Darkly 18h
The faces in the water, they sleep  

  for eternity, their tears



                 ­          deep.

The Frozen Lake of Souls
my words are measured:
two cups of cold with a hint of
to make it convincing.
I’m genuine(ly measuring out each word that I seem to be spitting out so effortlessly)
I slumber

I flip and flop
Not so much a linger

Never a time I try
to get closer

I run
I slip

I walk
I trip

I stand
I tip

No more the nearer
It’s best I wait here

Yet even then
when I stop

I drop
‘Quite’ close...

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
ph 3d
It was you who kept
me warm on those cold,
Winter nights.
I had you running in my veins
and your love was a fire that
left me burning
for days.
soMEone 5d
There is a certain type of sadness
when your not sad for yourself
you are sad for someone else
because they are too afraid to show it
.stressful day.
The steps I walk
and the fate I follow
all run into faces that somehow
already know all the reason to despise me.
Why is it that walking in these shadows
calms my heart and brings it pain
at the same time.
Is this how life is to be lived?
I myself this all the time.
For if not for my own voice,
there won’t be any answers returning to me
from this world that seems more far away
when I look for answers,
than when I look for places hide.

But I look at the moon today with a new eyes.
I find I am no longer alone,
when you look back everytime you leave.
I find I am no longer alone,
when left to myself, I have someone else to think of.
I no longer need assurances and promises
from this life, if only you walk this earth
with a smile and a lighter heart.
The cold returns to my heart again,
freezing your memories forever in me,
and I smile.
I am no longer alone,
nor are you.
Zaft 6d
Your love was warm
not until you give me cold threats
of leaving me if I pull you closer.
How am I gonna hold you?
If you're always been so distant.
How am I gonna go for you?
If one step I take could break us.
Everything is cold out here. Everything is white out here.
I can no longer feel my hands, I can no longer feel my eyes.

Everything is getting worse than I thought, everything is getting colder than I thought.

I can not feel my toes, I can not feel my arms, everything is falling apart from my body,

I'm not longer a human,
I'm not longer a human,

I am getting colder,

I'm not longer a human,
Just a breath, just a breath, just a breath.
Sofia 6d
You. The Judy O'Grady
Who's constantly waiting
For ubiquitous flattery and lust
A cold-blooded lady
Untruly be gaining
The trust of those gullible hearts
My Bloody oh Mary,
Let your heartstrings vary
From ruthless and violent thrust
The sorrow that's buried
Within you and harried
Someday will ground you into dust
Be wise, my old lady,
The truth may be heavy
And somehow might seem so unjust
The power that's carried
By love so unwearied
To seize and inherit you must
To I.S.
How can we get a cold in the summer?
90 degrees isn't warm enough to prevent it?
I know the logistics, heat doesn't cure a cold,
and yet there is something odd about getting a cold in the midst of July.

It may be worse in the summer.
The shivers matched with heat waves,
from either the illness or a faulty AC unit.
I don't want to miss the beach, but the thought of wearing anything less than my sweatsuit is nauseating.

How can we get a cold in the summer?
The sun is filled with vitamin D,
the vitamin of illness prevention.
Why am I buying tissues and cough drops,
and not margaritas and shrimp.
I can't even eat shrimp,
I'm allergic.
Although, that may be better than a cold in the midst of July.
I have never had a summer cold before, and it is the worst. Morally and physically.
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