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Broken World
Oh! Broken world
siNg me to s1eep Tonight
Tell me story
please speak true
Tell me story of me and of you
Crown my face
With rose tinted Glass3s
fOR I AM your chilD
i am your
Keep me living through thick and thin
In this sweet sweet lullaby
Oh broken world
Oh so perfect world
Sing me to sleep tonight
Another refined string of texts from a mental breakdown **
The way its written, broken and gramatically incorrect, is purposeful!
Jessop 16h
The age of man has dawned,
Like a red sunrise we flourished,
The light of our world.

By the skin of our teeth we clawed our way out of the mud.
And into the future.
Great generals lead us to war,
Great scientists into the future.
We endured for centuries,

Year by year, decade by decade,
We lived and learnt.

Until eventually
Like sunset we faded gently into the night,
The end of an age
A very brief history of humanity, skipping all the fun bits really
Can't remember last time
I knelt down to dig in the dirt
but I do recall all us boys who'd climb
the sandy loam pile in the yard

to make castles, caves and highways
and let our fantasies reign -
oh what glorious days
when fun was simple and plain.

We cared not about smudges
holey pants or muddy feet
had not learned about grudges
nor become expert in deceit

hadn’t yet been betrayed
enough to live in hurt
and conjure all the ways
we could spite and spread dirt.

Maybe every now and again
I'd benefit from kneeling down
and digging deeper grain by grain
in earthy dirt - to find my being’s ground.
Primitive of the lands the hallowed turf
Sylhet is unique is written in stone!
As if the enduring heavenly dew
streamed down on this patch of land!
Naturally the hidden gem its in her element.
Her very soil the complete colour wheel matches
The birthplace of the great prophet Muhammad!
Destined to be the golden cut above the rest.
Amusing the heaps of the mindful minds
Sylhet stands on cloud nine eye to eye with
the pivotal soil of Makkah the centre of the earth!

Ah, the deep footed earth how mystique black
beneath it every morning the sun off the heaven’s hill
spreads a new diaphanous gold-light-rug, yet to paint
a footprint, a colourless magic, let alone the centrepiece!
Listen to the morning birds sing here deep in the midst
mellifluous-shrills fill the air unveiling dream scenes!

The times anew numerating the bounties of our land.
Craving to sip in a dew-potion on our blossoming rose
cirrus clouds dance over the billowy sea here they drop!
Banish the midday blues singing the deep sea’s song.

Nestled amidst the Rivers Surma, Kushiara and Monu
Perched on the shades of the trees each one is a canvas
glows with changing six seasons as they swing and leap
in the branches and murmur with the breeze.
Stunned angels on their way heaven taking one more
sunset potted in the starry bowl look back at the wee hours.
They can hear pianissimo on this shrouded perennial end.
It never falls asleep is awake with a numerically perfect
circle of 360 spiritual dynamos from the centre they hailed
with a handful of earth and lived here as it matched.    

A deep seeded truth, rock solid Shilahatta in Sanskrit.
Clothed in an enduring vesture skookum Sylhet loops in
with the Hebrew Bible’s Shalet, a ruler, a shield!  

The ****** earth sways moulds into a mole.
Ah, the little drops make the mighty ocean.
And with a single word on the lips
the maestros’ great epics begin to be told.
Just with a mundane handful of earth
Primed Sylhet masterpiece begins to unfold.
Keeping you on board with the whole ball of wax
lo, it unveils the mirror of the face of the earth!

Plopped still in the inside track amidst the full show
with the whole nine yards on her least hold!
Believe it or not Sylhet is cherry-picked chosen by ***!
The subject matter is about a land possessing a deeply seeded truth. The prime significance of which is its scattered afar but matches the pivotal soil of the centre of the earth!
Isaac 2d
Compared to most creatures,
Our life on Earth is long.
The question is will we
Live full and finish strong?
Written 12 November 2018
Riding the streets listening to the beat
Earths rhythm is obstreperous
Waves and flat surfaces
Garden of eden
poisonous fruits
Could be deadly or maybe not
Distance of the trail
Will form your boat
Go ahead be free go set sail
When you want to get away but cant so you stick with it.
The natural environment taken over
Leaves once green sadly no longer
Corporations rule our land
Finding glass and plastics in our sand
The sad truth is this
Can we reverse it
Recycle and reduce
Every bit that you use
Stop being lazy and recycle. You may not think much about it, but every action counts.
Ana Roe 4d
I could drown in your eyes
Pools of deep brown that remind me of earth
Holding a kindness that I am not worthy of receiving
I feel as if they could see right through me
Peer into my soul and see the secrets I've kept hidden
Ones that contain fragments of you
That I dare not say out loud
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