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UV 6d
Let me tell you how it felt
To let go of you,
Like lying back down
Onto the surface of a frozen lake,
Hugging a rock, feeling its weight.
The ground under me thawed
I melted into the water with the ice,
Slipping into the brazen cold
I still felt coddled, knowing
I won’t touch the ground anytime soon.
I was weightless,
The fluidity felt forgiving,
Yet the weight on my chest anchored me.
In the now, I was moving yet not of my accord
I was free, yet sinking
Deeper into the void beneath me
Lungs tight, not much light
I missed the floor that the rock had pinned me to.
Every second it took to feel it again,
I hoped for catharsis in our reunion.
The weight on my chest kissed me deeper,
My back met the ground,
Alas, I feel gravity again
Now I wait patiently, in quiet suffering
To stop living or to be saved

My emotional support fantasy (the thing I think about to relax or meditate or sleep) is where I'm hugging a rock the size of a soccer ball and sinking slowly into calm waters. I finally wrote about it. P.S. I'm taking a break from my boo
I wore red the day you left me
My lips, my hips, and my shame were all
Painted the same shade
I’d be lying if I said I was (OK)
You left a note the day you left my life
You gave me a call, laid out your lies, had made up your mind
I told myself it was what it was, (OK)
My innocence died the day you left me
She threw a fit, laid out a will, and took a dive
I didn’t know if I’d ever be (OK)
I ran a mile, walked in circles,
And spread my sanity out like thin wire
And in it I encapsulated myself with thoughts of you, thoughts of me
I drowned myself in thoughts of we
And I engorged myself in thoughts of what could never be
Until my skin turned a purplish tint and I

I wore nothing on the day two months after you left me
I dyed my hair
I ran a bath
And I ******-ed at the beauty of self preservation.
Someday our paths will meet
And you’ve ceased to be mine
But I’ll be
Look at me! Look at me!
You’re not looking.
You attention grabbing, narcissistic,
Gas lighting and dismissive,
Tantalizing yet hypnotic,
Cunning man
I’ll look past all the bad if,
You could give me some good
If you could stop the ‘Me, me!’
And make it we
Tell I’m beautiful
Ask about my day
Not argue if I disapprove,
Assure that it’ll be okay
If you cou- “Hey! Look at me!, I’m trying to talk to you”
His eyes wore boredom, his face slack
He never made eye contact
“I’m listening”, he drawled
And so my rose tinted glasses brimmed with tears,
My chest swelling with emotion.
I stopped speaking, stood up, and exhaled,
“I’m leaving”,
I dressed, breathed, and pierced this man with my vision
Hoping he'd meet my gaze
Prayed that my cries heard him, my heart skipping a beat
He stood up, never looked my way, and spoke
J J Sep 1
My safehaven,my compass, my stone!
eschaton binding the teeth which the clockarms
     strike their fangs along like useless submissive matches.
Patchy skin blent with herself from her dream
    the other night;
                               a scale no flame could level or waters be heavy enough in mass to drown, merely flood and freeze in time
               --hovering in limboid quantum silence--
A gift for the next lifeform to discover and make-believe a divine structure
left by some macerated God that has hitherto gone about  
Carl Miller Aug 21
To stop me from feeling
You must stop my heart from beating
So look back into me
And feel my soul fleeting

To keep me from seeing
You must blind my eyes forever
So shine your light bright
And through my synapse sever

To keep me from speaking
You must bind up my mouth
So grab your belt by it's loop
And send my words deep south

To keep me from from thinking
You must break down my mind
So load up your gun
And leave my thoughts behind
Let Go
going to

I'm going to
hazy memories
of your
the light in your eyes
the joy
that you put inside of me.

going to

I hope
you'll still
love me

That in those
odd moments
of early morning
you'll think of
my face
my voice in your ears
the moments we shared.

going to

Which is why I still
tell myself
that the pain of
letting go
outweigh the
pleasures of the

Memories are


people are

does not

Know that
no matter
the person you are today,

I am


to have called you
my friend.


I am

going to
Time is a dull knife.
Deanna Jul 5
The leaf on a tree hanging on for no apparent reason
When you can already see it crumbling to pieces.
Holding on to it although it's not necessary
Only hoping to be given life but death is irreversible
Finally coming to the conclusion you no longer can help this leaf grow
So let it go, falling to the ground, to be turned into something else
To be treated with the care that you could never provide
Even if you tried
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