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Does water feel pain,
Flowing freely in the rain,
Does water feel pain,
Washing your face at the end of the day,
Does water feel pain,
Moving in your lips to sustain,
Does water feel pain.
It’s what sustains life on earth, so my question is:
does water feel pain?
JARC 22h
You told me pain always has a endgame
I smile through the life I lived in vain.

I believed them when they said the earth was flat
My brain maps a circle and my thoughts mark the anomalies.

If my eyes speak the language of rain
My lips touch the soul who bestowed this pain.

I am a basin and you are the broken plug above the drain
All that is left of me is a grain.
& that is the riddle of life,
isn’t it?
to be living water, a sloshing
riptide that
dashes itself upon the rocks,
here &
then gone—like all good things.
like us.

go headfirst into the waves, diving,
diving down
into the murky dark where fear once
lived, now
a barren sea cavern, a mausoleum
made to
collapse. but know it is no place to rest,
my dear.

swim further, let the salt carry
us somewhere
that our tired bodies can call
a home.
where the waves sing a sweet
whale song
& we sleep, we sleep, we sleep.
The humming rush of water
Is hypnotizing me
The songs of lonely birds
All perched on separate trees

The soft rattling
The brush of vibrant leaves
All pull a string that's deeply
Planted in the roots of me

Chiming along
I am a lonely bird
Perched upon a tree
Where no one sees

Crying out
I sing with the clouds
Wings lifted
Ready to flee

Tentatively brush dark leaves
With muster I push on to see
Where this overgrown path
will lead

Lungs filled
On the fresh

So drawn I push forward
What do I see
But a small part
Of what appears to be me

I step forward
One more time
I am longing
To see

Where this

Do I continue
Will I succeed
Do I push forward
Do I proceed

Am I lost inside
This lonely forest
Do I hide
Where no one sees

Do I wait alone
Where the silence lulls me
to hypnotic tones

Of lonely birds shown
perched upon a tree
i thought of you

as i sat on the floor of the ocean

i could hear you

"open your eyes"

oh, the serendipitous sights i would see!

if only i would listen to you

"just breathe in"

i had yet not dared

to inhale

my lungs had started to burn —

a breath would surely suffice.

i felt you in every inch

of my body

in places that i did not want you

that i had never invited you

the pressure was great

there, on the floor of the ocean

i console myself now:

he never knew of what he spoke

you still do not know

or worse

you knew all along
Pallavi 1d
I know I can't hold you,
You're slipping through my fingers.
But still I m proceeding to you,
And  time tries to linger.
I know I can't hold you,
You're like a water.
But still trying to absorb you
I am feeling like a blotter.
I know I can't hold you,
As I am loosing my grip.
Hey! Gotta hold on your smile,
Or I might get slip .
what for the shallow waters

that we called love?

the kiddie pools that

kept our tears salty?

we should have looked on

to bigger whirlpools and stormy seas

with welling gratitude

for our wading pools

instead, there we splashed

like children,

making believe

that our ships were sinking

that we were drowning

that we had to save each other

it was long overdue

when i stood up

stepped out

and dried myself off

a lifetime ago
it was easy to pretend

the ocean water was filled with sugar

as she watched the waves

from the safety of the shore

but the tides rose

water swirled around her legs

and the crashing wave of reality was


it knocked her down

she dug her fingers into the sand

feeling the salt burn her




she could have cried

she could have laid on her back

waiting for the next wave

to overtake her

instead she stood gracefully

stepped serenely back to shore

and asked the sea

what more it could take from her
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