Haylin 18m
Like a field or a forest,
That color I deeply desire.

Like the heart of the ocean,
The color I could get lost in forever.

But when you change from green,
To blue,
And back to green,
Then mix them,
It's like heaven.
Like all the stars have combined,
Into two beautiful eyes

Those eyes are yours
And I will drown in them forever
A seed, set into soil, seeded to be
a great oak tree.
sprouts in deepest of hells floors
towers unto heaven’s door.
Many try the climb and fail
Not many live to tell the tale
Many try the climb and find
At the top they are forgiven sin.
Many will gaze upon the tree
maybe you.
Maybe me.
Golden fruit and angels high
branches of life unto the sky.
Pleasure below, swapped for the soul
Ecstasy traded for a heavy toll

Angels look down from tree branch high
Demons beckon below
One way yes, one way no

I am climbing from bottom to top
Although at times I am stopped
even when I begin to fall
I catch myself and begin again

That climb from Worlds end
Lying in the shade of a tree
leaves above guarding
brittle bark, unbroken base
standing solid, a solitary sentry
Signalling safety to the seekers of sanctum
They search in vain across scorched desert plains
for a sign of the last tree
A little green plant
Just ready to pluck
Crystal shining brightly
With any such luck

Find the best spot
Hang it down to dry
Watch it swing
Think about your supply

Highly be aware
of your buds
No one needs
Happiness turned dud

Take your time
While you clean
Smoking a seed
Is awful and mean

Favourite part ,break apart
Once Confined then grind

Smoke it all up
Sit back ,and unwind
that lil green plant
Will blow your mind.
Can you feel the power coursing through you,
disguised as adrenaline,
when you swing your arm and before the blow even hits,
you feel all your anger and frustration fade, so now all you want is to fight?
You wanna kick and pitch a fit,
till your old ****** arms
are covered up by new scars,
but nothing like that matters because you're the last man standing.
Maybe the other boy, curled up on the ground now
with his arms thrown over his head,
broke your nose and made it even more crooked than before,
but you're the little freak who no one thought could win.
But you entered in
from a world where everyone called you ****
to be the freak who everyone only saw as a ****,
thin-shouldered and quieter than the boys he fought.

Maybe your quietness and meek, weak, malnourished look fooled you and all of them,
for look into your eyes in the mirror and see the gold and brown fighting through the green sheen,
the fire for everything you hate, all the things you're hitting and spitting on when you're through with them,
and when you stare into your own eyes you might recognize yourself.

Don't be fooled, boy, you're weak and you're sick,
your arms aren't thick
which muscle and dark hair,
and nothing about you is real,
with fabricated reactions and premeditated sentences,
all programmed into your brain, which fights itself in its confusion,
screaming, and smoking from the fight with itself, about what should be happening with your emptiness and with your bony chest.

Boy, you're hardly that,
just a *** who stares after the other guys,
but you're not sure if you're ***, because you really just want to be just like them.
Boy, at least you fall for pretty girls,
shorter and daintier than you, with more mellow hearts but stronger emotions,
and passions for poetry (not the kind you possess, rooted in your inability for expressions)
and always with love for another boy, a real boy to grow into a man.
2242 jan 15 2019

my mom and oldest sister like hate men but here i am, wanting desperately to grow into a man... this is addressed to myself 'cause i'm a freak to almost everyone and a large amount of people 'round here don't like jews like me.
i keep a glass bowl of green onions on my window sill
and they remind me
that no matter how
it is outside
you must keep growing
the sun will shine
and there’s no excuse
for being stagnant

for all intents and purposes, they’re great
i just have to rotate them every week
so that they don’t grow crooked
i love plants
She’s a wild beauty
A wild women.
A bookworm.
She sits and signs in her solitude...
From mourning the attired sorrows that fills up her mind,
To the exhausted eyes that watch the sunrise, the sunset the night falling...
At peace
By the silver waters
The early encounter by the glacial bay.
The green atmospheric halos
That capture winters frost.
A wild beauty
No she doesn’t hide
She stands out
Greeting the pain
Bidding adieu to the tomorrow
Reflecting on the yesterday
Wishing it would’ve stayed.
her curiosity had her
daydreaming in the forest.
Avocado leaves tremble briskly
singing its season's chorus.

she listened to the sounds
of squirrels swarming
jumping from tree to tree
like they were performing.

chirp, chirp goes the birds
growing its iridescent feathers.
Animals assembling together food
for the crisp, chilly weather.

she daydreamed
as she studied the mantis green
stems tickling against her sweater
fostering a picturesque scene.
a snooze
on anesthesia
though boastful
chunk of
elaboration and
lesson refractory
that omnipotent
was such
rapport with
edification I
lied and
over her
***** that
melded ours
in peals
of natures
finest planet
west of  OK City
my anxiety had consumed me
i was looking for an out
my friends said you were the key
that, i didn't doubt

i was worried it could be risky
but my friends said it was time
said you worked better than whiskey
and you're taste was sublime

my friends all tried to claim
my troubles would be gone
soon like a moth to a flame
to you i was drawn

my confidence was frail
but my willingness had shifted
and with one deep inhale
my troubles were lifted

i was laughing and happy
and it all felt so great
my life had been really ******
you took away the pain, fear, and hate

why are you illegal
when you bless us so
you give us a feeling so regal
and let our smiles show

you remove all of our pain and hurt
to let us be happy for an hour
you pick our self esteems up out of the dirt
and let us appreciate the beauty in a flower

you allow us to appreciate
sight, smell, sound, touch and taste
as our lives depreciate
and more troubles are faced

our meeting was fateful
you let me be a happier me
i am forever grateful
for how you set me free
This is entirely up for your interpretation, however, I did write it about me going green.
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