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jcl 20h
you are the center, the sun in the sky
warming, lighting, guiding those below

you are the core, the hub in the wheel
forming, maintaining, strengthening the circle

you are the earth, the bedrock beneath
supporting, stabilizing, reinforcing our lives

you are the reason for our being, our births, our lives
nurturing, nourishing, caring for our hopes, our dreams

you gather, sort the fruits, roots harvested from the land
tending, stoking, reviving embers smothering in the hearth

your strength transcends your body, your mind, your heart
from the first child, to the last, your love, affection is forever

you cradle, caress, kiss, comforting the child
reassuring, protecting, shooing monsters away

you are the strong, tough, steady woman in our lives
fierceness of a lioness, tender as a kitten, loving her child
October Dec 3
I had a different name
It was "Undiscovered"
Now this name, no longer my cover
There's a darker truth as to why it's updated to "October"
Tears of joy, tears of sadness
They all share this amber month of blackness
A deep history of sight
The pain and origin of why I write

Her name was Erin
She was beautiful
She was young
Erin, was special
and Rhett's, without doubt, the devil
The disease rendered her without brain function
Resulted in physical mutation
Erin, had an expiration
The day came
In the same month born
She would, from this life, be torn
I love you Erin
Emma Nov 30
For those who do not understand,
we must be the ones who listen.
We must ask our sisters
and our brothers
and our mothers
and our fathers
and our friends
if they are ok.
Then, we must shut up
and listen.

We must listen
to how yes meant yes
and no meant no
but that did not matter that day
to the one that betrayed them.
We must listen to everything
and everyone
as we may be the only ones who do.
We must be the voices
for those who will otherwise remain voiceless.
For those who think they are alone,
please know that you are not.
Ilion gray Nov 29
When we fall,
We are not raindrops,
We are the dust of stars,
The puddles we make destroy
The concrete,
And, *** does not hear the sound
Of our bones crashing-

Though I knew
you would never be home again,
I knocked on your door for hours/


Was there,
In the stair well  


you were gone.
          Three days ago,
I watched
men in black Suits,
lower the expired shell you wore,

down into The parts of earth that never age,


I've been calling for days,

      The phone rings-
and rings...

no angel,
has answered.

I imagine
that you are dancing,
Along some coastline eons away,
In a galaxy where
words like,

And Cancer
Were never spoken-
Where the killers aren't pills,
Because prescriptions are  scarcely  written/
And the Hours  Of delirium,
Can not Wash away clusters of days.

The tragedy of forgetting,
patiently stalks
Memory in the quiet caves;
Where the secret pieces
of us
Are hidden.


I know what I remember,

Watching your eyes,
empty Their light across the cold ceiling,
into The bone white light
Above your hospital bed,
As if your sight,
had legs and feet,
you could escape into it,

         that's not what dying is like/

                          I knew you would leave me here/

With all the demons,
their devil fathers,
Their heavy,
*****, Sweating
calloused hands...

Dragging me
out of sight,
Through the raggedy barn doors
Of  aged alder wood
From rain and wind,
And Stained
As perspiring palms
innocence that is
And Creeping,
Thick as molasses,
Leaving your body
Escaping, through tiny
clenched openings.

Rolling over the ridges
Then dripping,
from trembling cliffs of fingertips;
Shaken loose at the hinges,

                                Outside of the light;
Down Into their whiskey dreams/

                      I knew you wouldn't say goodbye.

How,  when the worst wind came Roaring,
and cold-
How, You would just grow old...
                                                          ­                         And die.
Deciphering the signals of my heart,
the way it ****** down with experiences,
None of the feelings could reverse the chemistry,
until she came under my shade!

Plethora of thoughts rushed within,
the blood vessels did make me feel,
the eruptions of hormones
and finally the tear gland worked on right !

Couldn't it be like I could help her?
But I didn't.
Just as a new plant couldn't bear a flower,
I was immobilised into my existence.
Wished I could heal her pain,
but maybe the experiences won again.

Her tears never did come out too,
My tears waited for her's arrival.
Oh! How much should I thank you sister?
For making me alive- even a little was enough!
I was too hit down by experiences until my sister came today and said me that -" Brother, something is paining, I wish it gets better. Its there since days ", and I was like - What happened? and she retreated away by saying-"No, its okay, with glimpse of tears. Maybe she didnt want to drop down her tears and maybe I didnt want to cry. Maybe I wished to hug and she wanted to hug me too..
Daniel Nov 25
My mind is a caught in thought.
Of times we fought...
Words exchanged with hate
Hearts equal to that of a closed gate.

Let it be said
I will not let there be a day for him to come near
To the family I hold so dear
My strongest pride
Keeping them alive and by my side

You've caused their tears
Filled a little girl's head with fears...
Nightmares of a man who is supposed to father and protect
But filled a little girl heart with pain and neglect.
I speak from the experience of your Backhand
Of how a boy a man's job and took a Stand.
You won't see or experience the joy
Of the growth of a beautiful girl and boy.

I will be by her side on the walk down that aisle
With strictly no denial
You cut your losses
Made empty promises  

So I address the thought of you and come to terms with my heart.
I will love and enjoy life with my family of which you will have no part.
This is a bit of a deep minded poem I wanted to share and put put there. Free my mind a bit.
- jn Nov 22
She's a warrior.
She's the head of her herd, protecting those closest to her
Never letting down or giving up.
She is a force to be reckoned with
Fiery and bold, one you can always count on.
She's been through hurricanes
Natural disasters - disrupting her life and bringing her down with the damage.
But she always got back up
She flew through all the ruckus around her;
Creating a beautiful masterpiece with her life
She's a beautiful disaster.
She's my rock, my best friend.
She's my sister.
Dear sister unmatching your youth may be,
But let it grow spectre over yonder years will make true
Of Beauty’s wrappings over weighted wrinkled see
Till seventy summers be enriched by life’s long cue
I bumped to girl-hood between acoy numbers,
Fostered strong arms, and dubious holy head as well
To think of youthful misery in part for me, I  must
****** young beauty’s cursed cheek, signed less of love
Than more of tender amiss, to see beauty-havens
What more does my jealous heating know?
Which sister’s beauty lays shaky as glassware,
If you look at your mirror, witn hazed heart droop,
     You’ll see old company, as stable bliss as she
     Soon to be distant fate for due time’s tender agony
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