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Hannah 1d
As I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A beautiful person looking right back at me.
Staring softly into my eyes,
wondering ever so much about how time flies.
Every night I'm thinking about you,
as I stare out my window at the view.
Those days in the past will always be treasured,
but were sadly too short to even be measured.
I'm looking back on all the good times,
remembering all that I have seen with my own two eyes.
Marri 3d
(I snuck out of the house yesterday.)

Don’t make a sound.

The window holds my reflection in it,
It tells me,
“Don’t do this.”
“This isn’t you.”

I ignore the pleas.
I unlatch the bars,
And lift the window open.
It squeaks.

Be quiet.
Don’t make a sound.

I pull the screen up along with the window,
I squeeze through the opening.
This is it.

I feel the grass under my feet,
Freshly misted with dew.
The crickets chirp,
“What are you doing?”

I continue on.

I run through the grass,
Leaving footprints behind as evidence.

My feet hit the pavement.
Rocks digging into skin.
The night renders me blind.

The moonlight shines down on me,
“Where are you going?”

I reply,
“To see my love.”

I’m half way down the street.
I feel you there with me.
I feel you warm right there.

The dogs caged in the neighbors yard howl,
“Turn back! You shouldn’t do this.”

I look at them,
With finger over lips.
Don’t make a sound.

I reach a slow.
Legs burning, out of breath.

A car slowly hums behind me.

I get in.

The seat hot against my thighs.

“Buckle up.”

I comply.
The engine turns over,
And everything that was forward is now behind.

We pull into an abandoned parking lot—
You know, the one by the 66 Diner.

The car stops.
Seats creaking,
You turn to me.

Windows fogged,
With your tongue pressed to the inside of my cheek.

Car dark,
With my tongue pressed to the inside of your teeth.

Be quiet.

I have to be back by dawn—
No one can know that I left.

‘Till then.
The night is ours, Chase.
I laugh at old people
        out the window.

Then realise I'm looking at a mirror
Haley Apr 29
I just want a glass pane.
I just want to know the truth, only the truth,
Please, nothing but the truth.
I’m only begging because I’m sick of all the lies.

I want a glass pane,
Because then I would be able to see your lies through my vivid reflection.
Maybe then I wouldn’t have to pretend,
Or I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed by the words flowing out of your mouth.

I want a glass pane.
I want it so that I can look out of it with confidence,
Like how you look at the window and you see the weather.
Maybe then I can see who you truly are.

I want a glass pane.
I want it so that I know what you’re thinking.
I need it so I can protect my only thing I own.
If I get it, maybe then I'll be safe.

Maybe I wouldn’t need a glass pane if you were honest.
Maybe I wouldn’t need it if you told me what you were thinking.
Maybe I wouldn’t need this ******* glass pane if you never violated my privacy and teamed up to lie in my face without me knowing.
But you did all of that ****.
So I really need this glass pane.
-this hurt to write
SAME Apr 28
My world, my my.
I open my window to hear the morning magpie.
I'm no longer inside, four walls deep.
Captured by the pecking thoughts that keep me from my sleep.

No no,
now is not the time.
The sun rises over my window shelf and the world is all mine.
Just the quiet moment before it all starts to rustle.
Begging questions and feet that shuffle.

No no,
this moment is all mine to have,
the morning air is a veil to all the thoughts I once had.
But not now seekers,
now is not the time.
My window is open and the world is all mine.

And when a voice rips through the air and takes this all from me.
I'll check the time,
I'll fall in line,
and tell the rabbit to wait for me.
IMCQ Apr 28
The eyes are the window to the soul?

When you look at me do you see the cracked pane

Of a heavy prison door?

The image distorted beyond recognition,

It must be apart of your imagination.

The smoke and agony behind that panel of glass.

With a soul so tainted,

How could anyone smile?
Push through!
James Apr 26
The rain pounding outside my window
The gods’ righteous anger manifested
Lightning and thunder, their weapons
And I, the victim bested

If I run naked into the storm,
and let the torrent strip me bare,
will the neighbors think I’ve gone mad?
Or will they even care?
James Apr 24
Steps and laughter downstairs
A fraternity in its usual chaos
You crawled in through the window
To indulge in his hidden desires

A friendly greeting before the sin is committed
A mattress on the floor, blankets in swirls
Sit on the edge as he beckons you over
The black night, the sole witness

He’s cold despite the warmth of his touch
His dark eyes shine with a sense of discontent
He holds you softly, but it’s never enough
For you to feel loved, nor for him to love himself

Not a word was spoken, an unceremonious ******
No reciprocation, no lingering emotion
The loathing wafts through the air like steam
As he fixates on the disheveled ground

Retrieve your sweater from below
Go reconnect with your old friend, the night
Out the window from whence you came
He won’t even watch you leave
Lushi Apr 23
looking through the netted window
i feel a mosquito biting on my
bare shoulder.

the winds at night have gotten
the air at noon has gotten

i stand wishing
upon my return to the beach;
see the old men fishing
the waves
just out of reach.

quarantine has made me wonder
if i matter to another,
and everytime
the answer
stays the same.
Back at home
I have a beach
only 40 minutes away
by bus.
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