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xyvernah May 2022
I don’t live just to please you
I don’t live just to open my leg for you
I don’t live just to let you hear my moan
I don’t live just to provide your ****** lust

I live for myself

you are the owner of your body
you are not a ****** object
you are a human being with a heart and emotion that lives for your own
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
U chained Me, with your Eyes
and choked Me, with your Love.
I long so much, for your Hand.
Coz U are, an Angel from Above.
Your Kisses, are Sweet as Honey
and pour, like the Torrential Rain.
They sow My Heart, with Love
and relieve Me, of all My Pain.
If U ask Me, for the Stars.
I'll bring down, the Moon to U.
I'm Happy, to see U Smile.
Underneath the Sky, that's Blue.
Paint Me, your Rainbow Nights.
Each time, We get in Bed.
Coz I want to Hear U Moan.
Before the Sun, shows it's Head.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
We were chasing Our Desires,
in the Middle of the Night.
On the Waves of the Ocean,
the Moon shown it's Light.
Her Boat began rocking,
the minute I kissed Her Lap.
My Hands went for a Stroll,
all around Her Map.
It was below Her Waist,
where I lay My Head
and began nurturing Her Spot,
as She lay moaning in Bed.
Early the next Morning,
We touched the Shore.
But My Woman whispered,
that She wanted some More.
Savio Fonseca Nov 2020
Our Nights have never been,
so Romantic Before.
When U are in My Arms,
I can't ask for anything More.
U unwrap your Feelings,
by the touch of My Hand
and pour out your Passions,
like the Grains in the Sand.
As We go rocking Our Bed,
on sheets that are Blue.
Our Nights turn Wholesome,
Our Dreams come True.
I keep touching your points,
under a Blanket so Warm.
U Moan like the Waves,
that are caught in a Storm.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
Last Night We Escaped,
to a far away Place.
To be on Our Own
and have our Own Space.
As I played My Tongue,
inside Her Mouth.
I Rolled in a few Kisses,
from Her North to Her South.
I stroked Her Silky Body
and relieved all Her Pain.
She Moaned and Whispered,
"Once more, Again."
I kept feeding Her Passion
and all that She Desired.
Kissing Her every Piece,
from the Talent I had Acquired.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
My Heart Whispers,
U are the chosen one meant for Me.
U are the Woman in My Life,
so inch a bit closer to Me.
Let Me make the Journey,
from your Knees to your Hips.
Later savouring your Rosebuds,
with mouth watering Sips.
Thou art a Beautiful Soul,
from Out and Within
and I desire to write My Poems,
all over your Silky Skin.
As My passionate Strokes,
invade your inner Space.
U Moan and Whisper,
taking My Name with Grace
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
Bring down the Blinds,
at Quarter past Eleven.
As Tonight the Two of Us,
shall both be in Heaven.
At Half past Eleven,
as I make Love to U.
I bring back fond Memories,
of the Love that U Knew.
As I play,  
Puppet on your Show.
U Dictate positions,
which way We Go.
As your gentle Kisses,  
Rain upon My Face.
I begin slowly,
Quickening up My Pace.
With each stroke of Mine,
U keep moaning My Name.
Dawn shines it's Light
and Climaxes both Our Flame.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

For an hour
every wildflower
beseeches her,
"To thy breast,

But she is mine;
her lips divine
and her ******* and hair
are mine alone.
Let the wildflowers moan.

Published by Songs of Innocence. Keywords/Tags: Love, wildflowers, lips, *******, hair, virginal, moan, moaning, ***, passion, desire, divine, divinity
Marri Nov 2019
You light me aflame with passion so bright.
You draw me close with your hypnotic trance.
In your warm embrace, everything feels right.
When it's us two, together, our hearts dance.

We slowly forget all we've known before.
The heat of the night makes us moan and melt.
Our lips, and lungs gasp for air; beg for more.
Unmatched to anything we've ever felt.

You. My soul's Master, taker of my sin.
Me. The light of your life, fire of your *****.
You explore every inch of my hot skin.
I'm yours to feast upon, yours to enjoin.

Nothing will ever extinguish our fire.
Our passion grows; and so will desire.
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