Poetry, is it fine to view upon
thy lover as Angel at all times?
It’s heightened in tender moments,
where she’ll rub her hand, down
my face. For how many times
poetry, I wrote poems of love,
prayed and wished upon her,
that the muses had no choice
for this uncreated love to come true.
(Now things will never be the same,
oh poetry, is my past leading to
this moment worthless, cause it
is without her or just a path in aches?
But it’s just the way it is.)
Dale 8h
All men's fall begin's at home,
Where room's lie cold, all alone,
Within these room's,
Empty and void,
Where lie their feeling's; emotion's toyed,
Beneath their feet lies shattered glass,
Fragments of memories long since past,
Of haunting fear's of smouldering ash,
Of there passion and light that did not last,
Cold wind's blow through the windowed room's,
Which harden all the liquid gloom.

Through the room's, far away,
A glimmer of hope shine's through dismay,
A gland of a better day,
So through the field of glass men tread,
Feeling's bare and oh so red,
A tiresome journey they all do dread,
But a task that must be done.

Men reach out and begin to run,
Light draws in, closer and closer,
Then does fade for a while,
Till men rethink for several mile's,
Of journey once done in future and past,
Blink's to find memories which do last,
Of friend's within those empty room's,
Which once was filled with but gloom,
For mankind will fall, forever alone,
Till a hidden hand pull's them through,
Because together, we strive true,
Through their own journey,
To raise another,
For them to rise and see each other,
In age's past and future's sight,
The cycle begin's to rewrite,
As tale's past from one to another,
A family tie, begins another.
I am bleeding broken teeth
Out on the driveway
My BMX buckled beside me
And the whole world in front of me

I am typing up scripts
To sell consumer goods
My empty lunch tin beside me
And a deadline in front of me

I am watching the curtain breath
Through the balcony door
My dog sits beside me
And the weekend in front of me

I am memory pushed through a straw
Into the shape of a man
My dreams beside me
As with the whole world around me
Included in I am... (Ja sam..)  exhibition www.kreativnikrk.com
Crazy daisy
Could I be more lazy
Than to put you
in my hair or teeth
Kicking back
on my back
and my toe
a silhouette black
blocking out some sun

I draw in air
in a straw hat,
the county smoke,
folk and summer dust.
The smell of geese,
pine trees
and grandmas apple crust.

It all comes flooding
back to me
But there's no rain
in my memory
I'm floating across
a field of gold
But no richer than me

Crazy daisy
Could I be more lazy
James A 2d
Near the end of a beginning
And beginning of an end
As I sit alongside a brother, my dearest friend
Surrender to stars
A walk among forgotten men
Unfinished #1
I hate to admit it but time has changed everything.
How that our once endless talks have come to a stop.
How that our promises of staying together forever are no more kept.
How that there are thousans many thing to wept.
How that you don't want to see me any longer.
It hurts.
I have never asked you in the very first place to be a part of my life.
I have never asked you to help me with my state of loneliness.
I have never asked for a life with some decent friends.
I have never asked you to change me from an introvert to somewhat of an extrovert.
I have never asked to inflict pain upon me.
I have never asked you to leave me after you are done.
I have never asked you to leave me in agony for one more time.
I have never asked you to just go away of me.
I have never asked you to just ignore me.
I have never asked
you to make me cry..........
Then why?
Why you made me your priority once?
Why have you now dumped me now like this, as if i never mattered to you.
Time seem to have changed you
As well as your priorities....... :(
I wrote a piece of shit, and posted it confidently
And the only like that i get, was yours.
It was you, my bestest friend.
Will be posting some shit like this once again
Because i know that thousand many people may ignore it,
But my friend will still manage to put a smile on my face.
Stupid him will still like it.
Not because it's a great piece
But just because he loves me.
Just because he want to see me happy.
Just because we are friends.
Just because my happiness matter to him.
Just because we both love each other.............
This love does not ask for gifts from each other
Or to that matter daily goodnight kisses.
Neither does it ask for your constant attention.
In this kinda of love you need not tell me how your day had been like,
You just tell me why are you sad
And I promise to beat your misry to death.
It is different........
It's my definition of love.....
Friendship equals love
My first time playing Uno was in a psych-ward.
Where all a collection
              of dead stars.
This is why we burn
so brightly for a finite time.

And when we burn out
             where just faded
reminisce of universal reflection.

Never let your shimmer fade,
               because we are only

Fading within a lifetime
                of memories
                 that like stars dim.
Your Sweet Prince.

I've got the post orgasmic blues,
It's my leather bound secret.
My diary of shame, so I cannot forget.

A delayed reaction, gave me a stay of execution.
A moment of inspiration, without fear of rejection.
Free to write what I feel, here in my own private world;
Which I must hide away, from everyone.

That moment of perfection, as the light lit up her face.  
Left this vision branded into my memory;
Please don't take this image away.
Don't let me forget, what I saw today;
Because she left me speechless... What more can I say?

Love at first sight, is no longer a myth.
That thing other people get, I now have in bed with me.
She lays here sleeping, such a peaceful sight;
Yet I know this beautiful woman, will not become my wife.

So my love, I'm here, awaiting your awakening;
But sadly knowing, tomorrow you will be going.
I could try to keep you, but your spirit is free
And I know you could never, be content with just me.

This poem is an ode, to my latest conquest.
Another notch on the headboard;
Another one I've seen undressed.
So listen to me my love, as you lay there asleep;
My wish cannot come true, for this message is just like me.

It's just a tear drop in the ocean,
A grain of sand on the beach,
A pennies interest on your lottery win,
A pointless gesture from Your Sweet Prince.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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