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I'll write this in blue
Because it's how I feel
And I can't help it

I'll write this in green
But I don't know what it means
I don't go outside

I'll write this in red
For everything I hadn't said
They've never really left my head

I'll write this in black
To forget all that I lack
And who I could of been
The sun shines over those green trees
It makes the river greener
My mind happier
The birdsong makes the silence
Sound like a symphony
I can hear the leaves on the branches
Trembling by the soft and fresh wind
My feet in the cold water
Make the trees reflecting on it all blur
Those ravens remain quiet for once
This place makes the ravens peaceful
This is my definition of enchantment
james 5d
the air is thick, hot, and forest green
with the daggers youre always staring
i cant help but sigh; theyre always for me
i never meant to destroy you
but ill take your gaze however it comes
you destroy me too
loosely based on carry on by rainbow rowell
dont follow the green
dont follow the snake
it'll eat you too
on its way back
Soumia 6d
Big eyes that look at me,
eyes that feel like home.

Green eyes that cries about me,
when I'm not around.

Green eyes that I miss,
when you decided to close your eyes.
Nylee 7d
Wet paint!
Well it is.
Obviously I'll try
The sign was right
stuck to my hand
the colour green
I facepalm!
Rays light up the lonely sky,
Breeze around the little bee,
Water looks O so fine,
Perfect day for you and me.
Nadia Sep 18
The maple trees, their trunks festooned with moss and lichen;
Tiny ferns wave in the breeze where the branches meet;
Further out, limbs bear an expanse of rain glossy leaves,
High fives in a million different shades of shiny green

NCL September 2019
Eye contact
From across the cafeteria table
Maybe you were saying something
But now we don't speak
We just sit quietly
And we might as well be alone
In this room together
Your blue green eyes
Locked on mine
Until we look away
I'll just bathe in your smile
We have these little moments of eye contact that are just a little too long to be normal. I sincerely enjoy them.
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