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Isabine 18h
I’m liquorice
The classic kind
Dark and bold
Lingering but not loquacious
Biting but not bitter
Sugared but never saccharine
A half-forgotten flavor
You may not like me as I am
After all
I’m an acquired taste
his words are honey-coated
when he reads between the lines
my body, yeah, he owns it
but my heart will stay mine
his way with words is divine
You're my sunshine,
My picket fence,
My no-crime;
The cake that I can keep,
The sweetest thing,
That is all mine.

My heart,
my mind,
My water into wine;
The light in my life
My one sunshine
a delicate white rose,
sweet and lonely and
upon it, a butterfly
so fragile and light;
but when will it take flight?
when will it take flight?

ocean waves close to shore,
sand and water entwined
in loving embrace,
earthly beauty skin to skin;
but when will the tide go in?
when will the tide go in?

a passionate fire, spitting and
pouncing, rustled by a breeze,
kissed gently by the air,
the love between them devout;
but when will it die out?
when will it die out?
Tiana 6d
I was filled with sunshine
Like I've never experienced summer before
Everyplace you touch on my body felt like it was bursting with light
My checks hurt from the smiles
The giggles as you spin me around
My toes curling in the grass
A flower hand-picked from the ground
Loving the nature sounds
Warm in your arms
I can do this all day around
The taste of orange Popsicle
Sits sweetly on my tongue
As I ride on my blue bicycle
With summer still young.

The heat is unbearable
Coloring my skin red
But the pool's delightful
I'll swim till' the end!

Fireworks crackle in my ears
I watch them with wide eyes
There's little worry, little fear
Of danger in disguise.
Sheila Greene May 19
Tasting milky chocolate.
Joy, happiness begins.
My taste buds favorite!
I can’t wait, let’s eat again.

My fear of poor exercise.
The chocolate calls my name.
I try to forget it.
I am fatter, eat again.

Regret, regret chocolate.
Sad and sobbing, it’s aching.
Like a sad old portrait.
Therefore the sweetest tasting.
I love to eat and struggle with my weight.  Chocolate is my down fall on one hand and my savior on the other.
Tiana May 18
Blue like the summer sky
His eyes
Calm like the sound of the ocean
The only notion worth making
Calming my soul to the core
At ease
Fingers combing through my hair
Hearing him whisper
"I'm yours"
Chelsea May 18
I've heard revenge described as sweet.
But sweet is rarely a lingering satisfaction

Sweet is too much candy on Halloween
And a cloying stomach that ends your night early
Sweet is syrup for breakfast
And then the sugar crash
Where your saccharine brain can't learn math

Sweet is birthday cake turned tooth ache
Sweet is cupcakes turned muffin top

Sweet is indulgence turned disease.

Maybe revenge really is sweet.
Bee Burnett May 18
My finger tips pour into the indents of your ribcage as I hold you tight ear to chest,
Your heartbeat pounding against my eardrum like the sea spilling from a conch.
Lacing fingers plucking at your skin like a harp.
We share the same air in this tight pocket of intimacy.
Your lungs expand as mine contract, a silent exchange.
You fill my chest with thorns it hurts to breathe, choking on the heart making its way into my throat.

My bones ache with sweetness, decayed by the sugar you force down my oesophagus.
You're such sweet poison.
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