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"My answer is no."
Oh man! Come on, not again!
now that I think about it...
ya know;
I guess...


Come on,
I thought you knew
what my answer would be years ago!"
My mom's response to many of my teenage questions.
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
Amanda Mar 25
I am stuck in a place somewhere between
Long long ago and so long
The question I can't seem to answer
Should I hold on or just move on?
I dunno. It just don't flow. Oh no. I feel so.. low.
Em Mar 22
To ask
the most simple query
that has lingered
in my thoughts
That transmogrified
into a hold of fear
that never lets you go.

Burning a hole
from inside your head
and mutates your tears
into harrowing acid
Dripping from your eyes.

I shall keep this query to myself
As the answer I most fear
is the one chosen true.
am OOPSET,,,
i m  r e al l y  a n x io u s   ab o ut   sumn
wa  n nn a    v er  i fy   s om e t hin g  but ehghghgh
Abby M Mar 10
They ask me why I am quiet but I don’t answer, I am not quiet I am silent
Liam Mar 5
I never thought that by listening to thunder I'd understand the lightning.
When I realised this strangest fact,
I found it awfully frightening.

And if you're looking for an answer, you will find it inside of you.
But if you should ever need advice,
The wind will speak the truth.
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