Anna 3h

Snowdrops will soon wake up
from their sweet dreams,
feeling the cold, light
and fluffy snow around,
the rays of sunshine falling over them.
Spreading fresh and pleasant frangrance.
Embellishing the season with their shiny, white colour.
They don't want to be detached from home - the soil.
They don't want to be trampled.
They want to be loved just as us.

Khaniek 7h

Seeing where the world ends and where it should begin,
caught up in what was instead of what is.

Craving sweet nothings and empty promises just to make the  day lighter.

Wanting the lies, just to be comforted enough to sleep through one
Knowing the truth and ignoring it for the a pleasure that will soon disappear..  too soon.

Lost in a paradise created by envy and greed, selfishly separating myself but staying close enough to fuel the fire, accepting the warmth it creates , but still so cold.

Living in a time where everything is a game and everyone is in a hurry, no can be trusted and your bestfriend is the one plotting your demise.

Sweet revenge on my tongue, the bittersweet taste of loving what's wrong.

Jaz Nov 8

Even in the warm summer months
I feel so cold
Because of you
A part of me is missing
I've become a black hole

Shivers run down my spine
I no longer believe I have the right to be alive
All the things you would say
All the things you would do
I kept trying to protect you

You were broken
I thought I could fix that
So I poured all my sunshine
Into all your cracks
And in return I asked that you love me back

But I was undeserving of your love
Or at least that's what you told me
But every time you were afraid
You'd ask if you could hold me

This isn't love and I know that now
I am not meant to pour myself
Into another being
And watch my fire fizzle out

I am sorry but I must go
There is much I still don't know
But when I learn and when I grow
I'll come back

So for now enjoy the show
For I have grown too cold

Oculi 2d

Selene sat in her cradle for many months
While her brother was always on so many fronts
But these few moments or months are hers
As the crippling and demanding cold stirs
Such pure whiteness all around these nights
In conditions like these, nobody picks fights
The loveliest, loneliest, most bothered days
But soon, the people of conflict will enter the fray
Helios comes again.

You, the warm one with a cold heart,
The one that builds up and then tears apart,
An angel from the heaven with wicked ways,
Missing piece of the puzzle,
The player who plays.
Strength of a mountain,
As deep as an ocean.
The sky gives to you unwavering devotion.
Anger of fire,
Patient as time,
Walk on wire,
Fall out of line.
A very loud bark and a bite just as sharp,
You cut them to pieces with the voice of a harp.
Gold drips off of your silver tongue.
With a soul centuries old, and a body of young.
You, who shines brighter than the stars,
With the beauty of Venus and the bloodlust of Mars.
Your black hole reveals you, God of wrath,
Destroying all beings who invade your path.

Sanny 2d

I heard death calling for me as I layed there in the hospital bed.

His voice came closer, and I could feel his cold breath on my face.

He tried to convince me to give in to him.

I wanted to go, that was my goal.

But something inside me told me it's not my time yet.

I fought back and somehow I'm still alive.

Watching people go on with their lives,
not knowing that today I planned to be dead.

A sad story of how I almost ended my life last night

All you ever wanted was a free ride.
I see that now...
All I ever wanted was your love.
You gave it all away to start a new life with someone new.
I guess what I could give wasn't enough.

You left me cold....

Going through a streak of nostalgia. This will  be the last one I promise lol

5 0 0 pieces or more
spill over six accounts
5 0 0 holes for fingers
opened over my skin
so  when  will i learn
to use my feet to seek?
so  when  will i learn
the blood  i  squeeze
will in time run dry?
the gills  that i cut
will swallow the knife?
no time better than now
no time like the present
  to remember to breathe
remember to walk toward
  not away
a comet on legs leaving
trails of  meteorites
no  time  better than now
the ropes of the past lace
through the toes to the wrists
how long has it taken?
how lucky am i that i
filled the flesh canvas
with angry scars and
still  have the  knife?
5 0 0 pieces or more
spill over six accounts
5 0 0 holes for fingers
opened over my skin
the detective is done
with the cold  case  blues
the detective is done
penning I 2 U s
there are enough mountains today
tomorrow and on for the detective
to be insane as long as they want
the detective is done
  with  the  cold  case  blues
   so case closed

So many pieces over so many accounts. I've hit so many angles, conjured so many demons, found so much harmony in the echoes of an old, rightfully retired dissonance. I'm at another point in life where I'm ready to initiate a paradigm shift and say a so long. This is the last personal narrative I plan on writing for as long as I can help it. I'm really looking forward to putting all that crap in containment and concentrating on creative projects. If you've liked what you've read so far, keep an eye out for a collaborative project with Toby (of HP) sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing.
- Zan
ella 3d

In the city of New York
I want to be in a taxi
on a gloomy cold day.
leaning on the window of the car
watching how the snow melts to water
and slides down to win a race with other drops.
quietly listing to the distant music
and the laughs of a café
happy for how excited everyone
is for the first snow of the year.
"hey, stop here" i say to the driver.
in the middle of the street
i look up to the sky and smile
at the snow falling unto
my cheeks, making them rosier than ever
i laugh and twirl at the excitement.
what a world

listening to the music
that i played while
i was in New York,
take me back.
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