The song of a magpie
Brings special memories to me
Staying at grandma's
The sound of the sea
My sister & I
our cousin Johnny
Playing chasey  
Hide and seek
The wind in our hair
There were gardens of roses
Pathways everywhere
Summers always mild
You could feel the ocean breeze
Wanting to play more
When Grandma called us
in for tea
Hugs from Grandma
When we sat on her knee
I love to hear the Magpies sing
And appreciate the beautiful memories they bring

Memories  from when I was around
5 or 6yrs
Seeker 3d

you act like it didn't happen
like I'm completely fine
and nothing ever ruined me

you don't know what its like
and i don't expect you to

but as a sister
i expect you to care about me
like any sister should

you never care about when I'm sad
you never ask me how I'm doing
or if i need anything

you tell me to get over it
to move on
to start acting like an adult

excuse me

any person
whether they are 9
or 47
would be affected just the same

we never asked for this to happen
and it should never happen to anyone else

"act like an adult"

i am

i am acting like the true person i am
which is an adult who was raped by someone she trusted

you don't know what its like
and i don't expect you to

but care
care for me
I'm your younger sister
and you should care for me
like i care for you

I'm always there for you
through everything
thick and thin
but why can't you be there for me
for something i don't know how to deal with

all I'm asking for are
and an understanding of how i feel

thats all

i just want the person i look up to
to still be in my life

Nathan Raux Jun 13

22, 24, 26
The dearest ages I oh so love,
My sisters, they are,
Closest to my heart,
With them I feel,
Like the sun is near me,
Warmth not heat,
Energy is around me,
Security is a sense they give me,
With their help,
My wisdom is true,
Forever shall I be with them,
In many ways than one,
Because already,
I have won,
My sisters are,
My trophy, my life,
No medal can match their worth,
And that is fact,
So is my love for them
In life they are my trophy,
Always with me,
A prized possession held closely,
With the dearest of remorse,
With the strongest of trust,
With the most powerful of love,
I see them,
They can bark like a dog,
Hiss like a snake, and scratch like a cat,
But like those animals,
They care for their young,
Light to darkness,
Heat to cold,
Food for hunger,
Water for thirst,
My wants and needs,
Do not outweigh them,
They are heavier as ever,
To my measuring of forever,

Michael Hill Jun 10

Stranded left to wallow
In a storm destructive path
Trista Destiny my sister
I hope to see or hear your voice again

Trapped by self inflicted wounds
after being tossed aside
dripping life out of her body
hoping to undo this hurt

Waters stir silent
grass whistles
rain begins to spit
Trista lies lifeless soaking in wet among-st these daffodils

Winds pick up collecting debris
as it sucks her up with all
to this day she has never been found
even after the storm

Good by Trista Destiny
who could have ever broken your heart
everyone is praying and hoping
to hear your voice one day call out

I wish I could go back and just have fun a little longer,
sit and listen to that song before it felt so somber.
I wish I could go back in and make more friends,
because those good grades don't feel good and don't give these nights ends.

I wish I could go back and talk more,
I enjoyed those nights in the car,
blasting weezer,
with my sister,
but those never really the nights when I needed it,
I just wanted what she had,
but now I'm here and they're calling me mister,
ive grown up just like my sister
but now I know why she liked those sad songs and night time drives

Mims Jun 7

Did you know my sister takes pills?
Pills to make her sleep,
Pills to help her breathe.

Did you  know my sister has poor thinking skills?
In the way she can't let things go,
And is constantly scared.

Did you know that my sister,
Is my bestfriend, will be,
Till the end.

Did you know,

That sometimes I worry about her.?

I got lost somewhere
Along the line
That I wrote in ink
While thinking about my closest friend

I got lost somewhere
On the path
With color pencils scattered on yellow carpet
While my sister smeared paint on grey sidewalk

I got lost somewhere
Next to the hospital bed
Watching my best friend
Fight for their life

I found myself
At my funeral
Seeing them see me
With yellow flowers and white petals as they said their goodbyes..

So lost right now..
Bheki Mungwe Jun 5

Now you nowhere
in my eyes,
Somewhere in heaven eyes.
My Sister
your memories are left behind
your soul has rest in peace now
I'll see you no-more today, maybe tomorrow
I don't know My Sister
I hope we'll meet again in heaven
when my time arrives.
Goodbye My Sister
Rest In Peace My Sister

Always Remembered*****
AIP Jun 4

Being told
you don't eat enough
that's normal
you're so skinny
that's normal
you're ugly
that's normal
shut up
that's normal
want me to slap you in the face
that's normal
you don't even know
that's normal
I hate you
that's normal

when I almost took it all away.
I laughed.

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