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Sitting on its haunch,
Bear drinking river water.
Alone. Safe. Secure.
A random Haiku sort of thing about how my day went.
I never planted my roots with you
Because the ground was too firm
You had too many rocks

Oh light of my life
How was I meant to grow up
When I was surrounded by ground covers

all around me

How was I meant to bloom
in a garden
that you never cared to water?
I still loved you the most
I was once in a boat
And around me was deep dark water
I couldn’t see the bottom
So when my boat sprung a leak
I thought it was over
And i jumped head first into the water
And started to swim
To where the stars pointed
Until i couldn’t
So I prepared to die
But I didn’t
I lived.
We are all in a boat
The sun shines over those green trees
It makes the river greener
My mind happier
The birdsong makes the silence
Sound like a symphony
I can hear the leaves on the branches
Trembling by the soft and fresh wind
My feet in the cold water
Make the trees reflecting on it all blur
Those ravens remain quiet for once
This place makes the ravens peaceful
This is my definition of enchantment
Oh little lily pad,
You'll have to battle to stay afloat,
Shielding yourself against the sharp, dark waves,
Of my beating heart.
But, please learn to take root.
For, I'll intertwine around you,
Taking hold, slowly hoping you'll realize,
Those same dark waters,
Are struggling to nuture your very core.
Those same dark waters,
Have made you grow, baby.
m h John Oct 5
i attempted to cry for you
because i was always taught
that if you add water
to a dead flower
it could come back to life
a ring
of chestnuts
aflame and
much hotter
here than
Clive is  
to toast
eh blue
as shearling
laid Cumberland
newt with
proclivity as
his legacy
for hire
is too
tired for
the Pennines
Clive is  British author
Cyan Oct 3
I’m not a Grecian hero.
I’m more like
At some point
I also must have ******
off Poseidon
because I cannot drink
water without spilling it
on myself.
Shadowhollow Sep 29
I can’t breathe
Rising to the top
Only to sink further down
Deep into an abyss
Surrounded by
An empty kind of
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