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EmperorMoth May 12
We are 70% water

Water reflects the world above, as the world above, below

When I face the water, I am in the reflection. The reflection is me.

I am the reflection.

Humans are 70% water. When I gaze into the water, I find myself looking back.

Water sees my reflection.

Water sees water. We are 70% water, after all.

Water and I are one, as you and I are one.

I love water, for loved water nourishes my being.

Water naturally takes care of itself of all things that are not water, letting go of all that does not make water safe to drink.

Water removes all that does not reflect clear images. You cannot see your face in very ***** water. You do not want to see your face in ***** water.

Water nurtures itself by doing so naturally. Water loves itself and knows how to keep itself clean.

I reflect my reality, as the water does. I reflect my actions, as the water does.

I am human. Maybe you are too.

Water holds memory, such as I, and I hold loving memories, therefore my water is clean.
I let go of all things that are not loving me, like clean water.
I am worthy clean water.
I love myself, I let go of all that does not heal me.

You want to be clean water.
Love yourself too, so that you can love me as I love you.
IF you feel a heavy pressure inside of you, that means you have accepted this poem, the holy spirit, and you can now understand the Bible. Find like-minded people, and let us fix this world, the right way.
Jason May 7
When one's life has hit rock bottom
At the ripe old age of nineteen
When the apple of life has gone rotten
And hopeful plans wither to faded dreams

When one's confidence is shot
And one's hope has slowly waned
When one's faith in love is all but lost
And one's self-esteem's been drained

When one's spent their life to overcome
The pain of losing their one true one
When one's reached out to touch only ice
To be judged and rejected once, twice, thrice

When one's messages are deleted unread
And pictures cannot fill the hole in one's heart
When the only chance to hear your voice is in one's head
One begins the onerous process of falling apart

When healing has begun and the dull throb doesn't beat one jaded
When the sunlight breaks the clouds for the first time in dark ages
When the black hole ***** a little less and the stars aren't so faded
One will still be here waiting to hear an answer sought by fools and sages

Some things you just never get over,
Even after all the stages of grief, and all the healing,
The simplest things can still smack you right out of your body,
A phone ringing, for example, why am I still waiting for that call?

© 05/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Beckie Davies Apr 22
I read the sign on the door

I knock and after a pause
I see a girl smelling of roses

She beckons me inside
She offers me shelter

That's when I realise
I have found the answer
finding the answer
Classy Mar 7
Sometimes i wonder,
what it really takes for a bird to fly.

Is it the wings or the urge to fly?
Is it the calling or the wanting to fit in?
Is it for freedom or the act of boredom?

Nobody knows the right answer,
nor anybody knows the wrong answer.
But life still goes on,
with or without it.

Cause we live in uncertainty conditions,
we're built in it and we're used to it.
Don't keep searching for the answer,
you will find it when it wants to be found.
pnam Feb 14
My love you taught me how to love
Feeling of love, that this heart showed
How many colors you spill, of love?
Reason for my love, you then asked?

Without you this life is so incomplete
Now when I realize how far away love was
Sheltering me in your heart such a treat
As beads of  love strung tenderly in gauze

At times  self-love seeks love from a stranger
At times a few moment with a loving heart is enough
At times to feel a heart dearer one has to live farther
In serendipity we met in love, leave me never in a huff

Think and despair not my cherished beloved
Must I say your love was so wondrous
I promise to be with you now and always beloved
You asked, I say all your concerns are needless


Hindi LanguageTranslation

Mere Humdum..

Pyaar aapne hume karna jo siklaya
Pyaar ka ehsas is dil ko jo diklaya
Kitne pyaar ke rang chalkathe hain aap?
Phir Pyaar ki vajah poochate hain aap?

Yeh zindagi to aapke bina adhuri thi
Ab maalum hua pyaar thak kitni doori thi
Aashiyana aapne dil mein basa kar hume diya hai
Pyaar ke har lamahe chun ke is dil ko piroya hai

Khud ko chaahne ke liye kabhi gairon ka pyaar chahiye
Dil ki nazdhikyon ke liye kabhi dooriyon ka ehsas chahiye
Kabhi chand lamhay kaafi hain aap jaise dil walon ke saath
Ittifaaq se milay ** meharbaan kabhi na chodna mera haath

    Bus Itna ab na sochiye mere jane-mehboob
    Dekhiye pyar kiya aapne bhi bahut khoob
    Zindagi aapke saath vada hai mere hum-safar
    Har sawalon ka jawab diya humnay aap rahe  be-fikar
maria Feb 13
You know,
You can answer
your messages
If you care
   -like you said you do-
Or leave me alone
Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
When we dialogue
you pose questions
which interest my mind
and evoke in my mind
useful answers
that I can use
to achieve my joy and happiness
and the joy and happiness of all people.

I appreciate you
and our dialogues,
Maja Jan 21
You can’t hit me and hug me

You can’t hate me and love me

You can’t ask me a question
And ignore the answer

You go either left
Or you go right

You can’t pull me
In both directions

You don’t.

You can’t.

Yet you do
If you drag me in opposite directions
I'll be pulled apart
I shall live forever with you
She used to say
She left
Sent Miss Melancholy
To fulfill her promise
Alternative offer I refused
It was a fundamental breach by the deceased
Courts refused to entertain my petition for justice
Grounds cited matter not covered under the Constitution
Who owes an answer for this?
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