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If I saw you again, I wouldn’t care about things that were so petty, like whose plates and cutlery lay idle in the sink...who didn’t take out the *******...who forgot to water the plants, or who forgot to do this or that.

The only sounds I hear now are our splintered voices down the phone. Every night. They grow. They break. They hover, they drift ever-so, and they try to fade. But somehow, they are always there. Lingering. Over and over again.

And as I look out at the morning’s rusty dream of dawn, a thin film of moisture condensing on the windscreen, I pause.

It isn’t the first time I’ve tried to take a film noir journey through my subconscious.

It isn’t the first time I’ve tried to pull moments and memories together to make some utter sense of what’s happening. My thoughts seem to always unravel themselves. And I struggle with them. They don’t effortlessly slot together anymore.

I often think to myself: isn't it funny how our impression of time changes? God, reflecting back on a fading memory now seems livelier than life itself.

As I sit here, thinking all these sad and strange thoughts – that everything – time, work, effort, money, affection – are moments that will, one day, crumble and fade – that they won’t be there forever in the physical world.

Because everything we had cherished with such love, I still remember. Still.
from late august. little memory
Alice 14h
I like to freeze moments in time
take a step back, and notice all the details
so that hopefully, when we're old and gray
and barely remember our own names

I can still close my eyes and see
the plants in your living room
the $8 bottle of wine on the coffee table
the dinosaur blanket we shared
the pain in my stomach from all our laughter

and the way I was the happiest I'd ever been
There was something elusive in you! Faded chubby face with hamster arch in crystals! Sure! I was trying to put you out of a pyramid of old-fashioned laughing wrinkles. Towels fluttered like a hanging flag of surrender. Where is your deer-eyed angel who promised the universe in return if you redeemed it - and now neither word nor speech has suddenly left you as a camphor ?!

And where is your cranky, restless lover who sinned along with sand grains? The universal message of orphaned immortality and the romance of our kisses came with it! "Something unspeakable primordial matter, a secret cell-cathedral, has burned in you: Proclaiming a long-standing Order as a yawning ruin, and now you're pondering one thing and another: down in yourself - why don't you still find the answers?"

Shaggy forest eyebrows are still covering you with more and more hesitantly vulnerable tears - not sure how long? In addition to the dazed copy of your face, toiletries and toiletries are impatient: A shower rose will send you life-giving pearls! Just always listen inwards!

Always straight and between your two seeing eyes: The interior will become enlightened, and perhaps he hopes for salvation on a strained retina. In your hall pits, sharp blood vessels, twilight craters swell, swell due to lengthy strains! “I woke up to crypt ditches — in vain the dawn of dawn; he peeked in and woke up again in mischievous ways.

The ridge stretched like a giant, panting giant!
I dreamed I was a disk on which
the story of my life was being burned

as I was spinning
I was giving new sensations
to the writing sheet
the chandelier
and the other things in the room

I was spinning
and spinning
and the needle harrowing my memory
was getting closer and closer
to the tiny hole in the centre
where I would forget everything unexpectedly
and be just like the writing sheet
the chandelier
and the other things in the room
Ay 1d
"Do i run from the madness or surrender my life?"
Former words that replay while he rests in his grave.
He tried to escape from the issues they created
but returned to the premise where injustice betrayed with a
Visited from an angel by the name of death,
No one saw it coming nor expected that you'd lie there taking your last breath.

Oh son of Adam, not a single soul should remain,
we've all come to this world only to leave it one day.
Nothing is meant to stay but we ought to meet one day,
And until that day I'll remember your tale.
Hugged by cozy feels
Sitting by the fireplace, I
Dream of you once more
Oct. 6, 2020 - Made this for my fireplace art prompt
Closed doors open before me again,
The yawning tear in the skies threatens to be stabbed by lightning knives if I don’t pay attention, I take care. - Everything greets you as a friend here: The cathedral, which has lived for a long time, the overbearing series of battered furniture, and the portrait hall of history have long been familiar! But in school days, in the universal corridors of solitude, long-unseen faces and echoes greet, and the Inquisition of my black book is insufficient!

I never understood: If one grinds one's mind with knowledge to sharpen and stay minded, why should it be punished? When I was here at an ice age: Ladies wreaths adorned every window and they laughed intoxicated! What could have happened? Were the truth-tellers, messenger-sages, expelled? Wherever I stop in the fragmentary moment, the legitimacy of fear and dread takes hold of cells!

The whitewashed walls screaming snow-white also tell of betrayals and humiliations! Behind the doors, I still listen to the threat of unfriendly exams and exams! It carries a doom inside every minute: The time here is always over; Innocence swears with frightening humility in lamb deer eyes! "The alien passer-by is immersed here in the fog of statelessness!"

No apology! No excuse! No forgiveness! One cannot always trust here on one's own, one can hope for emerging goals!
I know you always wanted to be a fairy. To sprout wings and fly away. Makes sense, because you were always beautiful and lovely.

I miss you and think about you every day. I wish that you weren't gone. I wish that you were here to stay.

Blessed with a heart of gold. So soft, caring. The extent of your unending love was untold. The world lost a wondrous soul. Without you the world has grown cold.

At long last you've gotten your wish.
You've gained your wings and are now free. No more pain, fear or heartache.
At long last you have no more anxiety.

Now in Gods kingdom, with your new found flight you can fly free. With joy in your heart you can finally enjoy the person you were meant to be. Even in sorrow, that idea causes me to be full of glee. Maybe in my sorrow that idea is the idea that I really need. To be at piece. Knowing you are free.

With sprouted wings.
I wrote this because my sister requested I write something in memory of our mom that passed away. She knows I write alot and I hadn't written anything about her yet.  I guess she wanted to see what I would come up. I really think she wanted to write one, but she doesn't think she can write good. So she asked me to instead. I think it hit the mark because she cried when she read it. Our mom passed away in May 2020. God rest her soul.
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