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I don’t know what you’re wearing today
Or what sugary breakfast you had
If you’re old enough now to have a crush on a boy
What his name is or if I know his older siblings
Have you learned all your multiplication yet?
I don’t know who your friends are or if you’ve made any
I don’t know if you ever wish you could hold me
I don’t know if you ever ask about me

But my arms ask about you
They ask me “When can we hold her again?”
My hands ask “When can we cross a street with her again?”
My legs ask “When can we tangle up in a cuddle with her again?”
My shoulder asks “When can she fall asleep on us in car rides again?”
My ears ask “When can we hear our favorite fit of giggling again?”
My fingers ask “When can we tickle and braid her hair again?”
My lap asks “When will she shrink into a toddler and sit with me again?”
My waist asks “When will she hug me and how much longer until she grows tall enough to hug my ribs?”
My lips ask “When can we kiss her forehead goodbye again?”

And my heart asks “Does she know how much I love her?”

Leah Carr May 7
I only wish you had known how much you mattered.
I know you'll never read this, but I love you. I miss you. You mattered more than you ever gave yourself credit for.
Leah Carr May 5
She's gone
Gone forever
I know I'm like her
I know I am her
But I've still lost her

A part of myself
Is gone
I'm standing strong
While falling apart
Falling a p a r   t...
You are searching for stability,
As the ground starts to shake violently,
To settle down,
You hold on firmly to your base,
Burying maternal strength, like a ship striking its anchor.

Ignorance sought for what has been anchored, for centuries only to be obscured.

In the eye of the hurricane,
I stand with you,
Estranged from one another,
Yet having the same escutcheon;  أمي.
It is she who taught us how to lace our shoes,
Who taught us how to walk,
Using the heart as our ultimate compass.

Ignorance transfixed the compasses of our brothers and sisters,
in order to make us wander off.

Don't they know?
We shared the same womb,
Even if we don't share the same name.
It is our vision,
With which we maintain our reverberation.

His ignorance did not recall the ground on which he tried to march.
Nor was he able to understand that her compass was not born,
To be destroyed.

Like an unbreakable ship,
She is equipped with unprecedented durability.
Once again,
Not to be destroyed.
To all my beloved brothers & sisters!

Dutch version is coming soon!
Armand Apr 10
I wish, I wish
I never played your game
I wish, I wish
I never knew your name
I wish, I wish
I never abandoned *******
I wish, I wish
I could get rid of this pain,
clear up my brain
And cleanse these veins
I wish, I wish
I wasn't going insane
She promised me she'd help me and always be there, or was it just I that made the promise?
Duckie Apr 10
As kids we were close,
Pushing each other on a swing during humid afternoons,
Scrapping over the biggest piece of cake,
Singing and strumming old rock songs on a video game,
Cheesing in the odd school picture together,
Hiding the family dog upstairs, cartoon shows on the tv,
Volume at its highest, all to drown the rows vibrating the walls
From downstairs,
It seemed back then we had each others back,
Sobbed for the same reasons at night,
Nervously bit at the skin around our nails over unknown noises,
Shook a knee with every thought of fleeing our hometown,
Yet now we don’t even know each other,
The distance runs thicker than blood,
He said she said infiltrating a possible recovery of a bond,
I often wonder how it can be, two people from
One home, both living on different planets,
Almost generations away from beliefs we once shared,
Pinching at each others emotions from another continent.

I found a journal from when I was my angsty teen self,
Words of fury coated most pages,
Some rhymes of regret,
Plenty of mischievous essays,
Page 94 had no explanation, just a date, some doodling
And one sentence,
“You were the first one to break my heart.”

As kids we were close,
But what do kids know.
Wallflower Mar 29
I promise
We will have all the time in the world
Yes, I give you my word
So now just put down the knife
Slowly, carefully
Yes, that's right
I know its heart to believe
But it will be just a bad dream
You will go to sleep tonight
And in the morning everything will be alright
You will laugh with your friends
Get yourself in a new romance
You will cry
that is a part of it
But someone will make you smile
And maybe you will feel like a ****
And you'll ask yourself why
Why should I stay alive
Why breath another night
Well... maybe just to see the light
the light that world can give
It's a good reason to live
You just have to open your eyes
And look up to the bright skies
I promise you the world
yes, i do
I know it must hurt
But remember... I love you
Let me handle, said the man;
Detailed everything, but the woman.
I did everything, said the man;
Without hesitation clapped the woman.
In front; I will be, said the man;
Praised actual, but was the woman.
Wasn’t it just another rumor by man;
All did but unknown, the woman.
May be that’s why there’s no more green but sand;
Cause motherhood only defined the woman.
Dedicated to all woman out there, mostly housewives.
Soumia Mar 5
Weird, isn't it?
We went from best friends, from being sisters to strangers!
All the lies that were spread by others and you believed it.

Strangers but yet seeing eachother every single day.
Does it hurt? It surely hurts me.
I never thought that our friendship would end, I thought that we'de be friends forever.

Be at each others wedding, seeing each others family grow and be there whenever we need each other.

We went trough so much together to be strangers for each other now!
was it worth it? Our friendship?
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