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Dakota May 27
The lakeside cabin was as old as history.
The lake itself was ancient.
The cabin was in our family for years.
None of us knows who built it,
all we know is we always have fun there.
Playing in the lake all day,
staying up late telling ghost stories around a campfire.
Many years ago I went back.
I couldn't find it.
Recently I went with my family and it was back.
Maybe it wasn't where I thought it was at first.
Maybe it was never there.
All I know is we had fun.
That's all that mattered,
We had fun.
Betty May 4
A creepy entertainment
made out of melted goo
never trust a waxwork
just who is watching who!
Dereaux Apr 1
From a long and dusty farm road
there was a scarecrow waving
Standing on a pole in a cornfield
meanwhile the sun was blazing

I started walking up to him
and when I was almost near
It took of his straw hat, gave a smile
and told me to have no fear

Welcome visitor he shouted
would you like to play a game
please enter my corn maze for a walk
and if you get lost just call my name.

then with an elegant swing
he'd opened the gate
Told me not to rush
he was opened until late.

The maze was well maintained
paths were clean and wide
rabbits running all around
it was a beautiful sight

But then all of a sudden
scenery drastically changed
corn was brown and dead
daylight seemed deranged

I got the creepiest feeling
that I was being spied
somebody was watching me
opaque to my sight

Suddenly I was on the ground
I must have tripped over a stone
after taking a closer and better look
it turned out to be a human bone

It's a ****** mess I am in now
I have really lost the way
how to get out of this maze
what did that scarecrow say

In order to get out the maze
I have to call his name
he can guide me back to start
and end this sinister game

Orphic music started playing
when it came to my mind
He did not even mention his name
I was being there confined
The openness that the curtains were giving me
is terrifyingly peaceful —
the bundle of joy I felt when a little boy creeps in
and peeked through while his eyes roam around
and I gazed upon his hopeless dilated pupil.

Around the bushes outside, there are roses
blooming in the night — while his shirt has been struck like lightning laid his hands on him
and there were bloods sticking out his nose;
Ceased brows were heavily in my forehead
then I saw him enter my room with a knife
glued into his hands.

The eerie tic of my shivering body
must have given him the freedom to do the stabbing and I let him do that — closing my eyes
while I wait for him to shout and beg,
I kneeled down in front of him and let my tears get a hold of me.

"I must have left you on the cold, I apologize."
I said and he stabbed me right in the heart.
The little boy smirked while I lost consciousness and everything seems slow in motion — the colors began to fade and my mom suddenly swayed through the door.

The curtains are swaying back and forth and I woke up with a bliss.
There's a little boy outside.
Before you read this, you can listen to 'Bundle of Joy' by Jartisto.

This was inspired by the little boy I saw on tiktok. Anyways, it's been 21 days since I last posted. But, I was always checking this site. It's just the will I don't have. Happy reading.
Slumbering in my capacious tomb,
I dread the surrounding recesses.
I've carefully examined every room,
silence building into deafening excess.

A horrid intuition commands me now,
Something watches at the threshold.
Hours have passed without a sound,
But I'm no fool, silence, I withhold.

Feigning sleep, I bow my head
allowing the stranger to approach my bed.
No longer a spectre, it draws its knife
springing forth like a cobra to take my life.

Snarling like a beast, I counter its jab
Horror marks its face as I ferociously grab,
Wrapping its head with my blanket,
I twist, and lay the beast to casket.

Every night I battle my beast
And never have I ceased
To terrify that familiar freak,
Haunting my subliminal sleep.
Inspired by "The Tell-Tale Heart," by Edgar Allan Poe.
In the Halloween
You seensome creepy pumpkins
That make
You wonder if the haves
dissociative identity disorder
Don’t worry
It’s just their faces that
Are Cracked
Void Feb 12
Down now

No, there's
No hope for
You now

Just as
The fire
Dies down

No, there's
No coming
Back now

Slow now

So long,

Lights out
A very old write
fariha Jan 23
found myself a beautiful mannequin,
i glared at her as if my eyes are about to pop,
luckily i won!
mom said i am crazy,
maybe that's why she got killed,
by a loser.
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