Like Sunflowers, your presence is bright and warm.
Like Sunflowers, your love is soothing and sweet.
Like Sunflowers, your embrace is home.
This is dedicated to my Grandmother who just celebrated her 68th birthday. She raised me as her own ever since my mom passed away when I was 8. I am ever thankful for her love and support for all of my life.
Oh, no. It's happened again.
My precious words have been turned
back on me in a manner of which
I disapprove.

It hurts -- and words
only win their worth
when they're soft,
when they're


Zombie on the boulevard,
and then, a Big Gulp at my back.
Wetness, confusion, anger.
Laughter at my expense.

Tense enough to jump
off the overpass,
stuck to land,
glad to live.

What can you do?

The odds are just as good that
the driver and the passengers would,
years later, die painfully from cancer,
or make the permanent ulnar marks
that I chose not.

Honeyed words are sweet, yes, you're right.
I demand truth of myself, and there are times,
when my self is not nice. Does that then make
my words unworthy compared to yours?

In the end, I see,
the answer doesn't matter.
I should ask, instead:
does it make you mad that
there are so many things out of your control?

I've accepted this.
I guess that's why

I find it funny.
Also the name of an anime or manga series -- can't remember which. Tons, and tons, and tons of hawwwwt sexxxxxxx.

. . . now that I think about it, maybe it was a hentai.

No matter the sun-rays,
or her many tears,
she will rise for
she has a song to sing

Lyn xxx
Honey drips from my mouth,
an endless cascade of gold
sickly sweet and clingy viscous,
gluing my lips together in a
delicious wall of sugary words

and silence.

Pry it free from sticky amber,
let the bitterness flow instead
like angry bees exiting their hive.
Stingers made not of poison nor
vicious intent meant to harm,

but of brutal honesty.
Amanda 3d
I miss you even though you are here
Miss you not by name
By how my feelings really are
We both know it is not the same

A week can last an eternity
When there is love set in my heart
Forces on the outside
Determined to keep us apart

I miss you even though you are here
Sitting down next to me
I do not miss you at all
I miss how things used to be
Another oldie
Anne 3d

you’ve gone.
all those memories

you and me.

Rocking by the swing
humming to myself
fingers reaching to

where you sat.
Spongy semolina cake
toothsome lemon kiss
rich, orange-blossom syrup
gold-kissed and fragrant
So buttery sweet
Twenty-second Epulaeryu!
Ok, I know there are two variants of this cake, the Turkish one and the Greek one.
I've only ever had this once (the Greek one) and it was really lovely!
I'll try the Turkish one eventually!
Lyn xxx
Milk-white, shredded filo dough
spun gossamer-thin
Wrapped nest for pistachio,
almonds, cinnamon
White baked gentle gold
Hot honey
Twenty-first Epulaeryu!
This is a Greek treat I had, it reminds me of Baklava, to be honest, but it's very delicious! ^-^
I'm gonna take these real slow now, headache's playing up...again >.<
Lyn xxx
I licked you cautiously with precision
Licked until your sharp edges were round and soft
Indulged in that millisecond, I let my mind wander off to the imagination of licking and actually swallowing you
Sweet imaginary drops of melted sticky sugary matter were dripping down my esophagus
You were dancing in my throat like a delicate ballerina
Tiptoeing, Floating.

Then reality hit in again and my tongue drawed back like it just touched a hot range
My esophagus felt clogged. Your pungent taste was burning holes into my throat-
So I used my fingers like a plunger to suck you out again.

I purged dark matter all over the white bathroom tiles
Tried to extinguish salty burning tears with stomach acid
You smelled sweet and savory at the same time.

I’m sorry for drowning the rest of you in the toilet.
But they say “nothing good ever lasts long enough” for a reason.
You see, love is a battlefield and I’m Napoleon.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I was listening to a poet
reciting his poem “Times”.
He was pondering, could
it be like this and that?
Suddenly my cup of tea
happened to taste so sweet,
made me wonder why.
wasn’t it such an edgy,
A while ago any time
before now just as tasty.

Where on a stony thorn
was it stuck this long?
It had to bloom just now,
so sweet a rose!  
No one predicted whether it
will rain or not, it just drops.
The sun, shedding clouds,
suddenly swims so low!

Pondering me, I could
then only digest it
accepting a truth:
It doesn’t matter when
the bees love to come out,
sit on the rose and fly.
For the time, its best bard
only sings on time!
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