dina 1d
as you walk through this forest
you duck under branches and boughs
that are the gnarled fingers of a witch
as she stirs her dark and glassy potion
resembling a puddle you peer into
and gasp when the reflection there isn't you
a creepy little forest story as something different for y'all <3 i guess this would be more appropriate in october but inspiration hit while walking my dog today
I wonder what secret
The trees whisper to the breeze?
Do the birds hear that secret
And announce it in their song?

Does the wind hold it
And drop it in the seas?
Does the sea speak it out
And share it with the stars?

Do the heavens then resound
With the secret of the trees?

And the clouds,
Oh yes! Those clouds
Blue, black and grey
Is that why come rushing?

Across the seas to caress
With gentle rain the trees
And whisper,
"Heaven knows your heart,
There are no secrets from God."

The trees smile and sway
Fulfilled and complete in love.
the jersey breeze
cultivates her curls,
as they bounce in the crisp air.

she’s the reason you can’t sleep at night.

the day breaks
into song when you meet her gaze;
she hums along, her voice
soft - like red velvet.

against the green
wallpaper in her room
she looks so beautiful

you wonder if she can sleep at night.

the night falls, and
in your rest she grows a foot taller,
becoming wise, like the book of poetry
you leave by your nightstand.

her friends know
that is she the one
who spreads herself thin to block the sun when it’s too hot.

she sleeps without closing her eyes.

her moments blend into the next ones:
she is so refreshing - even when she is thirsty;
and the acorns fall from her pockets;
and the deer come running;

and we all sleep soundly.
All summer through
Little brother trees
The gusty
Big sister breeze
Played in the sun
They had ample fun

The little boy trees wore a dusty crust
And shower, they must
Lest their leaves , yellowed
Transpire to rustle in summer heat

A drizzle nor a sprinkle
Mother rain
Chose to shower
The mode she set to power
Drenched and dripping wet
The little boy trees with trembling leaves , sneezed

The cool
Big sister breeze
Lovingly caressed
And blow dried
The little brothers trees

Fresh and perfumed
The little boy trees
Stood tall in trousers brown
Lovely, minty green coloured tees
Summer showers experience on 10th June :)
Annett 7d
I inhabit a twisted grove
On an emerald hill, by a stony cove
Riches and stories not yet told,
Lie within this world unknown...
Where light enters in varied beams,
And stars fall to waters deep
Where gold intwines the largest trees,
And winds whisper your every dream
Where a haunting melody plays serene,
And spirits hunger to be seen.
I enter through a hardened path,
Left by some forgotten past
Enchanted by the little sprites,
I decide I will not leave tonight
And as I walk with further ease,
I am swept up in the breeze.
Here ferns bend across the floor,
Branches bind and take their form
And just beyond the sycamores,
A siren sings forevermore
She pines for another shore,
A place where waves fiercely roar
But eternity has now bore,
Into a siren heart already torn
And as I listen from the grove's core,
I feel myself running toward,
That melody of longing for.
Just as I hear the call of waves,
My legs are caught and I am pulled away
O! The flower vines have woken, eager to play
I shake them loose and promise, 'perhaps another day'
I look around, to all my luck, I have now lost my way.
I toss my head to the sky
Close my eyes and heave a sigh,
I'll find my way come morning, and just enjoy the night.
A ways forth a pale light shone,
Brighter, brighter how it glows!
Then hear the song of fae,
And am suddenly glad to stay
A procession swoons through the trees,
Cracking branches, twirling leaves
They sing of rain, shout for spring,
And tell tales of most unnatural things
Pan flutes wail, voices chime,
A strong heaviness tugs my eyes
I let the world fly past my head
Of a flower patch, I make a bed.
When I wake, I am alone
No siren song,
Or fae parade
I find I am where I began
Upon the hill
In the twisted grove
Oh how true I love my home!
The culmination. This was fun.
Uta Jun 14
Wolves lurking through the trees,

hunting, surviving in the cold breeze.

Monsters hiding beneath the ground,

killing and slaughtering everyone around.

He who searches the sky,

will find the stars amplify.

Witches, wizards, elves, and dwarves,

they all fight for something that isn't yours.

Wealthy or poor they are all the same,

dying and living is just a game.

Do not be fooled by the allure,

it can trick you into thinking obscure.
Comment and tell me what you think.
Inspired by the Witcher 3 Lullaby of Woe.
Please, if you have a better name title for this poetry, tell me.
Alienpoet Jun 14
You never see my pain
behind the cold rain
I hide them all the same
A so called weirdo
I don’t choose to schizophrenic
it’s God’s epidemic
when the cave man called to the divine
when he spoke to the trees
as gods when he believed
did you think the ones who didn’t believe
tormented him yes they probably did
but without looking outside our shell
we can’t see heaven or hell
and if you don’t look science as well.
Annett Jun 11
A winding road leads to a hidden grove,
Which is itself a capsule of serenity
I selfishly proclaim it for you and me,
Possesivily stake it as my own,
This haven of beauty

Golden rays pour from the branches of sap filled Pines
The light sinks low,
The winds they blow constant
Air whips through leaves and petals and ruffles your hair so perfectly

In the center of the grove, flowers grow
White and purple
Blue and pink
They grow proudly from the earth, with just enough space in between
A space that you and I can meet

So come
Meet me in the flowers,
Hold me as the sun dips behind a city of trees
Fill a pocket with seeds,
Let's see what we can make
In the barren patch just aside the flowers
We can form another haven,
Beside this one so heaven sent

Just meet me in the flowers please.
Nature amiright
Demonatachick Jun 11
Life surrounds me, theres no escape, theres no recluse in this bustling landscape.

Suffocating in green as the leafy trees lean, they're arms embrace as lovers bringing shade to endless summers.

But truly they are one to admire when all I do is rebuff and respire.
May change the ending later I hope everyone is having a great summer
I drove past the tree
that saved me many times
when I was so young
it reached it's limbs and called me in
and I would wile away the hours
watching the world move below
blind to my hiding place
I held tight as the cruel older kids
walked by
looking for me to belittle and abuse

my friend has withered in the waning years
his bold trunk now dry and hunched
his strong broad reaching arms now drooped
by his side
I'm not sure on which limb I carved my initials
or what side I buried those baseball cards
in a sandwich bag and my Dad's cigar box
he got me through those early years
my sanctuary
my protector
I catch a final glimpse in the rear view
I have to smile as it looks as if his top limb waves to me
but I know it's just the breeze
when I was a kid I spent hours climbing and hiding out in a tree just outside my backyard
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