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Water running through toes and over elbows.
Cascading down forearms and up necks.

Falling in stampedes from underneath eyelids
Onto shoelaces and ankles and
Fabric draped across our laps.

This is the feeling of an afternoon spent entangled in
Covers. The sensation of a cold breeze
Swooping us up on its burdensome wings
Only to ask “Where’s my tip?” and the shrugging shoulders
That follow. The rattle of empty pockets. The
Shattering of glass and a cry for HELP
So incredibly ARDUOUS it slices your throat
Like a steel blade
And the clock doesn’t stop ticking
Around and around until you’re too dizzy.

This is the feeling of water running through toes and over elbows. Cascading down forearms and up necks. This is the feeling of an afternoon spent entangled in covers. The feeling of a cold breeze swooping us up on it burdensome wings. The feeling of a cry so arduous it slices your throat like a steel blade.
Heath Leonard Apr 22
Eyes dart like arrows, following movement, avoiding light,
seeking, chasing, hunting with curious paranoia,
diving forward into the vibrant thrills of the world,
constantly watching, observing, analyzing all surroundings,
settling with calm, calculated responses to a constant data stream,
typewriter-read, scanning all, no threats detected,
forever alert to the split-second movements and signals that count.

A blade of scent cuts through my mind's forest, sharp and direct,
a slap to the face, an awakening, a trigger,
close-range proximity, long-distance remembrance,
lingering like visible clouds in the air,
tasteful, able to be tracked, subconscious gravitation,
melting into the sweet-smelling void,
glazed with natural laughing-gas, my feet already move,
locked on to something I can't even have.

Branches *****, leaves rustle, neck twisted instantly,
turning curiously towards such a dance on eardrums,
nature's symphonies rushing like rivers through my mind,
lifting me into the air with every vibration and harmonic syllable,
carrying me away from the chaos and into perfect harmony,
floating through time as music shifts and pulls my limbs into motion.

Various flavors glide over delicate hills,
gentle, explosive, I never know what to expect,
stinging or soothing, sweet or bitter,
will the swirls of savory life caress my soul,
or rip it to shreds and bite the tongue it feeds,
a beast to be tamed, but never conquered.

Toes dig into rich earth, springing forth with power,
muscles tensing, relaxing, hands grasping for life,
velvet's gentle touch, water's enveloping embrace,
submerged in nerve endings shooting lightning across the abyss,
like a stone skipping across a rippling pond, balanced,
bounding into endless skies as clouds swirl and the sun shines,
forever living within the terrarium of our Universe.
love is a flash of a news
love outweigh the news
love outweigh the flash of the news
news outweigh the news of a flash
news outweigh the news of love
a news of flash is a news of love
outweigh is outweighing a flash of a news

sensation is sensation of a flash
sensation is sensation of a news
sensation is a news flash sensation
sensation is a news flash love
sensation is outweighing sensation to its news
sensation is outweighing sensation to its love
sensation is outweighing sensation to its flash of love

love is a flash of sensation
love is a flash of a flashing sensation
love is a flash of a flashing news sensation
the love of sensation is the love of the news
the love of sensation is the love of a flashing news
a flash of sensation is a flash of a news
a flashing flash is a flash of a flashing love
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… the meaning of the word "flash" is for instance like the comic hero The Flash. this poem is about a divided time is a divided love. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
cass Apr 2
if there was something inhuman about your touch that i could explain,
it would be equivalent to that of an eternal flame.
if there was something to describe the emotions you gave me,
it would feel like a strong ocean wave.

many overpowering sensations you give me are equal to natural disasters.
but for me,
it’s always so calm.

the earth operates with these thundershowers of weather,
and without them,
there wouldn’t be the world we know today.

without you,
i wouldn’t be who i am today.

so rain on me,
even when i can’t take anymore.
Amoy Mar 27
writings on the inside of my walls
pictures and symbols of our love
deep sounds of moaning rising from within
nails digging deep and deeper into flesh
carvings of sensual sensation
creating waves and waves of passion
******* together in unison
simulating each senses, the aroma of love
written on my papyrus
The colors of the flower touched my eyes
like the warmth of summer air touched my skin.  
Like tenderness of your kiss touched my heart,
space between sense and feeling is so thin.

We’ve grown accustomed to this sacred space,
where we don’t notice the weight of the air.
Still, it touches every inch of our self,
a touch so light we act like it’s not there.

The physicality of our senses
is defined by near invisible touch,
of the lights, the colors and fragrances,
they touch like you, but not nearly so much.

A fluttering feather would crush mountains—
no touch is lighter than your fingertips.
Yet no sensation ever had more depth,
than the weightlessness of kissing your lips.
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Desire is delicious
It's the lingering taste upon
my tongue
it's the exsquisite pleasure
of tasting something so delicious
It leaves the trace upon a soul
It leaves you wanting needing more
That temptation to try only a bite
Yet it leaves you craving that tingling
tasteful delightful feeling you get
when you get a little more
You can't have a little
you got to have it once more
So what's your desire so delicious
that leaves you craving more
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
A W Jan 29
Forget me not,
is a hard thought.

Forget me soon,
is the time to change my tune.

Forget me now,
is difficult look back on our future vow.

Forgotten already,
hoping that we didn't fall out of frame,
the friendship promised only seems like a fever dream.

Forgotten my emotions,
you used to give me a nice sensation,
now you're the reason I lack passion.

Regretting my intimacy,

You search for another girl like it didn't matter.
Letting my heart shatter.
Being alone has left my teeth to chatter.
Feeling like the latter.

In only a few weeks.
Forgetting to be checked in as a friend hurts from someone who used to message me everyday. Seems like the promises we made were empty and you're less as upset than me.
Athanasius Jan 19
chest skipping a beat
butterflies in stomach
scalp massage
smell of crying
falling in a dream
memorable dreams
familiar smells
fall into a song
lay on a cold bed
blanket burrito
good small easy to chew ice
cracking knuckles
coffee on a rainy day
smell of rain
jumping for joy
closing 20 research tabs
warm hoodies
smelling food cooking
rap poetry
reading a good book
rewatching a good movie
feel-good games
puzzling movies
bubble wrap
smell of matches
thick milkshakes
navigating foreign subways
freezing outside to warm room
hot outside to cool room
peaceful nature
crying alone
nice socks
rolling down a hill
staring at space
afternoon naps
soft stuffed toys
hot showers
shouting yeet
infatuation over someone
smooth rocks
stacking things
writing sentiments
i can still feel therefore i am still alive
He came,
Spurted a teaspoon of ***** inside her:
A politician,
A model,
A traitor,
A patriot,
A teacher, nurse, doctor,
An artist, a poet, a writer,............ and I,
A swimming gold medallist.
We all swam to reach the ****,
I was Y and I merged withX first,
A new swimming sensation was born.
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