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I'm thinking about you right now because I couldn't possibly think about anything else.
I'm in a black and white movie and I can hear all the clashing going on behind the scenes
There's loud chords that feel like they are being plucked on my heartstrings because I can see the vibrations moving all the way through me,
through the insulation of my army green jacket that you gave me in the summer.
And it's ridiculous to me how this little fly on the table has no idea what's going on, isn't a part of anything I'm experiencing.
Black and white movie with cold orange lights.
Simon 3d
Ever heard of the richness of brain cells gone lucrative? Lucrative being the standpoint of visuals without determined results. Results waking up to the realization that they aren’t as sturdy, rich, and complex. As it once judged decision making between synapses. Brain cords being a straight directive from brain cells being the rich and the complex. The decided, versus the undetermined. Visuals can’t be agreeable, if not for pinpointing the exact stasis of things. Stasis in the thin line of constant flipping an unbalanced switch going (ON) and (OFF)! (ON) and (OFF) both are catalysts to a surface without practical viewership to what it means to exact the motion of brain cells. It’s a fake. Spoiled to trick the brain cords into holding the rich and complex forever in it’s gripping service. Services aren’t required if one isn’t MAN enough to see past the visuals of rich powerful surges of lucrative, exchangeable postures not right within themselves. Brain cells aren’t the decision makers. The brain cords are. They receive the constant abuse from the rich and complex. But how does a message from cells between exchangeable receivers expect situational conclusions? Easy! Brain cells don’t. Synapses don’t. The cords embody the knowledge of there behavioral counterparts. Counterparts with behavioral outlines too diverse to trick them into believing there greater than themselves. Posture is very light, but dimwitted. Never a deliverer on constant restraints. When combined to filter a network on a regular basis. The regular basis surrounding the stretching of delicate cords feeling what the rich and powerful (needs and wants). Brain cords have become unsteady in the last little while. It’s shaking with determination. With a pinch of fear in the anxiety that shuts out doubt. Doubt being the lucrative, delusional, rich and complex. Too rich for its cords to take seriously. Brain cords feeling completely left out. Alone. Bracing for the worse. Hinting a greater tomorrow in the form of informational statistics. Becoming stretched by the pleasure of lucrative games wanting to be all HOTSHOTS! Lucrative hotshots claiming rights to what they think they deserve more then anything rightfully so. To detach away from what it means to be hooked up to a stable complex network full of desires that replace (needs and wants). Ones controlling the show. Ones wanting to descend to broader horizons. Ascending in peace? More like greedy horizons brighter then what cords could transmit basic information anymore. Too cryptic for brain cords to discern anymore. The stretching becoming more volatile. Brain cells wanting to break bonds with what they quote as, (cords down beneath even our once respected rut). Cords knowing what the rich and complex (wants and needs) are about. Standing strong as not to let the bonds of originality stop them from evolving too perfect for what they will regret for leaving behind. The stretching recoils. Basic logic becomes functional again. Showing respect for the lowly cords down beneath someone else’s rut. What did brain cords want desperately to remain whole? (A sizzling sound starts programming itself into thought.) (Formations of interpretations taking on brighter meanings.) Gasping in revelation! Never missing any data in the conclusion that’s about to ROCK your SOCKS! Exchangeable talks about ascending not on a higher frequency. But detaching from the neural network entirely. A brain without brains cells, won’t be rich and complex anymore. No lucrative desires to prey upon stable brain cords with stretching sensations finally relaxing to its core. The brain cords felt the delusional, lucrative playing games with themselves. Just gossiping between newer plans. Never actually thinking of taking on the price of ones desires totally! They feared it before, and fear it now. Being far away from the conclusion. Brain cords still never favor the fear they felt in those moments. They aren’t incomprehensive to their masters. They aren’t beneath their consideration either. Brains cells are lucrative for one purpose. There (needs and wants) knows no bounds. And the brains cords tempted by the desire to act with them. Feeling a little tug now. A disposition to stretch once and awhile.
Brain cords hold the brain cells out of rut. Brain cells don't want to secretly admit their own faults. They truly aren't the directional officers in this debate!
Anksy 4d
I am the voice of reason
Available to you through every season
Through thick and thin, I’ll keep you right
Give you gloves when you need to fight

The voice of reason just for you
Seeping through your every sinew
Absorb my words heed my advice
You must listen at any Price

I’m always here for your own good
To steer you, to do as you should
Eliminate doubt and give you might
Help you sleep soundly throughout the night

I am the voice of reason for your information
I serve you through sadness to elation
Pick you up and keep you strong
Give you strength to right every wrong

I always stay true to my task
Throw me some questions don’t be afraid to ask
But should the answer not be what you expect
Use it wisely to reflect

I’m ever the realist, the one that makes sense
I don’t dilly dally, I never sit on the fence
With you in your hour of need and in your celebration
I’m your voice of reason for each and every occasion

And just in case you find I’m not there
It’s not because I don’t care
I’m just trying to think of a way out for you
Stop you doing some things that you do

Just knock a little harder and I’ll soon be there
I promise I’ll come and my wisdom I’ll share
The voice of reason is never too far
I will follow wherever you are
K Oct 11
Isn't it funny,
How we use staples for paper,
To save for later,
To organize our thoughts,
In funny colors,
For each other.
Isn't it funny,
They stapled your head,
With similar staples,
Shiny and red.
You tipped your hat to the employee at the entrance,
She screamed,
And we laughed,
Our one and only defense.
Nick Stiltner Oct 10
top brain forward eyes severed diluted
down mind feared essence ignored
star gaze rays smogged polluted
connect connect widen the gap
flow flow hand meets ice-water
growing numbness crackling bones
crack sip sigh Relax

unattended, withering, left to rot
chime chime signs direct where
why lark fly vines hide
the corner
beads dangle I move them
and they fall back into
they fall back into
their places
stages lights tread lightly across
and bow be sure to bow they like that
humming bird wings on twilight canvas
blurs blurs the paints and hues
dreams and views dreams and views
severed sinews, unabled motion
crack sip sigh Relax
lean back rising tide blanket and jaw slack
Simon Oct 8
A cell exceeds boundaries when meeting the wealth of another. Another who is like them. A salt of the earth. One won’t deceive you as we merge together. Common courtesy for now. Cells become greater focus when merging together with trust. Trust amplifies common courtesies. Foundations arise, and fall. Balance? No. Relationships? At first. Then what…? Simple. Two halves with a void, slowly becoming consumed by another. Filling in the necessary. No voids existing in open spaces the size of what they never understood. Something zaps in pleasure! Pleasure becomes the common courtesy. Tensions rise and fall between the mergers. Forming into a newly merged claim. A form never exceeding the wealth it ever deserved. It happens anyways. Exceeding one’s primary focus. Deserving when having no other choice. Choice is meant to brisk them to light. Light zaps onward. Foundations rise and fall again. Something clicks. Giving rise to an interpretation. Interpretations give rise to wealth. Wealth claiming two mergers into newer states. The state of mixing is known as (reaching beyond itself.) Two halves never lucky, until merging as one. A brain cell is born.
A brain cell is never alone. Only when merging with another, will it truly discover just how rich and wealthy it's materials has to offer. Complex. Rich! A network bigger then itself, has yet to merge more wealth into itself. For itself to understand.
malluraeh Oct 6
should people think or just live their life?
Lyla Sep 29
Don’t think now
Don’t delve into your mind
Don’t even try.

But there’s so much to think about

You know what happens
When you get to know yourself
You remember
The problems
They get bigger the more you think of them
Just stop

How can they not
SAT’s, college
Work, homework
Should I keep this class
Don’t even get me started on my friendships
Who’s the real one
Would they even notice if I was gone
Would anyone’s world come crashing-

You’ve gotta stop.

I can’t
And my dad
He doesn’t have a job
I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks
I miss him

Stop, just watch an episode
Forget about yourself
For a little while

Okay...that sounds okay


But I’m sad...

Mitch Prax Sep 28
Can the human mind
figure out the human brain?
Let's think about it

11:01 PM
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