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riri 2h
it's unfair it's unfair
she has a heart of gold
but they treat her like she's just like anyone else

it's unfair it's unfair
she pours her soul into everyone she cares for
but they just leave her to rot in the flames

it's unfair it's unfair
she still has a heart after being wronged so many times
but they just keep doing it to her
maybe the universe is telling her that she should just turn cold.
Grace 3d
of course I'd want you to come visit me in New York
take the subway to off broadway
make snow angles in Central Park
buy overpriced latte's in the glistening rain
but there are invisible bounds
and I must restrain
the bounds of a city
then marked by footprints
replaced now by loud freeways and hippies
the bounds of downtown
once marked by trees and spring beauties
roots once tangled and over grown
cemented over now by sidewalks and shows
the bounds of two souls enveloped in love
as friends not lovers
soul mates, kind of
if I move away
do the bounds bend and sway
or like a string break
and disintegrate away
I love New York
A quiet morning
breath visible in the cold
a sky painted blue
Sitting here,
crossed legged
on the cold stone floor
counting down the days
until my diagnosis.
Will, I too be plagued
by my family curse?
nevaeh 4d
my skin is a traitor
flaming and red
hot to the touch
leaving invisible scorch marks
on everything i touch
directly opposing
the chill inside
the freezing cold
of my careless mind
im so tired and i hate this
The air is cold.
But I don't notice.
Because as I walk across the frozen lake,
I know I can't afford
to make a mistake.
The longer I look
At the fish that swim below,
A feeling grows inside me.
It's not fear.
But fascination.
We always say we wish
Time would slow.
And walking on water
Makes me realize it does.
We just don't notice.
iamgone Feb 26
i am not a shell of a man
in fact
i'm looking for my shell
not having a body
means not feeling anything
and i find myself
missing the cold
The ants are marching on the Capital
and the bottle caps have been un-*******.
Do you think that we could refreeze the ice caps?
You're definitely cold, but maybe because
you're a cadaver and I'm as ****** as a goon
Victor Bilgin Feb 24
I whispered to the Beast:
Drought stood at the ready —
We swam on sand to flee.
Roaming dogs could smell
Fear, or was it fight
That we had within us
As we fled into the night.

In darkness we sat,
Our numbers light.
Cold, Queen of Ice, with us.

She spoke:
"Should it find you,
Scream my name
And tell it this:
O Beast! O tortured soul!
You are free.
Go as you please
Unto the world
That bore you.
I say it
and it is so."
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