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Seanathon 17h
A touch of gold caresses your hair
Yesterday's youthful exuberance
I cut a few locks from the world
And linger in your presence, still
Wishing only that you'd stay awhile
To bask in our mutual reverence
The Blonding Hair of Trees
Jovy 4d
the trees are dancing
like the leaves racing
from start to end.
short poem about the trees
Blue tits in a tree
One by one they flew away
But stayed together
back in late August I was on a job with dean and saw a tree full of blur tits was awesome and I thought of it yesterday xxx
Will catch up soon and thank u for all your lovely comments xxxxx
my angel’s sneezed
fall from the sky
Their silence, magic, dance
covers me
enchants me
tickles me
The frozen conifers - my friends,
ancient and wise
as mountains they stand -
agree in their soundless chants:
Though the skies a snowy shade of grey,
the words it speaks are worth a million colours

- RW, All rights reserved.
This is just a dreamy poem about walking in a pine forest.
Jedda Oct 6
We were just kids in trees
With cuts and bruises on our knees

Playing hide and seek
Between houses and creeks

Roaming around
This godforsaken town

With no agenda
Apart from accompanying each other
Meadow Oct 3
The trees you once told me to follow home...
They're gone.
You told me to burn them to my memory so that I would always be able to find my way home.
Now I'm lost, Mama.
Places of only memory now.
Outside the gate.
Stuck on the wrong side.
Nothing feels right.
Giants that once stood so tall and guarding.
Cut down as if they had never been.
Mama, I can't find my way home.
The trees are gone.
I drove past my childhood home up in the mountains.
Christopher Oct 3
What I know is a lie

I only see a mask
There’s a prepainted face and the paint is chipping
All i can see is a layer broken and things have become clearer
Not on just him but them

I couldn’t see how much her beauty poisoned
I couldn’t believe her words would stay
I  couldn’t believe what i had done

Sometimes a chain still pulls
Let it be felt and known
But what do you know
My lies have tricked all
And so have theirs

I’m not too far off

They say a tree bares fruit
But it also holds vines
And you can’t let go on what you put yourself on
My view to see you guys in success but mourning pleases me
I’m not a worry
I’ve never been a need
I just wanted
Now I can no longer have

Dark times had struck me and here is my old writings.
Ronza Jairy Oct 2
I believe trees represent all our paths in life. The thicker the branch the stronger and more serious a connection or decision. All to the smaller thinner needles-those are the little choices we make that create our everyday and slowly shape our future as a human on this journey. Through heartache, experience and sacrifice, we can become resilient. Take deeper roots/routes and learn from lessons as we stand still, to feel, maybe mourn, continue our growth and the beautiful cycle of rebirth. Change to the power of infinity.

©️Ronza Jairy
Liam Gwynn Oct 2
I swear I can fly
when no one can see
I take a look around and leap
I soar through the sky
my fingertips run through the sea
while the world sleeps
I am truly free
salty air and a gentle breeze
branches snapping across my cheek
a dog yipping at my feet
from green to blue without a clue
blindly I spin through buzzing bees
like a bat out of hell I pass the highest peak
but before the morning birds can trumpet their first tweets
I fly through the window and slip through my sheets
mother opens the door letting in the morning light
unwitting to my breathtaking night
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