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OTP 2d
Is it possible I feel her from all the way from here?
That I can feel her touch even though she's not near?
If you say no, you're lying, 'cause I swear I feel her hand, and can hear...
her voice saying I love you, like when I'm close to her, right here, in my ear.
There is no such thing as distance, you're everywhere with me.

© 2019 OTP All Rights Reserved.
Zywa 2d
Under the dust of the boots
and the wagons of the troops:
the woodlice

moaning, bruised and maimed
by the weight on their peace
The war appeared out of heaven

bombed women and children
destroyed the houses and even the roads
you watch it online

not yet dressed
knowing it is real
put the coffee away for a moment

to let yourself go
in a few tears of impotence
and practical objections

it's too much trouble
to get into action here
and now, in your time off

if you close your eyes
you feel the distance
and you are gone
Collection “BloodTrunk”
A Yorks 3d
When I read your messages
And when I see your smile
Talking with you on the phone
And stalling for a while
Because I want to hear your voice
And all the things you say
Any time I hear from you
It brightens up my day
I know it shouldn't be this way
But at the end, all I can say:

I wish that you were not so far away.
Ek verlang na jou.
there have
been oceans
even as we
in the crevice
each other’s
Sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and star
What are the things that we share?
Ideas, questions, some things bizarre
Is there a place where the east meets the west?
Music, poetry, strums of the guitar
Does the breath of my mouth touch your lips?
Smiles, laughter, things not kept in a jar
Are our dreams and desires a pair?
I know love counts not matter how far
Magic 9 form
michael 7d
you're so warm,
from so far,
will i melt soon?
far away lover
Kane T Jan 15
and like
                    i’m pretty tender
          about it

and it feels
          heavy in the gut
                    just to think about
          the distance
i don’t feel

          yet i can’t help
                    but dance around the thing
          you know
the thing

          is that alone
                    enough to keep the colour
          in the photos
we never took?

          then again
                    i didn’t bring the camera
Zywa Jan 14
We had tea without honey
the conversation dragged, what did you say
I asked and he said it again

What could he mean? Searching
for clues, I prolonged the failure
of clear thoughts

by looking around
In the bar mirror, I saw a thread
of my scarf on my coat

it was like a scratch
There's no sense in talking
if you behave like this, I go

my friend said and he went
Fifteen minutes later I got up
the tea had become cold
Collection “Webgarden”
Jessica Lofts Jan 13

The night is not kind to me,
Of late,
And I miss the way your body,
Sings me to sleep,
I am not one,
For superstitions or old wives tales,
But I do not believe it is a coincidence,
The way my head fits into your neck,
Or the way your hand fits into mine.
You have taught me the value,
Of minutes,
And when you kiss me,
I am in a small moment,
I want to last my whole life.

I used to think,
I needed a rein for my soul,
When she danced with the darker parts of me,
And eloped with my fast ideas,
And capricious heart,
When you first told me,
That you loved me,
You handed me a key,
And I realised all she needed,
Was a home.

I know too well,
Love is not easy,
For I have been waking up empty,
And been getting good at pretending you’re here,
But at night my heart wipes my tears,
Reminding me,

Love does not have to be perfect,
It only has to be with you.
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