Jobira 9h

We become the dejected souls
merciless soldiers, who rain sadness
into the running rivers,
that spoil the growing grains with blood stains.

The decayed and forgotten bones
of human ashes become fertilizers,
which are used to grow dejected plants
to feed dejected souls, which
withers not under any weathers.

In flashbacks,
souls used to grow in the deserts
like the forbidden apples
in the oasis gardens,
which lusciously ripped mankinds
from their minds out of their hearts
and put them on dejected journeys
forever lost within their flashes
and parched desires.

We become the dejected souls
soldiers who lost their ways
yet, march to destroy the unborn souls
so in their arrivals,
they have already grown rotten minds
to turn their futures into ashes.

It's hard to believe we are living in a scary world today, with all the rotten things that are happening to all humankinds.
I hope we find our ways to salvation.

When I look into your eyes I see a light, it distracts me from time to time because I've never seen beauty so aligned.

The most graceful personality is what attracts me. But your beauty in which I see isn't just outside, but within. :) Stay beautiful.

Like water running, strange requiem
things I can't recall, though deep in soul feel
these skies, these burning lives
we are wild in the fields
only a sun, a storm, the rain
passing by.

I know your voice
so true
it haunts me in the night
I see
as you see too
as we have the SAME
"eye" sight

I remember your touch so warm
even tho I've never felt it
I'm certain that if I touched you
my heart?
yes you would melt it

I wish that I could smell you
your sacred sweet and mine
I wish that I could touch you
and feel my heart-divine

our magical transcendence
is written in the stars
and instantly immediate
erasing all the scars

you will know me
well love
you've longed for my soul too
set up some g.p.s. babe
to find the "one" for you

eons an eons I have waited
I am screaming out your name
except I do not know it
and that is such a shame

just remember who I am now
close your eyes to see
find me with your heart love
to seal our destiny

hurry I am waiting
for you to come -arrive
I wonder every day here
how without you I'll survive
by boat or air just fly now
or get in your car an drive

my time
I will have to bide
but I will never tire
as you are all the fuel
I need to light my fire
you and I the phoenix
of two soulmates in desire.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yup still waiting for my souls mate lol love you all hope this makes sense

Distance is such a cruel mistress
It can make you feel great
Or it can bring great sadness
For me it is a mixture of both

The love of my life
At such distance
Makes sorrow come alive
And take root in my soul

But the pain of my existence
At such a distance
Brings joy to my soul
And forms a conflict

The soul now in turmoil
Fighting for control
The pain slowly wins
As the joy slowly dies

Lost in thought
The head does wander
To places we must not tread
Great sorrow lives in those walls

For when the minds wanders
It gets lost for what seems eternity
Breaking the silence
With screams of dismay

Running around this maze
Fleeing from the pain
Easier to say
Much harder to do

We fall into a pit
In which there is no escape
Crying out in pain
For the love in the distance

Seema 2d

When you see, the lamps being lit
Along the paths, on a moonless night
And the dusk decends, for the stars to shine
That's when my darkness will fade, with your light
I never condoned our love, neither did I forget
In the bliss time of this long lone journey
I've swept lanes of eyelids,
Remembering all the time we've spent
From where we started our journey together
Where we met for the very first time,
On the banks of that river, under the raintree
Which you used to climb
There, in the silence ,we met daily everyday
To drown in our eternal love, under the open sky
Where the stars would bloom bright all the way
Another night has just past, waiting,
In my ribbed casket, here I lay
Now all bones, left in this deep dense place
By your very own, while you went away
No one has ever come to track or trace
People say, I am good as dead anyway...


Hades 2d

The two worlds stretches between the two lovers
After the man could no longer believe that it was over
The Midnight blossomed from the darkness of the night,
He found himself struggling to hold her tight

"Oh lover" he said,
"If only I could tell you all the words stuck in behind my teeth
Those words that were not supposed to kept inside my mouth
I would not return here endlessly and regret so much."

being honest: it feels like a bad acid trip

at this point i know my soul is going somewhere bad
i know I’ve left a bad mark on the world
and on the people around me.
i know i can’t change things now.

its awkward
its sad

There's one less set of footprints
upon my bedroom floor,
there's half as many clothes
behind the closet door.

There's a lonely set of arms
that used to embrace its pair,
there's one less person here
but one more vacant chair.

There's a heart that was once overflowing
and bursting from the soul,
but it seems that just a half
can claim the very whole.

Somethings can be mended,
but never replaced by another.
In empty beds we learn
how to live without each other.

my soul is
and i am
if it is
in search of you or
about the idea of you

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