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StoryTallinn Mar 29
Until the sun rise
I will be my own light
Until the cloud disappear
I will be my own sun

I have lost a battle
Not the war
Sorry but...
White flags do not belong in my backpack

Steps after steps
Miles after miles
This was not supposed to be a sprint
But a marathon
ollie Nov 2018
I’ve never been claustrophobic
But it’s starting to get overwhelming
The weight of this small town is beating into my skull
To the point where I don’t know if I want to keep growing
The teasing would stop
But the weight of the buildings are crushing into my shoulders
I’ve never been claustrophobic but lately I need some more space
‘Cause this place is too cramped for big dreams
And they will not stop growing
This town is too mean and I am simply a dreamer incapable of teaching it kindness
I am crushed by the corner shops
And squashed by the square
I am incapable of telling them I am uncomfortable
I can’t move
But I can’t stop running
I feel trapped
And there’s nothing to get me out
There’s nothing but corn and red hats for miles
And this is no place for someone like me
Dreamers always start small
Small town
And I am terrified that this dreamer will stay that way
I’ve got so much to do
I can’t help being a dreamer
I’m just getting started and I’m still convinced I have not stopped growing
This town is going to crush me
And I’m willing to suffocate
If I can fulfill all I am able to live up to
If I died today I would not be ready
So **** out my breath
I will hold it while I write
I will stretch out my sentences until I am mouthing words from a lack of air
I will go on
Until I am so claustrophobic I die from my fear
Until someone smashes a building over my head and I am dead
I will not lose to small town
No matter how many times I run from it
i sat outside with a friend today. we fed each other a muffin and talked about simple things like boys and bad vibes. i looked to my right and felt as though i could not breathe, because everything is the same, the town i was in similar to the one i live in, the one i was born in, too small, i could not breathe, i had to get out. she showed me a text from her boyfriend. i smiled the way anyone from a small town should.
Wanderer Feb 2018
I feel like I am in a race against time
It's not even that I'm trying to get ahead
I just want to keep up
But every time I look ahead
I see time just effortlessly passing me by
I have to keep running
Running out of
Oxygen, burning out
When contenders feel like
Dropping dead,
In an unexampled manner
Summoning a vestige
Of energy
Bringing into play
A new strategy,
Miruts Yifter Ethiopia's
Olympic legend
Used to surge ahead
Demonstrating a race
Is a sport of foot,lung
And head.
That is why
A commentator
Christened him
“Mirutse Yifter
The gear changer!”
“I dare say
Catching up with him
In a dead heat
There is no way
Once, he broke away!”

Two golds in 5 thousand
And 10 thousand meter race
In Moscow Olympic
With a gear-changing tactic
What a trick, what a trick!
What a story to children
And grandchildren to tell
Recalling minutest
Detail well!”

In our childhood,
With people
In the neighborhood
Our eyes
To TV screens glued
We used to relish
Miruts' sprinted finish
Forcing rivals
Winning dreams
To relinquish!

After the medal
Putting on ceremony,
Heading to
Our football pitch
We used to run round,
Round,round and round
Till exhausted ourselves
We found!

It is adopting
Mirutse's footprint
Tirunesh,Selershi and
Meseret sprint!
This formula grand
Gradually has found
Its way to Kenya
And England
May be tomorrow
To Sire lanka or America!
Sad,Mirutse Yifte has passed away!
MJ May 2016
I'm with everyone I know,
Running in our lifetime's race.
But I just can't shake this feeling
That I'm never going to place.

They all have their hearts set on something
And is it something that I have done,
To cause me to run with aimless footsteps
Simply chasing the horizon?

They're all clutching onto something,
And they put their hope in it.
But for some reason, I never seem
To be able to commit.

One by one they find their goal,
And take off sprinting away.
Leaving me in the dust,
To chase the horizon again today.

And it's not their fault, I know.
They think that I am running too.
I told them I was coming,
But I'm just watching them run through.

Why can't I see their inspiration?
Each time I think I know,
I trip and lose the thought I had.
And I'm far to tired to go.

I'm tired of having no purpose,
Just living an act of treason.
I hope they'll stop for a breath and see,
That I'm a runner without a reason.
Mary Alexander Oct 2015
I'm sprinting.
I'm hoping it works.
Hoping I forget breathing.
I'm sprinting till it hurts.
Till the pain shoots through my bones.
Hopefully then I'll wake up.
And focus on only that pain.
Reminding me not to "feel".
Because there is never very much gain.  
Hopefully soon I'll realize what's real.
Kathleen M Aug 2015
He sprints across the field
Navigating obstacle after obstacle
Addiction, illness, depression
Bits of him flying off into the distance
His hope, dreams, will
He's falling apart, getting smaller
Propelling himself forward regardless of his destruction
The finish line is a bullet
There is no applause
daisies Oct 2014
life is all about sprinting on a treadmill, give our everything to the endeavor, and had gone nowhere.
too many to catch, is there an end?
2th of October, 2014.
@Copyright Hydourella.
Grace Apr 2014
You my friend love to run more than anyone I know
You run so fast your body has to catch up and when it can't it slows you down pulling a hamstring
Then the other
And then your left one again

You had bruises for months trailing up and down your legs-your battle wounds

Weeks upon weeks of stretching
Icing massaging caring bracing eating
Trying so hard to sooth the pain
So bad it hurt to sit
Slowly but surely your legs came back
A tedious process of long nights and good mornings

One day you were new again
In the sweltering heat you taught  your legs what it felt like to run
And they loved it
The months flew by chasing you down
You were unstoppable getting first and second a states in the winter

Things were looking up and you started to get anxious about college who would choose you?
But in the end, you chose them
You are an official member of OSU
Proud to be a buckeye

Outdoor season started and you are oh so careful
Spending an hour every day before practice to warm up slowly to not repeat last year's trial
Hours spent after practice to ice and stretch hoping that this horrendous day would ever come again

Today I watched you
I was sprinting on the field while you were meticulously counting and calculating your speed and steps by doing drills
Our brothers strides by-racing each other in the 600
You strode along their side-beating them all when you started to limp

Your eyes turned glossy
Your face crumpled in despair
I to you asking if you were ok

You looked at me like a deer in headlights
To scared to tell me-hoping that the devil couldn't possibly come back to haunt you
Your eyes told me everything
Two pops and a pull

Very bad
But it's your right leg- your good leg

The emotions hit you like you were on a bumpy roller coaster
What did you do wrong?
What variables didn't add up?
Why you?

I wanted so badly to comfort you
To hug you
But it would put you in so much pain
Who knew that a hug could do so much harm?
I helped you to the trainer
Every step was another test and another reminder

Why can something you love so much it hurts you?
Why should someone so good feel the pain of a pulled muscle?
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