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How can you contain a storm
Because I've tried all these years
I've deprived myself of all things
Just to keep my mind clear
It seems like it's getting worse
I can't help but be frozen with fear
I just wanted to build a snowman
But I have to miss it every year
For once I want to let go
Of these gloves, my mental chains
If I suppress it, it only grows
I don't want to hurt her again
I'm afraid of keeping this coldness inside
That it will stay and freeze my heart too
Alone and afraid, trying to maintain this lie
When was the last time I said anything true?
I'm afraid of myself most of all
How can I fit in this society?
When I cannot be who I am
Without remorse, rejection and anxiety
I'm afraid the longer I'm away from her
I'll lose my last bit of warmth
That I will soon be cold-hearted
Then I will never stop the storm
Olivia 2d
I thought everything was going okay.
I really thought we overcame or disagreements.
I was wrong.
I was so wrong.
She doesn’t like me, I don’t like her.
Why could it have been different?
Why have I wished for it to be different?
She tries to calm things down,
To light up the mood.
As if it could help me.
Little sister.
All I want is to leave.
Everything is not because of you,
I know you had never thought this way
But if one day I happened not to be there anymore
I would like you to remember this.
You may not have been the perfect sister,
I was not neither
But you were the person I needed.
It is not your fault, it’s me.
I had to do it, and you had to be who you were
And me, I had to disappear.
Quite simply.
okay I wrote this like five minutes ago in French and I had to translate it to post it there, but I like it more in French, it's smoother and idk the words seem more...right? anyway, stay safe everyone, stay strong.
You'll get through it :)

PS : petite soeur = little sister in French
Thank you sis for being there
Showing me how much you care
Always there to cheer me up
Telling me not to give up
Making sure that I'm all right
Encouraging me to write
Sending wisdom and kind words,
Pretty pictures, trees and birds
Never judging me at all
Making sure i do not fall
Thank you sis for being there
And for showing me you care
Written for an indian lady who adopted me as her little brother even though I'm sure she is younger than me
Likhona 4d

it is a wonder how I came to love you
so much that I feel all your pain
when it hits you.
it is like I wear you on my heart and
whenever you break, it breaks too.
looking at you, I wonder
how you smile and laugh
and love through all the hurt dealt
to you by the world.
I realised, one day,
that you are my smile too,
my laughter and my love.
you remind me to catch the
sun’s rays so it can be my
light in darkness;
to put my own pain on
like a vest so I am able
to shed it later and stop it
from becoming a part of me.
it still baffles me how we
do not share a mother because
I love you more than I can fathom.
I think I understand it better now:
you are the sister the universe
forgot to give me.
a letter to my best friend to remind her that our love is the light in the sky that never dies
When I watch you meditate, you are so fully taken to the heart of the earth. You are a true little Buddha. With your golden hair and a twinkle in your bright but distant blue eye, you speak of the astral plane, the whole universe in the center of the earth, your twin flame. You drink a Coca Cola, but it takes you two days because you cherish every sip. You have become my warm home. My sweet soul friend. We smoke sage together and the light from the smoldering pipe glows greedily as it burns away. We drift. You work at a thrift shop. Carrying crystals in your pockets, you greet the customers with joy, but treat everyone fairly. It is no one's place to treat you like an inferior. Sister, don't ever cry. I will sing to you a sweet song. Deborah, seashell eyes. In the morning you make your coffee with just enough for one cup. That is your treat. Other treats: your mermaid oracle cards, a grape cigar, chakra incense, a cinnamon candy. You will never grow old. My sweet sweet sister, you are a cactus flower. At night, you look up at the dark purple clouds and see angels you've seen a thousand times before. Friend, you are infinite. A wild rose. A shell at sea. A pearl.
Mya Baertlein Oct 10
I never knew what true love was until I met you
When I first saw you I knew that I loved you more than I ever thought I would
Most people probably think I'm talking about that one dream guy when in reality I'm talking about my little sister
She is the reason why I'm alive I need to stay strong for her and she is 16 years younger than me and has my heart already
Alex Oct 9
My sister looked at my scars,
She closed her eyes and sighed.
I thought she was going to help.
Instead her eyes went wide,
My cheek was imprinted with a sharp outline of a hand.

My sister looked at my scars,
Laughed and her eyes went dark.
"You're going to end up in a hospital."
Her smile is empty.
But she doesn't know.

She doesn't know I've been doing this for years.
She doesn't know that I've been hiding this for years.
I don't tell her either.
My face is burning, and I allow the memory to sear my torn heart.

I die, in the night, when everyone's fast asleep.
I die, in the bathroom, when no one is awake.
My sister was wrong.

I'm not going to make it to the hospital.
kippi Oct 6
dear sister,
i’m so sorry for the way i treat you.
i know i can be mean, and i’m so sorry. i’m not going to say it’s out of love because it isn’t. it’s from anger. we fight constantly and i’m sorry for being the cause of it. i’m sorry for saying i hate you, and i’m sorry for teaching you it’s okay to say that to someone you love. it’s not. i really do love you. i don’t know how to express that, but i think you’re destined to do so many great things. you’re born to be a mother, a teacher, a writer, a wife, and a friend. you care about what i say and while i don’t like that you do, i understand why. i care what you say too. i know it might seem like they just bounce right off me like a feather against a brick wall, but they mean something. i’m so sorry for showing you my bad side, always. whenever we aren’t fighting, i get really sad when i talk to you. i get sad because you seem so full of life, energy, hope. when i was your age, i didn’t feel any of those things. i felt darkness consume me, and i still feel it. you don’t. i really don’t want to be the cause of that happening to you. you’re too good for it. i can’t do that to you, and i’m so sorry.
i apologize for how i speak about you. i always say how awful you act towards me and others, but i never stop to speak about my reactions, which are even worse. i understand why you instigate. but you can’t be abusive. you do judge me. it might be a reflection of what i do to you. please don’t view me as a role model. i’m not a good one. i don’t know how to express how i feel properly and i lash out because of it. i lash out on you. i’m sorry. you don’t deserve that. but please don’t imitate me. that’s all i ask; just please don’t look up to me. i love you, i really do. but please don’t assume i get angry because i love you. it’s because of my own personal issues and crosses to bear. i haven’t been as good as i should be, for a long time. i want to change that. you deserve an older sister who shows kindness towards you, not one who puts you down. i’m sorry. i hope you can forgive me, but i understand if you can’t.
i don’t forgive myself either.
i hope i’ll have the guts to tell you this in person one day.
CRobinson Oct 4
My heart breaks for you. Tears overwhelm me every time I think of you.
I remember your flowing dark brown hair that reached down your entire back.
My ***, it was beautiful.
We’d jump out of the bathroom window onto the trampoline to see who’d go the highest.
It was incredible. We were so innocent... for a time.
But things change, usually for worse.
I recall walking in on our brother on top of you and our sister.
Both of your eyes were swelling begging me to do something.
Sadly, I had no social cues to understand what was going on...
**** my autistic brain.
I should have stopped it.
I should have told mom and dad.
Instead I failed you.
I feel like it’s my fault you choose a life of debauchery.
Rock bottom can’t be real because your keep finding ways to dig yourself deeper.
First the drinking, then the drugs, now choosing to become my “brother”.
When I first heard it set a clock in my mind. A countdown ‘til I hear of your inevitable death.
You say it’s a choice, but in reality you’re willingly stepping into death row with yourself as the executioner.
There is a way out though.
And I beg you to take it.
Please, shave your sunken face and come to the true savior.
You’ll no longer need to fill a hole in your soul because He will restore it in its entirety.
I just hope it’s not too late.
My sister came out as transgender. Yes I know its a hot topic, but my sister is ill. NOT because she is transgender, but because she has a load of mental health problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hypochondria, and sadly so much more. She was even hospitalized for these issues at one point. She thinks that this is the answer to her feeling better.

I need you all to hear me when I say that I love my sister no matter what. Yes I am a Christian, but I do not and will not ever shove the Gospel down anyones throat. I love my sister dearly, I just want her to get better from all her mental health issues but she refuses any help.

I do know that transgender people statistically have a higher suicide rate, I am not sure why.

I hope this clears up anybody who may come at me for being insensitive, I just wanted to share my heart.
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