Lie to me.
Please for the sake of my sanity.
For my delicate beating heart.
Tell me that you still love me.
Even if it’s a lie, I don’t want to lose you just yet.
Reassure of me of your undying feelings.
Of your beautiful soul that still cares for mine.
Please, please tell me you still love me.
Just one more time, just for one more night.

Meet you downstairs right?
For Friday night adventures, and Saturday morning breakfasts.
Where did it all go?
How did it all vanish like smoke drifting upwards from a tear in the hatch?
I thought that maybe in some alternate timeline,
That we were going to be the perfect match.
I refuse to believe that I’m mistaken, I’m afraid to be.
Terrified really.
My stomach falls to floor, as I sort through the letters
That you sent to my hotel.
Where did that love go?

Say something, or don’t, I suppose.
Is it really that hard? I’m not quite sure I understand.
How is so easy for you to deceive me
and leave me completely stranded and lonely?
I thought you were so gorgeous when
Those words fell from your mouth.
I knew that every single one was
Dipped in deadly poison.
But it didn’t matter in the slightest.
I was determined to interpret your words as truth.
I would believe in whatever you were to say to me,
In some ways it was dangerous. I agree
The way that I was so toxically
And completely dependent on your existence.

The person I used to be,
No longer needs your false histories
But lies cold and empty
Alone, but looking back,
Honestly, it’s preferable
To the company
Of someone like you,
Someone who’s callous and heartless
And above all
A liar.
Don't really remember writing this, but the emotions behind the words are so real and raw. Last edited May 21, 2018.
Wake up and smell the coffee,
You're shaking you head.
Wake up and smell the roses,
Soon enough they'll be dead.

All this time,
I was falling,
for your punch lines.
Your bad behaviour,
I needed a saviour.

I was crucified,
with those knives,
You locked me up,
kissed me goodnight.

You kept boulders,
on my shoulders,
Called me darling,
Left me starving.

You bought me a
A ball and chain
Wrapped it around
my pretty veins.

A poison dart,
to my heart,
I must been going insane.
To play your wicked games.
Geanna 3d
The secrets are out
It has been poisoned

Don't read it
        Don't look at it
          Don't touch it

                         What's done is done
Uta 3d
She gave him with her cold elvish crystal hands,

a bottle of starlight,

that will protect him from the evil outside and it's poisoning blackness,

for it will show him that there will always be light in his life.

He gave her with his warm, dirty and damaged humanly hands,

a pearl from a shell, from its wavey sea,

of which men have traveled upon for many years.

It will remind her of what a man can give when having a clean and kind soul.

Till this day she has the pearl,

and it makes her smile,

every time when she sees it,

as if,

a human and an elf were meant to be,

a mortal with an immortal.
Comment and tell me what you think!

(the first short part was from Lord of The Rings when Galadriel gives Frodo a  small crystal bottle of liquid which contains the light of Eärendil's star in the water of Galadriel's fountain. Other is all made up ofc.)
Bardo 7d
Caught in the spell of my Vampire Girl
Totally smitten with this one
   dangerous kitten
Calls me again to the shadows
Down these familiar backstreets to her    
Like some strange compelling music I  
   must follow
I have no choice but to obey.

Zombie slave to her voodoo woman
Can't escape, can't extricate myself
From this tangled web she's woven,
Her voice in my head, it tolls like a bell
   imperious, commanding!
That face in my mind, its dark visage
Her outstretched cup, her sweet sweet
Poem about addiction. It drains life and energy, hence the Vampire Girl
Peace Jun 11
Puff, puff,
the need,
of their cigarette,

The incomplete feeling,
of not having,
the freedom,
each huff,

The tips,
of their fingers,
just for one,

the smoke,
into their,

the filter,
as if it's a lovers,
each line on their lips,
savoring its taste.

Lifting their heads,
slightly high,
as they blow,
the waves,
to the sky.

Thinking deeply,
and releasing,
stressing less,
the craving,
of their addiction,
under control.

The tingles,
within their nerves,

Until the beacon,
of its poison,
calls again.

a servant
I watch all walks of life, inhale the same, smoke.. It accepts all, it's universally, unbiased. As long as you, keep buying.
Vyscern Jun 11
I don't know if you can see,
What I have become
For so long and so far,
Has been the distance that I run

Yet no matter how hard I try
To stand against the cold
It freezes me straight to the core
And so I stand alone

I found you, I fell for you
I guess it's meant to be
The strength of my true self
And the other turned its cheek

Surrounded by the bitterness
I fought for what I love
But now this Hell bares witness
To see it's not enough...

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

I saw you as my everything,
Isolation was my foe
So hard it seemed at times to me
To let that poison go

I knew it wasn't possible
I said it so myself
But you have always loved me like
Nobody else

The mirror shows the sticks and stones
That broke my very heart
It's held together by my faith
A faith that hates to last

So I push it further and further still
I want to stay by you
But the voices whisper in my ear

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

It's hard to live with myself
Knowing only I care
The second one never begun
He hates the way I stare

You're so god-damn beautiful
It really makes me think
Some stories are repeats
Here's Beauty, here's the Beast!

No matter what he says to me
I'll always love you, you know
That's why I'll never say goodbye
I'll hold out for hope

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

This poison taking over me,
I figured out its name...
The poison is Obsession
And it will take me to the grave...

The poison is Obsession
And won't miss my dying day...
Danielle Jun 11
How sick and foolish—
Just a drop—
And I now taste despair.
Feel it crawling inside:
Dark and poisonous
Like your humanity.
But oh! How I shall fight!
To be freed of your mess
And shackles.
Until I can laugh at your face
For all the pain,
You forced me to swallow
Old poem, old pain reworked into something new.
Bee Jun 10
i used to love being alone
until i tasted you

being with you was like a drug that i just couldn’t get enough of
your breath filled my lungs with toxic smoke
an exhilarating rush with each hit
i became high off your scent
and drunk off the poison from your lips
your touch showered me in chemical intoxication
so strong that i forgot what it felt like to be sober

i was utterly helpless within your grasp
but, for once, i liked the feeling of letting go
i never realized how much my soul craved your presence
until it was time to give you up
but by then, the withdrawals had already kicked in

forgetting you meant that i had to cough out my own lungs
choking on the remnants of your breath
you had constricted my throat so tightly that i couldn't fathom breathing on my own
i forced my stomach to lurch and convulse in desperate attempts to rid my body of any trace of you
but in the process
i lost some of myself too

in the aftermath, there was nothing left but hollow ruins
my delicate body now wrecked with scars
leaving my entire being sore
trembling, and weak
so to heal the pain
i come back
because the drug was irresistible
i forget about the force it took to evict you from my lungs
because it’s easier to get lost in those dark abysmal eyes
eyes that swallowed me whole
and the softness of your touch was enough
to numb my aching body

but you'll never know what it feels like
because you’ve taken so many hits now, that you're immune to the highs
to you, I was simply one more drink to pass the time

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