Oh! Let me be you.
Who walks with a sun in your pocket
for every rainy day.
Who stood at crossroads
and decided which road shouldn’t exist.
Let me be you for a day.
So that I am not the one
who hides in hollow words,
who makes her bed on the dreams of others.
Let me be you,
so that I can put out my hand
always with the confidence
knowing that the love I ask
shall be given.

But what is this that I feel?
Why my hands shake?
Why my heart cries?

Is it because
the one who is breaking the wall
with bare bleeding hands
has the same pain, same fear
as the one who is hiding behind that wall.
Is it because
this love, this life
leaves no one without scar.
v Feb 17
I hope you don't mind,
This only almost rhymes –
These things I meant to say –
It's more fitting this way.
We were never in sync,
On two different wavelengths.

But I held back so much,
Briefly felt and left untouched:
Like how you made me feel
Like lowering my shield
And laying my heart bare
To entrust in your care.

But they rapidly passed;
Those warm feelings fled fast,
For you chased them away –
It would have just delayed
The inevitable pain,
Ignited more destructive flames.

Still, I got burned away
Despite what I didn't say.
Silverflame Jan 26
darkening seashore
a golden, bare halo flies
betrayed by the knife
mint Jan 6
i have to accept that i was just a place holder for you
someone you came to because no one else even scratched the bare minimum
loving you with all my heart was never enough because in the end i was never what you wanted

i am a convenience

there is no answer to why

even when i dont try
Aj Jan 5
Sometimes, I pray for the blessing that I don't wake up.

I'd do the same tonight, but the way your arms are wrapped around me and the way your fingertips brush along each bump of my spine makes me want to live a little longer, breathe a little heavier, and spin in the wind that the Earth provides.

Keep your hands there, love.  

I'm awake and you don't know it so I'm taking advantage of this moment standing here, laying there in your strength, and loving with my bare chest pressed against yours too.

See you in the morning, my dear.
Ophelia O Dec 2017
"you are one of us"
the flowers whisper
No! Can't they see
I have pulled off
My petals?
To be bare
is without fear
of getting plucked
one by one
only to land on
"he loves me not"
I can't take
that plucking
no longer delicate
Hanna Dec 2017
Strip me down
To my rawest form.
To my browns and oranges.
A copper silhouette.

Peel me away
Till I’m standing there
With averted gaze.

Leave me bare.

Strip me down
Shed all my layers, till I’m
Just a component.

Make me an idea,
In its first happening.
A dream yet to be realised.

Look at me,

In my essence,
Am I good?
There is a place for us
That no one else can enter
It is a place that holds no secrets
Only beauty, peace & understanding

A place that we come to
Believing we are one
Yearning to have our souls
Fused together for a moment

And in that moment;
I know you
Every pore
Every pulse
Every thought
Every fear
And I love you more

I feel myself laid bare before you
And I feel content
Joyous that you are with me
Loving me in my nakedness
Jamie Rose Oct 2017
Never will our hands meet
Bare skin on bare skin
Never will our lips meet
Our love formed over early morning texts and late night calls
Never will our eyes meet through anything more than a phone screen
Speaking of meeting brings disappointment
Hating every inch in between us
Jealous of all close to the other
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
Let me see your soul.
Bare all your scars to me.
All that pains you.
All that burdens you.
All that gives you joy.
I will cup your mechanical heart.
Feel its beat, and oil the gears.
No longer will it be the frost of
the moonlight.
But as polished as
sun-kissed silk.
Were it so easy...
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