The moon
I get mad thinking once
You told me it's just a rock.
Why should it remind me of you?
My whole life I've looked at that rock in the sky
And fallen in love
I could look at it forever
But I can't stand looking at

Mary-Rose H May 28

The emotions
in my chest
threaten to
if I don't give them voice
in the form of lyrical language.

But I refuse.

This is one memory that I want to keep for myself, sweet and thrilling, and slow motion every time I replay it.

I want the details to remain clear
and vivid
in my mind
and against my skin.

Though I tell
my family and friends,
this is my memory;
I will not give it up
as a sacrifice
to the celestial chasm
that is poetry.

Earth must be so lonely
Forever circled by it's only friend
Never able to visit
Only ever loving in thought

I understand you, Earth
Isn't she so damn beautiful
If only she'd go away
Forever drifting in my thoughts

THE remembrance upon you is a weed, I pluck it, then you grow again with the patience of time. With perseverance you endure, to me who can not stand it.

The memory upon you is the spider's thread, the never-ending nest, knitting itself, I'm trapped in it, helplessly, can not be free, and can never be cleared clearly.

Kylie 4d

the furthest hill to the closest tree,
It mocks what the eye can see,
In capture of heart and love of place,
The perfect portrayal of her face,
Like it was there but it is gone,
But now with this it will be forever and on.
Saving what happened frozen in time,
To when the fate seals and one forgets,
The eldest painting just begins to set.
It tells of time and thought,
The memory that another caught.
The land, the people the joy the glee,
Much more horror than our eyes can see.
With a brush and paper and the world in view,
We'll be able to take away a flash or two.
Paint and people come together
A piece of past kept forever,

There are days that make me wanna burst out of happiness
Those little things that please my soul
When the sun gently wraps around me
When the moon comforts me
When the sky takes my breathe away
When the calming waters take away my stress
When the leaves and flowers fall and grow so I can start fresh
When snowflakes travel with me to feel safe
When the rain washes away the pain
And when I can genuinely feel happy
Once I feel the sincerity
It’s time when I want to cry out of joy
It’s been too long
The people who I surround myself
Those that make me happy
Those who motivate me
My days are not always filled with laughter
My time could be running out soon
I may be young, but I honestly don’t know how much I have left
When more than half of your whole body has been consumed by monsters and fears
I then feel that my love has begun to slowly run out because it’s given to the wrong people
Or that it’s not enough to wrap someone like a warm blanket
But there are days where I felt more than just a fragile being
Honestly I love those that give me such happiness and reassurance
The small kisses, hugs, laughter, and smiles
I love it all
I want to fully embrace it
Just like the life I’m given
Because just me living for many days that are filled with sorrow and few that are happy
It’s the simplicity with a little sprinkle of craziness, is what does it for me
A lovely memory
Is what makes it enough
But that’s just me

Thanks for viewing! :)

But for some cruel jest are not we all perennially ailing…
Are not our lives just pictures passing by?
We, blindfold, in their wake are trailing,
Are hardly ourselves… And at the best of times
We solely hope yet for another handout
At someone’s twisted mercy and before
We ever realise it’s us we cede so freely
It’s far too late… We sob and try no more.

Shall not we fight, defiant, our doubts and envy?
Shall not we hold the fastest to our dreams?
And from our deepest selves shall not we draw our powers
When all is lost and there’s no life within?

It’s down to us to down the cup we’re given.
There is no shame in failing. All we can
Is to keep going on, perennially ailing,
However cruel and short our span.

July 2017
In Memoriam Bradley Lowery

A hail to the moments, which were left in a haste;
unpraised, unspoken.........
A look into those moments, whose memories have become;
an immemorial token.........

Half sunk in those sands,
Half buried in those memories;
Lie those moments somewhere,
Which once had been our cherished trophies.........

With some lies, spoken for some truths,
and some truths, spoken for some lies;
Confined to be castigated for once,
But, finally lost in those million tries.........

This universe is a strange place,
A voice then slowly whispered.........
There is more sadness, to be coated,
As compared to the happiness, to be filtered.........

~abhi_0026 (Instagram)
~6-13th May 2017

…world without end, Amen.”

As the swirling maelstrom erupted around them,
each took to their own places, relative spaces,
while men of reason, they kept a small ration,
a morsel, a mention, of their old superstitions,
their predispositions towards ancient benedictions,
reflections not altogether wrong in these conditions.

In one particular corner, a Rabbi held his head high,
speaking of the mercy and love of Yahweh,
an Imam extolled upon Allah’s plan for them all,
a tall man in robes spoke in Gaelic to a small crowd,
while Zoroastrians just watched the loud storm,
distortions eating at reality looked every bit the Final Battle.

The Captain, for his part, was Catholic, of a sort,
his short stature kept him from standing out against
the broad black and white backdrop of two priests,
their hands raised, a prayer of blessing for their flock,
offering solace to wounded souls yearning to mend,
their words far-too appropriate as time folded in on itself.

“As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be…”

The words slowed and froze as matter surrendered to entropy,
the syllables trapped in an endless loop towards infinity.

You went out of sight, you went out of mind,
You went out of sight, you went in my heart so blind.
The pain of your leave, I had revealed to none,
The pain of your leave, for you were my only one.

I hid the truths from myself, asked myself to comply,
I hid the truths from myself, but never confronted with a lie.
The mysteries I blocked, become one history,
and the history I spoke, was just another mystery.

You were all I had gained, you were all I had lost,
You were all I ever wanted, yet I compromised your cost.
And now the stars we had placed, twinkle every night,
They twinkle in this darkness, to show me your light.

I feel a bit strange, as if I have lost track of you,
I need your presence, I need it for those moments few.
For in your absence am I, just a grain of sand,
come save me from this oblivion, just lend me a hand.

You're everything I had gained, oh my memory,
Now stands your absence, in the way of my memory...
Now stands your absence in the way of my memory...

**(written on - 19th May'17, in memory of my close friend)**
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