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rgz May 11
Give me that frown
I hate your fake smile
lay down your crown
my Queen of denial

It's the end of your reign
spare no gory detail
you know I like the rain
soak me through in your hail

Give me the **** truth
don't you dare even try
to fix your pretty mouth
with pretty little lies

When you play a game of deceit
The only outcome is defeat
are lies ever pretty?
Bummer Apr 25
Go ahead,
take away my voice.

I’ll still have my fists,
and a reason to fight.
keep on trying
Johnny walker Apr 16
And as I walked out with my sweetheart one day
such beautiful day and the sun shone brightly as I held her hand
for I never wanted to let her hand go for the first time In my life I felt like a man walking out with my sweetheart at my
so proud of this girl who now walked  by my side often to park It's to there we would go to where we'd sit and talk for a
remember the first kiss so well for It was that first kiss and I knew this girl would be mine for the first In my life I felt like a
walking out with this pretty girl called
there by side It wasn't long
before Helen became my wife and we both  embarked on a wonderful
First-time life I felt like a man walking out with this called at my side and the first kiss we ever had it then I knew Helen would be mine
Glenn Currier Apr 13
If I but open my fist
leave the damning shouts
on the evening news
no telling how far I could go
what I could release
from a heart also opened
how many galaxies I could find
mountains I could climb
peaks I could occupy
above and beyond
the clouds.
Thanks to Erian and the poem, “I’d go far further” for the inspiration for this poem.
Erian Apr 12
I opened my fist
To engulf the moon
In a fit of love
That I'd go far further
Then the Milky Way
To be in your arms
outside in the dark with a broken heart
you said you loved it when my blood shed,
said that **** was art
I'm thinking over how your eyes shine in the bright night sky
you said it's nothing that is scary
but won't tell me why
you held my arm down in the bathroom, see it all pour out
said get to class, gave me a kiss
don't let them know about
the hickeys on me or the bruises that have yet to heal
I won't say nothing, you'll still love me
that was now the deal
I'm on sidewalk high as ****, don't know my whereabouts
this LSD must keep my mind straight
now I'm crying out
you said it's nothing, just some stress you release with a fist
my jaws sits crooked, my heads dizzy,
there's blood on my wrist
she wore the smile on her face just like a loaded gun
said keep them blisters covered up
and don't tell anyone
from shaving razors and the needles from your special stack
I'm like a doll, just like a pin cushion
that's blue and black
you said you loved me but you'd trade me for a cigarette
now I'm just smoking all 18
the thunder makes 'em wet
outside in the street walking towards the cars
I'd rather die then watch you use me
giving me more scars
CROW Feb 11
Walking down the hall i have to hold my hand down,
To prevent it from punching someone clean across town,
Don't throw the first blow,
Cause i would like to let you know,
I don't just hold a grudge,
If u try to intimidate me i won't budge,
Cause my blood is a flood of wrath,
War and hate is my favorite path,
Me and pain are the best of friends,
Who helps me meet all my ends,
So come and fight me,
But like most you will only see,
It's hard to hide my greatest monster,
I don't care if your an orphan or foster,
My cold heart shed all its tears and now is just stone,
Punch me and i won't even change my tone,
Because i love to taste tears and blood,
I don't care if you are the schools greatest stud,
I'll put you six feet under without a care,
When your blows won't even raise my hair.
Crow's Hateful Side
The one in pain and Violent Tendencies
We all have them just for others it's almost inhumane
Hunter Green Dec 2018
Stop taking my glances.
I swear they’re tearing me down.
I get caught in these trances,
And I lose more of myself.
I feel empty each time.
They aren’t just open chances
I hear the world’s whisper,
But I feel the heart’s scream.
Each pair of eyes are a sister.
I want a mind as clean as snow,
I want my heart to be someone’s home
But I fight these these feelings as my fists get blistered.
Jon Thenes Nov 2018
Marry feast
marry fist
and marry feast be over
Tables turned
dancers turned to fighters
a violent rattle
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