An extreme indifference seizes me
and it multiplies the senselessness that I have and it envelops me
And I forget the desire that less and less involves me.

The sun will extinguish
The galaxies will collide
And all the feeling that today run wild will be lost in infinity to know new creation and destruction.
I guess unconsciously
It would be the most beautiful destruction since in putting my heart in my mouth
I asked you not to leave but it's over.
chewing it up to just vomit it in a thousand directions.

Humanity will be history
This story will be empty
And everything that is being felt today will presumably be nothing fused with everything.
Something like a cosmic joke
Where while we laugh or we cry
Unbelievable and inconceivable laws create a future in which humanity will be dust, finally making its peace with the cosmos.

You will forget the few certainties that
we have and I will forget the poem I’m writing with this small circuit of light that will someday be eternal darkness.

Almost like an insult to the past
Or a "let's repair mistakes" starting from scratch
But there are so many trillions of memories left behind
That I think even God would lose count.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I already know where you'll be
I already know where I'll be
And we will not be together
But for now tell me where are you
And I will forget everything.
From her perch
Above the sky
Our Mother Earth
Feeds her children.
And with her
She watches us
Our large and
Another one from my short "feeling"series.
To see her smile,
Beyond the sky,
Great Mother Earth who brings us life,  
And hear her voice,
Among the stars,
Our kind and gentle guide from strife,

I'd give it all;
One Hundred - fold,
And all the days 'til I grow old,
To pierce her veil,
Of endless blue,
Each second,  a treasure to behold.

To see a world,
Beyond the black,
I'd leave,  and i might not come back.
But were all men
So brave and bold,
We'd enter space with fierce attack.

"It's only human, "
I've heard say,
"To ponder over a life in space, "
But if ever
We leave this place,
Will it save our human race?
A moment in time.  That's all it takes to be inspired.  A starry night.  A comet. The SpaceX Tesla launch...
em>Dear Space Adventurer,
Don't forget to catch the stars,
To fluff the clouds as you would
Your own pillows before rest.
Sprinkle stardust on our noses,
Build our dreams from rocks on Mars,
Glide across the Milky Way,
Meet imaginations at misbeliever's nest.
Weave galaxies to our dreamcatchers,
To prove beauty's not far,
Parted ways in planet; lives,
The night finally mergered, coalesced.
Lay us to sleep in the Moon's craters,
Constellations sewn with yarn,
Cloak us in with sunrays,
Astro routines on repeat, Earthlings at its crest--
All feedback is welcome!
Bee 2d
I would re-name the planets after galaxies in your eyes.
The stars finally know what it feels like to burn with envy.
There are constellations tracing the soft skin of your back.
Following dips and curves, I would draw maps with two fingers
of everything that matters.

Freshman science taught us about untouched miracles;
and just like that-
the ultraviolet cosmic phenomenon
fixed us to spiral arms in far-away planetary
nebulas, like the ringed Cat’s Eye.

The milky skies whispered
so that only we could hear,
"Heaven's dust will fall"
You feared last night you could hear the earth
cracking under the weight of the universe,

paralyzed with a crippling guilt
you'll only see the stars after they've died.
Neighboring nova would spectate
our telescopic wavelengths-
needing the prisms to reflect on

our kaleidoscope refractions.
No matter the efforts of a tangible spectrum,
one could never quite touch our frequency.
Between lazy and lively,
our whitecap love remained visibly invisible.  

Our infrared vessel to space, raced clusters of runaway stars
past post-distant intergalactic bodies,
shooting through beasts, astrologies, gods.
We window shopped stellar bursts of dust clouds
above our clouds, a gravity shelter.

Meteors became our faithful companions
glowing gassy flowers of dusty debris.
The pressure (we couldn’t touch) generates combustion;
atoms gazing psychedelic pinks, greens,
soothing tones of aquamarines.

Ever since then you've been the glittering
black hole, heaving me in.
The only thing I’m able to taste is  
the way your luminous Milky Way kiss
gives gifts of halos to terrestrial light rays.

But the flavor of your lips are the
battalions inspiring the star shining front lines-
Sensitivity a marathon taking laps
to the moon
to Pluto and back, the long way.

Blizzards of stars rewrite our language
in the moon beams,
guiding us past lost letters to Pluto.
How do you sleep among dancing stars
while the rest of the universe watches?

I made my home in your eyes
and you made your home in the sky.
Amanda 3d
A frosty evening
Grasping onto moonlight
Never releasing hold

The snow breathes
Quakes gently back and forth
Rocking the earth to sleep

The fog scampers in
Blanketing the clammy air
Then abandoning it's call

The wind barks through the night
Until day breaches
Unwritten contracts broken
I wrote this a long time ago, i was in middle school so about 10 years ago. I do like it but it is very vague in its essence.
Caro 3d
I caught it once,
that small, delicate pause:
a hummingbird moth
kissing a white flower
just as the last stars were fading
and the soft exhalation of the day
tumbled forth.
There was no fanfare,
no glorious sunrise -
just a quiet voice which whispered:
Listen; the earth
dreams through you.
I can see in your eyes
                          nothing that lies.  
Cost paid in one glance
                          confused in a trance.
Suffering cries I can't deny
                           pleading wishing to die.
Extremely sad
                   remember better times had.
Courage deep
                     take a decent leap.
I won't leave you behind
                           you'll find I'm kind
                          even easy to your mind.  
    We'll work on the grind
                                                fast forward
                             Strange Beautiful Mess
too much stress
                             very intense.
           Time to take on a little less.
             bypass all hate
       redefine your fate.
                                         Go on
                     Heaven's Gate.
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️ wish I knew what else to say to you. Hoping I get closer every time. Just want you to be free flying like you deserve. Love you.
"We do not own the earth, we are part of it." These wise people understood that what we take or use, we must return in kind to maintain balance and equilibrium. Clearly, modern man with all his applied learning and technology has forgotten this. Subsequently, we currently face ecological disaster and eventual extinction because of our hunger for power and a few pieces of gold.
let me be clear, i did not write this! but i absolutely love this and needed somewhere to save it where i will never lose it/can use it again.
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