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Rashmi 10m
She is trapped inside her MIND,
But people think, she is BLIND,

She looked CRAZY,
But might be your eyes are little HAZY,

She never loved to LIE,
But this world's perceptions, WHY?

She looked to SKY,
But she never get any trusted Star to say"HI"!

She loved those eyes, which speaks the MOST,
But she never believed those words which made her ROAST,

Her Soul is only this body's HOST,
Now it's feels like the Soul is FROST.
Tribhu 5h
I love the way you carve
Every ****** into those sketches,
As if the passion inside of you
Could never been so deep.
I love the way you paint
As your hand dances and stretches,
With every touch of color
The world will ever need!
I fancy you
Oh! And those fingertips, too.
Nobody could paint a world
As colorful as you.
Oh! Did you know, my love
You painted my delicate soul, too?
Now I'm your masterpiece
As you're my poetry,
Oh! Our love could never be so true.
This one is dedicated to my better half, to him. ❤
under the algae
beneath the sedimentary substance of a sentimental
there resides the need to put everything into categories
organizing it by numbers on the top corner of crisp sun yellow manila folders with the messy scrawl of someone punctual but seldom in time for things

in the absence of sunlight i took to you like a lamp
the one with a warm glow and dust collecting on the folds of your body of ceramic
the more i got close the more i could feel myself burning from the inside like a watermelon containing meat fruit or the inside of a pumpkin spilling out onto your counter with audaciousness
sticking your finger in the warm gooey center only to dispose of the carcass without indulging

sometimes the left side of my chest hurts and i immediately think of heart attacks and a blue face

sometimes it's flood season and i see the bottom of bridges puffy with overflowing water and i immediately think of five years ago when i thought that if i laid down i could sleep forever and never wake up
my body slowly un-recognizing how to be the human condition

but then my lungs still move in my rib cage rhythmically
my chest expanding and contracting
the repetition of comfort inside my abdomen
and i know it's not heart disease but the fluttering of panic slowly dancing on the bottom of my collarbones

but then i get up from my bed and fix my hair into a braid
my hands remembering a pattern i don't have to think about
fingers nimbly trembling beneath handfuls of hair
and i know that despite everything

i would continue through and through
i would continue
a poem about a fuzzy head and moody weather
You are too stingy with yourself my dear,
let me have a slice,at least two slices of you.
Let me savour you, allow me to salivate into your wholeness. Let me drool and **** into your experiences.
Your joys let me have a sip, your sorrows let me have a bit.
Your care freeness, entrust it into my strong hands.
Let me know what clogs you, chokes you and simmers you. Let me ride in your strength, and measure the depth of your sorrow.
Let me light the darkened soul candle and quiten your heart thunders,
Just let me in,
into your soul,
So that I can see the world through your eyes,
Taste the waters with your tongue, and know how roses smell to you.
Let me know how pain feels to your, and probably I will know why I misunderstand you
It takes one to open self so that the misunderstanding can become an understanding
Maybe in those moments
When you're reminded of me
Your heart strongly feels mine
Longing for the love I need

© JL Smith
*** ensures everyone a shore
floating on the sea of the soul!
No stone is as solid
lying in any temple.

Lit up the flame lay it on
the passage to the truthful
selfless human conscience.
Unleash from the unseen
the one true enduring origin!

The more one understands
the universe's more meaningful!
Hails from the one yet to expose
the utmost intelligent of all!
You are the pink rose,
Gently swaying in the cool air,
Drops of dew kissing your silky petals.
You are the first soft snowflakes,
Falling on a wintry day,
Creating an ambience of serenity.
You are the Spring astir,
With a sense of  tender caress,
In the whisper of the gentle breeze.
Or the wealth of the Summer that comes with joyous abandon.
Or the glowing colours in the painting of Autumn.
You are the smile that soothes my heart,
My strength to uphold my weakness,
An inspiration to my soul,
My guide,
My Angel from above.
An open door
Closed windows
Looking into the depths of my soul
Can I really see anything
Or am I blamed for something I did not do
Can you catch a glimpse of what is truly in my heart
In my soul I am kind and free
Please take what you can from this and live
Waves come crashing down to destroy where we stood
Can you ever forgive for something I did not do
How and what you expect from me is not always up to you
If only there was no barrier in communication
From heat I drip condensation
All those sensations you have our nice and all
Passion comes from the truth inside
Not physical sensation that puts you on roller coaster ride
So united we stand divided we fall
You did this
You just say I do it all
Ed Russ Jr Aug 28
Do you mind if I sit back and observe the process of the lords creation the subject matter is miraculous the beauty is elegant perfect in every scence my baby girl you stole my heart such a thief ain't you, thinking about seductive things we do sinners ain't we, naughty deeds but the intentions is good it serves needs

What pains me is that I have to let go to regrip your sparkling eyes again, got to move fast so quick that I don't miss the chance to clutch you in my arms again, heaven sent such a gift I cried when you was born I ain't even know you back then because, *** made you for me I picked up your scent, I know from day one you was mine let us age old together bad and boujee like expensive fine wine, my kiss is possessive the beat of your heart is mine let that foreplay tingle down your spine, open wide going deep let me reach your soul ****** our achievement together it ain't *** it's love

I love you girl no *** postion that can top this deposition let me show you its deeper than ***, I'm still into you watch me shift working overtime full time love baby moan out affection go on say the name, our body hum harmony can feel this body heat that steamy love, open wide in deep that creamy love that dreamy love, its deeper than ***, the agony an orgams of how our love make our body shiver, I love you, I love you! I rejoice I could say this a thousand times it's deeper than ***
Help me get this to trending. Wrote this about a special girl
I remember grabbing the white candle,
The smell of wax lingering in the air.
A longing for a needle to ***** through,
Blood to parchment of my skin all to care.
Remembering a time this done before,
Starting to see a pattern of my life.
Wanting all of success to be in store,
Myself running down the long strangled knife.
Backward words and lettering to be torn,
Aching a long lost soul withered away.
This young son never a demon to warn,
Slipping close of the night to southern day.
Out and away from the further realms curled,
A solemn pact of mine to keep in world.
Seven Seals of October - Seal II - The Second Solid Pact of Solemness...
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