Lure Pot 11h
You're kind and respectful
you're sweet and beautiful
you're pious and honest
you're polite and modest.
You're cool and wonderful!

You've happy smiles and lovely eyes
you've an amazing look and face
you've a great heart and sweet voice
you've such a soft mind.
You're so cute and special!

You respect your parents
and respond your friends
you love your family so much
and you're a gift of peace.
You're so caring all about them!
Dani 1d
So much comfort in the sound of a human heartbeat
Autmn T 2d
Roses are red
As red as the open wound that bleeds
Violets are blue
As blue as the bruises on my beaten heart
Sugar is sweet
As sweet as your smile turned bitter after goodbyes
And so are you
Full of sugary sweetness, rotten teeth, and stomach aches.
During a prompt from my parents who said to use a typical poem opening
It is harder to write when you are happy
because we tend to feel that these good emotions,
overwhelming and terribly intensely sweet emotions,
are our own,
and indescribable
Truth be told
I have never disliked a poem on Hello
besides my own

Truth said clear
I would never hate another human
besides myself

Lies be told
Everyone lies to themselves
at least once

Lies said clear
We are all born to lie and

I would never tell the truth
especially in a poem
idk abt my flow rn not making to many good poems
An unstoppable force
Meet an immovable object

I sat in between them
Ready to see what happens
She's letting the wind blow her crowning glory
Dispersing in mid air
Touching her rosy cheeks
Covering her tantalizing eyes
She is the portrait of aesthetic art

He just watches her enjoy the panaroma
His lips stretching into a wide smile
His eyes glow with a hint of adoration
His heart pulsates under pink skies

Silence is deafeningly astounding
When two hearts synchronize in beating
And that drum beat is all they can hear
When love begins here
I would miss the intensity
Of your sweet, sweet honeycomb heart
The endearing amber in your beard
And the strong hands I didn't fear
The way your soft eyes become so light
In the morning bright
Your warm skin against mine,
Holding me so tight
Your husky laugh
At my
The tiny touch of my hip,
The orgasmic stroking of my hair
Gripping my breasts
Thrusting hard, endless pleasure
I could sit in your sensual silence forever

Happiness knows no bounds
Inside your concrete floors and brick walls
Your open windows,
My open chest
Sweet face,
Soft ears.
Her eyes pierced me,
I giggled softly.
Everywhere she went,
She left a little piece of herself
Toasted music notes
Drift away
Slicing the atmospheric pressure
Wallowing in my sorrow
The pure pain
The sting of sweet love
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