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In shadows cast by choices past
Regret's burden I now hold fast
Fleeting moments, lost in time
I yearn to undo what once was mine

A symphony of chances gone
Echoes haunt, remorse lives on
Bitter taste of what could be
Regret's cold embrace envelopes me

Yet wisdom sprouts from lessons learned
Resilient heart, it softly yearned
To greet tomorrow with open eyes
Regret's shackles, I shall defy

For in the tapestry of my soul
Regret's threads are woven whole
But from this tapestry, I'll rise anew
Embracing life, and starting anew
Regret is an echo in the depths of my mind and soul. One I wish would silence before I am old.
In the grip of despair, amidst famine and filth,
A glimmer of hope pleads for divine grace.
Whispers of remnants yearn for echoes to reach.

"I beg you, show me mercy!" I weep,
Like a fading ember, virtuous yet frail,
Burdened by a sorrowful world so deep.

Billions of souls inhabit this existence,
Some in lavish homes, others in wretched holes,
Yet for me, solace is scarce, no place for persistence.

In the terror of the masses, I find strange amusement,
At a gathering's stage, a speaker proclaims,
"If we embrace them, they'll steal our sustenance."

But in the same assembly, they hailed us as the leaders of tomorrow, the hailed us as the future,
How can this contradiction be? I ponder and wonder,
While poverty's grip holds tight, unyielding and sutured.

On shelterless streets, i fight for survival,
Searching for a chance, scavenging in strife,
A victim of circumstances, without a rival.

Oh, Lord! What awaits when night falls?
In this dark part of town, where darkness thrives,
Will I lie alone beneath the sky's angry calls?
Why am I forsaken and unknown to my kin?

I detest the wealthy, cursing their prosperity's bane,
Perhaps the speaker at the town hall spoke some truth,
How did they find comfort, while we endure squalor's chain?

Whom did they harm, whom did they exploit? I question,
Which commandments did they break to reach such heights?
Or did inherited wealth become my oppression's expression?

My forefathers, once prosperous but alone in their days,
Do their mistakes haunt me, a burden I bear?
Their debts pass on, and I become their pays.

Curiosity led me to the price of liberation's door,
The gods whispered, "No fixed cost, just surrender your soul,
Take what you desire, a loan to your core."

They promised a transformed life, with riches bestowed,
Claiming freedom and happiness beyond strife,
"Are you willing to abandon everything?" they bestowed.

"We are destined to fail," they mockingly declare,
My flesh meant for opulence, destiny ordained,
"Do you want to join the winning team and surrender your name?
Believe in me, surrender to me, abandon God's reign."

The speaker proclaimed that we are the future of humanity,
Perhaps there's a grain of truth in his words,
A voice distinct from the gods, untamed whispers untie.

I know a man who considers himself poor,
Yet possesses unseen wealth, profound and true,
Understanding want and deprivation, wisdom to explore,
Finding contentment in plenty or scarcity's view.

To trade one's soul for progress is too steep a cost,
Success must be earned, not acquired without due,
Claiming what's rightfully yours, forever embossed.

My greatest investors, my loyal and true son,
No debts to repay, just unconditional love,
His path, His price, the sole endeavor to pursue,
Dearest one, the noblest venture is honoring me and every other thing shall be added to you.
Jack 3d
Such a fickle soul,
Left to be tormented alone,
Loves to indulge in these temporary amusements,
Time has seemed like a fleeting moment,
How ungrateful of us not to savor every second we have,
The unnerved and unfazed,
Sweet sap of empathy,
Little grief for the lonely,
Melody of the weak,
With pale grey eyes,
Oh, lovely,
Why does it end so quickly?
The night draws nigh,
As the soul of demise basks in moonlight,

It will be your last light.
In shadows deep, where hope seems lost
A weary heart, with dreams exhaust
I find myself in depths of despair
With whispered echoes of a soul laid bare

The weight of burdens, a heavy shroud
Tugging at my spirit, like a tempest loud
Every step forward feels like a fall
As I stumble through life's endless hall

The road ahead, a winding maze
Where dreams dissolve in a sorrowful haze
Fatigue engulfs my every bone
As I yearn for solace, to be left alone

The stars above, once shining bright
Now flicker weakly in the darkest night
Their distant glow, a mocking tease
Amidst my longing for inner peace

To release this fight
To surrender to the consuming night
To lay down arms and concede defeat
In the embrace of silence, find retreat

But deep within, a whisper remains
A faint flame of hope that still sustains
Though weary, battered, and scarred, I see
A glimmer of strength, still resides in me

For life's trials, are a test
To push us further, to our very best
Though darkness looms, I'll rise anew
Embracing battles, both old and new

So, I'll cast aside the thoughts of surrender
And find strength within, fierce and tender
For even in moments of doubt and strife
I'll persevere to embrace this precious life
My body may fatigue, but recovers, my soul is tired, but never seems to find any rest.
She is my comfort in my storm,
The breath in my lungs
The soul in every poem that I write

When her hands are on my body
And her lips are on my neck
Her name is the prayer on my lips
I never believed in religion until she had me on my knees for her
our souls
were too
in sync
to be called
a mere
Zywa May 7
The melancholy

that it's true, the earth is small --

but our soul is not.
"Rimedio: la geografia" ("Solution: geography", 1920, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Stall"
The Tinkerer May 4
Calm personified,
Words resonating,
Bringing me into my own.

Empathy personified,
The joy, this belief,
We'll never walk alone.

Strength personified,
A Sequoia how mighty you've grown.

Trust personified,
Your presence within,
To have found a home

Care personified,
A hug that breeds warmth in my soul.

~You are~

Love personified,
Like no other,

I only hope you know.
Your love, your care, your soul does not go unnoticed. And sure as hell does not go unappreciated.

You are loved for you love.

Thank you.

N May 4
You called for me
after I uttered your name
in a passing conversation,
but it’s too late now, father

You see,
I’ve already drank
your poison,
I savored it to the last drop

It’s in my bloodstream,
it’s in my hollow stomach,
it’s pouring over
everything that I am today

My soul is mine,
you can’t touch it,
it’s achingly burning from a
fire I can’t extinguish alone

Your name is laced
with mine, I’m sorry
I couldn’t forget you

But please let me
keep my soul,
It’s mine,
but can I keep it?

It burns me,
let me keep it anyway
I had a dream about him again recently, and remembered this old poem I wrote about him.
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