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The sun skims
the blue dome;
the ice rims
the sea's foam.

The Lord's grace
the ball break
the deep space
that's deep fake.
The sun was just an ordinary star
Till earth came into existence
And proved that it was very special
It's truly something very bizarre
Because even amongst billions of stars
The sun is somehow still special
Exact reactions had to occur in precise moments with billions of years of work going into making you, so why do you say you're not special?
A caring mother we love to exploit.

Cox 2d
Petals brown- shrivelled.
Not pretty enough to live in this ground.
Silent sound.
Mother Earth bound.
No flowers bloom,
no floral crown.
I’m just an ugly daisy- a clown.
The sun’s love for me, never found.
For now, I’m in search of a new home ground.
Just as the
dawning sun
kisses the sleeping Earth,
your smile brings
warmth and light
to my
Four men from the break of dawn
With axe, hacksaw and *****,
Back and forth swaying their head,
And with their mighty brawn
Were hacking down a giant factory
That took small space on earth
Nurtured by air, water, soil from its birth,
Finally it was razed with great victory.
It was a factory which gave oxygen
That could not be gauged by men.
It provided food and shelter
To many creatures without ever to falter.
Without asking for anyone's labour
To them it did unconditional favour.

After a few days came there many men
To build another giant factory again.
They with great vigour cleared the sod
Built a factory with bricks and iron rod.
It was a factory that took over large area,
Workers feared diseases in their trachea
For it ceaselessly vomitted black smoke;
By its noise neighbours to their horror awoke.
I kind of believe nature. Nature had decided to hit the reset button 5 times. Now the sixth i don't think nature had anything to do with corona

Its just us,Humanity as a whole paying for all the sins that we committed or its just another game by the underworld to  profit the hidden communors and crème de la crème.

Either way humanity doesn't deserve to be alive, for all the resources that we have and all that we salvaged in the few thousand years, we just rotted to become worse than what we were.
Long live the planet.
lua 7d
when the sun dies, the moon will burn brighter than it did before
a silent cry of light
as celestial tears run down the moon's crater-filled face
and drips into the ocean
as the waves swell and swallow
like a rip in space
a blackhole
once the sun takes its final breath
when the sun dies, the earth shall be a witness
and would die too
as the sun burns through everything in reach

when the sun dies, so shall the moon.
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