Jane 3h

My father said, I was meant to have a sister.

Perhaps, the darkness she was meant to have I absorbed.

Surrounded by affection,
infatuated with popularity,
never have been disliked by anyone.

That's me.

constantly jealous,
caved in with paranoia,
never fully understood myself.

That is ,also, me.

Is there any purity left in a heart that craves vengeance?

clara 4d

little hazel eyes and
damaged heart,
i loved you then -
even when
you ripped your own soul into pieces
and scattered it around this town.

curly headed darling,
why can't you see the
stars caught up in your hair?
i piece together constellations
but you won't look through my telescope.

skin like cocoa and
freckles like cinnamon,
you were the first angel i ever saw.
i wanted to teach you to fly but
no one ever taught me either.

i get caught in your eyelashes daily,
like a spider web i'm not afraid of.
i curl each one and whisper into your iris
that this, too, shall pass.
i'm not sure if i'm lying to you or not.

i want to make the world a better place
so that you may go into it knowing
this life was made for you.
i'll sew you a funeral dress so that
we can lay your past to rest.
i'll read the eulogy like a text book so that
you may find a lesson in it still.

sweet girl,
you were born into this world with
sugar sprinkled over your sadness.
it doesn't taste as sweet as it looks but
you would never let anyone know that.

tory 6d

Wring out your heart dry
Paint your lips black
And darken your smile

second version
Emm Sep 15

This young man in front of me
Nor care nor hate
A sense of indifference
A sense of unfamiliarity
I don’t know him
He doesn’t know me
I don’t love him as much
I doubt he does as well
In my dreams
This young fragile baby in my cradle
The tiny tot,
grinning from ear to ear, an injection of innocence
Replaced with glum
How reality hits
How life hits hard
Carefree laughter
As replaced by swear words
Where did that little boy go?
I miss him dearly
Stroke his hair, watch him while he sleeps
I miss him dearly...
Keep coming to my dreams, little boy
That’s where you belong now

Megan VanKo Sep 13

Dearest Sister,
How come you only think about yourself?

Our dog died and you kicked me out of the room because you wanted to be alone with him
What about me?

You got to sit there for hours with him, holding him as he fell into a sleep he wouldn’t wake up from
But I was sitting in the car
With a Dad that was on the phone with everybody and anybody
Trying to hold it in for as long as I could without breaking apart in front of him.

Dearest Sister,
How come you only think about yourself?

How come you tried to make yourself feel better about kicking me out?
I’m your little sister.
You’re supposed to protect me not break me.

Dearest Sister,
How come you never liked me?

I was only a kid and my first memory of you
Was of you being mean.

Dearest Sister,
Why are people so mean?

You were mean to me
So I was mean to you
And neither of us were willing to fix it
And now it’s too late.

Dearest Sister,
Why is our family so dysfunctional?

Why did you dangle your depression over our parents heads like it was a noose
And if they ever told you not to do something you would kick the chair out from under your feet?

Why did you think that was okay?

Dearest Sister,
You say that you can’t stand being home
So you’re always out
Hanging with your friends,
Driving down the countryside.

What about me?

Have you ever even thought about me?
About how much I needed to escape the mess that is home?

Dearest Sister,
I’m sorry but you messed up.

You ruined any chance of a relationship with me.
The things you have done are toxic to me
And I think about them all of the time.

So now I’m thinking about myself.
I love you,
But I don’t.

Goodbye forever,
Your lonely little sister.

Two different people are "talked to" in this poem
Luna Sep 11

You used to be smart
Book smart
Head so far in books the boys only read you for your body
They still do
But now you're slipping
Crumbling like the stones on the east side of the cliff
And the downfall isn't pretty
It's not filled with
Diamonds or gems
Expensive purses
Or MacBooks

It's empty
It's lost
And it's scary

It's alone

Trust me when I say this
I've been there
It's not pretty

Written in response to my sister's weekend
Mariam Shittu Sep 10

Sister, sister

The only friend I had
Before I understood what a friend was

Who taught me everything she knew
And everything she didn’t know

My role model
My fashion icon
My entertainer
My cheerleader

She always has my back
When I’m right or wrong

She knows what I’m thinking
Before I even say it

She knows how to make me feel good
When I’m feeling down

My confidant
My companion
My accomplice
My stylist

The one who tolerates my mood swings when I’m being distant

The one who keeps my secrets safe without even asking

The one who knows what I need just at the right time

The one who understands me better than everyone else

We may drift apart but you’re always near

We may fight but we always find our way back to each other

In you, I found a best friend
In you, I found a twin
In you, I found a soulmate

My sister, my everything

Sister, sister

We used to swim in the lake in front of our old home

In Tromsø the water was so cold

But we played for hours

And it never got old

I miss those days

We'd watch the stars up above

Telling each other of the things we love

Now you are gone

And I am living alone

In a foreign city all on my own.

Star BG Sep 8

If we met on street,
or cafe,
brother of mine,
would we befriend each other?
I think not for
our interests
would clash not suiting
each others needs.

If we met in park,
or shop,
sister of mine,
would we befriend each other?
I think not for
our consciousnesses of life
would clash
insufficient to hold
a friendship bond.

If we met
on vacation,
or place where others mingle,
son of mine,
would we befriend each other?
I think not,
as ties of lineage
does little when judgements
weaken the chance to rondevu.

If we met
in a home for aged,
or across dinner table,
mother dearest,
would you befriend me,
not knowing who I was?
I think not,
for visions of self
has always been dull,
and sadness is something
that has cut the heart
most of my life.

If we met
inside anyplace
father of mine
would we befriend each other?
Hell yes,
but you have parted this earth realm
leaving me to see you in dreams.

So, if I meet you
in present times
ties to a family
would not be.
a friendship
would start
to make a soul

StarBG © 2017

Iv’e learned that
blood is not thicker than water
and while I carry no anger towards those mentioned in
this poem, sometimes a scar of sadness opens
that from time to time bleeds.
It bleeds when I see what others inside their family have.
I know relationships served its purpose
in the scheme of spiritual growth,
so I except the plate of a journey I’ve been given,
and eat when I can.
Donna Jones Sep 7

I love my sister
She always listens to me
Never does she judge


I love my sister I feel so grateful to have her she is my rock xxxxxx I tell her everyday that I love her <3
We just had breakfast in cafe it's our weekly meet up x
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