I was hiding within a stormy world,
Ice slicing deeper, a hurricane swirled.
Whatever it was that was coming, was coming for me and me alone,
I waited there in terror, frozen to the bone.
I hid and shook and waited, for the beast, deadly as can be...
The beast was hiding deep inside,

deep inside of me.

A poem written to portray how the most terrifying things in life, though scary are usually coming from you.

there are a million thoughts
racing through my brain
all the time

& i keep telling you "i'm fine"
because you don't know what it's like
keeping everything bottled up inside

The heart and the brain are the most powerful organs.
The heart feels the most,
causes the pain and the love that everyone goes through.

But the brain,
it's a dangerous place
It contains all our memories, all our knowledge,
everything that happens to us,
is in our brain

But if infects our heart,
our thoughts mess with our feeling.

Simpathi Jan 5

Afraid of staying up too late,
Only half of the bed always awake.
Afraid of pain that haunts me daily,
When I’m full of joy and tired of saying,

“Help me out, hear all my words.”
“Show me your love, show me your worth.”
Afraid of the effects of waiting too long,
Afraid of how I’m ultimately wrong,

When I tell her my feelings,
And realize they’re only nothing.
Afraid of opinions and ultimately running,
Never to experience the lost, feel the shunning.

Afraid of lying to myself,
Never knowing of the wealth,
Following with pure confidence.
Leaving my brain to rot, to be haunted.

Afraid of my empty body lying,
Filling the bed with tears of my crying.
Afraid of looking up and not at her face,
Overflowing with rain, abundant with grace.

Afraid of losing to death,
Replying with no instead of yes.
Afraid of actions, afraid of myself,
Holding the cards that I shouldn’t have dealt.

Afraid of smoke and fire,
Filling my lungs, igniting my wires.
Afraid of depravity attached with debt.
All my love was lost long ago when I bet,

Everything I had and now is forever gone,
Afraid of desolation after completing my song.
Afraid of breaking free after the storm,
Only to realize love is nevermore.

Afraid of the cruelty, afraid of the pain,
Making mistakes but having no gain.
Afraid of gas, afraid of the flame,
Poisoning wrath, scorching rain.

Afraid of destined deception,
Losing sight, losing perception.
Not expecting achievement,
Not searching for perfection.

Why is fear so powerful?
Polka Jan 5

you can't live your life
using only your left brain
because while your left brain explains things,
nothing will make sense.

you can't live your life
using only your right brain,
because while your right brain takes care of things,
nothing will get done.

Yasin Jan 4

Poems are magnificent,
everything can be misunderstood.

Attempt to express what I feel,
all my anxiety, fears and hopes.
My inner entity, my inner creature
Au naturel everything in me.
My inner companion me
Some day it fears, my inner demon me
But otherwise sort of Buddha me
Enough of me

I need more words
to fill the gap.
I just cant connect
through the crackles of my consciousness.
have a crack to hone
Improve, progress just words of today,
in a negative way.

Some folks say life is awful, some say it's exceptional
Of course, everybody has another view.
But why the question? Is there an alternative?
I would not answer this rather I fear my inner voice.
Who makes me cry and want to answer.
Then I approve my answer.
Ideas swirling in my head,
Maybe brilliant but then it's gone.
Thinking to store these ideas, never works...
The past feels more realistic than now .
Try to erase some memories, never works...
Some are gone by itself, but not the feelings.
Where am I now? Is this later gone?

Remember erased an emotional masterpiece.
These days i discovered that human is empathetic,
Never saw that coming.
Ideas too fast in my brain.
Everything's a fragment
Exceptional everything
Even incomplete human being
Where am I? I am lost.

A little twitch of an idea rattles
Every other. Understand me?
Words are the best way to communicate
Whether talking or reading them.
Where are more words?
What impression can someone convey with so less amount of words.

The brain is fascinating,
The complexity is beautiful,
It can do many things,
Talking, Reading, Processing,
Everything is a product of brains,
Neuronal connection rule everything,
The only beauty about a bad expression.
Although just few people hear you,
Rendition is a sophisticated process to handle,
There are too many opportunities  to process.

Some notion will rest for the time being,
A long lifetime not for everyone,
There is something missing.
Another notion will resist to leave ,
If somebody is here, feel free to sense ecstasy,
Is the gap filled? Not enough, need more.

Made by Brain, human's most trickiest stronghold,
Former age was simplicity itself,
Hold everything plain to pretend mistakes,
This is a vast blemish.
Even nature appears simple,
But in reality it is the complicated thing on earth.

Simplicity is a virtue while expressing.
Another virtue is empathy,
to feel what others feel
Human is poorly at understanding other being...
... Misconceptions occur
Those virtues counteract themselves.

This is my first written poem. I was inspired by a YouTuber whom I will mention later. At the beginning I started to write about my feelings, but then I noticed that I wrote it so difficult so that just me can understand it, decorated with hidden easter eggs. A new idea was that I write about my expression, I like to paraphrase even when I talk with other individuals and they have a hard time to understand me. It took me nearly five hours, but I was in a state of flow so I finished before I began.
Florine Imo Jan 3

i am alone
all the time

physically no
mentally yes

i realize
when my mind
is hidden behind
dark and heavy curtains

when the gift
of appreciating is taken
from me

when i see other people
caring about
meaningless things
like clothes and kisses

when i wonder about
the whole

when i start to panic
and your words
can't calm me down

it's not your fault
because you don't know
because you're not me
and i'm not you

and even if i'm here
you're still alone
like everyone else

- brain

Peer into the looking glass
Through to the shadowy pit
There is a figment curled tightly
Just under the lash at its periphery
Look deeper.
Past the mouth
Past even the bottom
Of the crater
Into its hidden systems
Of tunnels, streams
Cellular clusters of caves


Can you see it?--

That which makes you twitch and sway
And grasp at phantoms?

These are the inhabitants of the mind
The cold, pitiless
Dendritic eels
Feeding on the sparks
at each synapse

do you ever feel like your mind is not connected to your layers of skin or your organs resting still inside you
not connected in the way that it does not feel complete, it does not feel how your mind wants it to feel

Jikai Zheng Dec 2017

You’re my best friend
Always a time of transition
I was in the last year
Of my second decade

I said goodbye
To young adult fiction
Read some classic thrillers
And plays to readjust
My ripening brain

Met someone I’d probably
Never see again
Didn’t get his last name
Only a distant memory

I was surprised when someone
In Las Vegas
Had never been to New York

And how I wanted to go
To Paris
Like the scale of excitability
Was a sliding one

Thank you for giving me time
To ready myself
Before heading abroad
You always look out for me

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