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the rain's melting glass
moulding our views
and moving intentions
to rooms where it started

in grey skies and days
gripping tightly as tea melts between
afternoon darkness

the city at evening
turned pines into curtains
drifting on branches

and in sudden still we walked out between them
in tunnels so soft words can't escape we
shook them together
the snow freezing down
between coatings inside the stitched cotton
we're both waiting there as cars drive below

the rain's melting glass
and scatters through streets
and cracks in the frame
are beginning to show
Envelop me like the love letters we would write each other when I was away,
like the blankets we would wrap up in to stay warm in those polar nights.
When the heater was broken
and everything was frozen we would keep eachother safe.
I love you Madeline Campbell. I hope you have an amazing Birthday today!
I was drunk once.
Drunk on love,
drunk on ****.

I was drunk,
warm and full.

You were sober,
cold and empty.
A sidewalk canvas
Half done slush
An oil slick
Twice frozen ice
And boots that slip
A train just missed
The red eyes glare
Rain that floats
In bitter air
Brutalized concrete
Bleeding rust
Filthy floors
And alley walls
Spent cigarettes
In every nook
Steel that shrieks
In cold protest
Blue lights
And a defiant poet
On every corner
An inventory of materials.
Yuki 21h
A bruised body
doesn’t hurt as much as
a shaking soul
and trembling heart.
It’s the winter in me.
My ice-covered mind
is too cold to think properly
and my hands so frozen
aren’t able to
reach out and hold
Watching as the snow covers the ground.
Turning into a beautiful white blanket
A true winter wonderland

But that's how it begins right?
When the white sets the demons come out to perform, with their instruments in tow playing the blues to bring about the darkest depression.

Heart turns cold, arteries frozen becoming ice.
This is my winter blues, so please sit down and hear my voice convey numb feelings and enjoy.

Fear motivates me, more then half the time anyway.

I fear losing love
I fear being too much
Being clingy
Being annoying
I fear being alone.

Time has always been wasted on me but to those I care about I try to give you my time as much as possible.

I don't expect anything in return or that you owe me time I just want you to know I'm there.

I get it I'm selfish, I want the girl I love all to myself, I want my family and friends to know I'm here, and I honestly just want to be loved....

This is my winter blues
The fear of losing everything
Because I don't want to be alone

Thank you for reading
I hope your day is going better then mine.

Tony Alberto Cortez
meqan 1d
fingers burn like fire.
the cold winter wind nips them;
burning and freezing.
day in, day out,
all the same
playing games

sometimes I look
at these **** walls
and in a way,
I hope they fall

but then I take
a look outside
and it just makes me
wanna cry

it's so **** cold
I'd freeze to death
so here I sit
and waste my breath

I feel so useless,
so **** lazy
I can't get out
i'm going crazy
I look outside
pray for relief
but the weatherman
says "wait a week"

but it has been
a couple days
don't think I can
go on this way

I have to break out
from my mind
or I won't make it to tonight
everyone and everything is getting to me, and I don't want to do ****. Just wanna hibernate, but my ******, scumbag brain won't let me sleep
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