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old willow Oct 16
A sitting sparrow on old willow branch,
the raindrop reflect my thought like moon upon lake.
The heart stir thousands thought.
Man is witness to heaven and earth,
his spirit bellowed in-between.
Where the heart tilt, heaven shift.
Where the heart waver, earth tremble.
So small... so this is my will.
Reflecting in my heart, the ripple is the will.
Insignificant and short-live;
but a single will to move the world.
Strung Oct 15
Inferiority standing calmly in the middle of a misty lake.
Like magic, it floats atop a rippling plain.
Rest in the water, breathe deeply - the fool.
It hovers above as the bubble of air out of reach.
Drown drown in the void you create and breathe deeply
"I pity the corpses who lie in the lake," you say in the grasp of dead hands.

You are a force and your mind is the block, so do as you wish and lay still.
However long you gasp for air, you will die regretting free will.
Mark Parker Sep 25
Rocks ripple my river reflection
as amber and caramel leaves spiral
from sleeping oaks
landing atop water as lily pads
and clothing my mirror image.
I envy the resting trees,
tucked in for the winter.
The place exists somewhere, I just have to find it.
els Sep 18
I learned to Let Go by the misty lake
while I thought confusion will never leave
every passing moment felt harder to breathe
I escaped to a moment only I can take

I learned to Enjoy by the misty lake
I'm never alone and I won't ever be
I see the beauty in everyone around me
now I'm certain no happiness will break

I learned to Love by the misty lake
even though I know I have nothing
even though feelings never stop flying
I still love through earthquakes

I learned to Forgive by the misty lake
life is often painful and sad
but Jesus is the only best thing I have
my faith is grounded and won't ever shake
The lake shimmers in golden velveteen

A gift from the sun, at sundown

The palm trees lined up in rows

The birds flew into the branches

For the gala evening show

old willow Sep 13
I enjoy the tangy of spring,
tasting plum wine as cherry blossom.
Eastern river is dried bamboo shoots,
a sweet yet melodic taste brings me home.
At the end of the river is where my heart lays;
a vast, endless ocean;
sadly, people only see fishes in little Ju lake;
the river behind the lake,
ocean behind river that's hidden.

Golden sun, smudged in the grey clouds
White mists, and the distant green hills
Shivering cold,
the leaves on the trees, stand still
Reflection of the sun,
smiles in orange hues,
forming ripples on the beauteous lake
Red roofed cottage, a glorious sight
Duck shaped boats, allure the travellers
For a tranquil ride
Inspired by a photo, fb post
Pockets Aug 28
You *******
You are everything
I still think about that summer
We use to get high on Adderall and play Life is Strange
Go to flea malls and never buy a thing
Watch ****** movies, walk around the lake
You were my best friend
No one could take your place
I remember cuddling in the mornings
Not getting out of bed till the afternoon
The light dripping through the windows
Bouncing around the room
You are so beautiful
We were so young
I’ll never forget those moments
Though, those days are long gone
Paul Idiaghe Aug 25
The sun must have reached low to prepare
our paths, as we walked those grandeur
streets, how it simmered the wind mild
and warm, to embrace the moment as its child;

how it forged halos around your cheeks
as you smiled, painting heaven on those peaks
& august bloomed in the lake, where my hand
kissed your fluttering feet—I felt it expand

till it was too leaden for my palms, and it drained
away into a moment in time, but you remained,
steeped in memories & my deliquesced heart
whose tides would fail to let you sail apart.
Inspired by the song “August” by Taylor Swift
Norman Crane Aug 24
Ducks upon the surface of a lake
Of man-made run off
What great ripples they make
Diving under, flapping their wings
Without asking I wonder
Why for ducks water is water
Glacial or sewer-bound
Backswamp or uptown reservoir
It's not maker but mark which matters
So why is this distinction so profound to me?
Why Nature's acts
     Do I endeavour to explain
Whereas for man's
     I seek firstly to lay blame?
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