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Heyaless May 12
Do you feel how broken we are ,
Both of us miserably broken .

Yet one is trying to hold the other ,
And the other is trying to figure out his own .

How unfair this love has become .
You just whispered to me you love me ,
And I've made you my soul .

I didn't want this kind of love .
Where you'll push me , stab me with silence everyday .
And whenever you want to love me you'll pull me closer .
But have you even realise every single behavior of yours was a slap on my face .

I could see where the cracks and how my love for you is seeping through my fingers.
I wish you were here to give me hand to hold that love .

You're were so much to me , how much was i for you ? Don't say .

I was knitting this beautiful love around you but when I look back i saw you unknotting .

I was giving effort and it bacame effortless to you .

I love so easily i just can't get over that easily .

I will never forgive you for loving me and making me feel unloved .

I will never forgive you thinking that I will get settled with someone else easily .

I will never forgive you for thinking that I will unlove you easily

I will never forgive you for thinking I will move on easily .

I will never forgive you for thinking that I can replace you with someone else .

I will forgive everything that hurt me , how loving you hurt me , i will forgive everything about you.  I just can't forgive your thinking .

I love you but I can't go back where respect does not dwell .
No matter how much you love someone you can't hurt them easily and get back to them without even feeling guilty. You know what does that mean ..?? She's your products you can pick and threw whenever you want . You can hurt and expect to heal by themselves . Once you lose them , you're lost forever.  

I love you until the end.  I will draw the end .
Marie Gee May 3
To whom do I belong?
To the cold morning
and the unrelenting pound of my feet,
to meet the waistband of my favorite pants.

To whom do I belong?
To the cries of the babe left momentarily alone
while I halt time in the motion of rushing water and clarifying peace
in being simply clean.

To whom do I belong?
To the man who comes home from a career
I gave up to care for others,
To the man who pours into me every need, secret, thought and dream without cease?
While I silently and forever support.

To whom do I belong?
To the child so afraid of the world after years of hurt
Best friend, Gilmore girl, dreamer with an uncertain expiry date.

To whom do I belong?
To the food raised,
The clothes mended,
The laundry flapping in the wind,
The music that surges through my thoughts and never ends
And is reluctantly reminded "later, later, later my friend".

To whom do I belong?
To the old man now dying, tended by many
Yet wanting wanting wanting the role of my beloved or child
While his wife and all push me to take what she has abandoned
To give of me the parts of her she won't share
Untangling from a blackberry bush full of webs.

To whom do I belong?
Heyaless May 3
I am at the edge of life
The middle of nowhere
Endless loop and full of emptyness .

I know.. I'm in a dream
I am feeling a sudden whirl in my head
And I was standing on the cliff .
I feel like gravity is pulling me down the cliff .

Slowly i am falling , i feel so burdend

I am falling with my empathy
I am falling with my compassion
I am falling with my love
I am falling with the broken peices of my heart .
I am drowning in that gut renching pain
I am drowning in that suffocating pain
I am drowning in that gnawing pain
I am drowning in that exhausting pain

My body is getting cold , i can feel shivers
But I cannot move .
I am getting numb , and the last tear was dry .
I am scared , I'm in fear i might feel what grief feels like

Please hold me back with everything .

I have drowned , i have fallen in a sleep .
The cliff was my one last stop before death .

You're late .

march 04/2020
I speak to you with poems ..Can you hear ??
It was a bright sunny day
when he came to me
we had a lot to say
and something interesting to see

we walked and created a river of memories
that we could look up to
and in a day it made me full of worries
as the time swiftly flew

It's quite easy to break a bond
especially at the start
where one side only responds
and the other breaks apart

It is wishful to think of it as a dream
that should have not been true
so I close my eyes to that beam of light
and open them to see a million skies that were blue
Here's what happened on a typical bright sunny day, conversations, moments & memories.
That message I sent
On a random cosy night
Laying in my bed
And you gave it a sight
From a single dm
To texting every day
Those Long WhatsApp VNs
Gosh we had so much to say
That was all we had
In this modern-day

Maybe I'll never forget
That wink emoji you sent
Nothing ever made me blush
And forget everything that I had to vent

Hugging you for that one last time
Pretending for a moment that you were mine
Life is quite strange these days
Technology holds the power to your smile in so many different ways

For you aren't around now yet
Each memory we shared stays
In my heart and amidst my gallery in a phase
Covering everything from where we ate to where we met

Sometimes I'll stare at the sky
Wondering what would make you smile
Asking my self just the reason why
Are you away from me, a thousand miles

Is this the fate of our lasting bond
one side breaks apart and another one responds
was it the situation or the distance at play
for us not texting each other throughout the day

Maybe expecting that notification is my definite mistake
for not everyone can live up to this false piece of cake
There's not a day where I don't think of you
not an effort gone by where I wish all this was still new

It's strange how quickly special turns to normal these days
what once meant the world to me is now just a blurry haze
Despite all this, I shall keep waiting each day
for you to be back in just the same way

Those Long WhatsApp VNs
Gosh we had so much to say
That was all we had
In this modern-day
After all, we're just those people waiting for that one message, that one call, that one notification of the person that our heart beats for. Although your heart could beat for many, many of us just have that special someone who can just make us smile.
J F O Apr 12
sitting across from me
was you and your big smile,
the way your eyes would squint as we were
laughing about the different oreo flavors
watching you pull out packs and packs of them
eagerly from your backpack
dunking it in a purple shake -- the sweet taste
of ube and the little pearls sitting at the bottom,
our table filled and soon our stomachs,
the steam of freshly cooked rice and the sizzle of pork sisig,
the clanking of the utensils and the sound of the conversations
you started,

i can hear it all in my head.

a scene that almost played out but didn't,
a moment i wish took place,
excitement was now a shade of dark blue
and the plans we've made turned into dust.

i wish i've known what was going on inside your head
and here I am talking to you in mine
whispering for you to come home
but you are.
a humble, humorous, sweet and thoughtful young man. a year hasn't even gone by and you were one of the many blessings i received in 2019. i keep thinking about how i should've messaged you that day and how i should've told you i cared. until we meet again, J.
lavenderaide Apr 7
you expect the perfection
i expect the acception

what a negotiation
Ambika Jois Mar 26
What does lockdown mean for me?
I'm housebound anyway.
People think I'm always free,
I'm now that 'at home' mom everyday.

This is also what they thought,
When I told them I'm a singer.
'If you don't own charttoppers,
You're just a failure.' is what lingered.

I found it shameful and difficult,
Broke down several times,
I couldn't find my own identity,
Searching for myself felt like a crime.

41 weeks and 2 days I carried her,
My little angel, the apple of my eye,
I'm now learning a basic fact -
- A lifetime flies faster than light.

So fast, I don't know what day it is,
I'm living each day by the hour.
Before I know it, it's bedtime again..
What exactly is within my power?

When the birds stretch their wings,
At the crack of a quiet dawn.
The time I was raised to wake and listen,
To the Tanpura, the sound of Om.

This is my one true power,
Whether they believe it or not.
A lockdown may not define it,
I'm a musician, a mom, not a robot.

These clear blue skies at spring,
Came again after a barren season.
I'm housebound and learning again,
Another chance to live it right is my reason.
A little piece of my reality during the darned COVID season.
by Michael R. Burch

There was a moment
  without the sound of trumpets or a shining light,
    but with only silence and darkness and a cool mist
      felt more than seen.
      I was eighteen,
    my heart pounding wildly within me like a fist.
  Expectation hung like a cry in the night,
and your eyes shone like the corona of a comet.

There was an instant . . .
  without words, but with a deeper communion,
    as clothing first, then inhibitions fell;
      liquidly our lips met
      —feverish, wet—
    forgotten, the tales of heaven and hell,
  in the immediacy of our fumbling union . . .
when the rest of the world became distant.

Then the only light was the moon on the rise,
and the only sound, the communion of sighs.

With all the understandable gloom, doom and despair over the coronavirus, I was reminded of this early poem of mine that used the term "corona" in a much more positive light. I wrote this poem around age 18 and it has been published by Grassroots Poetry and Poetry Webring. Keywords/Tags: Corona, coronavirus, touch, union, communion, sighs, expectation, unity, trumpets, heart, pounding, ***, arousal, union, ecstasy, consummation, consecration, omen, comet, shooting star, talisman, moonrise, moon rising
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