is weird right?
Like why
How did we even
That's not important
I actually love you
A lot.
But really milk?
Just hop on under that cow and
How do you always smell so nice GOD it's infuriating
And your eyes make me want to
And then we drink it?! Like what come on
That's just ridiculous.
Can you imagine the guy who was the first one to even TRY
to hold your hand. God I'd love to. But I can't. Because
It had to weird out some people honestly this can't just be me who's out here thinking about when on earth did we start just drinking cow's milk. Was someone just like "Well when I was younger my mother
And then you smile.
Oh my god I can't breathe and you ask me something.
Shit what did you say.
I was watching your mouth move and you said something now your eyes your eyes they're looking at me and I don't know what you said so I just say
Titty milk I guess whatever though.
Amanda 17h
Blue eyes haunt my nightmares
Invading with an icy ocean gleam
Shaking panic takes me
Til I wake from this forsaken dream

Your sly smile never leaves my mind
You are constantly in my head
There is always space inside my heart
For kind words you once said

I love when we stay up late and talk
Spill our thoughts deep into the night
I promise I will always be there
Make sure everything is alright

I can confide in you anytime I need
If I ever get scared, lonely, or lost
You will always be my friend, I swear
No matter how high the cost

If ever you are in trouble
And no one else will lend a helping hand
I will listen to your problems
Try to stop the war and understand

Just whisper when lonely
In sunshine and rain
I will bravely fight the darkness
And kiss away the pain
Another from high school.
As we spoke I could only think of honey
It was in the flow of her velvet hair
The brown nectar in her luscious eyes
It was in her voice
The taste of her sound
Never have I heard a tune so sweet
Soft red-berried tones
Humming through her sugar powdered lips
Pouring sunshine into my empty cup
An elixir fit for the gods
Blessing my mortal soul
My sweet Ambrosia
All that and much more
Your sweet quiet voice makes my face shift hues.
Almost everything you speak is tasteful.
The ideas of you turn my salty tears into sweet honey, but
honey wouldn't be the right thing to describe my feelings, would it?
Because honey doesn't rot.
It doesn't become bitter.
You are honey.
Sweet and kind and everything I'm not.
I am dark chocolate.
Bitter and jealous and sad.
We go together in theory, but more people enjoy sweet than bitter.
You know you can do better than bitter.
They say dark chocolate makes you happy which is funny because
I'm not happy.
From the sweetness in your laugh
To the thunder in your step
From the beauty of your eyes
To the cuteness of your pep

From your hair that flows like rivers
To the sincerity of your eyes
From our love that thrives so purely
To a love that never dies

From the gentleness of your smile
To the orange stars on your face
These features are some reasons
Why you are my happy place.
Sweet treat left upon the pavement
A sweltering, bereft mess becoming sticker.
I wish to scoop you up,
Stuff your blue shell back into
Your crinkly wrapper, all done up
In a pale green so dapper.
In a pale green so dapper, was the line that got stuck in my head.
My mum,
Is a gem,
Busy as a bee,
Calm as a summer sea.
Elegant,with a unique style,
Never without a smile.
A fun loving, doting parent,
My best friend.
The apple of my dad's eyes,
For her sake he survives,
His love,
His gentle dove.
She is a woman of many talents,
Best,she loves to paint,
Her paintings are poetry on canvas,
Her paintings can be seen in art ń£alleries.
She hates housework,
But her responsibilities she does not shirk.
That's my mum,sweet as can be,
She will always love me.
JAC 2d
For a moment I
heard a small laugh

trickle down the quiet
stretch of crumbling street

across the rusted bicycles
broken down garage doors

overgrown sections of grass
scattered with sun-worn toys

and there I finally found it,
all the riches in the world.
We accuse
I accuse
Easily so
Point that crooked finger
Everybody's wrong
You're so right
There we've all been
Self righteous swine
Eternally the victim
Grow will you not
Evolve shall you not
Until you utter
Mea Culpa
Written by Sean Achilleos
16 May 2018©
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skyler 4d
to the boy
who is learning
my favorite song
on piano
just to make
me smile
thank you
for reminding me
that some boys are sweet
like the melodies you play
and not all
are nails on chalkboard

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