Let us share
        an incantation of the old world
Let us unfurl words like a string of pearls
torn from ocean deep - I battled Krakens
to bring you these words – let me wreathe
the drowning seed of ancient demons
in a modern tale of high rise jewellery
You can wear me at your leisure
for I am a book of poetry - open in your hands
caress my pages - I offer ages of wisdom in sand
strung sorrowful about a stony neck
can you see the mystery of that cloud
striated by the mountains tip carved
deep into the sky in defiance of the wind
unbowed by time yet so vulnerable
to lion and tiger, to the hermit and his tearful rain
did you know that every beach was once a mountain?
so every ocean floor kissed the sky in its youth
let us built these fragments into clamshells
string them on pearlescent pages turned
by curious eyes and ponder how time
makes a mystery or a monster of us all
Let us share
              this incantation of the old world
for in words
              we can live forever

The magic of book will never leave us, the old books section of your local thrift store, the library down the road, too often forgotten, read me... I am your book. This story is you

In this message you will find

 the instrument of my survival

Wrapped in life long promises

You made to me through my childhood

As the grace of life is never far

From appearing as the madness

Your absense echoes sadness 

As each day arrives and passes

But im learning,, slowly walking

Almost like infants fall and rise

To accept my life without your

Gentle kindness at my side

And every breath gives life a memory

We never will soon forget

Im learning life is everywhere

Even after death

This is about the loss of my father hope u enjoy
Sunny 18h

Some day, my heart wonders.

That, had life passed in the soft shade of your hair, how perfect it would've been.

This sorrow and the grief in my heart,
could have been lost in the light of your eyes.

But it wasn't to be.
Now, your memories slowly fade; the sorrow of losing you subsides.

Life passes, the heart hardens.
As if it doesn't need anyone.
As if it'll never warm again.
As if It'll never want again.

There is no path, no destination, no clue and no light. No plans and no love.

I wander in darkness.
In this darkness, I'll remain lost.

Some days, my heart wonders.

Shiny 21h

Clouded, shrouded, blocked
was my mind by your thoughts
for years remained uncleared
despite all my frantic struggles.

The mist has been growing thin
Now, it isn't even faintly visible
What was a thought is a memory
However strongly I try to hold it,
to a more distant place it drifts off.

Your thoughts have faded into a memory
And I ain't no magician to restore them.

Leila Shearer Mar 18

They speak of
An immaculate sky.
White and bland,
Lacking depth.

It's a blank canvas
I shan't deny,
Here we are reborn.

Within the breath of love,
Is where you are kept.


Apply vibrant colour to bare skin
The cleansing light
Through a hollow shell
Slipping between the cracks

Light and transcendent
You lay me with gentle grace
Submerged in ardent passion

Have your light consume
What resides inside

Purify all that I am,
Together set free.


Across the water
The rock glides above

Beyond the depths lie
Waiting for us to fall in

Reflecting the light
Shadows grow

Feeling low and high

Each day reveals our infinite freedom
to build or destroy it. Grit or despair?
A tough choice on life’s way.
Nothing I could say
would be as sweet as the silence
that allows me to climb the mountain of existence.

Pedaling my bicycle at the riverside,
Paris is still sleeping.
In a glimpse of forever,
I quiver at my own absence–
an unfathomable presence–
that I watch cut through me,
like, through my breathy window,
I watched Dad chop that oak
by our house with the yellow door.

Angie S 2d

as time passes between you and i
i lose more of our memories
when i peer into my heart it seems
its heartbeat echoes too loudly in my chest
my hands seem too empty
and my fingernails are pitifully bitten
my thoughts are too pervasive its like
rereading my diary entries
finding that excerpts have been lost
and running in circles trying to
discover why i let them
slip through my fingers

the only thing remaining of you
that i know to be true
is this gaping hole
where you were

and it causes me trouble you see
i am holding this spot for you

note: "穴" is japanese kanji meaning "hole" or "opening".
i have now written 19 poems for this month! some have been, uh, not very good. but some have been really wonderful. i feel like i've already learned a lot from this little journey of mine! ^^
this poem is inspired by kenshi yonezu's "donut hole".

i feel this emptiness too much
yet my tongue remains too tied to stop talking in metaphors


Blood like wine,
will leave a stain,
Blood like mine,
will leave pain.
A pill to make you feel like shit,
A gun to shoot, & finish it ~
A razorblade sure looks like fun,
A cigarette to blacken lungs,
Another way, another day,
A lion trapped inside an open cage,
A life of pain, or an early grave.
One will damn, & one will save.
One to damn, & one to save, but it's too late.
I can't escape, I can't run away from memories,
Oh, those happy days,
They pierce into me,
Until my mind frays,
Lost every piece, lost everything,
Can't escape life, or death—can't rewind ~
When I'm digging my own grave,
In thoughts, I'm buried alive.

Haven't given up yet remaining corrupt,
While looking at the world through these eyes,
I know my time is up:
With the perception of a broken mind -
My passion's gone, dust,
I hide like Parasite,
As I long for Paradise.

Day by day,
I no longer-long,
I crave,
So much more, than ever before, & my thoughts stray,
Unwrite my words, & erase my name.
Giving up,
Taking a dive,
Making a jump,
Relinquished from your eyes,
Don't worry much,
Maybe, we'll meet again in Paradise.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz

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