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Zywa May 13
I'm expectant and

I'm ready to write it down:

the northern lights, there!
Poem "Mevrouw Despina ziet noorderlicht" ("Mrs. Despina sees northern lights", 2008, Marjoleine de Vos)

Collection "Unseen"
Katie May 4
there is a gold lighter on the kitchen counter.
it doesn't mean anything
but it still burns with the heat of the last time it
was alive.
i pocket it.  i will try it later, when i am alone,
and watch it's smoke curl in to the crevices of the endless sky.

outside there is a dais and my family are spread across it like a luxurious french tapestry.  
it is fraying, though.
or maybe it always was.

i am colder than i was here, last year.
every spring we gather to remind each oher
that we should see each oher more, shouldn't we?
i am planted in this polite, vacuous soil of words.
a bulb submerged, fat and waiting in the earth.
i am waiting to grow.  to turn my face up, and away.
last year there were more of us, i'm sure;
but i can't recall the names
of those that aren't here.

we are measuring our decline like an hourglass-
with each new year we are one less, one less.
Alam mo ba kung ano ang pinakamalayong Distansya sa dalawang taong magkasintahan,Partner,mag Asawa O ninyong Dalawa?
Hindi ang lawak ng karagatan,
Hindi rin ang tayog ng himpapawid sa kalangitan,
Hindi rin ang nadistino ka sa ibang lugar
at lalong hindi rin ang pagitan ng bansang pinuntahan para maghanap buhay.
Kundi ang Distansya sa pagitan nyong dalawa.
Yung tipong Kasama mo sya,nahahawakan mo pa at kinakausap mo ng harap harapan,
Pero hindi ka nya naririnig.
Parang wala ka lang sa paligid nya.
Hindi nya nakikita ang Prisensya at pagmamahal mo kahit magkadikit lang naman Kayo.
Kahit anong gawin **** pagsisikap para maging mag kaugnay kayo,
Kung yung taong pinag-aalayan mo ng pagmamahal mo  ay d na nakikita o hindi na  napapansin ang halaga mo.
Baka naman kasi,abala na sya sa mga bagay na malayo at wala sa tabi nya.
At prisensya na ng iba ang hanap nya.
Ikaw,anong Distansya ang meron sa inyong dalawa?
The absent of  feelings,but you are present
How could I get hopes up high?
Heart was far too heavy to fly
And body lacks a pair of wings
Tried to come despite these things
Why did I not expect the worst?
Can't imagine being put first
I cannot imagine how it feels to be needed
Can't imagine not being poorly treated
Losing is a task at which I excel
Don't let me go through more hell
Don't allow me to fall further than I am
Won't ever again about me give a ****
It hits me with sadness to see you don't care
So wistful because I have nobody there
To know other thoughts take up your mind
Disheartening and I can't help but wonder if you're blind
I cannot hug you because you are physically too far
Can only sigh and wish upon a star
Distance our enemy keeping us from peace
Every day forced to spend alone makes interest decrease
Written 2-26-21
Jason Adriel Apr 29
I often wonder
whether in those books you read
you ever read my name
between the lines

like an unexpected gift
or unfortunate rift
like a rifle aimed at you
or flowers handed to you

do you ever feel like I am there?
staring back at your weary eyes
do you ever stop and think back?
the love we never got to share...

a poisonous thought, come evening
I wonder and wonder and wander
to you, the birthmark on your wrist
the poems you write, the meaning you twist

between the lines
did you ever wonder?

quietude of love
everlastingly beautiful
rambunctious excitement
effervescent life
never, yet, the twain shall meet

between the lines
did you ever wonder about me?
those thoughts of the people you love (and they reciprocated) but never came to be. oh, what a tragedy.
My love,
I wish you could visit.
Your smile,
Your laugh,
Is truly exquisite.
And I knew,
From the very start,
That you and I
Can never depart.

As not a million miles,
Can break us apart.
Arlo Disarray Mar 23
my wings
are a bit
too long
and i’ve
too close
to the sun

it is i
who is
the sky
carried away
having fun

my smile
has shown
than it has
in a while
and i’m
looking forward
to future

my head’s
in a spin
my heart’s
caving in
and i’m
just not
quite sure
what to do

i know
i want
and i
i know
i don’t
but i’m
not sure
how to

i’ve been lost
for so long
that i
don’t know
what’s wrong
and i’m
never green

the moon
and i’m
recycled rays
of sun

the lights
will guide
the way
find a day
for us to
el Mar 20
i have never loved anybody the way i loved you
i’m afraid that i never will
i know not all love is the same
but must you be the one i never forget
must you be the one i compare to all the rest
maybe it’s not you
yeah, you weren’t perfect
perhaps you were just the first time
i put my all into somebody
maybe it's the distance
kay-cee Feb 20
In shadows cast by loss, I dwell,
Last New Year took, my heart's knell.
Seeking solace, with aunt I dwell,
Yet found within, a tempest's swell.

Their strife, a dance of pain untold,
Narcissism's grip, a tale unfold.
Kindness quivers, in fragile hold,
As savings slip, in coffers cold.

Two moons pass, in this troubled space,
Yearning to flee, this tangled embrace.
But chains unseen, withhold my grace,
Rest eludes, in this weary chase.

In whispers soft, I plead my leave,
Yet echoes of refusal cleave.
Sleep, a distant, elusive reprieve,
In this tangled web, I grieve.

Lost in silence, veiled distress,
Wounds unseen, seek redress.
Yearning for solace, in the vastness,
Amidst their chaos, I confess.
Zywa Jan 22
I've an aversion

to fighting and to people --

The fight of my life.
"Martelaarschap: dagboeken 1965-1974" ("Martyrdom: diaries 1965-1974", 2023, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad [1947-1973]"
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