Amanda 1d
Thoughts are jumbled up
I am not sure what to say
I should not feel like this
Because you are far away

There are miles in between us
And neither of us is to blame
It's obvious you love her
By the way you speak her name

There is not much point in waiting
Wasting time hoping for romance
The lonely distance is too great
To try and grab a chance

Why am I still here
Still thinking about you?
She is all that's on your mind
I know I am not there too

My heart skips a beat
I lose track of time
The euphoria you make me feel
When you appear online

Do I cross your brain?
Does summer bring you back?
Is your head stuck around
The list of traits I lack?

And deep down I know
That you will never really see
How beautiful, and yet so sad it is
This love that will never be
This is about an old summer flame.. but distance drives people apart.
two hands
ten fingers
but only one poor brain
to try to keep
them straight
and not go too insane
A broken mirror.
Seems easy enough.
Broke into maybe 10 to 20 pieces.

Kind of like my mind 1 piece on the far North side of my brain another piece on the near South side and so on and so forth.

But all those big and tiny pieces can’t be put back together.

With glue you can still see the cracks.
With tape it never hold.

I guess the only thing you really can do is buy a new mirror.

Too bad you can’t do that with a Brain.

                            With love,
Bobcat May 11
I don't like my brain today.
It's bringing me down,
In more than one way.
It doesn't really matter
What anyone will say.

I really don't know why,
I always feel this way.
When it starts to get cold,
And the sky turns grey.

I don't want to be here today.
I tell my co-worker,
As he slowly walks away.
He agrees with me,
But knows not what I say

Please beg me to stay.
I need to feel wanted,
When I feel castaway.
Even though I won't listen,
Please tell me anyway.

Do I need to give you a reason,
Or a list to display?
I'm not sure I have the answer,
Cause my mind won't obey.

I wish my brain would decay.
I want to smell it rot,
In my bed I will lay.
Until I try to speak,
And no words will relay.

What else can I say?
Nothing really new I guess,
I don't wanna burden you today.
I'll shut my mouth now,
And just pretend I'm okay.
Jolan Lade May 10
I´m writing late
Is what I´m telleing my brain
Well we do have things in mind
It replys
Just thought about it
Read my brain ...

if you could feel me ...
if you could read my mind ...
you will see yourself ...
into my hot brain ...
naked body ...
dancing between my arms ...

oh babe ...
wish you could feel me ...
wish you read my mind now ...
to enjoy ...
as i'm enjoying you now ..
as i'm writing you ...
as a letters to my feelings  ...
with all my days ...
with it's second ...
even into my dreams ...
i write you ...
as the happiness ...
to my all longs ...

please feel me ...
come into my brain ...
and read my mind ...

good morning sweetheart ...

hazem al ...
Madison May 8
I want to drown my body in Malibu
Take my brain on vacation
For a couple hours
Leaving me feelin’ like
I can really taste the coconuts off the palm trees
And that the redness in my cheeks
Is indeed from a sunburn
I want to feel like I'm floating on waves
Take me as far away
From the shore as possible
I want to forget about all my troubles
While dancing to the L.A. music
Playing in my head
So take me away (to) Malibu,
My brain needs a fucking vacation from you.
enough said.
Ollie Bee May 3
Creature of my thoughts
Have you come to
I hope all is well with you
Though I wish
You'd stop banging against
The walls of my skull
I can hear you knocking
But you are not a welcome guest.
The only time you enter is when
You enter through the window,
Quiet and deadly.
On thoughts i would rather not have.
Jolan Lade May 1
I look and my brain is swelling
I listen and my ears are bleeding
I feel
Im desovling
Looking at the dark cornors
Listening to the white noise
Makes a gray world
Aa Harvey May 1
The labyrinth of our mind

In the labyrinth of our minds, the secrets of the brain still hide
And maybe in the days of our lives, the answers we shall find.
The key to our knowledge and our lost memories preside,
In the basement of our unchartered minds,
In our subconscious lost time.

One day we shall find out all the secrets hidden within,
The pantry of our minds kitchen, which creates our feelings.
One day we shall realize how to spy the mysteries locked there in,
The safe of our conscious and subconscious labyrinth.

Our dreams and our nightmares are a glimpse at another wonder;
The original wonders of the world are deep within us, to be plundered.
We as humans shall take all we can get as we delve under,
The skull of another human mind in search of a new treasure.

What lies beneath the truth and the lies we all do speak?
What lays hidden under the shell of our sanity or insanity?
What will they think of next to invade our personal sanctuary?
In the deepest recesses of our labyrinth, our brain, our memories.

The doctors and nurses, the psychiatrists and psychologists,
Are a fingertip away from knowing the reason for our existence.
All we have left to discover is covered with the bone of our heads;
The brains functions have been unraveled partly.  
Now we seek the rest.
We wish to know all the answers, so we dig like archaeologists,
Deep into the minds of the men, the women and the kids.

One day our T.V. will be linked directly into our brain cells,
So we can see the thoughts of our fellow humans and animals as well.
We shall unlock all the mysteries of the human mind given time,
But will we like what we see, deep within the labyrinth of our minds?

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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