Phi 1d

I bet I could be an oak
if I tried hard enough

Extend my roots
maybe branch out a little
lead with my leaves

Reach for the sky!

Let my bark ring true
through the sea of trees
Watered by rain
Fed by sun
Raised in Earth
Forbidden arcana
Written before me
Enters and becomes me
I am interfaced
Masters plant
Seeds of dissidence
Sow it, silently,
Fingers steepled,
Reap it and/
Or rape people
No excitement here
But platitudes
Robots grow popular
Flesh is set
Metal gradience
That makes an android, though
Augmented human in control
Algorithms brought, bought and sold
Set your digital
Daily reminders
I am mechana
I am arcana
I am logos
I am ubik
I am control
Driving dirty
Abusing weaponry
Sipping coffee
Six dollar chocolate
Kings and Queens
Up in the clouds
Plebeians convinced
Live beyond your means
Knees and forehead lean
Always deep for the ground
There is no cure, because
This is just us
Human condition
Try gazing out
Cast your doubts
To hungry fish
Beautiful sunset,
Isn't it?
Death is frozen
Life is ablaze
End of day comes
Til you don't breathe
No more
End of day comes
Ointment or balm
Get lost in violet
Hues of pullution
Stand akimbo within
The blood orange palms
Where have all the honeybees gone?
Without honey everyone alive shall soon vanish,
And the world will diminish

So I'm down on my knees, Begging the Lord please,
O' please, please, please, Save the Honeybees
Sprinkle the world with pollen, even if we sneeze,
And save the pretty flowers and the trees
L 3d
Meticulous and true. They are so careful. So skilled. Deftly and with a swift and sure hand, the words,    
Oh the words, they flow like a brooke. The one in the forest, you know the one. The one out there, out far. In the deep of the wood, over root, under canopy. Through the branches you have to look real hard. And the hard part is not knowing at all what youre looking for. And then there,    
After an eternity and in an instant it is there infront of you. What you have been looking for. A vast clearing. Wide and open. The sun glints through the salt-and-peppered leaf roof. It crawls and stretches and lightly caresses everything you lay your eyes upon. Even matte mossy rocks, they seem to shine. You look down and it caresses you as well. Gentle and warm the embrace that you cant quite put your finger on. The location. The origin. It is everywhere, it surrounds you. Close your eyes. Embrace the sun back. But i digress my digression. The brook. It flows over, around, through. There is no stopping the water. It is relentless, it WILL get to its destination. You cannot change its mind. It is immovable.

That is what it is. It is beauty.

I know i should not compare. There is beauty in it all. But, goodness, the feelings invoked when reading others' poetry in admiration.
Brooke brook, glints?
Yeah my grammar. I break the rules sometimes. But im allowed to because i have learned them.
Cypress grow along
my touch; venture out beyond
my forehead; seize it

Their needle points pierce
my eardrums, and silence is
all they've ever heard

From me-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
I am a tree
At least, that’s how I see myself right now
My leaves have turned green and inevitably they will fall off and I will become barren, even the trees change
But we don’t want them to
I always admired my strength, though lately I am not strong
I feel the warmth of the late spring breeze on my skin
Something I waited for all winter,
But now that it’s here it feels wrong
Everyone is in a blissful stupor
Screaming none-sense at the local bar
Fucking and flirting with intoxication
Drowning whatever sorrow or filling whatever void with mindless stupid things
I hate them
I hate the men brawling in the streets, after a night cocking about trying to impress females
Silence can be comfortable which is why I’m drawn to winter
Spring is a hopeful time, but how come it’s never easier each time you have to pick yourself back up?
Twenty eight and I don’t know what I’m doing
Two months, coasting through this tangible blissful bullshit proud for all the wrong reasons
Maybe I never had anything
The trees sway, rustling of leaves through the breeze
I can’t imagine they enjoy when they lose their leaves, either.
The weather undecided
settles for rain,
then stops again.

Skies a wishy washy blue,
then offish white,
then back to blue.

Raindrops hit
the windowpane,
tear-like they run
down the glass
or pitter-patter
leaving spits and splashes
on the pane,
then dry up again.

The trees look bedraggled,
their leaves hang limply
with raindrops that cling;
flowers battered
and stooping or seeming
battle hard they hold
their heads up straight
like warriors of old
keeping the enemy
from the gate.

The weather undecided
settles for a settled calm,
skies smudged blue
with dark tinted clouds,
the birds take to wings
in the settled sky,
as I in my armchair sit
or on my bed lie.
Iska Aug 11
Snow looks like it's striped the world
Striped it down to the bones
And trees are knobbly fingers
Clawing towards the dreary sky
CeilingStar Aug 10
the forest in June

i can feel the trees breathing, the wind whirring past their twirling leaves
the bark is course and clammy beneath my hands, notches and winding paths telling my palm a story of ages past
i can almost reach out and grasp the dancing smell of pine and wisps of a cloying floral tone
it's almost too heavy to breathe, and yet it fills my lungs with omnipotent liquid sun
flowers snake into my throat and down, deep into my chest
settling their roots like worms on my diaphragm
i exhale deeply and my breath leaks out like a creeping fog
it dissipates and past it my eyes bleed onto my cheeks,
dazzlingly delightful colours fill my vision, blossoming over my brain
and all I can think is how wonderful it must be
for my heart of green
to belong to the breeze

jas Aug 9
we all coexist within another.
father time, granting us a constant movement of life
a cloaked, bearded man with the power of an hourglass.
an endless cycle of highs and lows effecting the world
as above so below.
alas, without love, the earth would turn to dust
drawn together, since the beginning of eternity
father time founded mother earth.
intertwined out of chaos, a nurturer was born.
to create out of love,
trees alongside the sea
time never catching up to the speed of light
equality of the unknown, transpiring its purpose to live
granted, the universe aligns in peace
nirvana at its peak
solely, as an individiual
we seek the hidden purpose
beyond ones navigation of life
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