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I wake up to a sunrise.
One of those life highs.
An idea starts to crystallize.

The gift of life.
The most precious gift.
Feel your spirits lift.

Stop for a time and look around.
Do you see what you've found?
The small pleasures of life abound.

The beauty of nature.
Sensations to savor.
Family and friends to love with great vigor.

A world to discover.
Creations to mother.
The gift of life.
Laying here in your warm embrace,
While the rain trickled and poured,
Tangled bodies in cold sheets.
You said the words that had befallen me once,
Many times before you I believed but this time,
I did.
“I love you.”
I crave an obvious love
Read my mind
Know me better than me

I crave an unrealistic love
Complete my sentences before I think them
Know my mood by the position of my hand

I crave the other half of me
Split down the middle
Staring back at me
Love isn't always butterflies and snow cones
It can be bee stings and low groans
Sometimes difficulties swallow the ease of smiles
At its lowest, it can be worse than getting lost in grocery aisles
Triumphing through the days where my patience is tested
Are the days are simply worth rejoicing
Because love isn't always bee stings and low groans
It can be butterflies and snow cones
I was a young boy, this girl was older.
I guess "no", is what I should have told her.

I met this girl, I though she was cute
when she said hello, I went truly mute.

So when she asked me if id like to come over
I felt like id found a 4 leaf clover

I walked in her house to chicken and rice,
I though to myself, wow shes just nice

So we went to the basement to watch some movies,
and slowly she started to perk up her *******

I was in 8th grade, so I was confused
and to my reaction she seemed amused

she zipped down my pants without even asking,
I was so young, I didn't bother reacting.

I was in shock, I just let her,
I guess I didn't know... she was a child molester.
Hey guys, this is a true experience, and I thought my poem was pretty funny.
Honestly if youre going to get **** hurt about the subject than move on, Everyone handles their situation differently and for me its humor.
Victoria Feb 11
although i left, i think my cup is still half full and not half empty
half full because you complete me
full because i’ll see you again
not empty because i’m glad i got to experience you
although i miss your full ***** body on mine and the empty plastic cups on your bedside rack
i visited my gf of 3 years for the first time january 3rd to the 17th. coming back to reality was really hard but it inspired me to write a few poems might share the rest
Justyn Huang Feb 8
Everyone's story is different
but in them we
Find each other
just the same.
And how glad I am that we have (:
Em MacKenzie Feb 5
On Memory Lane with too much to give,
and in each block and cul desac  it’s all more exquisite.
Sometimes the place where you wish to live,
is only meant for a quick intense visit.
Just a wee write.
aziza Feb 3
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these words are automatically copied in the news i recently copied from a website talking about climate change. i found this interesting as this gave me a new light on online media platform cause they also needed money and we still "buy" the advertisement as we read the news eventhough we find it irritating. this too shaped the economy aspects of journalism in this era.
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