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I find myself too lazy
to lift or ****** my pen

I've got my words, aplenty
thoughts ladies, and women

Sometimes its best to keep inside
the sewer of my brain

So here I'll rest, and hide
the pleasures and the pain

No ink to page today, my friends
but rest assured, I will
this is a pause, and not the end
of hot ink that flows
from the fountain and
my quill
Hehehe, **** is still just **** ;D
I seem to have it in abundance LOL
Oh how I knew
that I had too much to do

but instead of doing what needed to be done
I sat around and did none

too many things are on my brain
I almost feel like Cain

but instead of Abel being my brother
I am killing another

another me
a productive we

A me who could see the things to be done
but alas the current me had outrun.
I have an accounting midterm tomorrow so instead i'm writing poems
Specs 2d
Always listen to your body,
But don’t always trust the mind.
your flesh and bones want happiness,
Your brain won’t be so kind.
Asante' 4d
Someone please take me to Dreamland.
Put me on the fastest flight,
'Cause while you slept and slumbered sweetly,
I was wide awake all night.
So if you know the way to Dreamland,
Put the address in my brain,
So I can journey on to find it,
Somewhere where my world is sane.
maddie 7d
You convinced me to go home with you
After a night of good fun
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you
How could I have been so dumb ?

It started out with a kiss
A little bitter from the wine
I was in a state of bliss
Everything was just fine

But then I froze in shock
Your hands were down my shirt
I couldn't even move
As your hand went up my skirt

I wanted you to stop
But I was petrified by your actions
The sweet man I knew
Became a monster needing satisfaction

You took what you wanted
I couldn't stop you
You left marks on my body
***** my mind too
Knowledge is like a sun
That swallows all mourn
Every single day never flunks
Creates my brain cell bonds
And makes my soul fond.

I genuinely adore knowledge
Because I know how dumb I am
And my brain is useless lamp
Adorn with only music jam
Priceless knowledge I feed my brain
To make it damp
In surviving this hideous *****!
Follow every track on my vein
And you can map out the pain
I use just to black out my brain
Captain deranged
Acting insane
Sat back with my backpack back in the rain
Blackout , snap back and I'm back in the game
Racking my brains don't want money but I'm begging for change but for now I'll keep acting the same trying to maintain in the main frame an keep focus on the main aim
Any way to rot the brain
Johnnie Woods Aug 19
The trees are amazing creations,
They've taken a dead matter, and formed
It into a shape of branches, twigs
And leaves, which like thoughts absorb the light,
grow, and produce the food,
fueled by the Energy,
the wonderful offspring of the Earth.
when my brain stops beating
and it stops festering in its perplexing notions
and stop-motion contraptions
it's veins and nerves
will turn into strings and wires
for bold machines and troubled moulds to gather
as it floats above the murky water
eating the life it rests amongst

tampering with the wildlife
it so valued, in its shelter
that is now broken
as it melts into the soil and becomes a stone of solitude
that looks upon the stars by the coast
and meditates along the margin of its past life
Flame Oct 30
The only time
I hear
My heart
At the same time,
Is when
They disagree
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