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The moon was afraid to rise
so it settled for the night
gave the day to the sun
and in doing
compromised its light
Now often every evening
as soon as the sun will set
it makes an appearance
before the sky and day reset
And like tears, the stars twinkle
while the moon mourns regret
how light once sparkled
now just sprinkle
of things you lose but can’t forget
The moon shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. And despite the fact that it sometimes seems to shine very brightly, the moon reflects only between 3 and 12 percent of the sunlight...
I can still see
your lipstick stains on my bedsheets
I haven't washed them yet
The memory is all I have left
Through mist of mind the thoughts again come lurking out of haze,
a time once given to a true love, giving rise to many blessed days.
Before a heart was torn and severed from my body's very soul,
a time where all of me was contented and felt complete and whole.

Seeming so long ago the memory yet not distant or younger past,
fates promise of true happiness, seemingly written in the di as cast.
Soft words yet still haunt me, once again tears run from my eyes,
as mind recalls the horror moment when heart learned all was lies.

Forever scared and left as broken, shards of who I was before,
no trust in love or hope, so never being able to be something more.
I cannot forsake the memories nor can I choose to hold them back,
for they always start at true love felt before launching a fatal attack.

The memory of that love I lost and the echo of mind "was it real?",
a soul will not let go that there was truth in how "true love" did feel.
So to keep the joy of love once known and how it should be still,
I have need for the memories that invade to hurt me at their will.
It still hurts..... always will
Owen 4d
Ive been dreaming lately
of things I havent dreamt about
in quite sometime,
its been awhile.
With sand pressed to my back
and the open sky above
stars cast like dust and gems.
Dreams of cold nights,
ocean tides,
stolen kisses on bench swings.
The wind blowing tbrough our clothes.
Waves crashing on the shore.
Moments only saved
in memory
til that too
Finishing Drafts
Snipes 7d
Watch the world turn
Embrace unspoken grace
Follow your peace
Spread your space
Watch the world turn

We’ve spilt the earths axles
We’ve renamed these fields
We’ve placed value on this rich soil
Garden our souls in this language
Grown our feelings in this savory-age

I tell you this from love
I tell you this all from a dream
I woke up asking my brother for your name
Yeah those moments of light hitting those tawny eyes
I reflect on the first memory of love with carelessness
Yes, I wish I knew where you were
But you’re better off, knowing you

Five years apart
yet you still viewed me as you
You haven’t crossed my mind
In what seems like a lifetime
I hope one day you have a dream
Like mine
Where peace was the air
Our smiles was the soul
And our eyes were the doors
For Annderick’s eyes
Steve Page Jun 19
I breath in to find my inner Geezer
ready to speak with a common vernacular.
I channel my South Londoner
and ensure I have my chipped mugs
ready out on the counter.

I pull the Nescafe and PG Tips forward
from the dusty recesses of the top cupboard
and locate the white sugar, checking that I have
at least five heaped teaspoons’ worth
for the coming encounter.

Later, from behind the net curtains,
I see him sizing up my roof from his van
and I wait for him to walk up the drive to push the doorbell.

And, too late, what credibility I had pieced together cringes
at the anticipation of the Batman themed doorbell ring,
which until that morning had seemed an appropriate ice breaker.
Arvon writers retreat.  An exercise on describing an invited stranger in the house.
ChinHooi Ng Jun 16
The girl i liked

she's the one with eyes starry

like the night sky

a mouth red and cherry-like

her smile

is the spring rain

that gently awakens hundreds

of flowers

i don't know when exactly

i fell in love with her

the love germinated

perhaps concealed in the bashfulness

during high school

i knew it's love

when her head's on her desk

glasses on one side and sleepy-eyed

i couldn't help but take one more glance

my love for her

was hidden in a piece of eraser

in her little piece of bread

the feeling of liking her

is when i remember her smile

either with friends or alone

it is also after we parted ways

the feeling of missing her

couldn't forget and couldn't let go

she appears in my dream

running to me

the girl i liked

her name is so special

i still hope i can meet her

even if it's just one time

i will no longer hide

my love

i hope the thread of fate

pulls us together

love essentially

is the miracle of destiny

the girl i liked so much

her name contains neon and beverage

it's been inscribed here

since forever.
Tiana Jun 15
Candle lights and a day long sigh
Gray evening tea resting by
the journal
which's last page I thought I'd pen today;

But I can't seem to narrate,
today's unfolding
about how the world I knew
Put off it’s last enchanting shred;

But this thought suddenly gone faraway
As if blown by the witches wind,
Yes, witches wind I would say
Though this reality was a thunderous cloud, it brought promise of rain;

And I didn't know my heart did witchcraft, so intense,
It hypnotised me to immerse myself in the indulgence
of cherishing an unlived memory again;
Still working on this
James Jun 7
I bought your favourite snacks
I watched your favourite movie
I got up and made your favourite coffee
I got in the car put on your favourite song
Remember back to the times we danced along
I passed the beaches we always used to visit
Picked shells and pebbles like we did on every visit
I remember a time I had you in my life
Now just a memory I got to live with for life
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