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We are building New Babylon
out of carcasses and bones,
repeating the design flaws
of ancestors,
undoing our future,
sealing the destiny
for generations to come,
We are the very stones
built into these walls,
the same ones we throw
when we turn on our own.
And these stones
are what our hearts are made of.
Our thoughts are but paper
forgotten tomes, decaying pages.
Redundant and irrelevant
is what we have become.
Behold the great construction
of our ultimate destruction.
...just dug up this oldie from back when I used to write like this...
Sense of honour
is a fry cry from you .
I’d rather be your plea
to infinity
beyond your sight
of innocent blood .
Body art -
my tongue
on your human canvas ,
a masterpiece
by artist
with an eye for the quirky ,
quirky one with a craze
to hatred.
An artist
whose postscript
merges with
your cells
of self destruction.
Amanda Nov 6
I want to walk down sunlit paths
Where birds talk about the weather
In a living land of ancient trees
And warm breezes carry a scent of green
Amongst rising domes of fungi
Heartbeats can be heard amongst the ferns
As feet scurry to hidden homes
And sharp eyes watch the passing
Of the predator human
Silence as the first tree falls
And the birds weep
Luna Nov 6
One shot fired into open air—

As heavy curtains
Draw dark corners
Into our house,
We turn away and run .

Two shots fired into open air—

The empty walls
As we lay under
A new, foreign sky.

Three shots fired into open air—

We try to forget-
What is now history
We walk down the streets
With a name in an unfamiliar
And our heads bent

Last shot fired into open air—

Our necks forced down,
One of us is wailing;
Two of us in silence-
Nothing avails.

We are a shade darker
than their soils
And there’s a cloth on our heads-
There is this
ancient friendship
our souls and destruction,
and in between
lies a tasteless,
mysteriously giant
mother ******* waterfall
scattered like a suicide!
You all are,
You all are standing,
tragically cold,
freezing like a dead rabbit and
stationary, like that one undernourished artificial snake,
whipped from time to time.

Do you now dare to make the jump?
to break on through the other side?

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Spending cold winter days indoors,
I boil milk on a stove
to warm my stomachs
my hands clutched tight
around a hot mug

a restless urge to wander
and I find myself in the
snow covered garden

where I eat berrie,s recklessly
with little care as if
they are poisonous

self destruction is
inherent in me,
I go of on a whim
sometimes, a wild
wind of despair

I do not want to be
this cold, but there are
no flames hot enough
to thaw out the ice

that runs like
a spike through
my heart
alexandra j Nov 3
Though the destruction of myself
transpired in between moments
our electricity starting fires
everywhere in town
my heart held tightly
within your grasp
and the disasters
we created within

I would redo it all
time and time again

If it meant
the ambering fire
within me
would electrify
into your
golden speckled eyes

And self destruct
all over again
Rh Oct 31
As close as I would love to cling yet the further Iam from you is a sort of healing.
Being on the byline of obsession yet Iam trying to be on the verge of oblivion.
Custodian to your companionship yet I would love to be the cause of your hardship.
Dreams of you should be everlasting yet I can't wait to wake up and rid myself of the sting.
Eternal happiness is what I wish for you yet eternal hatred is what I wish upon you.
Fineness praising you yet I feel a sort of self -destruction when writing of you.
Grieving for my sort of delicacy yet
Iam addicted to you like Hennessy.
I hate  you but I  like you
Where to start
I don’t know where to begin
I don’t even know you
We’re not even friends
You’re a fantasy
That got carried away
As you sneak in my mind
And destruct my whole day
You’re a place
I just can’t find
Alone in an elevator
Don’t think that I’m blind
You’re an ocean
When I’m lost in your eyes
All the **** that I’m feeling
Makes me feel compromised
ZenOfferings Oct 26
Humble king’s castle
Heart of the just dominion
Gone with the high tide
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