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Nina Sep 29
I knew
That i would fall for him
When i first saw him
And at that moment
I knew
I would get hurt
But i didn't mind the pain
I didn't  mind
Killing myself
For him
He was like a poison to me
Something so dangerous
Yet I'd risk my life for
A Sep 27
My love
My enemy
My best friend
My drive me crazy
My Pain in the ****
Yeah that's my baby
Lets fight and argue now
And make up for it later
Not always
But for forever
My love
My oh so funny
Got me laughing
While im crying
My best high
My worst addiction
My little drug
Oh You so handsome
And so lovely
Your intentions were so ****
You're toxic
You're like poison
Still I'll love you til the end
Because you're also so much more
And I'll pretend you meant no harm
I'll disregard the **** you said
Though I cant forget
All the memories you left
Up in my head
My hunny
My dear
My sweetheart
My apologies for the rough start
I promise
Soon it wont have to be so hard
And I hope one day you can learn from this
So you can rest your heavy heart
Whats in the past is considered history
Just move on
I believe in you
My love
My one and only
My kiss and warm hug me
My late night smoking buddy
My good my bad my ****
So evil yet so loving
No goodnight this time
My baby im afraid
That this just may be
My final last goodbye
Here's another just for you
Ak Sep 26
Your smile is venomous,
a deadly poison
It infiltrated through my skin
Deep into my veins
Your venom mixed with my blood
Now, even my blood is dark

It's consuming me inch by inch
Nerves are burning,
Skin is charring,
Veins have tightened
I felt pleasure, not pain.

I am high,
Intoxicated but I am thrilled,
Thrilled by the pain it gives
I am waning,
But oh!
It's very seductive
Bite me more,
I am thirsty....
c Sep 18
My body rises in opposition
To doing things in my best interest
It craves poison
Jagged rocks
And people who don’t love me back
BrokenPieces Sep 16
He was the poison
Seemed more like the cure
He was stabbing me inside, out
Felt more like being stitched back together
He was poison mixed with sweet nectar

He was
the poison
the antidote
A snake containing both

I was intoxicated by his loving looks
Addicted to his welcoming smile
Don't blame me
He was Hypnotic
Maybe I should've stayed sober
when you came over
and the lines, walls and words
started to blur,
but in that short skirt that works so well
you had your hand under my shirt
and those evil eyes  that excite  
,unafraid of hurt, that night
someone paid the price

We befriended a bottle for a three day ******
and a sledgehammer hangover had my
brain in the blender
   waving a white straight jacket
in surrender

We'd wake up to a mirrors shameful stare
Mixing love and lust without a care.
In some sort of sinful cocktail,
each and every time our wills would fail
some small part of my broken heart
would merge with hers
as we pretended to be whole,
I let passion poison my soul.

We'd Dance in a drugged induced stupor,
imagining a false future together
so I said that I loved her,
when drugs wore down we fell to the ground
Sweet lies started our slow demise.

She'd say she was fine but I'd find her in tears.
So I held her in my arms while I couldn't feel,
but after being so numb, nothing felt real.
Then she begged me to share
just to show that I care.
So i said it was better to lock myself away
For fear of the words that I needed say

The two years together instead of forever
As you shredded my head apart
And I spitefully tore out your heart.
When we were close
we'd corrode and corrupt
and from a far
we'd suffer in silence

In your pain you fell for someone else,
forcing me to smile while I rot away in side
Tired of passing round the disease that was Blame.
I severed you from my mind and heart
and separately we slowly fell apart.

On the verge of death with a fist
clenching poison
and our body barely breathing we were
Self sabotaging star crossed lovers
with a semi fatal ending
Annie Sep 7
Of all the poisons that run and grow
Many I´ve studied and stored for my own
But none of them vices works as strong
As the words been spilled by your rivals tongue

Oh, many a poison acts swift or slow
Some crueler than others, either painfull or dull
Yet none of them traceless, as the feelings below
Caused by defilement of a broken vow

True a poison works baneful
Yet compared to attaint
It is mellow and gracious
Saving further complaint

Oh I rather choose the poison
Than the tainted, evil words
Poured by trusted, out of treason
For the poison barely hurts

And I rather die in pain
Than suffer by my pride
And I rather die in vain
Than stay by the devils side
roumen Sep 7
I didn't wanted  more ...i wanted all..
Was Is it habit to love you
Every day..?
Poisson that i drinked every night...?
Every morning..

I don't know...

Raining again..
God is caring...
No moon tonight ..
Just dark...
Stairs to your soul...
I am coming up..
To kiss you..
That is my poison
Lilly F Sep 3
the isolation wasn't poison, but a drug
one that I tried to drown myself into
until my brain would save myself, breathing in more air
panting rapidly,
loving how it felt to be on the edge of letting go
for just a second, to be with the nothingness surrounding me
until the world resumed
my heartbeat became evident
and the unsatisfaction of reality reappeared

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