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If you've ever wondered
what it'd be like
to be touched by an angel,
you need only touch yourself
My best friend doesn’t talk very much,
He listens sometimes, nods his head and such.

He sleeps all day, loudly most times,
Unbothered by me or nickels or dimes.

He smells damp, his feet are warm
Circle next to my head when my mind is a swarm.

My best friend always knows what to say
If the piles of stones in my head start to weigh.

In that, he doesn’t talk, or even really touch,
He just listens sometimes, nods his head and such.
This poem is about my friendship with my cat.
Flor 6d
In your eyes, I find a world so vast,
In your touch, inspiration is amassed.
With you, my love, by my side,
Poetry flows like an endless tide.

So thank you, my dear, for being you,
For inspiring the words that ring true.
In your presence, my creativity thrives,
You're the spark that keeps my passion alive.
Found someone worthwhile writing poems for. Words just keeps flowing when I think of you my dearest.
Flor 6d
In the tapestry of life, where choices are spun,
Loving you, my dearest, was the brightest one.

With every heartbeat, with every breath,
Loving you brings joy beyond depth.

Through every trial, through every test,
Loving you, I feel truly blessed

So here I stand, with gratitude anew,
Loving you was the best thing I ever knew.
Flor 6d
Kissing you tastes like sunshine, pure and sweet,
A warmth that spreads from my head to feet.
Your lips, like rays of light, touch mine,
Igniting a fire, a sensation divine.

With each tender touch, I'm transported away,
To a world where only you and I may stay
With every whisper, every sigh,
Your love, a sunlit sky.

Your lips, a touch of summer's grace,
In your embrace, I find my place.
So let me bask in your embrace,
And feel the warmth upon my face,
Oh to be loved and to love
Sweet delicious wonderful
Stunning **** beautiful
Cute addicting loveable
Loving friendly delightful
Hypnotic gorgeous amazing
Hot alluring dazzling
Kind sincere compassionate
Thoughtful brave considerate
Bold passionate capable
Soft romantic sociable
Helpful bright impeccable
Charming smart sensational
Cheerful peaceful admirable
Intelligent tolerant
And simply irresistible
romantic poem
J J Feb 28
On and on and on
Fall Fall Fall
Coursed trek under ceaseless fire,
attempted to debate
and ended up
in the same place the
   next day as it was the day before--
death is the only thing
only to be made sacred as a coping method
--I cannot trade my remaining days
to look into the eyes of the dead once more--
of the living thru divinity absorbed

Same as the aeons-old saints that travelled endless caves and exited poorer

as they who sit legs in a basket
with homemade-shoelace-diadems crowning their head in the corner of their bedroom floor
as is the meek and deceiving and loving&caring and the useless.

Yes,I used to speak without thinking but I concussed for two years straight so how could you blame me?
On and on it's like we never stop falling
  even when we go our separate ways.
Time takes away everything, and there's no way around that.
And I was so young once and I was so inlove once that I
Forgot conjoined-twins were born together before later-on being severed...
I'm cold as the winter, it was a cold-*** December without you for the first time in a long time,
--won't find your way to what you're looking for when you don't know where you're going--

the fallout kills us before us the ******* bomb explodes.

We pluck stars from the sky and split them into sugary atoms and return the scrambled constellations like ill-fitting clothes yet you refuse to be proud of me anymore
a genius builded on words alone then kicked in head until he's no brain left hahahaha ***** who cares who cares for arguments at any rate

When we were born into a wolrd where it's so easy to get the last word in
A malediction spat out in the heat of the moment,if you had a heart it wouldn't forgive you babe
Your burdens aren't mine to bare or to forget
I knot my skin into blistery folds of rottiningess
Just kidding
don't worry about me
I doubt you ever did,though
So really what am I saying?
I'd deform my feet walking countries
for you to lock the door and laugh at the window,
You don't learn you just embrace your worst I've been there
Trust me babe
I've been more
Than out of control
I've been more than a taken out pawn
I've been more than your babe
I've been more than unfairly blamed
I've been worn to nothing

and we've both been through less than we deserved but who's counting
their blessings?
I get so sick sometimes but I'm not waiting for nothing
other than said sickness to pass.
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