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Brett 6d
What is our society if not a copycat catastrophe
          A cold-hearted calamity of blind hindsight
Severed chains reforged in the flames of minimum wage
          How we herald the heretic

Free is the slave who detaches their arms and legs
          To gift kings their reign
Jeweled towers of bone reach to the sky
          And devour the progress of our connective open roads

What is prosperity absent a shared purpose
          Like a brain held apart from its own heart
Human history imprisoned on a page
          Ink-stained chronicle of our original sin

Thinking we can get where were going
          By forgetting all we have been
Each obstacle a handcrafted impediment
          Dinosaur dynasty doomed to irrelevance
Stop a second, and take a look around. Our disparate morality slowly washing beneath the waves. When will we understand the meaning of humanity?
A M Ryder Jun 5
You know what I thought
When I was falling
Off that building and
I went into panic mode?
The last thing that
My stupid brain
Could come up with?
"Won't they be sorry"
Tess Apr 15
The brain is a very big place
And the skull is a very small space
The thoughts overflow into the night
Tainting the darkness with a morbid light

I don’t mean to ruin your blackness
To corrupt you sanity with my madness
I tried to stop, such a beautiful thing to save
But it rushes out with a vengeance, an all-consuming wave
Your brain,
The overthinker,
The catastrophist,
The evil tinker,
The Satanist,
The mood sinker,
The pessimist,
The tempter,
The terrorist,
The conspirator,
The misguider,
The obsessor,
The thought diver,
Is what hurts you most.
Jenniff Hill May 5
i hate how often my brain and heart are in a constant battle over that old love i deep down know i would never be capable of forgetting .
my heart keeps telling me i have to try again when in the other side my brain knows its a catastrophic idea and it would hurt more than not trying.
But my heart only tells me what my consieuse wants and my brain tells me whats best for my mental stability.
i really have no idea who am i suppose to listen
LC Apr 28
ink flows out of my brain
through my blood vessels
to my soft fingertips.
my hands curl into fists
as I crumple a sheet of paper.
a corner lightly cuts my finger,
and the ink flows onto the page.
#escapril day 27!
I truly must shut down my right-brain from seeking more meaning from my partial left-brain understanding,
or else I'll lose sight of any lesson except the utmost whole.
Norman Crane Apr 24
i have a time machine
in my head
a perk
of being human
and not yet being dead
called the default mode network
made by evolution
or by god
it tethers me to my self
in space
and engenders a temporal circumvolution
of my present place
in time
mostly the revolution's fine
while in the past
i think of all my selfs that didn't last
or that never came to be
and feel a sadness
which presently cannot pass
of all the good that could
but isn't me
which the doctors call depression
and i
my own war of the austrian succession
in which the pain
of each ****** campaign
finally resolves in stalemate
of the brain
of memory and—
it's time to take the pills again:
which stands for i no longer want to die
for now
for my dmn takes me away
to a future of everything that could still be
all the possibilities
for death for guilt for shame
is it insane
to forecast each day
a rain
of every way
to fail, and in failing stain
the sky which looms across tomorrow
or at least tomorrow as imagined
by the brain
in permanent gloom
or anxiety, the doctor's say
or weak besieged khartoum
the mahdi pounding on the walls
and we huddled starving in the dark
waiting every day for the end, violently
delayed but inevitable anyway, a massacre
of all
bodies laid one upon the other until they form a hill
their shadow paints me cold—
time for another pill:
i no longer want to die
my time machine
my i
my perk of being human
of living and of having not yet died
time for another pill:
time travel
Hate is one emotion I am not capable of
For you

Though you are stormclouds dropping rain on my rundown brain until I am drenched and shivering
No downpour hard enough to drown the love filling my heart

(Only for you)
Why can't it be replaced with love for someone who will actually treat me right?
Raul M Murray Apr 12
Backed and sponsored by the cabinet
Our heads on the server and internet
BCI experiments while we're under the duvet
Foot-soldiers follow orders on their handset
Rockwell is not paranoid
They've seen us on the TV,
iPad, iPhone, and Android
The BCI app that makes us annoyed
Please God, destroy that satellite with an android
My doctor is like Sigmund Freud
Give him the anti psychotic steroid
For making money off the unemployed
Some people in the past, present, and future will go life being used in research and experiments, for a period of time, some will be compensated others may never see their tormentor, others will be killed. For the people who have had such an experience.
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