Hannah P 20h
Our protection.
A guardian we take for granted.
I was taught in
Science class how
 The skin is our
Barrier and protects us
From countless enemies.
A shield that is responsible
For keeping us healthy and safe.
But yet we abuse it,
We show it no gratitude.

When I was a kid
I allowed myself
To go roller skating without my
Knee pads,
Despite the infinite reprimands
My mother provided.
A scraped knee
Wasn’t anything a Band-Aid
And some time
Couldn’t fix.
I thought the band-aids in
The bathroom cupboard
Held some type of magic in the box
That I could not fathom
That patched up my skin
As if nothing ever happened.

But then I was taught in science class that
It was my skin performing
These magic tricks.
I remember those scolding hot
Summer days
Spent on the beach with my friends
Where the waves absorbed
Any sunscreen I had massaged on my body
And my face turned
Crimson from soaking in the rays.
But the burn always tempered
Down into a glowing tan
After the aloe soothed
The stinging.
In science class
I constantly overlooked
How our own flesh
Performed these illusions
To shield us from harms.

In science class
I studied how our skin
Interacted with the outside world.
How sensations were
Directed to the tips of my fingers
And goose bumps rose on
My arms.

But I was never taught
How to experience them.
I never questioned it though;
Unitl I met him.
Everything I was taught

Got lost,
As I had in his presence.
The way he gazed at me,
The way he talked to me,
The way he stroked my skin.
It gave me all those sensations
They had talked about in science class.

Everything happened so fast,
Everything happened too fast.
Intoxicated hands held me too close
And my intoxicated heart let them.

I forgot what science class burned
Into my brain and
I gave him my skin.
I let him become my armor.
I let him corrupt my flesh
Just as I had so many times before.
His finger nails
And teeth
Sunk deep into me
Leaving patters of desire in each layer
That soon soaked into my veins.
Our rib cages pressed together,
Both our hearts rattling
Within our chests,
Stimulating our brains to send signals
Allowing serotonin and oxytocin
To spill out,
Premising his lips to outline my body.

No science class ever
Taught me how to react
To my blood pressure rising,
To my sweat glands heating up.
No science class ever taught me
Why I wanted more,
Why the marks he left on my skin
Didn’t ache like a
Sunburn or scraped knee.

I trusted him,
With his hands full
Of my skin,
And the way that he
Made me feel;
I felt safe.

No science class taught me
That I could feel so
And I loved it.

But when he was done with me,
My skin felt wrinkled
And used.
When he gave it back,
It was no longer mine,
He took it with him.
My skin cells lingered
Next to his nail beds
As he dressed himself.

No science class taught me
Why I felt so desolate
As he walked out the door,
With simple goodbyes,
That did not need to be spoken,
And no amenity in his eyes.
No science class taught me
The feeling of numbness found
As my heart rate decomposed
In my hallow chest,
Knowing I let him take my
Shield and watched him destroy it
Right in front of me.
No science class taught me
The bite marks and scratches he left
Would always be sore
Even after they have healed.

No Band-Aid or magic trick
Could fix the damage
He left for me to patch up
By myself.
No science class taught me
I would feel
The sensations of
Love and loss
Aching through my bones.
No amount of horomones
Could change his mind,
Or tug on his heart strings.
So why I thought I was
Invincible when I was with him,
I can’t understand.

But it is my fault
For not memorizing my
Notes from science class and
Sticking to the known facts
Of my own anatomy.
But I do know
After years and years of
Being lectured in school,
No science class could teach me
What my own damaged skin could.

Love and science will never coincide
And love cannot be found
In the physicality of
A one night stand.
Gemma 2d
Theory time-
With miss 'hypothesis' and her side kick 'I'll give your thought a go':
If you look at the boy you love for long enough  , your emotions will start to dissolve , leaving left over residue of a feeling that has now grown old.
She thought my dopamine levels would go in overload,
"So you'll crash and burn" is what I was told.
Day one- it failed , I felt the same
Day two- I called my own best friend by his name
Week three- it hurts , it hurts , it hurts
Month four- maybe I'll try accepting my fate.
In the name of science (love)
the twins sign, yes
what do you know about it?
take a wild guess
does your adjective fit?

a lot of words to describe
but which one is exact?
they say we're two-faced
we're actually not

what we have
two personalities in one
yes, our nature is dual
could you keep up with that?

it's what makes us special
we could be optional
shy or wild
oh, such excitement we have!
My zodiac sign is Gemini. I personally think it's one of the coolest zodiac sign. Not because I am one, but because of the dual personality that it has which is unique. Yeah, I know it's just pseudoscience, but I just find it interesting. #SelfComposition
rob kistner Jun 8
I find it almost compelling to consider that we are not alone
in this universe within universes.
Perhaps 'others' are observing us, concerned by our behavior.
Called many things through the ages, such as "travelers", "those that are", "angles", "aliens", "extraterrestrials" among others.
Maybe they have been here, and perhaps some of us have been there.    
As adults most of us grow suspicious, skeptical, closed, guarded,
and therefore unreceptive, potentially even dangerous --
so it's conceivable these 'others' would make their presence known
only to the pure of heart, who still possess their sense of wonder.
They come in dreams, visions, and apparitions.

Centuries and millenniums ago, when the world was less
devastatingly violent, there is a chance they visited, often.
Graphic and oral evidence of their visitations
appear to be found in every culture.
These 'miraculous' events,
misunderstood by less sophisticated early humans,
are perhaps the 'seeds' of the world's plethora of current religions.

Holding this mindset, perhaps these 'others' sought to know us
but they were frightened by our growing self-directed global hatred
and paranoia -- especially now
fueled by our many technologies of death and destruction.
These others would likely now consider us unapproachable.
I'm not certain if, when, or how large-scale contact might be made,
but it might eventually happen --
in spite of the 'if-or-not' of alien abduction and probing.

Inherently we humans have come to curiousity,
but not full comprehension, of this concept of impending contact. Through the distorted lense of fractured history and our fear,
we have come to call this ultimate contact by many names.
Some positive, such as first contact, close encounter,  the visitation,
the revelation, the rapture, or the second coming.
Some are negative, such as alien invasion, war of the worlds, apocalypse, end of days, end of the world, armageddon, and the like.
We are likely to misinterpret, as is evidenced, the actual nature
of this amazing supposed future event -- if contact is coming.
Much of this I might believe, perhaps I should believe,
maybe I do believe - in a grokking sort of way.

In that spirit I wrote and offer this sci-fi poem...


the dual suns
still crisp and bright
warm me as I journey
painting the strange landscape in vivid presence

this alien world
yet fascinating

I embarked at midday's solar convergence
senses alive and alert
consumed by the thrill of exploration
heady with anticipation of discovery

I believed today I would make contact
I would connect

but it is day's end
moonfall descends upon this severe terrain
early shadows fall across my face
a veiled foreboding settles upon me

there are many shadows here
other shadows
odd shadows

disturbing specters
that disrupt my nights
disquiet my soul
steal my peace

they come unannounced
almost imperceptible

but no time for worry
there is still far to go

I am eager to move
drawn by the need to reach my ship
to reach safety

yet here I stand
momentarily motionless
immobile with dread

yet captivated by the haunting beauty
that is this planet's rising moon

a translucent blue fractal orb
ever changing

I shudder and sober
turn into the evening breeze
and venture onward
immersed in rolling amber and coral
spread glorious to the horizons
of this foreign world
receding with the setting suns

again the shadows shift

dull confusion finds me
I lose my pace
draw up in momentary halt

nagging concern engulfs me
panic pierces my solace
bewilderment grips me

it holds me
uncomfortable in my skin

these feelings sweep over me
clouding briefly my purpose
obscuring my destination

then they waft
I see across the darkening valley

my shuttle craft
my safety

urgently I proceed
but again my mind fogs

I wander
and once more lose focus

an eerie mist settles like a shroud

moonfall is coming
coming much too quickly


the frightening night noises
unsettling dreams

in mounting alarm
I believe I am in trouble

a sense of peril gnaws

paralyzing fear

fear I will not make it back
before these suns go dark

I am afraid to lose this light
afraid to loose my way

so afraid

so very


rob kistner © 2010
i put the notes ws the introduction to thisvpiece
Sometimes I never care at all
everything we do is immortal
jumping in and out of reality, through portals

Wishing that I could be sure
hoping that I knew more
but I'm the same, still flawed
Anyone watch "Rick and Morty"?
Rapids we fly at speed of light
We ponder complex made by might
When seeded thought remains unsight
Our time we spend, no day or night
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a molten wing

But through the dark we see the fight
We know it’s not the final plight
For all the wrongs we try to right
No hydrogen, sulphuric nitrite
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a fallen bring

And try, and try, yes that’s our thing
Generations, sensations and mighty fling
We never suffer, but all else think
It’s judt hard work, no minor kink
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We try to find a golden bing

We wring our hands as if we’re not
The great minds that our world thinks ought
But true, yes true, we’re seldom caught
And yet for ever end be sought
Our minds are on an elsewhere thing
We see the sun, with mind not ink!
Inspired by my passion to be a scientist
And my love for research
Many deep meanings (e.g : Hydrogen, a light element, metaphor for easy and Sulphur nitrite, the opposite)
Nazrana Kalil May 31
studies finds that a person can fall in love four times in a lifetime
and yes i agree...its possible
I've loved you for the first time when i was much younger
when your youth just began and mines still soft and tender

I've loved you for the second time.
I've loved you when you randomly spoke in low tones
when your voice deepened and mines high pitched with hormones

I've loved you for the third time.
I've loved you when you held my trust and smiled at another
when your mouth finally reached your cheeks and mines shudder

I've loved you for the fourth time.
I've loved you when you touched my lips and held my hand gently
when you whispered little secrets while i sang to the river intensely

I love you for the times you showed me the depths of my soul confusions.
i love you for the unknown steps you followed unknowingly conducting an intrusion.

i love you for so many reasons
but mostly, I love you for proving the studies wrong
as I've fallen in love with you everyday for the pass one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days
and i swear i will keep falling in love with you
Jolan Lade May 16
Long years it is
Sitting on a bench
People trying to teach me
But teaching me is like teaching a tree to talk or a rock to walk
They expect logic to be self-explanatory like a self-writing story
But not when you are surrounded by space and your mind is a rocket
Because then there is no time for them and what they call knowledge
Only how fast the rocket goes, with how many voltage
Me in my head and them in their world
If a burning, exothermic-reactant ball of gas can emit light that travels at 3×10^8 m•s^-1,

Why can't you emit the hope that you experience endothermically even when your ∆H is a negative?

Why do you have to be so selfish as to favour an endothermic reaction instead of being exothermic and being like the sun - shedding your hope onto others?

Since we have chemistry, can we not meet at chemical equilibrium?
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