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There's nobody that cares enough to look past my career,
Even I don't give a **** about the far future or near.
I am waiting for the day that I can get drunk off my rear,
If it saves a life, go ahead and put me to the spear.
Definitely not suicidal, that hotline's not my speed dial.
The evil's really there, but I'm the one who's even more vile.
My fam and friends love me, too bad the hate is deafening.
If you really wanna help me then be more than just threatening.
Can't walk with pride, so I crawl. Society's centipede.
seventy percent chance that I won't live to see seventy.
My heart plenty big, but plenty dark. My bullet biting thoughts mostly small, cause it's all bark.
But I am always down to get together, hang out at the park whenever.
Maybe even spark a little, save these memories for forever.
Keeps me and my homies tethered down, weather won't catch us now.
May not see right past this fog, but I see through you now.

It's the easy path to label all problems under depression,
no one wants proper treatment, but prefer smoke sessions.
Then you think you learned your lesson, underneath it's all digression.
Takes you at least a year to break down and start confession.
It poisons me to see my friends fade into strangers with problems,
only thing you can do is relate and say "Amen".
Why did you ignore omens? My door was wide open,
but then again I have my problems that I don't cope with.
Your lips are a poison, burning the back of my throat with the taste of you
But I can’t help but crave just one more sip.
KMH 2d
This place was a home.
It is poison.

I want to breathe but
The air is toxic and
Your harsh words slice

I want to sleep but
The monsters want to keep
Me awake. It is only me that they

I want to rest my
Weary, aching feet but
The chair, the sofa, the bed-
This house is made of

I want to come home but coming to this place isnt coming home it is like walking into a place i used to know and finding it burnt to ashes and these ashes are **** and coarse not like the fine grey ash of a volcano not like the kind that creates new growth it is toxic it is poison it is toxic it is poison and i just…

I want to come home to a place that is warm and welcoming and gives me peace. I want to rest my mind and heart and soul. I want to feel safe and let myself go. I want to come home.

This place was a home.
It is only poison.
©KMH 2018
I forgive you for hurting me.
I forgive you for lying to me,
for betraying me,
for leaving me all alone,
and for ignoring me.
I forgive you
Because hating you hurts.
The memories are like anchor holding me back
Thinking about you.
That time just makes my
Wounds sore,
Brain bruise,
Heart heavy
and the poison in my veins
is hurting me.
So I forgive you.
I know the poison will leave slowly,
so I forgive you to heal me.
I’ll let go of the grudges
To find peace.
Anne J Dec 4
Chattering yet still
Frozen and wrapped by venom
Decayed by sharp fangs
I'm a junior in HS, but I take a senior class. One of the seniors recently got a tattoo of a snake, said snake's end tail erasing around a skull. The tattoo quickly made me in a mood for a haiku. I shall end my period on haikus for now on this eery 3 stanzas
Latifah Nov 30
you were the pain and its killer
you were the venom and its cure
I'm dying with you
but I'm lifeless without you.
Latifah Nov 29
you were the poison and the cure
you were the pain and the healer
you were my killer and my saver
I'm dying with you
but I'm lifeless without you.
Strung Nov 23
The earth is tired
Like the lids I peer through
Back to you
And your pursuit 
Of endless hungry words,
So spill,
Tell it all;
The words that ****.
Poison, it’s an intimacy
Like the tattoo sleeve
You lean on,
Dreams that fill your ego
Feeding lies; you dream on
But what you know you need now
Is more hungry love.
So keep on
Draining life and love from me
Leaching words,
Just keep them
Calliope Nov 23
You used the oldest play in the book,
But I’m a sucker for antiques and I’m optimistic to a fault.
You said don’t be worried,
But why is this time different?
We’ve always ruined it with our vicious cycle,
And the venom is just sweet enough that even though we are rotting, we still want seconds.
Please don’t let this be poison disguised as nectar.
Next time, I won’t come back.
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