advanced technology
without a scientific perspective
makes humanity extremely dangerous.
one can’t just point the finger
at a specific group or nation
because this sort of
stupid fundamentalism
is a worldwide phonomenon
III 7d
It feels like
The days pass faster
Than there are sunsets
For me to catch,

Because for so long
    Have I strived
To chase beauty,

But endlessly I seem
    To forget
That perhaps capturing it
Defeats the goal
    Of experiencing it,

So now I find myself
    Like a fly trapped
Between the glass
    And the screen
Of the window to
    Some outside world,

Doomed to burn up
    In my self-generated
Heat, born from the
    Friction of my struggle.
Securing the insecure
Growing up iv always had it rough . I still remember things from when I was 4years old because that’s where the most damage happened. I hid from the destruction .
I didn’t know burying so much could affect a person until I realize that I was affected.
I couldn’t see myself because I was always running
. Running from myself, until one day I ran away and somebody I knew said “ you can’t keep running from your problems “ and after it only got worse until I faced my own destruction .
“ destruction who are you “ and he spoke
Its this deep question on the inside of us that makes us wonder if what we have and who we are is enough .
That one thing you had . That made you happy but also broke you leaving it up to you too rebuild .
I’m the pills that sat next too you at 16 . You remember that same year I impregnated you and took it ? .I’m the blood that drips from your arm that makes you like jackets so much
I cover up all your hurt just so my work can repeat it’s self
I’m the words that tell you that your not good enough
I’m the thing that have you Posting all these pictures hoping people would like it enough..... hoping they would like You Enough . I have a mission too destroy you I’m That thing that blocks you from your purpose im The one who questions your ability your talent . Hello Anndreana, finally you stopped running ..... I’m insecure. Apart of your destruction.
Sometimes shit comes to us at a young age face it and don’t stop fighting
Hello Destruction . The action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.
The dark thing that creeps in my dreams to despaired the goals that was purpose for my life .
Creeps in my head and read me lies , keeping me up all night ..
tossing and turning .. tossing and turning because of my gift I see the spiritual..
I see the destruction, hello destruction
give me your name?
How many are you ?
Why me why cause so much damage when I no longer exist..
why keep trying you already ripped me to Sherds you already took my innocence....
you took everything
but my faith,  my purpose
and I know you’re mad because you can’t break what’s left of me
you can’t take some shit that’s not yours
you been here what thousands of years?
You should fucking know this
you know who I am
and you wanna take it
I’ll conquer I’ll fucking destroy you
goodbye destruction.
The Truth is
Is that I have NOTHING to feel proud about
On the Fourth of July this year.
The United States,
Under the Leadership of President Donald Trump
Is causing more problems
For the rest of the world
And the world's problems
Going to cause more problems
For people in the United States.
I don't know if the damage
Will ever be undone?
Apoetisonly Jul 3
Your insecurities show through like light in a window
It’s adorable how you pretend to be so great
But at the end of the day your sum is still zero

At first I felt bad
now I just don’t give a damn
You’re the dirt on the bottom of my shoe
Your sky is covered in grey
While mine is shining blue

With each hit I take that doesn’t kill me
I become stronger
I become resilient to your childish drama
No, I won’t give you the pleasure of striking back
Instead I’ll just relax
Watching you slowly destroy yourself
While all I can do is laugh
KJ Jul 3
Pushing and pulling.
We push and pull at each other
like two magnets,
opposing and attracting
with every twist.

You push me away
and I pull you back.
I push you in return,
you pull me further into the dark.

We’re no good for one another.
We knew this wouldn’t last.
What did you expect,
when all the lies piled up.
Did you think you could hide them forever?

Lies never stay hidden.
The truth reveals itself in the end,
and often not in the ways we want it to.

Your lies were the final nail in the coffin of our relationship.

You were supposed to be my new beginning ,
my happy ever after
my knight coming to rescue me.

I realized too late that I dont need to be rescued.

I needed an equal.

Someone to pull me up when I fell,
not pull me down and drown me.

I needed someone to push me to be my best,
not push me towards darkness and deceit.

You think that you haven’t done anything wrong.
You love me, so how could you ever hurt me?

The ones who love us tend to hurt us the most.

You wanted me kept tightly in your firm grip.
You always “knew what was best for me”,
without consulting me.

I thought I was the one that didn’t deserve you.
You were sunshine and warmth wrapped in a human body.
I didn’t realize you’d leave me burnt and scarred skin.

I’m choosing to move on.
I’m choosing to forget.

You never deserved my devotion and defense.

Everyone warned me about you, they told me you were dangerous.
I didn’t believe them, I couldn’t see.

You’ve opened my eyes, for the last time.

So goodbye, my love.
Goodbye, my friend.

You won’t be invited into my life again.
the economic gods....
will not tolerate rivals!...
money for worship!...
nature and culture worthless
no respect for the sacred.
Jungdok Jul 2
I was once a neat paper, free of creases, and white as fuck

Yet, what have I become?

I am now a wrinkled paper
Full of illegible scribbles
Ripped edges
Droplets of water and blood colored the paper brown

What have you done?

I wish I never gave you the power to crumple me.
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