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Wayward 2d
Do you?
Tell me, do you feel all the space between us?
All the unsaid words?
Is it just me that suffocates in silence?

I wonder if I drove myself to this insanity.
Thinking. Feeling. Thinking. Worrying
Why do I do this to myself?

Do you?
Tell me, do you feel the break in your heart?
The fear that surrounds you
The fear of being lonely

I wonder if I could have saved myself
What if I never felt the warmth of your love?
I wouldn’t have to feel the winter of loneliness that creeps on me

Do you?
Tell me, do you long to go back in time?
A time where nothing mattered but each other
A time where you loved me freely

I wonder if I hadn’t taken those times for granted
Would I be pining for one more, just one more kiss?
Would I feel the same hollowness that swallows me whole?

Do you?
Do you still love me as I love you?
Tøast 7d
What is that we do,
after all these years.
Punched a hole in the wall
that now I look through.
Seeing the world through that shattered master piece.

How can it be, that after all these years
we are still the same.
Yet so very far from how we were.
Tatiana May 20
I stumbled across a letter from an old friend,
its contents were long and wordy but they had their end.
It was just her way of saying she appreciated our friendship.
A friendship unanchored, blew away with the wind
with paper sails that have only thinned.

Birthdays used to be a grand affair; a day to celebrate
but each year the wishes dwindle down so I reciprocate.
Radio meets silence while we're both aware of the days
until it becomes a memory of the song that no longer plays.
Too busy trying to navigate channels that changed.

Then an invitation to a graduation came to me one year
a wedge of uninterrupted distance bridged by a, "Dear."
I don't know if olive branches can hold my weighted heart
but I sent my response to expect me there
before I decided to not care.

When the day came you said, "I didn't think you would come!"
I kept quiet how I cried in my car a block from
your home. I hid my face in your arms and squeezed you tight
because the wedge between us was five-years wide.
"I said I would," is all I replied.

And we asked each other questions that friends don't ask.
What did you study? Where do you live? What do you do?
We joke around but do not laugh as hard as we used to.
My past brought to my present like a nostalgic gift.
A chance to heal over our ocean-wide rift.

And there were no known reasons! I can't turn back the clock!
I just drifted like a small boat barely tethered to its dock
until a storm came and everyone forgot to tie me down.
Or maybe it was on purpose, or maybe I couldn't secure me.
I was the fourth in a unit of three, send me out to sea.

But there is a positive to all of this turmoil
there is a reason the invitation made it to my door.
I rowed myself through the five-year waves back to shore
and tethered my boat and checked the knots times ten.
When friends become strangers we get to meet again.
I've been trying to vocalize these feelings for almost a year now. Facing down silence and distance is the hardest thing for me. I felt very alone, very lost, and like no one knew where I was or what I was doing or even cared. And then I got an invitation from an old friend to her graduation. It was terrifying, I almost didn't go even after I said I would. I was so close to just turning my car around and not showing my face. because this was my past. My old friends I hadn't spoken with in years, my own failure with college and dropping out early when for years graduating college was my goal. But I did it. And though I'm not best friends with my old friends again, I feel like I'm meeting them and I'm choosing to look at that as a good thing in this sea of turbulent emotions. I'm meeting my friends again and they won't be strangers anymore.
Carlo C Gomez May 20
Stay inside
Play it safe
There are much greater things to miss than a day at the beach

Beginning with life itself
Sneha Thakur May 19
You dont know this yet,
but i love you silently.
I have realized it's much more safer and
well, much less vulnerable.
I have been through enough to know the exact safe distance from a person.
A distance far enough for you  to not hurt me;
close enough for your smile to be contagious.
I am a little spontaneous though,
some might rephrase it as 'passionate' .
So i might cross the distance a little closer sometimes.
I dont know who i am apologizing to but i am sorry.
UW May 18
Like sunflowers in a field,
Like bees in a swarm,
We had no distance.

So close that our skin touched,
breath synched,
beating hearts.

Just like that;

Our distance is frightening,
a distance like the abyss between heaven and earth
interrupted by blustery lightning.
Isa May 17
a long time ago,
my friend killed himself
because all of his friends were too far away.
I saw suicide as weak
and selfish.
I'm a hypocrite,
and I also understand his reasoning.
because my friends are too far away too.
distance does not always strengthen the heart, does it,
my lost and gone friend?
venting is good for the soul
Chameleon May 16
I never expected to feel you with me when you left.
I didn’t think texting and talking on the phone would keep us close.
But when I get a text, I feel happy.
When the X-files theme song begins to play I can’t cut it off quick enough and answer.
It’s still there.
Even though I can’t see you,
I still love you.

I do actually pray I will see you again.
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