cait 4d

dripping in your love
i find myself licking each finger
and savoring the sweetness.

your approval tastes like chamomile,
blackberries, and melted icecream.
the taste of you is even sweeter.

to be here
drenched in your affection
is the most saccharine dream
i could ever hope to imagine.

My sweet, softly.
Softly my sweet
As I walk into the night –
Is that fear that furrows your brow my love?

I dare not feel the slick of your skin
Or watch the torments torture your heart.
I will go softly my sweet, my dearest,
Into the darkness, bask in the light, and –
Oh, so softly my sweet.

Do not speak precious words to me now, –
Such harsh words – not as I go into the dark;
But please, do wipe the sweat from your brow,
And move not your lips my sweet and be silent.

My dearest, I have said my goodbyes to you
Many days past and yet, you say no.  
You still say no – you are not to.
So why is it you still ....

Oh Gods my love, do not touch me like such
With your heartening words and calloused fingertips.
I beg of you, Cease! Or I will be forced to stay;
I beg of you, Please! Do not make me bear
The sorrowful words that proceed from your lips.

Just let me go softly my dearest, my sweet.
My sweet, let me go softly.

Wyatt R 5d

There is something oh-so sweet
about things that will never be.
Our imaginations
must have sugar teeth
while the grim reality's
only been bitter to me.
Taking slow sips
as I smell the coffee,
raw with nothing added to it.
A blow to my confidence,
a knot in my stomach,
it's brought me to my knees.
A punch of a strong taste,
a kick to the face,
this is the touch of defeat.
cultivated naturally.
Oh life, it's only ever
tasted bitter to me.

Can you taste it?

Your lips taste black cherry
and your tongue melts in my mouth....

Joseph JR Kelly Apr 15

Hazel eyes to take in the beauty,
Rough hands to cup a soft cheek,
Supple lips to plant words sweet,
And unspoken,
Onto scented brown skin.
Writing sensual poetry on your melanin
Until a million choice words grace your skin
Crisscrossing and overlapping one another
To create the perfect lyric,
Where your vibrations settle into cadence

Debanjana Saha Apr 12

How sweet can a disturbance be?
It lingers in your mind & heart,
Crawls back to you with a puppy face for a while..
hugs you for quite a nice time
laughs with you until its over-brim!
Eat with you, walks with you
does all the stupid things with you
making no sense at all
yet, adding memories of sweetness out of all!
But after a while chokes you
as you start missing everything all over again!

Change, changes us in every other way
leaving behind sweet/sour memories with us!
daisyrae Apr 12

Tell me why
                these lies
They hurt.
          They continue on
                 like a song
But I don't quite know the words.
Do you wish better of me,
            If so, then no I will not.
       Better catch a bus
because no one on this giant earth
         can tell me like that guy I know
Down the road
                  two blocks down on White Store Rd.
he tells me I'm beautiful
                   he puts flowers in my hair.
And if there's one thing you can't do
              it's with that guy you can't compare.
So trolley off and find another
           to beat and abuse to the core
Because my sugar isn't salt
                and I don't need you anymore.

To my love.
rose Apr 11

sugar boy,
your heart is caked like a treat,
soft as a bendy gummy;
but your eyes are what get at me,
for they shine like those
glow-in-the-dark rubber bands
that little kids played with.

sugar boy,
you're as sweet
as those dum-dum
your smile is as gentle
as a little, innocent kid
who is listening for
the ice cream truck.
your tears, however,
look so salty and
burn your face with

sugar boy,
i'll wipe away those tears.
i'll make them fade
by a soft kiss on the lips.
i'll caress your ginger colored
cheek with my dry hands,
i'll make us both sweet lovers,
both so imperfect.

Winter Child Apr 9

You're just as close as my nose bridge
That my eyes can always reach
But my lips can never kiss

for J
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