Let's get lost
In the mind of each other
In the nights
Full of thoughts
Of your body next to mine
In the days full of dreams
When you're longing for the night

too far away
Kevin 1d

Can you feel the water?
It's taking us away,
To a place close, the same.

There is an air in the atmosphere,
She knows too well.
To seem passing by,
On wings that fly
To alleviate a pain

Can you see the lights?
They guide us today,
To find that similar place, where we once came

M Rose 1d

when i reach you,
i want it to look like the day i left. gray
skies, teasing winds, the ocean roaring and
rushing louder and faster than i've ever seen.
on the boardwalk, i want to hear the
musicians play, but i'll stand by one
in particular--an old man playing an erhu
to background music emitting from a cheap speaker,
sounding like the karaoke songs my
mom would always sing along to. i hated them then, but
i'd give anything to have that back now.

when i reach you, i want you
to listen to me as i describe
how i feel when i see a mother leading her
toddling child by the hand while her husband
looks for a place to sit on the beach. i
won't be able to explain it, but i'll
cry and try my
best to make it clear that
it's love,
it's always been love,
it always will be love,
and this family of strangers is
ruining me and
sustaining me and
they'll never be the wiser.

love is an action.
love is an action.

i want to love you.
i want to love you.

when i reach you, i want you to know
i'm reaching for you, that this isn't
just happenstance, or where everyone ought to go, but
i did it for you.
i took off all my clothes. i killed all my lovers.
i did it to be close to you,
but you feel so far away.
i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry.
you have to tell me to stop reaching.

We're like the ocean and space
Two different entities that from afar, gaze
Two entities admired for our greatness
Elements of unknown and mysteries are what we possess
Our deep rooted issues are always hidden secrets
And you love in waves but I love with distance
And we love each other despite our incoherence

longer apart than ever together
caught in moments
bittersweet weather
true to form
am calls
cutting the magic
ending your hold

Come home,
my mother's voice suggests along 2,581 kilometres of phone cabling.

Come home to the hazy heat
that beats off melting pavement and wilting plants,
to the smell of exhaust
squeezing between buildings
and suburbs and rush hour and neon lights,

Come home to the aggravated traffic
wending its way through concrete landscapes
eight lane snakes placating
the clack and hum of underground trains
packed with people and briefcases and beers and graffiti
spilling out onto the streets like cough syrup glugging out of the bottle.

You sound like you need to come home.

Nah, I'm good Ma,
because I don't know how to tell you
the city makes me feel trapped

a little creature with an anxious heart
boxed in by the tarseal and the fumes and the noise.

I like knowing the borders of a town
that doesn't stretch to the horizon
driving quietly on sleeping streets in the night time
and tracing the coastline with my feet in the water

I need the sky to touch the ground, not the ragged edges of a skyline
to walk until there's nothing
but me and the bush and the birds,
and the smell of mud and dirt and rain.

I like it here, I suggest along 2,581 kilometres of phone cabling,
but I do miss you.

city vs town and a bit of a ramble.

in my mind you are my friend

swinging from the buildings that pierce the sky
masked in privacy but shining of honesty
you know who I am without my mask

every night you take off your suit to mend
every night I check my suit of pretend

diving headfirst to be a part of your story
looking from a distance with so much connection
I follow you through your journey

safe from the mortalities that extend  
you save me from my villain's end

but our paths have never crossed
my thanks is the silence ringing in your ear
a ghost of the touch you will never feel

in my mind you are my friend

I don't always feel attraction
But when I do
It's thanks to you

This is just something small I scribbled down while studying biology
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