Confession: in your absence
Searched such topics

Enable to pen you in my poem.
Theme: when subconscious divinity governs a content of the thought.
It's fading, I feel it and I know you do too
Honey-Sweet memories
now showing the washed out grey
of times decay
that love drunk buzz
So prominent for a time
Now sobering up as our paths re-align
the mind and heart Shift from
our once shared colour-drenched dream
To the monochromatic 2-dimensional blandness of being realistic

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Awareness
can soften the blow

The curse of our conscious bond
is that we can't wrap ourselves
in the comforting blanket
of numbed ignorance
As others might
In the missing of Cold Nights

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Acceptance
can soften the blow

We have our distractions to keep
our Minds occupied and
the Midnight-Blue pining at bay
we preach trust in the Universal plan
And we mantra "come what may"
Yet the insatiable and inescapable void of hollow pervades
as our unity on the horizon
fades to grey

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Understanding
can soften the blow
Knowing what's to come, that it's self-inflicted, as much as we anticipate and prepare. Reality remains unavoidable and painful to face
triggered sweet by
memory plucked
from twinge of
heart at
husband whiskers
sprinkled in
the sink

slow transforming
out of sight
whisker white
a-creep through
beard of boyish

scraggled out from
ear and nose
and knuckle

eyes a-cave
and sunken deep
in shaded-over

for inward looking
more than

with no more

and no more
children yanking
on the waking hours'
daggy trousers

for weeping
over old-time
music secret
in the dark

up with the
down with
the sun

rush at last
a-hush and
calm in its

bones exposed
of parenthood
held frail a-clung
by gristle grey of
simple habits

coffee thick
and silky
run with

and crispest
crusty bread
torn up
for dipping into
hearty stock

with olives
cheese and
ham on top

a drop
of something
oaky sipped
and languished

a-crawl with
thoughts of
father own

boyhood memories
coddled close
and satiating

with daughter
A man to whom one has looked up with reverence is especially treasured. His strength, his masculinity, his ability to protect those he loves. And as he ages his loved ones notice a softness creeping in, which only belies the softy they always knew he was inside.

But nevertheless it is poignant to watch—even from afar—as a great man begins to wither. Ever so slightly. But wither. In his body only, not his mind. But wither.
kar 20h
I feel like I’ve observed you enough
To know what you are
Yet I’ve barely scratched the surface
You’re so vast
And I only see what you make seen
Within your dark matter
I wonder what’s beyond,
What secrets you hide
I want to know your true beginning and end
But you have neither a center or edge
All I know is
At some point you were raging
All your matter and energy was alive
You were thriving
But for unknown reasons
You started to slowly change
You created atoms and stars
Which I still lose myself in today
All our history lies in your galaxies
And when I look up
The things of our past seem so distant..
light years away
Yet they can still be seen
Even as you move further away
from me each day
Even though we grew
Because at one point
You were much closer to me
And I existed in your universe
You became so distant I forgot you were there at all.
Madison 1d
How is it that I miss you
Before you’ve even left?
Trying not to waste our time,
But the words start to carry less meaning.
The absence of conversation
Means the most,
Because those are the moments we take
To think about each other.
SadPapi 1d
Souls escape as quick as the air leaves the touch
Speed of light moments only hoping for pause
I looked upward and asked today
Just how far away
Is heaven

Relevant is less the time of your existence
Irresponsible am I with mine
Is it possible I'm still close to you
Just how far away
Is heaven

It has been 6 years or maybe just one day
Can't seem to grasp the difference
This matter my heart will never know
Just how far away
Is heaven
I loved you yesterday. Before I saw you. It has been more than a month without you, which hurt more than I expected. The weeks went by, painful and lonely. They felt like decades without your presence, until yesterday. Once I saw you, that time melted away. The suffering, the loneliness, it all just vanished. Once I looked into your eyes it felt as though I had seen you just yesterday. your familiarity, your touch, they all seemed so recent, so comforting. Weirdly enough it wasn’t the home cooked meals, or the family gatherings that made me feel at home again. It was you, when I had gone to visit. I loved you yesterday, but I love you more today. And I know next time I see you, the same will happen.
-Te invito a dar un paseo, de esos mágicos, como en cuentos. En tu música me baso y a la melodía, le pongo el canto.

-Caminaría tus paseos, el lugar es el palmar, el momento es febrero. Pero rehuso nusetro encuentro, acallo al deseo.
Sin dudas me encantaría; pero hay un gran rio entre tu ciudad y la mia.

-Va a ser tan lindo hacer un puente, unir nuestros puntos terrestres, cueste lo que cueste. Acompañame a construirlo, dos es mejor que uno más uno.

- Allí en tu lejanía, diviso una luz. Faro que me guías cuando me encuentro a la deriva. No necesito mapas, guía o cruz del sur, la luz, mi luz sos tu.
Iré a tu encuentro, pueblo a pueblo y de bus en bus.

- Olvidate del bus. Sonará alocado. Pero estando por dosmil años luz separados. ¿Por qué no llegamos volando?
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