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Ashley Kaye Sep 2
Are you
the lonely wailing on the radio
or a smile for the screen

The strings do they pull
or down
poor corners of your mouth
sore fleshy cheeks

leave the bone below for your own mind
Cream teeth molded to what the you believed
they want of you

Woman or man or he or she or him or they their
We admonish expectation.
September 2, 2019
Namu Aug 30
Where expectations are rooted
disappointments will grow
We either always forget this
Or are too stubborn
I’m a student of an agriculture university what do you expect?
Ashley Kaye Aug 10
skip-leap through the blinds
ride on the moonbeams
But dear doll the porcelain in your skin
hasn’t set yet
"Darling, if there’s one thing I learnt this year it is to never get attached to someone unless they feel the same towards you. Never lean on someone who wouldn’t do the same. Never care too much about someone who doesn’t care about you. Never give too much of your mind, time and heart to someone who wouldn’t give you back. Because the truth is one sided expectation can mentally and emotionally destroy you."
I don’t know how my mind convinced me
This time would be different
That she wasn’t like the others
A letdown recurrent

Not that she’s the sole source of this distress
Just an easy thing to blame it on
Nobody’s fault
Just a human phenomenon

It’s even harder to realize
That you are unlovable
Your expectations can never be met
And your life is untenable

It would be easier if you could find it in you
To believe in anything
Like God or love or hope or dreams
Something worth worshipping

It is irrelevant what you want
It does not matter how hard you try
So just collapse like a dying star
Ruin yourself just to get by

The worst is I can’t take the quick way out
Despite how much I am inclined
For I have seen first hand what that does to
Those that are left behind
After all
When you regard
It's time to celebrate
It's the circle
Without end
You have been travelling
Whole life through

One may consider
It's an end
You accept it never
Genre: Observational
Theme: Circle of life || The path || Some beginning never begin
PawanTube May 17
hope that i could explain
what i found
......ur voice,
...... ur eyes,
and the simplicity
it all just dig mah heart
You would never love yourself a half as much as I

your eyes when i looked into them,
sinking on the depth
your name,when its been called out
the smile.....ooh plz would u again

when you appeared by my side
my heart got  a ferrari

your Picture in my mind...continue readin'
always be thinkin' of you
Every single day I missed you,
missed you when I can't sleep
missed you when i can't eat
missed you in mah front seat
hoping, you are seating beside by me

you are  the only one
that i'm in.........with
and You ought to know by now how much I love you
My heart made up the way that how I feel
Growing stronger day by day
I can't stop this
I.m insane n i lost mah mind

you're my sun,you're my moon,you're my star
you're the first'you are the last.
andy my everything.
you're my reality not a expectation.

I've spent couple of weeks
to  come closer
On a search to find you
way to communicate you
but no a silent planet
Yet my heart is hoping for you
Butterfly May 3
Didn't expect that life without you was going be so hard.
Yes I am lonely.
And I did not expect that lonelyness could be so hurtful.
Idk if I made a mistake with the grammar haha
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