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Seanathon Aug 28
Poetry is
The earth we see
When its tumultuous and green

And syllables
Are the rivers
Carving out valleys deep beneath
I did a pretty in depth analysis on one of my favorite singer/songwriter and the results were surprising. He often crafts lyrics in a very poetic fashion, with an orderly, underlying structure of sorts. Never unwilling to bend or break from the format. But still clever in the ways of syllable-based structuring. Which is cool and makes me want to take better care of my own prose and poetic lines.
Beyond usual

Some rhymes
Sound better while whispered
Some rhymes
Get life when screamed

And rooted truth
Are conveyed in silence
Without saying much
Just listen

Sincere mystery
Genre: Observational
Theme: All in silence
Sophie Jun 17
"Your smile ,
I your eyes it shows
When you laugh,
The whole world knows

You can light up the room"
Is what they say
But it's all a costume
Just put up for display

The smile I put up
Hides the pain I push down

The laugh I force through
Hides the cry I withdrew

This mask i put on
Doesn't hide the true me
It only hides my anguish,
My pain, so no one can see

Some people might think
It's a demon controlling me
Dressed up in costume
of an Angel to be

But my demons do not control me
They are stuck in my head
They can't control the mask
Only the thoughts instead
At least
You know by now
Why I look
Into your eyes

That very moment
I wish that light
Was meant for me
You exist
I exist
You with me, and
Me with you
Here we are
On the way

Too weird to say
What is about to happen
The bond that
Defines us

And that's
How it began
And I vow, it will
Never end
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Gravity of love
Amanda Mar 4
My toe
Is filled
With woe
Because one
Sad solo
Sock and shoe
With wet ice
And freezing snow
But I won't show
Or let anyone know
The cold I feel
Numbing me slow
I know
It will grow
But onwards
I go
I guess
My warmth
I owe
To this foe
I realized
Long ago
I can't or won't
Or say no
To chilly air  
That through me flows
Without fail
Stealing my glow
I suppose
I'm used to it though
This evil villian
That stays down low
My feet
I wrote this nine years ago!
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
I'd like to
become see-through
For people to
know who
is hiding underneath
how lungs breathe
how bones shiver
of the stolen liver
throat that has to swallow hard
each broken promise shard
stomach digesting
loneliness from life's endless questing
these veins red and blue
this heart beating true
I wish to be see-through
see-through for you

Without it I'm sure
I look so pure
Til you see me sing the most beautiful song
with blood on my tongue
Zombie Aug 2018
She had a beautiful smile,
hiding many stories beneath.
Jabin Jul 2018
Underneath the history,
beneath the blood,
the pain,
the corpses-

Somewhere covered by hatred,
deceit, pride, and jealousy,
below selfishness,
and ignorance-

Under mounds of ash
and toiling,
suffering and

Somewhere underneath,
confined to fiction by
There is something good.
Arlene Corwin Mar 2018
I Am Guilty Of All My Failures

I take the blame for all I’ve done;
Own up to all those failures mine;
Failures from:
Naivetể and laziness,
An focus-less

Yet I’ve managed to fulfill
Some crude achievements,
Accomplishing on intuition:
Not a bad guide, nor a good one.
All sits in the readiness;
Instinct in the readiness,
Prowess in the readiness.

Even if there’d been instruction
I’d have had to wait it out
Until my twenties – eight or seven
When the background synthesized
Into a foreground wise.

Inborn, unshorn weaknesses
That held one back,
In untold ways,

I could say, “***** it!”
Or complete the work
To fight off other frailties;
Develop and maintain
A lively strain
Of concentrative energies,
So that my foibles will be few-er.
Mea culpa!  Mea culpa!
I say, “Do it!”

I Am Guilty Of All My Failures 3.27.2018 Circling Round Egos; Circling Round Energies; I Is Always You Is We;
everyone underneath
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