nish 14h
someone on this earth has asked
to find out what it means to love
i could never answer
for i know just as much

tell us this, don't hold back
if love is blind
how does one feel
love at first sight

what kind of things
does blind love see
someone is asking
someone is me.
have you ever been in love?
This world can not be saved

not from us

not from the murderers

not from the writers or poets

nor the political promise of the buried dead

it must suffer at our hand

our cowardly calloused hand

the gibbet of history looming large

we, the scaffold in it's treacherous shadow

this world can not be saved

not from us

not from the proliferation of the atom

not from the genius of a Nobel mind

nor the terror of a hungry belly

it must suffer at our disgression

at a choosing of our time

it is not safe

from the madman or the sane man

who share a common lodging

nor will it find shelter in its own harbours

refuge in its oceans

oxygen in its air

it is not safe

not from us

it must bear the weight of our footprint

it must suffer the wounds of destruction

the infrastructure of abhorrence

it is not safe for the lungs of life

it can not breathe our poisoned fumes

it must suffer in our orbit

perish in our banality

clothed in ill fitting rags of indifference

this world can not be saved

it is not safe

Not from us
A dark shadow glides across the burning asphalt
    and stops while I fly past
    one foot in front of the other

A spider, I thought
     no, couldn't be
     too long to be one, and slow

Scorpion was the next thought
      no, couldn't be
      they do not call this area home

I had to stop my stride and turn
      sneak to where that dark blur rested

A long blue streaked tail
               fading into lightning strikes

A baby, or perhaps a toddler

All I know is that it's
  and fast.
  like me.

It made the grueling heat on these back streets
   worth the suffering.

Is it suffering if it is what I crave?
bri 2d
do you ever think
   the universe is too big
for you & me?
vast amounts of space
& only one Earth.
one green & blue place full of
life & love

        there's endless places in the galaxies
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2017
It’s still hanging low
since the moon
came down so close.

The seven seas dance
beneath her polished feet
but could never touch it.

Then the intact moon,
in fact, once did unleash
only when one popped
out ahead of the rest.
Down from earth
luminary Muhammad
Peace be upon him
pointed his finger towards it.
And into two halves
did the Moon split!

But the man wouldn’t touch it
remained with us all
with every human the Moon dwarfs!
Commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of his miracles was that he split the moon after the pagan Makkhans asked for a miracle.
bri 3d
Isn't it funny
we didn't ask for this.
No one asked for life
but when someone wants
to make a choice to end it

.... the whole world shatters.
bri 3d
You move me,
the way the weather,
moves the earth.
Pushing me,
pulling me,
until you're calm.
And then,
the world is okay.
7 18 2018

The wind
My gentle friend
Blowing away my stress
And calming soothing. my heart from sin

Simply floating
Upon your brushes
Reminding me
Of all my past crushes

Water fire earth and lightning
What in this world
Doesn't excite me
It's like a painting. That goes on forever

The flowery fields and meadows
The melody of the oceans bellows
The starry nights and cloudy days
Warm cold and in between. A place

We call it home
We all live here
So close so near
But we are never dear

For our fear of each other
Keeps us all away
From holding hands. Drawing hearts
In the beaches sand

Open your arms to your nearest neighbor
Tell him hello
Can i do you a favor
Or run away and be shy like me...

Iam quiet calm an autistic creepy
I like cheese trees cats bees
Not fleas or mosquitos
But ants landybugs and many of these things we live and deal with

Its a wonderful place
If you open your eyes
The tallest mountain peaks
And that nearly endless blue saphire sky
Iam an anti social.
Sometimes. I just mumble
But never stop talking. Mostly
You will be the sun, and I the moon.
I will reflect the light, the shine that shines from you.
I so close but you so far, almost just a distant star.
When you apper I will leave, but I still see your light, still reflecting your shine.
In between us the earth, that we both see, for this we both care.
The earth, the love and without us it would not be there.
In a sky of stars, I cannot take my eyes of you. I cannot exist, cannot fight without your light.

Inspired by TSPoetry
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