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D A W N 1d
****** and pull
you and i loved that pattern
messed up sheets
creased and ruffled
left with many lustful memories
pleasurable reveries
unveiling mysteries
breaking boundaries
bare and exposed
we were naked in and out
we gave it all
dont even get it wrong im saving my virginity for twice nobodys getting pregnant if nayeon tells me so
You've stripped me bare ,
exposed my weaknesses,
and torn my mask.
now all i can do
is bow down in humility
because You've positioned
me at the Cherith brook
to speak to me.

i've never been more grateful
to be bare with You.
I'm at a session in my life where God has led me alone to the brook where he wants to speak to me and restore all the broken things and use them for his glory. I am learning to be content as I grow closer to the Lord. I wrote this poem to express my gratitude to God for saving me and bringing me back to life piece by piece. I hope this encourages those that are hurting.
As we lay in the fog of our spent passion,
You ask questions,
You do not ask the mundane
No what are you thinking,
You ask of my fears,
You ask of my desires,
You look behind the doors of my mind.
Lost in this fog I answer,
Not with thought, nor calculation.
I answer, not with fear of judgment,
I answer from deep within from where I've hidden for so long.
With each answer I give I feel myself losing my armor,
The walls I've worked a lifetime to build, crumble with just a question.
Naked and laid bare before you, I answer.
I look into your gaze and see no judgements,
No looks of fear or disappointment,
Just questions.
You know me,
All of me,
Who I am, am not and want to be,

You saw me,
All of me,
Who I was, was not and tried to be,

No pretence when you're around,
To your essence  I am bound,
You see me for who I am,
Warts an' all, see through the scam,

I can be my own true self,
Fake lies dust filled, on a shelf,
All that crap stuff, in the gutter,
You can see me, like no other.......

(C)[email protected]  07/05/2019
It's great when we feel comfortable enough to be who we really are. It's also very rare..
blackbiird Mar 30
never date a poet because they’ll
expose your lies with the stroke
of a pen and leave you to bleed out
your sorrows.
Sarah Jan 20
What is a sin?
A bare skin?
A lover and a room candle lit?
Forbidden touches and a gentle kiss
What is my sin?
And for you
I'd forsake my chastity
My virtue
For an embrace
My bare chest for your hands to trace
To kiss
Forbidden kisses
They made passion an obscenity
And love a taboo
They made me a sinner
And my beautiful sin
Is you ...
This is my first time writing something like this, so I'd love your honest opinions, like brutally honest, thank you :))
jee Dec 2018
the air is cold.

an endless slate-grey—
chilling frost-ridged trees.

wind tunnels, whisking away
bird song,
running cars,
and leaves scraping down bare streets;

the kind of bare you only see in winter,
all picked away by the frozen weather.

old film rests on drained snow globes,
so still you forget to breathe.

all you can hear
is the static in your ears
and the workings of your own
if noises could be made in these mornings, not a soul would hear them.
Estelle Dec 2018
You may think i'm innocent
I swear i'm not.
My heart is formed with black and skulling memories appear.

You may feel i'm innocent, from the bare downwards hell, which none man has perspired.
Little do you know, it's true.

I may think i'm tragic
The scars inside and out
i'm not.

Deep down I know i'm innocent, when it comes to heart, and bare skin.
Madison Greene Nov 2018
and it's always about the timing or the circumstances
it's always an "I'm busy" text message that fades into days of silence
it's when you notice how he used to compliment your mind
and now he only ever calls you beautiful when you're bare inbetween his sheets
and you tell yourself he's just a boy
this is what boy's do
it will get better
but "you're my girl" turns into "I don't think this is working"
and you're crying again
and you wonder why you keep having the same ending with different people

and you're wide awake in the middle of the night wishing he'd call
and then he'll miss you enough to want you but never enough to stay
and you worry you are so good at finding the wrong love you won't know how to recognize the right
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