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Gem Palomar Jul 19
You don't know how much
I am willing to surrender
just to give you even an ounce
of hope
and sunshine that I have

I can't wait to see you
genuinely happy,
in solitude,
in the company of others,
in the mundane

My tuahine, I love you.
I do not know how to tell you,
but your existence
makes my world
a little more bearable
Tuahine means sister in Māori
Yemaya Jun 21
my sister was like a music box,
gentle and pristine
I made her rugged
her walk and her talks

I opened my skin
exposing my mind
and I fear her gears cannot be rewind

her perfect clockwork now intertwined
with coils of my past

I have failed as eldest
it should not be her burden
to carry trauma I've amassed
Eera Jun 13
Remember the times you caught me crying?
used to make up excuses when you won't stop prying.
I had no courage to tell you;
how many times I've doubted you.
Cause you meant more to me;
than any of my insecurities.
I was miserable, wasn't I?
used to vent out my feelings, didn't lie.
I loved him beyond limits, you knew;
My girls were fully aware too.
Maybe our bond wasn't strong,
or else I could've forgiven you.
Maybe the world didn't know,
how much I really tried to.
You had your reasons,
he was sad and depressed,
and you chose to go address;
leaving me in distress.
You called me your best friend,
then why did you hide it?
I was right there, a meter away from your bed.
You called me your best friend,
then how could you **** him?
in the same places, you knew I loved him.
You called me your best friend,
then how could you not know?
how deep a scar, those actions will carve.
Our bond was like a holy thread,
anything it could sustain,
broken once and tying a knot,
won't make it pure again.
Sister or sinister,
I am not sure anymore.
Friend or fiend,
perhaps you were both.
I wish I could lend a hand,
but it's harder for me to stand.
Roots that run so deep;
I fall to my knees.
You've got many best friends,
so what if you lose one friend?
You made a choice and chose your path,
no good will come from seeking the past.
Look ahead, with no regret;
for I consider you, my kindest crook.
she wanted to be friends again
Rococo Jun 3
I love her like watching peach-colored clouds against a baby-blue sky.

I love her like going back to sleep after waking up at night.

I love her because she gets me even if I can’t.

She’s the reason my wrists are clean, my neck is sound and I don’t have an extra nostril near my eye.

She’s taught me to try things I may not like, and to like things that make her sigh.

If Cain had had a sister the world would be all right.
Donna Bella May 9
He reads me like a book
Every page he writes
I’m astonished every time
I hide in a maze
Confused of my time
Confused of details I have shown
And what I’ve shown not
Those of hidden disguise
He finds
And so I question what he knows
I treat it as fools gold
Because knowing me is not that easy
But yet still today
It’s easy to him…
Leah Carr Mar 16
How can I do this anymore?
I exist in terror, everyday
Praying to find another way
Never have I been in so much pain
When every time I see you
I fear that I'll never see you again
But every fragment
Every part of this hell
Is stuck in cement
But it's hidden so well
Never have I known
So much concealed darkness
So much organised chaos
So much, just... so much
I love you more than I can tell you
You hate me more than I'll ever know
But just because I dont see it
Doesn't mean it's not on show
Cause every day
I wake up
And I think it might be better
But by night
That flicker of hope is gone
Does nobody see
That this is not right
That to feel the darkness
I need to see the sun
To lose
I must know how it feels to have won
But no.
Apparently not.
Because all that you care about
Is forgetting about me
And moving on
I used to like
wearing her shoes
It gave me a
sense of grown up
Never realised
Her shoes walked
through the unknown
untrodden roads
Which i could never
ever imagine to go!

But now is my turn
To get into my shoes
To not compare
and try to wear her shoes
But to find my path
To be on my own

How i wonder,
how did she walk
through the dark
Not complaining
But to focus on her duties
I understand now
Emotions turns aside
When it comes to duties
Be who you want to be
You let me live through
Helping me all along
Now is my turn
You live your life
Fulfill the dreams of your own
And i will stand by you
Somewhere from far off.
Never realised the mountains of responsibilities my sister is carry on her shoulders from year on year. Now that she is moving to some other country.
I hope I can take the responsibility and do my best!
I didn't want to end it
Because I didn't want to have weak love
I thought that's what love meant then
Putting in ninety when you gave ten
Till my sister said, "Girl, not for months on end,
Babe you gotta cut the thread.
You can still love him but you can't invest."
And man I needed that
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