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Lydia 10h
Let’s kill God

We made a game out of it
Who can make it to heaven hiding a pistol in their sock
What can you hide from God? What silver bullet?
What radiation?
What rage slowly leaking out of our veins and into the soil

I am that one night stand that God wants to dissolve in ethanol
So here I am running out of his apartment while he is still asleep
I’m late for work,
I’ve lost a shoe

My friend took medication
He said it helped but he went to bed crying

Dear Mom,
Please send Ibuprofen
I promise I’m listening to the doctors,
I love you

We just wanted to ask God what test was worth this
We felt worthless
My body gave up in the hospital bed
I left my arm tangled up in the sheets
I left part of myself on the waiting room floor
The first time it snowed in Atlanta
The one time we said grace before dinner

God made miracles and God made mountains and God made mistakes
Let him rip the steroids out of my veins and make me human again
Not this half cyborg, half dead, half human
Mostly bad at math...
Let me be holy again
This is a shitty prayer

This is poison
He wanted to kill God with poison,
Slowly, like when he was afraid my liver would rot
I had dreams about my feet growing necrotic
He held my hand
It wasn’t enough

The first time I went to the hospital without my dad
My doctor told me how composed I was in the waiting room
Are you kidding me?
You can’t cry while you rattle off the pain killers you’ve taken
You can’t cry while you try to make peace with anything that might make this stop

Stop listening!
This silence is sickening
He isn’t there
If he ever was, he left us like socks hanging on a clothesline
God forgot and moved away
Nobody bought the house
You stepped in quick sand and we’re stuck here because I will not leave you
But we have been left alone

God is a force I cannot believe in
But I keep getting told that he’s watching me anyways
So I still pray
Dear God, let my father get home safely
Dear God, guide my little sister
Dear God,
Good luck getting my hair out of your shower
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Compose with me here
Lyrics oozing honey
Enchanted sweetly words
All light and sunny, stars and moon;
Orchestrate with me here
Winds tinged harmony
Melody and tune, heard
All along the fields gold of noon;
Sing with me here
This love song we wrote
That we keep writing on
Come lows and highs the notes
Together - in duet.
Tying cherry stems into knots

We wrestle unforgiving, sinful thoughts

The taste of you burns on my tongue

Midnight mistakes from when we were young

We keep telling ourselves we’ll be just fine

I can’t help but remind myself, you were never truly mine
Echoes from the past
Memories that will forever last
And as I remember, the sun shines a little brighter
Nostalgic all nighters

The tick of the clock awakens me
Time is moving on
Pressing play on the same radio
But i’m hearing different songs
Those days are far, far gone
Oh sweet, sweet pain
i have never been such a loss for words
i want to linger, want to be heard
ears attentive to every word
spend a thousand hours in your wake
split the very last piece of your favorite cake
want to grow and to die
with you by my side
and to never ever wonder why
knowing deep down inside
that you were my soul's mate
We started with sweet,
sensual exchange of words.
But instead of ending up
under the sheets,
we ended up with broken hearts.
IF it all ends with you I shall extend my hand
and pinch time into two butterflies. Do you see
the orchestral skies? It is teaching the stars
a new dance for the world’s coming funeral
and the eyes of mystery are now weeping
for the blue-white jewel. The Sun knows
and she is aching. and every bird. Sings one
less song each day.

The phenomenal gift called death.

:: 10-06-2018
I think it says it all.
Em 7d
Small and so sweet
So nice to greet
Exactly like you, my dear.

You're a part of my pair
And I never want to share
My candy, I see so clear.
i wanted to use "yeet" in this but that wouldn't be professional
my rhyming succs i know
lev me aloon
She would tell me
about this
young black horse
how he used to run
through the forests
finding spots to bury
the perception of infinite love.

My adventures towards it saddened

She would then also tell me
about how he died of a
lung cancer &
that the perception of
infinite love was still alive,
unburied, undecorated
as it is, as it was.

My adventures towards it sweetened.

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
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