Sanny 1d
My kisses must be toxic, poisonous.

Starving for love, they kill every chance.

I'm longing for affection, pure love.

I wonder if my eyes give it away.

The fear of being hard to love, toxic.

I lean in.

His lips feels cold on mine.
sage Aug 11
i can feel the light in your throat
waiting for your heart to join in
you were in my veins a poison
in you i saw an arcane antidote
Marcella Kay Aug 11
Anger concealed behind the mask
Within your heart, eyes, and flesh,
Consuming into hatred that lingers
Onto your blood and your veins,
Making a deadly poison
That sweeps all around you.

Every word you say,
The venom drips from your mouth
While you spread allegations
To make everyone conceive the lies as truths,
And the deceptions of webs within advantage
From the beginning to end.

A flower with fragrances
Of sweetness and light,
Beyong the veil
Are immoral deeds and thorns,
Risking to be pricked
Among the innocence hands.

Chaos and dramas
Always contaminate around you
With daggers and spikes,
Making miserable lives of innocents
To swarm in your assent
Of manipulations in action.

You wiped your hands
In holy water
To wash the venoms away,
But once the truth expose within time,
True colors will be perceived
By virtuous mortals.
Sam Kelly Aug 10
I used to drink my poison straight from the bottle.
No warnings would stop me,
No crystallized rim could sway me.
I was thirsty,
So I drank.
And when the nausea came and my vision blurred
I thought "this is how it feels to be loved".
I figured all drinks had a little something
Slipped into them,
This eliminated the element of surprise.
So I drank my poison
And I shut my eyes
And I let the ringing in my ears sing me to sleep.
But I'm trying to be good now,
And I'm taking my medicine
And oh god is it sweet
And although my poison was true to it's word,
I know now I misunderstood.
Because my poison was no ill-equipped soldier,
Doing the best it could.
My poison was just poison.
It was just doing it's job.
And now my body hurts from the years I abused it,
But this medicine makes me feel warm again and the nausea is gone
And I'm scared there's still poison left in my veins.
But I know that my medicine is stronger,
I know it's gonna keep me safe.
Kit Aug 8
I feel your dark, wet whispers on my skin.

I am waiting for you to jump me, bite me and poison me like the spider.

Crave my flash like the spider craves a fly, I'll rip out her wings, run over the table little girl, try to escape only to fail in the end, try to escape only to surrender.
Oh, you will surrender.

But for the love of God, don't talk to me unless it's for divorce. I hate your voice, but crave your touch.
Let me feel your skin one more time,
what have we lost, and, what is left?
A little child with no parents, just bones.

I will bury you under the mistakes of yesterday, but I will burn your remains in the face off my past wrath.
I can kill you on spot, but oh, don't talk to me, just touch me,
make me feel, for you are the only one to make me feel, deep deep down in my tainted, wretched heart make me feel divine again.
Question this in every possible way please.
writerReader Mar 2015
there's poison ivy
growing along
my spine
it caresses every
it's a climbing plant
Madison Aug 4
When you kiss her lips

She fills your mouth with poison

Don't her lies taste sweet?
Kit Aug 4
We truly did feel the devil inside

Old castles hold a beautifully dark aura that poisons the mind

with dark energy and the need to keep the pain alive that we caused in others

Never let that energy die and never surrender to the forces that want to hold you down,

but rather make them feel a bullet in the head

cause you can beat them down and break free

And in the end tell them I  wish you hell

because looking at you simply just makes me love the way you hate me

Make them feel the bitterness in your heart
and see the chaos that is dominating your mind like a storm
Based of one of my favourite bands, Like A Storm, check them out...
V Exeter Aug 4
One thing to answer with a question,
a thing entirely separate to answer
with your lips sewn shut by confidence,
confidence, strong, it drives your
domesticated, little toe beans to
reveal your furies in colossal,
poison-green claw marks.
If your chalice overflows, &
you need help imbibing,
I'm seeking intoxication.
FreeMind Aug 3
Your lips are filled with poison
But all I want to do
Is kiss them
August 3, 2018
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