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Let the binding fall to the ground
those things that once were you
let them drop as late leaves
see how easy they go
no resistance
no return
that is how it is
that is how letting go can be

When all you were has passed
you will laugh wearing your new skin
proud… with sunbeams in your eye
miraculously… today
you entirely cast off your old self
I also posted this on Soundcloud as a spoken word poem.
Nathalie Mar 14
Sometimes we think
letting go means
we are losing something
But what if letting go
means that we were
getting so much more
We hold on too things
or people way too long
sometimes that no
longer spark us but
only deplete us
To lift ourselves
and the world
aroung us,
sometimes we have
to realize , that
some people no
longer occupy
a place in our lives
and by letting them
go, we will fly high.

Keyan R Mar 13
I don’t know why people think I’m upset
My ex is gonna get married and I am going to school
Financial support is just for fools who don’t understand that our days are numbered in this checkered landscape
Sometimes you might jump over a pond and fall into a lake, but that’s just life learn to swim for another day
Sure I was upset, but was is a pas-tense word
Just like the love I once had. It’s in the past.
My ex decided to change our relationship to lovers to what we were in our youth of high school..being honest we were two peas in a pod. Best of friends..did everything together..maybe that's where to co-dependency developed. I don't know.
I let go of my fear at last
And look at you with open eyes
My enemy, my crutch, my past
You are not welcome in my life

You came in times when i was wounded
In need of comfort and of love
But you have kept me weak and bounded
Without the confidance you stole.

Now that i see you without bariers
I see your true face and rejoyce
Because now i treat myself with kindness
Cause now i know i have a choice

In this amazing vast creation
That we call our universe
The only real revalation
Is that you always have a choice

The only way that your choice matters
Is if you take it with belief
Own your decisions and your actions
Let go of what you cant recive
Myrrdin Mar 2
I'd rather cut the cord
Than hang myself with it.
nobody Feb 24
so i’m now 24 yrs old
most of my life consists of work, but i’ve been calling in more ever since July 4th of last year, when i had a miscarriage. that experience changed me in a lot of ways, and unfortunately caused me to call in or take off a day. i’ve never been like that, i’ve always been very reliable, never called in. idk i guess the miscarriage made me mature more in a way. i don’t feel completely the same. but i’ve already committed to never being late (always early) to work, and not calling in for the rest of the year. so there should be no other issue there. but i feel like maybe i should get some sort of degree in a field there will always be a job. maybe become certified in my current occupation. or start over with something like becoming a dental hygienist, or embalming or pet training or maybe something simple like a barista haha..idk what to do.
but i guess the main goal now is to get into shape for the beach in july, i’m soooo excited/nervous. the only time i’ve been to the beach and have seen the ocean was when i was suuuuper young like 5 yrs old, maybe. so i hardly remember it, so this is the first time i’ll visit the ocean in my adult life, um yes. excited. it’s a superficial goal to get beach body ready, but i’ll look good which will make me feel confident to just forcus on socializing and relaxing. beach stuff, i guess? yes :) also i need to make appointments for my jaw (TMJ) bone loss, deviated septum, and restricted airway, and a dental appointment, and a knee specialist. i desperately need a hair cut, but i also want to dye it. i’m seriously thinking ashy light silvery gray. idk if that’ll look good but that’s what i’m thinking!! except i wouldn’t be surprised if i default to black or red out of stress in trying the unknown. i also want layers in my hair, or long side bangs. i want to get all of my family members presents this year. i want to get in a mf hot tub at some point. i want to rock climb. i want my eyebrows microbladed and possibly some freckles..... and eyelash extensions. i want to finally read those threee books i have. i want to finish this letter about mormonism. i want to completely stop self harming. or at least go longer than 6 months without it. i want to possibly do boxing, it would be very good for me.
so those are my own personal goals, and i could get it all done soooo quick but my anxiety really gets in the way. i just don’t like going outside and people looking at me. it’s lame and stress-inducing. idk i just want to find out what’s going on with my body, it hurts all over especially my face from my jaw.
there has been a slight shift in how i perceive this world and my life. i’m pretty much banking on reincarnation because i fuuuuucked up a lot already.
2 - 24 - 2019
memoona kazmi Feb 23
i am letting go of myself,
hold me close,
at this time,
i need nothing else,
just pull me closer,
let the whistling wind,
carry the sound of you promises,
to my ears,
let them echo in eternity,
tell me all your dreams,
tell me you are here,
i am letting go of myself,
just hold me close
Mae Feb 22
people come and go,
they are just passing by.
why can't you let go?
when all of them are just going to go.
-E Feb 19
Somehow I saw a glimpse of your soul. It was more than what my mind could reach. My heart can touch. Because your beauty your love deserve someone better than what I am. I'm giving you away even though you already walked  . I'm letting u go even though I've been standing alone.
I was so blind so dumb to think someone as great as you, could ever love someone like me. I understand, the best part of me is the reason . Maybe in another life where I'm more of a man. I'll be good enough for someone like you... I wish I could change I would in a heartbeat but I'm stuck with who I am and you with who you are... Happy endings don't exist for everyone and this isint my story this is yours. I'm just in the background that you can't see.
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