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The wind is chasing trees,
I hear the green leaves
And I hear the green leave,
I see a desert giving birth
To another sea
Alio May 11
When I look into the mirror for too long a see a row of cherry blossoms
My favorite tress
As my vision blurs the pink of my flesh blooms to the blossoms
my thin arms to branches and legs to stump
I am wooded
Finally I am beautiful
And the tear leaves my eye
God is spoken
From a potent Thing
we smoking Trees

Gaia birthed the bloom
breathed the boom
in the canopies,

In the wind flew the bees
and grew the pleasantries

Prana pushing
thunder through

sQuishing lemon trees  
like a hundred new

Whisps of mists
and heavy deeds
Sit with honeydew

The gist of this
the lemon breeze
(We) Going tunnel view

Fits and Shakes,
seeking remedies
digging under you

Might be
dicking under you

Might be
Torn asunder true

Pirate borne to plunder you....
Sweat means gold,

what's been found
with lemon -ease?

I've been told
What in our eyes
is what we ever see's

7 seas,
more like 7 deeds,
filled with deadly feeds

Demons like to pleade
with ready rease,

Virus, the life that
spread disease

(it alters our sense
and what we please)


no te comas
la verdad
del diablo,

today to trust
Might feel bad, but
none brought low

There's an easy in
WE  Strong Standin',
N0ne brought low

and now we win
amen, a man
none start south

Its begun...

Light as
Potent as my prayers
**** the make-believe
I can't wear it, ah

Dark is
Ever reaching
What do you receive?
What you carrying hah?

(Is) an even preaching :
What we choose to be
*I can bear it ; hah

Come  and help me unweave
those who have been so deceived

Those stuck in in the mud of ...
sputtering " how can it be ?"

**** the you or me, mentality
When Neurons Fire free
and Serotonins drained in me

You Might find Saraswati
sweetly swathing me

In glowing rivers,

poured off the moon
With Omens looming soon

With Omens looming soon
I been choking on my doom.

with Both eyes open

and a heart awoken ,
poorly stoking gloom

Too blind to see hope
but stoked, still
mocking roving

Vroom : im off to tokin soon.
****t this blunt be totaled soon

I Might be total loon
an inverted magic man

who most often enwomb
those caught on the moon

Those stuck in the tune
For those who hear
this earworm, this tea room sloom.

This is for Those muted in zoom:

I've found traction in heaps
Breaking as hard and often

As the risen yeast
When you pass on the least

My Passion is to find
the passion of peace

its Stuck In the  grasp
Fashioned with the sap

of my last energies...
This is for the wynd
LC Apr 22
dew rests on sheer leaves
as saplings lilt in the wind  
and I follow suit.
Escapril Day 21! Prompt: dew.
I have been tired lately, and this poem was inspired by that. I hope you are all doing well.
Alio Mar 29
A twisty dead tree
Stares back at me
And ask me why

Just before its foliage fell
I lied and said ‘it’s fine’
Yet, I knew it had its time
And days went by
Green fades to grey
Grey fell to gravity;
The world ugliest feathers
Still I said ‘it’s fine’
With hope in my tone
As I saw a little green left

Bark now exposed,
Beautiful but bear,
I remember the times not long ago
Where I chained it with wire
Forced it to bend
And twist
And turn
And formed it into a beautiful thing
So little.
So careful.

Still now, as it wilts,
My hope doesn’t waver.
I flood it like an ocean
Give it soil it would savor
And sit back to watch
Will it grow back again?
Or will I never make amends?

I love a dead thing.
Long ago alive
And I tread it better now
After losing it to love

I love a dead thing.
Once so full of life
Gambled for desire
It’s life was on the wire
And it fell

I love a dead thing.
And seeing it’s turns reminds me of the time
And seeing it’s twists reminds me of him
And the pain he had brought
When he bought me this ***
And perfect little tree
So straight and too little

Look what it’s become
Mark Wanless Mar 13
feel a little bit like war
the trees have new leaves
i wander in conscious mist
My Dear Poet Mar 13
Our shelter was the blue sky
till we grew a tree
It’s bough became our place away
a home for you and me
So good, we grew an orchard
we dug and planted seeds
In turmoil, tears watered roots
as we cut and grew more trees
Till our fields could not be numbered
in grief we glory in golden leaves
whilst greed sprouted envy
like **** we were deceived
Each planting left us wanting
a forest, thick, large and high
forgetting the place we first belonged
beneath black branches that hid the sky
Kassan Jahmal Feb 21
We are like the trees: On great mountains; as trees making
sounds in these dying moments; of dying flowers.

I too have been axed down by cowards. Had I; any better
days of this life I left?
These leaves in the wind are whispering: 'Never forget;
of all the time I spent.'

This is what a cruel world makes of you; to have your kind
be by the few. Cruelty is man,
who can make any; a story of their old.

As they who rest their confidence on size; won't be missed.
Like us; no man wishes a death like this.

As they say: 'your offsprings will take your place,'
For what you should know, I'm like you;

Let me multiple, let my seeds find root.
This is a rewrite of an old poem
Bardo Jan 6
One morning out cleaning drains and gutters around the house, doing manly things
Basically just messing about
Suddenly it hit me, yea! I had a moment of clarity
"There's still time y'know, Yea, there's still hope, you could still meet her/ find her
And she'll kiss you and suddenly your hair will start to grow again
And your eyes, they'll grow clearer and brighter
And the cherry trees they'll bloom again in your heart
Your whole world it'll be transformed....."
Then as I bent down to do something
Suddenly I jumped back with a start
Something had moved, just there, just then
Something had well...jumped out
Was it a mouse or worse still, a rat
I couldn't see anything,
As I looked closer though, suddenly there! well camouflaged
There was this big frog
Hell I thought, I hadn't seen a frog in years
Wasn't that strange, wasn't that a coincidence
I was just thinking those thoughts and suddenly this frog he jumps out
Maybe it was an omen
(Probably meant it was gonna rain),
But then I thought wasn't there a story once
Yea, The Frog Prince
A lovely princess kisses a frog and he turns into this beautiful handsome prince,
I wonder I thought, I wonder could there be such a thing as a Frog Princess
If I were to kiss you would you turn into a lovely beautiful Frog Princess,
So I bent down close to the frog and whispered
"Are you my little Frog Princess"
Suddenly the frog he takes off, starts hopping madly away from me
As if saying "Gotta get away quick from this feckin' ******"
Don't go! Please don't go!! I shouted after him
Come back! Come back to me, you are my destiny!
Finally he hops into a flowerbed full of weeds and is lost forever
Alas! I thought to myself, Adieu, adieu, sweet sweet adieu
Obviously I thought, obviously he must have been a Frog Prince and not a Frog Princess.
Then I thought, y'know at my age and with my luck
And I called after him 'I would have settled for a Frog Prince!".
My encounter with a frog recently, a bit of fun. Happy New Year by the way, hopefully 2022 will bring better news and better things. Best wishes for 2022.
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