JAC 15h

The sea has a way of forgiving
without apologizing for anything.
She swims far from humanity
yet she invites us in,
she pulls at our sands
and it lulls us to relief
while offering sustenance
and cold, sweet belief -
but when she wants us out,
she throws us like ships,
pieces of a hard-lost board game,
and if we try to resist her,
she takes us in,
and she apologizes,
but does not forgive us.

For my darling, the sea.

Could this be
the very sea
that carries me
from poem to poem?

A tongue needs no bones
Mine is lemon and honey
Prickly by nature

I have what you don't
A balanced filter for two
For sour and sweet

A tongue needs no bones
To cut in and wound someone
So, wield your sword well

Based on an incident that happened today. There is a time and a place to say things but some things should not be said, let alone thought.
Katarina 23h

Dust the base of my spine
In red sparks of Jasper
The cherry of a cigarette on a
Smoky quartz


And then you progress
Caress my lower abdomen
Make me contract and shake, in infinite bliss
And lay me in a field of orange marigolds


Stroke the naval centre -
My life principles of power and identity
Melted away
In the honey calcite that drips in pearls


528 Hertz, you vibrate
The frequency that renews the very
Physical matter of my vessel,
My coded waves


My throat, where you talk your wisdom
Lace my waist in agate
And your hand circles the point of serenity
Teeth in the butter soft skin


And then you kiss me
On the forehead between the eyes
Those eyes that transform to yours,
When I open my third, and see the indigo


Shatter, shatter the shards through the finality
The barrier of quartz and clarity
And melt into my Sahasara
And we become knowing.


Mary-Rose H May 28

The emotions
in my chest
threaten to
if I don't give them voice
in the form of lyrical language.

But I refuse.

This is one memory that I want to keep for myself, sweet and thrilling, and slow motion every time I replay it.

I want the details to remain clear
and vivid
in my mind
and against my skin.

Though I tell
my family and friends,
this is my memory;
I will not give it up
as a sacrifice
to the celestial chasm
that is poetry.

este hermoso alma
de un hombre ucraniano
hace que mi corazón

él es tan amable
y romántico
y tal caballero,
quiero escribir
sobre su amor.
feliz. solo feliz.

no matter how


Sweet, happy birthday to you
You are getting some new
It’s much more; not a few
Wish, everyone loves you

Have a great life again
Remove the dark and pain
In the morning rain
Happy birthday to you…

Wish, always keep smile
Run away mile to mile
With honesty and own style
Happy birthday to you…

Long live with family
Stay close them surely
Do pass yourself nicely
Happy birthday to you…

Don’t think so slothful
Future is the beautiful
You’re not really woeful
Happy birthday to you…

Have a sweet morning
Have a great new day
You can do anything
Sweet, happy birthday…

I fell in love with the boy with hot chocolate eyes and long coffee lashes.

The boy who strums his guitar by day and writes stories by night.

I fell in love with the boy whose heart is made of gold and classic cars.

The boy whose kisses are a mix of  sugar and ecstasy.

But most importantly the boy I fell in love with fell in love with me too.

If you're rueful, sacrifice me.
It's a privilege but you don't see.

Friday, girl, sweet, alone
Week, venus, money, libido

Crazy enough to find.
Crazy enough to be found.

Yes I can hope.
Hello sweet eternal moments.
You slipped away when I opened my eyes.
That's alright.

Now I know there's real life.

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