Trees are being sacrificed for the sake of wifi?
Imagine that, a species so stupid that they actually destroyed the lungs of their planet just so they could have a better internet connection.

I know this poem does not rhyme,

Neither does Sean Bean,

Hmmm I wonder what he thinks about it.
The city’s trees are under threat.  Why are the trees being felled when the majority of the trees are healthy.  Whole streets are having their trees removed.  It is now formally acknowledged that across the US and the UK, the 5G wifi signal has a frequency bandwidth which is negatively affected by foliage and raindrops on leaves.  The trees are being removed to protect the integrity of the 5G rollout.

The decimation of trees across the UK is planned.  Sheffield is the first attempt at felling all the trees, to see if the people react or not.  The contract with Amey is to remove 17,500 trees in Sheffield to be replaced with only 200 a year.  If you ignore Sheffield, the programme is going to move to your community.
Spring will be here soon
Green leaves on trees will blossom
And butterflies too
What he does who plants a tree!
O he plants
The seeds of
A better Earth
A peaceful abode
For sweet arial
The best place
To nurture
The mother Melody
Of Mother Nature
From these creatures!
He who plants a tree
Infuses a cylinder
Of unending supply
Of life to this planet!
He plants cool shade
And tender rain
Soulful Melody
And sweet grain;
He who plants a tree
Not only with goodness
But also loyalty
Doesn't just add someone
To his family
But beyond it
Does Civic good
Under hood!
In the hollows of that
Mighty being
Lies the blessing hand
Of Him
He who plants a tree
Does so much
Do you see!
Trees are indeed our friends!
And the most essential ones!
In the morning
A flight of constant birds
Over early daffodils
And later such stars there were
High above the night trees
As the frosted breath of the river
Slipped slow-cold through low fields
The water silent among the foxes calling
And now we wait for snow again
blue 7d
there’s a place where the trees collide as if they
are making love and the hush of the leaves overlapping
is like a whisper of,
branches and plants and limbs and bodies.
maple and palm and sandalwood
and fresh air.

the roots messily fall along edges and depths
of soil
and i just want a love like that

natural like nature
quiet yet passionate
messy and thoughtful

the kind of love that is clear like a waterfall
like laughter and fish nipping at your toes
peace, sunbaths, the chirp of the birds
at the sunset bay,
where the moon tucks in daylight/

it’s like in this place,
there’s a hyperawareness of bruises
and there’s a gentle caress of the wind.
and the way your lips part at a near death or when
a song is on the tip of your clicking tongue
is lacking

unwavering sentience
an empath spinning in a hurricane.

the best lover to is the one
that feels like home
when you
are homeless.

and i know, for
the trees tell me so.
Steve Mar 11
Mother's Day - one for Mother Earth*

To touch a tree
And climb amongst its limbs
To shelter in its canopy
And be wafted by the winds

To touch a tree
And hang amongst the leaves
To enter this reality
And surrender disbeliefs

To touch a tree
And reach around its trunk
To see how sweet the fruit can be
And use it to get drunk

To touch a tree
And when the mind is high
To turn ones wishes free
As fledglings learn to fly

To touch a tree
And wonder, wonder why
To wrestle with infinity
And rub shoulders with the sky

To touch a tree
And whistle with the birds
To sit upon the mother's knee
And play around with words.
Salem Noxolo Mar 10
Click, Clack, Clam.
Ears made of Ham!
Children playing in the Sand.

Tip, Tap, Damn!
Blue shoes slung at the chimney,
What a shame...
A white bird flies through my sky.
Click, Tap, Tip, Clack, Damn.

What a shame
To be in chains.
Too many Bricks,
I count 15 a day.
Too many days,
I've spent my time in chains.
  •  •
      •  •
A mutual agreement
That will never come
Is what my prayers plead for.
So I sit in my designated place
Longing to go hug the tree,
The one I've seen out my window.
The one I've named;
The one I've written to.
Thoughts of it race through my brain,
Yet I will never get to hug it.
April Mar 6
I see the deaths of a thousand trees
In stacks of paper that heavenward climb
And tell the stories of things long past
That the trees have seen

Is it only I who can see their lives,
The precious lives we’ve squandered here?
Is it only I who mourn the trees
Who gave their lives unwillingly
For the sake of knowledge?
Am I the only one who hears their cries?
The whispers of the leaves remain
And speak if loss
BC Jaime Mar 5
the lovely
around me

                   among the tall grass

the breath          of universal
                sustains us

an eternity
                                 of bliss

heaven and earth
in my soul

[Note: This was originally a Blackout Poem written using the Blackout Bard poetry app. The original can be found here:]
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
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