Who would have believed
this soul of mine
that had once been intertwined,
that has known love and trying times
would be cold, and lonely again.
this was part of another poem but I thought it was better by itself
You are made of stone.
As are we all.
We are all sculptures,
sculpted by the world.
But what the world will not tell you is
you are a masterpiece,
sculpted by the Sculptor.
You were made good,
your splendor carved by the Creator,
even before His creation.
The Almighty knew you,
even before a scentence
spoke the world into existance
in an instant.
He knew every chisel, ever groove, every crease,
etched in His image.
The world had convinced you
that you have a heart of stone,
but this is not so.
Though your exterior may be
as rough, inflexible, and ridged
as a rock,
your heart is written in blood
and laps against your rigorous appearances.
Your heart,
my counterpart,
is not made of stone.
It is a roaring sea,
of soul and emotion you have left alone,
and it longs to break free.
haecceity | Latin | (n.) the essence of a particular thing that gives it its unique particularity; the "thing-ness" of a thing--its individuality, specificity, essence of what makes it what it is
I need no shoulders to lean my head on, but I won't mind your gentle tap assuring it all hunky-dory to be.
I need no feet to match my frequency, but I would love to run wildly with you, if you dare put your steps forth.
I need no hands to wipe my tears off, but I won't hesitate accepting the handkerchief you pass.
I can savour my favorite dish all alone, but the dessert on my platter won't taste sour if you take a bite from it.
It's basically,
I don't want to scream, yet don't want to be left unheard.
Solitude I can befriend as I recall no names.
I want to give in, yet I'm fighting strong.
It's basically,
A constant struggle between,
How the hell so strong am I!
And what this fragile soul longs for.
JL Smith 13h
I sit down at my desk
Placing trust in these keys
My world comes alive
As blood surges through me

Every letter I punch
Each stanza I create
Transfers a piece of my heart
Across this paper--my stage

An audience who relates
Commending acts of my play,
But never a witness behind scenes
To an emotionally intoxicated Hemingway

For the performance you see
Is my truth and it takes toll,
But reliving memories while writing
Is worth touching my readers' beautiful souls

© JL Smith
to be with melon
live next to a melon
o a cantaloupe
my soul eats
now this melon

melon melon melon
a melon in front of her nose
and behind a melon
and on the right side
and with a left melon

melon melon melon
she is like love
as sadness as happiness
but there is no difference and never
melon melon melon melon melon

Rose 16h
Love is Love, until it burns you

i Loved you fearlessly
until i left for the sunrise

i saw lighter clouds
brighter moons

and realized you hurt me
more than you Loved me

i asked you
to own up to your soul
accept the faults that
burns those around you

i cannot Love you
if you won’t put out the flames

maybe i flourish too fast
blur the lines you need to walk on

but i feel that i tread
in the flakiness of you thoughts
waiting for you to make up your mind

as i’m left time and time, Again
for a past love, things changed and i saw more things than you cared to dream. i came back to find how little you dared to fly.
Aa Harvey 16h
The Best Friend Ever

The way I felt for you transcended sex.
That is something you will always be able to get.
But to me that would not have been enough.
It is your soul I am in love with, not just your body.
You can have sex with anyone;
It was babies I wanted you to have with me.

Your kid will be the coolest of them all.
Your body is the most beautiful.
Your face is a masterpiece,
I could happily get lost inside.
Your thoughts are my nourishment.
I take them all inside me and give back commitment.

I pledge my soul, to my true beloved.
There is and has only eva been one love of my life.
How do I know?  Because I didn’t know then.
Only one girl can make me cry,
Simply at the thought of never seeing her again.

I love you.
I am your friend to the peaceful end.
Until death rips me apart,
Or until you break my heart again.
But if that is your intention,
Then I shall die now alone.

Even if Her love for me is gone,
My love for her shall never end.
Friends until death.
I love you my best friend.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I bared my soul
You told me to slow down
My brain said
Come to a complete stop
Red lights flashed
Caution signs in my eyes
I know I need you too much
Take my clothes
One bag
Forget the sentimentals
Start again
Quit my job
Free again
Open my mind
Just roaming
Tell no one
Just go
To where next
Who knows
No plans needed
Just wanderlust
Dessert Sea Snow
Baring all
Never ending journey
Forever going
A lost soul
Just wondering
Home is not a place, but a feeling.
Asia 22h
i remember feelin like
i wasnt good enough

askin myself

i am frail

all i did was look
in the mirror


society wants perfect
i aint perfect

now im bitter.

always felt i was in a bad space
in this fckd up place

but i figured

i almost threw it all away...

ion aint perfect
i want perfect
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