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When I sleep at night: It feels like time and space
are seperating and the idea of reality
breaks through my bones, crippling
my very structure. My thoughts are floating
inside the void behind my eyes.
Nothing is around, my brain is empty.
The point is when I sleep:
I do not dream anymore.
I lay still unconscious, unaware
of the things happening around me.
My thoughts flush put of my head.
Leaving nothing but darkness.
I tell myself I'm strong, that I can survive.
My favorite shape is a triangle.
I am Strong
we can love if you will kiss the needle
just a little bit bigger-
your image isn’t your most beckoning quality
just a little bit thinner-
we can sleep if you will follow
just a little less brain-
don’t stand loud love, it isn’t becoming
just a little more tame//
stand straight but think alike
don’t stray or wander from the path ahead
walk in unison and stay uptight
basically, loveables are brain dead.
you don’t belong here.
people always tell us who to be and who not to. to stay thin and keep our pretty mouths shut. we are to be superficial followers and we aren’t born for this world.
My memories were located in a box
Just to the right of my dreams, nightmares
Playing out like half-improvised scripts in my head.
The memories were polite, always, just resting patiently in their places
Until you looked for them and they escaped out that hole in the bottom,
The ones the rats chewed last summer.
My brain is a well-mapped city.
My brain is half-destroyed.
The box of my dreams could never hold them all, so they littered
Waking hours with their eyes.
I expected it from them, but not memory, my polite and pleasant fellows,
My childhood friends. Loyalty is a short-lived ideal.
The boxes fell into each other.
I’m forgetting why I gave them different parcels of the brain in the first place.
Hello's come and go
but goodbye's stay forever.
I'll never say hello again.
We can't be together.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Do you follow your head
or your heart?
Mitch Prax Jan 13
You drive me crazy,
but not in the romantic way.
You turn my brain upside down;
you leave me clueless and hopeless-
your image branded into my mind
and I can't seem to drive you out
of my dreams.
can you feel your womanhood?
your *******
your curves
your stretch marks
your hips
your lips
your brain
can you feel your
gentle shoulders sway through the pain
     as the universe quivers between your hips
can you feel your power?

- katrina ******
caroline Jan 8
if ideas are lightbulbs,
my house is dark.
if ideas are fires,
mine has lost a spark.
if ideas are paintings,
my canvas is blank.
if ideas are boats,
mine just sank.
Rowan S Jan 7
I want to change me
Too bad I'm a piece of sh*t
My brain tells me this
*using asterisks because apparently the "normal settings" won't allow profanity in your feed unless you change it in your settings*
LWZ Jan 5
Intentions strung upon my own
Waiting for the flowers to grow.
I dig and dig and dig and dig.
Not much time for thee to waste.
The roots they yowl beneath thy feet,
dragging surely more than any plain old dirt.
No, nothing ordinary about it.
Stones, bones, eerie tones.
Not the kind that ***** you.
Not the kind that **** you.
The kind that swears to never let you go.
The kind that invades your brain to morph you.
That will insidiously destroy you.
All the while you cry and plea.
Please don’t try to leave.
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