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rig 5d
(another explosion, another scream – outside)

ah, yes: smoke day. nice constellation
(s, plural, i assume) (i don’t really care),
and a horn-led soundtrack, i hear
(the percussion’s inconsistent, if you ask me).

i’m unfamiliar with the rituals.
something about fresh dragon’s blood (?),
drown in it, let it consume you from the inside,
hallelujah amen god bless (which one…)

i’m not religious, no – it’s okay, relax:
i’m already on my way to the pyre.
burn me good, good people. make it slow:
tears sizzling, muscle melting, skin crisping up.

give my carcass to your little gods and feast upon
me, lowly critter, truthful in my faithlessness,
but oh that’s a greater sin, ofcourseofcourse…
it makes perfect sense. (it’s 1 a.m.)
rebecca Apr 21
your sleepy murmurs
give me frog colored glasses
redefining green
and sometimes it feels like
i have been living the same life
for a while now

but however unremarkable
a single blade of grass
pushing through the sticky april mud

and however unextraordinary
the murky river meandering
through modest midwestern hills

however bleak
the cloudy midwinter sky
shadowing frozen earth

the grass still sprouts
a thousand shades
of enduring green

the river still rushes
purposefully toward
greater estuaries

and every single cloud decorating
the daytime sky will never paint this picture
quite the same way ever again
deadhead Apr 6
bright dandelions
poking through a field of green
like rays of sunshine
deadhead Apr 5
How lucky those little
golden flecks must feel,
the ones around your pupils.
I'd give anything to find myself there
in the green seas of your irises.
why are your eyes so captivating 0.0
deadhead Apr 1
eyes green like clover
full of possibilities
like a sea of green
Mariah Roy Mar 18
Emerald green eyes
Never tell lies
At birth crystallized
Mother Earth's satisfied

Forever attached to ones heart
Not controlling, but a partner
To guide you through this wild life
To hold your heart, yet not too tight

Emerald green
Not with envy
Green with love
And warming hugs

Embedded deep inside your soul
To lead you with it's ivy gold
To make your heart sweet and bold
Your blood is red, your heart's emerald
deadhead Mar 15
when the sun catches
in your beautiful green eyes
i find myself lost
Svetoslav Mar 11
Pink sunset caress gently pink dogwoods and lilacs.
They're guests at the arousing
of spring's bloomy breath.
I give you my sensual loving embrace
as the blossoms show my gratitude for you.

Milky-white trees flow
in the light waves of wind.
Cherry branches swing calmly and sing,
close to amusing forsythias and golden sands.
In the morning cityscape, I say "welcome, my spring".

Strawberry rivers in daylight cross my path
and hearts of crimson pomegranates
kiss its surface with passion.
Crunchy coffee's aroma lead my way
to thy enchanting love fit to stop our time.

Nature awakes for giving birth
to the colorful children of mother Earth.
We gather together in devotion
adoring our love by notes of symphony
and vibes of emphatic emotion.

Crunchy chocolate melts,
the sun has arrived to warm us.
Rain droplets drown it in a stream of unity
as we ought for a new beginning in our souls.
Let your ears open their senses to the musical goals.
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