beside me now"
I turned to you
you are smiling like sunshine
It seemed like everyone fell apart
The board never hit the dart

Everytime i tried to speak for myself
Felt like i was nothing but an elf

When no one was willing to talk
I just went for a little walk

I started to overthink and then came in my mind
No one was ever gonna be very kind

I just went to bed thinking tomorrow will be a better day
But who knew all the thoughts would get lost in the way

Then i thought of pulling a line
But yet there was no sunshine
Just a realisation of how everything works out
Tiana 5d
I was filled with sunshine
Like I've never experienced summer before
Everyplace you touch on my body felt like it was bursting with light
My checks hurt from the smiles
The giggles as you spin me around
My toes curling in the grass
A flower hand-picked from the ground
Loving the nature sounds
Warm in your arms
I can do this all day around
you are
my sunshine.
my love.
my rock.
my protector.
my big spoon.

you are the reason
for my smiles.
for the laughter through my tears.
for my sweet dreams.
for my hope and optimism in hard times.

i can't wait to marry you
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