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You've got that caramel charisma
That sweet tooth personality that leaves me wanting more
Where have you gone, I wish you were here
It's time we left the factory and came to see a world brighter than the glass ceiling allows

Sweet, No sweat
Its banter no barter
The high road not often spoke
A message among the common folk
Whispered love beyond the time
Around the reason of this rhyme
It's all I've done to ignore the signs
You should be mine
And will be holding hands
Along the river lagan
And our throats ache from
Songs over sang

Urge, Desire
Perception of the rain on our lips
Feeling sadness on finger tips
We know one night is all we get

Love then life
What is it worth
Grains of potential
Gritty like the dirt
We wash clean to
Bare our skin within
The linen cloth warmth
Of sultry affluence
amber 6d
at the end of the day
if all falls through
and i end up
with some distaste
for you
thanks for being kind
your heart as sweet as a date i will never forget
i miss you
“You mean everything to me.”
He whispers, earnestly.
How did I even get this lucky?
If your lips are dry, let me moisten them with the sweet fragrance of my lips. When your soul is empty, let me fill it with the fruits of my love so you can moan in ecstasy. Let me whisper in your mouth and it shall melt like honey. A kiss of mine can satisfy the wishes of a Master like you. Tell me how to please you, Lord. Come and swim like a fish into the ocean of my love. Let us melt into each other, let me wound you with everlasting pleasure. God shall be our kingdom and you my only Master.
Grace Haak Oct 5
cinnamon sugar
your hands mash the crumble cake
warmth fills the kitchen
Amy Oct 5
'I love you…'
Was the most bitter sweet lie you’ve ever told
Like coffee
You taste bitter on my tongue
Slightly sweetened
By the glaze of your eyes
When you wet your lips
And press them to mine
Ryan Joseph Oct 4
it started
with a sweet lies
just to make a conversation
and just to put a smile on its face

but it ended so quick
no one knows but her that I am a freak
who would only tell such a lies
but she never knew that it was sweeter than sugar
started with a sweet lies
Nylee Sep 28
In a second
I experienced the life
sweet and sour
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