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Joseph 12h
Witnessing leaves falling from a tree,
Gracefully drifting, undecided, to the ground below,
The Earth welcoming, as a family to a returning son,
Embracing the gift of nourishment,
As to the creatures which call her home,
Trees, animals, earth, all playing a game,
A dance in the circle of life,
Not one superior,
Not one dispensable,
Together they share,
Together they play.
Together they love.
Samruddhi 18h
What does he wants?
He just wants someone to be there,
to keep a check on him,
cause each day he is so much new
while still staying upright in the sky's blue!!

What does she wants?
She wants someone to contain all her love,
to simply bind her emotions into one,
cause each day she slowly ages
while trying hard to get free from all the cages!!

What does he wants?
He wants someone to wait just for him,
to be there looking out admist the clouds,
cause the clouds try to blur his sight
while for her, he is trying so hard to shine bright!!

What does she want?
She wants someone who can give her the space,
to simply let her be her own self,
cause each she deals with a hell lotta faces
while tying them together with love bounded laces!!!
Andrew 21h
The sun lights my sadness, My heart
Is like an early Earth, where no joy is birthed,
Merely consumed by iron flames and gray rock.
From my blankets I turn, to face the Suns smirk,
He knows dew drops and seas of which I’ve yet to dream;
He knows the door I hide behind shall never lock.
And my heart joins me at noon, when gloom of early day
Resides to memory, and only then I see the sky cream,
The grass green, and my tall hope hiding behind the willow tree.

I reach, tall as I am, yet to no success, I am cursed to remain
sad; and once more, as horizon captures the foolish Sun,
Does my heart light my night and from it I can never run.
It feels as though happiness will join
faa 1d
with the clock ticking restlessly
as my heart fondly wishes
to rest my palms against your dips
the valleys your waist had created
full of mountainous curves
the arch of your back carving hills
there's no denying that your rivers
so onyx, bringing Styx to shame
cascading down your mid-back
each strand flowing so elegantly
my hands desiring to feel its silky texture
and to finally let our fingers intertwine
the twigs growing on our trees
now blooming iridescent florae
the mundane in you never existed
for the emerald in your irises
flusters butterflies as they flutter
their wings carrying them curiously
to view your angelic ethereality
which was, not so ethereal;
but more grounded, rather earthly
it is unfair to profess you as my angel
as you represented mother nature
you are my Paradise Lost
for Gaea trembles at your divinity
my Earthly Venus, you have captured me
under your trace of beauty
i'm forever under her spell
I often hear the soft echo
Of earth's cries
She just wants someone to listen to her
She is aching for the brush of fingertips against her waist
For heartbeats to pound in unison
As a symphony takes place
misha 3d
lift me
up with you
and you take
me to heavens
where no one
has explored

and you show me
the universe
and it's end
oh how much
i'd love to
fly with you

with those
majestic wings
that are
so powerful
that all
the mortals
stop and wonder
what creature
fell to us,
in this hell
down below

and we
all look
up towards the
and see you,

blocking the sunlight
from us,
giving us shade
from this heat
we thought maybe
you'd watch over us,
cool us down
and guard us

but your
wings are
wings of
the devil.
jerelii 3d
in the summer attraction
the luminous water
drop above the emotional sky
limitless feeling
poured beneath
unto my feet

subside to my inner reaction
blessed by the creation
gratitude sprinkle
with freedom and happiness

i am
amaze of what the nature
could give
to live with the energy of its spirit
wrap it all around my soul
as my body move automatically
like the wind blows
like the flower grows
like it flows naturally

so let me dance
and follow
the gaze of an epiphany
as it flourish the golden hours
of time and space
pleasure i find from tranquility
releasing it
in the hidden treasure land

beyond the living things
that we’re savoring for
i’m awe and stunnned by every moment
that i spend
take it while it last for an hour
earlier while i’m on my way to work
i felt love because of the beauty of the nature
and it rained too. Rain + nature = Love
grateful to experience that :)
and love seeing this kind of things
one had the eyes of seas,
pupils of pain.
mouth poured out floods of
restrained stories
that caused their cup to overflow.
raindrops for fingertips,
not sure whether i was left
breath-taken, or as a fish
out of water.

another, with windswept hair,
windswept attitude,
dismissive, difficult, distant.
never seen, always felt,
didn’t want to be held,
or understood.

the next had matches for lashes,
a flame for a tongue,
opinionated, set alight
anything that didn’t sit right,
passionate for all the
wrong reasons.

but he, he was true to roots,
bloomed where planted
joints connected by the soil.
connected with many,
lost in none, none quite like him;
everywhere you walk,
he always finds you first.
9:26 am

The people I meet in dreams don't remember who I am. I knew you back then, I say. You know me. But I think about the ways I am different from then, how fear made me shift in ways I can't describe.

There isn't enough time to tell the stories of my becoming,
as I am still becoming.

Winter is my season. No stranger is the cold, dry air to my nostrils. The wind whips my face, lashes for every breath taken for granted.

Ice awakens ancestral knowledge,
not of human origin but geologic time.

When did we become vessels for truth? For the words on my lips crawl from a well of pain, fragments bubble to the surface.

Pieces to a puzzle only I can solve.

I wonder, does the core of our planet feel the way we do? Does she writhe in pain the way we do? Is she lonely, like me? Does she feel alive when the sun beats across her face, and does she dance across space to feel alive, like I do?

Earth wept when we plotted her demise, victim to the narrative of a civilized society. Human progress is nothing but power and glory.

How have I been so complicit in your suffering, I ask.
The Earth remains silent.
life is really hard RN and I don't know how to talk about it, here is a poem.
GreenTrees May 2015
Love with its picturesque mountain peaks
one finds oneself opening their hearts to the unending sky of dreams
Down to its deep fertile valleys
where we worked the soil with hardened hands
and perseverance of heart.
At the land's edges where waves of emotion lap against its jagged shores
we find tranquility in the sound of its crashing waves.
In the high deserts where life still abounds and its fragile existence yields to the windswept nature of chance.
In its open fields where our desires roam care free
to it’s densely wooded areas where we frolic in the beauty of its simplicity.
In its grandness we are but the migratory animals who seek it's bounty from season to season.
From it we are born and die but the land remains to remind us that love endures and its beauty exists to teach us to adapt to all of its wondrous and various forms.
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