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Living is a case of accidental poisoning
watching ceilings at three am
dissociative days drowning in caffeine
to stay awake
to stay ahead
as anxiety taps your shoulder
an uneasy aching body
always wanting more
will to survive
I've been thinking lately about how much stress is like poison slowly shutting down your health and ability to function.
Daniel 4d
This was us, it was love, it slit my throat and made me choke.

It was me who you made bleed while I tied your noose and watched you swing.

All the same, you're to blame, you grabbed your gun and took your aim.

But it's my fault, it was my assault, you dig my grave I'll draw your chalk.

Now I still think of all our walks under darkest nights where devils stalk. I'd hold you down and watch you drown while you broke my bones with words like rocks.

I'll love you all my days, and you'll be mine always.
You hope I burn up in flames, I pray you go and do the same.

I never meant to be your chains, you never meant to cause me pain.
Never meant is all in vain, we will never be the same.
A poem I wrote about toxic love.
Golden 7d
i am rotting him
bringing him down and down
tearing him apart
i am poison
he won't stop taking me in
lapping me up
like a drug
im hurting him
by just being here
i hate myself
all i can do is hope
Sweet Poison
I had have so many sweet person
In my life.
Who later turned into sweet poison.

Sweet Poison
I had ave so many sweet person
In my life.
Who later turned into sweet poison.
Just a thought come on my mind.
lk ode Aug 30
One of the saddest tragedies of life
is when we down a poison,
thinking it an elixir.
lk ode Aug 25
Poor little thing
spewing words like poison
gurgling, bubbling poison
a putrid mess from ****** lips.
still you have much to learn
Death and I are drinking a beer
while writing the words
to a love song that you'll never hear

We have scripted your eulogy
although you are alive
Its because you are dead to me

Buried inside my lungs
never to be spoken of  
cut off from my tongue

You were the living poison
only killing yourself
with all your pathetic reasons

Because Death and I
are better friends
than you and your lies

I'd rather drink myself to Death
and be his best friend
than be close enough to feel your breath
Alicia Aug 16
******* at the funeral
poison women aching in their parallel
they drink until Juliet is dead
or until in their head too
it is clear
free of fear and recalling
this was always supposed to be a tragedy

no left or right turn
changes that everything, even love
begins and ends with some type of poison
the slowly dripping IV type
a sudden break check
dash to face type of poison

the Juliets' love only exists on one page
allowed to live if the real goal
is to die
smoke breaks, goodbyes
the ever too consistent "I'll see you arounds"
that is the point of a tragedy
it gets to claim the reason for existing
and the entire existence itself

Juliet drinks the poison every night
even after the man in the hole warned me
her love feeds on the liver
while the others begin to fade out
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