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s 2d
Loving a person is an
experience that's bitter sweet,
You love them for
Who they were,
Who they are and
Who they are yet to be.
Its their past that's bitter,
Makes me jealous like no other.
MuseumofSoph Oct 30
When you feel far away
I muster up a memory from long ago

The last time I held you or felt your touch
The last time I slept by your side
When you told me “i love you so much”

When I can’t feel you I hold on to what you left
A too big sweatshirt that still smells like you
Is my only comfort

I can’t quite describe the smell
A mix of smoke and fresh laundry transport my mind to images of you
Your smile so big, your eyes sparkling
slice cake Oct 13
when stars start shining
moon starts smiling
sun starts sleeping
somebody starts their life

bushes greener
flowers bloom
fireflies sparkling
somebody grows

skies getting blue
earth goes round
wind blows away
somebody left

verse 1.

I try to express my heart. It ain't my really first time away from my beloved person, but it's my first time getting this hurt. I hope it can heal my heart a little.
Val Vik Mar 18
\ Rainfall welts\
into the withered plants \

\ & flares the flakes of
    of thirst\

\ thrusts the nostalgia
of being alive \

Love to the distant eye\


Stand there...      wait
Don't stand there...    breathe.
don't breathe...    just feel

Nah.   Yeah..
Ya-sure...  breathe&feel

Or wait...   no..

Ah,  there it is...    Yasss.    Good girl.

When you ghost me
I get a *****

just talking to myself..
and whistling
and singing Winnie the Poo songs
She Writes Aug 15
Fingertips tracing your chest

Head rested upon your shoulder

Lips pressed against my forehead

These are the moments

That I take extra care

Memorize every curve of your body

The rise and fall of your chest

Your heart in my hand

So when we are apart

I can still feel your warmth

Until you can hold me again
Marisa Hope Aug 15
i saw us

4 cars and a lake house, making friends all over this town, nothing holding us back

3 dogs and a sunset, laughing until there’s no air left, netflix binges on our couch

2 matching starbs tumblers, getting mexican food when our stomachs rumble, stargazing pretty far our

1 walk down the aisle, listening to morgan all the while, smiles on the way out

but instead it’s time to let you go

but i hope you know i’ll always love you so
As you strum the strings
Of those guitars you play
Looking up at the camera
While in bed, I lay
Talking about our future
As we philosophize
And then act like idiots
Matching each others energy
And balancing each other out
And to think my life
Once had you without it
Makes no sense to me
But at least now
I'll hopefully have you forever
And we can grow old and reminisce
On those phone calls we've slightly missed
Since I flew across the world to be with you
And never regretted since
The distance so far is hard I know
But one day I'll be there
In our own place to call home
Right now it's hard
But soon enough, my love
I'll be there in your arms
i love him so much. god please let this one last
Kassan Jahmal Jul 29
120 miles away; at the speed of love close to decay.
And the sinner in, asks if you’re giving up that cake today.
I’m stuck in a parade, matching bands matching your
movements in those shoes. Revelry of gossip in front of friends
—excusing ourselves on calling it important news.

We’re no good, no good for each other.
But if we meet in Heaven, I might remind you how I was
once your lover.

The very first to add worth in your first kiss. To rest my
head besides your cheek. And finding it rude to call
you my chick, or to call you my b…

Still hard for me to say even in the things that past.
You could hate me more for knowing things wouldn’t last.
Staring at the half empty glass—filling ourselves on cheap laughs.
Cheap thrills, expensive meals on an empty pocket of a kid.

I was weird, I had a piece of a beard to appear grown.
The king of your heart, knowing Lucifer fell for trying to sit
on that wasn’t his throne. The crown turned into thorns.
I’ve been torn by unsaid words.

The unsaid truth, is I still love you now. But I’m foolishly
in love with a love long gone. 120 miles, so far away.
A distance so long.
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