Silent feet on the floor
Like the drops of rain that pour
When you suddenly came
And stood in front of me
The time stopped
Our eyes locked
Everything went black and white
Except the colors of your face
Then my words left me
I stayed there...

Loud echoes of the smiles
The warmth of your accent
Took my voice
Bent my heart
I could hear nothing anymore
I could bear nothing else
Everything meant meaningless
Except for the look in your eyes
And my peace left me
I stayed there...

I remember nothing you said
I have forgotten what I replied
All I can conjure up from that moment
All that I can remember is
How the air felt
How my skin got to melt
Everything seemed out of focus
Except for you being there
When you walked away, my soul left me
I stayed there...

She is not perfect, nor even very close.
But what she is for me is perfection, a shadow isn't as close.
She is not my savior, as The Christ already has that role.
But she is my salvation, the liberator of my soul.
She is not my property or even my right.
But she is everything I have far beyond sight.
She is my Jaime!!!

O’ this
Frenzied heart asks
What burns in the flames so intense
And then itself into ashes
It masks?

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Eppie 20h

there's a pit in my stomach, a bottomless hole
where the sadness i swallow goes down to my soul,
where it sings the blues and wears grey hues,
and eats up the bad thoughts until it is full.

Intoxicated from the weight of euphoria,
Silence drips viscously into the soul
Until drowning is no longer a fear,
But an option.

Feet wet from nostalgia
Of ungraspable motions,
Time rests heavily on dewed eyelids.

The soul buries itself further.

This was from a prompt about something that brings you happiness and deeply saddens you at the same time. I chose Melancholia.
lily 1d

every tear
that falls
down my cheek
is because of you

Read me like poetry
Make love to my mind

Devour my soul
Like your favorite dessert

Make love to my body
Like it’s the first and last time

Waking up into the world
Foul words burn holes in my ears
Truths so raw they rot my young flesh
The instant they leave your lips
Kisses of death and decay
A power play that never ends
My personal hells undying fire
Pulverizing my mortal soul
Crazed thoughts meander in my head
I make my own meals
Milk and crunchy glass shards
Topped with freshly ground chillies
What a tantalizing trinity
The perfect homemade breakfast
To accompany our charming little pad
Savour our eclectic interior
Forget the artfully bloodied rooms
Someone's stiffened liver in our dining
Torn muscles stashed in a corner
A punctured heart in the kitchen sink
Some ground up bones in pepper shakers
Fractured ribs on my study desk
The brain sitting on the couch
Our latest wallpaper from centuries ago
News of our deaths on the headlines
Your acidic kindness
A raptured spleen in your bed
I belief that belongs to me
I'd give anything for your brutal love

I have walked on the path of pain
I have sat in cold rain
The heat of the sun is good no more
I tried sitting in shadow but went in vain
Just because you see me...

Lights make no sense
Or the grass over the fence
I have talked to the trees in the forest
Every word has become dense
Just because you see me...

My heart has worn out
My breaths can take no more
The strength in me is fading away
My soul can't find the shore
Just because you see me...

Kume 3d

These heavenly lands,
Where the rain washes away fears,
And leaves the courage that sunset brings.
Where hopes marry belief, and trees are forever green.
Where the shadows come alive, and silhouettes breathe.

Where art is more than expression,
and dreams colour the soul.
Where broken spirits find redemption,
And all pieces are made whole.

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