oni 2h
you can fold a map
to make ends meet
but you cannot fold
physical miles
to draw me closer to you
im sorry
an ocean away
distance disappears in love
a whisper closer
Lu Lu 2d
I asked him what his first impression of me was.


Then I blushed just like when we first met,
before thousands of miles and two bodies of water pulled the petals off a budding,
beautiful thing.
A lot can change in one year.
On your manic days,
when I can't get eye contact from you,
when your phone is your best friend,
and cleaning up your mess,
is the only thing on your mind.
I keep hearing your words
"I'm not a cuddling person,
you should be grateful
for what affection
you get from me."
You say you didn't mean it.
Yet I'm a ghost in my own home.
Unable to get my husbands touch.
I question my existence,
my purpose,
and why I sacrifice so much,
only to be scarified.
Like lightning in the distance,
you're a force I can't grasp,
can't fear nor admire.
I yearn to feel a zap,
a jolt of reality,
but I'm still standing under this lonely tree.

I've been searching for something like you,
and it seems like every time I catch a glimpse
I watch it vanish within the whisper of the wind.
It's like it never happened.

But it did.

I lay in bed
with someone who tells me
"you never give yourself up to love."
It kills me to admit
she's the most real thing I've ever had,
but the left side of the mattress
could just as soon
hold a vacancy I've always known.

The thunder calls out from the night sky,
and the clouds conceal those diamonds above.

I stare at a computer screen
wondering whether or not to pierce through the guarded unknown.
Some call it closure.
Some call it the path to pain.
I close the tab and find something else to dwell on.

It's just a name,
a title.
It's not like I'm the only one who feels this way.
But we all know you don't need to be isolated to feel alone.

Shortly before becoming the same,
I'll understand the difference between a storm
and a passing rain.
One day I may be the lightning,
cradling the thunder
and light the way through the clouds.

Until then,
I'll lay under this tree
and watch its leaves get carried off by the wind.
Claying in through desert fads
Like some of those old Utah lads
The perrenial sun is the scorching one
Like dumped up logic in deafed up pun
Passing through the graveyard cross
Halcyon of the deep loss
Now way ahead of time strands
The fanthom mark reminds me errands
Of every dawn that strikes me whole
Reminds me- for time, there's no dole
I can stop at mark and sob indeed
But a purpose lives, over I feed.
How the loss of something affects us in ways.
Blake 6d
My love go to your nearest sea,
Once there close your sweet eyes my love.

Then leave your porcelain bones and skin,
Let your elegant precious soul drift over the deep blue sea.

I’ll leave shore too my love,
And my lonely soul will float towards you.

We will meet in the great clouds of blue,
You will have one forbidden touch and I’ll have two sips of your gold.

We just can’t mix my love,
They will know when we get back home.

Just embrace me until the tides pull us away,
I promise we will meet on ground one day.
My Love x
Distance is worst than time. But both play devil games.
Camila 7d
Fill me with messages,
telling me stupid gossip and jokes
that no one else gets.
Fill me with emojis every time you have a drink on me,
and make fun that I'm working on the weekend,
have fun on my behalf,
as long as you get home and let me know.  
Fill me with your voice,
with words of songs you barely remember.
Fill me with pictures of buildings,
before and afters of your work.
Fill me with all your doubts and all your answers,
with your insecurities at the edge of something new,
with your confidence to try.
Fill me with all of you while I'm far away,
to give me strength for a new day,
I'll use it to cover the distance until we meet again.
Living in different cities since 2014 and he still makes me fall in love everyday.
Amanda 7d
Distance a temporary challenge
When I cannot see your face
The restraining miles longer
Without your peaceful embrace

I hear your voice
Cannot help but smile
It makes it better
At least for a little while

Your words get me
Through another hard night
Memories of you and I
Always burning close and bright

I miss you more my love
Every second you are not here
Spend each day wishing
I could hold you near

Time will come and go
Soon I'll be with you
Until then I sit and count the miles
I don't know what else to do
One from high school
Today was a hard day,
Filled with pearly smiles and laugh lines,
Swollen eyes and salty kisses, that I wished would never end.

To wipe tears away would admit defeat, I want to cry,
A deep part wants you to cry,
But when wishes come true a pit grows deeper, and emotions are raw.

I woke knowing I would no longer be tangled up in your skin,
Emotionally awake and unready for the day,
But time is a villain, and time is all we have, a ticking time-bomb.

Outside, a storm, wind becomes apparent, growing stronger inside and out,
I look up to the dusky blue in your face, and you see all of me and my pain,
Fighting, yet failing as the flood begins.

Today I carry the pain, of a true love and a true goodbye,
But this love shall overrule pain as our love conquers all,
Kissing a goodbye, flipping a goodbye, mouthing a goodbye.

It may be goodbye for now, but you're still here with me until we reunite, and our day will once again begin with salty kisses and pearly smiles.
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