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I ask if I’m hurting you
And you don’t know

But I do
I am hurting myself
Stabbing pains in my chest
And a tingle in my hands.
But as it stands,
The thought of the glass shards
Left in my heart
Ripping open your soft soul
And leaving it exposed to the cold
All but freezes me though.
You were my strength
But you've left me so weak
I think that I lied
I've missed your warmth on my cheek
**** it there I go
I've told you how I truly feel
**** me there you go
Forgetting me, and I won't heal
In need of more strength this holiday season. Stop hiding from me.
Latifah 1d
The cold ones carry the softest hearts.
she was so artistic
painting smiles on every face
but her own was empty
grey of sorrow and pain
while she slept in the dark
she was not alone
cause the devil watched her
like her guarding soul

he would sing her lullabies
about a place very near
and he would hug her when she cried
she would get more fear
but he kept her safe
from the outer world
cause she was so afraid
of the unknown

so she stayed in bed
cause her heart was broke
it had shattered for so long
it was nearly pure coke
and her eyes were tired
and so was her soul
it had wasted to many years
on being lonely and cold
Oh wait what season is it to be exact
Nope never mind
I’m Alone
I know And it’s so cold
I can feel the chill within my bones
This weather always pulls me back
The falling leaves
The dry crops
And my thirsty mouth trying to make thoughts to come out
Another blue year
What a way to end this year
Cold as moonless sun
Close as stars
Far off as city streets
Swept apart by the combing of the beach

Mere steps away
From the sandy sea
Is the salty churning stairwell down
Into the depths

But there no answers are to be found
Just like here
Only sounds
Are the words to me
Cold Moon Over Atlantic
Daksh 2d
Lying down, cold grass
Hands cold, but yours are always warm
Scarves and astonishing fragrance

What if i tell you?
The stars you see, the light comes from
A trillion miles away?

You can have them dear,
But sweetheart when you smile
The universe strives to be compared to you.

I can always keep you warm.
Jo Swan 2d
There’s a House made of Ice
Haunted by sinful vice.
Wilting winter flowers
As frozen frost gate towers.
House is cold and empty
With no lustre of glee.

Lost in the fields of snow
Tears echo in sorrow.
Memories of trauma
Sneak behind like cobra.
House is inhumane
As relationships strain.

To those who reside there
Must be fully aware
There’s a secretive curse
In the House made of Ice.

(c) Jo Swan

I don't know the words to say
But i can really feel the gloom from today
I like colder weather but today is a sad day and im freezing and I'm just pretty sad
No more  sunny days
The days have flew away
And no longer do we feel
The bright sunny rays

Now every morning I step outside
And the cold bites my body
And the wind tears at my face
This cold, I cannot abide
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