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Battle not for red and blue
They’re both the same machine
The real choice that’s coming up
Is orange versus green

Bitcoin holds your value well
Come join the Bitcoin scene
Skip inflation’s stealthy theft
Choose orange versus green

From Iceland to Australia
And countries in between
People are awakening
To orange versus green

Money made by central banks
With printing that’s obscene
You can pick another way
Choose orange versus green

Break free from your assumptions
And question your routine
For everyone can benefit
From orange over green
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Thomas W Case Apr 29
The under shell of
the tortoise looked
like a sunset.
Blasts of color:
orange, maroon, burnt sienna.
I caught them in
the garden at
sunrise, eating a
tomato or chewing into
a head of lettuce.
They always looked so

I was just a
sunburnt boy, with
cutoff jeans and a
straw hat.
I caught toads too.
But when they peed on me,
I let them go.
I loved that land.
Ponds and streams,
fishing and climbing trees.
sweet, green
Melody Mann Jan 7
& as you shade me with relief from scorching rays I bask in your benevolence,
For you are a creation of infinite cycles,
A manifestation of life itself,
An essence of soul's past,
A recollection of karmic accounts,
My friendly companion.
To the natural glories on the island of O'ahu
I S A A C Dec 2022
wander while I ponder
wonder when I'm farther
out sea, just me, pisces
underwater, wonder if I can feel thunder
running from each other
wonder who can go farther
light green, I am a rusty lover
underneath, wonder if I can get better
Unpolished Ink Sep 2022
Early morning tea
Sleepy hands on a china bowl
Peace in the garden
Alexis D Cruz Aug 2022
from your eyes, springs forth juniper
carefree and warm like waves of summer
glittering rays of gold frolic through the blinds
highlighting you, every perfect curvature
eager, but steady, your lips invade my body with purpose
gentle, but sure, your hands explore my entire surface
as if I were created solely to satisfy your need for rapture
when you enter my world, time stills – thunderous and deliberate
yet, like lightning, you electrify my entire being
I sigh at the exhilaration, my fingers clutch the sheets beneath me
I yearn for them to travel to your favorite place within me
CautiousRain Jun 2022
The sound of wind bounces against my bedroom window,
and the roar of thunder soon follows,
but despite all that noise,
all I can focus on is you.

Gazing down into those gentle green eyes,
I know that I'll never want anything else.
I could see everything through you,
and the softness in your look
is enough to never let go.
This was written May 23rd, 2022; posting my drafts today lol
Steve Page May 2022
The sun is down
It's been down for a while
and while she hasn't said outright,
we think it might
be a power play
for a perceived lack of praise

The sun is down
We have been discussing
ways to raise her spirits
without out and out worship
(which would set
an unhelpful precedent)
And so we start with a song
A homage, thanking her
A call, asking her to rise and smile
And it only takes a child sacrifice
once, twice and thrice
to coax her back - a small price,
and before long she's her old delight
and we tell ourselves it's not worship
it's just the just payment due
based on the new tarrifs
for light and heat
and the cost of living
in this solar energy
over dependancy
greener economy
Not sure what this about.  If you have any ideas, let me know, otherwise I'll chalk it up to whimsy.
Yousra Amatullah May 2022
The wind is chasing trees,
I hear the green leaves
And I hear the green leave,
I see a desert giving birth
To another sea
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