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up from the sticky hole.

One time, I fell and hit my head
three times, three places, once in each:
the cabinet, the sink, the bathtub.

Practice being me by proxy.
Out of my head. Out my head.
Tangible damages,
incorporeal skeins.
Mess? Wreck. Heck,

This time, I stood and cracked
my skull on the cabinet:
Clarity? Is that you?

Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.
Practiced being me by proxy,
so so long.
Practiced being me by proxy.

Or is this
an actual

my sticky hole
is filling up
where the water was sucked by the ground.
First assignment done
Feeling relieved and weary
Also really sore
OMG that assignment took forever but I finally got it done.
I'm so tired, but you know what that means!
I'm free tomorrow and on the weekend!
The next part of the Masked Bard will be out on the morrow.
Right now, my brain is mush...
Love you guys! Thank you for being so patient and supportive!
See ya tomorrow!
Lyn xxx
king 1d
Writing down your thoughts
Emptying an overloaded brain
That's what poetry is
Trying a different style of writing today. My poems are usually free-form but this is a traditional haiku!
Jen P 5d
Go deep into the ocean

What you want.
What you want.
What you want.

No, not everybody.

Bitter seed,
Burning tongue,
Sharp sided ginger stalk,

You're young.

But where is the world
that waits for you?

Look at how pretty the sky is!

"Some say the world will end
In fire..."

Look at how pretty-

"...Some say in ice."

I wish I was one
Who could float
Gemma 5d
"Breathe for me...
You have nothing to worry about.
Oxygen in
Carbon dioxide out
Squeeze my hand if you can hear
Sit down if you think you are going to -----
Few more steps and you can forget your embarrassment:
So strong , I'm so proud , you're so brave."
But am I though?
Because their glares gleam weak,
their eyes deliver pity,
a grin , a laugh , I'd concentrate on their mockery for a few moments but my body is beginning to break into a million breaths.
I'm a pathetic mess ;
I can feel myself giving up,
the deflating of my chest,
the twist in my stomach.
Adrenaline, you've got to love it.
My brain is ready to start a fight whereas I can only produce half a sentence
then I'm done
down for the day
Recovering is the world's slowest reaction rate
And I'm never going to mend from the self-hatred my consciousness makes
Because I've always understood I'm not normal and that's fine
But the negativity created from these moments has made its way inside
So much the judgement stops me from breathing
My confidence has truly died
I'm sorry I'm not what you want
I know this isn't what you need to hear,
I apologise that my happiness appears forced
And my smile doesn't match my tears.
kerri 6d
Still, I don’t feel in control sometimes.
My brain is just on auto pilot while the real me resides somewhere


d e e p

d  e  e  p

Just like that one episode of Spongebob where he only knew fine dining and breathing.
Amanda 7d
Rambunctious thoughts, undeserving of birth,
Blotted onto the screen,
Uncontrollably checking scarce notifications,
He is not worth my impatient routine.

Will not let you implant in my head
Totally broken-up yet well-meant perspectives,
I wrote a letter but lacked the courage
To read with proper affective.

All I need is opportunity,
Inside me feelings brew and fester,
Mind is slowly poisoned,
I felt obsession pester.

Find reasons in overanalyzed words,
Left with echoes of the past,
Wolves begin to howl regretfully,
Our feral emotions somehow amassed.
Critique always welcomed
Who am I?
Am I a person deserving-


I am not deserving of-


I am not deserving-
for I am not a person.

The way my mind reacts
how my body moves
how my senses run free--

This brain of mine
Is no person.

It is taking advantage of this,
this body
using it
controlling it

Confiscating all that I deserve.

Poem 2

I know of
this exact thing I do
pushing people away from me
when I can't hide my insecurity
I say "am I wrong, I'm scared"
just to make them run away from me

I met so many
so careless
I'm sorry
So sorry
I have to be honest

My view is always a blur
constantly making me believe
in wrong ideas
my mind loves to perceive

And seeing how
sometimes they come true
against better judgement
I followed through
It makes me look like a fool
So what is there for me to do
than to think the same of you

"Get over it, we all hurt"
"Try to forget, don't be absurd"
"Maybe stop being so emotional"
"You could be more sociable"
If I could say how desperately I would
if there was a way to show I could
I thought being unapologetic
would be better than feeling pathetic
But it seems like either way
I'm the one that drifts away
Into this ocean of sickness
making me feel worthless

Though these thoughts
I hate the most
I fight feeling useless
I want to know my worth

Oh how I struggle to make them see
I'm not the words that come out of me
I don't want to feel anxious
I don't like to be sad
And I feel so pretentious
it might drive me mad

And how this thought
of losing my mind
sometimes seems
way too kind
Like such a relief
of a brain always screaming
almost a sort of dignity I could retrieve
thinking madness could be redeeming
Calming but terrifying all the same
For the bliss
would I really not care
to forget my own name?
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