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Rowan 1d
I’m a castaway enjoying the rough winter seas
on the carrack of a late age ship.
Flotsam, flotsam, weighing back to a place
full of roiling stomachs and stubborn jaws.

Of waiting to fight and curling up under
a tale of adventure to escape the hurling words,
walking out to hide under stark snowy logs
fallen over, trespassing in frustration of
collected angers.

Pockmarked roads and rushed breath,
screaming in my head, lips ******* shut
wishing for the Shire to land
on my doorstep.

Stalking away, leaving behind,
My, maybe one time I’ll get there,
to rolling hills and bespoken not
against my nature.

“im human too,”
and my mother looks confused.
Lack confidence all my life
till meeting my girl my wife this girl came to be, for I had known her from her school girl
But fate showed It's hand at the time together we not to be so she married a guy although she loved him he didn't love her, he used her and made her
Then he had affairs for he had no respect for her eventually after making her so sick he then divorced her but despite her illness, she won rights to keep her  
It was years after this I finally met her again fell love with her from that day on, I never looked
back for I loved my sweetheart
Now matter how ill you can still fight It through and come out a much stronger person
She shall flip the tables and ignore her hearts breaking pulse “It is you who have tormented thy soul
It is you and the demons who lurk behind
Digging at my skin
Burning with pain from within
The beauty within this tragedy, is I’ve been left with the art they carried
Most terrifying of my works, almost as if they’ve been left undone
But I’ve learned, that’s no art to live on”
A deal for a seal, to steal her happiness she’ll soon feel
To fight the evil under her skin
To finally surround herself with her own friend
Ah the relief is so much thicker and sweeter than the blood she consumed from her own self, her sister, her demon of the old her, her old friend
Who lurks behind still
But listen to this fill, the evil “she” lurks behind because the new her is so much ahead, she’s  cut them down, but you’re not dead!
Cause really “she” is “I” and “they” and “you” she is all those things no one knew
That evil one in the back of her head, she’s been learning to shut out that voice raging within her head because
She’s not dead!
©Jessica Stull
Though today may be not sunny
I feel sunshine in my heart
I feel the sun and her warmth
As if only the sun gods could reach my heart today
Sending me many blessings though through small tokens and gestures from dawn of day
These clouds bear witness to how their mighty tricks and plots to scheme irony
Blocking though they may be my blessed sun from me
I see her shining freely lighting her way through the mighty fog of dismal days
©Jessica Stull
When I miss the sun, I try to remember she’s still there
Dream 4d
Its 3.30 am and im still up....

The web has me entangled....
How do you fight the darkness
When you've already lost your light
How do you keep from drowning
When you can't even stay afloat
How do you keep on going
When you've already lost the fight
How do you keep on moving
When you already missed the boat
How do you fight the darkness
When you can't even find your light
How i feel dealing with depression and anxiety
Zywa 7d
After all, I visit him again
against better judgment
and beyond my freedom, thinking
that he knows who I am and does not
have to guess at my 'I want you'

I see him gaze and look away
from the body under my clothes
not capable to sit still
not knowing how to behave
just sighing 'I want you'

May he press celestial words
upon my lips, in the saliva of my
'I want you', and again, passionately
will we fight each other's words
in an encryption of 'I want you'
Inspired by “I want you” (1986, Elvis Costello)

Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
On myself is all these burdens
Even breathing itself is becoming one
Can you imagine that?
Having trouble doing something that is natural

My I do not know why to continue
Why to fight
Why to live
But I know I must

Death is something I no longer fear
It is no longer something I pray to avoid
I know my time will come some day
So why must I prolong fate

Bed covered in my tears
Breathing sporadically
My time has finally come hasn't it?
No I keep going

I am On My Death Bed
Compete never

Never worth that fight

Fight only for innocence

Innocence runs through you

You are alive

Alive, but not awake

Awake the dormant innocence

Innocence that runs through you

You fight only to compete

Compete never
Check - work nine-to-five, eat, sleep, draw again.
Surviving the day, nothing more, c'est bien.

Or call - easy choice for the hand you were dealt.
Just settle for average; win, lose; both unfelt.

If you need to, just quit; to accept it, just fold.
Be resigned to your fate; easy just isn't bold.

If not, you might lose, see pain, heartbreak, and death.
Bracing for blows that will knock out your breath.

So you didn't call a bluff, didn't sees players who cheat?
Or they raised you too much, now you're feeling the heat.

And life may be a *****, she deals hands unfair.
She's the muscle who beats you; detached, doesn't care.

But here's the kicker, dear life's only tell -
There's so much more out there; fight right to the bell!

'Cuz quitting the game after one bad beat?
You'd risk every win, for fear of defeat?

Not even one pair? Means no partner for life?
No falling in love, no taking the dive.

I guess if you're scared, that's a dangerous risk
Probably not worth the bet.

No three of a kind? No partners in crime?
No best friends for life, no slowing down time?

I guess that you're busy, with your job, for your cheque.
Probably not worth the bet.

And no full house? Means no family to kiss...
No building your future, no dogs, and no kids?

I guess it's hard work to lay down those bricks;
Probably not worth the bet.

No royal flush? No laughter, no tears?
No joy and no sorrow, no fun and no fears?

I guess if the bad scares you more than the good,
Probably not worth the bet.

For you, at least, that all may be fact.
You'll hold back your gambles, buy-in if you're backed.

You save up your chips for just the right hand,
And don't see that they are all equally grand.

For life may be cruel, but she gives loans for chips,
So keep playing the game until your luck flips.

So, me? Hit me, life. I'll stick out my chin.  
In this game we're playing?
****, I'm all in.
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