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And the blind venture on the misgivings
          of what they do not see.

But heed whispers from
         a snakes tonuge,
to bite them upon there vulnerabilities.

Seeping Ill words beneath
                             there morality.

Man does not need the whispers
of snakes to control them,
but the reality of humanity.

To  awaken the truth
                    that were just human.
zelda Sep 14
my cold-blooded skin is just a disguise.
and yes, it makes everything worse.
Starry Sep 1
The whole universe cracks
And the fabric of
time and space
Zoe Grace Aug 16
I feel the darkness
Creeping in again
I don't care
I embrace it

It is part of me
As i lie here
At three A.M
Without a care in the world

My thoughts are my own
Who are you to tell me
If they are
Right or wrong?!
Alexis Aug 5
i have tried every attempt to convince myself
im not in love with you.

despite the fact that you still curse my dreams night after night
and every idea I've ever had of love goes back to you.

despite that being around you
gives me a high no drug can compare.

despite that
im a liar.

a liar who can't
stop ******* being in love with you.
idk.. maybe its a.. love poem?
People like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when their clothes get wet.
Sacrelicious Jul 5
Drinking the crystal koolaid
Barbiturate dysphoria
is the new wave.

I'm just sitting pretty, sulking
on the wheel of musfirtune
Feeling worthless is a popular trend.
And aren't we all just keeping up
with the mother *******

Found a lady the other day,
Older than time itself.
Outlive the dinosaurs,
With wrinkles that touched the ground.
They were large enough for a child to swing in,
For me to use as a hammock.
She says to me “do you love me?”
And I say yes, but only if I can sleep in your skin folds.
She has ended homelessness,
By just existing.
People have found comfort in an old lady’s skin.
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