The tree branches are gnarled fingers,
                                          clawing for the moon

  As the wolf sings and the winds howl,
they sway
                                          lonely, thinking of doors

Doors that they search for, so they can
open it,
                                               and bask in Spring
Another Sijo for the night.
Just been staring out of my window into the night and wrote down what I saw.
I'm just experimenting with the layout too! ^-^
Hope you enjoy it! ^-^
Got a long day ahead tomorrow!
Thanks everyone.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
On an old windowsill of a crooked windowpane in a beaten house
Lies a window-moth on a dirty window cloth.
drained, defeated, and done
Time and again,
It tattered its wings and shattered its face,
plunged at the glass, losing its grace.
She's drawn to a dim light
spilled through a cracked window
into the darkness of the room.
Like a waking terror of the night,
With one half there and the other out of sight.
Hallucinating a pathway through fantasy
  Seeking clarity in rays of insanity
Contained by a glass and wooden frame.
painfully numb,
with an urge to move forward
A consuming obsession,
to make it to the Moon.
That lambent orb in the skies
A brilliant ball full of lies
Ignorant to the impenetrable mass,
or the number of miles between the moon and glass.
No matter how much it desires,
No matter how much it tires,
No matter how large the power of will,
The glass is unbreakable,
the goal unattainable,
The truth unbearable.
The Godforsaken feeling,
of seeing, and believing,
yet never achieving.
inspired by night terrors, where one is conscious in sleep and can do almost nothing to get away. Reminds me of a moth chasing a light, unaware of the glass window keeping it there
Silver lights shimmer
Tranquil peace from the moon
Its touch makes all rest

The moon stares at me
Deep into my very soul,
that's broken and bruised

She sees me naked
My true self that's so afraid
to keep moving on

But she calms me down
She shows me my inner light
The light I must spread
On the window sill currently, emotionally drained but still here none the less.
Today was so emotionally draining...
There's something so comforting about the moonlight, I feel like it seems who I really am inside.
Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind comments and support.
It means the world to me.
today i'm dead
and I resurrected

or I died yesterday
when the window was
stars and fire

today i'm dead
and took the torch with him

and the birds sing again on the street

right now
I sit and look out the window
in one's head

I'm all in a sweat
very hot
and summer roast in the head

the water in the head
the water is making it's way

but where is the river

river by the window
in the form of a hot summer
and again in my head

Lily Jul 8
When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And look down,
I see the big old air conditioner compressor,
Rusty after decades of use
In Michigan’s sometimes-90s summers.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And glance left,
I see the faithful church,
Where I’ve spent almost as much of my life in as this house,
Where I’ve met my best friends.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And view right,
I see the standard size basketball hoop,
That I’ve dribbled under my whole life,
That has seen countless children attempt at its rim.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And overlook the church’s parking lot,
I see the large backyard,
Where I’ve kicked innumerable soccer balls,
And dug limitless snow forts.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And gaze into the past,
I see you and me,
Riding around in that PowerJeep,
And that dent we put in the church.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And contemplate what’s in the present,
I see the crooked basketball hoop,
The steeple that lost its cross,
And the dead tree we don’t have the heart to tear down.

When I’m looking out my bedroom window,
And focus on the future,
I see a million different scenarios
Playing out in my head,
And I don’t even know which one I want.

All I know is nothing’s
Going to get done now,
My future isn’t going to be decided,
My life isn’t going to make itself,
While I’m just gazing out my bedroom window.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 6
Grass sways soft and still
Sweet chorus and cry from far
Birds swoop and soar high
Sun is shining, the birds are singing!
I have a feeling today will be a good day!
Time in my eyes
Time in my window
Time in my mind
Time in my ears
Oh time!
Oh time...
Oh why!
Oh why...
Don't kill me!
Don't try!
Save me!
Save me!
Oh great Time!
Oh great...

Dominique R Jun 23
Afternoon light streaming through the window, a tight hug, playful words, an awkward conversation with strangers, blissful unawareness of anyone else because your arms wrapped around me is all I am aware of.
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