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Nickolas J McKee Dec 2021
Sometimes I say ‘hey’ to your ghost,
For it hurts me when I’m alone.
Silent black shadows to visit,
Yearning - aching distant the moan…
Of times I tried to talk to you,
it’s better to let you walk by.
Sometimes we ask ourself, ‘Whose gone?’
Never asking each other, ‘Why?’
Of cold lonesome hands to grasp on,
Miles away eternity.
Not to have the love we so need,
We shift and evolve deadly glee.
So what are you that I can see -
Lonely a ghost to let me be?
One Andean Sky Aug 2021
At first, a tremor beneath the souls of my feet
Blink, a story millions of heartbeats away
Dark clouds over a field as acidic purge falls over us
Venomous mist seeps, humanity weeps
Blink, 18 stars bent and watching
Emitting rays pointing their random strikes

Blink, glorious earth temperate in her rotation
Marble folds on her maternal veil drapes us
Close to her breast, we heave in time with each breath
Blink, sustaining life in the chambers of her deepest ocean
Breathing air across the tall granite mountains
Distressed, and yet still here

Blink, ancient footprints track our journey
Not what we envisioned but “the enlightened ones” foresaw.
The need for understanding,
The need to cause conflict and agitate,
Blink, the need to protect,
The need to heal and mend.

Blink, you are here now, in your full extravagance
Delighting in fracking and disruption
Sleight of hand, our blindness is your reward
Blink, remorseless as you divide us
Along the fault line, we fall

Blink, with loved ones snatched
We turn on one another tossing
Handfuls of poison into the wind
Blink, triggered fingers pointed
Volcanic anger flares
A fist on a horses face
Lawlessness a momentary lapse

Blink, where will you strike next?
We suppress you
We support you
Following the artificial sun through the cracks
You rise again
As we turn on one another
The elusive phantom, a master chameleon
Spawning and stretching into an unknown vastness

Blink, yes, you are here to stay
You can’t be killed
You can’t be destroyed
Blink, neither can we
You will be tamed into submission
You will be a mere quiver beneath the souls of my feet
Blink, vitals diminish and you crawl away
Powerless and a mere symptom as you look out from a rock
Eye blinking.
Covid 19. Delta Variant. Sydney, Australia. Freedom Rally Riot 2021
As he grew he looked and desired,
others had more and he was tired.
Possession became his love and soul,
all those heaps could never fill the hole.
Glimpse the depts to find the cure.
We are here to Endure.

What did they do to deserve what they get?
His heart ached, he could never forget.
He wanted it more, he deserved much better.
He made his mind a filthy place to litter.
Pat your shoulder and reassure.
We are here to Endure.

Shunned by the universe,
he rose in a heroic verse.
Thought everyone else was bleak,
to himself did he lie and cheat.
Admit that you're insecure.
We are here to Endure.

He was hurt and he was blamed
he was never reclaimed.
At every turn he became aggressive.
Offended world would misconceive.
Repent, forgive and feel secure.
We are here to Endure.

Pressure drove him to frustration;
His yearning became his passion.
Disordered desire bind him in slavery.
Suffered he, in shame, sadness and misery.
Redirection is a manure.
We are here to Endure.

Low self esteem put him through hell,
disquiet apatite became his shell.
Departed away from the Divine.
Impoverishment and disgrace is a sign.
Abstinence will seize epicure.
We are here to Endure.

Failure left him without traction;
murmuring the songs of wishful imagination.
Dreams he sought are his anchor,
glued to the couch, he just hanker.
Without diligence you're immature.
We are here to Endure.
GraciexJones Jun 2021
I see you standing across the lake of fire,
Your body caved in wire,
Your eyes are the colour of black sapphire,
The excess of your skin begins to peel,
Your teeth are the colour of molten steel,
My heart is squelched in your hand,
You stare at me with hedonism,

Your long tongue runs along my heart,
You quench for the thirst of my self-worth,
Your long nails stretch and twinge my arteries,  
Feels like the blood boiling in my pancreas,
I fall to my knees and let out a harrowing scream,

Blood dripples down from my mouth,
My teeth begin to spill out relentlessly
My soul is inflamed by all your greed,
I force myself to get up and plea for my worth

You rupture into a lowering laugh,
Which punctures and disrupts the earth
A black desert storm erupts and crackles,
The dense grey clouds oozes and bellows,
Heaviness of dust grain fills the atmosphere,
Creating a wheeziness and tightness in my chest,

I try to escape from the feeling of desolation,
A sensation of electrocution shocks my neck down to my spine,
My brain shivers and flips as an electric shock hits again,
An odour of burnt flesh pollutes the atmosphere,
My skin fades into a texture of black charcoal,

Feeling debilitated,
I fold and recoil into myself on the cold desert floor,
A wave of emotional pain creeps over my body,
I chew on my lower lip as my eyes swell up with tears,
My stomach churning and swirling with nausea
I close my eyes as the tears gush down my cheeks,
Lips trembling as I grip my sleeves for comfort,

Moment of silence as I weep into my hands,
I hear a deathly, low and sinister whisper in my ear,
“It’s over now….”
My swollen pallid eyes look up to see,
Their carcass shrivelled legs standing over me,
“Surrender...” they whisper with a devilish smile
photovoltaic Dec 2020

you harnessed me,
caged me, running inside copper wires
made me do your bidding
enslaved me as the bringer of energy

you caught me,
dragged me up from the depths
coal-black, the liquid gold of oil
light from the nuclear furnace in the sky
ever-changing, shifting tides

i make light for you,
drive giant machines, power countless engines
i am the foundation on which your entire world is built-

but i can also ****.
you may have intentions, a task for me to do
i have intentions too.
yea i know what photovoltaic means but like it sounds nice so whatever. its vaguely based off serafina's song about the subtle knife in philip pullman's novel the subtle knife. lol also feels nice to have something named after me
again, i have no idea what im doing
SophiaAtlas Aug 2020
What is more deadly,
A gun or a thought?

A gun gives you the opportunity
But a thought pulls the trigger.
Tryniti Aug 2020
Stricken, sudden realization
My sense of worth so breakable, so frayed
Your approval, my salvation
Washes over me like a wave.
It's unfair to me, to you
Dependence on your word
Breath held, between us two
As though it's the last we've ever heard.
In and out, up and down
Never quite quick enough
Falling, tripping, to the ground
I never did like it rough.
Water's edge, beautiful and deadly
Peeking at my toes
I always knew you were too friendly
Now it's got me, now it knows.
Knows the tide of my heart
Ebbs and flows
Never could keep up
With those highs and lows.
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