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Henry 5d
I'm on the Metra today
The snow outside is teal or green
Like the Caribbean in cartoons
But here 2 ladders lean on the same tree
A lover's suicide
The coldest Caribbean I've ever seen
The church's sign scrolls by
"ght in the Lor"
And we're gone
The train rumbles on
Bridges cover bridges
New! Tower of Babel (coming soon!)
A couple thinks they're subtle 3 rows up
Michael Jackson marries Elvis's daughter
He didn't go to the wedding
There's no Jewels Osco's in Georgia
But the houses here exude the same drab comfort
A deer stands next to a storage locker
The train rumbles on
I'm smuggling beer back to the dorm
Like the good college student my mom wants me to be
I don't have my phone on me
I've never felt more alone
Or free
I explain what happened to the guy who checks tickets
I dropped it in the floorboard of my friend's car
Right before the train arrived
He believes me thank god
I focus again on what's outside the window
And now it's just trees
Skeletal and bare
The train rumbles on
I actually wrote this before the others in this series but I only just found the paper I wrote this on a little bit ago
Paul Idiaghe Apr 30
you are the hand
hauling back
my cries. my mother’s
mother hardened
from dust.
you are almost
my eyes.

you are not sky
or frozen air.
i suspect  
you have no skin.

love is my left
wing smacked
on your pane
that i mistook
for an open door.

i let the nights
do their undoing
of my feathers into light.
maybe this way
you would welcome me.
written after Diane Di Prima’s poem on the same title.
kayzamo Apr 28
Who are all of you?
What are you?
Am I human like you too?
If so, then why is there a pane of glass
Separating me from you?

I've been out here in the cold,
Looking in my whole life.
I once tried knocking on the glass;
Gently tapping with my fingertips -
I think Famous Blue Raincoat was playing too loud
For any of you to hear.

Just when I was ready to accept my fate:
Freeze to death and meet my maker -
She took my gloved hand in her own
So we could both look in together.
I gladly accept critiques. Thanks!
So impossible Tuesday.

Awaiting decay.
As orange blossom.
In tidal pools.
When it's just right.
Change, reminds me.
Going creaking in the night.
Desperate woods.
In hallways.
But only.
Thank you.

Garrett Johnson.
100 paintbrushes in your basement talk in dusty cyan.
Sindi Apr 23
Dear eyes
You are lucky to have each other.
You complement each other plus you always see eye to eye.
You come in all shapes, sizes, colours.
Are you a reflection of the soul?

I like you when you twinkle.
I like it when you are real.
I like to make you real with a pencil and notepad.
I like you when you are present.
I like you when you are focused

When you are fixed on the goal.
Through you, I can dream.
Through you I see vanity.
Through you, deep secrets are confessed.

Dear eyes
You make scared sometimes with TV and social media.
I don’t want to stare or to look away either.
Tell me dear eyes how do I unsee what I have seen?

I think you are life’s most beautiful gift.
Tell me dear eyes is all that you see real?
Is it true that you keep memories of an entire lifetime?
Right before someone dies you press relay?

I remember seeing you red and wondering why?
Then I was told that someone broke your heart.
I remember seeing you green and wondering why?
Then I was told that you saw something that made you envious.
I remember seeing you twinkle ad wonder why?
Then I was told that someone made your day
Jay Apr 13
Drowsily dreaming the dreary day away,
I lean 'gainst the sill, looking out on the city.
Deep sighs cascade from my open mouth
Before I close my eyes and hum a diddy,
Remembering the people who've shown me pity,
As the train rattles on heading south.
David Naumann Mar 27
Blackbird sitting on the windowsill,
out of the cage and still not knowing.
Trying to think of flying or staying still,
as not wanting to stay but no point in flying.

Blackbird looking out to the ground outside,
seeing other birds flying up, up and away.
Dreaming of a chance to break free and soar in the skies,
being grounded by the thought that today is not the day.

Today is not the day to fly,
fly with the pain of everything associated with departure.
Today is not the day to say goodbye,
goodbye to all the bad and the good whichever is harder.

Blackbird looking out the window and just hopin',
without realizing the window was open.
Do you clip your own wings?
Lunar Mar 24
And just like a picture frame
that holds a precious memory,
I looked at you through my car window,
Hoping you'll remember me.

That's what happens in photographs—
You're frozen in time.
And the next thing I knew,
I was saying goodbye.
goodbye, to the view. and goodbye, to you.

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