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I wear him silently. It's been two years. But somehow, he still racks my bones.
Anger is a heavy emotion. I wear it silently. I think too often. My mind is riddled with age old anxieties, of not being enough.
For him. For my mother and father. For my sister. For myself.
Where does it end? When do I forget about the freckle, neatly placed on his top lip? How I fit like a puzzle over him? I wonder if he thinks of me from time to time.
I hope I haunt him, the way he haunts me.
Did it crush him when I filled his void so soon? It crushed me.
I often think I am the issue. I should save people from my path of hellish destruction.
But I continue to fill The Void.
**** in da feels, i dont even like u anymore tf.
Maura 3d
The cloth tears
dust unfurling
circling towards the ground
glinting as the sun slices through the shades
burning on each fleek a final glow
a most mundane silent explosion

The universe tearing apart
scattering the stars at high speeds
rocks tearing through black
turning into space sand
things becoming smaller
So minuscule there’s no word for
what is more minuscule than quarks

It’s contrary then  
That quiet even exists
day after day certain things I feel I’m owed
a sense of guaranteed control over my destiny,
when all I am is the shrapnel of the stars
collected together in a precarious cluster
a mathematical anomaly of particles
that settled together
blindly believing they’ll never fall apart.
there's no such thing as nothing
Kristin 6d
Great, Merciful Destroyer,
your mercy is abundant, overflowing in your devastation
as the dross is cleared

The time of great surrender is here
It is today, now
And, like a lover, I yearn to surrender
I yearn to let go

In your magnificence,
only the raw, unvarnished, pulsating, living truth remains
All else is dross  
All else is no-thing
All else is glimmer, not gold

Great Merciful Destroyer,
please give me the courage to witness
the destruction that creates
that fire that cleanses
the truth that liberates
Sachiko Oct 18
Concentration is a human power.
We obsess to obtain a certain degree.
To feel accomplished and to eventually succeed.
When life hits us so hard,
We stumble and fall apart.
Sometimes unexpected things happen.
With a single punch, the so called “Life” throws,
I wonder “Where did my power go?!.
As destruction comes in,
May I ask you “How to be still?”.
I feel sad these days. And I am dealing with confusion about what I want to do in my life. So, I am taking the time to inhale this confusion and be back on my track again.
Acina Joy Oct 16
If I fall down a rabbit hole,
once or twice,
is it deliberate, or a mistake?
Am I being too nice?

I peer over the edge,
and throw my feelings down asunder;
hope it floods the rabbit hole,
as clouds rumble with thunder.

But it floats to the top,
and now, I have my own wishing well,
with bunny carcasses, snakes, egg shells,
oh well.

Empty it, bucket by bucket;
burry each skeleton in a bed of flowers,
until there is no evidence
of the feelings that I cower.

And rumble, comes the next thunder,
before I even wake.
I've stumbled down the rabbit hole
again, it floods the gate.
i've caught feelings for someone right across the world from me. it's time that i crush those feelings once more.
Have you ever seen the bottom?
Have you ever made it that far?

My eyes have seen everything
It’s always the same
Wake up it’s a new day
Splash some water on my face

I can already hear it calling
It’s waiting for me

I tried to save myself
But there ain’t no use in that
The world has changed me
And I will stay in this state until it is gone

You can never go back
You can never return
Never tell yourself
Look at what I’ve learned?

Never say the things that you been meaning to say
Never repay the debts that were never repaid

I am sick of all these day dreams
They’re killing me
It can make a man do something good
It can make a man do something bad
Coral Oct 8
See there is a bee
Trying to find its honey.
Some nectar
Wandering from sector to sector.

She flutters her tiny wings,
And flies away in a glee
Because today she knows
That she's free.

Free of the chains tied to her feet
Free of all the queen bees  
And thus, she glides and slides
Up and down the streams.

Without leaving anything behind
Not even a single piece of trash.
But you, human,

You don't take one step ahead
And ah!! A can just hit your head.
Anger boils in you
Just like a swarm of bees.

The next day you see
That it was you
Who threw the trash
Next to the tree.

How long
Will you wait
For the bees to sting
And your garden to stink?

Now you know
That you are just fishing the boots and the shoes
And not what you wish for. Fish in the blue hues.

When the aquarium is full of fish
And the pond left brownish,
From the dark will rise light
To come consume us all in the fire fight.

That's when the bees
Take flight
To go to the God

It's then you are reminded
That it was
You, human,
Who cut the trees
And played stone scissor and paper.
Who let the tap open
Until all was spoken.

I came to
Water the plants
When the bee
Said to me,

Thunder will bolt
Lightning crack  
And concrete smack
Until all that's left is debris.

What will you do
By aiming for the stars,
When all you will
Be left with is scars.

When your voice becomes too sore
To roar.
When the world is
No more.
How long
Will you wait
For the earth to sting
And your home to sink?
I hope you like it. Comment what you think. Thank you.
Zane Smith Sep 16
in time,
we're vulnerable.
sitting and waiting
days pass
as we don't sit in class.
everyone around us
Fragile as glass.
Families hurt
Jobs on pause
While the news plays
more pain
Lives gone
so fast
At the snap of a finger.
The world froze
as we search for hope.
ages ago,
god wrote a love poem &
it went something like this...
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