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With every move of my mop I am dying. People are stepping on me as they step on the garbage lying on the floor.
Garbage trends
Negativity excels
This is the current story
Sit and meditate
Leave aside all worries
Michael Ryan Sep 25
I thought about speaking to the reader.

To the person skimming titles
that might suit their current feelings.

Maybe it's heartbreak, which I say
maybe it's time for a heart - break.

If you ever said you didn't want to do something,
I want to be the person asking you WHY.

Why, do you not want to do it?
Why why why, what else do you have to do?

I don't mean to pressure you into a forced response.
I'm not an abusive parent or spouse, (where talking it out means, verbally beating you into submission).

I only ask why, because I want you to know.
That every action is a decision.
A choice made by you.

I made the choice to
share ****** poetry,
and you made the choice to read it.

If we're both willing
to spend our time
on things like these,
then maybe
we should change
what we choose to do.

Do what is right.
Be passionate,
don't let titles lead you,
and **** heartbreaks.
We all need to be working towards what we want, instead of working for what everyone else wants.  If you're unhappy, why?
Looking into the past
Brings tears
Holding to the present
Things aren't clear
Thinking of the future
Fears override fears
Who will take care
**** isn't going to budge
Hit isn't going to trust
Good health is a must
Present status isn't encouraging
Extrapolation quite deterring
Once responsibilities are done
Not to be a responsibility on anyone
Short life must win
God made them of excellent stuff
They judge others for no reason
To be judgemental without hesitation
They reduced to garbage dump
God made them of excellent stuff
Irakli Beria Mar 15
I don't even care
That I am a garbage collector
But that
Janitor, it doesn't seem...
Mrs Timetable Feb 28
You are
What you repeat
Broken record broken

The obscene
Love to cause a scene
Especially when deleted

It’s great when
The garbage
Takes itself out
FloydBrandon Feb 23
you make me want to drop my ring in a sink
then reach down to grab it
forget to turn off the garbage disposal
and grind myself to pieces
Lost Feb 7
My car is
A home
I trash it
I think it
The person that
I am
***** messy
****** terrible
I trash my car
As I trash myself
Cramming garbage
Into every corner
Never thinking
To stop and wonder
What my life
Would be like
If I were cleaner
Not having to worry
Every time
Someone new
Sees the trash I hide
In my car
It smells of cigarettes
In my car
Is a sea of garbage
In my car
I drown in debris
Knowing I’m the only one
Who has done this to me
The last line of my senior quote was, “I bet my car is still a mess” or something along those lines. I was right. I am habitually and perpetually the owner of the dirtiest car I know.
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