Split from the same atom,
Our souls are bound to one another.
Magnetically pulled together as if they have gravity.
Orbiting this world alone and on different paths,
We were joined in a whirlwind of electricity.
Charged with passion and chemical attraction
Our hearts melted into one.
Forever, I shall be fused to you.

A love poem for my soul's twin.

You are my light
I can't see without you
You are my air
I can't breathe without you
You are my heart
I can't live without you
You are my soul
I can't be without you

Seema 21h

Years of wait
Melted my hate
He came to meet
As my blind date
Surprised was I
To see this guy
A crush of mine
Turned me down
I recovered fine
Till that day in town
I saw, I ignored
I walked away
He saw, he came
But he couldn't say
How it happened
He explained that day
A date or a fate
I am over my hate
He's fallen for me
O' love it is, I see
In his eyes for me
My life, my love to be
Opened my locked heart
With his magical key
Love flowed within
Caressing my soul
A new life to begin
Was now, our goal...


With the sky so blue
Those beautiful orbs
Your eyes, blue too.

For they shine like the sea
But not green and misty
Like the beaches of white sand
With the water crystal clear.

The shells under the water
Gleam and glow
They bring sparks of color
Like your eyes when the sun is low

There's so much they hold
Most I couldn't bare
But I wonder how they're so strikingly bold.

Your eyes are blue
They shine like crystal water
And see shells gleaming.
But beneath those eyes
There is a person
Behind your pearly white smile
There is a soul.

For features can be beautiful
But nothing can outdo
A beautiful soul.

TJA 23h

Overwhelming emptiness
A daunting abyss
Where one reminds themselves of loneliness  

Bliss becomes a wish
Where a dish is served cold
It becomes spoiled covered in mold

Scold one soul
Until no longer bold
Spiraling out of control

No one to console
Future foretold  by a power
When I was six years old

Duplicitous with one's reality
Life symbolizes a formality
Waiting for the formaldehyde to be injected into me


Dori 1d

I have this bad habit of unintentionally giving people my consent, allowing them to walk all over my heart without ever asking them to take off their shoes before they step inside my soul.


My Honey,
This one is for you, from me,
I still vividly remember your first touch,
I still remember how the first time when you poured yourself out to me,
It’s like you had resided in each & every pore of mine,
You had coloured me with your pale colour,
What a whirlwind romance of ours was!
I can’t even think about the times when I was without you,
I was being contained,
My whole existence being reduced to a mere cube,
Then you come around,
Filling me with your sweetness,
Holding me, twirling along with me,
You don’t know how overwhelmingly nice it was,
If only I could put it into words
How you have completed me,
If only I could tell you how you have made me spin for you,
Before you, I was still
& now I rush for you,
My honey, now, I rush to you,
If only you had an idea how you have changed me,
I accept not all the times are perfect for us,
We might not mix that well together,
But I want to know you as well as the blood knows its way in the veins,
Not have you stuck on the roof of the mouth like peanut butter,
Because I know how white I was with fear when I was surviving all lonely in this world,
Let’s just say I have grown used to your embrace to go back to that old tasteless life of mine,
Here’s to me saying what I might’ve said to you over & over again,
I love you, honey.

Yours Forever,

Sam 1d

Staples on a heart
Long ago fallen apart
Staples on a heart
The tears begin to start

Memories are truly dark
Everything is stark
In sorrow I embark
Memories are truly dark

Sadness is a gift
Although it carves a rift
A mind cursed to drift
Sadness is a gift

tears or tears ;) You pick.
Seema 1d

A battle building within
Enforcing a war zone
With their spirit, their soul in
Simulating the sins unknown

Another person linked by mind
But they are what others define
As the sages of demonic kind
Of what they believe and refine

They say every human has a third eye
Located in the center of their forehead
But none to believe in the fact, why?
There is no evidence of such when people die

I guess it's the sixth and common sense
That is referred to as the third eye
Visually hidden but lays in the dense
A raider sense that acts like a spy

I keep away from such weird sages
As we all have a sense of awareness
It's good to read about them in pages
Then to be brainwashed to self unfairness...


The self proclaimed human gods.

I forget my ways
too easily
traditions of my skin
blown away
like pencil dust

In a place
where my soul
has no meaning
I mean not to die,
yet I cannot thrive
in a place
where my bones crumble
like fallen leaves

sweet flavors in my mouth
fade away with time
all is within or without
drained away in the night

all my lost customs,
those dances of my soul
return to me in dreams
as fresh as they are old

I let words slip past my
let them sink into my
wash them out with bitter
they disappear in

I forget my sight
too quickly
place my eyes
in a transparent box,
there they wait
by the light of an
open window
to be released
to find home

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