Amanda 1h
I tried hard to do things right
And I am still trying, but it's not enough,
Believe me, I want your admiration
Becoming an adult is tough.

Love is about overwhelming feelings
Being with who makes you happy
It should not depend on my parents
The amount of freedom they give me.

Want to be accepted with my flaws
Would never ask you to change
Love you exactly as you are
There is not one thing I'd rearrange.

I know nobody is perfect
Every person has weakness
At least I tried to be for you
Each day you gave less and less.

Want someone who would fight for me
I don't want anybody new
I am tired of being cast aside
I'll never be of equal importance to you.
People with big heart often don't get the same amount love they give in return.
I believe that life
Does not end when we die.
See, people are imperfect
(That's putting it lightly).
We strive for what we consider
To be.
And the end result of this life long
Is death.
Maybe in death we achieve perfection.
We iron out our flaws in one last
Glorious burst
Of memories
And experience
Before every flaw we have
Is irrelevant.

I can't wait until the day when I can truly say
"I am p e r f e c t."
But that won't be any day soon.
R.I.P. Uncle K.
You weren't a perfect man,
But on this plane of existence,
Who is?
He was my fire in which I always got burnt.
He was the sea beautiful, but some days drowning me.
He was the wind pushing me at an unhealthy accelerate rate.
He was the earth a comforting home, always moving brashly against the air.
I was amazed by his thunder, cautious at his rumble.
I was amazed by the darkness of his skies, the parts that made me feel ever so alive.
Those endearing skies too heavy to bare.
His waves intense, hypnotising all I could do is stare.
My planted roots pulled into a whirlwind of insanity.
My mind was never meant to float and spread at such a speed.
The journey distanced myself from the core, turned me into something ugly which became hard to ignore.
World’s need to pass each other by, as each planet will eventually collide creating a destructive fight.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
you're planning on building up a house for us
but actually for who?
a house without a family isn't a home,
it's just walls.

a pool,
big windows
and beautiful decoration
won't change the fact that we're broken
even here.
I rly don't know who do you think it's gonna live there
I can't bear to stay here any longer.
I feel like you and mom are about to get divorced
what will be left?
my brother?
he doesn't get most of what's going on,
just like you,
but he has a heart way better than yours
and at some point he'll want to escape too.
it's sad that I don't think this is sad anymore.
there's nothing else to cure
or fix,
so let's knock everything down
and start over.
it can't hurt more than it already does.
Amanda 3d
Could you believe me?
I try to never lie,
I am just not ready
To give up and say goodbye.

You act like you hate me,
But I am so confused,
I do not know what I did,
To cause you to feel used.

I am sitting in Math,
Thinking about me and you,
Figuring out how to fix your heart,
I have no clue what to do.

I have asked everyone,
Why you're upset and mad,
But they do not know,
Help me stop you from being sad.

Please will you explain why
You suddenly want to go?
Ease this constant pain inside,
The heartache concealed below.
Kuvar 4d
He’s a palm wine tapper
His bicycle for the journey
His calabash for the palm wine
His waist tie for his balance
Calabash will not be filled
Palm tree will not shed tears
Bicycle will not ride itself
Palm wine tapper is dead
The political and social vanities of man
Sanny 4d
Inside this prison walls I see so much wasted time.

So many careless mistakes.

Destroyed lives.
I see them fighting, against time.

Some have lost hope,
wanderers in the corridors.

But some are fighting, for a change.

Their strenght gives me hope.

Locked in every night, they still see a future in freedom.

They have taught me the worth of it.

And for that, I'm thankful.
Asiah 5d
Constant competition with your mind and body.
Giving a lick only to receive it 10x harder.
The sirens of you wale.
The louder they become the more unaware you become to the feeling.
It's not a fight anymore ... Just a beat down.
How sick and foolish—
Just a drop—
And I now taste despair.
Feel it crawling inside:
Dark and poisonous
Like your humanity.
But oh! How I shall fight!
To be freed of your mess
And shackles.
Until I can laugh at your face
For all the pain,
You forced me to swallow
Old poem, old pain reworked into something new.
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