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Maja Sep 2021
"There’s too many”,
And they looked at me.
Did someone stab me?
It felt like it.
And then they said my name.
Did someone twist the knife?
It hurts.
Grace Haak Mar 2021
To start your mornings with
blood on your hands
smearing across pages
and inspiring
And you must know
if you were to slice open
my veins would also
spill black fountain ink
If you were to sever my tongue
my hands would speak
for me
Go ahead and gouge my eyes
I can still see
And when I die I desire
to be cut as a cadaver
All the words visible
under paper-white skin
so they will know, too.
I do not aspire to be a skeleton
with brittle bones
I want blood
to pour with every pinprick
of a pilot pen pressed
on a page
But blood makes people squirm
Blood makes people gag
so I intend to
leave this world
with a crime scene behind me.
Let them shake and shudder
for they know not
the life they’ve lost
They live in fear of papercuts
and I carve myself open
again and again
And I will continue to
until I bleed out
and my ink dries up
If it sounds violent it’s
because it has to be
The world could use a
few more bloodstains
Makes it more uncomfortable
Makes it more interesting.
chang Nov 2020
in one of my dreams,
I was a witch.
burning .
at the stakes.
prodded by pitchforks.
stabbed with daggers
behind my back.
the talking was loud.
their hateful eyes were louder.
then i woke up
realizing the thin line
between dreams
and consciousness.
it almost made no difference.
ive seen those eyes somewhere.
of those who want to
burn me at the stakes ;
stab me with daggers
behind my back.
always been wanting to
darling, I am a witch
you could not burn.
b Aug 2020
i hate it here
in my head,
roaches live
inside my head
calling me
all sorts of names
wanting me
to stab my veins

i hate it here
where lays my heart
worms infested
the sinful scars
feeding into
this world of ours.
Poetic T Apr 2020
A serial killer,
            hangs up his hatchet...

To scared of a cough to indulge,
                 in a fulfilment of a hobby..

Takes up sewing...
Anastasia Jun 2019
See this crown, upon my head?
Made of knives, one slice and you're dead
My finger, tracing your neck
Then come my lips
The blade is next
Watch your mouth
And watch your back
Is it love or a heart attack?
Backstabbing isn't really my style
Darling straight in your face will make me smile
Looked you in the in the eyes
Shouldn't be a surprise
Inspired by Billie Eilish ❤
Fahad shah Jun 2019
Come, see, I have some pain in chest,
Come, let me put your arms around me!
Here, see the coldness in my soul,
Come let me hear the sound of your breath,

Come, hide yourself in my breast,
Come let's escape from this world
Let me steal from hearts of others
Come, Let me shed all the tears of grief,

I've a home, conquered by your absence,
A heart, stabbed by your desolation,
Let me be the consolation under your feet,
Come, let me hear my name from your tongue!
stopdoopy Sep 2019
so much to give
but so closed off

a glass
filled to the brim
waiting to spill

others take tentative sips
or pour it out completely

I just want to be savored
drank slowly over time
enjoyed through all seasons

while my heart may be punctured
oozing out love to anyone who looks
my bones are hard and sharp
waiting to poke through this flesh
and stab if need be

to want to love
so freely
to want to receive
the same

you'd think it'd be easier
to crack open this ribcage
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