Sometimes this smile covers the ugliness that goes on inside my mind.
I say "I'm fine," but that always sounds the same, even when it's a lie.
You can't even imagine how wrong everything seems at times.
I look fine on the outside, but my fears scream inside.
There's jealousy in these green eyes,
And there's rocky waves in this sea,
But I'm trying to not let it destroy me.
I'm not always sunshine and rainbows,
I have my gloomy days, and I've learned it's okay to rain,
And I hope when the storms come you don't run for cover, but rather stand with me.

Talley Aug 15

i never knew that
i'd wear jealousy
so well
that my veil would
perfectly match my
broken in heels
or that my eyes would be smoked
with various fumes
or that when i spoke
your world would continue
to move
unlike the first time
that i met you.

Viany Aug 15

There’s a jungle growing
inside of me and each
leaf trembles with melody
You are the prettiest face
that has ever carved
a smile for me
When our eyes meet
I earthquake
I’m adamant that all rivers
are silent eulogies carrying
our secrets deep within earth
my veins are small rivers
you, are the sea
I vow to always remember
your face the way the ocean
recalls the moon
Darling, I am possessed by
your nature

AR Aug 11

Oddly green in a world so obscene.
Not ripe nor ready, plucked my peadals. Unsteady.
Yellow fellow we don't mix well.
yellow & green is deadly.
Put me back where I came from, we are wilting steadily.
Blue isn't our color, and were drowning in it.
I can't swim and your sinking.
what were we thinking

Lunar Love Aug 7

I watched her tilt the cup
gently towards her lips
Sipping on her favorite tea—
one made of and for thought.
A late evening of craving kicks in once more.
Letting her eyes settle
on blank pages
of her renowned thick journal.
Yes, I whispered to myself,
Stay this way.
Keep thinking,
keep writing,
keep living.
She continuous in little furies
of the same drink order
and of colorful scribbles,
tearing little pieces of herself
(printed with her personality)
to stick onto the paper.
How much more ink will she bleed,
how much more tea leaves will she drink
to drown out her sorrows,
akin to those inhalers of burning leaves?
Among the words which sustain you,
overdose is the only one which doesn't exist.
You are addicted to tea,
to the world around you,
and to the words around you.
This is you, and this is how you live,
with an end waiting for you,
despite knowing it's only the beginning
whenever you hold your pen.
Your mind, tongue and hands will fade,
but your thoughts and words
will live on forever.

for Clara.
you're to the T for me,
you're my favorite cup of T,
and my favorite T!

Daina Aug 7

The Green Light wasn't only of high hope
it was another world entirely
a fictitious one
of a man who couldn't speak out because of fear.
An object seemingly ordinary to the typical eye
yet so hard to get for himself
the only way he believe's he's able to grasp it
is to be careful.
One wrong move
and it's lost forever
right in front of him always
but now impossible to obtain.

My side of the valley is green
It is flat and the soil is fertile
My crops flourish
My livestock are healthy and strong

But when I sit in my cabin
at sunset each day
I look across the river
and stare through the mountain pass
and bask at the beauty of those green plains so far away

I often sit and long for it
How I would love that land
The beautiful pastures
And the luscious mountainside

So as months pass my want grows
I bring myself to abandon my land
and lead my life onto another path
I tear down my home and pack my crops
I heard my animals and I head out
I do not look back

Through my travel the crops deplete
And I lose half my livestock
And I myself feel hope growing thin

After a month of traversing the mountains
I arrive at my new home
And I plant my crops, in the soil that's not as rich
I settle my animals, who are not as healthy
as they once were
I sit in my cabin on land that is not as flat
And I look through the pass and across the river

At the beautiful green land
Laying flat on the countryside
I think back to where once lived
And I long for it

Engeli Jul 22

Breath of the ocean bay
calm inducing whimsical melody
my life i lay an ecstasy

Soft cottony display
hiding the sunlight ray
my eyes can't put it away

Mossy green of beauty
bedded up the ancient soil aesthetically
my life i lay an ecstasy

Echoes from the heart
alan Jul 20

Flashing, green light,
phone life, pass by
life too, flying, soaring, longer, shorter now
on the screen, behind the screen,
a different thing,
green light disguise, you've got a
green light disguise
changing colors in their eyes
on the screen, behind the screen
you're changing, changing
from the green light.

Battery lower down now, now lower down, down lower, now
flashing, green light
phone life, pass by
life too, flying, soaring, longer, shorter now
lower down, now.

They don't see you, you hid your heart
they all seem clueless
but you're glued to this
green light.

this was the first version.
if you didn't read the more song-like one, check it out
or don't
but do.
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