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Micheal 57m
The last time I was home feels like an eternity ago.
I wonder if my wife and children still love me.
Do they even remember my face?  
Will I ever see them again?

For nearly a year we’ve waged war.
At times I feel like I don’t even know what for.
Squabbles over government, weapons, power, fear, nowadays it all feels the same.
Some say we do it for our country.
Sadly her habit of injustice makes me question whether patriotism is worth losing my life.

A good night of slumber interrupted by a boom.
Another bomb, if only God would intervene and end this war.
Upon reaching the site of the explosion I’m greeted by bullets flying overhead.
It isn’t the combat that lingers in my mind however; it’s the carnage that follows.
We manage to drive away the enemy, but the scene around us will torment me until I die.

A village once thriving and exuberant, now a ghosttown in more ways than one.
Our captain yells to check for any survivors.
Tearing apart the rubble, I find all of them dead.
One is lying in a pool of blood; he looks just like my son.
Tears flood my eyes as I stand in the **** called battlefield.
A lone tree languished
In the world’s oldest
It being the first
Tree whose branches
Had been butchered for a book
Creating clean, crisp, pages
And how the tree moaned
It’s voice infecting the wind
Howling throughout the night
And lingering on into the day
Causing the others trees to shun it
They were content to merely sway
In the breeze
Or basking in high noon
Concerned with nurturing
Their own nutrients,
Their sap preserving their old ways
Until the first library
First bookstore
First College
Came to claim them all
YY 5d
You are a hurricane, swirling around your lives,
You're trying to be peaceful when someone is throwing at you knives.
From house to house you travel in swift dance,
In Sufi gathering you found another chance.

So wild, but yet so pure and quiet,
Yourself - you can revolve a riot.
With tropical cyclones you rapidly move in,
Behind you not always leave a ruin.

Rebirth, reset and reconstruction,
Comes after your soft kind destruction.
You can rule over any man,
On future's life - you have no plan.

No matter if you blow or just breeze in,
You know for sure who you are from within.
Just be your own distinctive self,
And put your harsh past on the shelf.
Dawn Jan 14
the leaves have entered the house
more are thriving and not wilting.
the vibrance ever so strong
Amongst the flowers carried by its fat stems.

our steel founded doors
do not stand a chance.
All are persistent enough to fill half of this home with wild ferns, curling perpetually.

All grew faster than the strands of my hair thats already been boosted by the magic of human calibre.
It pushed me to a side,
a small space, and sooner
it will just be one tile
In this checkered flooring

I am surrounded,
my toes to touch the silky forest capsuled in this house.
The vines slithering around my legs

I wilt at the touch.
Daniel eason Jan 8
Self destruct not a personal choice
Its like being possessed
Not having your own voice
addiction takes over like a interdimensional entity
Feeding on our souls
Draining our energy
Self control out of reach
Anger building up
Nowhere else to hide
Run away
Been left on my own another day
Thoughts getting louder is it just me?
People still judging
on what they can see
A poem about self destruction and anxiety
Edward Jan 7
ravens tear at me,
each clinging to their own piece.
rip me endlessly.
sara Jan 7
I don't write about your friend.
I think he makes me think too much,
and with less room for feeling
my heart and his can never touch.

The distance grows between us,
although our minds collide;
he always makes me laugh
but he can never make me rhyme.
dictionary def of a polygon sounds a lot like my luv life:
a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more.

im just laughing to mask the chaos x
zb Jan 6
you destroyed me in the best way possible
your hands on my heart
impossibly warm and all-too hot
i never planned on loving you
the way i do now;
you've earned it
(as if my love was anything worth earning)
you haven't seen it
(as if my love was anything worth seeing)

you destroyed me in the worst way possible
because you mean so much to me
you're just out of my reach
i never planned on losing you
the way i have now;
you smile at another
(as if i could look at anything else)
you care for another
(as if i could care for anyone else)

you destroyed me,
but maybe i destroyed myself
for you
Another year has come to a violent end
yet again the people do not disappoint
death destruction chaos misery abound
nothing different to those times before
as always nature the master of mankind
with other malicious forces is entwined!

Another unknown year is about to start
here we go again into the twilight zone
full of uncertainty where nothing is clear
so may I just add Happy New Year!

In a society of perpetual war! Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Isaac Ward Dec 2018
It was on the train-
When I saw her,
My love, stolen from me,

Broken glass sprinkled,
Like salt in a wound,
And red hot light danced to and fro,

As time crashed down-
With not a pin drop of sound,
I took a step toward her,

She was already dead,
A case of poisoning; lead-
Dark rain for a crinkled dollar or three.
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