haley 6d

you destroyed me.
like hydrochloric acid,
you were corrosive
and colorless.
burning everything you touched,
including me.
first degree burns on my heart.
second degree burns on my mind.
third degree burns on my life.

Vexren4000 Nov 13

A pipet,
Made for a science lab,
To Study compounds,
And liquid states,
Transferring substances,
and Studying building blocks.
The pipet,
Simple yet vital.

Pencil Poet Nov 6

We broke.
She ascended, I descended.
She found her way back to God
I found my way back into The Soup.

Nonce poem
Vexren4000 Nov 1

Piece by piece,
Organ by organ,
examining function,
Of humanities brothers.


Cliff Green Oct 28

Were science to again visit
The topic of race in humans
Like mice, like bugs, like snakes
Findings would first be specious
Then suspicious, then delicious
Finally mundane

Were race to ever visit
Science and its arched eyebrow,
Flasks would boil indignantly
Mixers would cloud the water
Paradigms would wriggle
Then die

A little ditty about race relations and the loss of the most basic realization that we are all of the human race.
tRevor gUmede Oct 26

"Amongst the money, the cars
The shoes and the clothes
Lies bitches bitches bitches
And strippers and hoes"

Have i covered it all
Have i covered our down fall
How we lost ourselves
Befor we even began

How we lacked pride
Lost our innovation
Set exploring aside
For sexual presentations

Thats all the music says/shows now
And still you dance along
Cause Sundays you bow
God will surely forgive after all

"He should understand we are humans
Our urges are greater than their consequence
Boys will be boys
Girls are their toys"

Well my sisters aren't property
So address them by their name
I wish them equality
And not be instruments of lust and fame

The media focus on music "mainly Pop and hip hop" doesnt potray our fellow sisters in a dignified light... i get sex sells.. but enough is enough...
Yaser Jun 4

This heart was born to
hands so cold

Hands that play
and hands that mold

They built it steady
They built it slow

They built it so that
I would know

This poem is written as a parallel to the poem "Machine" that I had posted a little while ago. I'm not usually very keen on unstructured poetry, so I wanted to compliment it with a simple, more lyrical piece
Yaser Jun 4

Observe, oh friend
as it writhes in agony, intangible.

For all that I have granted it -
It feels, yet can not feel
It sees, but still it is blind

For I have blessed it
with accursed memmories
With thoughts that merely aggravate
With dreams, oh treacherous dreams!
Visions that intrude
and strike anguish into the heart
that I did sculpt
with these forsaken hands

For he does live, oh silent friend
Oh yes! He lives!
But will never truly know
what it means
to be alive

Gabriel burnS Oct 25

As my footsteps disappear into puddles
And the ripples go silent
I put to doubt
The things we make
Of mud today
As knowledge travels
Rails of science
Instead of the path
Of knowing time
We’re sending light
Where it wasn’t meant to be
Like the greatest of all angels did

We have turned learning into
An autopsy of everything
Lobotomizing every liberty
Analyzing mistakes to find
Better excuses
Bitterly abusing conscience
And sapience
Numbed by the applause
Of every new Eureka!

MindsPalace Oct 24

Now once revived in bed I lay to sleep,
Now once revived from bed to life so steep.
Then many changes found in like came seen,
Then many changes pierced my skin so keen.

To see the world in eyes of colored pen,
For blind are but the eyes of alien,
Do suck the future in reality,
And do not look on past as fallen tree.

Then magnet comes and mind goes through all hell,
And grasping then I feel my opposite:
My brain, my heart, not human I could tell.

Now calculation builds the blocks of mind,
And life and death consuming all I knew,
My world in this new body I must find.

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