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They say warning comes before
Destruction but I walk with Destruction.
Destruction comforts every fiber of my
being, ******* me into the black whole
of repressed memories but
I cannot escape these haunting premonitions.
A M Ryder Sep 23
We are all alone
In ways no one understands
We drown under
The waves of words
We aren't saying
Sometimes I can feel my bones
Straining under the weight
Of all the lives
Im not living
And I wanted to save you
But I needed saving too

All we've got is
The precious knowledge
Of our own
Self destruction
Priya Gaikwad Sep 22
Only I will destroy my life,
No one else will contribute to this catastrophe.
Juhi Sep 20
I can get away with anything at all
with just a purse of lips
and then something happens
to the people around me:
I cause mass extinction
of morality, black and deep cracks
breaking society's porcelain skin
shower curtain face split open
and veiny, fabric hearts
separating like liquorice strings
when I disassemble people
I can feel their golden
odd little hearts
in my hands
and when the time comes again
it makes me slightly more glad
to hold something broken
that is meant to last
Mary Velarde Sep 18
how a soul
could wreak so much havoc
over another,
reminds me
why hurricanes
are named after people
and why pulses to pulses
are sometimes

They say we accept the love we think we deserve
But consider this: we give back the love we've been offered

All I have is an infinite capacity to hurt, cut deep
I would destroy you - Apollo
Creature of music and hope
I rather hope I never have the chance to

I see you and try to imagine what it could feel like
to be loved carefully, cradled
Swathed in your light
Some quick feelings penned down - like bloodletting.
Hugo Pierce Sep 17
I gave up my youth, to become an adult
Now i am an adult on my own
I gave up my time to become a wealthy man
Now i am rich and alone
I gave up my life, for what i thought I wanted
but nevertheless I was mistaken
I gave up my happiness, for what i thought was success
For which i have forsaken
The path I have chosen to venture
led to my own demise
I gained everything I thought I ever wanted
A life I created, a nasty surprise.
Autmn T Sep 9
And the boys see your tears as nectar. Flocking, not seeing the cyanide flowing from your eyes, wanting to be the savior. They’ll never be the anecdote, but, after all, a savior isn’t needed, just wanted.
You won’t save me but I won’t ask you to stop trying either.
Shaved and clean
Feeling Shiva tonight
End of the world

Knowing fate
Intro to Outro
Fateful fornication
With a light

The wait is over
Floor cracked
Drinks have gone
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