Encased in smooth defiance.
I am set in my ways, and I refuse to depart,
I refuse to learn, I refuse to be taught.
I'm cold,
closed off, shut down.

What better choice is there when people just
with indifference?

I won't open up,
from my hard earned shell.

For years, it is here that I've stood,
deep in my cool fortress, protected,
cloaked in neutrality.

My secret lies deep.
Here, I can't be cracked.

My weakness.

Here, I am safe.

My fear.

I wonder how long I can hide it?

What will be my demise?

That fragile spot, and
solfang 22h
warm as coal,
cold as ice,
you reflect
different emotions,
in the same pair of eyes.
something to warm the brain juice.
often I see stories glazed out from different eyes.
Trembling on ice
never to trip, despite
the blinding blue lights.

Never seem cold
never wear fluffy clothes
clean cuts in the ocean.

Winter is in the open,
despite the sudden horizon,
for she, is worth frostbite.
The green tea is hot
As my tongue touches
and licks
the surface.

The steam floats off with its flavor
and burns the tip
and I then put it down
to mind myself
of other things.

But the day is cold
With the trees bending uneasy
And the windows wailing
with their cries.

My feet are cold
As I sit crossed
holding them close
to my thighs.

But still nothing goes
on inside
But still nothing goes
on in my life.
The hot tea I pick up
as I settled it down
a few seconds ago.

“Oh its hot…”
I look outside.
Where did you go.
Faith 1d
There is a tornado wreaking havoc,
Within the walls of my skull,
Shattering my psyche.

There is a small voice,
Imbedded in the lining of my stomach,
Speaking of hope and potential.
The noise is so faint,
I dare call it a whisper.
Amanda 2d
Your stride stirs something in my soul
My eyes awed at the sight of your skin
Scent carries traces of battered trust
Tip-toeing hesitantly, settling in.

I took one look, was lovingly pulled
By the smooth mystery bursting in your touch
The careful aura surrounding your outline
Drew me into your spellbinding clutch.

Your many tattoos tell intricate stories
Flesh inked with past knowledge you keep
I find myself cravings answers to each one
The first time fufillment has reached deep.

The calm comfort of your simple smile
Warms my cold core, a sunny glow
Wild winds of distress slowly dissapate
Then reappear with a forceful flow.

Experiencing these things is not easy
All I had before were distant dreams
Never once had a drop of true love, now my heart
Is full of it, rupturing at the seams.
Sometimes i love you so much it feels like my heart it going to tear right open; unable to contain it all.
No energy for my thoughts
Feeling so cold
Feel like I'm lost
You can't understand
Your not me

Lonely comes at a cost
My mind screaming
Desire and need
Someone to care

Can you say you been here
Where nothing feels like home
Where you can be empty
needing something anything
to make you feel whole
Just to feel like someone cares

Tired from feeling so cold
The pain soaked in to my soul
Wanna feel warm and whole

Depression takes it time
Driving my brain
straight into a wall

Unless you know
Unless you have felt
what I'm going thru
You wouldn't understand

Feeling so blue
Feeling without a clue
hoping to feel better soon
When I say I am lonely

I'm not asking
I'm begging for you
to care to listen
It's me making anyone someone
to listen to care
to help me from lying here
dying into darkness
© Jennifer Delong 4/2018
Suffering from depression is at times very painful. So for anyone that goes through it it's important to have someone to talk to to listen. It's important to understand. So if you know someone who suffers learn about it and ways to be there !!
Frigid boy.
She sees him, hiding behind sarcasm and wit.
He is flint.
She is warmer than sun in late July.
She is a spark.
They meet and ignite.
Vivid technicolor feelings dance in between.

He is entranced by her charm, her saccharine grace.
Warm honey.
Still uneasy, unsure, with few facts and little certainty.
This is not normal operations.
But he is bewitched.
And this girl, she is not to be tamed.
Baffling beauty.

Her instability makes him nervous, he likes control.
He’s frightened.
But she is persistent.
She has the remedy to his wounds.
She is the catalyst.
With that in mind, he reaches out.
He holds her hand.
Ashlee 5d
You seem to me like a cold winter’s day,
Sparkling beauty, yet to cold to fathom.
Your beauty too often leading astray;
People forget that you are a phantom.
Confusing and blinding all at one time,
You are a creature I long to realize.
Your complex nature something I can't mime,
I cannot seem to forget your cold eyes;
With you I am elated and destroyed.
If I am a scarf enveloping you,
You unravel me, I am paranoid.
When I am without you my world is so blue.
If we are a flame, you are the lighter;
A puzzle I will never decipher.
KMH 5d
She stands,
A hand on his shoulder,
Under green-shadowed

His tears flow freely-
Fallen petals on

Indigo-ivory blossoms
Soak up
Inspired by "April Love," a painting by Arthur Hughes, 1885.
© KMH 2018
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