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V Aug 12
I am the moth and you are the flame.
Bodies dropping and you are to blame.

You attract us to your hurtful light.
All of us burning, oh so bright.

Everybody wants a piece of you.
Beautiful light left us to fume.

I want you all for myself.
But this pretty little flame can't help herself.
Jordan Gee Jun 7
Saturn Rx in Aquarius     - June 5th 2022

We recognized our other - selves
baking in the furnace of a Holy Relationship;
a hot crucible of an octave -
a high note.
in the dwindling and the withering we glowed
and we grew.
we walked into the no-light of the
New Moon.
we cracked open a lead egg
it was full of hidden memories -
atrocity and betrayal
and roses that drew blood when you plucked them.
the koshi bell skies were bright
despite the
new - lunar night.

what once we thought were vampire bats
were one thousand albino doves
who flew from thy heart
while you sat inside the dark -
trying to ***.
one thousand doves were flying from thy heart
while we discovered new
alleyways between the west Lancaster streets
and played detective
solving criminal activity mysteries
like partners walking the beat
at half past three in the morning.
we danced with the devil against the
we forgave his filthy ***** deeds.
the citronella candle light was gleaming in our minds
and we were beaming then,
dancing with our shadows against the bricks
and the bible verses stenciled
along the
alley walls.
we loved each other then
even as we had been loved.
our hearts were two bouquets full of peacock feathers.

King street
meets Queen
by a circle inside a square.
we were as royalty then
sitting with one another
there on the bench
and free.
we had let in the blood-letters
and our hearts were a smeared bleed
seeping into higher lines of time.
we were happy then,
I placed my hand on the front and the back of your heart
and I saw you then
under the yellow lights
and free.
the Gemini winds were whispering
like the wings of Hermes’ feet.
your eyes were bright blue like
how does the howling of the wind..
color and sound compressed
and became as one.
my words were flashing forth like
royal  jelly from the hive-
or the Oil of Christ
our tongues
and foreheads
like lilies of the
creator fire.
Anointed, we saw each other then
from the summit of a hill
our hearts were two baskets full of rose petals.

but the dawn went down to day
an american poet once said that
“nothing gold can stay.”
and I started seeing flies again in the kitchen -
and buzzing up against the windows,
palmetto bugs at night on the concrete walkabouts,
pit vipers hissing on behind me
coiled up in whicker burn baskets
and the low hanging branches of trees.
they say honey doesn’t go bad
but it only took 12 hours for mine to sour.
I said mean things
and I saw evil shapes cast against the walls.
I went blind and deaf
I couldn’t see all the beauty unfolding on before before me
I couldn’t  hear the hymns of peace
being sung above the clouds.
you said you’re about numb to it now;
laying there
curled up and
inoculated from all my onslaughts.
If i could, why
I would take
all those bad words
of my dweller’s mouth
and hide them in a poison pendant
capped with an Ethiopian opal.

we both would know, of course
that all those
mean words
with the serrated edges
of the bitter ends of frayed nerves
wouldn’t really be gone
and that they’d still be there-
just kind of
locked away
and hidden inside a poison pendant.
at least opals are beautiful.

by: Jordan Gee
Let me let you
Madeleine May 4
You are poison

Yet your lips on mine
That taste so sweet
Your Hands running up and down my back
Slow enough to make me draw you closer

When instead
I should be pushing you away
Because you're killing me

As your kiss
Is paralyzing me
And your hands
So gentle
Yet fast enough
To bruise me
That I hurt

For I don't know how to decide
On who I love more
Or myself
Nikki Apr 5
Tell me
What it means
When everyone’s happiness
Makes you feel even lonelier
Empty to the core

How a mood can change
In an instant
And seem to **** all the light
Out of every smile

Every moment poisoned
By one seemingly innocent instant
One bad thought
To infect all the others
Rickey Spence Mar 12

Retreating shadows, the night has lost
Victorious day, but what is the cost?
The trees leave their leaves around
In piles here and there on the ground
The cold air stings my lungs and my face
And my numbed bones become like a brace
The black of night turns greens to yellows
The lack of light is poison the world swallows
Blue skies slowly give in to the grays
Low clouds with white flakes and dark haze
It’s daytime now, but what did we lose?
The night has left us bitterly bruised.
I S A A C Mar 3
loosely based on events that never took off
I refuse to let it die out, I can save some
of the memories, wash away the dirt on my name
play with the energies as if you were here all the same
as if I can hear you calling out my name, or whispering
my heart is whimpering looking for hot hands
to cradle my cranium and explore my wetlands
you were just my type of man, my perfect poison
I was just your type of victim, the perfect person
for you to disrespect, neglect, and gaslight
for you to pretend we were friends until that night
where you stripped me of more than my rainbow light
Hoshi Jan 14
"There is no greater need than a hurt person's need for more hurt"
I spent hundreds of nights crying to a God I believed didn't love me
I was so sure my miracle of being born was a mistake God made
But God doesn't make mistakes
And so I spent hundreds of nights crying to a God who owed me nothing
I owed no one anything and they owe me nothing
then He made me feel as if I owed him my entire being
He was a monster in the making
He was a boy who was raised that way
He was a tormentor
I spent hours crying to a God to take away my debt to him
It took me two years to realize I owed him nothing
He picked me apart piece by piece
He made me feel like I was sick
He had felt like the cure to the poison I created
It took me two years to realize I was poisoned by everyone who ever cared about me
I poisoned him right back though
He was sick and so was I
We needed help but knew we wouldn't ask
We were two people poisoning each other with our sickness

We owe each other nothing
I was broken and begging for help
He made me feel as if I were dramatic
Attention seeking
He made me so angry I forgot what it was like to be sad
I operated under the impression I was less
I was unlovable
Because no one in my life had told me otherwise

We owe nothing to each other
I owe my love to no one
I do not deserve or earn love
People give love freely
And so do I
She said baby pick your poison
We'll silence all the voices
we'll **** the Paranoia
we're hopin'
we're hopin'

We don't know where we've been goin'
but I know that we've been glowin'
we're rollin'
we're rollin'
we're floatin'
we're floatin'

Shorty you and I was getting high and living up the moment
saw your eyes and they had me feeling golden
oh hold it
Didn't know where it was goin
I'm broken

I'm not one to tell a lie, my cup was overflowin'
hit my line a couple times and I was falling
for it
oh ****

I just want to freeze this moment
I just want to hold it
I just can't leave this moment
and now I'm frozen

I said shorty pick your poison,
all the **** the we were smoking
all the fear and all the loathing
Wasn't loving only coping

And I been feeling so numb
pale skin n frozen blood
in my lungs
falling in and
out of love

And I know I ain't living right
but you know I'll pull up when it's right
and I won't deny I'm living quiet
on the low
dreaming coast to coast.

She said baby pick your poison
We'll silence all the voices
we'll **** the Paranoia
we're hopin'
we're hopin'

We don't know where we've been going
but I know that we've been glowin'
we're rollin'
we're rollin'
we're floatin'
we're floatin'

and she's been living on the low
said baby pick your poison
if it's me then I'll be goin'
if it's me then I'll be goin'
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