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You drink
You drive
You ruthlessly try
To have a good time

And down slick oil streets
Pavement like a pistol
To my temple, meets

The cure to my cancer
And the answer
To my every problem
Right answer to a wrong question
It's the type three error
The most dangerous error
If you ask a wrong question in a given situation
And implement the right answer
The result may be a nightmare
Put yourself a right question in a given situation
Before getting the right answer
In real life, under certain circumstances, we ask ourselves some questions without giving much thought and may get right answers. We may act accordingly to find the results are catastrophic. The reason being we didn't pose right questions relevant to the circumstances.
Bhill Oct 9
im tired of the conflicts erupting between us all
let's get our act together and answer the needed call
the politics and policies are in grave need of revision
why can't we get together to avoid the mad collision
throw away all the so call facts and see what's going on
quit throwing your temper into the fray and creating a nation that's gone...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 278
At night I sleep but .
When I sleep at night , it doesn't mean that I give up my fight .
I dreamed up of the day , when child's were in the play .
When everything was good , everything thing was fine .
The faces with smiles , no head with the lines.
Everyone's enjoying , nothing was annoying .
The sky was blue as much as it could .
No lies between us only brotherhood
.But , one day .A storm came and washed all away .

And throw up us in the dark days .
The faith dies inside and hope seeked the hide .
The hate eat it all , the day turns night .
My dream just broke , everything was white.
An another quite day , and I'm back on the way .
Now I can see the heaven , no more oath with grave'n.
I know I will get my answers . I don't have more chances .
I will ask the god , but don't think I'm so bold
Can I free the world
, from this hate

So that I can end up these dark days
Ruheen Sep 24
Wanting to be like someone
And wanting to be someone
Are two very different things. is identity theft!

To be or to be the other one.....that is the question.
A momentary burst of sarcasm.
To be or not to be someone like Shakespeare....that is the question....!
Gi Sep 20
I want to feel
But Iā€™m too scared
To break that seal
Does that leave me impaired?
solEmn oaSis Aug 26
not a question mark
had seen by my naked eyes
but the great Savior
imaginable imagery
made by the caps lock as i
took a closer look unto
the altar's holy cross !
No one needs
Special devices to
Focus somewhere
In the unknown
And get lost

Gaze into the eyes
Of beloved
For a little more
And find
The entire universe
So much to offer
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Mirroring
Author's Note:Excuse me. I humbly request all upcoming persons to have patience to visit me, allowing a blissful break, 30 seconds or more. While I'm in the mood, while looking at the eyes in order to search the clues of illness, I may forget what to notice, but may find the gateway to the soul. Remember that.
misha Aug 17
why are you so ******* yourself?
the way we're just pushing ourselves to the limit
being our own biggest bully
why do we do that?
i actually was thinking abt this deeply last night and it just bothers me how we are our biggest enemies yet our closest friends
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