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you fell in love with my beauty
both inside and out
you fell in love with my shyness
and the personality that lay beneath
you fell in love with my broken soul
and the pieces that fit with your own
but can you fall in love
with my poisoned mind
and the destruction it brings
She wants more he feels her
Another predator has shown itself
His monster and hers wanting to fest on each other
There eyes in a war of wants
He attacks her his teeth his hands melting into hers his lips the air she breaths
He subdued her only to show he's the alpha soon she's bursting at the seams
Her beast within a roaring flame
His the fuel to keep it burning
Soon there limits have vanished
She pounced upon him grinding down to display her dance for a mate
Soon he has fully released his beast within his eyes telling her more and more
his eyes screaming to crave him as he did her
The ritual begins she mounted her prey her mate her craving
He letting go pushing in and feeling the universe unfold before him again all the wants and lust of the world again converging upon him as her eyes piece his souls
She wants this she wants to be marked and bred she want to be all he wants
His world collapsing around him as all of the wants and desires from within her speak to his soul
He explodes with overwhelming emotion lust passion and want
The beasts only craving more
#Thebeast #sex #lust #want #passion #sexual #beasts
All I have ever wanted,
more so than anything else in this life,
is to be happy.
Each time
I start to feel like I'm getting toward my goal
something rips it away from me.
Usually it is me.
I take all of that hard work,
and I throw it so far away.
I don't know why
I do the things I do.
I guess,
I've been doing it so long
that it  comes second nature to me.
shiv Sep 10
and this is the apathy that will kill her,
this rotting agony which roils in her veins.
and this is the apathy that will break her bones,
regardless of her attempts to halt it.
and this is the apathy which will eat her whole.
and this is the apathy that will decimate her soul.
Kenechukwu Sep 9
It starts off...
A pen, paper and nothing,
I walk through the de-sert,
With the belief I can't afford anything,
A slave to the earth,
Always wanting everything,
So I sold my soul and every limb,
All gone now I'm looking in the darkness,
A voice whispers to my skull,
FEAR ME and fearLESS
FIND ME and LOSE you,
Let ME work on what's left,
Give me your broken pieces,
I will find the rest from birth,
I will make your ugly look pretty
Just look on Jesus,
And see how a life of pain,
Turns to one more sheep to gain,
In your destruction lies HIS beauty
From a low life beggar,
To a chief in the community,
But you always remember,
Now that your brighter than the galaxy,
That pride goeth before a disaster,
And you may return back to beauty in destruction,
Like the once top creature,
That thought he was the best creation.
What is beautiful can be destroyed.... What seems to be destroyed can be destroyed.
rob kistner Sep 9
(->  in memory of 911  <-)



the graceful glide
engulfed by the spire
in a roar of golden orange

horribly fixating
perversely mesmerizing


torrents of humanity
raining down
desperation their only escape

masses of humanity
to outrun the unbelievable

to be delivered from the inconceivable

traumatic images

shrines of free commerce
by the unbearable weight
of their fragile significance
plummeting to earth
in a cloud of self-destruction

heartbreaking images

terrified souls
by the unbearable weight of the moment

staggering onward
to outdistance the surging roll
of all-engulfing pulverized aftermath

courageous images

tireless heroes

those who were called
who served unselfishly
some giving the ultimate service

haunting images

wiped away
from the ashen-grey faces
of the traumatized throngs
now just masks of calamity
all made equal
by horror and grief

one nation
under siege
with tragedy and sorrow
for all

unforgettable images
burned into our hearts


rob kistner © 9/11/02
September 11th is this Tuesday, I was reading through some of the poems I'd written in remembrance of the tragedy, today referred to simply as "911". I wanted to share one on HePo in reverent memory of the terrible events of that horrible day.
"Images" is the one I've decided to share. I wrote it on the 1-year vigil of 911.
LaLoba Sep 9
We took a firehose to the path –
I, you, they, the universe.
Obliterating the trail behind,
ensuring no retreat.

A confluence of elements
necessitating the deluge –
purposeful cataclysm
wresting my foundation.

I thought I wanted demolition.
Permissible destruction –
explosive, focused energy,
making space for new.

Now disoriented,
nauseated, spinning, confused –
afraid to open my eyes.
Unsure of what is possible.

If I could rebuild what was,
reassemble the archive,
the cost would be too high –
a foolish investment.

Sneaky sunk cost bias
taunts my gray matter.
You can’t turn back now -
fiscal tomfoolery!

Consequences of the washout
coming into focus.
I got what I wanted.
I asked for it.

The stakes are high –
life, no life, new life.
No turning back –
precarious détente.
swaying with the wind
brown arms sprout where they were cut
resilience, it says
their trunks are trying to heal
from things their cores can't express
Vexren4000 Sep 5
The final of the dinosaurs,
Did they awaken on that day,
Knowing what was in store?
That they were all headed for annihilation?
If so what will man do,
On the day we awaken,
And a great unease settles over the world,
As something strikes at the heart of Earth.
inside my skin
is where i live
inside a swirling storm
it whirls around inside my bones
the violence of a hurricane
all inside my soul
i haven’t posted in a while, sorry
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