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"Let not this world deceive you,
don't let it win,
don't make it your companion.
Don't drown in the fear it instills in your heart,
don't heed its sinful, yet captivating words.
Don't give in to its limitless beauty,
don't smile when it kisses your skin.
Don't let it force you to take a puff,
don't let it intoxicate you.
Don't let it order you,
don't let it make you dependent on it because eventually, it'll leave you.
Let not this world deceive you, my friend,
it might be kind-hearted, it might love you, but it'll also take you to hell with it.
It's a poison no one dares touch,
it's a prison no one dares enters."
What do you think of this world?
You inflicted your heart
With poison and hatred,
But every string you have woven
Into webs of destruction
And deceit.

You plagued your heart
And soul onto me,
I consumed by the disease
That you feed into me,
While it burns throughout my body.

Slowly but surely,
You are killing me,
By turning my darkest thoughts
Into nightmares
Of reality.

Truly, you don't see?
A home that is love and light
But immersing into ashes,
Then turns into a prison cell of horrors,
And it's an exile to hell.
Fatima 3d
A poison i wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy,
The way it makes you feel,
The cuts, the pain.
No one deserves that,
The way it sucks you in,
Bit by bit.
Making you feel worse,
Day by day,
Until the tipping point,
When there’s nothing left
But the end.
Emmah 5d
A halo of blood
A dress of thorns
Poisonous touch
Venemous tongue
Piercing voice
Each word a death
Claws like daggers
Each move a war
Insidious eyes
Surrounded by pain
No fear
No mercy
Destroyer of worlds
not quite sure what this is. it happened, and now it’s out there.
pick your poison, is how the adage goes
no one toxin is identical
they all accomplish the same deed

ground by each decision
you wither away to no more than a fine dust
worn from the stress of painful repercussions
those of work and relaxation
those of love and isolation
those of life and death

i gaze into the wandering eyes of others, and wonder
how hollow are they
do they have substance or
are they solely a shell
held together by the laws of conformity
never daring to commit that felony

i guess that makes me criminal
as I choose to crumble visibly,
at least without a guise
i can be reborn into
Daisy Marrow May 2014
I'm bleeding out
and all you do is watch me drain.
I gave you my heart
but you've got the devil in your soul,
so you tore it apart,
piece by piece.
I'm left with nothing but the stars
So I drink to wash away the pain it brings.

I'm your kill of the night,
but not if this drink does it first.
I'm already half drained.
All I ever gave you was everything
from the very beginning
and now you've thrown it all away.

You were once my brother
and I still believe underneath that skin,
and all your sins you're still human.
You were once holy and sane
but it's hidden somewhere lost in the dark.

All I do is drink your poison.
I let it consume me.
Every inch of my body
until I'm finally able to feel nothing.
Only then will my heart stop aching
and my body stops bleeding.
I greet the dark like it's a friend
that helped me escape.
I'm no longer here to see what happens next.
I'm gone and buried away.
My last drink was the most bitter
but it was such a relief.
Dean Winchester & Soulless!Sam Winchester
Ray Casey Oct 4
Blossoming from the mouths of cynics,
disgusting things creating panic,
of weakened ones who cannot laugh,
pitiful words that wreck their heart.

Never caring about what they say,
disturbing minds with their malicious games,
shaming the lonely in their brokenness,
passing that poison is never victimless.
Lisa 7d
Guy-I'm no good for you please stay away!
Did u hear me i said stay away!
I've already did some damage to you
Heart broken people can only break more hearts so please stay away

Girl-Maybe i like the feeling of pain because all i want is you the way u laugh like there's no tommorow the way u hold me as if your holding a new born baby
I heard of a shamaness
who cures dogma
lays off documents
on the coast
of her uterus,
swings her liberty torch!
and puts on a red cloth.
Her breasts, like
fragile animals
Eyes like poison wells
across the
grand brows
and her smell wrapped
in a burnt sleep
ten thousand years.
She cures dogma!

I smoke too much
I dream of an explosion of the silver forests and
I want to fall as beautifully as the ballads tell,
I have held my breath and now I'm entering the coast of her uterus...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
so what if I told you
i'm a witch?

take my hand
i'm poisonous

maybe it is just a spell
that is creeping trough your skin

it eats you out
only your bones will remain

so what if I told you that I'm a witch,
would you believe it?
neither good nor bad
destroying things
as always.
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