I'll forget you, right? It can't be that bad, I can't be in that mess again, can I?
It was wed mud I had found myself in, and I hadn't fully recovered from the scars
I can't be in for another damage, not a longer one, not this misery, not
the memory of you.

And You... you were the same.
Abuser. Destroyer.
The One Who Leaves.

I walked into a sandwich shop with a woman who believed in meditation and growling at the dirt in the desert. We saw a well dressed black man and we were 5,280 miles away from him, but he had a nice suit, so I said so.

Tayma Hamad Apr 7

You hold me close
and help me bloom
I kiss your lips
I leave the room

You call me once
You yell out twice
I never come
I'm paralyzed

I wish you well
I wish for you
I wish to know
what you're going through

I rise in pain
I fall in love
I look away
I look above

I feel the night
I fear the day
I fear your smile
What do I say?

You hold me close
but I'm far away
I kiss your lips
Why can't I stay?

Thalia 3d

I'll miss you, like how the moon misses the sun. I want you, like how the sun cries its rays every morning when it wakes trying to make the moon stay, but it couldn't. There will always be a part of me that is a half moon, a quarter, a part missing, a part that is with the sun, but cannot be seen, a part that time wants to stay with day, but unable to.


ig: @thpoetryy

Stay near,
stay close
the distance is almost
or farther from that.

If we're close
and our souls
are almost far,

it's good that
we are far
but we know,
we're almost par.

Last night, I had a most horrific nightmare.

You lived five-hundred miles away from me;
the roads adorned with fear and thorns.
We could never tell our fathers, nor breath a word to our mothers,
but my God, we were so in love.

Under the shadow of the night, secluded in our rooms,
we would stay up for hours, phones alight with wonder.
We shared secretive photographs, candid messages, and
talked, just talked-

Until one day, I was rambling-
I confess I cannot recall what about,
and my life suddenly imploded on itself when
you told me you loved me.

The joy I felt was beyond articulation,
but comprehensible in which it did not last.
Black smoke of distance and loneliness threatened to
choke us each passing day.

We were writing a tragedy of our very own.
One of pain, so tainted-
an absence of hope and an abundance of fear;
A tale to outlast the Devil.  

Staring at my pale reflection, there were black tears down my cheeks-
a waking nightmare rushing to greet me from times not quite left behind.
I cried as the twinkling starlight passed through the windows
for no memory so sad could ever be escaped.

Part 2/2
Part 1/2: A Tale to Outlast the Angels

Last night, I had a most wonderful dream.

You lived in the house next door to me;
our yards adorned with white-picket fences.
Our fathers would chat over cars, our mothers over tea,
and my God, we were so in love.

In the broken down treehouse, perched behind your yard
we would sit for hours, your legs dangling over the side.
We ate gorgeous summer strawberries smothered in sugar and
talked, just talked-

Until one day, you were just rambling-
I confess I cannot recall what about-
and there was something about the sun,
illuminated in your ocean-blue eyes, and I kissed you.

It was beyond what my words have the capability to describe.
A trickling river; a rushing waterfall;
a roaring sea; crashing waves.
It was exactly how I'd dreamed my first kiss would be.

We were writing a love story of our very own.
One of joy, so pure-
an absence of fear and an abundance of hope;
A tale to outlast the angels.

As I woke up, there were black tears down my cheeks-
reality rushing up to greet me from the dreamscape I had left.
I cried as the morning light beamed in through the windows
for no story so happy could ever have been real.

Part 1/2
Part 2/2: A Tale to Outlast the Devil

Hold me tight,
your arms wrapped like vine
trace a kiss with your fingers
on those unkissed lips of mine

Grip me tighter,
the clock chimes at 3
I don't want to move
Cause then I’d want to take you with me

hug me goodbye,
you don’t look into my eyes
I have a thousand things to say
but a word from you would suffice

Miles away,
I weep and I write
but I always Wonder
if you still think of that night

It's so obvious that I miss you.
Don't wanna handle it delicately.


I miss him.
I miss the way he kissed me.
I miss the way he would hold me.
I miss the way he smiled at me.
The way he looked into my eyes.
How he made me feel content.
I miss how he'd joke about my tiny hands.
I miss the scent of him on my pillow.
I miss the love he gave me,
and how he showed it.
He's all I want and need,
so I miss him.
And I don't regret it.

I'm so glad I turned into your Elbow. I miss you B flat.
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