Zoe Byrd 26m

Distance seem unconquerable when a plane ticket and gas cost so much
Thousands of miles in between two souls destined to be friends
Oceans and mountains, languages and cultures, separating them
Telephones and computers, online communities and video games, bringing them together
Thousands of miles in between, the Internet making those miles meaningless
Distance is overcome by unlikely friends, reaching out to each other
Some friendships blossom into long conversations and love-filled smiles, and some wilt into painful silences and teary goodbyes
Two souls that are brought together will drift apart to meet new ones
Memories will fade while new ones are created

I wrote this poem as extra credit for the English class I took last year, and it was also entered in The America Library of Poetry 2017 Student Poetry Contest.  I received a letter yesterday that confirmed that my poem was successfully entered, and the letter also said that my poem was selected to be published in a book of poetry along with other students' poems!  So I figured I would go ahead and share the poem with all of you :)
kayla 1d


I count things in 5’s

one cat
two cat
three cat
hula hoop
tote bag

My notes are organized Cornell style
but it can’t fill the void you left.

Light switch
one slipper
two slippers

I’ve got my life organized down to the the minutes
but you aren’t in any of them.

Long distance.
We’ll see.

tamia 3d

it's been so long,
by any chance do you remember me?

your streets are still the same,
alive regardless the time of day
like everyone wants to keep the sun and moon company.
the avenues are still a grid—
i've memorized you like the lines on my palm
and understood you as a mystic would.
callcenter employees still line the uneven sidewalks,
you're still littered with their cigarettes and bottles.
construction workers still stand at the edge
of the industrial temples they build
as if they're kings of the city,
and your streetlights still stand tall
to guide every human being
as they find refuge in your little coffee shops and apartments.

no, nothing about you at all has changed,
at least through my eyes.

but my heart tells me otherwise.

something's missing—
it's the school girls i once knew
who went about these roads
searching for any kind of refuge
from the woes of growing up,
who trudged the streets in leather shoes
making you a home.
they're gone now,
off to farther places and newer cities,
but here i am as i return to you
and somehow i still feel them,
alive and well:
their beautiful voices and roaring laughter,
the dreams they built in you,
the moments that made our hearts leap as great as the heights
we are yet to reach,
it all echoes through your alleyways.
and i'll never forget them—these distant friends and pretty souls—
the way i love your streets filled with our memories.

i love you, ortigas.
lux 3d

and yet still apart.

we count our time in
and are envious of the ones who stay.

always wanting more,
but never getting enough.

i haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month and i miss his presence terribly.
Amanda 4d

Days without you measure more to those with you,
The longer you are absent the more hurt there be,
So far from me I can barely reach you,
I read your words trying to believe them,
But they are meaningless,
There is no difference being with or without you,
They are the same.
I know that now.

Never thought it would turn up like this
Take a step back from the words of unknown
exhausted by screaming feelings
hence I choose to take a rest

Try to speak the unspeakable
a murmur of voices contain within me
Confused and lost have I been
I'm just trying to reach you, my dear

Hopes aren't hopes anymore
My will has been taken from its core
The world has decided who has lost
I've lost

She's out of my league
It's so predictable
Distance has been my own foe
Is true love that hard to find?

Reminisce the world we used to live in
Dimension beyond our imagination
I could only hope that it won't be forgotten

For that slight remembrance...
...brought the smile upon our face

Distance is indeed a true challenge for a relationship.
jetspecter Jun 6

Alone, sitting in a terminal,
adjusting your sunglasses
to see the reflection of that
girl’s ass as she walks past

Alone, states away, all work
and no play, but mischievous
endeavors and misinformation
are coming back to bite you

Tax fraud and evasion, lies
on your resume and breaking
the promises to keep your lips
sealed and your pants zipped

When they don’t just repossess
your car and call your bluffs
but take away her white dress
and replace it with handcuffs

Prison isn’t for boys like you–
If you last a day, I’d be impressed
cause all the blue-collar boys will
make you wear the wedding dress.

To a former lover
Lioness Jun 15

How can I reach you
When you're distant?
How can I tell what's near
And far?
Endless distance between us
Yet we could be close
Is this an illusion
Or the beginning
Of something great?

Normally after being cheated on
I should feel betrayed
You should be feeling guilty
Instead you’re making me feel guilt
Because in your distance you couldn’t see me trying
It shouldn’t be this way
We should be working together
Instead I feel guilty
Because you felt the need to cheat
And you’re feeling betrayed because in your 7000 miles
I couldn’t show you how hard I’m trying

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