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I'm feeling quixotic
I'm definitely all there
But I also feel like I'm not

Always felt neurotic
On the verge of breaking down
Seems like I'm utterly toxic

If you see me being manic
You don't have to be scared
I'm the one who will panic

Try you hardest to look past
I'll work even harder still
To make sure you'll forget this outcast
Expanding my vocabulary to please the populous to the contrary that it can be quite necessary to be educated to disprove the doubts that they all carry
A squirrel offered me
              a *******.

But just fondled my
            Nuts the whole time ..
Poetic T Jul 4
******* with sandpaper,

                         smoothing the wood...
life is about smoothing out the bumps and some times that can mean pain for life to be pleasurable.
noun: a downward *****


a perfect word for the world, the mood, the man.
stroke of luck, ***, an email arriviste, word-of-the-days
all encompassing. what could go wrong, has happened,
only degree unknown remains.

don’t thing we can bend the curve twice, ours, and not
just the coronavirus, but the virulent state of the globe.

we are in a pandemic world, with plagues centuries old flaring.

disease revived of ugliness,and selfishness, so, wilding, and you
ask, where is God in all this, so I asked him...of course he/she
has whimsically hit me back with an email containing this new
word of the day that summarizes where we fall, falling, felled,
signed ***.

Use in a sentence:
The declivity, the angle of decline, steepens, and the human world, ***, *****, even worse.

Part of speech: noun
Origin: Latin, early 17th century

1. A downward *****.
May 31, 2020
zelda rangel May 18
do you see me, sir, as a foolish maiden?
excuse my manner but how could you?
zelda rangel Apr 21
In an empty ballet room, I grasped a blue spellbook with unknown proximity. Its enthralling sensation made me realized that I truly never mastered the ability to feel withdrawn. There are certain things in life that I cannot look away from—such as enticing gestures, delicate scenery and a glass full of wine. I am who I am and none of the people I have met or I will meet can change that.

I had this clarity that I have to feel big, even in small spaces and that I don't have to feel small in crowded places. Although I sing a different song when I am alone—fearful yet incandescent, and sometimes menacing, at least for me—my own colors can be atrocious, and yes, I love it.
Poetic T Apr 10
I think my mind just threw up
                       in my subconscious.

Chunks of metaphor,
         smelling the bile

of an idiots question..
zelda rangel Apr 5
how lovely it is—

sashay is acceptable and conscience is brutal
some cannot feel it, some cannot see it and some think it is futile
permissible, yes, but if one does not contain such thing
you must never trust them that much, for you can never win
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