Aflaha 11h

You bring me the sunshine

You bring me the stars

You come by to kiss me

In the sweetest of hours

Aflaha 18h

Bring me the sunshine
Bring me the rain

You promised to come by with
Forever for me, again.

I have earned a lot,
& Still in pursuit of more.
Wearing crown of smile
& Armor of faith.
Sometimes enjoying the sunshine,
& Sometimes battling the storms.
I am rowing ahead.
So, let these waves,
This time take me to a new place.

Life , a journey,keeps going on. And we are  Travellers. It can be stormy n lonesome at times or joyfull n blissful other times. No matter what have faith be optimistic .

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make my heart warm
when i'm freezing in memories.

You are my lullaby,
my only lullaby.
You never let my nightmares haunt me
when i'm sleeping in your arms.

You are my love,
my only love.
You brighten my days
when the sun is gloom.

cacti 1d

You know how does it feels like?
To stand infront of the sunshine?
You hurt your eyes by staring at the sun,
Yet you still stare with closed eyes.
The thing you see is plain-red,
Because it is way too bright.
After all these times knowing him,
Every single day,
I swear.
I came out of my room
only to stare at it.
I used to hate the bright,
For how deep I am
In love with the dark.
But I would like to thank him,
For reminding me of the sun.

For everytime I stare at the sun and smiled as bright. You remind me so much of the sun, lsm.


Loving you made me grow
In my life you brought glow
My love for you I'll show
Even if time is slow
Someday I hope you'll know

It's been awhile since I've expressed my thoughts through poetry. I'm grateful to be back and to write once again and this is for that one person that I'm truly grateful to have. I love you and let's meet someday, ljh ♡

She filled the entire sky.
The fold of clouds evened out.
She smiled regardless of weather.
Her smile peeped through the cracks of closed blinds.
Peeked between open spots of trees.
Her smile bright for all to see.
Highlighting everyone around.
All seamlessly standing still.
It was easy to become lost.
A young woman with rosy cheeks.
At first glance her dimple shown.
The corners of her mouth spread far.
Her perspective of warmth.
A fire resistant to element.
Every branch traced by her essence.
She was free.
Appearing without forecast.
Her intelligence spread far & wide.
No matter the storm she exerted her dominance.
Her smile a halo everlasting.
Yellow and white exuberated by an inspiration of her own.
The news anchor predicted overcast
Still she shone her brightest

I was a sunshine, But
He was just too blind,
Too dumb; too late to find,
Where my heart already binds
With his life line

inga Jan 12

her grey hair does not matter
                                             as long as
                                                        the sun's gold shines out of her soul

about getting old(er)
Amanda Jan 8

Love is like spring,
There will always be pain,
Equal parts sunshine;
Equal parts rain.

The thick sludge builds up,
It's hard to trudge through,
There are obstacles,
Involving two.

Then snowbanks unfreeze,
There are boundaries no more,
Now aware that this weather
We can no longer ignore.

Tears always fall,
Words always fail,
The love that we had,
Melts away with the hail.

Raindrops come down,
Into puddles they descend,
We have to face the bitter truth,
Our time has reached its end.

My heart is as broken,
As the ice on the lake,
I see the cracks and wonder,
If underneath it feels the ache.

Icicles are dripping,
Disappearing like oxygen,
Along with any chance I had,
Of being with you again.

The hole in my chest is the same size,
As the one in our ozone,
The season will soon be over,
The snow will thaw, I am alone.

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