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Zoe Mei 2h
Alone on the pedestrian bypass bridge,
breathing summer sunset,
I swirl the stubby balsa spoon on my tongue
as the evening commute buzzes beneath my feet,

and wonder: how did I miss this all before?
wind washes bare arms,
world still
soft round
the sharp edges;
how ivy lush covers thickly the brick walls over,
and brazen broad-leafed bushes
crowd onto cobblestone street corners, and
wistful weeds cushion cement sidewalk cracks;

how when the sun’s rays are blades from the horizon,
our city lights twinkle tight but
tap dance so light on the retina
in the vignetted  
sky of creamsicles and cotton candy;
and how
the frozen chocolate chips
break brittle between my teeth
and the cookie-dough bite’s so smooth
and still so tooth-melting sweet
Brumous 1d
If I had the chance to love you
I won't take it,

I'd love you from afar as I watch the clouds
wash over the moon with curtains of black
and showered with fragments of you
It all began
With a hug
An embrace
Loving warm
My safe place
Smells of love
Sweet sweat
Steamy hot
So close and tight
Almost breathless
Gasping for air
Love is love
And some despair.
Maelynn Jun 11
Heartbeats in tandem,
A loving release-
For you my dear darling
I’m eager to please

Hands move with purpose
A tender caress
One subtle movement
And you’ve left me a mess

My heart swells with love
As I look in your eyes
And settle into your arms
For another sunrise
Maelynn Jun 10
Fire crackles as I take my tea
–2 creams 3 sugars
The heavy drops of summer rain
Fall to the parched earth out the window,
A symphony on aged tin roofs

I let out a contented sigh
My movement inspiring a small chitter
My furry companion curls tighter
To The the alabaster skin of my hip
At peace once more.
Raven Feels Jun 8
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feeling happy:-)

persist a tea nurse to the pay off

somehow the way I want work on stuff

maybe all that to the last comes a happy hour long

even though nights oweled till dawn on a true song

reading brightens up in biteless soothe

know the words to my mind when less food

determined to dig my own plant to soil

fuel I motivate in inspiration with not a dropped oil

now fine chance on the watches await in dance and sweet

for a dark to fluctuates a midsummer's dream

I am swamped to think
about the massive problem
that the universe has given me.
It only makes me furious
and I think I will get awful day,
but someone whom I love texted me and also supported me
by sending her selfie.
She is gorgeous.
I don't feel
that I've lost my flithy mind.
Everything she gave made my day runs effortless.
She is adorable.
My heart feels comprehensive.
Indonesia, 8th June 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Maelynn Jun 7
Ripe feelings fill the balmy air
And ride the summer breeze
They twist and dip and whisper
Throughout the wizened Trees

They paint a vivid picture
Full of memory
Of a once caged heart
Now soaring full and free

They tell their tale with gusto
A sense of hushed pride
They speak softly to the flowers
Of a love that’s undenied.

The flowers tell their flower friends
Then those, they do the same;
Every blooming rose bush
Knew the couples names

They gossiped and they whispered
All chattering with ease
Till the story shuffled off
With a couple bumbling bees

These bees they traveled far away
Telling the tale along their ride
Of loves triumphs and elations-
And soon they heard she’d be his bride
And buzzed “congratulations!”

The couple looked into each other’s eyes that day
And said their loving I dos
While Mother Nature smiled on
Delighted by the news
Maelynn Jun 7
Sunlight streams like trickling gold
Flowing languidly with stories untold
It has neither eyes nor ears
No hopes no fears
Yet is a companion to all-

It picks us up when we are down
A bubbling smile replaces a frown
It soothes the crying child’s tears
As sunrise chases away nights’ fears
No order is too tall-

For even in the blackest pitch of night,
The darkest of the dark-
All you need to find some hope
Is the tiniest of sparks.
Dakota May 26
There once was a girl I fell in love. I thought that our love was enough. But low and behold she left me dry and fled into the sky. Hair of silver and wings of gold, at least that is how I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. We could have been together even now four years later. still no later did I truly fall, did she start to leave my hall. Into the blinding light of day that how she flew away. Hair of silver wings of gold, at least that is how I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. Her beauty is still untold, diamond eyes and nothing sold. Into the dark of night the moon interrupted her flight with hair of silver and wings of gold, at least that is what I'm told. She flew into the sky so bold, even seven fold. Onward and upward she did go even the clouds did so. In a trail like a bridge, the clouds formed into a ridge. And blocked her path up above they tried. And blocked her path they did. Back down to earth she fell, right into my arms. Oh how I wish to have a girl like that again. Like an fallen angel lost on her way to heaven.
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