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KHY Feb 2021
the waterfall pours from my eyes
pedals fall underneath the guise
stunting growth, lethargic dope
cogs and knots, perched atop  
Frozen locks, offset and lost
denial of fact, unravelling fiction
dine in solitude, reset and listen
Mose Nov 2020
They say there is always beauty underneath...
But, why must everything be beautiful?
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
and underwater ruins

Dressed as shiny
moons and stars

That shimmer
for the sandpipers

When the sun drops her guard
and shows a little skin
Maria Mitea Jun 2020
discrete skins
flat spots
drowning in
layers of
embed in
bleached skin

made of
salty tears
and eggshell
cutting out
the wafting
of diurnal

burning on

forcing into
layers of
on its own
Many problems exist in a dormant state, individual or social, they are manifesting like ecchymosis in our life... at times we engage to solve them collectively or personally. While in other cases nature takes care of them as we evolve ...
Poetic T Apr 2020
Hues of onyx fill the hemisphere,
                                   daylight sets artificially..

The glacier of life floats breathless,
          more mass underneath..

Beauty now drowns for profit...
A M Ryder Dec 2019
Do you think it's too late for me?
I mean, am I doomed to be
The person that I am?
It's not too late for me
Is it?

I need you to tell me
That it's not too late
I need you to tell me
That I'm a good person

I know I can be selfish
And narcissistic
And self destructive but
Deep down, underneath all of that
I'm a good person

And I just need you to tell me
That I'm good
Colm Aug 2019
Poetry is
The earth we see
When its tumultuous and green

And syllables
Are the rivers
Carving out valleys deep beneath
I did a pretty in depth analysis on one of my favorite singer/songwriter and the results were surprising. He often crafts lyrics in a very poetic fashion, with an orderly, underlying structure of sorts. Never unwilling to bend or break from the format. But still clever in the ways of syllable-based structuring. Which is cool and makes me want to take better care of my own prose and poetic lines.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
Beyond usual

Some rhymes
Sound better while whispered
Some rhymes
Get life when screamed

And rooted truth
Are conveyed in silence
Without saying much
Just listen

Sincere mystery
Genre: Observational
Theme: All in silence
Sophie Jun 2019
"Your smile ,
I your eyes it shows
When you laugh,
The whole world knows

You can light up the room"
Is what they say
But it's all a costume
Just put up for display

The smile I put up
Hides the pain I push down

The laugh I force through
Hides the cry I withdrew

This mask i put on
Doesn't hide the true me
It only hides my anguish,
My pain, so no one can see

Some people might think
It's a demon controlling me
Dressed up in costume
of an Angel to be

But my demons do not control me
They are stuck in my head
They can't control the mask
Only the thoughts instead
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
At least
You know by now
Why I look
Into your eyes

That very moment
I wish that light
Was meant for me
You exist
I exist
You with me, and
Me with you
Here we are
On the way

Too weird to say
What is about to happen
The bond that
Defines us

And that's
How it began
And I vow, it will
Never end
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Gravity of love
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