A H S 6d

A pill for this
A pill for that

But it could cause this
And it could cause that

But take it anyway
And see if you live

If you do, great
Now we can control you

Don't worry darling
It won't hurt.

Each day
A handful
Of colours
To do this and that
Who knows anymore?

Each capsule
A piece of me that
Gets taken away

A contradiction in itself

A scalpel cuts
Away pieces of me

To be dissolved into

For a building to
Be built

And only be
Taken down for a
Smaller one

Never to be seen

When will it end
Day in and day out

I fill my hand
Each colour
My life
My emotion
My soul


​"I have misplaced myself,
within the salacious essence of her being.
Her luscious porcelain exterior bared an alluring resemblance to an untouched canvas.
A tempting appetition to color her delicate, velvety skin with my iniquitous incentive.

A mutual eradication,
within decorated sheets,
deriving out of blood from the lashes her accute claws carved.
Fervidly embellishing and ultimately consuming one another."

- Dewald de la Rey, Another.Sleepless.Thought

Em MacKenzie Jul 14

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
It's ironic as you're known to have a very thick,
personal barricade of a wall.
You're ripping me apart seam by seam,
hoping just to see me come undone.
I'd swear that this has all been a dream,
but sleep; I am getting none.

Soon it should be over,
we'll be saying our goodbyes,
'cause we've both been getting older,
with heavy bags under our eyes.
Soon this will be over,
yes, I'm counting down each day,
"It will be this way," I told her,
yet she was determined to still stay.

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
I'm shaking, weak and feeling sick,
when once I used to stand tall.
You're pulling me down stone by stone,
though I never was the strongest structure.
One day she's going to wind up all alone,
and now all I can say is just "fuck her."

Soon it should be over,
we'll be saying our goodbyes,
'cause we've both been getting older,
with heavy bags under our eyes.
Soon this will be over,
and now I'm counting down the hours,
'cause I feel I no longer even know her,
but I'll still remember to bring her flowers.

Blood is supposed to be thick,
it's supposed to mean forever,
or at least how as long as you can take.
Blood is supposed to always stick,
it's something you should always remember,
even if the blood type shows up fake.

You're tearing me down brick by brick,
you're waiting just to see me fall.
I'm collapsing in, oh so quick,
I hope you didn't expect me to stall.

​"In a chaotic, clustered room filled to the brim with a composite of blustering individuality,
My sole focus was placed upon the tempting, provocative imagery of her gentle, lingering lips."

- Dewald de la Rey, Another.Sleepless.Thought

incomplete, just like the rest of these.

somewhere, on
                   pristine path
        moss silenced
                       footsteps pulled
            me into
                                    a green trance
                                                            where dreams of
              equilibrium still exists
                                                              until man announced
                                   I WAS HERE
  in the crotch
                     of ancient
                                         cedar heart
                                                                    sliced deeply in
                             unrusted, silvery
                                                                            axe head
we do not

gmw '17

What will each of us leave behind and what will others think when they find it?
alan Jul 9

A thought lingers in the air as a wisp of smoke
coming from a cigarette freshly picked
from the tattered white and red box that rules this life
and is produced to calm chaos on this chaotic sphere
by causing more, quietly, silently.

Nobody hears what I hear.
No one sees what I see.
They think I'm exaggerating;
They say I need to try to take it easy.
Life's not so hard,
Life's not so complicated,
Just eat your peas and take your prescription;
Remove yourself and give into imitation;
You'll be fine.
You don't want to get locked up do you?
You don't want to have to wear one of those jackets that crazy people wear?
Stop reading those things you read;
They're just words.
They don't mean anything.
Let the electromagnetic spectrum fill you up like petrol;
Til you're a walking billboard,
A fancy sign;
That says come right in
And use me up.
use my sweat and blood,
And the sweat and blood of countless others.
Sharpen our bones for your wars, so the living can use them as weapons.
Cremate my thoughts and spread them all over the oil polluted ocean.
My words are the waste you use to package your useless toys;
But your sales pitch is treasure and everyone is buying it.
And everybody's talking about it;
Cause they learned how to take their medicine.
And they like the way it tastes washed down with a Pepsi while watching a football game.

Marsha A Jul 9

His mouth was poison,
His eyes spelled deceit and lies;
He is destruction.

"You're my star" he said sincerity in his voice.
She paused before speaking, "I'm not a star, I'm an asteroid. I'm what nobody notices until I've fallen and have made a great impact." She responded in a monotone voice.
"But asteroids destroy, what could someone as amazingly brilliant as you possibly destroy?" He questioned,
"Something beautiful." She responded turning her back and walking away, leaving him in a crater surrounded by debris of her own self destruction.

By Payden B Kell (me)
Venny Jul 8

I crave your taste upon my tongue. Stinging my senses with the sweetest poisonous honey.

I want my demise at your hands, softly stroking my skin as my sighs fill your ears. As the tingles on your neck send thoughts to me that any father would demand we repent for.

The taste of your fingertips on my tongue, blinding me to judgement and the stories of Greek mythology that end in a demise created from carnal desire. I want you to destroy me in sweetest way.

Falling down a rabbit hole of sin, and reckless abandonment. The taste of you overwhelmingly clogging my senses, and my teeth softly attached to the skin on your neck. Taking over you with abandonment.

I want your marks upon my flesh, branding me and reminding me how long this may last. I am at your alter begging for release. Begging for you, begging to find me. Begging for your peace.

All I want is you on top of me is you free, and your heavy breathing when we send each other to the places we need to be.

Pretty thoughts tangled in ugly sheets.

Take what you need, and I'll keep the memories.

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