Mr Uku 1d

Today I went out for a walk,
I went all round the park.
I went out in the daytime
Cos I hates it when it’s dark.
I saw a lot of walking dogs
And trees and birds as well.
I even saw a heron
Eat a whole crab in its shell.
The park has lots of spaces
Where you can have a run.
Or benches where us fat arse types
Sit down to eat a bun.
So go and have an explore
of your local friendly park.
I’m sure that you will love it.
Go out and have a lark.

Parks are ace! If you have a park, go and use it before someone decides to charge entry. And for feck's sake, look after the damn thing!

why don't we
plant more of these

below the many benefits
of trees shall be shown
and how wonderful it is
to see them fully grown

neath a goodly shading oak
we can shelter from the sun
whilst children run around it
having tons and tons of fun

the precipitation process
needs trees for dousing rain
were we to be without
them life wouldn't sustain

spreading tree roots keep
the soil's profile stable
by meshing together in
an excellent natural cable

why don't we
plant more of these

1,000 years the olive tree stood.
And would still be standing, if only  it could.
Some “settlers” uprooted the ancient tree,
whose beauty and majesty they could not see.
The “desert,” for millennia,  bloomed with life,
long before “Israel” was founded with strife.
Brooklynites now pave hills and build pools,
sucking up water—those fanatics and fools.
For thousands of years people lived on this land,
and life ebbed and flowed, at nature’s command.
Settlers claim “God” told them to supplant
the Arabs,  the animals and native plants.
What type of god would give such commands?
To sow hatred and strife, and deplete God’s own lands?

"Settlers" illegally displace Palestinians, with the help of the Israeli army. There are limited water resources and the building of suburban-like communities destroys trees as well as people's lives.

Do you remember when time stood still
skipping naked, happy, upon Spring Hill?
Warm westerlies, do rebirth dominate,
brushing the flowers, each one to pollinate.

Do you remember when time stood still
running naked, joyful, upon Summer Hill?
Hot south wind, sun growth it gifts,
providing life, as Nature's head it lifts.

Do you remember when time stood still
walking naked, tired, upon Autumn Hill?
Cool easterlies, the harvest to reap,
just preparing, waiting, for the annual sleep.

Do you remember when time stood still
laying naked, spent, upon Winter Hill?
Chill north wind, the snows to bring,
patient, listening, to the universe sing.

Do you remember when time stood still
exposed and naked upon Season's Hill?
No rain, no sun, no wind nor breeze,
could disturb the silence of the Trees.

© Pagan Paul (29/11/16)

Old poem. PPx

Closing my eyes,
reality slips away
and so do I.
I open them again,
and breathe in deeply.
I feel alive as the world spins,
and it seems as though
everything has a double.
The violet trees begin to dance,
encircling me and enticing me
with their trance.
And the grass upon which I lay
grows taller and taller by the second.
I feel myself engulfed by them,
but it is a new feeling
I wish to endure.
I feel so unified with nature,
unlike I've ever felt before.
There are faces surrounding me,
but they do not look normal to me.
They remind me of Picasso
and of Van Gogh.
Twisted perceptions of life
with extra flares of color when needed.
And these faces reach out to me,
far beyond what is humanly possible,
and lift me up to the clouds.
Among the clouds I soar,
feeling as light as a feather
when flying past the busy birds.
I hope I never land,
I love being this high up
and away from the troubles of this earth.
It's beautiful up here.

originally written 6/28/16
Hannah Apr 15

I am walking
an ancient path.
It is worn down,
by thousands of those
who walked before me.
I am honored
to know I'm following
the footsteps
of my ancestors.
I can feel their spirits
walking beside me,
guiding me,
urging me to listen
to the tales of the trees.
They are so very old,
and whisper secrets
to wandering souls.
If you listen closely,
you will hear them speak
in the ruffling leaves.
If you are quiet,
you will hear
them tell their tales
of those who walked
long before you.

Autumn Apr 13

Trees are wiser.
Trees are stronger.
Trees are most content.

Trees are taller.
Trees live longer.
Trees do not need shelter.

Trees are tougher.
Trees don't complain.
Trees have the most secrets and stories untold.

Trees are rooted deep.
Trees reach the clouds.
Trees provide homes to animals,
and us.

The greatest providers.
Trees are incomprehensible.
Trees have been since the beginning of time.

If you need advice...
Ask a nearby tree.

A college campus at seven pm is some sort of liminal space. I sit with my back to a staircase and face towards a window, through which the blinding light of the sun filters through the clouds. The chairs are given a faint, grey glow. Outside, I'm sure the sky would be a dusty pink or orange, were it not for the thick blanket of storm clouds looming in the distance.
My friends are in class. Rather, my boyfriend and my girlfriend are.
The tree outside is moving slightly, almost imperceptibly. The door next to me opens, and a gust of icy wind whooshes towards my table.
A girl coughs.
The sounds of the cafeteria cooks bustling behind me almost covers up the small, almost inaudible hum of an unknown machine in an unknown location.
I don't know how I feel.

Alan Brown Apr 11

gnarly wooden tentacles
itch at Earth's gritty soul,
puncture its spongy surface,
& descend into the deep.

the strands of juvenile oak
maneuver the hickory soil,
strangle desolate tectonic pipes,
& ravenously slurp the dwindling liquid within.  

this is how it began.

slithering branches hiss at the sun,
& suffocate the placid sky in  
crusty juniper leaves;
like infantry banners they flutter
triumphantly in the erratic, apocalyptic air.

beneath them lies the fractured animal kingdom,
scavenging on rationed rain and sunlight
drizzling through the foliage gaps;
this is the cost of conquest,
punishment for a war unwisely waged.
humanity spurred by ambition
falls victim to the wrath of the forest
& subsequently into eternal darkness.

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