The summer breeze seduces my face
Inside I die for your embrace
you asked for space, so I gave you an empty universe
These cold summers leave me with mixed emotions
Afraid of feeling lonely while I hide from your embrace
Depression pumping blood through my anxious heart
Its scared to love, because it fears being torn apart
My nightmares live on an avenue, called I dream of having you
Confused between wanting you and needing you
Staying with you or leaving you
These cold summers have me afraid of losing you
While I have faith in keeping you

This piece is for people who can't make a decision to stay in a relationship or leave. Cold summers: mean you don't know how you feel.. But you have to make a choice as to why you want to feel the way you feel.
Cassandra 1d

my feet feel like blocks of ice being dragged along the sidewalk
each and every step is a brick
weighing me down
winter strangles the land around me
tiny blades of grass shiver
in gusts of wind
A small ladybug once comfortably perched on leaf
lays dead beside me
Its wings glued together
with ice
A week ago the weather was perfect
the streets were booming with people
even ants seemed antsy to soak up
warm weather
squirrels had rolled out from hiding
and the creaks were overflowing with water
its supposed to be spring here you know
but the only thing that seems to have sprung
is debt and depression
sometimes I dream about pushing up flowers
I would have said daisies
but I hate specifics
People always tell me that I'm being selfish
but what if I always end up that one flower
that never gets picked
Is that still selfish?

The sun is much colder when you’re alone but the moonlight is warm at the end of the day when my bones creak from exhaustion.
Human interaction wears me out and I can’t hear myself over others. I want to fucking smash my head against the wall and no one leaves me alone I just want the and no one else at this. I take my time to recharge alone because I haven't taken time for myself yet today.

Time ticks on my bedroom wall clock,
and my weary head needs sleep.

              It's much too cold inside my room,
               why won’t my discontentedness ever stop?

I toss and I turn every which way,
and I can't seem to feel right at all.

               It's much too cold inside my room,
                so beside me won't you lay?

Each hour that passes takes a toll,
and there's a simple solution to my problem.

               It's much too cold inside my room,
                so won't you warm my body and soul?

originally written 12/30/16

Kind hands learn to be calloused hands
under the thumb of others,
and around the fingers
of ones mistaken for lovers.

Hannah 3d

I am capable of love,
even during,
the coldest of nights.


Your snowflake sense takes over
You still can't let go of this pullover

Winter, my dear, your coldness do not ceases
petrified each time that my glance moves towards you
Are you always this insensible, dear mine?
Or is it just to catch up my attention

as the flowers that aren't born on your lips
You will not flower your way into my heart again

Enviable guts you must have
to play summer while
frivolous voices consume you inside

based on the experience of encountering again with your troublesome ex crush

Its cold in this world
But its colder in your heart

Sarah 7d

I'm standing here,
My limbs are shaking,
I can hear my teeth rattling like the sound of a plastic Halloween skeleton blowing in the night air.
Speaking of, the wind is crisp,
It sends a message of ice down my spine.
It dances it's way into my lungs,
I'm breathing it in like cigarette smoke on an early morning.
My insides are slowly working like churning of thickened ice cream ,
And when I look at you it feels like the sudden drop of a bowling ball that has soon to land on a wooden floor in an empty room.
My eyes have leaked but the sprig is now frozen to my cheeks. My skin tingling with each crumpled movement of my face, slight sounds of my dried tears cracking is like the stepping on of thin frost on dewy grass.
I am cold but I will stand here.
My body is cold but your memory keeps me warm,
you're worth it,
I will stand in this cemetery if it means I can share some more moments with you.

Written on 4/12/17
blanc 7d

i can't tell if it's cold
or panic.
if i have a fever
or my body is trying to escape.
i can't tell if it's the rain
or memories of how i should've been better.
i can't tell if i should listen
or just walk away.
because every time i open the door
i'm stone cold against the same view.
if i shut it and rip it back open
will i enter into something new?
chaos is a funny thing
because it doesn't make me laugh.
i can't tell if it's cold
or panic.

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