Though it swallows our friends, the grave never speaks
And our voices can’t reach them now; they’re buried too far down
It’s difficult to imagine how dark it is for you, I guess this was something you had to go through
What’s it like, being free? Is it like a dream?
You never liked the noise, the ruckus and all the ploys
I guess you got what you always wanted, though it all seems haunted
This world seems a little darker to me too, of my cold grave it’s a little preview
Your memory will die now that you’re gone, inevitable like the going of dawn
This journey without you, I wonder if it even matters whether I do
The birds sing as before, I see when I’m gone there’ll be no uproar
With you in silence, to the earth I return and bring some balance
As it was so it will be, a life is gone and gives another its key
This life is pointless as can be, but it defines our eternity
Soon silence comes and we leave this place, so toil for the next and for this grace

Matt Earl 15h

Reflect my imperfection
Cracks in my soul revealed
Devoid of all direction
The past is never healed

Living in a vacuum
Crying without tears
My fracture mind becomes a tomb
Imprisoned for all my years

Escape my tortured reality
Absolve the sins of you
Yearning for a time I’m free
I know what I need to do

Slowly fall asleep
All my pain is gone
Memories are yours to keep
I’ve no strength left to run

rinnette 1d

Many things
We tend to forget
But is it the little things that happen
That makes us remember the rest


the smell of this place
will soon fade at the back of our minds
each thought & memory
will soon be broken into uncompleted lines

one day we will find our feet back
walking the ground where you first fell in love
touching the halls that are now a different hue
to see if they've forgotten you

tales of fairy & lore
will soon be covered with dust
your firsts and lasts
will soon all be eaten by rust

the place of our childhood
though many years have grown
its ceilings may decay
but it will always love to be your home

the trees may bend and left forgotten
hidden behind tall buildings & lampposts
most of what you left behind
will soon all be ghosts

familiar faces with unfamiliar scents
they wont expect you to stay same
tight bonds will melt into loose ends
and they will forget your name

my name isn't carved into something historical
all of this will be washed by the rain
how bittersweet it is
to travel down memory lane

Remember to think better
Think furthet
Think deeper
And with vigour.
Pepper your remember
With colour
With light
With friends who delight.
Boost your remember
With story
With histories
With cramped group selfies.
And remember your remembers
You drift off centre.
And there you'll discover
Your defenders
Your never surrenders
Against all contenders.
Then you'll remember
Your forevers.

Remember.  It's the best self defense.
Sandoval 4d

Without me, he is nothing,

and without him, I am just a memory.


Lactose. She got lactose
poisoning the third time.
You can eat only so many
day old, tepid spoonfuls
of ice cream until weakly,
your insides cry out.
Perpetual abuse. She's
got abuse for herself saved
for every occasion. Nightly
stumbles down ill lit alleys
that seem too much like
her home. What does
medication do when it is
over prescribed? Better
yet she thought caught in
a sweat under wet sheets
What does medication do
when not taken?
Feelings like needles
all over the body, memory
as present as present day.
Pills rattle the porcelain.
The last pained, solemn
echo of song before the
chords rest and leave her


Empathy is just not meant to be, it needs to fall of the track,
and so do I, as empathetic is me, so much strength that I lack.
Soft and secure, I will never make it out alive,
warm and protective; time wasted to revive,
no one will save me, no one will even try,
and that's why I drift in the pitch black sky.

Make up your mind, 'cause I really hate the bounce,
and to everyone I'm blind but I see what really counts;
if no one can get to me, I'm sure to finally breathe,
as everyone is set to flee and I just watch them leave.
Regrets and memory.

Who the Hell said you were the boss?
I counted every win but was outweighed by loss.
Basing my whole life on a god damned coin toss.
Fell down to the grass and buried by moss.
Heart stopped suddenly, I never saw my wound bleed,
but it was all it took and it was all it would need.
Regrets and memory.

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