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Shofi Ahmed Sep 16
When the eternal night
once again wraps up the sun
the Moon opens the window
to the forever countless stars!
annh Sep 15
As the twilight contracts
And outstretching sleep escapes me,
The darkness offers me its small hand to hold,
Sighing gratefully for the flame I place in the window
To pass the night through.

Ian Sep 13
I watch the grass die
Right outside my window

First it’s green
Then it’s yellow
Then it’s brown

The next day I watch the rain fall right outside my window
And the grass grows back

First it’s brown
Then it’s yellow
Then it’s green
Daniel Sep 10
have any
person close
to me, a person
I can turn to when
things get tough &
I have no place left
to             call home,
no             roof´s left
that could be above
my head. Not even
the door of a friend
would be willing to
open for me to enter

                                                          ­                                                  Danny
tried something new
Tap tap
Does the rain against the glass
As I blow my nose another time,
And wish I wasn't sick.
A "poem" every day.
Trout Sep 2
Change watts, for sale, for sale
Oil on the stop sign rubs out the words
Ventriloquist of a devil Jesus mannequin
Behind the ***** window muted colors
Hearing Radio Disney at night and seeing none of it until I’m older
But now my bus died on the phone
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