Many Christians
Still deny Global Warming
But the impact of Global Warming
Can cause one to feel Hatred.
Is Christianity a Religion of Hatred?

We are but a raindrops
                        among many

All falling together,
                  never  knowing
our destination

But its the falling that
                            gives us gravity...

Split from the same atom,
Our souls are bound to one another.
Magnetically pulled together as if they have gravity.
Orbiting this world alone and on different paths,
We were joined in a whirlwind of electricity.
Charged with passion and chemical attraction
Our hearts melted into one.
Forever, I shall be fused to you.

A love poem for my soul's twin.
Clem Turner Sep 13

the teacher keeps asking us
if viruses are real
but i don't know
and scientists don't completely know either
(believe me, i've googled it)
so what's the point of our
ignorant, half-guess answers?

what i know is that
they're made of DNA
and they infect a host
and live in their cells
like parasites with overdue rent
so if viruses aren't living
neither are a few of my exes.

science class thoughts
HeartCore Sep 12

If the future becomes uncovered it becomes the past.
and while the past becomes the present,
We tend to learn from our present experiences
rather than its histories
and its this undeniable Paradox
that We keep loosing our selves in our incoming present.
only the scars that stick with us
which give us a tint of reality, lives with us
in a paradoxical dimension always contradicting, and never False

HeartCore Sep 12

I was born in the 'light'.
A light produced by 5 feet tall mirrors.
 But my shadow was faster ,
and it soon taught me,
these lights shined on to me,
 are shadows with colors,
an art, a paint job of the cult.
But I preferred my shadow to disappear
 in light of the stars.
Where I found my true destiny
The rhythm of my heart,
Marching for what is right.

Peter Balkus Sep 12

To live on Mars
would be fun:
far from Kim Jong-Un
and Donald Trump.

serpentinium Aug 27



1. did you know we were all stars once?

2. our brains string together branching stars like fairy lights, beacons through the uncharted darkness of humanity's last frontier. the brave wear armor made of starched nylon, wielding scalpels as they forage through the shells of asteroids, the red of dying planets, to find the origins of Adam.

3. they only find shallow graves. decaying neurons grow cold, silver, myelin pooling into tear-stained letters written by trembling hands. forgotten keys. forgotten birthdays. forgotten names. stars collapse one by one, an orchestration of color and sound that feels familiar in its chaos, comforting-- like coming home.

4. they bury each burned-out galaxy with their bare hands. tomorrow,  they promise to the dirt and ash, tomorrow we will voyage to the edge of the universe, full of bright stars, and we will find a new hope.

inspired by my neuroscience textbook which said something along the lines of "there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the universe."

i like to see how far the razor
can reach underneath my skin
before i pass the callouses
and slip into my bloodstream.
i'm a fountain of youth
with leaks and bruises
where the years come seeping
out slowly. and if only you'd notice
you could grab hold of it
and squeeze the life right out of me.
perhaps into a glass flask and burner
and let it bubble away on your workbench
find out why it didn't sit right inside me
and how you can harness its energy
so i can give back to the earth
instead of pissing all my days away
playing with my blood.

Jacob Waters Aug 9

“Darkness is gone, my friend.
True darkness, that is; the sort
sought by Science since
Lord knows when.
Test-tube darkness, thought only to exist
in Black Holes and textbooks.
It’s no more.
I can see you don’t believe me.
Darkness is a comfort
you can’t quite quit:
a fundamental truth.
But the tests have been run
and the results are in.

"Darkness is nothing more than
a life-bleached lie of science,
a trick of the mind.
It’s an urban legend, George.
I can see you still doubt me,
but the proof is around you:
night-lights and radiowaves,
Wifi, Hi-Fis, and Bluetooth,
foglamps and fires –
radiation saturating every
crook and fold of the known
and unknown alike.
The corruption of emptiness;
the perversion of black;
bastardised darkness infected with light.
They’ll say that this makes us safe,
that it keeps the monsters at bay.
But darkness is a luxury, George,
a refuge we are being denied;
a place we can no longer hide
as we’re chased into the light,
into a prison of mirrors
where the fluorescence is unforgiving.”

Part of a collection I am writing*. Tom and George are friends, and this is one of Tom's 3 poetic monologues in the collection, all of which detail his pseudo-philosophy on light and freedom.

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