everything is so sweet
like sugar sold in the night market
just as vanilla ice cream that melted on the tongue
tonight the sky was bombarded with fireworks
rainbow colors are scattered everywhere
stars have friends
they celebrate

I drank her dry.
But hadn't I'd known that
Would be my last.
I would have savored her
In my mouth.
Alas, I had forgotten how she tastes
And that is my eternal doom

A lost soul looking to be revived again by her lover .
Jan 1d

i held you on my tongue,
you were tart and squeezed my tastebuds
before melting into a sickly sweet syrup.
even golden shots of dizzying acid
weren’t enough to wash you away.
i was forever tainted by your taste.

sad part that i love you and I’ll always love
I’ll cherish your mind and soul in my heart and head
I’ll adore your sight and sound in my heart and hand
I’ll indoor your pain and misery if you let me
but then again it’s for a reason
and the reason being is that you hate me

That's what they call you.
They'd never know who you are.
From inside and out you're good,
Delicious like a fresh cut fruit.
The first smell of yours I'm thirsty.
The second glass raised up I'm in love.
The last cheer of my glass I'm drunk.
Tonight I will give you my body, my soul.
You're not just a wine you're my sweet red wine.

LNI 2d

It's Sunday inside me.
A witness to the sweet joy of a life without attachments.

Love is gentle. Love is quite,
Like any distant star.
Love is beauty. Love is music,
Soothing as night winds are.

Love is patient and unselfish
Divine, true, neutral, fair
Love is ageless and immortal
Lost love is just somewhere.

And the heart that love abandoned
Nurses a tender scar
Softly stabbing, and yet still sweetly soothing
Just like the night winds are.

I didn’t think I could hate myself anymore...

I’m sorry you fell for me.
But darling I love you so much.
Please forgive me.

Why can’t we just throw away all of our mistakes and leave together.
You’re all I want.
Just let me fight for you again.
I find a reason again.
I ask to much of you.
But let me work to win your heart...
even though I want it now.
Let me build you a crown
You are my sweet girl
Asami 6d

Life's colors were slowly fading away
So hope picked up its brush
But darkness swallowed the paint

Tried to craft all of this black into a masterpiece
But this ambition sharply decrease
When trapped in the dark , blindfolded by fear

Though everything is still the same
Life is starting to have a different taste
It's a merciful mix of the bitterness of loss
And the sweetness of acceptance

Life is paving its roads again
The sugary scent of comfort can be caught in the air
Promoting happiness's heavenly taste
That can draw a smile on every face

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