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expecting a boom -
but it was only a whisper.
expecting a spectacle -
but it only got dimmer.
expecting praise -
when only deserving of pity.
just when you couldn’t finish the race
was the distance travelled all a waste?
fell too short, a disgrace
when the expectation wasn’t my fate.
Zywa Jul 10
I'm caught in a net,

not in your, but in my net --

of expectations.
Collection "DearI"
Megan Jun 14
is the decision mine or yours? because i’m unsure
bound by your expectation whilst trying to honour my own, its harder than it sounds
i feel the weight in my bones
what do i do?
what do i do, now
Hope in life for all of us
Comes full of expectation
Looking forward in our minds
With fervent aspiration

We expect some better things
To flow in our direction
And expectation sets intent
And shapes our world connection

Thus we see our daily hope
And happy expectation
Helps to bring our hopes to pass
And mold them to creation

So claim your daily power
And all the liberation
That follows optimistic hope
And mindful expectation
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Isabella Mar 5
On my good days I pride myself in being good
A good writer
A good singer
A good dancer
A good pianist
A good painter
A good baker

On my good days I like to think I'm a good person
A good citizen
A good neighbor
A good student
A good classmate
A good teacher
A good daughter
A good sister
A good friend
On my good days I'm good enough, aren't I?

But on my bad days, I strip myself away from good things
Without my hobbies
Without my grades
Without my family
Without my friends
What is there left to be good at?
Without validation
Without reassurance
Without comfort
What am I good for?
I'm left alone with myself

On my good days I'm a good person
I'm thoughtful
I'm kind
I'm intelligent
I'm helpful
But I'll never be happy with that
Until I'm good for something bigger
Until I'm good enough to live with myself
this must be
the correct train
there was not
another option
it was waiting
        on the expected platform
it departed
        at the expected time
it headed
        in the expected direction

despite what I might tell myself
i remain on edge
at every juncture
        of the journey
every announcement
sets me on edge
every stop
sees me checking
that this is
the anticipated station
that i am on course

even when assured
of heading
the right way
there is no relaxation
a countdown is commenced
of each station
to be visited
before reaching
that final destination
as each station
is passed
another count is completed;
one stop less
than the previous

but still
i will lose track
of where i am
of how far i need to go
panic will set in
blinded by doubts
and undue regrets
i will question
it all
Zywa Jan 26
I apply pressure

to the people close to me --

with expectations.
Collection "Freend"
We all have the ability to suffer
when it comes to love.
We all have the ability to get the pain when expectations run away from our brain.
The reality always hits you.
And here I am in.
So let's get all of them create you become an art.
This poem may not get you
but it is better to share with you.
You may not realize who you are now,
until someone tells you,
someone that you didn't know before;
the strangers in your mind.
Indonesia, 11th January 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
If you want to be
Disappointed, lone and hurt...
Then, start expecting!
Another name of "Expectation" should be disappointment...

Read this poem if u want😅😅... in case u've missed it 😅😅👇👇👇
At the moment when I woke up in the morning, the dim light was on to my room and I saw the beautiful things in yours, at that moment I found my soulmate.
They are still there even when I let them go.
The more I think about how beautiful in somethings are,
the more they are always beside me.
The space in my mind always gives them a chance to stay, and yes, they will stay.
The hardest part of letting them go when you couldn't notice them.
They are too far for you to reach because your heart always guides you in the way that will be able for you to pass.
Sometimes you know about it, but you try to ignore it.
I realized that the beautiful things in yours should be followed,
but you are always in silence,
so the voices in my head carry me to things that hard to understand and it makes construction in my human being to love you with great expectations.
"Is this what happened?", I asked myself.
But the loneliness in me answered that something unhappy should be not unshared.
It reshaped them all into my anxiety.
But suddenly, the voices in my head asked me,
"How's your day?"
"Did we see the same most unexpected ways?"
"I wish you loved me as you love the journey of your life,
please stay calm, I was listening to you."
That was a beautiful goodbye.
Indonesia, 9th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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