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A M Ryder Apr 3
He asks me if I believe in angels
And before I realize
I don't have the heart
To tell him, I tell him
"Not Lately.."
And just wait
For him to hate me

But he doesn't know how to
So he never does
Loving like a man
In the time before God
Gave man religion
And left it to them to
Figure out what hate was
Madeleine Mar 20
My child
Don't let poison fill your cup
Rather fill it with joy
And much love
For what your cup is filled
Your cup will overflow with
Our dearest love has fallen
The night arrives the same
Shocked and feeling solemn
For when darkness reclaims
It's an unpleasant surprise
Daily grave planet digs
Towards ground in varying size
Pebbles and twigs
Disturbed a deeper level
Dashing beside fear
Black eyes of the devil
Secrets and lies appear
At dawn grief will linger
Faded heat of the sun
Greater the poison from the stinger
Shine is at point forced to run
Weighed down by loss I am feeling
Our frame anchored to the ground
Burden remains leaving us reeling
Within in blackness does astound
With sharp blow takes the victory
In daylight look for shame
In moon hide what we're scared to see
Have only sadness in us to blame
Written 2-8-21
leeaaun Dec 2023
pain shows no mercy,
it treats you as an enemy
even when you are always holding
a first aid box–
to heals its wounds
it's like a snake biting you back
Temporary home, I'll be all alone.
Roses in gardens all is filled with poison thorns.
Nose bleeds, no breath, my dreams turn to storms.

Wake me up to the sound of your voice.
You'll come over? the sky turns white.
Meet me there tonight, I'm not up to another fight

Kisses taste like sorrow as bridges stay hollow.
Loves bites bleed, I'm yours indeed
Nothing guaranteed, yet you know I'll follow.

How come bruises are mistaken for kisses?
Behind the curtains it all lies.

By: Zoulaikha
How can bruises be mistaken for kisses?
Kitt Sep 2023
Teeth sink into cold flesh
Piercing thin skin
The crunch of triumph rings:
devour me whole
Leave nothing behind
but the rotting, browning, sugary core
and seeds with a tiny drop
of cyanide
(if ever, in case, the apple bites back).

Break me down to my barest pieces
and root shiftlessly through the rubble
clean house, so they say, and getting
ready for spring
Rid yourself of the taste of me.
There lies a poison, that runs so deep.
It dwells within, in the darkest hue,
A lethal venom, my poison is you.

Your allure so strong, I can't escape.
A toxic addiction, I can't undo,
Entangled in your web, my poison is you.

With every breath, I inhale your spell,
Into the deep abyss, I quickly fell.
Your touch so electric, my heart beats anew,
Enchanted by your charm, my poison is you.

You're the sweetest ache, consuming my soul,
Leaving me helpless, unable to control.
Intoxicating whispers, I'm tempted to pursue,
Bound by your charm, my poison is you.

I'm aware of the risks, the hazardous chase.
But I find solace in this twisted taboo,
Though it may destroy me, my love for you is true,
Forever entwined, my poison is you.
Pale windows.
Man Jul 2023
Tender flesh, pale & thin;
Cigarette burns pock cratered skin.
Entrails that entail, poison foretaste.
Hidden, not much to be read, that
Of false smiles, on a plaster face.
The cancer within,
Almost at its brim,
Building to the self-consumption
Surely bound to take it's place.
Kriya Artha Jun 2023
Sweeter than the poison,
your kiss on my lips so genuine,
Tighter than the vine,
Your grip on my soul so divine.

I shake it off, I shake myself,
I drown everything in the sorrow well,
You are everywhere, you never leave
You come back to me with every breath.

I hope to live long enough,
I enjoy this poison of loneliness,
Your love, so serene and so violent,
your love is my one constant.

I hope to live long enough,
to die in your arms my darling!
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