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Keeping Warm

The impatience for the beginning of us
Keeps me warm on cold winter nights
Ninth part....
Light and darkness complementary
Excessive light harmful
May turn you temporarily blind
Things may get burnt away
Darkness never excessive
You sleep better
Makes sky visible
Hot and cold complementary too
Excessive hot
Excessive cold
Both undesirable
In hot weather you need cold
In cold weather you need hot
Snow glaciers result of cold
Hot makes them melt
Perennial rivers are formed
Irrigation and hydel power source
Adi Yogi
Loves cold
He chose Himalayas
His Abode
Adi Yogi
Loves dark
He smears
His Body
With gray ash
All symbolic of deeper messages
He hardly
Wears any dresses
Complementary complement of necessity
Dark energy
Dark matter
Complementary to ordinary matter
Background scientific
You understand it better
Compliment complementary!
Robin Bulmer Sep 3
A warm hearted women falls for cold silver armour.
She wraps herself around him and says he's warm
But its just the warmth of her own breathe that she really feels
She can hammer and stab at him but it won't pierce
Only until he's ready to take it off will she see who he truly is.
But he's scared to do so as she is already in love with the cold silver armour.
may we have some nicer weather please?
At least some sunnier days than these!
It's been so cold and unbelievably wet,
it's horrid enough to get upset.
It's a bit like April but in reverse,
instead of better it's getting worse.
Can't make any plans to go outside
for a short walk or bicycle ride.
Whenever I get ready to leave the house,
heaven looks like I'm in for a douse.
Sometimes I go out in spite
and realize I'm not watertight.
Then I get drenched to the bone,
it even destroys my mobile phone.
Worse yet after it's been warm,
the sky rips open a nasty thunderstorm.
That's the part when danger lurks
with thunder lightning and the works.
Because holding up an umbrella
can sometimes torch a poor fella.
But wait, before I get into hail,
earthly tempests like heavy gale,
tornados, hurricanes and the likes.
It's definitely not worth it, yikes!
Instead of giving myself a permanent frown,
I put the kettle on and try piping down.
I knew
You would have mild fever
Then suffer
Just called the doctor
He is taking too long
Axion Prelude Aug 29
in shades of plastic yesterdays
the silhouette carousel spins me around
and around a cold steel cage

and it is your breath i want to drown in
setting free some broken wings
seething life and love and everything
from words we haven't even spoken yet

singing melodies and catchy tunes
we can play them all together
on our heart strings luring suns and moons
and we can watch them set and rise and fall
again and again forever

and the hopelessness would melt away
with a looming whisper of summer
silver-lining an echo of spring

Skip the winter baby
'cause i cant seem to want this
to feel so cold anymore
not without you
and the mornings in each others arms
with the bright lit sky breeding days anew
could keep us warm together
For C. ~
Where do you go
When the comforts that you thought you knew
Start to shatter like a glass of bitter whiskey
Underneath the weight of all the epiphanies

That perhaps you will never truly have
Anywhere to call home.
And you can only wander endlessly
As you walk out

Trying not to look back
As the familiarity tries to pull you in with its stinging warmth.
If one day maybe
They'll have the heart to accept you despite it all.

There you go again leaving everything behind.

But at this point, it's simply second nature to you isn't it?

A flash of light blinds me
A loud sound disrupts the silence
A shiver runs through my spine
Sudden coldness engulfs me

The feeling reminds me of you
The warm embrace I once felt
The comforting whispers I once heard
The loving gaze I once felt

You're like the rain
So sudden, I wasn't ready
So comforting yet so frightening
And just like the rain, 
You vanished so suddenly
Gerald Aug 13
...and this is what you've taught me; how to love someone deeply, and not want them close.

So this is what you've done. You kept me warm: and now I know to feel the cold.
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