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Vineeth 3h
From my window I see each day passing
The fat old sun in the sky is falling
The silver moon in the night sky is shining
Casting a shadow and silently speaking
From my window I see each season passing
Yellow leaves from the trees are falling
Now the fat old sun starts crying
The rays of hope are slowly dying
From my window I see each year passing
Moving in time but not arriving
Now the fat old sun has been longing
A day amongst the clouds with silver lining
From my window I see the fat old sun is falling
Winter nights are rising
And the fat old sun is slowly dying
Elaine 1d
Like a thunderous storm cloud on the horizon it loomed:
The day when I would have to say goodbye to him and his family,
A family so much a part of me it felt as if they were my own

And the storm cloud neared, and lightning began to pierce my heart
I was unfamiliar with this sensation, with him as the storm,
Because he had always been a ray of sunshine in my life

What would I do without seeing his brilliant smile everyday
Without his kind heart, his unconditional love, his assurance that I was always enough
Without his whip-smart humor, gorgeous laugh, and mop of curls

I felt like I was losing him and his smile, maybe for good
Like the sun might never warm me with its rays again
But I had forgotten that the sun still shines when it can't be seen, even when it's on the other side of the country

And so he left to shine his light on another part of the world, but I always remembered how bright he burned
He illuminated my life from afar, and when he returned, he seemed to shine even brighter than before
I'm writing this as a present for a friend who moved away. It's a work in progress, so if you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it :)
Izzy 1d
I’m sitting out on the patio
Drinking a G & T
My heart swells and the sun is bright
And it’s shining down on me.

Sunflowers are blooming and I’ll pour just one more drink cause I’m addicted to the sunshine bubbling inside me with every sip

Gin and sunshine melts the world
My vision is blurred but improved
I’m fuzzy and warm and I feel a bit happy cause I’m numbing my senses from all of reality
I don’t wear a cape on my back, I wear all the tales of heartbreak like scars so that whoever I turn my back to knows I’m no stranger to disappointment.

I don’t fight evil with fancy gadgets or fight like violence was the first boy who ever intertwined their lips with mine, no I say all the right things, my words a honeycomb, my lies oh so real. I’ll bring out the good in the evil and right when it believes that my love is genuine I’ll show my back and walk away. That alone will knock anything down leaving it clasping it’s chest for air.

I don’t wear a mask because I don’t need a secret identity. I am already so confused with who I truly am behind all these metaphors, I don’t need another identity when I can barely figure out the one tied to my name.
clark 3d
sun spits rays through the clouds
beaming bright between ashen shroud
dripping white across tepid skies
seeping into the eyes of passerby
crawling, scathing claws of rain
skid along the world again
the water cycle never ends.
Yuki 4d
This is how I love
to remember you:
like a sleeping angel
while that faintest
light seeped through
the window in the small
hours of the morning.
open the window
and let the sunshine heat your bones
open the window
and let the sunshine create a smile
on your beautiful face.
Mae Jan 12
You were my sunshine,
My source of my happiness and everything.
Just a little shine of your smile,
Makes my day complete without a bad vibe.

You were my sunshine,
but one day a strong wind blew.
I was struck,
but you didn't knew.

You were my sunshine,
but one day you became a hurricane.
Just a single snap,
You were out of my life.
Beanie Jan 11
There are places in the world where beauty is abundant, where the creatures of the earth come together with ease and the horizon stretches far beyond your fingertips.

There are places in the world where the sunshine is golden and warm, the rain is light, and the breeze is gentle.

There are places in the world where children laugh and play without fear, where grandmothers and grandfathers sip iced tea and share stories of when they were young.

There are places in the world waterfalls rush over glorious cliffs, and the moon rises above the treetops, just out of reach from outstretched fingers.

There are places in you where the stardust floats through your veins, where the sunlight touches your flesh and lights you up into your core.

There are places in you where your vibrancy shines out, where you are warm and inviting, where the moonlight peaks softly above your head.

There are places in you where your love is abundant, where your soulfulness is spread like wings, and where your empathy glows like a halo above you.

There are places in you where nothing but love is found, where comfort is given freely, and where your beauty is gloriously plentiful.
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