To stand against the flow
Only grants them the chance
To flood you down
For one final blow
Fear not, you won't drown
The waves grant you a dance
Allow yourself their embrace
From the Lady of the Lake's face
That is taking away your fate
Marie 1d
I say, “Stop,” but she doesn’t stop.
I say, “Leave me alone,” but instead she steps closer, until her nose is touching mine, and maybe I’d think she wants to kiss me if she wasn’t screaming at me instead.
I say, “Stop yelling at me,” but her voice gets louder and shriller and something in me snaps. It’s been two years of silence, two years of leaving voicemails at midnight, apologizing for something I had no idea I’d done wrong. I wished on every star, every dandelion, every 11:11 just to know why, because she’s been my safe zone since we were five and I still don’t understand why it all disappeared. And now she’s telling me that I was charity and her good will ran out.

She says, “It’s her fault.”
She says, “She’s crazy.”
She says, “She tried to kill me.”
Not true.

I lost control. But maybe I don’t want it back.
This is based off of characters I created for a story. The events are fictional.
Dani 1d
It taunts us
It frightens us
Like darkness in day
Like shadows that slay (in light)
Swells of the ocean
Swells of a black potion
A true death
A true last breath
Murdered by aspiration
Murdered by suffocation
Your own creation
Your own demolition
Screaming loud to be heard
Screaming undeterred
There is a ray of light
There is sun in sight
Air is on the way
Air without delay
More than a word
More than what’s heard
Keep up the fight
Keep away fright
Shove darkness away
Shove death to obey
Breath and climb up
Breath to fill your cup
Joy is what we need
Joy will get us freed
Come on now
Come and bow
Only to the light
Only a continued fight
For it taunts us
For it frightens us
Don’t give up
Don’t give up
See the joy ahead
See it and darkness shed
Romann 2d
I may be tied to you by blood
But that does not excuse your behavior.
Maybe spelling it out will make it stick:

If you just won’t understand what we say…
That people want things done a certain way
(Or done at all),
Then maybe the problem is in you after all.

If you’re not going to take
Responsibility for your own mistakes
Yet criticize others when they do
I want nothing to do with you.

People can change. They can be forgiving.
So, I’ll tell you once more:
Why won’t you accept what we’ve been saying?

I’ll be ready to meet you halfway.
Be honest, and remember what you swore
For once, and maybe I’ll tolerate what you say.
Sometimes, having things in common with someone does not mean you'll get along. It doesn't mean you have to be so... heartless about it. I'm trying my best... why won't you?
fight your way out
kick and scream and punch and yell
they want to see you fall
and bleed
they have no idea
of the immense strength you hold inside
shock them
I’m grappling with this amorphous asshole,
Whose refusal to come out and fight,
Come out and fight,
Come out and fight,
Yet deal me black eyes and gut clenchers,
Like a Vegas card shark leaves me,
Flailing against an enemy,
I estranged, doesn’t play by any rules I know,
He she it strikes whenever I don’t expect,
Stalking me in my room,
Listening to music,
Watching a movie,
Reading a book,
Talking to friends,
My friends, no worse for not warning me of the oncoming onslaught,
They are fighting have fought will fight or wont,
Regardless most if not all are as,
Hopelessly blind as myself,
And sometimes you resign to the beatings,
Just let them come,
But that’s not always defeat,
Everyone gets tired,
No one can fight all the time,
But don’t fall complacent or retreat,
To societies’ low standards,
We must keep on
Especially my kind
I must keep on
Keep on
Keep on
Nyx 3d
Time heals all
That we know is true
But its also has been found
That it doesn't heal all wounds

Some may be buried deeply
Hidden within our minds
Forced upon smiling faces
While people secretly die inside

Some have been printed
Like a brand upon our skin
Stained and burnt
Stopping us from letting people in

Some are renewed
On a day to day basis
Fresh cuts and bruises
Covering hands and faces

We hurt, We cry
Feeling helpless and gone
But some feel in control
The longer the act goes on

These wounds that litter us
Forced upon or not
They don't define who we are
Its proof that we fought

We fought a battle within ourselves
It was near impossible to defeat
But look at us now
We are still standing tall on our feet

And for most the fight
It'll be forever ongoing
I can't say when it will end
Its scary not knowing

But as long as we push through
Make it to the end of each day
We will eventually find peace
And our lives will no longer be grey

If time heals all
That all we have to do is wait
Because when the time comes
That will surely be our fate

Until then
My anger gets me in trouble
get got me hit so hard my eyes blurred
my mouths spilled blood
and i was tackled
i got up after being beat
i looked up with pleading eyes
he was walking away to chase her
you walked away when i was literally bleeding for you
i will never find someone who deserves me
Don't be so quick to tip your king.
Do not rush to fold your hand.
It is not time to take that bow,
there's still more time to take your stand.

Don't draw that curtain.
Don't throw in the towel.
Don't close the still open door.
Don't take your coat.
Don't tear off your gloves.
Don't slow and play for a draw.

Sit up, stand firm
and raise your chin,
focus both worn eyes.
Fight on til the last,
play on for the win
and take your waiting prize.
Don't tip your king. Play on.  You never know what might emerge from the game, from the fight.
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