I have liked the constellations of stars splattered on a night sky ever since I was a kid.
And it did not hurt me much to think that I could possibly not reach them ever in this lifetime.
I’m fine gazing at how they sparkle so beautiful and bright.

Just then I thought maybe it’ll be enough for me liking you from a far distance.
Just exactly how I like the star.

[repost with full credits]
Hari DR 2d

She was in love, she thought he was not,
He was in love, he thought she was not,
None spoke as the distance begun,
For both are scared as the world spun.

Two negatives gives a positive. Though as we all know---two south poles repel each other. Though--love will always be hard to define using logic. In tagalog--"Saklap"---translation: What a tragedy.

slipping in and out of an unconscionable haze
but drawing back into the dark; one phone call away.
after escaping into the bathroom to cover up the red, my eyes stare back, out of apparently my own head
unrecognisable i stare at the girl
who just one more year ago was loved and unsure

two hours later another call becomes another wave,
i cater myself a slave,
to the sadness on the other line
in this together but 930 kilometers away
there's not much i can do than to sit here and pray

not quite religious and little if no hope for a chance, i pray for your little p* and heart,
to feel no pain for one more day.
i also pray for my message to reach you;
your incredible ways we couldn't have taught you

changes in the past year, tied together with the passing of a loved one

Small ticks whisper from the balls of my fingers
Words echo into my head
My chest feels as heavy as a padlock
Now, black circles have replaced red

There's an emptiness in between
not from where I pass you by in our frames
It is somewhere that lies in your eyes
where there are other faces I cannot name

I am confused, afraid
I'm scared of your touch
Your voice is a noise so far
But without it is even too much

So I didn't want to hurt myself
I didn't want to push you away
But I'm afraid we're too much lost
In where we all wanted to stay

-because when you're in love with a person lost, what do you have to say?

I lost it all when I met you
Why did I fall for it?
Why did I care?
I fell for you
But noone's here

I thought my heart had grown too cold
I thought my soul was too hurt
Fuck you for melting it
Fuck you for mending it
Now I will miss you forever

You're half a world away
Your silence is turning me grey
Did we have something?
Was it enough?
I don't understand love

Weeks have past without your smile
I was darkness you were light
I saw you a thousand dreams ago
It's all lost now
And I miss everything about you

The light in my darkness lost to the distance between us both mentally and physically
Samantha Sep 13

My god I'm shaking
And I realize I love you

My heart is racing
And I realize I love you

Your fingers evade me
And I realize I love you

Distance is killing me
And I realize

Idk man I'm feeling dramatic tonight
Tyler Matthew Sep 13

When I wake up
to the moon shining in,
I've got to ask myself,
"Does this seem right,
To be here alone on this night,
waiting for you to
come crawling in?"

And if I wake up
and you're next to me,
I feel I've got to
shake myself from dreaming.
What's going on? what's all this meaning?
I should be waiting
for you like I always do.

When you're gone,
I want you here.
When you're here,
you wish you're gone.
If this is supposed
to be what I want,
then why does it
still feel so wrong?

And when you're there
in your crowd
of empty faces,
tell me, is that where you belong?
Tell me if you think I'm wrong
in wanting you
to just come home.

And when you're there
inside his eyes,
do you ever stop
to think of me?
Is this where you want to be?
so very far
away from me?

When you're gone
I'm lying here.
When you're here,
you're lying, too.
If you don't want this,
let me know
so I can get
away from you.

Close your
turned down eyes.
Let this parting be.
Goodnight. Sleep well,
my summer smile.
Winter waits,
as do I.
It might be awhile
until dawn
but I am patient,
you are kind.
Close your eyes,
let time slip by.
In the morning
you will find
this distance
to be gone.
I will hold you
once more
before the world
knocks soft
upon your door.

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