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at dawn our suns shine
sideways—not above or below
anyone; time flows,
ego rises
Leone Lamp Apr 26
I've got a spot,
out there in the yard
It can sit, it can stay
But playing fetch is hard

I've got a spot,
where I like to spend my days
It takes naps in the sunshine
and together we laze

I've got a spot,
it can't run, it can't jog
But it's a very good spot
I think I'll call it Dog.
Dog is great and all, but someday, maybe we'll have a real Spot. And we can take it for walks, and play lots of games. In the meantime I'll have to live vicariously through others. So please post more poems about your goofy, fluffy, adorable or grumpy puppies. <3
deadhead Apr 22
this morning i saw
frost laden dandelions
shining in the sun
Some days feel like sunshine on your grandma's porch, warm,
safe, welcoming
Full of joy.

Some days feel like neverending tunnels, so
long, and dark
Like you can't wait for morning to come save you, but you
also feel like you're not ready to face tomorrow

Today's the latter
Tonight's the latter
deadhead Apr 17
the sun kisses us
while that good ol' Sublime plays
and the joint is sparked
These raining days
Colder nights
got me wishing
for sunshine
and warmer days
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏

To the sunshine in my day. The stars on a lonely night. Her voice is the only vaccine by which my boredom is cured. She fuels gleeful moments in my life. My dreams easily became true having found her earned me the most precious goal. To me she's worth beyond any diamond nor gold. She's my whole life my wife.
deadhead Apr 6
bright dandelions
poking through a field of green
like rays of sunshine
Moonwriter Apr 5
Most kids say that they grow up great

Well they lied cause my life was full of hate

But through that down fall

I learned how to build safe walls

Soon as you can see I am making poetry

And so far I am not going to drown

Not today or tomorrow

Cause I am on the rise
Most of my life my dad hated me for no reason and those time where hard for me and it was a long time. Till I learned how to set up safe walls to protect myself and then I am slowly but making my up rising to being happy and getting thing that I didn't know I could have life this girls I love
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