Drench in a rain
On the very lonely day
Trust to open eyes
Can't escape a formidable hole
Society filled with energy vampires
Welcome to the horizon of belief
Obsessed over a details
A drop of rain, change its form
Natures’ laws that never change
Supernal glory
Voice of the omnipotent
Walking side by side
With a God’s soul
Transcendental height
Avenue of belief
Real quest for the self
Science or religion?
Life is undefined
Death is, both, science and religion
Death is, the loss of presence
Absolute being
In absence of shades of grey
Stand facing mirror, If see nothing.
It’s the absolute self
Faithfulness towards faith

Piece of advice
Science with religion
Let’s stop here in wonder mute
Genre: Spiritual
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.


...is the perplexity of the five...

...in the animal cell.
JosilinP Feb 14
science class has a feeling
its groggy and uplifting,
it makes me feel weird and violated
in a satisfying way
A Feb 12
I can add some cobalt,
Perhaps it will turn blue,
Sh*t, I made the beaker explode,
There's glass stuck in my shoe.

Crap, the gas is turned too high,
My project's looking grave,
I find myself wishing for death,
And to crawl into a cave.

Dissecting makes my guts squirm,
I find myself with disgust,
At the sight of the frog that I just cut open,
Its organs covered in a thin crust.

To science, I extend a hand,
Perhaps of friendship, perhaps of hate,
But god forbid if I have to vomit,
And I'm two minutes late.
To my science teachers, all of whom I hated and liked in turn. May dissecting never faze you!
There must be a rhinovirus
In my hippocampus
Because I am slowly going insane
How else can I explain
My notion
That the Sonic Hedgehog gene
Is keeping me from becoming a cyclops?
In an infinite universe, you are an infinite mystery

You are a hypercube, a pan dimensional entity with the possibility of never ending invisible sides

You are a tiger chasing its tail

You are a strand in the translucent fabric of reality

You are my friend, my enemy, my lover, my family

You are a stranger

You are a symbol, a code to convey a message

You are God

You are nothing

You were born to die but will never cease to exist

You are a microbiome, a world, a home

You are the sum of your parts

You are not meant to be understood

You are a unique copy

You are a paradox

You are a tool created by the cosmos for which to understand itself

You are we
Nathalie Feb 5
they say we are made of stardust,
but we have to remember
that that was an entire explosion,
and that we are the product of destruction.
I lied, this one is actually my favorite pieces I have ever written. Copyright @ 2018 Nathalie Yvette Paczes
Adam Robinson Jan 31
You pull the love out of me,
Like scientists harvest the silk of a spider,
Pinned down, days of freedom behind,
nailed to the bed arms outstretched,
How does it feel?
Nailed down there with precision?
Unmoving all strength gone,
Arachne's curse unbound onto me,
In me,
Out of me,
and in the walls,
You pull and you pull,
Weaving your own gossamer dream,
Of silken castles and fort walls,
Do you even want to feel?
No sirens for you to save.
Dancing with death at my traitorous embrace,
Dreams are so flammable,
and so is your heart,
The sparks of feeling,
Undo so much.
Last night somebody loved me --
and undid every word.
Let the Melody Shine
JennaH Jan 29
Wayward leaf, catches
The Sun for beauty’s sake. A
Flag for some, a gift.

Green batteries, coiled
Inside a solar panel.
Bonding sky to earth.

In storms I dance, but
In rain I grow, to the sun
I twist as sap flows.

Wormlike, grasping hope
To find the fuels of growth. Yet
Anchor me to home.
Time is as fast as a spear
When we’re having fun
Yet is as slow as a falling tear
When our days are dull,

Time is as long as the galaxy
It stretches into space
Through black holes
And into a different race,

Time is endless
Yet we humans have a limit
Only a hundred years
So why can’t we lift it?

If time is really limitless
Then why haven’t scientists cracked
The immortality code?
What did they lack?

Yet time is like a Goddess
She walks the earth effortlessly
Spins the clocks
And roams restlessly,

Time ripples through space fiercely
Fighting everything aimlessly
Nothing can stop it from proceeding
As its seconds will continue carelessly,

Its loud thundering tune
Is another one of its acts
To keep the minutes rolling
And everything intact,

Yet it will end
In a hundred trillion years
So why do we call it endless
When one day, it’ll be cleared?
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