eco was
a friend
of pow!  
now in
this crazy
world of
laws that
shimmer heard
there made
devo and
the recalcitrant
publics future
dank with
superfluousness why
so very
green in
remote time.


Not like the heart

Red with eternity
Ever slowing
Dying slowly
Like the sun
Is the knowingness
Of the dead leaves

Be near to me
Be evergreen
Thinking of these

How The Sunlight Curls

i believe that we'll always come back to each other in whatever colors we become

even when i'm scorching red and you're a soft green
even when you're a bold blue and i'm a deep yellow

even when we're two different shades of grey

even when i have rings in my nose and you have some around your neck

even when it's almost dawn and i can't keep my eyes open, but you're a sugar rush, bouncing your leg on the floor

neither of us can ever keep still
neither of us can ever keep something from each other

maybe that's why i know we'll always return to each other when we stray too far from the woods

Fred 7d

Moss, on the forest floor
cushions my shoulders
amidst of towering pillars
I breathe in the woodland's breath
a cool breeze, that scents the palette
so refreshingly clear.
Let it rain and melt the virgin snow
that adornes the cutlery of this green kitchen.
Something pleasantly stirs.

When I was a kid, I would sometimes feel a happy jitter in the morning. But I didn't know exactly what for, as it would be another day at the office (school).
Hannah Oct 13

she was dancing around like a wallflower
sipping on sweet poison
a little too open  
her lips and memories soaking in booze
alcohol numbs her heart but burns the throat
no concern for dignity she is eager to loose
she peers into the cup and takes the dive
until her mind becomes distrait
among all else nothing matters
she gazed at herself in the mirror
her eyes were green
the kind of green that pushes its way through the piles of gritty snow to remind you spring is coming
the churning passionate green that the ocean turns during a storm
she realized through being drunk
she loved herself sober

ive had enough of you
Shadowhollow Oct 11

He had such pretty eyes
They were greener than any forest
They drew you in
They were the kind of eyes that you could get lost in
And I suppose that's just what I did

From the top of the steep sloping green hills
they sat relaxed on horseback to marvel
in awe at the natural beauty of unspoilt land
uncorrupted by the destruction of progress
taking away the virginity of the landscape
where creatures safely interacted unharmed
by callous hands in pursuit of immoral gain
the countryside balance they did not retain!

With no tall grotesque buildings to sully the view
nor chimneys from factories that regularly
spewed more deadly toxins to choke our lungs
then the air above clear from human impregnation
from more suspected elements of depopulation
weather harsh but the seasons were well defined
there before pollution and technology encased
our lives and the nightmare future to face!


It is said once the air and landscape was unpolluted by mans hand!#TheFoureyedPoet.
Jayme Oct 4

It was you, that kept me up through the wee hours of the night
sweet memories of you that left soft, sensual kisses that calmed my raging mind
I want you, but in which way, I'm not sure
It could be lust or something so mentally deep and more
My indecisiveness tends to stir me away from expressing myself wholeheartedly to you.
I despise rejection and vulnerability
But I also despise the unknown, the what if's and the what could be's
And being the poster child for your own humility
For now, I choose silence


The sun painted gold on my rugged skin as I stepped out of my gray world to take a peep of the vast blues, blossomed yellows and the lush greens.

If I could chose to have a historic friend,
one of them would be; Anne Of Green Gables.
If I could chose to befriend that woman, my life would be a bless.
Writing poems, walking through fields, picnic parties and sips of tea. Laughter on an apple tree, being friends forever, making oaths and happiness is the friendship I would like.
The world isn't the same as it used to be, so I stick here to write poetry, makes me feel where I belong, wish it were history. I know there's been lots of bad yet so has there been many good. Even in today's world it's worse than it should.
If I could have a friend Anne would be it, I love her red hair, freckles and little trouble making sins. She makes me laugh, and see the best in the world.
Bites and the scent of strawberry jam, cool taste of icecream, the autumn smell and winters breeze. You must be feeling what I feel now. Anne Of Green Gables is a beautiful story, I have no friends yet wish she were my friend.

Thank you for taking time to be reading my poet.
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