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Naya 1d
I see your beaming light
I see safety in your arms ahead,
I'm coming home to you.

I sail towards you,
I am so happy.

but you turn your light off,
and I see nothing.
all that's ahead is darkness amongst these crashing vigorous waves.

You send me away,
so far away and I don't know why.

I drift endlessly into this unlit sea,
along with these bewildered thoughts I have of you.

I sail away,
sadly so far away from you.
be a river and let everything flow
then be a waterfall as it flows down and crash
when it crashes into a lake you can begin anew
a lake is your new beginning
if it does not work out be a river again
be a stream and flow into the ocean
be free in the open upon the horizon
rig 6d
once, many years ago, i had a dream of a giant-headed, thousand-eyed robot destroying a ghost city, while a few kids fled from it on skateboards, protecting some sort of treasure.

i just got a youtube comment response (from someone i don’t know) telling me i’ll never be a true writer because i don’t drink alcohol.
you hold me under the water
until my lungs scream out for air
you know i cannot hold my breath forever,
don't you?

you hold me under the water
in a perverse baptism
the one i worship delivers me to death

you hold me under the water
one hand buried in my hair
the other firmly on my neck
i have no choice but to choke

you hold me under the water
and i do not struggle to break from your grip
you were always stronger than me
and a part of me has always wanted this

you hold me under the water
and fill my mouth with the sea
i swallow, even as i know
to drink is to die

you hold me under the water
gently, as a lover would
it won't be long now
before i become one with the ocean

i am aware that you are speaking to me
but i cannot hear you over the crashing of the waves
when your work is finished and you wade away
there will be no blood on your hands
Lake-wet and found forgiving,
patch-work body and pasture-raised pleasure,
rolling in the grass and basking in
bare-skinned clarity.
They were right, you are a fairy.

Water filled to the brim, may I drink from your fountain,
may I toss my pennies in,
and is a wish like a prayer,
or should I save my change for rain?
Filling puddles like copper lakes,
putting a snake in for Heaven's sake,
splitting my own rib and calling it mate.

When I first saw you it was just your reflection,
you caught my attention, doubling your beauty with your liquid presence.
I asked if I could come in and take a dip in your drip,
you nymphaeum of bliss,
and you said "Yes, yes but not yet.",
like the breath we share before a kiss,
like the moment before sunset,
like the bed unmade around our shapes,
like the ripples our forms in this pool radiate.

I must grow gills because you took the breath right out of my lungs.

Love me, Pisces, Venus smiles for us.
for my girlfriend

Refusal turned her brokenhearted. She couldn't held
the water
drip from her
eyes. Had
her swim in
pool of her
tears. Wrestle
not with a girl,
stay aloof,
refusal hit
her harder than
any huge
cork could
make her
yell for apology.
However to
husband his
wife ought
tobe a man's
first duty all
day everyday long.
lua Apr 29
my words
might wash up
against your shore
in torn up shreds
each scribbled letter faded
obscured by time
obscured by rippling waves
that thrash and tear
each piece left vague
dowsed in mystery
and a lingering
a longing
to be read

next time
i'll be mature enough
to put them in a bottle.
Martin Boško Apr 28
Droplets of water falling on our skin
Naked, under the showerhead
My lips are moist from kissing your chin
Not a place left dry, everything’s wet

Passionate kisses
Inside the shower
Two puzzle pieces
Are joined with fierce power
The water is running
A cleansing rain
The screams are coming
Overwhelming brain
Sacred water
Lingers on our lips
Taken as offering from a holy altar
By our passionate post-shower kiss
Nicole Apr 24
Hush -
hear the stillness in the waters,
the calm and steady to and fro,
the ripple-less canvas
that delivers life to our door.

Clear and cavernous,
bliss is found in it’s depths.
Toes dipped in, cooling
in summer’s relentless heat.

Teaming with adventure,
dates chronicled in the flow.
Silence deafening, suppressing,
newness found in attention.
elle Apr 23
the distractions i had that always brought me comfort
are now blinded by the drenching misery that waves within me.

the journey to clear opaque waters are too desolate, and are beginning to overflow.

so instead,
i'll drain the water and let myself evaporate.
this is just how i'm feeling within the topic of losing my comfort motivations. i made everything relate to water, making it (in this case) opaque. instead of filtering the water to let myself be happy, i'll drain it instead. enjoy
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