skyler 21h

she was fed up
from fighting
for something she fears
is frighteningly unfixable


A family in fight
how to resolve
perhaps bunch of
ice cream would help?

Yes, I was right
Food & sweetness
always brings the family close!

A family fight & I treated all of them with their favorite ice-cream flavors
they all were happily sharing from one another as if nothing has ever happens :)
elise f 3d

Drunk again
He came home
At least he's home

Crying again
Alone again
He's out
For as long
As he wants

She's out
On something
More important
Than her own

He's out
With friends
Or something
Like that
No one knows

So that leaves
To cook
To clean
To heal
The wounds
After the
Countless fights
I try to stay
Away from

But they, they
Are my family
So I am here
So I will stay

Jobira 3d

Be merry, not quite
As you walk into the night-
For a heart not delight,
It never ends the dark fight.

Every card dealt
comes at a cost
The outcomes being
Worst or best
Call it out, all in
with all you got
So you can walk, head high
into the night.

On the eerie road, as life unfolds,
Gaze upon the sky
But not with doubt
As you deeply sign
To better face it now
the ages of sorrow
For you may not have
the day tomorrow.

So be merry, but never quite
As you walk into the night-
With a heavy heart, for the last fight,
Gently walk with a full delight.

Something still comes out from a frozen brian.

Can we open the door that's closing and closing again?
Everything that once fell shut
Can be unsealed again

Don't fight against windmills
It's an unprofitable strive
Just don't die and everything will turn out well

Take care
I asked him to tell you
Comply and you will save my life

Oh broken Osiris
Let Isis revive you
And after your Resurrection
Meet me in the red circle

I prayed well

I woke up this morning
In bed next to Depression
I don't remember going to sleep next to him
I think I would've remembered that
I know I would've remembered that

Because, Depression and I
Haven't seen each other
In a very long time
We actually separated…
In fact, I dumped him
The instant Joy returned to me

But I guess I should've know better
Than to get clingy with Joy
Because last night
She left
So suddenly
So abruptly
So randomly
I thought we were happy together
But changing circumstances
Sent her running for the hills

Depression must have heard that she ran
And seized the opportunity to get to me
Yet, until today
I thought I'd never see him again
I hoped
Because I didn't want him here
Not anymore

So I told him to leave
Over and over
But stubborn as ever
He refused
Over and over
Which escalated into a shouting match
One minute, I was yelling
But the next…
I'm on the ground
I mean
I've seen Depression hit Joy before
But he's never hit me

Until today

I don't remember much
But I'm still bruised and bloodied
And when the tears came down my cheeks
He sighed
And sat down next to me
To embrace me

I wanted to push him away
I guess I just didn't have the energy
And even as I cried out miserably
His hold
Seemed to comfort me
Well… not “comfort” maybe
But I became comfortable
In his arms
I am comfortable
In his arms

And despite
How badly he hurt me
I don't mind the fact that he came back
Until today
I had forgotten what he meant to me
I had forgotten
How much Depression and I get along.

"Not Anymore" sequel/pre-quel?
Ivo 5d

Beast howling in the night,
depriving me of sleep.
Oh, come and lick my wounds,
the rest is yours to keep.

I've fought you all my life,
but here you are again.
Beast howling in the night,
my life is yours to drain.

Corruption swarms my brain,
yet scared I am no more,
a monster you may be,
the beast that I adore...

This one's an old poem I deleted once. Don't want to make that mistake again.
alan 5d

The flesh will rot, spoil, die,
the lips will move, speak, and lie.
The heart will beat, pump, fail,
the soul will live, fight, and prevail.

But for some cruel jest are not we all perennially ailing…
Are not our lives just pictures passing by?
We, blindfold, in their wake are trailing,
Are hardly ourselves… And at the best of times
We solely hope yet for another handout
At someone’s twisted mercy and before
We ever realise it’s us we cede so freely
It’s far too late… We sob and try no more.

Shall not we fight, defiant, our doubts and envy?
Shall not we hold the fastest to our dreams?
And from our deepest selves shall not we draw our powers
When all is lost and there’s no life within?

It’s down to us to down the cup we’re given.
There is no shame in failing. All we can
Is to keep going on, perennially ailing,
However cruel and short our span.

July 2017
In Memoriam Bradley Lowery
Erin Apr 13

I wish I could get my hands on you cancer,
Punch you once for all the pain you cause
Once, for the people you've ripped apart
Once, for the broken hearts left in your wake
Once, for the teardrops all cried in your name
Once, for all the things you take,
Like hope... happiness... sanity
Once, for the way you enjoy weaving yourself around peoples bodies
Making yourself at home... even though you were only meant to be a temporary guest
Who should have left once the chemotherapy started to work... or the radiotherapy kicked in
But it didn't did it?
And so I will hurt you until you are a painful mess...
And then cancer, I will strangle you....
Just like you do to others

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