I detest it
To the moon and back
For the crystal ball does not lie
I shrink from it
The mirage shrinks as well
My spine tingles
Perfect polished porcelain
No indentations
No scratches
The sun reflects off its glass surface
It glows
I want to shatter it
Nothing can escape its expecting eye
It's almost invisible
My eyes are blind
To what it does to the others
To me
I shrink from it
For this miasma morphs my mirage
To a mesmeric monstrosity
It glows
And I detest it

chaos 17h

why is it
that in order for me
to love myself
i have to destroy myself first?

Just a lingering thought. Study hall ruins my day. hope you are all doing well :)

Many Sleepless nights
Living on empty stomachs
Warlords, Senseless fights
Carrying on daylight murders.

Many young people were killed
Innocent women and children
Wooden box coffins unnailed
As the hopeless masses ran.

Three hundred fifty thousand
Number of innocent souls lost
Unmarked graves in the sand
Why did they die, at what cost?

Rest in peace to mama dear
One of the innocent souls lost
Oh justice, how close or near?
For answers, we need you most!

Power, weapons, money I have not
Spoken words I'll use to demand justice
Until I die, this fight I'll always be about
Mama is the caveat for demanding poetic justice

I will never have another mother again.The woman who gave me life taken by war orchestrated by heartless warlords..today enjoying power.The only weapon and power I possess is the POWER of spoken words to demand justice for mama.
Bryden 5d

The ground beneath trembles in fear
as people realise the attack is near.
No time to pack they run towards land
fear in their eyes, a child in each hand.

The ocean drags back revealing the reef
while onlookers watch in disbelief.
A wall of white horses gallop ashore,
eager to destroy what was there before.

Screams drowned out by the roar of the beast,
charging ahead, hungry to feast.
The wave reaches out with a cold heavy hand
and snatches the palm trees from the sand.

This hand born by the stomach of the sea,
bulked by plates, coughed out, set free.
A bully of a giant fed with dread,
a tall curved spine and white froth on its head.

As the wave devours the town,
its once blue belly turns murky brown.
The further it travels the more it hunches,
snatching rooftops and throwing punches.

Where the wave passed through a carpet now lies,
lingering devastation and distant cries.
Amongst lost lives bodies are found,
homes destroyed, spirits drowned.

Bryden 5d

You hear about me,
you wait for me,
you prepare for me below,
while I sit silently and brew in the heavens above.
Innocently I start as scattered clouds smudged across the sky,
as I calmly exhale over the land.
But with each breath I fill up with frustration.
Frustration turns to anger,
anger becomes rage,
and before you know it a tantrum is born.
I batter,
I consume,
I cough out my rage.
I strip your trees bare and scream at your cat,
howling with laughter at the mess I have made.
I charge through the streets
stealing life to strengthen my own.
Tears are washed away with salted rain
you think your pain
will make me stop?
Bodies of trees lie across the roads,
hollow shells of used-to-be homes
poke their heads from the water,
scared to see the damage I have caused.
Exhaling once more I return to the sky
where I will sit and sulk
but never die.

Hello there, little Poison Tree.
What do you have waiting for me?

Look now, here's a rose that's dying away.
And here, tired eyes that are turning grey.

There's a family of apples rotted to the core,
And here, a nice girl who you think is a whore.

There's papers and markings and deadlines and classes,
Destruction and poverty and ignorant masses.

Ruling your branches is a fat orange cat
Who's sitting on top with a wide cockéd hat.

I see green leaves and red leaves, all turning brown,
And a girl with her friends; they're letting her drown.

You've unleashed your death, you've not come to an end,
And people can't see what you've come to expend.

Your branches are broken, your heart's beating dry,
O, my little Poison Tree, you're going to die.

There's a heart (not yours) split like the red sea.
Oh, don't you have any poison for me?

Rohit Goyal Jan 13

Faking a proper life and living a lie
hiding what has been long dead inside
the damsels in distress find him there
and he takes it away, their dead and their rotten

and he gives them life,happiness and love
and they give him themselves and quite right so
he owns them, cherishes them and nurtures them
he strengthens them for hurricanes to come

he knows when they're ready to be on their own
to stand tall in midst of a storm
to face the tides and to still move on
and that is when he lets them go

he breaks them again, even smaller so
but he doesn't let him rot inside them
he walks away with a will of stone
knowing full well that they will be fine

they will pick up those pieces and be whole again
now stronger than they were ever before and much more beautiful
for beauty does not lie within the eyes of the beholder
rather it does in the ruins of a destructor

Kaylee Jan 13

“We are not addicts
We are experimenters
Sending hooks of smoke into our chest
To mine for the high."

Not knowing that the lowest valley
Was the most dangerous game
Played with at nights inside our minds.

"We are not addicts.
We are explorers.
Pushing unknown boundaries
Tested by countless before us who
never returned.
But we are different”.

Yes, my love. We are so different;
So different that when I overdose,
You say nothing. You only stare.
So different, that when friends call
Nobody knows of us
Of our secrets and our affairs.

"We are not addicts.
We are forgotten,
We are destruction,
A cataclysmic storm
Ripping our Earth in two."

We did not understand that we were never forgotten:
We lived on in memories, in pictures.
In a lullaby sung to the child we never had.
We were white roses stained with blood;
Purity soiled with our selfishness.

“We are not selfish.
Selfishness is to be an addict:
We are not addicts.
We are pressed flower petals,
Preserving a moment in time.
In the only way we know how”

Kyle Hackley Jan 10

I saw the vision...I saw the way you fucked it and orgasmed to the highest point. You didn't even care to think about how I felt. DEAD was what I felt! I sat alone and stared in the mirror and asked myself. "What is wrong with you?"

A seraph came and spoke to me and whispered in my ears...

"You're just a human, emotional human, strong human, soulful human, loving human, but also a damaged human, weak human and a hateful human, don't abuse it, use it."  I rose to my feet and thought..."YOU SAVED ME FROM DESTRUCTION" I thank you for that.

Alexander Jan 9

Destroyer of all
Tare down every wall that's every stood.
Blow away every obstacle.
Shatter my dreams.
Crush my hopes.
Leaving room for creation.
Rebuilding walls,taller,thicker,harder.
Creating new obstacles of unimaginable proportion.
Showing the dreams created my reality.
My hopes only building the motivations to go on.
The destruction of my worst, leaves only my best.

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