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Fire, Water and Air the main elements of earth
I told him that he is my world
He is the soil where I planted my love and
I hoped he would Water the garden I made for him
He is the Fire that keeps me warm to the core and
It only got warmer when he touched me
I prayed to the Lord to never take my love for then
The Air that I breathe would be taken away from me
My love is like water.
Sometimes serenely still,
Sometimes coming in waves.
It lets light into it,
Clear, and hiding nothing.
My love is immersive,
And yet keeps you afloat.
Sometimes it is solid
When you need my support,
And sometimes it quenches
You thirst for affection.
Sometimes ethereal,
So you can breathe it in.
My love is like water.
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On one summer day,
she relaxed by the waves.
In this peace she'd stay
for the sun she craves.

The salty, misty air
dwindled drops from the sea.
It gave a spume to her hair,
but on her skin it would flee.

She meditated on the surges
with her pale feet in the sand.
Each wave comes and emerges
onto the dense and dry land.

The wind just a blowing,
and the sky was ever so blue.
The waves were just a going,
and this is what she would do.
Popleocan 20h
4:00 a.m again.
The bluegreen lanterns fly the sky,
Guding me home.

My eyes fall like bricks.
Sinking into the water,
The overflowing madness in my mind.
Salted by the drops within my eyes.

As the water begins to stir,
My mind becomes a blur.
Blackened liquid waves rage in a craze

Winter winds blow.
Send ice and snow.
As i toss a match to set the wave

This clawing red monster,
I let her grow stronger.
She takes my hand,
Tell's me she'll show me the way.

A turn of the wheel,
A press of the foot,
And all i know
Turned to soot.

And then my friend.
That winter wind.
Turns back the wheel once again.
The ash and gloom,
My blazing doom.
Only the beast of my heavyset eyes.

That bluegreen mist, lighting the skies.
And those lanterns float, my guides.

Tighten my grip on the wheel,
While gently caressing the pedal.

It's 4:01 a.m again.
Those late nights coming home from work...
eng jin Apr 4
a familiar tune
breaking through the morning news
Oh yes,
it’s loy krathong

humming along the tune
ah, I should remember
to put a thanksgiving basket
onto the river
for the goddess of water

as the candles flow
may the light
in your heart
continues to glow
All waves

turn to smooth waters

Time can and will heal everything
A small sip won’t sink the ship, no need to walk on water Peter!
Even a dark spot on a light skin is called a beauty spot,
A bottle a day keeps an uncle awake.

My drunk uncle rewrite history in his confused stories
“Moses built the Ark, Jonah ate the fruit, and Eve raised dry bones”

Maker of miracles always have a penny for a bottle
Like he turned the ocean water into wine
He never gets sober.
I believe in writing whatever I feel like and whatever comes to my mind, too often it has revealed how amazing I have experienced most things in life. There is always a light in every darkness.
Skye 2d
Lunar lady,
You pull at my soul
Like the moon
Pulls at the ocean.

Lunar lady,
Your gravity whips
My calm seas
Into furious tides.

Lunar lady,
Your glowing form
Guides me towards
My home.

Lunar lady,
I need you.
Stay with me forever.
I hope the sun never rises.
She makes me feel like a real person.
blaise 2d
my boy with fig leaves and lightning bugs
******* in his hair, he kneels with
crimson palms pressed to the unquiet dirt
and hums an abandoned melody.

my boy with sunbeams shining through his skin on the riverbank,
neatly coating the grass in thin white trails, woven into footprints like cotton twine, snaking their way across brown earth,
ankles slick with mud and the dead things that lay just underneath.

my boy with rosewater and stained glass ashes
feels me bless him with blackberries and the softest crush of words,
ice cubed, beneath my lips,
as he wipes the ichor from my chest with callouses
worn down gentle.

the light echoes from his skin
there are no symphonies nor sacraments,
only cicadas singing warmth to shivering willows.
Autmn T 2d
What a relief it'd be, to fall asleep in the sea, and my lungs would fill up, with watery debris, so no more could you hear, my deafening pleas, and goodbye it would be, or *** so help me.
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