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make love to my tattoos.
kiss them, brilliant.
breathe into them the
elegant way that you live
easy, free, alpha.
my tattoos are
who i am
they are my insides as much as my outsides
i am turned inside out, even
lover girl, with flakes of skin
dusting  inspiration   windowsill collection
graffitied DNA   Physical sins
a wrist left heart broken
I lost
my eden somewhere
in the night counting
the flakes of
my dreams for tomorrow
that gather on the floor
alongside my memory foam coffin
in a clump of
yesterday’s skin.  

Yeti Youngblood
can't think straight
a fuzzy brain
over a blacked out memory

put your hands on my heart
feel it beat

you bring me to life
it was fine to say
that nothing would hurt me
but the crushing weight
of hideous swan songs
darling, you should know
i was built for her
and made for you

house of knives
the sigil was burning
from across the sea
and under the covers
you pulled away
blood red lights
kissed my animal face
when i heard your name
I got a phone call from your mother today.
Her lips were pursed and candied, I'd say.
I couldn't see her between the borders of states,
but she told me I should let go of the blame.

She called me up to build me higher than I've felt for the longest day.
We spoke a while and dreamt on a nostalgic plane.
She told me sweetly that her memories of her daughter
involve me, too, in some way.
She lingered with each breath as if to sigh,
before she told me she used to lie awake.
Rue in her wrinkles for having turned me away.
From your funeral that long-gone but not forgotten day.

Her sighs turned to shudders and her facade of being a mother
shattered like chalky, kiln pressured Ohio Valley clay.
She sobbed through hysterics and left me feeling desperate
of feeling a similar love for the ghost I'll leave behind
with a note lengthened in a shakily scrawled essay.

It was pure and powerful to hear the shake.
In her voice as it pronounced my three syllable name.
Hoping she got my number right,
not knowing there's a reason I've not cared to change.
Today I got the answer to a question I never thought to say.
Speaking is important to lighten how the emotions weigh.
She told me I should let go of the blame.

But you knew me best, better than they.
I can't quit the blame.
But I can lie to her for her own sake.
So she can move on and feel less of the dismay.
No parent should ever outlive their own flesh given.
The sound of her voice like a subdued painful frisson.
I told her a lie to keep her spirits intact.
To keep alive a promise whose corners are bent, but without *****.
I know you'd let me out of any dotted line I signed if I wanted
free of your Faustian contract,
But I digress,
I'm a mess.
Full of shame for how I handled you and your name.
I've written and talked about you like you were an old flame.
I tried moving on,
but all the old noises I hear them new, and all the same.
Your ghost has followed me because I asked, and you came.

I love you,
I miss you.
I'll come play with you in space.
a bad week turned worse and the Summer curse extends into the fallen bottom of a solemn Autumn

ever wonder why you bother? yeah, me too.
Faster than ever the world spins,
and I’m barely hanging on.  
The downfall of this very existence has shaken me to the core,
and all the things I wish I could say,
I can’t say.
Even if it doesn’t make sense,
this twisted thinking in my head.
I’d rather be alone buried in the lies
than have you by my side,
tears and all.
Because if goodbye comes too soon,
I don’t want you to remember me gasping for the very last breathe.
And if my hold on this world lets go,
just recall the beating of my heart when you and I were so in love.
Stay cautious

Believe me
Got broken takes, no time
Healing, a way long

Need to be confirm
Align to the earlier form
Stabilize for endurance
Then finally
Makeover stitch
Allowing the time to recover

But this is not the end
Some of us take
Much longer than
The usual time

In those
Who are obsessed
To scratch the scar
Recall the moment
With a same dumb question
Why me?

Little do we knew
Why few don’t
Want to get healed
And what keeps them
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Note on scar | Why some aren't healed at all?
Justine 2d
An old feeling visited me today,
I turn the lights off,
Yet the shadow still follows me in the dark,

Days turned into months,
I forget how you sound,
Your face,
Your scent,
But your essence remains,

Like a lucid dream,
I remember the rhythm of the fire,
It danced with us that night,
Oh, the infinite sound of night,
That comforted us for days to come,

In the midst of our existence,
I am left wondering,
Wondering if you still dance with fire,

I will always dance with fire,
Under the pouring rain,
Engulfed by snow,
Waves and winds hurling me around,
“Hush,” I whisper to myself,
As the rest of my body painfully turn into ice,

I feel numb,
I continue to burn so intensely inside,
From flesh skin to ashes,
From ashes to life,
A rose emerge,
It starts dancing around the fire,
I will always dance with fire,
Because I am the fire,

Dance with me even when I am on fire,
Everything will burn,
Except you by my side,
Dance with me night after night,
Until we both burn with the sun,
That gave us life.

What are we, if we do not set ourselves on fire?
Keep dancing with fire,
Let’s burn the night sky,
And awaken those who lost their fire.
A poem about resiliency, self-transformation, renewal of life, healing and enduring sacrifice for the sake of love.
zebra Aug 11
im a self describing a self
a face on a liquid surface
a plasticity
a brain
a three pound infinity
always remodeling itself
and making new copies

a copy
a copy
a copy

a massive  accumulation of copies
each a slight distortion
from it's original eminence
a history of minute alterations
all subtle deceptions

my so-called reality
a memory
a memory
a memory
as repetition pouring the self out
self corrupting the self
until it is somebody else

a fibbing shifty double-dealing soft machine
trying to remain intact
it's signature
a disjunctured awareness

my cells talk **** about each other
i'm more microbes than human
every synaptic light of the divine casting a shadowed past
a devil to the true origin
a mangled remembering
my pillar of reality
spirit from matter
not the other way around

i no longer recognize myself
am i human
or perhaps a robot
an alien
a walk in
that left the original inhabitant
to wander perplexed in a netherworld
lost and crying

or just a bad copy
a copy
a copy
a co
Millenia a moment
wishes on all the starfish in the ocean
wouldn't make Wilcox happy in love

Indivisible divisions
infinite wisdom where math and science
will never meet ***

Did science create a universe or simply define it?
Where beginning meets end in pinpoints of minutia
that by definition and design will never actually meet

Cradle me in your arms for nanoseconds
each holding an eternity
If only time could be held by more than mere memory

Maybe, everything until the now that is never the now
can touch a moment
that can never be broken into its smallest parts
Famani 2d
Your presence drove me to photography.

now, since everything messed up

I don't find capturing images is enjoying anymore.
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