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i ate a four-leaf clover and
consumed its luck, which died in me.
i lied in the quick, quiet field,
killing the grass,
looking to set myself free.
i drank and i drank
from every river, every creek,
my thirst unsatisfied until it had every sea.
my touch burned down forests,
my glance slaughtered meadows,
when climbing and looking for everything, anything,
i killed every tree.

in my quest for satisfaction,
i murdered the sky,
and yet nowhere have i found the fulfillment
i believe key.
thus, starved for complacency,
i continue my fruitless killing spree.
Tristan Reed Sep 23
and waiting
much too long,
my stomach growling
much too loud
for a belly full of something.
I'd tell you what if I knew,
but I don't.
I imagine if I did,
I'd be sitting around
wasting my time
with that,
instead of sitting around
wasting my time
with this.
An evening calcified under the spotlight.
Christina S Aug 11
Honey, you make me feel alive
like all my dreams came true
as if I'm completely electrified
my body screams for you

When I get to thinking
What we are capable of
I get all hot and sweaty
and search for my love

Honey, now I know I'm alive
I'm aware I rush to satisfy
I would slow down but
dear I think I might die!
I took out a stanza that I thought might be 18+, so I hope the last stanza makes sense. :-)
rinnette Aug 5
Living a life
When the voices in your head are a little louder than your own
No one knows
The things you have tell yourself everyday

Staying strong
Because you are expected to
"Don't be a disappointment"
Because it makes people upset

"Fake it till you make it, it works."
She told me
And all I felt was sadness
Because it dawned on me

That everyone lives in fear
Of being the 'let-down'
And we all stopped caring
For ourselves

Because 'we'
Are used
To always
That's why I want to be different.
I want to say,
"**** it."
The Spider Jul 16
Tuesday, July 16th

To my darling ex boyfriend, whom I thought was divine but instead was a divine joke:

It feels like ****** being shot through my addicted veins.
Like I'm on a high and I can't come down.
It feels like I'm flying above the clouds,
Through the stars and into extraterrestrial territory.

It's almost a sick feeling.
So good that I might just throw up from it.
I'm woozy and light headed but I can't help but smile
At the thought of your panic.

I've outed you.
Your secret is known to the public world now.
You've already lost at least one friend,
and now I wonder how you'll feel when you lose more.

You can call me petty if you want to;
cold-hearted, even.
But you should've known never sneak up on a Black Widow.
If you do,

It's clear that you'll be bitten.

-The Spider

Don't mess with spiders.
Elemenohp Jul 4
You were the first drop of rain after a seemingly endless drought.
The beginning of the end of a barren Era.

After that first drop, the crops began to take life.
The trees seemed to stand taller,
The animals, seemed calmer.

You were the start of everything new.
You were the embodiment, of everything true.

I couldn't ask a thing from you,
Your presence is enough to fulfill a lifetime.
F A Pacelli Jun 10
we all need a little chaos
a little crazy in our life
we follow that straight line
we know where it leads
same day in same day out
it is insanity
raise a little mischief
be a little crazy
if only to feel more alive
like spice brings food alive
chaos brings life alive
There’s a place on my hip
Where your hand would fit
A place on my neck
To lay your head
Nuzzling and cuddling
In bed together
Permanent satisfaction
You and me forever
Love you Romeo
Maniac girl May 24
Hey master, hey boss,
My salute to your flaws,
And your f*cking stupid laws,
I gave my best and you told me to do better,
And that better never satisfied you, unsatisfied Hater,
I didn't sleep for 2 weeks but that doesn't even matter,
You don't appreciate my work,
Like a perfect ****,
Oh I am an imperfect perfectionist,
Truth hurts, lie heals.

Oh dear, dear sir, I’m right here,
To work for you night and day without shedding a drop of tear,
And all you have to do is give me money, my dear Sir.

Oh I’m a robot in the form of human you hired,
I'll die if I ever get fired,
So I do everything perfectly without getting tired,
But you don't appreciate me, I can see it's conspired,
It's self-abuse, I'm doing to myself,
It's torture to the robot what you are doing to me and you know I can't help.

I might die soon without really living,
But if I die today, I die happy,
Cause there is no reason to live, life is boring,
And it's not that I'm unhappy,
I'm just never satisfied,
I always think of all the time when I lied.

It feels empty so I try to fill the space
I don’t ever understand if it’s me who chase the trouble or trouble who chase me,
Oh, you think that you are manipulating me but I'm playing the fool all these days.
That's why I always agree to disagree
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