NoctOwl Jul 17

I love physics
And I know why
I love physics because
Physics is like you to love

When I look at you
You smile
The light from the sun
Helps you glow to my eyes

When you say something, I listen
I clearly hear your voice
And hear every single detail you say
Because when you speak
The other sounds cancel each other
So that your voice
Is the only sound I can hear

I love physics because
I can feel it on you
When I’m dazed and confused, you slap my face
It makes me calm
It’s the way you say to me
“I am here so don’t worry”
When it happens that we swap position
I’ll kiss you and show my love to you
In that way I can say
“Being sad doesn’t suit you”

When I am cold, you hug me
I hug you when you are cold too
These simple hugs mean
I love you and you love me too

I know you don’t want a selfish person
So I am persevering to change myself for you
My care for myself lessens
Now, I don’t know
Where I should put those cares that I take
Do you have any idea?
What if, I will put it all to you?
So every time my care for myself decreases
My care for you will increase

I love physics because
Physics makes me alive
Just the way you do
Because I can’t live without you

When we are far apart, I worry
But I know you are fine
Because when something bad happened to you
It will happen to me also
When your heart stop to beat
My heart will stop too
Because you know
My life is in series with you
When you are switched ‘on’
Then I will be ‘on’
When someone shut you ‘off’
My life will be turned ‘off’

I like you because
I don’t know why but
Everything is nicer with you
How much do you weigh?
I think you are heavier than me
Maybe that’s the reason why
I fell in love to you
As Albert Einstein said,
“Mass is a force alone”
So your force overcomes me

I guess I don’t know why I really love you
Why do I also love physics?
I think I love you. . .
I guess I love physics. . .
Because physics is you

I don't have no  use for Science, Jewboy!
You probably think
That Albert Einstein was a Genius
'Cause he was one of your kind?
Einstein didn't know anything
My dog, Elmo, don't  know.
He was just a a Big Fraud!
Everything I need to know
Is written in Scripture.
That's why I oppose Gay Rights
And agree with What that  Mooselem,
Omar Mateen,
Did in Orlando, Florida last year.
The rest of them Mooselems ain't no good.
They should be deported back to Arabia,
Where they all came from,
'Cause they ain't nothin' but terrorists.

ruffy cho Jul 11

the speed of a falling raindrop
is 32 feet per second
it's something constant
i have read about
at the science section
of a worn down daily.

given different conditions
and cloud forms from nimbus
to cumulonimbus
or if there even exist heavier,
darker, sulkier clouds,
then it will remain the same.

raindrops will drop at that speed
like the way cherry blossoms
fall at 5 centimeters per second
as identified by Shinkai
accompanied by that sad story,
sad love song and sad vibrant colors.

i have always expressed
adoration at constants
starting at elementary algebra
when miss hernandez introduced
the concept of non changing
ever the same values
unaffected things
like pi or the gravitional pull
or even the speed of light itself.

i always get to thinking
if constant hearts ever exist
or if it does, for how long?
ever changing had been
a major human quality
so is inconsistence
a constant in the human heart?

the anatomy of a constant heart
is a favorite mind palace of mine
i wander at the highest floor
taking my time to build up what would be
the ideal constancy and perfection to me
a woman of digits, numbers and measures

a paradox of consistent inconsistencies
wrapped around every pumping chamber
smooth muscles embracing the equation
like dialogues of yes's and no's
between tissues and muscles and blood
a focus group discussion of conflicting parallels

my poems are also at wattpad, in the poetry collection titled wild heart.
an online digital collection will be available at issuu on october 2017

Most fruit bear their seeds in the middle of their flesh,
To protect their offspring from unwanted guests,
But a strawberry's seeds pellet its outer skin,
They don't care about their kin

Submissions to the Annual Musical Torture Experiment for 2017 are officially open!

Submit your five songs by emailing them to


Well me, I'm glad you asked.
The Musical Torture Experiment was started in 2013 by yours truely, Nicholas R Coulombe.
Where I asked everyone I knew, met, or saw on the street, to hand me 5 songs that I would add to one playlist,
listen to that playlist on a loop
for an entire month.

I have continued this tradition each year
recruiting Willing victims & voulenteers
to listen along with me.

These victims have many different lives, interests, and genre preferences,
but there is one thing they all have in common.

The blissfull escapism of living in their headphones.

This gaggle of Tune-heads who use their music as a fundamental life resource, a coping mechanism, an escapist fantasy or meditation.
These people offer their body and spirit to music.

Now, for a whole month, they are relinquishing control of their music.

Shotgun no longer shuts their piehole.

For an entire month.
Listeners will not be able to skip or select any music other than

This is the perfect opportunity to force someone to really find whats so amazing about those artists we culturally hate.
Or maybe theirs an oldy that your grandkids Refuse to consider music because there is static or twangy voices instead of bass drops.

Maybe you talk about your love of skrillex and a hipster spits their kombucha in your face.

If you have songs that DESERVE the light of day.
This is your chance to indulge in their exhibition.

want to voulenteer yourself as tribute to listen along with these crazy bastards?
keep tabs on what is being added cause you think its kinda interesting?
Or contribute YOUR five songs?

Send an email to
by the end of August to participate!

Go check out the playlist itself here:

Go check out the playlist itself here:
Rick Warr Jul 2

forget perfect
my friends
as we manifest
our aspirations
it's about the journey
not the score card

i don't understand
slavish worship
of big data
like it was
a big mama
of truth? streuth!
more data won't
help discernment

this is not science
and way less than perfect
yet slavishly we
attend our screens
providing metadata more
hash tag what for?

a questioning of the pseudo science of big data

In darkness the absence of light sparkles
Man’s reflection on notions of nothingness.
Empty space ultimately devoided of purpose
As space unhosting objects loses function.

Empty minds deprived of thoughts and imagination,
Unable of creation. Empty bodies ceasing to pump
Blood where it belongs, for hearts to beat, life to be.
Psychopomps allegedly escorting vestiges beyond.

Yet in nothing eyes can witness is there Nothing,
Always Something invading sight with blinding colours.
Beyond sight, perceptions of power, particles in motion,
Detecting forces playing games to challenge the reflection.

In space, in mind, in body, emptiness does not exist.

For Robin & Emilie Stammers  

They say the universe is full of smells  
In fact tests on astronaut's suits  
Have indicated this much was true  
It seems- they say- that there are faint  
Traces of metallic smells you see?  
Not the stink of leather and bourbon  
Which emanates from my friend Robin  
Or the sweaty funk that lingers  
Where my obese neighbour goes  
There are- to put it quite simply-  
None of the rich earthy smells  
That one associates with life or living  
In the cold realms of outer space  
There are just the smells  
One would find in a science lab  
In other words metals and the  
Faint perfume of vaporous gasses  
Seeping from stars and planets  
In perpetual extra-terrestrial fartings  
Out there- where there are  
Strange cosmic happenings that  
Would blow your mind-  
The universe they say is positively stinking  
Reeking to high heavens  
You could say...  
Though of course, we can really never know  
For sure  
And that is what bothers us-  
Humans, in general, that is-  
We don't know like being reminded  
Just how finite we are  
When we are surrounded  
By all that marvellous infinity

I wrote this poem after watching a program about conceptual art in which one artist had started a project after hearing that astronaut suits had traces of scent on them and they felt this had hinted at how space was full of smells.
I dedicated it to a guy who I like very much and who it is noted has the smell of bourbon and leather and his daughter Emilie who was a good friend from the early days of the internet and who was obsessed with space and was, in fact, one of those people who could be called and Unearthly Child.She is no longer with us, to our great loss. I dedicate this poem to them.

This poem will feature in the new collection of poems Little Paper Fishes which will be released early next year.

Black holes are consuming nigh
Everything to see
Galactic mess of stars and stuff
All that would ever be.

Neptune sings ‘bout winds and death
While Saturn sings along,
Its rings are light and made of ice
As Jupiter stands strong.

Eight planets (perhaps nine) or so
Could wrap around the sky!
Their beauty is as unmatched as
Venus’ clouds up high.

Empty dark with rocks that fly
Down to our steady lands
This earth, this sky, this ground well meant
Can’t burn it all to shreds

At the start of all we see
The sun’s rays never cease
Until it goes, like us, like those
Like me who’d be at peace.

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