If the size of your brain doesn’t matter, then why doesn’t that work with what you know?

like how does the amount satisfy whats smart?

But the amount of food never satisfies your hunger.

What are you hungry for?

When you go to the store and find nothing.

What are you searching for?

What if its nothing at all.
You're looking for happiness

and that cant be sold at a store...

Written in a college class instead of learning ;)
Toby Nov 5

My mind like a maze.
I can't really find the end.
Only if I smoke too much.
Then I am only a brain with consciousness and a shell.
If only I could move shells.
Existence is tricky.
We want meaningful lives and want to feel like we didn't waste it.
But how could we not?
We watch ourselves go through life and then we move on to our next form.
Essentially doing the same thing forever.
Doomed to repeat for as long as the universe live.
Never really learning anything new.
What a way to live.

writerReader Jan 2015

my heart was running
the blood glowed crimson red
my brain yelled, "wait up!"

Scarlett Nov 2

your words like silk run into my ears

hypnotising me to do what you please

because when i am around you your very presence turns me into a

wet rag incapable of holding my body up

my brain turns to mush

my words turn to breathless gibberish

and all i can see is you

Eat fish,
Fish makes brain,
Brain makes money,
Money buys fish.

That's what my dad used to say.
Patri Oct 24

Random bright
Of thought

Low static
Of sound

Short sharp
Of pain

Long rambling
Of confusion

Deep dark
Of hate

This is
With my mind

My heart is quicksand,
everything's sinking in.
I'm tangled in the wires I hardwired to my brain and I'm about to short circuit.
I lost 4 poems in the wash,
washed away my memories,
like a wave crashing on the shore of my brain,
dragged away the footprints.
Maybe that's why I'm short circuiting,
water and electrical wires don't mix.
But here I am,
an electrical storm in my head,
much like myself.
in my head,
much like myself.

Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Wes Rabbit Oct 20

Sometimes I wish they see me cry
So they know I’m just like you
I'm a human too  
But then l would be the loser, the fool
It would be emasculating

There was this boy I knew
He wore eyeliner in high school
He made my stomach tie up in knots
made me cringe (it happens!)
The words came out like puke

How can I blame them for feeling what they feeling?
the bully and the brain don't work together
I’ve scribbled poems on the table
Sylvia Plath & Alan Ginsberg

I recorded this poem : https://youtu.be/emAHOXakxJk
The Willow Oct 16

I felt the gasping of your breath
from your back against my chest
as I held you,
spots of tears sprinkling themselves on my arm.

"I don't understand why my brain hates me so much that I need to go through so many steps to not feel alone.
That I need to have somebody's breath against my neck to know that they're alive.
That they're real."


How I wish I could figure out
why it seems my brain wants me dead
for as long as I can remember.

Cheyenne Oct 16

Days etched like ink
The type of ink that never fades away
One day contains the best memories
Like when you looked at me and made me feel completely pink
Then the next,all the worse
When you leave and I'm surrounded by a deep blue curse
You never know which it's going to be
Every day is brand new, they say
But one day it's here the next it fades
I constantly have to say I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
If I don't the cycle gets erased
Every new day makes the others go away
Only the memories of the happiest and saddest times stay
But that's the price of having a brain
what if We didn't have a brain
Then I'm living the same day ever day
Then I would never meet you
Then I would never live
That's just the price of having a brain
You get the feelings weather you want to or not
That's just the price of being human

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