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Lily Jan 21
~Your hugs leave lasting impressions that I can feel hours after we touch~
its the lightening strikes in the dead of winter
snaking down my spine

its every blistering wind howling in the night
there's still one and a half months left
Paras Bajaj Jan 19
Some of you think that I write quite sad.
Some of you think that I need therapy.
Some of you think that my life is bad.
Some of you think that I am not happy.

I don’t really care what you think cause’
you don’t know what I have been through.
I don’t really care what you know cause’
I know it’s a puzzle and you have no clue.

Some of you think that I am broken inside.
Some of you think that I am in depression.
Some of you think that I need to hide.
Some of you think it’s a false impression.

I don’t really care what you think cause’
I am happy and blessed wherever I am.
I don’t really care what you know cause’
you know nothing and I don’t give a ****.
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
first thoughts
they’re the easiest to remember
paying attention to the first impression
how about you?
hearts vision & perception
Dominique Sep 2018
I fell in love today
With olive tint on jeans
With burgundy nails like wine
Against subtle geometric gold
Settled on delicate wrists

I felt my fingers searching
Reaching for soft tan hands
To grasp and lead and dance with
And arms like sugar cream
To tumble into with playful delight...

I fell in love with a vanilla laugh,
Infectious and complete with
Crinkled nose like autumn leaves
(the echo still makes me smile)

With chocolate eyes that glittered
At everything they found
And a mouth like parted petals
Deserving of sunshine's kiss

And a chin made for gently cupping
And ears like seashells made to listen
As I whisper, late at night,

"You conjured love up at first sight."
I give people too much importance when I first meet them haha
But this girl was really something
Jon Thenes Aug 2018
You Absolver
You're an absorbent feature
You reflector
You question
Retorting mirror
And a fiction
One for a fight
An impression from the night
I collect the picture
After all
You are not easy on the eye
You're powdered pate to heel
In vague mistrust
and effortless tissue white
Danish Zia Jul 2018
That Glowing Eyes Back To Black Rims, Those Big.
Round Fair Face With No Flaws.
Her Chin A Little Bend.
Long Hair, That Crimson Thread
To Her Waist.
Oh Silly Ol' Me,
She Isn't Mine.
OC Jul 2018
Paint for me , in oil,  on canvas
as I  portray
a lush meadow
a curving stalk
and at its top, refracting light
a dew drop
a rainbow of all colors

Sketch for me, with charcoal, on paper
as I detail
the corners of skyscrapers
shadowing long faces
and short names
distant relatives, familiar strangers
as a landmark

Color for me, in water, on water
as I describe
stretched all the way
to the horizon
the scents of a clear night
and tear drops
of pure moonlight
like tadpoles in a puddle
like whales in outer space

Each one I'll take
and balance on all principle axes
I'll sit at the origin
and 'till the end of time
Jon Thenes Jul 2018
..that I and only know
a turn you made
I witnessed this
(secreted from in your blind patch)
You're secret was told in a single action ;
a glance you made
and I knew
the guilty rotter that had made playtime ;
the projection in your mental dreyings

I put aside the impression observed
that I may prey upon your company
on some other chosen day
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