Rebecca 1h
Remember when I whispered to you in rhyme
We talked till late, we'd spend all that time
Alone together, dejected, rejected, but also safe
Yes I remember when you were my happy place
I was going through old notes, and this happened.
Poppy15 1d
When turning each page
the portraits are occurred:
convince the mind to engage
the old experience with her.

Suddenly, the lip is wide
pure drops are falling down
into the midst of mind;
crowd of noise is surrounded.

Not long, being awaken
by the presence of time:
lay on the floor darken
to listen to the silent rhyme.
I took two totems
and held them to
one in my right pocket
and one in my left
for clenching
tight in reminder
while walking about
of what's really

a brass bull
keychain strung
to the keys
that opened my home
and made it mine

for prosperity
and material health
and weighing down
to the ground

and a little hunk
of lapis lazuli
speckled through
with golden

for keeping
bright blue and
my spirit

the bull broke off
its chain and
left a dangling void
a superfluous
wiggling on old
keys turned in
to an old landlord

the stone
slipped out of my
jacket pocket
in a cab to the
airport to a plane
to the other side
of the world

now of my totems
but a short refrain
and a
memory's glitter

© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
It is perhaps naive to believe in totems. To believe that one can will something into existence just by imbuing an object with its representation. If a brain, if a life do not want to hold those things yet, then the totems will simply slip out of one's pocket, forgotten.
Farhan 1d
I couldn't find myself within me,
I was displaced by her within me.
When I first saw her,
I find myself in her eyes

Today, I remember

That instance
She probably doesn’t
find herself in me.
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Genre: Rational
R 2d
F-or I've been yearning for a bond or two
R-are it is, for my sad tableau
I- was plain till I found a book
E-asy not, it's a slow and gentle cook
N-ot a one can ruin this sweet, simple art
D-on't falter it doesn't stop there
S-ometimes, importance swims in the air
H-orrible it truly is when death takes place
I- miss those times when everything's ablaze
P-arted we may be, but kept in each heart
My teacher asked me to write a poem about friendship, and so I write a poem with a rhyming scheme of A-A-B-B-C-D-D-E-E-C. It's a very simple and short poem. Thank you :))))
The snow has let go of the leaves
it held mached with ice beside
the western stairs of my back porch
like-half forgotten valentines

it tried to mail before the sun
cooked the corpse of our Christmas tree,
releasing all those mint-sapped scents
like the presents I forgot you gave me.
I wish, I could time travel to 40s.
Imagination used to be colourful
Songs, filled with presence
Ponds, serene deep
The sky, clear blue.

I wish, I could time travel to 40s.
To witness, How,
The Humans were made Guinea pigs
WHO started to crawl
Penicillin promised its magic.

I wish, I could time travel to 40s.
Mustache use to rule this world
Charlie was my smile Icon
Hitler has nonsense to tell
Albert was lamenting.

I wish back, days of 1940s.
Trust has everything to do.
Theme: Back to the past
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