The same
Calm image
Once used to be
Nurturing the soul

How could it turn?
So unexpected
So quick
Into the nightmare

For the ease
He tries to
Remain awake
To avoid the presence
Genre: Dark
Theme: Haunted
i stand firm in the belief that i am ever changing. mother of all questions, avant-garde and awkwardly posed. describe my fashion and describe myself as qian zi bai tai. i cannot recollect a poem written in a few minutes, i deleted and got lost in a night of indulging in non-existent self-identity. i am an old soul intertwined with a missing and empty heart, of crowded house and heartbeat monitor soundwaves. watch me shapeshift and colour change and lose myself in playlists of inconsistent beats.
"qian zi bai tai" is a phrase i learnt recently in chinese class which means having different postures, expressions and attitudes.
Take it to the bridge,
That's where it's meant to be,
It's meant to be remembered,
By lowly lock and key.

It's meant to stay forever,
It should never be forgotten,
It was there the entire time,
Yourself, not nearly so often.

It stayed there through the cold,
It stayed there through the rain,
It meant to stay with you,
Yet you never walked that bridge again.
Good point:
point taken.
Ink on overflow:
write what you know.
Festered memories:
modern beautiful.
Writers sure
create some better
Better is subjective.
Haven't run
into one
that's not been
a collision
of will and arrogance:
and yes, of course,
I include myself in this.
Ask a human
with nothing
but words
what it is it wants:
it wants to be heard.
Once heard, a writer turns
into a master alchemist:
transmuting words
into their single worth.
Not just the word,
but the ear to fetch:
best turn any real
into a cold call
signal broadcast.
Algorithm says:
Let's talk
"The Past".
If it was, it was,
and maybe still is,
but there's a benefit
in remembering, In a
world all of things, I am
but one of so many.
Write about things.
Write about things.
Matter beyond my self.
I was tired of being haunted by you every night.
Thus to get rid of you
I turned into a biscuit
But you became the salt in it.
I find you in everything.
I feel like you are everywhere with me :)
I wanted to give you
you wanted to give me
but baby, how could all this
just fit in this

woe 4d
She is blown on every blast,
Racing across the field,
Fluttering to and fro,
Swept up the street.

Her body’s bruised,
Lung’s burnt,
Face’s crumpled,
Smile’s broken.

And yet, within her veil lays agape love,
Unfurled over one scar too many,
Opening larger and larger upon itself,
From one day to the next.


In a world so full of fleeting memories,
Unbidden goodbyes,
Sorrow from hearts of the guilty,
She is timeless.
AK 6d
I remember the time,
When you were still here.
I remember the day,
When I had to pass through the fear...

I remember the pain,
I can still feel it sometimes...
My tears fell like rain,
When I heard that you're not fine.

Do you remember that summer?
When we took tons of rides...
I wish I could go back there
And hold you till the end of times.

That was the last year,
The very last time we met.
And as my biggest fear,
I will remember it and regret.

I remember that call...
The deep voice on the phone.
Hours spent staring at the wall,
Repeating the words '' He's gone ''

But those are my memories,
I really hope that they will last.
You're still in my heart,
Not just left in my past.
I remembered the words
you have said to me;
and all the beautiful memories
that kept my heart feeling heavy.

For years and years
we have been together.
Now it ends, you’ll just be
a memory...forever.
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