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Jammit Janet Jun 11
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Right here, right now

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Of all that does not serve me
Of all that stunts my growth

Breathing in
Breathing in
Breathing in
And compassion

To spread love and light
In the kindest of fashions.
Jordan Ray May 4
I can't say that I'm sorry,
Or wish that I'd written a different story,
The stars may not align,
But at least we can say we tried

I don't see you knocking at my door,
You must be slightly jaded or massively bored,
I hear no voices at all,
Just a whisper of what we used to call


I walked straight into your town,
Before the dust had a chance to settle down,
You never voiced your concerns,
But had enough air in your lungs to hurt

This must have just been some game,
For months now it hasn't quite been the same,
You fade the more that I blink,
Is this what I am destined to think

of "Love"...
I know your pain,
I know your sorrow…
I know your hurt,
I’m gone tomorrow…
I done you wrong,
This I understand.
I hope you’re strong,
With another man…
Please hold his hand,
Let him treat you right…
Make him kiss you,
Till he holds you tight.
I wish you well,
Farewell to tell.
You never needed my love to know… the mental obsessions I fought for so long? This is the beginning of patient art letting you go…
Nazrana Kalil Nov 2021
One day this will come to an end, the weirdness of our friendship that I’ve learnt to hate and love from the hell below to the heaven up above.

Know that I’m clinging to the word ‘never’ when I say “ when that day comes, hold on to these words that I can no longer send you each morning” know that I am neither smiling nor mourning
at our lost friendship.

I’m numbed till the day comes that I have to untie the knot while draining out my tear ducts.
I’m numbed till the day comes that I have to put these memories into a box and hide it up on a shelf while dreading the clock

I sometimes feel your presence linger even when you are not standing beside me. I hope that is enough when years go by and longing is all we feel.
CautiousRain Aug 2021
No one warned me about healing,
and that when you begin to let go,
it means working through all the things
you ignored along the way:
every weeping wound,
every halted, furious scream,
every memory you tried to forget,
and even the things you never knew
you'd felt in the first place.

To let go of everything that no longer serves,
I have to go back in time
and tell myself how it is all okay now,
and hope that will be enough
to set me free again.
Kellin Aug 2021
the kind of love you want to go on forever
the kind when you're three drinks deep into a bar on Sunday night
where you stay up long enough to meet the sun and turn into its fire
that kind of love
let me know when it comes
let me honor it when it is here
and let me let go
when it's time
Ring of white rope bound to my soul
A glimpse of a life drowning away
My heart lingering on the edge of no tomorrow
Soaring cliff above all the rushing water

Let me lay this rope down
Unburden this weary soul
Never shrinking from what drags underneath the water
Grasping at unseen air to breath

Just take me down the river,
Don’t  fight the undertow
Just take me down the river
The sadness you don’t want to know
Just take me down the river
Don’t fight the undertow
Let this weary soul flow away now

No use fighting against the current
Sorrow and heartache is not the solution
Let go of the rope and all the pain it holds
Float on and take the hits

Raging rapids drives your rage
The drop off kills you bit by bit
Up to the last big drop
Into the deep, into the deep

Just take me down the river,
Don’t fight the undertow
Just take me down the river
The sadness you don’t want to know
Just take me down the river
Don’t fight the undertow
Let this weary soul flow away now
Gela Mar 2021
I finally am letting myself be free
from the thoughts of wanting you back.
I realized what I wanted isn't what you are now,
but the one you were, when you were with me
And that is gone for a long time now.
letters from the past years
​Much of spirituality
tips its cap at
surfing well,
the changes
of a human life

Reading the tides;
our internal compass

pointing at the outer world
following suit

Aligning with the cycles
of nature
hugging trees
while howling at the moon

Witnessing the earth
trying to be

Setting our leaves free;

Making space
​for Spring to bloom again
There is a saying, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" This poem is a nod to it.
And now our story has ended.
We've said what had to be said.
We just went around in circles.

The world kept spinning and so did my mind.
I loved you but now I just hate you.
We just kept spinning in the same tangled lines.
Like we're constantly stuck in each others minds.

I let go not because I wanted to.
I let go because I had to choose myself this time over choosing you.
Circles that's what it felt like with you.
Stuck in a never ending nightmare of unloving myself just to love you.

You said my feelings are temporary, that I always ended up pushing you away.
What you didn't see was that it was you that pushed me away, when you hid and darkened parts of you just to show me the sides you wanted me to see.

I opened up my doors to you, gave you the keys to the doors that I've left locked for a long time.
But we just went around in circles, because your words and promises never materiliased.

And in the end... we were really just strangers, with memories best left locked up, because we never really knew each other.
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