Kash 1d

I am fighting
Naked and succumb by waves
That crash with relentless force
Over my body cold and shivering
Extremities going numb

I am fighting
It might look like I don't stand a chance
But I'll stand unwavering
Until the waves grow tired
Of trying to erode my human shape

Colors of my imagination
Grow constantly within my mind,
Prosperous world I once created
Dragged into elder forces' fight.

The darkest matter of Ruination
Tries to destroy my universe,
But cosmic echoes of Creation
Have counterpoused their ancient force.

The oldest forces combat wildly -
There wasn't any fight like that,
The streams of power spinning blindly -
Arising essence of black shade.

The new stars' substance is arising,
From this new essence of pure dark,
Now millions of worlds are shining,
And billion fires have been sparked.

A thousand years passed after battle,
I ask its shadows (they're alive):
"How could chaotic fight to end up,
In giving birth to purest life?"

("We've witnessed universe creation,
We've seen a strength of spectral knights,
Bringing a life to new dimension
Requires energies' collapse...")

Shadows retreat - to constellations,
Last time I see the new worlds' light,
This picture - my imagination,
It's getting bleak like nighttime sky.

(inspired by Decrepit Birth and Blut Aus Nord)

President Donald Trump was saying his morning prayers
In the Red Room of the White House
A Lightning Bolt hit the Window
And Jesus Christ came in.
"What are you doing there, Trump?" Jesus asked him.
"I'm praying to God," President Trump said.
"You're doin' it all wrong," Jesus said.
Jesus then handed President Trump a Spider Plant,
A small pot,
And a pail of soil.
"Okay," Jesus said.
"I want you to pot this plant, President Trump."
Trump became petulant.
"What if I don't want to?!" Trump asked Jesus.
"I can't afford to get dirt on my manicured finger nails."
"If that's the case,"
"I ain't gonna' do nothing  for  your country no more, Trump!" Jesus angrily responded.
At that,
Trump got on the Phone to White House Security.
"Security, we've got a Terrorist in the White House!"
At that,
Jesus jumped out the window and flew back up to Heaven,
Leaving President Donald Trump
Flustered and Confused.

Kaels 3d

no wonder they said you fire words at people
its the same mechanism as a gun
you aim at the target
   the person
you pull the trigger
   you start yelling at someone
you feel the kick of the gun
   the instant questioning if you should have started this
the bullet hits the person
   the words hit deep and they feel the pain

and both these wounds can effect someone minority and severely and can even be fatal to the person receiving your words or bullet

please don't be an addition to the cruel world we live in today. be happy, smile more, and be kind to one another
Dori 3d

I’ve only known darkness,

never the light.
I’ve been surrounded by shadows that have blurred my sight.
I can still picture their faces,

red eyes and all.
But today I’m the light at the end of
hells hall.


Forward march, my intelligent young friend
Though your fight be neither fair nor just
Know you shall emerge God’s victor
Simply because you suffered
For what you knew to be right
The decks were stacked against your logic
Many upon many centuries ago
But mayhap now stand a possibility,
Just the tiniest portion of a feeble odd,
May be shaking towards favor
That this day may dawn your chance

I know you to be so very, very brave
I’ve seen not a stronger man yet
But not everyone has eyes of clarity
As you have opened my mind
Retain your noble mind
Hold your sweet mentality dear
You’ll not have it too much longer
If you let yourself fall prey to their fear
Keep your head high and be quite sure
To keep it together and collected to one
Let the pieces make a united front
And work like parts of a machine
No other way can allow
You to gain what justice and fairness seek

Remember always as well
That you fight not for yourself
But for me and for us and for your own child
Who you will love with all you have, just as I have you
Who you shall raise the very best you can, just as I have you
You fight for the future, allow for generations on their way
You fight for the past, avenge generations died in injustice
You fight for the present, for girls everywhere struggling with you
You are a united front, my grandmother and your child alike
Though many years and laws so cruel keep you down
You are our past, present, future and you fight as one

They will keep you down
Remove you from their way
Every second they can
They won’t miss a shot
To fire you down to your place
That’s why it’s your job,
Why it’s your fight to make a new one
Carve out your rightful standing
I know you can do it
You must keep that faith
And harbor it always in your soul
You won’t stand a chance if you let it go
And you must win this fight
My time is up, I’m nearly gone
It’s plain to see, you know it
I can fight with you no longer
Each step here on out you take alone
But remember I am with you:
My soul is tied to yours
My memory lives on within you
My cause and yours are one
And this cause, dear, is important
You must fight til the end
You must win at least part of your fight
So now I say to you as your loving mother
And I tell you, my loving daughter:
Win rights for all women,
Here and across the globe,
Dead, living, and unborn
From one soldier to another, I say to you
Keep up the fight
Until freedom rings for all
From sea to shining sea.

and if someday,
some happy day
life grabs you by the collar
and knocks some sense
into your head,
don't think about it
don't fight it.

just remember
that somewhere
in the bottom of a wine glass,
you exist

-- Eleanor

broken coffee mug -
until my eyes bleed

Lady K Milla Sep 12

What a tremble she brings
She breaks up the ground beneath
her like a harrow
Come forth my way and lock your stare in the empty safes of my gaze
Place your most valuables here
Let me be your keeper
Come forth my way
Lessen the vastness of your distance
Every step you take,
Turns my patience turns into persistence
What a quake she makes
She slopes me off the ground I stand on  
I slip away, defiant of the
gravity that rules me
The sky has won its battle before me
Look at me, an astronaut to your space
Stuck in an orbit when your
body comes to place.
In my attempt to escape the earth indefinitely, it does not return me easily.
Though, I wish your presence would keep me up there, your absence
drives the earth to pull me
with all its might
As I incinerate into the atmosphere as a result to its fight.

Hello My weaknesses

I hope you found a stronger point to hit me this time

Because I have become stronger than you

I have known more about you than you know me
I now can stand a thousand wounds from  your spike


I no more worry about the hurts i get from you
because I am stronger now
I will prove victorious
                                           I will bounce back

I will fight you even if it mean i lose everything
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