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Eloisa 45m
She decorated
her pain and her misery
with red fallen leaves
Eloisa 15h
I envy the trees.
When they remain proud to face the world
even with nothing left on them.
Even standing bare, alone facing the unknown.
I envy the trees.
Standing brave even in their most vulnerable state with just a few brown leaves
clinging on them.
Even when everything has fallen away.
I envy the trees.
When they rely on the strength of their roots
to withstand any thundering storm.
And patiently wait for the new leaves to grow and new buds to bloom.
Each time the seasons pass, I hope like the trees,
I will grow into a more beautiful and better version of myself.
That I’m hoping to realize soon
that holding on could not build my strength.
And that sometimes letting go would make me strong.
The changing of seasons tells us how beautiful it is to let go of some things in life. It is also a great time to accept life's impermanence. Fall is a time for letting go, letting go of any burdens you've been carrying with you. Trees show us their strength standing against every storm even when leaves fall and nothing will be left on them.  And as autumn leaves fall from the trees, let go of anything that is not serving you. Let go of all the battles and try to open your hearts to accept things that some wars could be so hard to be won. Try not to struggle against it and be sure not to get strangled with negative things these battles are causing you. Try not to cling to failures, anger and anxiety. Reminisce the past times and learn from them and accept that things change. We will never learn and grow without all the abundance of life's experiences, challenges, struggles,  wins and even losses and of course opportunities. Autumn signals that with patience and positivity in ourselves, leaves will soon be back and blooms will blossom again. So cherish the memories, learn from the past, forgive life's difficulties and embrace the beauty of letting go.

~The Beauty of Letting Go
(A Note to Self)
eva 5d
Abandoned factories reach up to god.
Outside them lay a forest undisturbed,
Choked by smog it struggled still to grow,
Like armies camped around enemy walls,
Waited for the weight of years to fall.
And as I passed within its maze I asked
Out into the silent afternoon:
Who will be the survivor of time,
And which of these soldiers will fall sooner?
How soon will they be then discarded if
A suitable replacement can be found?
If that philosophy stands too for me,
Where, now, is the wood of my coffin?
I only hope its seed is unplanted.
Nadia Jul 2
City trees, weak and stunted,
bear relentless mockery by
country and wild cousins,
though everyone agrees that
suburban trees are least
esteemed, paltry excuses
overcompensating for their
deficits in diversity (of size or
shape) with excess pageantry

The enlightened ones, city and
suburban, wave manicured
tips, speaking in whispered
thrums - how relieved they are
not to be unprotected forest
trees, in constant danger of the
ravages of capitalism and neglect

The forest trees laugh at their
ignorant cousins - they know
the freedom of the wild places
where true peace can be found;
they will gladly face the danger
proudly rooted, in wild ground

The older trees, between naps,
wheeze of many, many
springtimes ago, of cleaner air
and bigger trees, of simpler
lives and clearer skies and
creatures long since gone;
they know change will come,
And change will go, and
Still they will root on

NCL July 2019
What is it about trees that make them so special?

Why is it that they make me have a sense of peace?

Is it because trees are really alive like us?

Or that they stand so tall, reaching towards the sky?

What do trees remind us of when we look at them?

Why do they make me smile when I look at them?

Is it because trees are really like people too?

Or that they too, seem to have no care in the world?
I had written this when I was at work, since there's a lot of trees around :)
Fall is my favorite time of the year.

You can already tell when Fall is coming near.

The air is cool, and it is so perfect.

The leaves are falling as if they are imperfect!

The colors are changing from green to yellow and red.

I really can almost sense what the birds have just said.

They are chirping away in the trees like a song.

To me,

Fall makes me feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong!
I had written this when I was at a park sitting on a bench :)
Am I more like
The deciduous trees
Shedding their leaves
Like crippled tears
Cast to the ground
As shrivelled fears
Bleached bone branches
Raised to the sky
Begging for an end
To what has only begun
Part one of two. We can post again!
Nathalie Oct 4
I could see him
in the clouds
and I could hear
him through
the whisper in
in the trees
I could sense
his presence
in all that was
He lived in
the flame
growing in my heart
Never to be forgotten
The beauty in
every dream

F A Pacelli Sep 26
just as the soft breeze
carries a falling seed 
of the maple tree
to a distant place 
with the sun's warmth 
and a gentle rain 
life sprouts anew
just as love's seed
opens in our hearts
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