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Man May 31
Staring at gravestones
Wondering what it is to
Exist, no longer.
Smell of sulfur,
Feel of bone;
Still as water.
Heidi Franke Apr 27
Held like this
A cupped hand of water
held still
that not a drop
enters gravity's pull.

Held like this
The hens egg.
Rounded palms together
without allowance of pressure
that would crush the shell.
Frail possessions.

These are days she remembers beyond all vicissitudes she faced.
Not jagged. Not stewing or careless.

This untainted moment
of protection
for something that will give back.

A drop of water
becomes a cup that was
dry as a bone.
The egg becomes
a breakfast feast
weary of starvation.

Hold life like this. Prudent,
tender and earnest.
These times she keeps
for consideration.
Khoisan Apr 20
Respect the desert

the Tsamma holds providence

natural balance
A Khoisan proverb.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 17
black tie, bare feet,
a walk through dandelions,
following the scent of wine
and mirthful promise

phosphenes and paresthesia
—slow dazzle motif;
the bluebird of happiness
echoes in a shallow bay;
pieces of places to claim as theirs:
moth wings, flower petals,
and blades of grass

seduced by eventide,
unhurried mouth(s), lips searching
and soft, all words seem to have
a few extra vowels;
sudden ubiquity
to collisions and slippages,
cultivating suggestive shapes
from aleatory arrays
of objects and forms

in the surf they mingle and link,
emancipating adrenaline;
they love like they were
water for life

unnamed Mar 31
I write the same poem, over and over again.
She once said:

It's another song about water and big feelings.

:and I said:

So sing it.
Sing to me
Zywa Mar 26
The hilly country

gives us to drink from its lap --

heavenly nectar.
Between the two Imose hills ("Sister-Brother") flows the river Yoshino

Collection "Ifless"
Dylan Mar 22
There I glanced,
entwined within the cool warmth
of a summers dawn,
toward a swell of blazing teal
and its oceanic paragon.

A whirling spray of silver waves
caressed my face and washed my dreams.
I wandered along the grassy rim
with eyes beguiled and mind agleam.

A vision of morning grace
within the blur of misty lace.
Dylan Mar 14
Lazing in unbroken innocence;
a whirled undersea, under me.
Blazing tides take hold of ambivalence,
a calm serenity
sweeps through the boundless deep.
Pelagic labyrinths,
I'm rolling in the shadows of the sea.

Gazing passed an apparent diffidence;
a cold melody for remedy.
Minding these subterranean incidents,
my lost identity
plunges through the swirling stream.
Oceanic labyrinth,
I'm roaming in the dimness of the sea.
You were constantly telling me I was sunshine and roses when I am obviously orchids and moonlight.
The way you held me, caressed my body, said my name…
They were pleasant enough but never filled the void in my soul.
You spoon fed me lies and wrapped me in a warm blanket enveloped with deception.
You cared for me up to your standards but never asked me mine.
Your words enraptured my thoughts and buried doubt into my brain.
You said you couldn’t live without me .
You told me you loved me.
That I was perfect for you.
We moved boxes and made a home.
Our possessions and limbs intertwined like lovers in the night.
We were blended.
But like water and oil we drifted, we separated.
You wanted me to change…
Not something as simple as to stop smacking my lips as I ate or to watch my intake of wine.
You wanted me to change core beliefs.
Wanted me to believe in a man in the sky who lets children starve, women get abused, and men to die.
Meanwhile my taro cards and crystals are charging in the moonlight as star dust dances upon my skin.
You were constantly telling me I was sunshine and roses when I am orchids and moonlight.
I am the universe wrapped into a humans body.
I am love.
I am acceptance.
I am all encompassing kindness.
You took it for granted and want it back.
I know who I am while you are searching for yourself.
You are wanting others to change to better your life.
When you should be accepting people you turn them away.
You took a piece of my heart… for it was yours.
But you just took a portion. Not the whole.
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