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Family is so much more than the branches bending from a family tree
Blood may relate you but there’s more to a family like love and loyalty
They say blood is thicker than water this may be true
Though I’ve bared witness to blood clotting where water flowed straight through
As blood flows through your vanes it’s color is blue yet when you see it the color is red
I think Ile stick with the water that stays the same instead
I’ve learned in my life that family is what you make it Nd is usually opposite of what it’s supposed to be
Color 3d
i always feel like
i can't breathe, you're pulling me
underwater, stop.
Do you remember when I told you to come and join me in the pool again?
How cold you were.
In retrospect-- I feel like that moment
Was so poetic
I’m not sure what you were going through
But for me- what I felt in that moment
Was so free
Free from any negative thoughts
Cold water.
Can you remember what you were thinking about?
Besides how cold that water was
cold water, take a cold shower today to free from life's anxieties
Color 5d
is there such a place?
is there such a feeling
a yearning?

is there a day, a time
when we can all be okay?

i suspect not...

but today is a day,
and so is tomorrow.
you never know what will
happen tomorrow.

maybe she will wave and smile
maybe he will hold you longer
maybe they will love you more.

maybe the not-knowing is

enough to know
that whatever happens tomorrow

i want to stick around for it.
i had a lengthy battle with depression that lasted several years. it got to the point of self-harm, and i was considering suicide. it felt like i was just underwater.... the whole world continued around me but i was stuck on this one thing. and it still feels like that sometimes. depression will never fully go away. it is a battle we fight every day. but it is worth it. you can come up from the water. you can breathe again. you just have to continue to live.
I'd dreamt of Moshe's fall
In the arid land of Kadesh
And I wondered; how sweet
were those waters of Meribah?

Then, I woke up from sleeping
and was greeted by a nightmare

Rising under an Ethiopian cloud
The Grandiose Renaissance
To tame the mighty blue Nile
To free the wild hearts of men

How I pray tensions fall
In the fertile lands of Africa
as I ponder; how sweet
are these waters of Meribah?
As I sit upon the ancient sand
With the faithful sun above
My eyes relax in hypnotic calm
As the sea laps with eternal love

Swashing waves of tenderness
Push up the satin shore
Gentle hands of massage
Which slide down again once more

Comfort's sigh infuses
As the sea does glint and dance
With salt-air in my nostrils
I merge into a trance

No reflection of past or future
Intrudes my supine mind
I am there with the waters
We ebb and flow combined

A picture, a dream, a feeling
As if the glistening beach my skin
The waters soothe in motion
My friend, my soul, my kin

We are together everlasting
Thought and nature as one frame
Swaying hands together
So powerful yet tame

I am not on the ancient sand
The sand and sea is me
We inter-blend in oneness
At once moving, still and free
Love and water
both seem equal
Both are
Our basic
And today
Both are
Level of both at same position
                                  S. Nitin Mukesh...
Love is important in life as well as the water and other basic necessaries requires
My emotions are like water
Pouring out of a faucet
They sometimes are
Too hot
Too cold
Too much
Too little
And sometimes, they stop altogether
I'm surprisingly still alive! This is a quick one I thought up. I've been songwriting a lot recently.
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