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Yes, it’s true:
“The music don’t feel like it did
when I felt it with you.”

You were another love.
It was so good.
Before the time ran up.

Wanting to kiss you.
to feel alright.

Flying high with stars in our eyes.
Sitting on a sofa cloud
all throughout the night.

the night
would never end.

I didn’t want to tell lies.
I just wanted more time,
with you, my friend.

I didn’t want to be alone.
I filled my vacancy
coming to your home.

at your doorstep
with an invitation.

Not waiting a minute
to reflect on

Because I was flying high.
Giving my heart
to where it didn’t belong.

in every song.

Footsteps started fires
as we danced
in the dark.

On your shoulder
I left
my heart.

I let it run around
and around
in my head.

Beating that horse
long after
it was dead.


Confusing signals.

I crashed
and my fire for you
burned me down.

I came back down
and found my love
on the ground.

Now my tears
are used up.
Trying to fall from you.

Was it all in my mind?
Did I run away to Mars?
Or was it written in the stars?

Because I’m still in love
with that lost time.
And now there’s someone new.

But this will always be true:
The music sounds better
with you.
If a playlist could tell a story.
Zywa 2d
The buried people

are present in the silence --

rustling in the wind.
Collection "Greeting from before"
Iz 3d
you once drew me with your hand around my neck
told me weeks after with embarrassment and regret
a year later and now
if I saw that on her pinterest board
it would fit
Iz 3d
i tie myself to her every blue move
then try to pull out,
the knot in myself
so i
follow you both home
then bruise in the black
hide in the bush
you’ve been beating around
write my petty poems
swallow my love
feel the cold creep
the glossy warmth
you hold i now
cradle memory to my
red cheeks
so i
unlatch my tongue
from my loyal teeth
let the blood run
into someone else’s mouth
you know I’ve always seen in green
Stars in your eyes.
Stars in my eyes.

What I experienced,
you do not know.

You cannot feel
what I felt.

You cannot see
what I saw.

Something more beautiful
than nature.

Something more beautiful
than law.
I know.
I’m still stuck in time,
Petals glued in the air,
Flowers unfazed in this orchard of mine,
Butterflies are still as I stare,
I wish I could hit rewind,
What I crave to feel frozen there,
Somewhere now unkind,
My orchard now a stranger.
A place where I grew,
A place where I left,
A place where I long to go back to,
A place where I can't go back to.
Amara May 19
I miss you
now, tomorrow, day after
shouldn't have fallen
should've been smarter

Forever was never there
we knew
but didn't care

Reached the end
unfortunately, developed
too many scars
to mend

So close, so fast
forever was never there
we knew
wish we didn't care
Carlo C Gomez May 18
Give recognition its own library
Its own USB port

An evening of multiple connections
Hardwired and soothingly modem
Transmits my thoughts into you

I know your voice
I know your body
And how they work together
To leave a clear network to my heart

Steve Page May 5
The weak sun and clouds
A blanket from the back seat
It's your warmth I miss

Seagulls are massive
Intrepid and audacious
I carry the scars

Wrinkled and 60
From another century
Nothing has changed

One expensive stamp
Short missives over Assam
Wishing you were here
I love revisiting childhood coastal haunts
Sal AK Apr 22
I knew I was finally over you
After years of sorrow
When one day I saw you in another’s arm
With a glowing smile on your face…
And I heard my heart say
“I still LOVE her”
With a glowing smile on my face …
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