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if you ever try to hurt me,
remember that I’ve already
hurt myself ten times worse.

if you ever try to hurt me,
I wish you good luck.

keep in mind that you are not
the first person to hit me.
you are not the strongest person
who has tried to knock me down.

and look at me.
I’m still standing.
Do you have a chariot to fly
trough the blue sky
and flocks of thirsty stars?
This night is all yours,
Wait at the dusk darling,
Meet the night and day kissing,
Be ready,
Break the spell, if you want
Have me,
Be my fighting dreams,
Bring the sweetness of your lips,
Tonight we can taste how is like to be
night and day kissing in the dusk.
warmth of sun above
makes us all sweat and decay
but life continues
you have to fight the heat waves
you have to fight with yourself
Was feeling down on a hot day, this came out.
An enemy.
Someone from childhood
I barely knew.

A time
where egos rise
and people lie
behind a smile.

But she
was stuck
inside her misery.

Never permitted
the world to see.

All of this
unknown to me.
As I fought
my own world of grief.


Wishing for her
to fall from grace.
So I could rise
to take her place.

Yes, we were young.
Lost in our thoughts.
of any costs.

Yet still we grow.
And the universe
drives forward.

Making a fool of us all.
And our anger
for our enemies
feels so small.

We are all just cracks
in an endless
night sky
trying to find the light.

So I sent her grace
and wished to the stars
that she find peace
and be at ease.

And an enemy
she was
no more.
Those days when you're hardly inspired, we poets have them too. When the pen pressed against the paper, no longer plays its tune.

When you silently reflect, then sighingly regret; whilst eyes are wet. " I should have done this... no I shouldn't have done that!" Pondering why and who. Then wonder no further, cause those moments you see, we poets have them too.

We poets have them too, and arguably more than you. But we poets also live to write, of the sad regrets, the lies and the truth. So, the fight to soldier on, we poets have them too. Each day we write, gripping pen in hand; to start the fight anew.
This one came to me in the shower, as they often do. Please let know your thoughts and if these words ring true to you.
You wake up every day, and the world will say you hey.
They wanted you to quit, they wanted you to stop.
But don't give up.
Go and rise e the sun
Let you heartburn
Take new oaths, take w birth.
Go and fight to make your place on earth.
You'll see faces all around you.
But who will stand with you are very very few?
Go and fight, to take up your right.
Don't wait for your luck go ride in your huck.
No more violence.
Work in the silence, let success be your voice
Don't give them choice,
Hard work, a little more bit
But don't stop, Don't quit
Betty Oct 9
Hard to watch a flame
Flicker as the breeze begins
Fighting for its light
Hard to watch a good friend fighting a losing battle with cancer
Luiz Oct 9

always there
never spare
to scare
they stare

and snare
they swear
my despair

not a prayer
to breathe air
never fair
always tear

here and there
I'm elsewhere

back in time
times behind
hit rewind
as tears flare

past glares
I dare

rip to pairs

to replace
and erase
no space
for disgrace

give it face
past deface
earn my place
win the race

up the pace
live in grace
life embrace!
Kristina Oct 5
It isn't just good music, long baths and good food.

Salf Care is

bearing yourself crying for several hours,
saving yourself from hyperventilating,
drying your tears
and watch them flow again a few minutes later;

taking a shower,
eating healthy and enough food,
not fighting your feelings just to function again
but let them be and deal with them;

talking to a friend,
hearing somebody's voice,
making that call you should have made days ago
but where too afraid of;

going to bed early,
getting up the next morning,
searching for the beauty in your daily life
although it's horribly hard to find something right now.

Self Care ist like giving yourself a long hug,
pulling yourself up,
and telling yourself it's not to late to fight and fix it.
Rizer Ashaba Oct 4
My eyes sweep across the terrain
Savouring each moment as the last
I feel the wind against my skin
Disrupting the peace that once settled on the leaves
Even after it's gone the aftermath is still unsettling
But the leaves fight for the calm that once existed
Swaying haphazardly to the beat of the beat of the wind
Though as time goes by the leaves are losing hope
Moving freely and lightly than the last
I don't need to be one of them to know this
"They are giving up the fight."
I've always wanted to try nature poems and this was my first attempt really
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