Darkly 1h
The faces in the water, they sleep  

  for eternity, their tears



                 ­          deep.

The Frozen Lake of Souls
Emily 4h
Ocean Girl, take me to the beach
Let's get away and feel the sway
Of the breeze, Ocean Girl,
Please show me the world
Her flames continued to spread
She hurt everyone except me
I am her water and
I am the only one who knows
How to extinguish
Her flames.
Julia 16h
Mike has taken away my blue
i miss you things are not okay
i pray to Freya everyday to say
i'm on my way
back to that place of flowing grace
a trace of melody in my memory
trembling I'm remembering
the last time I was here
First post in a while. I've been in a relationship that makes me too happy to find inspiration to write.
I met myself
I was like
tasted like gold.

My edges were
my feelings
color coordinated
wet without
the use of water.

But I realized
I no longer
to live
in my own mind,
not even
a second longer.
GreenTrees May 23
The day was like water under the bridge.

Drifting down a lazy river.

Mossy trees create a canopy of shade over hanging the river.

Beams of light sift through the heavy river air.

I peer up into the arch of the bridge.

Pausing a moment to capture the cool shade.

Feet hanging into the cool rivers pull down stream.

I let my self slowly drift into my thoughts of abandon.

And soon the bridge is a mere speck in the distance.

And in that moment of quiet abandon, I thought no more of the river's end.

  I had become water under the bridge.
She is the water.
Used by everyone else.
Taken for granted.
So badly wanted.
So easily left behind.
She is lost in her own ocean.
Travelling nowhere.
She is the water.
Jay 2d
I like it underwater,
so calm, so quiet
It leaves you with nothing but the thoughts in your head
Water is peace,
Water is serenity,
Water is a silent heaven with its doors open to anyone looking for a safe haven.
But water is also chaos,
Water is rage,
Waiting to swallow you whole when things are taken too far
It can take away everything that you are,
Everything that you will be
A step too far and you will only be a memory
Water is life
And water is death
Give in to the water,
Let the waves take you,
I guess it's true that what gives you life, can also take it away.
The Tide

When I lay me down
And the anger is gone
Ebbed out like the
Tide at a river mouth,
Brackish with stinging salt water
And stirred up mud
And the baby fish of the mangroves;
My body left hollow and ringing,
Spent from the effort
To keep it in
Among my frail ribs and stretched skin;
Pounded by blood stirred up
Like the black tide at the river mouth,
Fed by stinging salt water
And the muddy leaves of the mangroves;
Then I rejoice in the emptiness:
The churning mud water gone out,
The peace of the silty soft channel,
The quiet lapping of fresh water,
Caressing the roots of the mangroves
And feeding the little new fishes.
I lay me down— empty— and glad.
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