though you and I
have yet to travel
very far on Earth
through the night sky
I’ve lost count
of all the stars traversed

Angie S 2d

in eons the Earth
found the means to create
a wonderous world populated
with lush forests, rippling oceans,
and life bursting from every corner

and yet, the planet
still spins in the same direction
the moon still
borrows her light from the sun

then tell me
what's the use of
wishing on shooting stars
they've seen every unchanging moment
they know each story ends the same way

the flowers i've planted
have never bloomed, nor felt spring
all these years i believed
with enough water i could do

perhaps i need to
plant my flowers elsewhere
or perhaps i should
accept this broken universe

i want to thank the hello poetry community for being so supportive of my poetry over the past month or so. a lot of them have trended and the comments i've gotten are so nice! maybe i don't get as much feedback as other poets, but it's okay :)

my whole life i've tried to fix things
but doing so has broken me

I see the earth
I open my arms
She smiles at me with all her charm
I feel at peace there’s only calm

She offers me adventures free
In rocks, forest and in the sea
I’m grateful for all she gives to me
The way she encourages me just to be

Imparting electrons through bare feet
You are my spa, you’re my retreat
Grounding me, healing me
Balancing me intentionally

My earth, my Gaia in the sun
Giving energy to everyone
A biosphere of pure delight
All for good you would invite

We see the earth
We open our arms
She smiles at us with all her charm
We feel at peace there’s only calm

Seema 3d

Laying on the ground
Watching the sky
Mind picks the surround
While glimpsing up high

Another earth, another universe
Similar beings, like on earth
A galaxy full of planetary diverse
Is there another place of my birth?

Weird thoughts rush in my brain
As I close my eyes and float away
Catch a shuttle as my train
And out to look for another way

In the space, its darkness around
None familiar like our own
So many asteroids aggressively surround
My shuttle suddenly sucked and thrown

Another world, another place
No earth but all looks same
My radars down, shuttle at race
I soon realise why I came

The emptiness of this new find
Parallel planets, yes I survived
If only I could go back and unwind
With many tries I thrived

Eyes open, watching the sky
Shuttle sucked out from my mind
I left the other place without a bye
It's not my home, not my kind

Where I am now, is better already
I would live here than to find another
Life is well fine pacing steady
This universe is good living than the other...


We're like the ocean and space
Two different entities that from afar, gaze
Two entities admired for our greatness
Elements of unknown and mysteries are what we possess
Our deep rooted issues are always hidden secrets
And you love in waves but I love with distance
And we love each other despite our incoherence

bring me a slice of the sky,
a bucket full of sea water,
a handful of the earth's soil,
and a breath full of hope,

for I would pray to unseen powers,
to fuse and mold,
humanity with nature again,
rinsing the sins of both,

and we shall learn to respect,
the age-old tryst,
which existed,
between the gods, we don't remember,
and the humans we once were.

              want to be able
                       to feel the earth rotate
      with somebody.
                    Maybe it's because I
am lonely, Considering
               the closest thing to
the earths                               rotation
                   that I have felt with
                                     somebody has
been when
                 they rotate in my

‘Had an apple, ended up here
Is this hell?
Can I now have more apples?’
Asked Adam.

And yet she moves, silently,
spinning and swirling endlessly
revolving, around a rousing star,
elegant ballet stealing radiance

indulging in warmth, in glacial
space unfathomable sphere
of incandescence, fluid rubicund
lava leisurely turning into blue

water, mystifying evolution
randomly combining hydrogen
and oxygen elements to unfold,
a liquid carpet englobing

all, to the mercy of a pale
faced moon, meticulously keeping
a distance so perfect and rare
to bear, mutating molecules

spontaneously deciding to form
cells, eager to evolve slowly
birthing life in its depths, breathing
to ensure, generous exchange

a fair give and take, a cycle where
harmonic balance is
the orchestrated oeuvre
of an omnificent composer

inventing notes of gravity,
creating abstruse species
out of fantasy, only to craft
itself a witness, capable

of understanding the amazing
wonders it ceaselessly unfurls.

On Earth
VS 6d

The distance between your heart and mine
Is like the farthest place on Earth
Far-off places come to mind
Like Jakarta, Tangiers, and Perth

Take a flight roundtrip on my dime
Then you'll know what your love is worth
For the the distance between your heart and mine
Is like the farthest place on Earth

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