rd Apr 7
My soul wanders searching for thee..
When the day wears out
And the sun dims its glow
When the sky changes from a bright blue
to a sombre hue
My soul searches for you..

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When  shadows fade
and the clouds trade
white for shades of red
painting the heavens anew
My soul searches for you...

My soul wanders searching for thee...
When the atmosphere
changes its temperament
And calmness descends.
In moments of solitude
My soul  searches for you..
God created everything but there wasn't anything that signified internal beauty.
Hence the creation of WOMEN.
her gaze seeping into your soul;
an unfathomable love
creeps into your heart
and stays there.
Kawehi : Part Four

I breathe in your music to me whole;
I’m letting go of falling away.
Poptastic!  No such thing as plastic inside my heart-shaped soul.
I fill it with your songs and my reality is now a happier place.

Help me; I’m locked up on the inside.
Help me; to let love complete me and show me what I have lost.
Help me; I need to find my heart a home in which it can happily reside.
You help me, get me closer to God.

Time drifts away as I listen to your sounds;
Funky dancer, pink guitar; leave me here to fall.
I cannot be lifted because I am happy to stay down,
But listening to Kawehi raises my heart and I can rise once more.

I see a Sia Chandelier song by Kawehi,
As I stay here watching YouTube;
1,2,3 and I am silenced, by your silence…
Speechless you leave me because I am lost inside of your light.
Beauty sounds like you; in a woman with a guitar I could confide.

Secretly, love does not like me,
But with a woman like you I could try once more;
Unfortunately, there are no others like you, for you are unique.
An empty wish; a lying dream.  All I have is worth nought;
But I can listen to you whenever I want to, so I can still find peace.

Iamkawehi.  You are somebody that I would like to know;
But we have never met and we never will, I guess.
Still here I sit with a smile on my face at home,
Because if love sounds like this,
Then hopefully I can find my own music-minded muse to kiss.

Real garage music; connect the numbered dots.
I am happy ever after I have found this place to be happy.
I could write you a thousand poems so easily,
But I just can’t write a song;
So I experience music through your eyes and I love what I see.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kawehi : Part Two

You are not the most famous singer;
Adele may be, but you are a wow!
You make a song, one piece at a time, even better.
I am addicted to your sound; you have a hold on my soul.

Come with me and dislike Britney,
But sing her songs to show her what she could and should have been.
I want a mind-meld connection to listen to your tunes,
So you can see how much I love the music you make
And all those things that you do.

Entice me into your covers and sing a song we know;
I think, I truly have found my soulful soul a new musical home.
You make it look so simple, but it is so unbelievable;
The music you make is perfect and unforgettable!

I guess I just can’t explain the way you make me feel! Oh!
You are my afternoon delight and you make the morning sun shine.
You bring a little bit of joy into my heart and how the time goes,
When I am having fun.
I am not Spartacus!  IamKawehi!  
And I love my mind.

Take all of my love; I have an endless supply for you.
I will just leave your voice on repeat and close my eyes and dream.
Wishing I could find more music, that is new,
But nobody is as good as you to my ears;
So I will play your music, time and time again and I will feel at ease.

Deeper I sink into the world of Kawehi;
If you want to love me, then you must share her empathy.
She rises with the machines and loves music so much;
A digital heart, under the headphones, sending out the sounds of love.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aishah 13h
the night I decided to let you go
and stop feeling sorry
for the both of us
the world gave me things
that She knows would help
me go through another night
without you

my mum's voice
to help me soothe the wounds
before it turn into battle scars

the island breeze
to help me carry the blades
out from my heart and into
the darkness of yesterday

the midnight rain
to help me stay calm
to help me sleep and
to help me dream of rainbows
and healed soul
She give it to me because she knows I'm ready for it
Nikki Jayne Apr 13
As I dance upon moonlight and thunder
I step into the blueprint of my innate joy and wonder

I hear my gentle songstress
She is the one of peace and unity
Her call sings the soul frangments once thought lost back home to me

Shadows deep as the lion's roar cast out beliefs that hold service no more
So I begin to heal myself from within
With the thoughts that I think
And the words that I speak

You see for too long did I dance to the beat of another's drum
My gentle songstress is me
She and I are one.
eli 21h
when you left you took my broken soul with you
leaving me with nothing


you took it all
leaving me numb

you took my broken soul
now it cant be fixed

i could've fixed my soul from some love and happinesses
but i cant anymore
you took everything away

i write poetry
trying to feel
but how do i feel without my sunflower soul

please give it back
i know you have it
please let me be happy
like a sunflower

but how can i be a sunflower
without my sun
you took my sun away
my brightness
my light
my everything


how can i ever be mad?
you once made me so happy
you were once my sun
you were once my everything

but soon you became my moon
the most beautiful moon
but the moon doesn't work for a sunflower

so no
i'm not mad
i just miss you
i want my broken soul back
i want my sunflower soul to be whole again
i want my sun back
even if that sun may not be you

i just want to feel.
rd Apr 5
How can I forget
The passion of our love
Melted us and made us one

How can I forget
Though being miles apart
I could hear every beat of your heart

How can I forget
Our thoughts so in sync
We knew,we shared a special link

How can I forget
Every time you kissed my name
With desire did it set my heart aflame

How can I forget
The warmth of your love healed
Wounds in my heart that life had sealed

How can I forget
How you made me feel
With your love so beautiful and real

How can I ever forget you
Part of my soul you are
Our love is older,older than a star ...
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