The water haunts my house. Appearing so
very often. The nights on which it comes
tears apart all in its path. No one can
stop it. It burns as it gets a hold of
your throat and kills your insides with each sip
a sip so deadly you don't realize there until it hits you so hard you cant stand
correctly, so hard it slurs your words and
makes you feel the anger of a thousand raging men. so deadly it makes you feel
as if your dependent on it. it is
planted in your mind, making you think of
it every second of the day, craving the sweet relief of unquenched thirst. Water
kills you and the ones who love you. Water needs to stay in the cabinet tucked away
where no harm is done. so my dad will no longer hurt himself or me and mommy.
he is not deadly just the water that kills and injuries. the water haunts my house.

At least one time in your life
you're going to feel as if someone is pushing you under water.
You are gasping for that last breath
you know your not gonna get.
It's so cold.
It seems as if the surface is so close
yet you can't reach it.
You just sink further and further under.
It finally let's go just to be sucked in again,
this time you don't surface.
No matter how hard you try you just can't.
The feeling of emptiness sweeps over you as the
water seeps into your lungs.
You're now dying slowly
cold and solid yet broken beyond repair.
There is a gaping hole in your chest.
You're completely stuck you can't move on
and you can't stay where you are.
Pain, sorrow, hopeless, helpless,
cold and alone.
No one  knows or understands how you feel.
They will swear up and down they know,
but they don't.
Yes everyone deals with some sort of depression
but now one know's what you are going through
because they aren't you.
Because everyone's definition of hard is different,
because drowning feels the same and
the water is willing to welcome everyone
but no one deals with depression the same way

A story I made into a poem because I like poems way more than  stories, I wrote this in the seventh grade, I edited it the best I could if you find any errors don't be afraid to let me know, thank you guys so much for loving the three previous poems I have posted it means a lot :)

There is a wire tap inside his mind
which pulls the waves in and over
the shore, fast. It floods
the earth and leaves his skin
pale and waterlogged, blue from the cold
and bloated with decay.
When the wall of water hits and the screams
of many tired, sad people can be heard,
the sinking city of Venice will crumble
away into the sea, leaving jagged,
splintered rock jutting from the ocean
like strange stone blades. In the silence
of receding water, I hear the cries
of a newly orphaned child and see
a small silhouette standing over the body
of his father, satellites still speaking
to the microphones in his dead brain.
The tide laps at his splayed limbs
and the water pulls him back
towards the ocean while the boy screams,
wailing as he clutches the cold, limp hands
and begs his father with tears and fury
to come back to him.

~~ Tsunami, 4/4 ~~

On impact, he screams his empty, chilling
scream and cries as his gritty exterior
is washed away by the icy shoreline.
The water seeps in through the cracks
in his skin and burns as it touches
the many fires of hell which dance
so brightly behind the vivid
brown of his eyes. Skin so rich
it's like a painting, the deepest
greens and most intense blues
embedded within his surface. He
is molten with beauty and fear, his hands
laced with the pain of generations.
He was a man of lava and he thawed the lady
of ice, but he is being turned to stone
by the monster she became.

~~ Tsunami, 3/4 ~~

cold drops falling
soft leaves slowly
sliding crystals
the soil again
becoming rich
color taking fill
lungs come whole again
one with the rest
connecting the opposites
into the loop ever stirring
the wheel slowing down
never stops turning

she said her head was like the ocean.
still waters, then crashing waves.
never knew where she would end up next.

she woke up with the first glimpses of morning light,
stepped slowly into the water,
and lost herself in the rising waves.

all who came, shook their heads,
uttered soothing sentences to the family,
and left, puzzled as they were, through the front door.

Deep ocean currents
channeling under water.
A glorious night appears
as the waves grow stronger.

Swim up to the moon
as it glares across the waves
searching for light
for the moonlight it craves.

Soar for the sky
as light ceases on the blue
Don't stop sailing
until you reach on through.

Beneath the ground
Cool water flows without sound
Roots reach down and drink

Ren117 2d

Does the breeze raise your skin?
Does the sun catch your hair?
Do you feel the soft grass,
By the stream when you're there?

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