Zenith 6d

Sweet, somber melodies
calm my love; they call to the trees.
And with each rising note they sing,
my love grows; my love is in everything.
It is in the way the birds tweet all day;
it is in the sway of the lilac flowers in May.
There is not such a more harmonious song
than the one that my lover will never get wrong.

written while thinking of him on july 17th

What if we stood in praise
     trusted our Maker above
like unexpectant, barren trees
    Without guilt or shame to bear
no fallen fig leaves to wear
    Nothing can cover us
We can never return
   to find lost innocence
but we can find peace
   hidden in His Grace

gmw '17

Nature can teach us if we will listen.
Sam Jul 16

Lost among the trees
You and me

A H S Jul 14

Trees are like puppets

They are controlled
By the wind

Swaying from side
To side

Some viciously
Others peacefully

The leaves are just
Along for the ride

Attached to the
Branches like limbs

Following the movements
Of its master

They crinkle
And crack

Beneath my feet
Like tiny bones within them

In the wind they
Brush past each other

As if in a crowd
Of tourists

All rushing around
To see the sights

When the wind dies

And the master
Has gone

Trees stand perfectly

Like soldiers awaiting
Their next order

Statues they are
Just watching time
Go by

While the squirrel
Scurry up their trunks

Hiding from the scorching heat
Beneath the leaves

The clouds pass
And the sun sets

While the trees
Await another day,
Another puppet show.

Derek Tatum Jul 14

A ramble in the woods to clear the clutter from my mind
The mountains sing, the creeks & rivers sing louder
The birds can be heard, adding to the song
If you watch & listen an amazing show to be part of
A ramble in the woods, a great way to rapidly bond
Suffer together, type two fun
See what youre made of under clouds & sun
When the aches subside, a ramble again

Dainty Bones Jul 14

I looked up into the trees
and took a deep breath
there you were right beside me
asking me if I loved how peaceful this all was
the trees were beautiful
and so were the stars
but my favorite thing about that getaway was you
we talked for hours
and laughed so hard we had trouble breathing
we napped together and listened to the sound
of the beautiful trees waving good morning to us
we gazed through the telescope for hours
but as you gazed through it
all I could gaze at was you
this beautiful, perfect human
was inches from me
and he was mine
and I looked back up into the sky
and said thank you a million times

Naomi Hurley Jul 10

She is right to fear me
Though I would never dream
Of laying a finger
Or inflicting even a fragment of pain
Upon her beautiful countenance

(Intentionally, that is)

I have never seen
Such a darling woman
Her dark, round eyes
Leave me frozen in place
Her narrow, sculpted face
Captures me
She need not utter a sound
To beguile me speechless

There are many like her
But none ARE her
As I have studied from afar
Watched her
Worshiped her
I wish she didn't come around
So often
For it is daunting to think
Of what I may do

She has become close to me
Letting me into her space
Am I imagining trust?
I wish she would run from me
And find someone else to
Spend time with
Someone more like her

Her long, powerful legs
Are captivating
The way she carries herself
As graceful as a dancer--
Maybe even more so

I see her almost every day now
She still looks healthy
I hope one day she won't
Be alone

Maybe that's why she looks to me
Her silent, careful observer
Maybe she knows I mean no harm
But I can't promise that
For my species is one that marries
One that may have torn down
Her old home
Poisoned her water source
Killed her companions
Caused her to know an unnatural fear

I sit in my car
On my driveway
And watch her from only
A few feet away
She looks back at me
With those full eyes
And we sit like this for a while

I wonder if she understands
My apology
My forlorn gaze as I ponder
How long she will survive out there
I thank whoever is listening
That she'll never know about
Her son's head being mounted
On a wall
Or maybe her father's...
Whichever looks more appealing to us

Finally I free myself from
This trance and
Honk my horn
I watch her glide through the woods
Away from me

I want her to be afraid.

Because I am afraid
For her.

An open letter to the doe that's been hanging around my house.
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