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try and speak your love
in the common tongue
pull and shatter above
rain down songs unsung
my boyfriend feels guilty because he misses me and i just want to hug him so bad god i’m so in love life is kinda good even though most days i’m sad because i’m seeing him this time next week
Perhaps one day these words I write,
will somehow make you see the light,
until that day,
here I shall lay,
and fix your broken heart.
I lay here alone and i recall those words you said,
how you told me all you longed for was to lie in my bed,
how you wished to feel my touch,
as i stroke your stubble grown a little too much.
How you'd call me late and declare you're cold,
say the only possible cure was to be in my hold.
I wonder if you still lay alone,
in this new place not all that far from home,
the thought so awful has now fled
I hate myself for letting such ideas inside my head
you are mine and I am yours, a trust neither should betray,
though difficult without a word it is to keep evil thoughts at bay.
But I shall fight until our wedding day.
My boyfriend has moved to university, not too far away. Though he struggles with his head and he does not let me see him.
even if we are miles apart, at least we're under the same sky.
Yesterday when I was walking along the beachfront and the sun was painting the sky pink with candyfloss clouds as it set, I missed you and I wished you were holding my hand.
Lay on the bed with me
Look at the ceiling in the fading light
Hold my hand
Listen to the music
Hear the sadness leaking through the speaker
Close your eyes
Feel yourself spin
Anchor yourself to me

I won't let you go.
i need some water
to quench my thirsty pain
it has refused to stop swelling
within the gaps around my ribs
forming hard bubbles
as it swallows me in
cocoons me safely into
stiff crooked mazes
dark heartless halls
all of which my mind makes for fun
barriers extended, walls constructed
to let out
only segments  
of hell

this weak and cracked silver dryland
can’t begin no shiny harvest
the crops will die
the hope will follow
the soil is weak the words are hollow
my sweet, my love, how are you doing?
i’m fine, i’m fine, i’m doing fine
i sew my tongue into the roof of my mouth
and bend my lips into the back of my tight throat
beat stubborn tears into watery eyes
and blame the wind the fan spits out

mother, father - we are in a shattered season
of separate flatlands and heavy skies
will we ever be unobscured by forced laughs and family gatherings?
by hills or mountains or sunday church?

may this air force bold breath out of me and you?  
no ordinary small talk will prevent my rage any longer not my small quiet voice from getting larger
we need to speak of the sickness in our heads
or we surely will die
on separate flatlands
on words unsaid
Liz Carlson Sep 28
i can't promise forever,
but i can promise for now.

for now,
there's no one who compares to you.

you don't have to worry.
it's only you on my mind.

you're the one i want to hold,
the one i want to spend my time with.

i'll wait for you,
i can't promise that for years,
but i'll wait for now.

for now,
you got me,
but above all else,
you got God on your side.
Liz Carlson Sep 28
maybe it's not time right now,
but that's just for now.

i know the day will come,
i know this is right.

but for now honey,
i'll wait and i'll grow with you.

i'll get to know your heart,
while the distance pulls us apart.

for now,
it's just for now.

someday i'll be with you,
but that's not now.
and that's okay.
because that's just for now.
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