she is
a dart
with crafty
that surfs
the pipes
by their
wave's crack  
if she
enjoys her
drag and
fulfills dream
that sports
her next
bikini but
on beach
baits her
seam well
a sufher by the sea
April Jun 28
The rain outside is
Like a little bird
On the roof

My parents downstairs
Murmured voices

My room’s last summer’s
War zone
Empty land and
Scattered remnants

My heart’s still
So why have I
Gone cold

The night is silent
The windowsill
Is bare

The bird’s gone home
He’s given up
And left me
All alone
mint Jun 15
I want to focus on the good with you
I want to simmer all of what is us, and wait for the excess to evaporate
with all it gone I can see the basics
you make me smile
making you laugh makes me feel warm
the sound of your voice is one of the best sounds on earth
my world feels aligned when I’m with you

you make me happy

these are the basics
the bare essentials of what makes up you and I
And it’s all I need
am i talking about the same girl i wrote a break up poem about??? Uuuuuuuh. Yes.
Em MacKenzie Jun 9
Shake; don't stir, run through the pattern,
I was always Jupiter but they all prefer Saturn,
it's got a ring while I'm all explosions,
that's just the thing with these silly emotions.
In outer space the stars are your only friend,
and you're feeling out of place but these days that seems like a trend.
When the moon seems too far away,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this crazy world,
so I add some blue to the swirl,
with the red it makes purple pearl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
So I jot some shots to my list.
I can only dream of that peaceful bliss,
and the ancient years of which I miss.

Shake; don't stir, follow the lead,
you see flowers occur but I only see a weed,
toxic it grows until all it consumes,
everyday she mows but I think it needs fumes.
Down in the dirt where soil holds the leaves,
I buried the hurt but a heart still grieves,
and when the moon is covered with sheets of grey,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite love,
she fits my heart tight like a glove,
and when it comes to push or shove,
she's all that I've been thinking of.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"If this can even be considering living."
I'm waking up to a dark abyss,
it's taken all and now it's giving.

The thoughts in my head,
buried under the dirt,
those words left unsaid,
the ones that cause hurt.
But tomorrow might not come,
this whole thing could be done,
and I've bit my lip since I was young,
I'd hate to also bite my tongue.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this hazy world,
warming my body until I curl,
now all routine is a deadly burl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"Maybe I don't even want to live at all."
Every single second I just reminisce
of the days before I hit that wall.

Who would've ever thought
that during those teenage years,
I believed each day I fought
against loneliness and my fears.
But youth was just a brawl
adulthood is a bloody war,
back then I really had it all
but resented that I didn't have more.
This realization has caused madness,
and irony has a thick glaze,
'cause the youth that I wasted in sadness
was really the "good ol' days."
A girl  
with a
whim here
in front
of him
fit attire
with tass
and string
that pare
the Bordeaux
and made
this wing
fly together
with their
hoard of
rich dark
eaten fudge
a  suit with snide in tasting wine
Em MacKenzie May 24
I speak inside my brain
and then my heart replies.
I've lived my life as the rain
falling down from the vacant skies.
I told you that I loved you
and truer words were never spoken,
but how much can one person do,
when paradise is broken?

I turn my back on memories
but they still slap me in the face,
the emotions get the best of me
when I'm standing in the wrong place.
I told you that I'd keep you dry
even though I myself was soakin'
but how hard can one person try
when paradise is broken?

The pastel colours were fake,
except the black and white,
I shaded it all for the sake
it was not pleasing to my sight.
In every single dream I drown,
I always give up on that fight,
until I'm buried in the ground
I'll dream that struggle every night.

Heaven is over occupied
they stopped letting just any folk in,
and purgatory is mystified
'cause paradise is broken.

I long for the free birds
with their hazardous flapping wing
and the way they spin their words
into gentle songs we sing.
I told you I was missing my mind
I just could never rope it in,
how much can one person find
when paradise is broken.

The pastel colours were fake,
except for the black and white,
I needed the blue for a lake,
and the red for the bloody fight.
In every dream I'm alone,
I try to change that with all my might,
you spoke aloud in a wrong tone
but atleast the words were right.

Heaven is over occupied
I wish I never had woken,
and Hell is now justified
cause paradise is broken.

You own; each beat from my chest, both lungs and every breath,
what I have and all the rest,
my life until my death.
A quagmire
that Cohen
was an
exempt constitution
and amend
law where
string excess
and total
chaos like
her love
town she
inhibit them
in harm
that enforce
statute when
wax moon
bare nipple
a superlative law in just time
(alternately titled random axe of violence)

I calculated an average
     of ~10.16.... deaths per year
of mass school shootings since Columbine,
     a morbid benchmark where,

iGen / Gen Z 1995 - 2012 bore significant hit,
now students require armed guards to learn - veer
really within purportedly "safe places",
     which statistics tracks a unilinear

trend, and justifiably causing
     absolute zero reassurance
     countering alarmist state of mind dust tear
ability to accept rationale

     dismissing greater probability
     prevails lightening will strike loved ones,
     nonetheless share
ring understandable expressing

     rightful salient concerns with school board
     quotidian possibility son(s) and/or daughter(s) rare
lee remain mum at every opportunity,
     how second amendment does not square

with democratic e pluribus unum firmament,
     lieutenant management,
     quintessential reverent tenets
pointing trigger finger of accountability

     at lax gun purchasing rare
lee does emotional uproar demanding
     immediate controls, limitations, restrictions,
     et cetera on firearms scare

the bejesus from stalwart National Rifle Association,
     whence spokesperson doth prepare
convincing rebuttal (lock, stock at barrel) overbear
ring lee outgun legitimate

     parental concerns, now near
daily occurrence hardly cause a flinch glossed
     inducing similar reactions as
     sports home team defeated, sans mere

slightly raised eyebrows while headline news
     when another tragedy gets tacked
     unto the 122 students killed since Columbine
     took the lives of innocent lives 19 plus years ago

which ho hum sacrifice of youth or teachers bare
     lee induce ripple despite an increasing number
     of spent bullets fallout inflicting
     more than 208,000 vulnerable
     impressionable psyches sorrows need a lifetime to air!
I'm left
here in
her wierd
world of
frosty stripes
but a
coup d'etat  
recycle today's
beliefs in
her pumps
and charcoal
stole and
rather than
fine this  
love affair
it changed
the world
SelinaSharday Apr 10
Dance wit meh naked..
Could I share my inner fragility,
show just how fragile I can be
If you were rich and I poor. would you embrace me at your door.
Would you abandon my empty.
Hold back your sympathy
Be blind to the goods I bring.
Would you, could you, dance wit meh naked.
                                                          ­                          wrapped in,
                                                             ­                            empathy.
                                                        ­                      the state I'm in is a basket of the complicated.
                                                    ­                       my hands appear naked.
Can I hear your music..Will you lend me a cup of stability.
twirl me around in your confidences.. allow me a cup of comfortability.
Parts of me come wrapped in simplicity. Adorned with gifts of invisible charms.
Chased your way by outside storms.
                                                         ­ Oh would You my Dear One..
Be able to take it.
The fact that I appear naked.
                                       Could you still..In fact will you still...
                                                        ­                                                      Dance with me N.A.K.E.D!
N ecessity
A cceptable
k eepable
E ndurable
D iamond .................................................................­ the rough.
And know theirs flaws in the both of...u.s
S.A.M 3-18
being open transparent, vulnerable and exposed yielding flaws and all.. void of the material the financial the quality is deep within your soul.
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