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Rinav Sep 4
look! :-)
i once tried to wear that smile
to reach the top of a tsunami
but then the bubbles all burst
and i paddled my way into the sea
i hoped my presence would excite a reaction
but the sharks and whales drifted off
and the kelp could only flail
so i sank down to the porous bed
and embraced its grainy mane
the bubbles stopped bursting
the sea pierced through
with the warm bed beneath
i saw a smile floating above me
Nylee Aug 25
I realized
the fact
we have been
to seek
validation from outside
till then
there is no
to my inside.
Parin Aug 20
Maybe hope is just an illusion,
a mirage,
which prevents us from seeing the reality,
fooling us to believe that its actually there,
fooling us to believe that it'll actually help,                                
but it's all a lie,                                                             ­   
a lie so white,
as if like snow,
that falls on you,
giving you a glimpse of happiness,
just a tick of satisfaction,
but soon it melts,
drowning you in a puddle,
a puddle of fake hope and expectations,
a puddle of fake happiness and flustering sensations.
And that is when you'll realize,
that hope is nothing but a clean white lie.
Mari Jul 22
It's fine if
I don't win.
I just want to
be satisfied.
rarae aves Jul 18
To live a truly satisfactory life
Its vital that we,
Discovers our own terms
Become our own person
Live for ourselves.
The most painful & satisfactory process, journey, lifestyle.
A lifetime as a teacher many a IAS, IPS
have gone through his tutelage. The satisfaction of a job well done brings a smile to his withered lips.
He was patient with his flock age has eroded his sense of humor looses his temper at all around.
They wait for him to take his last resting kith and kin alike have no time for him.
One fine morning when the household woke he failed to rise with the sun.
As they prepare him for his final journey by word of mouth a crowd gathers at there front door to pay respect to this grand old man.
The said list of IAS, IPS, Doctors and more are some of them who have come to have a last glimpse of this great soul.
As they watch they wonder whether a gentle smile had replaced the tiny frown
on these lifeless lips.
You're hardly seen at home at all these days
and I wonder when you will change your ways.
But I do hope that everything's alright
and the future for you also looks bright.

Many people have gone on the wrong path
seeking their own gain but acquiring wrath.
When they do not consider the welfare
or happiness of someone else do care.

If you've fallen into that state somehow
please listen to the words of wisdom now
to discern their knowledge and to receive
some advice for your soul as you believe.

When you put other people's welfare first
and for their happiness you also thirst
doing those things for their satisfaction
you'll reap a good harvest of attraction.

This must be done in line with what is good
and if viewed from a point of wisdom would
not detract away from that high ideal
which is the basis of our human weal.
Written late in 2019.  Inspired by one of the neighbors who used to live across the road whom I've known for many years.
As Our Lips got Locked,
Our Hands went for Action.
Searching for points,
to meet Our Satisfaction.
Passion was Creeping,
beneath our Skin.
Two Hearts kept Beating,
deep Within.
As We went about,
exploring Our Spaces.
Happiness got written,
on both Our Faces.
I kept sipping on if,
U were a Glass of Wine.
We finished Our Mission,
at Quarter past Nine.
Daa Rajab May 29
It might be said:

Don't let me let you go.
Don't you know that I
Want to hold you tightly?
To grasp the essence of home
And also a painful memory.
Memories can affect a lot of people.
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