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M-E 12h
When I was a child, so many wonders and questions rise up to my grip-sized head
"Mommy. Where I come from?"
"Daddy. Why the sun is yellow and the sky is bleu?"
"Mommy. Will I die like Grandpa? When?"
"Daddy. Why you are my dad?"
"Daddy. Why this coin can buy everything I want from the grocery store?"
Now, I just keep reminding myself that I ve got a rent to pay and a mouth to feed.

I started few months ago writing some thoughts while going to work or wandering in the streets and I thought to share it with you guys. :)
Life's a play
she gave me wings
and to this day
my sad heart sings
I must stop living within the feeling of this lie
That's why I'm here, to finally say Goodbye.

The lie: I am still in love with you
Deep down I know... that simply isn't true

Yes, I think about you every single day...
But you only exist in my mind, that's where you live, it's where you stay

Even further, it really isn't "you" that lives within me
A truth sometimes I force myself not to see

For you see, it can't be you that my emotions adore,
It has been over two years... I don't know "you" anymore
Although the you is so real in my head,
I understand the you I loved is long gone ... dead.

Therefore I can't love you Lindsey
Because "you" only exist in my head, as a memory
To be honest, I think I'm subconsciously afraid...
Giving you up means to become un-made

You are but just a memory
A memory that does not define me
Accepting this is the only way I can be free
He called and asked me not to worry
It didn't strike at first.

Nd by the time it did
He was declared "brought dead"
Äŧül 2d
Back at a time
I met with a serious accident
No major bones fractured
Just intracranial injuries
The impact
Continues even now

Now in my PhD
I read a lot of scientific stuff
Memorize little
Reproduce lesser
Get myself
Even lesser marks

7th of May in 2010
Was the date unfortunate
On which I met
With the accident
Rode myself
Into The Oblivion
My HP Poem #1726
©Atul Kaushal
It's only a few months ago
never once had I written a
poem ever before In my life, but being Inspired to write through the very
sad loss of my dearest wife
In order to keep her memory alive
And keeping a promise made to myself began to write poetry, but learned by so much the review's that I got and reading poetry of other's
That they all help me so much In keeping my dear wife Helen's memory
Thanks to all, for you'll know who you are for keeping the memory of Helen so much alive ***
Bless Her Soul
Helen Mary Walker
1955 July 22nd - 2017 December 23rd R.I.P
Thanks to all for help keeping the memory of Helen so much you'll know who you are thank you so very much for keeping her memory and my dreams very much alive bless you all
Fragments, the stone remembers
The walls echo the tale
Moments, life in reflections
Memory tickles the brain

Jail, like death forever
Prisoner becomes the *****
Life, journey to surrender
End is the game
she weeps because of me
the day I left
my memories
a song
A moment

That's all it takes

A single moment

The touch of a loved one
The laugh of a stranger
The shy smile from the little boy
hiding behind his mother's leg

There and then not

Did you savour it
Lean into it
Let it sink deep

Or did it pass you
Did you let it slip away
Unaware of its purpose

One moment

That's all it takes
For Paolo ❤. Missing you alot today. September 18th 1995 - March 18th 2018
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