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Khoi-San 19h
roofs so grand

trees are lit

Santa's show

Elves can't sleep
serena 1d
i miss you
i miss you like the wave misses the sand it falls on,
because even though the wave knows it will always crash,
painfully, beautifully, dangerously,
the sand will always be there to catch it.
i miss you like the earth misses the rain,
because you help me
and you are what makes me flourish.
i miss you like autumn trees miss the wind,
as it rustles the leaves and branches with its cold nature
and makes spectacular sun patterns on the ground and in the air,
and even though it burns your eyes to look,
you just have to witness the art being made in front of you,
as little sun spots grow and shrink in a heartbeat
and the rustle of the red leaves makes you shiver with joy,
and the cold wind burns your eyes but you still can’t stop looking
at the lightshow of white sun and golden and red leaves all dancing in the wind.

but my eyes are burning anyways,
just standing here,
missing you.
Woeful,white wisp of the vile winter falls,
Upon the lifeless gray trees,by the road
(That leads to the city of 'quiet' brawls),
Dying in silent miserable abode.

As the eve further pours its mystic mist,
A somber thought of unsavory past,
Does,in my wilting heart,ruthlessly list,
The wild, pitiless curses that you cast.

Yet,of things I recall from December,
You lie unsurpassed,you lie far above,
The only shade of pink,I remember,
And yes,the only shade of pink I love.

Why should I then with this sorry face talk,
When toward you,I unwarily walk?
Doesn’t it ever get old?

To always be green,
to forever grow new
needles and cones,
until the day that
they tumble to the ground
for the last time?

Doesn’t it become
tiresome to stretch
ever towards the sky,
like a living skyscraper
without an architect,
building itself upwards?

Don’t your roots get sore
from centuries of digging
through soil and stone,
and the winds trying
their best to topple
and uproot you?

Or perhaps I am just
a foolish human,
a **** Sapiens
trying to comprehend
the slow, steadfast
and eternal ways
of the growing trees.
The rose gold strands of her hair
diverted with the tide of the wind.
The leaves from the cedar trees
brushed leaves growing old and thin.

She gazed up at the overcast sky
full of hanging, dark green limbs.
She liked the sounds of the crackling
like it was singing sweet nature hymns.

She touched the rough bark
of the dark, musky wood.
She inhaled the aromatic smells
which smelled quite good.

She finished her walk in the woods
with a sense of pleasure and glee.
Every smell, sight, and feeling
was ever so lovely.
Autumn Dec 6
You look at a person
A stranger, a loved one, a partner
And you think;
How can one person be so beautiful?
Inside and out you see an aura of unimaginable beauty
A friendly face
An intoxicating laugh
A smile that makes you smile without even realizing it

And then you look at yourself
You hate the way you smile, all crooked and mouthy
The way your cheeks are too pudgy
Your glasses too big for your face
Your voice too soft to break through the chatter of others

But you
You are a lion whose voice is booming thunder
With claws that can tear through the veil
The one you’ve kept yourself shrouded in for too long
You should be proud
Proud of your wild and unruly mane
Proud of your scars earned from battles with many others
Not to mention the battles you wage on yourself
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried

But you don’t
You look at yourself
Your cheeks too pudgy
Glasses too big
Voice kept under lock and key
Vocal chords dusty with disuse
Your heart is so big and so beautiful
You see so much in everyone else
But can’t bear to see anything in yourself

You are a wild flower sprouting through the cracks in the sidewalk
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried
please be gentle on me i haven't written anything in so long
Sophia Dec 5
flower petals
seem to travel
on the wings of birds
on the outstretched arms
of the wind
fluttering like eyelashes
like the rustling leaves
of dying trees
down to the ground
at your feet
if only
i could get to you
just a little faster
Kiara Hoxie Dec 3
Over the mountains you may find
The wind blowing clouds over the sky
Lovely flowers blooming
Under the mountains looming
The wind will sigh
Making the trees wave
The reeds will cry
Their joyful tune
The daffodils will dance
In the bright light of noon
And the willows will shake
With every breath the wind takes
Abril Oct 26
What do you see when you look at the sky?
Do you appreciate the colors for a while until nightfall?
but behind such beauty there is a big chaos
if the world is ****** then we are all *******
we must learn to read between lines
a world that is begging us for a bit of love
Let's stop romanticizing chaos
and lets be aware of how ****** up we are
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