City backflows,
To hold back flood waters,
From showing man,
His inability,
To stop even the rain,
In this day and age,
Humbling, No?

i was never a brick wall,
i was always a flowing stream
who didn’t know what to say
or where to begin
or how to be

you were a hungry wolf pack
daring me to fight you back
i became hard upon impact
of the words you threw at me

but nobody is born angry
someone else
made your pillow of a heart
into hard candy

Ice-gems of winter
Gleaming dew-drops on
leaves and fruits
Shimmering veils of the rising
Wispy drifts of rose clouds
Lunar flames of Midnight's
A sea to us
From man to ant
The entity of the Earth
For every form that it takes,
it's a page of countless

Wrote this by just looking at my cup of water. Something we take for granted. Water is a blessing
alan 1d

A beach of plastic, sky blue
illuminating the waters like they do.
A blue haired boy and green skinned man,
a missing young one from Japan.
Headed out 'cross oceans wide
with Russel by her side.
The dimmer days blotched out with sun,
a kitten face and hunting gun.
All alone in need of help
on that beach washed over with kelp.

Damon is the best person ever
JAC 2d

The boy who waved the boats from shore
had still never set sail,
but he was lonely.
One day or morning,
a sailor's sunrise,
a girl approached the boy on the pier.
It was a long walk
and they could see each other
on each side, approaching.
They watched each other,
each studying the other,
as if other could learn about each
before even speaking.
Eventually, she arrived,
and they looked at each other again,
faces full of curiosity.
"What are you doing?"
asked her eyes.
His replied,
"What's it to you?"
"Well," she blinked,
"You seem all alone here.
Boats leave, but you do not."
She communicated across a short sea
of rotting, sun-dried boards
between them.
The boy said nothing.
Instead, he cocked his head
and flicked a smile
from the corner of his lips
across the metre-long lake of boards.
She asked him after a pause,
"I've nothing to do,
may I please sit on the dock with you?"
The boy nodded warmly,
and they sat,
fewer boards between them than before.
She pulled off her shoes,
her socks too, pink and blues,
and dipped her toes
in the water she knew was cold.
They spoke very little,
but they would inevitably fall in love.

A continuation of "The Boy on the Dock".

Hogsback Mountain- a love story:

Staircases of roots tangled together
Crawling deeper into earth
And down into my heart,

Nests perched above
Gold glows abundant with eagle eggs
With wings and raptor beaks
These children are my own,

Barefoot it's been awhile,
Hasn't it? A cologne of spring-
Fed trickling streams tickle my senses,
Flames flick up towards stained glass windows,
Birch pine cedar
Depicting scenes of solemn reverie,
Eager to portray our history,
Present these quiet kisses of ours
In vague images to the world are you
Bragging? Almost,

Made it to peak shirtless
Saw again the naked prosperity of our relationship,
Distance can't impede what is meant to be-

The consummation of one's soul
Through great granite skyscrapers
Soft water city nestled in-between fractures interlocking,
To grow is to erode
Break down skin to dirt
Sprout ferns and somehow,

I’ve never felt more human

Do you remember two summers ago-
The first time we met?
I ran straight to summit
Smoking Nightcap in a Prebem Holm freehand,
Not once letting ember rest
I read Kerouac to you
Aloud so all surrounding above and below
Could hear,

How far we have come,
How far we have come

Preserve water from the rain,
make it useful than to drain

water brings us prosperity,
ruining it leads to adversity

reuse the depleting resource,
before you lose the source

find ways to curb pollution,
use technology for solution

Save Water
alan 3d

I barely remember the beach, we went there and
it was sunny at first,
but the clouds came and covered the sun.
I know I didn't wander off too far, but I remember feeling like
the world
was between me
and the sand.
As I walked, poking my head just above the surface, (I couldn't swim then, either) my feet sank down into a hole.
I've been through things and I've felt things a child shouldn't, (wouldn't I be brave?), but then it seemed as though the water was swallowing me up. i was scared.
i fell under, choking, my throat quickly becoming sore from the salty water. i managed to get back to the sand, but it feels like my soul stayed in that hole. i guess i grew up too fast.

the last poem i wrote made me remember the time i wandered away from my mom and sister, dont remember my exact age, but i didnt have a dad at the time so i had to have been older than 7.
so yeah, moral of the story: don't wander away from your mum with only a doughnut floatie if you can't swim.
alan 3d

They're doing the dance of the tide,
as the sand and our toes and the fish all collide.
They're swimming and have peace with war,
because as we dive in we don't feel it anymore.
We jump off of the hot wooden dock,
then float with drifting wood and relax as we talk.

went to a lake today, i had fun.
i made a raft of pool noodles and held it together with my body, lol.
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