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darker than black
my brain turns
as every memory rips through me
torn tendons broken bones
i fall apart
as the icy cool smoke
escapes my tortured body
it ignites a blue fire inside me
whispers from my past fade away
i rise from the ashes
this time with a vengeance
that will burn anyone it catches
i am born again
my brain is rotting inside my head
visions of my death
creatures from hell
pestilence swarm around me
while screeching memories burst through
the sutures of my skull
i fall through the seven layers of heaven
back onto this earth
a ****** soul forsaken
i call out to god
but only hear back from satan
there's a battle going on inside my mind
i dont know what is real
i dont know what thoughts are mine
constant gunfire
everything moving except for time
the casualties are high
i gather and lay our dead in a line
my brain is bleeding
its turning more sour than a lime
i'm going insane
trying to replace what i can't find
Nylee Oct 11
Hey brain,
You are empty at this moment in time
Not speaking back is a good thing,
Concentrating on typing out the words
That I am dictating in my mind.

Other times you won't take a moment's rest
To think about every possible scenarios to tear me apart
Is this your favourite hobby
Troubling me?
Oh brain, be patient with me.

Hey brain
You work tirelessly all around the body
Why don't you care about my mental well being too
You are me and I am you
But I am more than just you.

Brain, you know me well
and I know a little of you too, brain
sometimes, I can tell
most times you take me to
deep corners of brain,
I get lost in there, drown myself in.

I'd like to introduce to my soul, oh brain
Learn a thing or two from it
That guy is peaceful indeed
A good company to keep
only true words, it'll speak
Isn't that guy amazing

Brain, you are genius,
untapped to full potential,
I am not that capable,
not now at least,
Give me time, brain,
I need rest, it is twelve past twelve

Hey brain,
The world is out to get you and me
You cannot side with the other side
Be careful, there are traps outside
We'll get ****** in,
and the life will be ****** out
and then morning will knock me out.

Hey brain,
Breathe, let's sleep.

Oh Brain! There?
Aimee Phelps Oct 8
A sliver of sun scorching cerebrum
Whispers on the lips of an encephalic cloud
An old friend, whose company I keep
Warning against silhouettes and uncertain peril
Liberation is nigh from a skeletal prison
Beating on my skull and tearing at my muscle
I fear my old friend will return
As a siren, luring me to the bottom of a macabre sea
This is my first poem. I wanted to capture my recent, raw feelings about my mental illnesses in this little poem.
Norman Crane Oct 5
imagination cannot be contained
with your fingertip
trace the border of the trees against the sky
now see the clouds behind
and make them mountains in your mind
Creux Oct 5
This existent world is nowhere near I
For I'm just a tenant in this body
This vessel's just blown by wind so breezy
To follow the path that fate will decide

No matter where you look there is an eye
And escaping your mind won't be easy
It matters how strong the linen's knot be
As one like me might fail to see this tie

This existent world is nowhere near I
I'm here again, the jail where i reside
With these two windows that i call my eyes
Alone with my head buzzing, roaring loud
This brain of mine's a cell, so dull, so dry
And there's no escape, there's no getting out
This is heavily, heavily inspired by a favorite song of mine: "Mind Is A Prison" by Alec Benjamin.
Investigate your mind.

Allow it to unwind.

You never know what you will find.

Maybe a scare or maybe a mental uplift is trapped inside.

Just don't deny yourself this endless gift.

You must try,
find the third eye.
Creases and lines guide our malleable vessel,
the mind.

Doubts, fears, and anxieties breakdown even the strongest of vessels to the core,
can it take much more?

Drowning in emotion, the exterior begins to erode apart, board by board.
How much more damage can such a small vessel endure?

Lust and greed lead the moaning vessel through the wrong currents and paths,
seemingly like a sociopath on a warpath.

We can only call on one savior in such detrimental times.

The mind.

Love, empathy, kindness, care, happiness, and positivity is the quickest escape, it has no name as it's inside every brain.
Our existence.

The mind.
Staying up late til the light comes back
My mind’s on **** I should’ve kept in the past
I wish my mind and eyes could finally match
My brain feels dark, wish my sight was black
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