When you feel lonely
Let nature help you to smile
It is so friendly

Nature is a really nice friend to have :)
Anomaly 5d

She might feel worth...less than
The tree next to her
But she knows she has a worth
And probably a purpose too
But the one there provides shade
One with branches for birds
But she is neither
Is she just another tree
In the forest
She just wants it to end
Maybe her purpose is to be a paper
To her sometimes it sounds better than to be living
So they cut her down
And slowly all the other trees too
And now its not a forest but just a park with a few trees.

Please stop cutting trees or buying fake trees, the latter being worse for the enviroment.

Black ash,
Fallen trees.
Endless trash,
No more breeze.

Broken city lights,
Devastated buildings.
Eternal night,
No longer will be,

A time for peace,
A time for sleep,
A time to dream,
Although it seems,

There is hope,
There is life.
Let it go,
Seek and find.

Nothing to hold,
Only bright ashes.
I feel so cold,
Permanent rashes.

Sun fleeing,
Hope leaving.
People lying,
Love dying.

Suffer seeing,
Destiny weaving.
All is lost,
No more keeping.

Broken hearts,
Broken bones.
Nowhere to start,
Nowhere to go.

Lost in fate,
Found in despair.
No reason to hate,
No reason to care.

The aftermath that occurs after we give up...

When you hear all those trees
how they sing in the breeze
with their branches and leaves
which are now falling down
covering the bare ground
to pile up in a mound
from where all of them grow
they begin then to show
that season we well know.

Yes, this was written in autumn 2017 - down under.
Seanathon Nov 30

The mountains and the valleys, the rivers and streams of my childhood call out to me and tell me to return to them and swim again, down below the underneath.

My father loved the meadows. Loves the wildness and the wilderness and the winters growth which is yet to be seen, in both the deer and the withering trees.

And part of me remembers still. Because part of him will always be me.

Akash Mandal Nov 30

We stole the sky from
the birds, with clouds
that cache fly ash
from the coal.

Spoiled the waters
with spilled oil,
now the fish wish
to live in a bowl.

Beheaded the trees
in the name of growth;
concrete roads erode
the soil from its soul.

Poached and piled animals
like wild animals, and
forgot to realize the rise
in their death toll.

Flogged the icebergs down
with the whip of heat,
and rang hell's bells
from pole to pole.

We are already sinners
against nature, is reaching
the sinners by nature stature
our ultimate goal?

Anna Nov 30

The leaves are falling down,
the trees are crying,
so am I.

Laurel Leaves Nov 29

eyes blending the murky colors
as they slowly lick the landscape
tickling with the edge of tongues
warm pastels
as if
creamsicle dripping
the edges of fingers
somehow now
lining evergreens
rushing turquoise blending with navy
denim white caps
as fresh water churns alongside
smoothing edges of rocks
I dip my spine
the hemispheric shape of my back
as it extends over the damp
dripping moss
you cradle my body
the warmth moves between
the sensations
of shudders
as we cling alongside
one another
your lips part
as the foreign color
of red
stands out to the cold,
dimly lit nature
I bite deep

Fucking in the woods.
apiwe Nov 25

There we sat,
On that old fallen tree you like
In the middle of the woods
The wind, wove itself in between the long threads of grass
Making an ocean underneath our feet
But we didn't drown
You said: perfect place to hang yourself, all these branches
I looked into your solemn face that speaks so easily of death
and you smiled, shrugged
...and jumped into the green Grass Sea
We walked underneath the waving leaves of trees
Wind, so steady and flowing
I looked at the roof,
an ocean ebbing with tranquility
and there we were, caught in between two oceans
but we didn't drown
We found shade underneath a solitary tree with branches that kissed the sky
The cool of the wind kissed your sweet skin
And as we lay on that earthened floor,
You said: one day I'll make a blanket of the soil and a home of the granite we step on
I turned to you and stared into your orbs
And you said: we were born into dust and in the dust we will die
So then we watched the clouds, the sun setting
The rays of that star, a halo in the heavens
And it rested on your head
and you finally went home

This poem confused even I. As i was writing it, i felt a sensational surge of emotion that didn't really allow me to work with logic
Seema Nov 24

For these winds blow so strong
I wish it blew away all my wrongs
The brisky branches of trees sway
Broken branches lay in my way
Thinking the winds would blow
My thoughts as I hung my head low
Tears flow, dripping on the ground
Its too silent, no one's around
For these tears that flow
I wish one day a tree shall grow
With such a thought, I start my walk
The trees are listening as I talk...


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