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They are smiles,
they are walls falling down,
doors opening,
riddles melting into joy.

Delicate like butterflies
smiles are a vibration.
They enters in You
through your eyes
to becomes sky,
and light.
Kyra 8h
As I watch with bated breath
My absent reflection is more apparent
As the moon shifts and shimmers on the glimmering surface
I search for the soul I lost
In the cold dark sea
That seems to **** out the marrow of my bones
Where is it
Natasha 9h
the greatest things come from love,
I've witnessed whole miracles stem
from the fact that somebody
had someone to love them.

with love we find happiness,
sorrow, passion, intimacy, friendship,
willingness to give
willingness to be vulnerable, be our one true self.

there are different types of love,
romantic, friendship, the love of a mother to her child.
all bold and beautiful
all willing to risk it all for one another, without trial.

the way I love you is complicated,
simple words don't do it much justice.
but if I know not a single thing else in the world
I know enough to trust this.

if disease came rampant,
and locusts ate all of the trees tonight
if bombs rocked the sturdy walls of our houses
and shook our fragile perception of life

if the waves came to swallow the continents
and fires burned forever in the sky
if everything we know starts falling apart around us

the only place I'd want to be
is by your side.
To Hades
I’d sell my soul
For pittance


For a chance
To recall
Your Smile
Astral therapy, when I look upon the stars
Felt guilty for all the times I’ve wasted staring at lifeless sky
Where I’ve closed my eyes and made a wish
Into the blueish black expanse
The Constellation of hope, My Universe of dreams
Have i made nothing of the promises, I made to the little boy
Who looked up and wished the sky full of unrivalled ambition
The wish for a better life, a better soul, A better mind

A Better Me.

Promised the eternal like a footprint on the moon
There’s a deafening silence, Where I left myself to gloom
Promising falsities, failing to correct my corrupting moves
I fell off the planet and into the dark embrace
Of starless desolated space, Where I dissolved myself from grace
I pick apart the fragments of my plan and piece together what is left
Its this I blame for accomplishing nothing in so far silently existed life

Its noticing the cause, to this all too familiar pain
That should save me from this place, let me re-calibrate my brain
Emerge from cold and devoid space, I’ll repopulate the sky
My futures own design
Ignite the fire, like an afterburner in my eyes
Passion and fury intertwine the two dying stars
That are now the exploding remains, of unfulfilled promises and lies
It’s now I look beyond that empty sky and see the stars,
That glimmers hope for me
JL Smith 18h
The sky's first droplet
Kissed the back
Of my neck
At once,
I was reminded
Of your lips
Caressing my flesh

© JL Smith
Ari 22h
I often wonder
Who I’ll be
When the day comes
For us to meet.

I hope I’m brave
Kind and true
And hope my soul
Brings joy to you.

jerelii 1d
so you may explore life
in your own
questions are boiling
in your mind
wondering where to go?
the path that you really want
but perhaps
have you ever ask yourself
what do you really want in life?
does that “why” is the one calling you?
questing out life
giving out so many clues,
doing it perfectly and fine
but what does your spirit
leading you to be?
that one direction that will make you happy
and contented with life.
time could tell if the search is over!
and you found that real purpose in your journey.

just some random thoughts
that i’ve learned from one of the people that inspired me and help me organizing my life

December 18,2018
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