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My life has a reaction entropy of positive infinity
So you think you know the reason why it is that we're all here? You think you've got it sussed and that it's crystal clear? But what you fail to realize is that you don't know who to trust. The people who have taught us are also made of dust.

You're strong in your convictions; you never doubt the facts. You read the science books but don't inspect the cracks. You back your suppositions; hold strong to your beliefs. But have you ever smoked a joint and doubted all your briefs?

Life is not at all what it at first appears to be. All you need to show that is some archaeology. Gaze up at the stars at night, or the moon during the day; check out Machu Picchu and reflect on what you say.

We'd be pretty ****** foolish; and equally naive; to place all our bets on the lies that people weave. I don't mean that in a mean way, or disrespectfully; it's meant to show my love and camaraderie.

And hey, I know, that sounds real cocky, 'cause I've no monopoly on truth. But I've got something tangible that's both evidence and proof. If you want to hang a while I'm happy to expound; I'll blow your mind and steal your heart and shake your faithless ground.

© Canadian Cowboy

Mitch Prax Sep 28
Can the human mind
figure out the human brain?
Let's think about it

11:01 PM
“eppur si muove”, said galilei.
and it shall continue. with or without you.
“and yet it moves”
(the earth around the sun)
MindMooring Sep 25
With element of sparkling
words and nuclear reaction.

Whose controlled emotions will be
reflected in form goosebumps or
work in progress.

Trying to solute all the insoluble
just to form the intermolecular forces
of Attraction and Bonding.
emlyn lua Sep 24
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
I scrabble and scratch at the locks,
I am both alive and dead.
A cadaver in a funeral box,
A vampire, a zombie, a paradox.
I am both alive and dead,
He who trapped me once kept me fed.
Mitch Prax Sep 24
She is a star
crushing under the weight
of yourself and everything around you.
She devours my light-
it breaks and bends to her will.
Nothing can escape your grasp,
your gaze or your touch.
The force of you is what
always repulsed me.
Some strange arrangement
of molecules would make me?
When I am nothing more
than a temporary ripple in time and space
Just flickering impulses that,
allow me to perceive my
Simply a mass of messy wires
swimming in a cocktail of chemicals
that accounts for all I feel?

So I say, can science explain:
The depths of a poets words,
the burning desire for artists to
explode color into stationary life,
or the soulful dance of a melody merging
with ones very being?

Yes, well then

What of the hidden glimmer of life
sparkling in each creation's eyes?
What of the realms of things unseen
and so often only felt
for the faintest moments?

Would recycled carbon on its own,
that has drifted for eons, somehow
rearrange to form life?
Would billions of chaotically
                                    colliding particles
embrace so harmoniously that
the overly comedic conditions for life
would so seamlessly come together
that at this very moment
you and I,
two beings of impossible odds
could have our paths combine
that I could write these words
that they could wander there way to you
Cup Noodles Sep 19
but i guess you can't really force chemistry
but for whatever reason
my heart just doesn't give a ****
ChrisYellow Sep 11
Oh, treacherous pull of endless floor
under our light inconsequential trample,
in equal measure, the feather is won
cursed by thee, to its inevitable fall.

Thy naked invisible attraction
sways the seas in moonlight dates,
holds north and south feet kissin',
and has us visiting the sun from west!

Force that collects from all distance
a grip the scale takes the measure,
I miss ye largely drifting in space.

Ye are a tango between bodies,
from a bang that predates time,
sculpting atomic dust into planets.
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