Observing the profane sky in yellow
And the utter mountains arising alike fountains below
Why I'm nothing but another fellow
 What the best of oneness' able to bestow
Beneath the heart of earth, upside down, wheresoever's low

Sun 1d

I won’t let you be my last song
of my lost summer days
Will you let me be so?
You are my all seasons
around the Sun
You change your colors
I accept all of them, all of you

Do they matter in your favorite books
where pages turned bright or faded?
You are my that favorite book
I read over and over again softly
You take me so far
yet so close to your heart

How can the souls love so silently but
holding eloquent rapture in minds?
When you lean on to kiss me
Do you see the dark brown eyes
smiling to the entire Earth within you?

I ask to the sky to be your solace grace
I will accept your all fears in the darkest lane
But let me hold the candles

And if you be the reason of my tears
I will hide myself in the forgotten mountains dream
That you never dared to dream
Never found again in another life....

They fell in love in each dawn
Lived their dreams a little by little with each color of sunset
Adored a life that was the only one they learned to behold in their eyes
whilst accepting eternity....
~That is how they dreamed to be lived and loved
skye 2d

isn't it weird how nothing really exists? that we don't know what's real and what's fake and what our minds have crafted and what's concrete and whether anything exists because maybe this whole world is made up and i'm the absolute center of this world because this is my universe.
i'm not very good at making worlds.

we're the center of our lives. we don't know what exists. for all we know this could be made up. i don't know if you even really exist.

You watched me grow,
my colors shined like diamonds,
but you forgot about me.

You forgot how fragile I can be,
now I have fallen at your feet,
yet you can’t see me.

My tides break, My shores quake,
and my coral fray
washing away with the waves.

Climate change can be a serious thing,
it’s up to you how it changes.

You think you’re so small?
You think you don’t cause change?
Oh how ignorant you are,
you are too blind to see,
you even effect me.

Just because you can’t see something
doesn’t change if that something is real.
Just because you can’t feel something
doesn’t make it less physical.

You think you are insignificant?
Then look closer at your life,
for even now you’re affecting
your surroundings just by being here.

Is that not the point to living;
to experience and grow with
those experiences?

Well I am serious
we need to make a change.

Our Earth needs us to wake up,
and take notice of what we need to do
to help her to keep growing
and stop life from dying.

We need to make the change
before the climate makes it for us.  

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

If there were no edge,
Would you follow me in-
To oblivion?

In response to Molly's haiku -Ends of the Earth https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2041928/ends-of-the-earth/
emma l 4d

breaking bones
grinding them to dust
let your skin shrivel
let the sun soak it up
you belong to the ground
your heartbeat,
your spine,
your stomach
girls like you don't stay above ground for long
it's time to go home
lay in the dirt
no pain, all peace
the earth misses your breath
swallow fallen teeth
and sink

The day I  knew
How happy feels
I woke up
From a deep sleep
God had resurrected me
He saw my heart
He saw my faith
I knew the day would come
And He did the most wonderful
He wiped all tears of
The broken hearts
He destroyed all the wicked ones
I was in a paradise
Exactly how He promised
The best thing was I did
Not know how it  felt to have  
a broken heart
It was not even a possible thing
And the past went away and
The angels rejoiced
And we were perfect
I can still feel your stare
Like you had seen a tender
thing but it was me!
That was the first
Time my heart felt

Things from the future some thing I imagined

Painted gold and set afire
Sky embraces earth, eternal
Conversation of light & darkness, serenaded by melodies of awakened life......  do not sleep yet

Arise....walk out to greet the Night

And Even if we miss the SUNset, the afterglow still rewards us for heading out to walk water's edge lit by glowing embers of dusk


Earth, a simplistic nature of complex understanding that buries beauty underneath it's own realities.

Realities that are predermined by ancestors of past that left no hope for future life, future life that are yet to be discovered.

Life that will be struck by unattainable solutions, though solutions that brings hope. Living through lies, lies through which new promises are made.

Earth, a simplistic nature of false prophets.

Molly 6d

If I ran for the
horizon, would you follow
me over the edge?

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